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Oregon: Tuesday, fair: moderats
westerly winds.
The SUtumaa receives the leased
wire report of the Associated Press,
the greatest and most reliable press
association la the world.
r - V
After Making AivayrWith
$20,000 Takes Refage h
Empty Theatre, and Gives
Battle to Fifty Police
Recognition of Man Who
Was Drag Crazed
Thwarted in Original Plan by Ab-
sence and Illness and General
Scarcity of Elegible Preachers
BEND, Ore.. Anr-il' fi A trin nf
2dSj!ajSfS2 Ca of Recent Revolt Held
to Have Been Germany s
Failure to Ohsenre Disarm
ament Provisions of Treaty
to perform marriage service vu end
ed when John Carroll and Gertrude
M. Baldwin of Drewsey found Rev.
. v-nariranrt of Bend Presbyterian
church today. , The wedding cere
mony was performed at the narson-
Accompanied by his T7r..l.-h.
Mr. Carroll started his long trip last
"wi, ariyinx ao mile to .Hume
where it was expected that the wed-
I aing would be held.
They were able to obtain their 11-
Shot in face Mav Prevent F'S?22'& Z Note tonuses Immediate Ac
tered obstacle after obstacle. The
county judge was out of town an
wan me oniy minister and the Justice
of the peace was ill. Bend was the
tion in Present Serious
Situation in Ruhr
next stop and 159 miles more, land
ed them at the door of a clergyman's
ST. LOUIS. April 3. A lone ban
dit killed one police officer,' serious-j
ly wounded three others and himself
was killed, when he held up . and
.robbed the Easton-Taylor Trust com
pany here of 120.000 late today.
The bandit Carrying a revolver t In
each hand entered the . hank short
ly after 3 o'clock. There were 15
customers in tha bank and ha herd-
cd them and the employes in a pri- Wadsworth Says" Burden of
volvers, i r
A riot call was sounded and fifty
policemen, heavily armed responded.
- The bandit obtained $20,000 from
Louis F. Schneider, the cashier and
Next War Should Not he
on Veterans
MAYANCE, April C-French
troops entered Frankport and
Darmstadt at five o'clock
this morning, encountering
no resistance from German
government forces in those
two cities.
PARIS. April 5. (By The Asso
ciated Press) The attitude of the
French government in the present
uerman crisis- is denned ana ex
plained in a note issued tonight. Af
ter reiterating that the government
AgricultarallHt South of Salem Talk
of Buying Tractors la Partner
ship a Protection
Considerable concern is felt among
the farmers over the backwardness
of spring and the increasing short
age of labor, as well as he high
wag.'S demanded.
There is still much plowing- to
done and few teams and drivers can
be induced to go to the farms to do
the field work.
In the orchard districts, south of
Salem, neighbors are discussing the
advisability of buying tractor i jointly
to do their . plowing. They say
should a week of dry windy weather
come soon it would make plowing
difficult and leave the ground clod
dy and difficult to work down
.Marlon county is not the onTy sec
tion in the state whore labor short
age is being felt. Orchard workers
of Hood River are being paid as
much as $100 a month and still some
vacancies are reported
The situation as to farm labor
will become Increasingly acute as
the season advances according to
George Quayle. secretary of the Ore
gon State Chamber of Commerce
"At this esason of the year." said
Mr. Quayle. "there Is no unemploy
ment and it looks as though a ser
ious shortage of farm labor may 'e
a- reality, this season. I am asking
the various organizations affiliated
with the state ciiamber of commerce
to investigate and report. We may
have to send an agent to the mid
dle west to call attention to the sit
uation and to let those who wish to
avail themselves of the opportunity
Vacancies in Third and Fifth
Wards Filled by Elections
at City Council Meeting
Last Night
Some Opposition to Paper
Company's Petition Sal
aries to be Boosted
Water 1ong Sacred to Itomoaa and
Bearing Gift of Fottaae to T1mmm
Who Driak Baly Profaned
SAX DIEGO. Calif.. April -4. A
thief dived to the bottom or the
wishing well at Ramona's marriage
place at Old Town, near here, re
cently and took the accumulated
horde of pennies and Silver amount
ing to $10, that have been dropped
their by seekers of luck and good
fortune, according to the uroprietor
or tne historic place.
Here is the ancient motto
hangs over the well;
Quaff j-e the waters of Ramona's
Good luck they bring and secrets tell
west were they by a sandaled friar
So drink and wish for thv desire." .
Thousands of tourists each vear
sip the water and drop coins In hom
age to the good luck spirit that is
supposed to Inhabit the well.
WASHINGTON. A nrii c i'nnr. bas no hostile designs toward Ger- tn r,r., .nd ..ri, Hrr
sought refuge in an adjoining thea-I parednesa on the part of the United I man' desiring on the contrary ihatt harvesting"
... . .
Charged With Having Killed
American Spirit, of Free
dom in Business
ter which was empty. , .... I States was directly responsible for the resumption of h0"01 relations
The police surrounded the theater. I "fearful extravacancea" in n with that country and expressing re-
The bandit used the Orchestra - pit I money. Senator Wadsworth, republi- aH-ation of the difficult situation
irom wnicn to snoot ana wouia rise i can, oi new i one. said indav in nn.n. I me uemn uei mucin, mo
over the ton of it and fire as the lng duscussion . of the tne German government
oatrol men entered. The gun battle Iganlzation bill submitted hv tha . I has given way to pressure by the
lasted nearly 20 minutes. . late military committee. Defending I militarist party not ieanng to m-
PoflrVman . Terrenca ' McFa.rland I the committee nlan for trafni-- k. I fringe the Imperative and most sol-
Nwas shot throngbhe heart and died between 18 and 21 years Senator emn "tipulations of the Versailles
1 . .1 -v . l jmm a - A -I UT. .!.. J 1 a . - . I t Aa V " "
instantly. ( rairotman viauae auui i "fiu ueciarea . it., was umair I .
was Shot In1 the abdomen. I ta ask the veterans of the great war! The note continues:
Police said the man's conduct in-1 to continue to fill the rola of tha ne sequence oi iacis ionow: iaa
dicated he had become crazed from J defenders of the country which was I fIrst request for. permission for the
drugs. .The money was foufid eoh- rightfully the duty of "their success- try oi extra troops into the itunr
cealed .ln his clothing. , v . . ors in age." . , , district. was made Just after the in-
. Crouched In the nit the robber I t ne D1U. the New York senator I surgeni movement ur tne miutary
had the advantage of being hidden -id, sets np a military policy which I authorities on March 15. It was re-1 PROVIDENCE. R. I.. , April S. (regular meeting of the city council
by darkness while .the.,, policemen I emphasises the dependence of theneved from Berlin on March 17, in i Condemnation of the " marked So-1 last night.
stood: in the light as they entered, I country on the private soldier and I in- name oz me legitimate govern-1 ciaiism . ot President Wilson" and I .Election of the two new eoune;i-
John R. Lanagan. president of the sTives the private soldier the priori ment oy von rianiei; wno nas re- warning against the "trend toward men followed the reading of petitions
Mnkf told, the police the man began I naming, wnicn-experience snows. isi""e m euawsuu nationalization ot inausiriea. as sug-1 from tae respective wards asalng
flrlDi as soon as he entered and that I necessary "so tnat wnen be goes Into t teast impuea oi we insurgent gor-1 gested in his partiality to tne soviet
one of the bullets passed through I battle he may have a decent chance I ernment. I plan." were voiced today at the Re
als hair. Several women in the in-1 nls life." I ah mrormation irom the aTTsa i publican state convention by Con
stitntian fainted, , , - I Estimates that more than a billion missions ana again tne day berore i gressman Simon D. Fess of Ohio.
The robber was shot in the face aoiiars win be required, "actually yesteraay. irom tne nign commis- -The Republican party believes
so badly that police said it probably lor compulsory training were contra-1 iun-rs ai wooieuz. noes not cea
. . . . .. . . I Km- Cdnain Tlf-.,t. K I tn lhn that C.&rm i n I1itr inlar.
wouia ue impossiDie to laentiiy mm. i - j ,..uo viiu. uu - -
r caiu tue uiiiiuaie coal wouia noi ex-1 "iuiuu a uutaiiou lur uy iuc'
ceed $634,000,000. ' Provisions for I tion and It would be attended with
9rfit Crtfj' !n II. I fraduated rediictioa in the size of the gravest dangers from the point
O. L. Fisher and George Wen
deroth were last ni&xt elected
unanimously by the city council
as members of the aldermanic
body to fill vacancies In the rep
resentation of the Third and
Fifth wards respectively.
Mayor Wilson vetoed an or
dinance passed al the last pre
vious meeting granting the
Standard Oil company a fran
chise for a spur track on Leslie
street and the council unani
"mously supported the veto.
An ordinance bill was read
first and second times providing
a franchise for the Oregon Pulp
& Paper company for a spur
track on Trade and Front
streets, and some opposition by
the council is threatened.
First and second reading was
given an ordinance bill calling a
special election May 21 to vote
on a salary increase for the chief
of police and on payment by the
city for paving of street inter
sections, also another ordinance
bill to Increase the salaries of
policemen and firemen. The
bills were referred.
Petition Ask Elections
These were the high lights of fie
their election
"Who is Fisher?" demanded Al
derman Vandervort when Fisher
was nominated by Simeral.
Why he Is Mrs. O. L. ruber's
husband." replied Simeral with so in
that the progress of a nation de
pends upon the freedom ot initiative I show of feeling.
in the exercise of talent in In vent I in I "Weil who is this
and discovery," the speaker said. I Vondervort pressed.
It enndomna the marked Socialism I "lb i a rnral mail nrrlrr " Kim
tne permanent standing iromiui view oi security Dom tor tne pop- uf president Wilson, who. under the eral answered
Share of Criticism lUl-i0.??1, "d "H uU4lJI"4i ?me,Ln.thfl!11
cuwiuiniuucu uinwca iu tiv.vvv Mm ucu yuiui wu iui
! . a ..! If AAA 9 9 n t m rAMi'w I t Vi a ntm,M uviranAnt 1 m A a. wIaiI
IVAniAUIUA, April . VICeiV. Klio4 wnnlil'maV-, KA oa,i Atlt tVl dlao rmo m.nt .l.n... A Ilia
Aamiral Dims employment Of Am- I Irrr rnmnnlmrT milttarv tralnlna- n-ltrtav Ihor. wonM notar ho Htwon
eriean destroyers force In European I proximately equal that necessary for the Kapp insurrection nor the red ar-
"H" uunng tne urst year ot tnisithe operation of the house bill which I my In the Ruhr district and remarks
country . participation in the war eaMS for a nermanent armv of 300.- that articles 42 and 44 are such an
was severely criticised today by Ad- 000 enlisted men and 17,000 officers. Indispensable safeguard that article
imIhI t t n varti j A I ... .... .1 ... .....
"" iicurjr r, yv tiaun, ruiDnunuef , Tha chairman ttaid tne re-orrani-1 one ol - tha Kranrcv-An rlo-Ampriran
ofjthe Atlantic fleet, in testimony J cation bill proposed by the general I convention defines as a cacus foed-
oeire tne naval board investigating i Bta,ff "violated our democratic instl
Rear Admiral William B. Fletcher's I tutions." while under the commlt-
removal from ihe Brest command by I tee's bill it would be possible to have
Admiral Sims.--' . la "democratic and an economic ar
Easing , of all destroyers used in my," as well.
convoying American troops and sup-l Another bill providing for the; re-
,Ply transports into French ports on J organization of the army and the es-
Viueenstown Instead of Brest up to I tabllshment of a national miutary
tbe spring of 1918. Admiral Wilson J policy already has been passed by
declared, meant that the destroyers I the house which, however, eliminated
worked only one way" and "wasted entirely universal training sections
mileage in a long trip back to
Wood Is Poor Second. Hoover
and Lowden Tie for Third;
Democrats Show Little
Popularity With Soldiers
Wins. Westerner . Many
Much Needed Votes
Queenstown for re-fueling. If origi
nally based , in Brest, he declared,
these destroyers could have worked
"both ways' eonvoylng transports
out as well as Into the French ports
an, thus be made to render their
maximum .- service, as was demon
airatea some eigni moninu wwr, uv v rtf ' a " Ttfll" " a I w. .
added, when this nlan was permit- DrV Officers Are Wlllui2 to ta'all PrU
ted. '.w it. i it borne of the offic
trne. t vsp fiac PT t AnHr.l Pnvr rn- I Trilt wa c muff Irfont n rlvj. Viihir
-.-. a a 1 i a a. a -ar I a - I " v
ue Duio men poiaia oui tnai, u mnt activities to cover all produc-la unanimous vote.
tive agencies and who has called to I No questions was raised as to
Washington the strangest polyglot I Wenderoth's qualifications. He had
of Socialists ever Invited Into po-1 a strong endorsement from the North
sitions of responsibility." Salem Improvement association
The state and district conventions I Wenderoth was present and .Inimei-
held at the same time elected an I lately took his seat. Fisher was not
unoledscd delegation of ten mem-1 present
hera to the national convention with-I Street Monopoly OntmMol
out opposition. Governor neeck- Mayor Wilson won the support of
bam hpadpd the four dcleeates-at-1 the councilman in his veto of the
larcp ! Leslie street franchise to the Stand
The platform declared for ratifl-ard Oil company when he explained
motion nr th noam troatr with "such that It would grant an exclusive
reservations as will favor America."
favored a large merchant marine.
reduction of government expend!
tures. an adequate standing army.
with a citizens' reserve and equal
anff race.
Discussing the cost of living, the
.i.ifAm inr rfnr1 nroductlon.
attmnlatlon of enterprise, checking oil companies that might wsr.t and vaste. use the street.
and reduction in pnblic expenditures
are a national1 necessity.
(Continued on page 61
" " . j 1 1
Begin Reign or Terror and
Start Deportation' of Rus
sian Undesirables
franchise to the company forever.
He ss1 he would be favorable to
the bill if it contained a common us
er clause or If the franchise were
granted the Southern Pacifc com
pany instead of to the oil company.
Tile present bill, some of the mem
bers explained, would exclude other
Women Parade Banners Be
fore British Embassy for
Irish Cause
WASHINGTON. April 5 The fed
eral government moved today to put
an en a to tne picketing of the Brit
ish embassy, which was renewed
this morning by women sympathis
ers with the movement for an Irish
United States District Attorney
Laskey informed Matthew O'Brien.
counsel for the women, that If bis
clients persisted they would be pros
ecuted under a federal statute which
makes the offering or an Insult to
a diplomatic representative of a for
eign government or to his official
residence, a felony, punishable by a
penitentiary sentence.
Simultaneously. Mr. Laskey com
municated his decision to the Dis
trict of Columbia commis. oners.
who Instructed the police to arrest
the women after warning them. Cap
tain Doyle and two police women
were seat to the embassy in a patrol
wagon and found Mrs. Msry Walker
of Astoria. L. I- and Miss. Motile
Carroll of New York city, carrying
banners on the sidewalk.
Captain Doyle informed the baa
cer bearers that unless they left In
15 minutes they would be arrested
under federal statutes, but they re
fused to depart. After they had
been taken to police- headquarters
and held for half an hour, they were
released on orders of Mr. Laskey.
The district attorney explained
subsequently that the police had
acted before Mr. O'Brien had had
time to notify bis clients of . the
(.overnment's decision.
An hour before the police inter
vene Mrs. Sophie Stanton and Mrs
Hattie Larkln of this city attacked
two nickels who had preceded Mrs.
Walker and Miss Carroll ana were
arrested on charges of "disorderly
conduct." They were released upon
deoositlnK a cash forfeit of $X
Mrs, Walker and Mla Carroll
a IL. ... -H-a la aa -
were not repiarea ai iu- nni;
after the pollre took them away. ani
leaders of the movement would not
ray what were their plans for to
Wheat Price Guarantee
Not Expected to be Extended
Hear Him IL He Has
Any Evidence
anese troops today occupied Vladi
vostok after eight hours of. severe
of the city.
officials of the revo
lutionary regiment already have
been arrested and exported. Alii
Russians have been disarmed and
the Japanese imperial flag was fly-
5. Charges I lng in. the place of the Russian en-
Women on Jury of -
Seattle Labor Editor
SEATTLE. Wash.. April S. A
iuryof seven women and five men
was selected in superior court here
today to try E. II. Ault. editor ot the
Seattle Union Record, a labor dally
that "wet" revelry reigned nightly i sign from all government buildings.
along New York's "gay white way.
made in a sermon Sunday by Rev
John Roach Straton. pastor of Cal- grenades and small artillery in all service men killed durln the srmls
v n.ntlnt Vi li mraa tint neara I nArllnm nf tha itv Thai. invl,i .liAAtlr.ri at
. . . . . . . . C . T ru ua.da, . a , a. a a " aa " I UV1 UVM. a. wv a-aaj. . .. . aa. . I II I u.w uiuviiua -
"ff. ry,?cw ni5 MT. 1 1 United States prohibition agents rant firing met little opposition, as Wash. Opening statements ot conn
PORTLAND. April 5. There is
little likelihood of congress extend
lng. the wheat price guarantee for
Throughout last night the Japan-1 newspaper, charged with criminally
ese fought with rifles, machine guns
Vandervort said that he support
ed the bill when it passed originally.
and that he would still support It if
there were no other way in which
the oil company could have acces. to
its property.
There are plenty of ways, an
swered the mayor.
"Then 1 have a change of heart.
said Vandervort.
Keyra (tome to the UracM
When first and second readings
had been given the bill to grant the
pulp and paper company a franchise
on Trade and Front streets Vonder-
John Erickson and Arthur
Arms Put Out by Council
of 0. A. C.
DETROIT. April . 7U precincts
out ot 2 421 In the state give:
Republican: Johnson. (2. CO;
Wood. 37.2(9; - Lowden. 20.212:
Hoover, 1S.277; Pershing. 4.392;
Simpson. 7S; Poindexter. $00.
Democratic ticket: 5S7 precincts
give Hoover (340; Edwards. &(;
McAdoo. 41.73; Bryan 39(1; Pal
mer 3357. ' .
DETROIT. Mich- April - With
partial returns from more than half
the counties in the state tabulated.
United States Seaator Hiram W.
Johnson had attained a big lead over
Major General Leonard Sood tor
endorsement as the Republican
nominee for presidential preferae
primary. Figures from 4tsr pre
cincts out of 2.421 in the state gave:
Johnson 33.(10: 'Wood !$.($:
Herbert Hoover and Gfivernor Uvd-
en or Illinois were engaging in
close race for third place with tae
rtgnres showing. Lowden 10.012 and
Hoover 9.771. -
A close race developed In the Dem
ocratic contest. Hoover holding a
very film margin over Governor Ed
wards of New Jersey. The figures
from 237 preclneta showed: Hoover
2.918; Edwards 2.870.
In the lacomplete, retaras the
fight for third place oa the Demo
cratic ticket was between former
Secretary of the- Treasury , McAdoo
and Wlllam J. Bryan. . McAdoo had
2.1(5 and Bryan 1.9 it. Palmer was
in the rear with 1.S24.
Wood led In the early returns un
til the Wayne county (Detroit) vote
came In. The first returns' from
Wayne sent Johnson ahead and early
this morning figures from 127 t
of 3(( precincts la the county gave
Johnson 19.9(0; Wood 4.731.
Returns from more than two
thirds of the city precincts had been
tabulated early this morning on the
proposal to bond the city tor $lS-
000.000 to establish a municipally
owned street railway system. The
vote from 271 city precisets was: In
favor of Jnd issue. (C.C.8; against
39.SX(. To carry the proposal must
receive (0 per cent of the total vote
San Francisco Judge Holds
Sessions on Sidewalk
lice court seasions on the sidewalk
on a crowded' down town street cor
ner were among the measure taken,
today in San Francisco's "safety Urst
Defendants at the bar an empty
packing case were charged with
"Jay walking or cross lag trsfTUa
crowded streets at place other than
those designated for crossings. Th
Judge sat upon a canvas camp stool
and continued to tomorrow all cases
against the defendants, who Included
many prominent citizens.
noeung me '"':rort moved thst It be indefinitely
postponed and Utter seconded the
motion, pleading as reasons the same
motive that had led to the veto of
and when extended the courtesy of
the floor probably aaved the day for
the bill. He explained that it -would
.I," v? Dy tne V S itnir "ere. James J. Shevlin. federal pro- the Russians were taken by surprise. Uel were expected to occupy the mor- theU8e 8 treet franchise Bu At
S?ite. LnstVa CH th tOW"d. " " "loQ ofjCtomorrow. l., Ky'was present
gressman Sinnott. These letters are
In reply to telegrams sent them by
the state chamber urging them to
support a bin extending the wheat
price guarantee for another year. ,
In his letter Senator McNary says
' - . in rneei idocob wric imuim upii oi a reToiuiiuncii uai ij . niinii in, wAmon in i "v mrm iMrr hhii ik.i
. " - - I I .lama T II ' 1 1 "J a. V aa.w...a. " 1 u . . .. " i ra. " HVIil a.., I.J J . il a ' aa
Openly In various cafes and cabarets. , Early today the Japanese launch- do housework in Portland and in common user claue be Inserted.
'We Wow stuff is being soia in ed their attack in tne Korean quar- aarrotinding towns, the women's de-sald Mr. Keyes. 'The Southern Pa
uch action, In view, of the fact that
the cost of farm labor is high and
all that the farmer buys is high,
and. if be is cut off from European
markets the price of wheat may go
down so low that it cannot be pro-
uuced with prorit.
Hi - 11 '
5nbu7slide Wipes Oat
Salt Lake Family
6ALT LAKE CITY. Utah. April 5.
Swan Odgaird. his wife and an un
identified man : were, killed fate to
day when a snowslid carried away
the house In which they were living
n Little Cottonwood canyon, north
id Salt Lake City, according to word
Teceived here.
mented tonight. . pation having been unexpected by
Xt etratnn ilwlinil ho hill man VSa imHv in nnnr
.I , . Ik' V 1 aiVM a.a.' uw " w. I I a. V. aaaa jl i v.... . . . .
a personal Investigation of vice con- Many Russians escaped Into the Many Portland Women
dltions ana tonna tnat cocaus. 1 nui country Denina tne city, wnence - Ti m r be necessary for the mill to ship the
high-balls and whisky straight were they had come two months ago when ttlOSt UO I fleir XJVOn flOW papr t will manufacture and that
sold freely, and tnat nootcni-1 the all-Ilusslan government or aq-i I its purpose Is to ship ever the South-
kootchlT ana "snimmy-snaae anai mirai tvoicnaa reu oeiore me ai- PORTLAND. April 5. So great em Pacific and the Oregon Electric
cafes and cabarets along Broadway
Mr. Snevan said, "but the Tact is.
It Is very difficult for ns to get evi
dence. We. welcome . Information
find evidence from anyone. I might
say that Dr. Straton did not tell us
anything we didn't know.".
in announcing Dr. Straton would
testify before the "vice grand jury"
Thursday. District Attorney Edward
Swann' said:
"We siave Invited the , reverend
gentlemen to come here and tell the
grand Jury all he knows about any
violations of the law. If he has any
evidence of a crime, having been
committed we shall ask the arand
fo indict and we shan prose-
a a I ....... .1
cureany- inaictmeniai ivum
ter. which they "Occupied. I-ater nartmnt of the municipal free e ru
th ey. marched Korean and Russian rioyment bureau was nable to till
prisoners, uea lonnaer wnn ruia. 85 orders for this worn during
through many ot the streets., March, according to the monthly re-
; The last of the American expe- pQrt iaud today. Pay for women
ditionary forces under Brigadier to do housework, it was said, shows
General William s. uraves. lert via- DO jgn. of declining
divostok April I. A lew nours suo
Kennent to their departure a procla
mation whs posted throughout the Trnrinr Fnrnlh
city stating that Japanese troops " ... .
wonld not fvacuate Siberia, at tht:. QM flJorC niaeT-VlCtim
nrnt ' time; proclamation
FRESNO. Cal., April 5 Will Nevs
warned all inhabitants against anv
uninrnm v . I son of a farmer at Atwater. was
the Russisn population. The tense- lnflllII,tlr kiIlw, todMJ when a r4rni
ness or tne situstion nere au trctor became too heavily loaded at
creased hourly since that time until the arawbart rM.rK up aBa back
the clash toaay. ; . on him, crushing him to death.
. '-" . j. . a, - ,,..' '"
Cific company has told us that if we
will buy the rail! and the ties and
pay for the street psving and pay the
road for doing the work It will build
the spur."
Vandervort withdrew his motion
to postpone indefinitely and the bill
was referred to the ordinance com
mittee. Hpt-Hal IUJIn4 PnJathle
The proposed charter amendment
to Increase the salary of the ehif
of police, which if finally passed,
will be voted on at the special elec
tion May 21. rails for an Increase
from $1200 to $100 a year. The
proposed bill to change the method
of paying for paving of street inter-
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COUTALLIS. Or.. April -. Th
student council ot Oregon Agricul
tural college baa caused the expul
sion from the college of two men on
charges of Infraction against rules
enforced on the campus. President
W. J. Kerr approved the expulsion.
The college studtnt council In
cludes several representstive stud
ents whose duty It Is to enforce col
lege regulation. They have been
trrry active this year and have han
dled the cases of sevcrsl fellow stu
dents in a manner approved by the
officials of th college.
In sdditlon t- the two men who
were fip!!. three were plsred on
probation for gambling.
It Is reported that the students
Twrtil vrrr Jchn Erickson arid
Arthur Arms.
Effort Beinz Made to
Secure Treaty Compromise
WASHINGTON. April 3 An ap
peal tn th American people to snp-i-ott
the oropo! for an ;n4.tnn
ltwen Prsidnt Vilvnn and a ma
jority of the senate to vote for lnt
mdlate entry of tn United State
Into tb leasne of nations on the
has's of 1 h Tx1 r-M cOn m i"-r com
"ronilse. with remaining difference
left for later settlement, was raade
public tonight tn behalf of those who
signed a similar anneal presented
last week at the White llouae.
The Red Cross home n ursine
derartmnt announces that all
thou wishing to take the course
In home nursing must call at the
room above the post of 'ice after
2 o'clock this afternoon to regis
ter. If in possible to call la per
son the department can be
reached by phoning 7.
There will be morning, after
noon an I evening classes. The
evening classes are especially
arranged for business women,
students and teachers ot the city.
The department urges that as
many as possible enroll for the
morning or afternoon classes.
The work will bg!n Immediate
ly upon organisation of the
The Rei Cross home naning
rourse will teach you
To keep your family welL
To feed them properly.
To carry out the dortora direc
tions In car ot Illness.
To take temperature properly.
To give foot and Ix-d baths prop
erly. To make a patient comfortable.
To sit a patient ip properly.
To use d.slnf-rtants-
To make poultl- and how to
use them.
To Cbanre the bed while occu
pied by the patient.
The art of bandaging.
Simple home remedies,
To make shifts la the heme.
Register today. .Those ?C.