The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 08, 1920, Page 5, Image 5

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Flares and Flickers
aulerti' Pictures present Mitchell
vU, lis new star, in "Code of the
1lon," al ,be I-lberty theater on
ndneday. "Code, of the Yukon"
H i story of a -French Canadian pros
ector, Jean Ihibois, whoso aim in
fa it toi find the man who wronged
ill sinter. A sang of crooks try tt
itetl hl film and they pursuade his
sift that she is not happy with him.
gbe run away with one of the band.
Tjs leader of the band la Cregan,
for whom a woman, who has fallen
in love with. Jean, works. 5hvtelU
him that. Cregan is the man who
wronged his sister. Jean attempts
to kill Cretan but a Higher Power
naves hirn the. trouble. Jean's wife
returns to him and things 'take a
brighter turn.
You've waited for it! It's here
today, tomorrow, Tuesday, Zane
firey'a "LUht of the Western, Stars
with Diistin Farnuni. The added at
traction is Larry Semen in ' The
Simple Life." At the Oregon where
Itawley plays the Wurlitzer.
MaLano and Madre a sturdy
sou of Scotland with a phenomenally
pure tenor voice and a daUKnter oi
sunny California possenst'il of a ier
fect mezz-soprano. comprise the
personnel of this due of voeal artists
who present an offering consisting
of Scotch and American songs at the
Hlifrh today.
Owen Moore in "Picadilly Jim."
his first Se'znick picture, comes to
the Oregon theater for a two day
! .v .' a i 3
Direct from Alcazar Theatre, Portland, playing only the biggest and best royalty plays.
Salem Engagement Starts Monday and Tuesday,! February 16 and 17
wmmmi k iip i " wy; 1 1 1 n ,hwii;i jmnnwi iwi'iin.imm mii.ii ' 'vrmm.
i r .: . . " - '-
i V
' - V.
te r i
' One of the big scenes from the opening play
l ess or me avoriii vuunii v
New and Special scenery each week.
Opening Dates
February 16-17
engagement. "Picadilly Jim" 1 a
fast moving comedy of American. life
with a you or Anglo-American for lit
central character. It it a screen ver
sion of P. CJ. Wodehouse's Satur
day Kvetiin Pont utorv and la aald
tot be one o fthe best bits of enter
tainment tver presented for the
screen fan's edification.
Roy Stewart, Triangle's .wester
star, appears in '"Hy Proxy,' n
breezy western feature, with a new
leading lady in the person of Maud
Wayne, fornner Keystone favorite.
"By Proxy" will be shown at the
Hligh theater Tuesday.
Chas. V. Hawley, Jr.. organist at
the Oregon will give a special recital
number immediately following the
feature picture each evening and on
Sundays. Mid week WurlltzeT nigbts
will again probably next week.
Dave Vanfield and Ray Itena un
der the billing title of 'A Comedy
RtnttoiTne nnd JusenLnr Noveltv.
This clever pair of youngsters offer
an offering consisting of a combina
tion of enmedv. tone, patter and
Juggling so constructed and present
ed as to make the act most ueugni-
fully entertaining. At me nugn to
"The Hii'te rtrraker" comine to
the Oregon on Wednesday and Thurs
day of this week is taken in the great
northwest lumber camps, showing a
survival of the fittest.
In a Two Reel -Laugh Producer .
"Pluck and Plotters"
Outing Chester Scenic
"The C.irl Vbman" will prove pop
ular with those who like tot be held
by emotional acting and tense sit
uations. The picture in which. Vit
a graph features Gladys Leslie will
be shown at Bligh theater today.
mm ii -i r , mm i t f w m k-i s - v w r - . -a at i . m r . a ' d m u t - 'i mmm l i i l
II -11 I . IIS II HI I If II W-VHWIi U-.jI I IBtlt 1 t .7T 1 I II
II H IH'Ufl WAIfim II M'dlM'Rifr'n RVl jiif .J 1 III
' 1 --a Jlfc . K K 'Ca! til I ... i
I A t ". n t - U V J Ii -WWVT.ate--. I
I ! 'iX: ir 1 av,0- &4tiiimi$mmd
I A I) -r 1TA :KA.. . 5r,;iMiiH
J :V-'&; X PLAy , a a Ji
1 . -;.V :AMi f& aTA,l k, .
- ETaS;" yy 'fi;-fifMBy ALSO
Larry Lemon at Ye Liberty today.
"Th Walk-Offm." a Screen Clas
sics. Inc., adaptation of the famous
Broadway stage success by Frederic
and Fanny Hatton. will be the fea
ture attraction at the Liberty thea
ter, beginning next Sunday, with th
beautiful May Allison in tne sieuar
"The Countrv Cousin" it a keen
and Baarchinr analysis of life that
contrasts the more modest and hon
est American ideals of several years
ago, and the looser and more dissi
pated social life to be seen in many
large cities at the present timeVTn
rpirit of the older order is typified
hv a Kif-rpiiant voude woman from
a small town in the west who meets
and ia contracted With a group of
(sophisticated pleasure seekers of
New York, summering at a country
place near the metropolis. ; Here the
young niece of Nancy Price, the
country cousin, falls Into the hands
of a designing father who has left
his first wife and married a merce
nary parvenue.
ttnt the country cousin, resource
ful and determined, follows her
nosA n th citv nd after weather
ing many difficultiea, disheartening
and embarrassing, she Pls "er
frails of InbeYeKlt aweetneasiand pur
ity of purpose to the ultimate undo
ing of the intriguer ana me resu
citation of her niece, who, now aware
of the error of her way. U glad tn
return to the clean, wholesome me
she has left behind.
she was a wooden
image aqd the next she was alive.
His love had wrought a miracle
his love and a little mirror which he
had placed tn the arms of the Image.
IJId -the living image reium u.j
love? Even unto death, as you win
learn when you see Viola Dana. In
the great Cohan ana nams bwk
" ...... in A i
success, "The Willow iree.
Liberty theater, beginning -today.
tvhita an a Krnvii. a black and
tan novelty act o ntbe Hippodrome
chow at th-s Bligh today.
Aerial Limousines and Coupes
Have All Comforts Even
To Vanity Cases
Exhibit Includes Sport and
Speed Models and Heavy
Commercial Ships
NEW YOUK, Jan. 31. Commer
cial ratnrpr aircraft nrovided with
virtually a'.l the comforts found In
high priced automobiles will be fea
tured in the second annual aeronau
tical exposition of the manufactur
ers Aircraft association, which will
be held here from March 6 to 13.
Leather padded cockpits, wicker
chairs with velvet cushions, heated
'compartments protected from tn
iwind by unbreakable windshields.
silk curtains, mirrors, luncheon ta
bles and telephones are found in
American machines entered in the
- All Comforts in Planes i
Aerial limousines and coupes are
among the most popular entrants
The first three-motored airplane to
be built in the United States will be
on exhibition. It carries eight pas
unn in comfortable wicker chairs.
is equipped with a self starter and
ranahle of makine 107 miles an
hour. One huge transport plane
carries 12 passengers and is con
one distance travel at
a speed of approximately two mile
a minutes. It is 46 feet long. 71
feet wide and 14 feet high and Is
iriti hv two I.ibertv motors of 400
horsepower each. One company has
entered a limousine flylnr boat with
itiirh eomforta as a ciisar lighter for
r ten passengers and vanity cases for
ne of women nassengers. An aerial
coupe which has been entered for
the show seats three passengers, in
cluding the pilot, and carries a sup
ply of gasoline sufficient to last five
hnnrs at a sneed of 95 miles an hour.
A cabin cruiser destined to mak
i9v mil en hour and fitted with
ritr tables ro that those "woo
fly. may wcrk." will be one of the
Two types of mail planes are en
tered, a twin engined machine car
rying two m?n and 1500 pounds of
mail with a gasoline supply for six
hours and a mall, plane eapsble of
attaining a speed of 122 milfs an
Aerial Flrrvern Shown
Pnnnlir nrieed models, known as
"flyabouts," to be seen at the exp-v
fltlon sell for as low as $1500. Thes
are almost capable of bein landed
on oae's lawn and are small enouah
to be hou.vd in the ordinarv auto
mobile garae. One model. 1 S teet
long. 33 feet wide and five feet high,
carries two persons. Another mod
el, known as "Butterfly." is of the
monoplane type, measuring 29 feet
from tip to' tin and weighing only
73 pounds fully loaded. It has at
tained a height of 12.00 feet and
Hies at 70 miles an hour.
One of the most conspicuous ex
hibits is a "pony blimp." the small
est dirigible ever constructed for
practical ute in this country. It is
9J feet long and the gas bag is ZS
rt in Hia.neter. Two passengers
are carried and the dirigible is pr
relled by a 40 horsepower motor
with a maximum speed of 40 mHe:
an hour and cruising radius of 400
Sport and speed models complete
the types of planes showr In the exhibition.
At a chur h conference a speaker j tion "IXi I understand that Mr. Dod
began a tirade acainrt the univer- b.n Is thankful far bis ignorance?
sities and- education. eTprea,'n "Well, ys." was the aiifwtr; "you
ihankfiilnetis that he had n-ver b-ei put it way it you like."
corrupted by contact witn a colie. I "Well, ail 1 hate i say." aid lb
After proceeding for a fw in i a fit -- prelate in f.e-t and musical tones,"
the bUho.i. who was in the chair, j "ail I hav- to my la that tie has
interrupted with the question que- muc h to t thankful for." !
High School Music
Dept. Concert
.20 Piece Band
Glee Club
20 Piece Orchestra
Special Solos Readings Features
Don't Miss It
Grand Opera House, Wednesday, Feb. 18 P-'J
The Most Welcomed flay in America
.Richard Walton tuuyS
" '. i.
Mail Orders Now Received
Seat Sale Monday, February 16 Opera House Pharmacy
Prices 50c $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 !
Pnnnlir New York's romantic
Greenwich Village has been In re
cent, fiction, very little screen drama
has been drawn from tne coionui
lives of those Interesting people who
Inhabit its quaint, rarasnacaeu,
hloh ehntiltarexf nld StndiOS.
- - . . . M -
In "The Broken Meioay. tvuRen.;,
O'Brien's Iptest Selmlck picture,
soon to appear at the Oregon thea
ter. Greenwich village -ouin mi
i. wn a the background for this
picturesque and charming love story-
Mr. O Brlen. playing inn
Stewart Grant. Is seen in the roman
tic role of a struggling young paint
er, whose love for Heaaa. a si"
singer, carries him from one couu
nent to another and back again and
through a series of adventures mai
-a iKnth itrimitto. and humorous.
" - . .
Beautiful Lucy Cotton nas tne roio
of Hedda. is only arter trav
eling through five actionful reels of
poetry and beauty that the youn
people prove to themselves that love
Is totter than riches, or tame. r
n.itir hnnnrc. and for the more
practical minded they prove that by
faith and devotion to nnsemnn
one may reasonably have both.
Warning people with cracked
tin. win tuk their lives In their
hands should they decldt. to visit the
Liberty theater next week. Charlie
Chaplin In "A Dav's Pleasure.' bis
fourth million dollar picture to be
distribnted by the First National Ex
viuia firmiit will berin a four
days' run commencing net Sunday.
The Super Magic Show of the World
r.en. Charles T. Menoher said at
a dinner In Washington:
"The civilian who tries tn ieacn
soldier bow to conduct a court-martial
reminds me of the young man
ha triad tt teach the oprrot to talk.
... . ,,
The young man said ne anew an
about parrots, and guaranteed to
teach a bird a bird be thought was
voung and untrained to say nei-
lo!' t
"So he sat down In front ot tne
parrot and said. 'Hello, hello, hello!
like that for 45 minutes. The
parrot didn't par blm the slightest
attention, but when he aot through
it opened its eyfs lailly. drawled
Line busy, ring off and then closed
Its eyes again." St. Louis Republic.
More Substantial Roadbed
and Heavier Rails for
Track in Salem
Ralls7b.ave been removed and the
excavation for the new roadbed of
the Oregon Electric railroad, that
.in .tiil all alnnr the paved
streets of Salem that are traversed
by the Oregon Electric lines, is al-
The track foundation building or
which will begin this week will be of
a modern and substantial construc
tion. Larger rails will be used.
After the old roadbed was re
moved excavation began and when
this is completed the roadbed level
will b about two feet below the lev
rl of the surface of the street The
nw fMifwlatlnti will be started with
a layer or gravel that will bespread
nvpr the roadbed to a depth of 1"
nrha Th next laver will be tb;ee
Inches or crushed rock. This will be
covered with cement which will be
laid level with the street paving
There will be new ties nsed and thev
will be placed 10 inches apart.
Th rail, nreviouslr used were of
four-inch thickness and about 3
feet in length. The new rails are
to be rrom 60 to 62 reel ling and
re six inches high.
Previously the roadbed was cov
ered at the street level with brica
and when the cold weather came
th water keened in between the
brick and froze. The expansion of
the Ice forced tbem out of place and
mad traffic unsafe. This was one
reason why the company decided to
use a cement filler.
Th dirt imi waste that accumu
lated while the excavation was being
effected was taken to where the Ore
gon Electric line crosses south com
mercial street and dumped under
the bridge to reinforce the piling.
Carpenters are working on th
Commercial street bridre piline re
placing old and rotten timbers for
new and putting the bridge m a
Reserved Seats on sale at Opera House Pharmacy
tu... rn. tk - ei rui '
(inn uw iuv-fi.w
' Comedy Stuttering and Black and Tan
Juggling Novelty
American and Scotch .
Songs Comedy
liiiJ, I J
more substantial condition.