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    De Meady for Oherrian Census Takers TifJomiday You Live Where You Bleep)
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Nine Steel Steamers Are II A I E 0 A 1 EM
Assigned to Coast Trade UtLl OrtLLlU
Eddy Attempts to Have Meas
ure Referred to People But
Is Unsuccessful Because of
Senate Line-up
PORTLAND. Jan. 17. Nine steel
steamships now iilylnR between Eu
ropean ports and Pacific roast points.
hare been permanently assigned to
that service according to advice?
received here today by the Columbia-Pacific
Shipping company-, local
agents. The vessels are the aWeat
Aleta. Cansuniaent. Cockaponset.
Dewey. Eelbeck. Effington. Orant,
West Coyote and West Katan.
City Has Enviable Record in
Patronage of Literature Set
Forth in Annual Report of
Librarian Flora M. Case
Laehmund and Thomas, Bit
ulithic Twins" Are on Op
r posite Sides ; '
.The second hardest fight In thl
state senate was the engagement ye"s-
Business Men to Visit Plant 1231 VOLUMES ADDED
After Usual Monday Noon TO COLLECTION IN YEAR
The first of the Commercial club j More - RoODl and EaUlDment
connection with the business men's j LlTing Need lWing tO
-- . n. . in I . - !
iuucu ui noun. me tuur wui super
sede the usual address. Some indus
trial plant of the city will be visited
and its methods and processes ex
plained to the business men.
Treasury Department Agent
to Seattle; Mission. Secret
SAN FKANCISO. al.. Jan. 17.
William HCC. Tidwell. special agent
of the treasury department recently
appointed assistant investigator of al
leged frauds in war time shipbuild
ing on the Pacific coast, was on his
way to Seattle tonight. No intima
tion of -Tidwell's plans or future ac
tions was given. '
l.W.W. Convicted by Jury
on Charge of Syndicalism
VANCOUVER. Wash.. Jan. 17.
Mike Hennessey, an I.W.W. was
found guilty of violating the criminal
syndicalism law of the state of Wash
Ington by a jury here late today. Six
members bf the Jury were women and
six men. Ceorge F. Vanderveer of
Seattle, chief counsel for (he men ac
cused of the Armistice day murders
at Centralia, defended Hennessey.
City's Growth
..iSL 'Ul 5S SaPemi; Mistered .V borrower.
from the Salem public library, ac
cording to the annual report of the
club will hold two lunches a month
rhlcb there will be addresses and
fordav hptwewi annonent nf l' ht i 3t
110.000,000 road bonding in'- Trade tour will be conducted. The Yl UD"f. J,D,
Largest Majority Since First
Head of New Republic 'Is
Given Candidate Chosen by
Caucus of All Parties
Discovery ol Mcffutt Body
Is Related at hlurder Trial
SPOKANE Jan. 17. Discovery
of the body of William II. McNuti
In a shallow grave on his farm near
Scotia. Wash., was described by wit
nesses this afternoon In the trial In
superior court of Marie. Far an-1
Ted McDonald on charges of firse
degree murder In connection with
his death.
and proponents of that legislation.
. when the big bonding bill tame up
as a special order at 10 o'clock,
A" departure from the usual line
' tBp on highway bills was that Sena
tors Laehmund of Marlon county and
Thomas of j Jackson comity, known
as the "blttilithle twins" bee a use -of
' their uncompromising opposition to
the paving trust, and who-ordinarily
are together on highway bills, were
. yesterday on opposite sides. Laeh
mund. with . Orton. Xorblad. Hand
ley, RItner and Patterson, signed th
majority report recommending the
passage of the bill, and Thomas with
Senator I. S. Smith, signed the mi
nority report recommending that It
do not pass. 1 .
Kddy Move to Kefer r "'. ;
Senator Eddy moved that the bill
be recommitted to the committee
.' and amended so that it be referred
to tfce people at the special election.
Hurley spoke In opposition to this
- Jones opposed referring the bill to
the people, declaring that other mea
sures calling for appropriations . by
tax levy will be on the ballot an 1
that to refer the bill would endanger
Its-passage.-i-i-'.:'v.--9. ir ?'-':-
Senator Smith said while lie bad
signed a minority report against Jpas
. sire of the bill.' Senator Kddy's mo-
' tlon would obviate the minority re-
, . port -. ". -" ' ' '"tr1 -.
, HIad this legislature not I been
called for emergency legislation;
(aid Smith, "no one would have
. thought about additional road bonds.
tours will be completed by 1 o'clock.
lora m. uase, librarian .there are
8872 residents of Salem on the regis
tration list.
Owing to the large attendance at
the library the report claims that the
seating capacity of the reading rooms
is proving inadequate. There are 70
chairs and less space at the tables.
On a busy evening as many as 100
persons have been counted at one
time, some having to lean on book
Paananen Brought From Mea
cham for) Investigation
of Membership
PORTLAND, Or., Jan. 1". Nest
Paananen, a Finnish farmer living
I William Labors on Dikes to
Save Castle From Rising
Representatives: Go Yilld ia
Mid-Afternoon and Pande
monium and -Mob Rule Is
Order Until 2 a. m. Today
AMKKONGEN. Jan. 17. The for
mer kaiser wornea two nours 10-
Cholce of Two Chambers It day helping the Ilentnck castle staff
strengthen the castle dikes wmcn are
by- the rising of the
Man Deemed "Admirably
VERSAILLES." Jan. 17 Paul Des
chanel was eltil president of the
French republic today by 724 votes
of the 88K members of the national
assembly voting. His majority was
the largest since the election of
Ixiulfi Adolphe Tltit-rs. the first pres-
tilont aftar lha fall nf t h a mnlri
. a. . 1 "X . I a I .
i Aieacnam. urww uwugni p' who rhoHen unanimously.
voaay iy 10m voro or ids aepari- The r.sult WM eertaln since tho
caucus yesterday at which Deschanel
Strikes and WaBccnU,Desa
ciation and Great Unrest
Rule: Unchecked
Thousand New Cases Kenort-leases to read and an occasional child
. toil as ' n Iseated on the floor to read and every
ea ana apreaa is more n.ap-
id Than in 1919
chair in use.
, 12:11 Books Added.
During the last year 1231 books
were added to the previous collection
Of these 134 were gifts, 69 were per
iodicals bound and 1028 were pur
chases. -Taking Into consideration
that books have increased In cost
from 25 to 50 per cent during the
last three years and the library book
budget has not been increased, the
years purchases were seriously lim
ited. Because of loss, wear, or con
tact with contagious disease. 253
books were withdrawn which leaves
972 as a net yearly Increase and
brings the entire total 15.077 books
and pamphlets. The limitation 4n
book ourchase has eneouras-ed -averv
Chemawa FastIDOSS,I)le efort to mak n old book
Klin wutsre ucw uuo wu UNttttt.
During the year 1900 books were re
bound and glued.
Hchool Department Grows. '.
The school department of the 11-
Chemawa defeated Pacific univer-1 brary which includes a small col
CHICAGO, Jan. 17. Twelve
deaths were caused in Chicago by in-
" fluenta and new cases were re
ported today. . The disease is spread
ing more rapidly than "it did a year
ago, but the death rate ia smaller.
Game at
Throughout Downey and
Nix Are Stars
ment of Justice and held for Investi
gation by reason of his membership
in the communist labor party.
Paananen has been selling wood at
11 0 a cord, and bad sent-$860 back
to Finland to be held at his order.
the federal officer said. His mem-
Unrest and Desire to Return
to Europe Manifest Among.
Aliens '
was chosen the candidate of the sen
ate and chairman of deputies, com
prising all the various parties.
The feeling among tbe senators
bershlp card with memoranda of re- and the deputies was that the new
cetpted dues In the revolutionary
organization were found hidden un
der a phonograph.
president should fonrn into power
with a vote that would give him hhe
necesfury authority to speak Impres
sively "of France. The general sen
timent is that while M. Deschanel
has not won the presidency by such
outstandln gservlce as those ren
dered by Premier Clemenceau, he la
man admirably adapted far the po
Rrlaml Acclaimed
The proceedings, as provided by
visitors joined In a great outburst
Proprietor of -Portland Home 1 the constitution were formal. How
JL . i n i i f ever, the members of parliament and
do on a ana rieuevea oi
200 by Masked Men .
PORTLAND,' 'Jan.' 17 In a dav
light holdup today In tbe Peninsula
I apartments. E. A. Schllcker, proprie- I continue."
NEW YORK. Jan. 17.T-Raldi an
deportations have so unsettled the
foreign-born population that hund
reds employed In basic Industries are
preparing to leave tbe United States.
according to tbe Inter-raetal council
which tonight announced launching
of a campaign "to make aliens bet
ter to understand and to lift them
from the status of mere cogs In a
machine to tbe status of human beings."
of acclamation when fonaer Premier! r J 'A Jtttt.
Briand. who is generally credited TOOd Administrator UIVCS
Press of Duties' Resig
nation Reason
I with a large share In the election of I
M. Denchanel. declared to a group
of friends "France and the republic
(Continued on Pare .)
slty by a score of 39 to 22 in a game I lection of books at each public school I afterward
iat the Indian school yesterday. Tneln saiem mat are usea as reierence
I -came was fast throuenout. uowney I wor, -u ioii cunecnon
and Nix starred for Chemawa.
tor of tbe apartment house, was
bound and robbed of about $200 by
two masked men who made their es
cape down the back stairway of tb
apartment house, be told the police
The return to Taria was watched
by thousands along the route who
cheered each car, crying "Long live
Deschanel!" and "Long live the re
public!" -
... ..f..'ii.J.....ij-
The Season's Clean-Up. V Your Size Is Here, It
I Means Dollars Saved
One only $21 overcoat for a young man wearing sise 34,
form fitting and double breasted, yours for. $16.80
One only, heavy brown, waterproofed Khaki Bain Coat
with cape, corduroy collar, buckle fasteners, size 44. This
coat should sell for $12 ydurs for. . , $6.75
Jnst two, Khaki, Waterproofed Auto Coats, cross fly
style, ian extraordinary coat for doctors and those doing
x much driving. This coat has many exclusive features and
should bring at least $10. Sizes 42 and 44, yours at $655
Three light, rubber Bain Coats, sizes 40, 42, 44, belt and
slash pockets. . ... ....... . ., ... : -$9-45
319 books, of that number 596 were
added last year. The system own in
addition 1490 pamphlets. Total ot
books in this department loaned last
year were 12.395.
Last year two changes were made
in the personnel of the staff. Mrs.
Lottie Peters came from Syracuse
Library school and assumed the du
ties of school librarian August first.
This position was temporarily filled
by Mrs. Euphemia Freer, after the
resignation of Miss Ruth Paxton In
October, 1919. Mrs. Blanche How
ard who had served six years as first
assistant resigned September first to
accept the librarianship in Winterset,
Iowa. MIsb Caroline White, a grad
uate of the Portland Training school.
succeeded her.
During the winter months an av
erage of eight to 10 meetings were
held each week In the library audi
torium and club rooms, which are
free for public use by appointment.
The annual lecture course of seven
lectures was presented between Jan
nary and April, with an average at
tendance of 146. Two lectures were
added to tbe above plan. Mildred
Campbell lectured on "tbe Experienc
ces of a War Nurse" and Prof. Ma-
gurder of O. A. C. who spoke on
"League of Nations."
Western Amateur GoU Goes
CHICAGO. Jan. 17. The Western
Amateur golf championship tourna
ment was awarded to tbe Memphis
Country club tonight at the annual
meeting of the western toig association.
Schllcker was found about a half
hour after the robbery by a tenant at
tbe place, and tbe police were sum
moned. The robbery was tbe work of men
familiar with tbe apartment bouse.
In the opinion of the officers.
Four Days Old Baby and
Three Neighbors Victims
of Crazed Farmer
n .
ir, I t . ' a o L Minneapolis. St. Paul. Spokane. Seat-
Victor Llpponenn. aged 38, a In,. Tac0ma. Portland. Salem. San
of West Hrooklyn. ran amuck with rn Anir,-.
he Convention of Division of Sun
day School Association
Jan. 31 -Feb. 1
University Head to Tour West
on Campaign to Secure 13
Millions .
CHICAGO. Jan. 17. Dr. Lynn
Harold Hough, president ot Nflrth-
l western University, will depart July
29 on a speaking tour of the west In
the interests of tbe campaign to raise
$13,000. 000. for tbe school this year.
Dr. Hough's Itinerary Includes
an axe today, killed three parsons,
wounding two others, caused the
death of his four days' old baby and
then hanged himself.
His first blow was for his wife,
who. although wounded, ecaped by
rolling front the bed. A neighbor
woman who had attended Mrs. Llp
ponenn then was killed, her falling
body crushing the infant. Hitching
up a bobsled, the maniac drove, to
two neighbors' homes. At one
t. a man In tha aicrht nf hla
tO Memphis for Tournament children and at the other fatally
bably mortally injured her mother.
'Following a continuous session of
IS hours la wkldi scores of measures
were acted upon, la which numerous
attempts to actually adjourn at IX
o'clock noon and at Intervals afur
that In which "mob rule'' and pan
demonium were the order of tho day.
the special aeaaJon of the legislature
for 1920 adjourned at about t
o'clock this morning.
'Ajt 11:35 SarreaaOAUrms Joe
Binrer of the house stojped tho
clock, and tbe clo$k ia tho aenato
was stopped a few m las Us later.
From then on motions to adjoura
were shouted at frequent Interval,
and threats of strike and walkouts
were numerous. When Representa
tive Haines nonil. a few minutes be
fore actual nooa. tu take a reooaa of -
an nour and thirty minutea. there
was a shout of approval which turned
Into derision when Reprcseatatlro
Schuebet moved to recess until 1:2
o'clock. Scbnebel was ruled out of
order but Insisted that bo would go
one record as baring made such
nuKlon and If necessary would pat
It In writing. Ho was howled dowa.
ftmltas Break Out
Eagmo Smith of Multnomah wt
breaking forth at almost every op
portunity with a motion of oo kind
or 'another to quit. Schuebe! la
mid-arieracKja tried a gala to secure
an adjournment' and after callta
tho legislators a. "bunch of school
boys" he said he was going- homo at
S.20 o'clock. He wL Smith et
Baker shouted something about nob
rule oaco or twlao and along after
4 o'clock things got wild. -
KkbU DeacaxBceo -K.
K. Kubll said that rather thas
tailroad the SO or more aenato bills
through, the would go homo and
move snad Jon rumen t or strict at
tention to business. He denounce!
the members of tho house in severe
Finally cut rf th bedlam Wood-
son contrived to cure enough at
tention and votes to get through
motion o have a commltto et frv
appointed o go through the bills and
t . I l IV. .mAm ha.
General tO be UUest OI LltytporUnce. Members of the commit
te were woocson. Bcaueoei. ura
ham of Washington. Smith of Baker,
and Smith of Multnomah. Tho com
mit te etrok short recess and made
r.MP Wfc M thaw wr aat Gillaw
PORTLAND. Or.. Jan. 17-Gener- .-,,, tA .eenre recall fresa
w n s M tm AaA I
ai jonn j. rersning wm oe iae bw committee of eenate bHl No. 41 re
PORTLAND, Or.. aJn. 17. W. K-
Newell, federal food administrator
for Oregon, announced bis resigna
tion as a member of the federal fair
price committee which la function
in m hrv Preaa of duties in relation
to his office as food administrator
was given as the cause.
From 12:30 p. m. to 11
p. m. Is Announced
of Portland Sunday from 12:30 P
m. until 11 p. m. Officials or the
Oregon-Washington Railroad and
Navigation company, over which the
general's train is coming here, re
torted tonight that all damage
caused by flood to the tracks in east
ern Oregon, which It had
atlve to voting br party, end put It
across before the committee re
Il bbub Is Order"
Throughout the hubbub Speaker
Jonea as well aa member ot tho
ben I bouse -were yelling for ordkr, Ber-
f eared might delay his arrival., had
been repaired, and that the special
was on schedule. .
Fighting Is Proceeding in
rt. . I V f m I I
greets ot irnuisn, iipenax Man Secn on Slrectl b Farm;
er Handing Out L W. W.
The young people's division of the
Marlon County Sunday School asso
ciation will hold a convention In
Salem aJnuary 31 and February I
Between 50 and 100 out of town del
egates are expected to attend. Sa
lem young people of the "teen age
are invited to attend the meetings.
geant-at-erms Singer was repeatedly
ordered to clear the aisles, and the
ravel of the speaker beat a stead r
tattoo upon toe desk. All tnronga
tbe turmoil Reading Clerk Elbert
Lede maintained a steady drone ot
bill-reau i ig and votes were takes ia
spite of the uproar.
The noie and confusion grew
steadily worst after the house had
reconvened after recese fcr the even
Ing meal, and by midnight would
have made moving day la the tank
rorpe sounJ like Sunday afternoon
in a home for mutes.
While waiting for the house to
send I nsomethlng for them to work
on. the senators "went o na picnic
without leavlna their seats and In-
mah club . of Portland defeated Idnirtxt in monra and "slants' of Virt-
. . i-1 1 . ..I . t. ii. ii'.iu ..i ...
-vv uii nix n ruiicKt oi tmiia naii lOUt Kinul.
basketball here tonight. 2 to 15.
Walla Walla College Team
Defeated in Basketball
; Game .
, PORTLAND. Jan. 17. Mnltno-
Two Mackinaw., one H at. . .
And one 46 at .
One Duck Coat, size 62..
Two heavy Coats, size 44. The cloth Is an extra good
quality, Mole Sidn, blanket lined, leather trimmed. .$9.75
Twelye Duck Coats for boys from 12 to 15 years of age.
These are good serviceable Coats with oil cloth interlin
ing ....................... ................$3.00
Jnst four light Rain Coats, 10, 12 and 14 years size Coats
that are well worth $3.00 or more. .$155
I. W. W. literature is being dis
tributed in Salem according to a re
port filed with" the police yesterday,
i j. E. Ellison, rural route 7, reported
tht he saw a man banding out 1.
W.'W. Jropaganda on the street yes
terday. This is believed by the, po-
LONDON. Jan. 17. Fighting Is
proceeding in tbe streets of Irkutsk.
says a Moscow wireless report.
Move to Approve Lodge-Mc-Nary
Compromise Killed
By House
After being brought up for re
consideration after having been de
feated In tbe morning, senate joint
memorial No. 9. political battle
ground, was again defeated in the
.house yesterday afternoon. In the
;nidst of a scramble to get through
with the business on hand. The res
.ilniiAn nre-en the adontion of the
1-ft.lsr-MfN'jrv compromise on the voyage from the north which ended
peace treaty and league of nations. here Friday, It waa learned tonight.
lie ready for a Cherrian census
taker at 1 o'clock Monday. He will
lice to be one of possibly e number Tl8,t yur home to "ecure daU wh,eh
of I. W. W. who are trying to Incote win complete ine popuiauon enum-
sympathy for their organization, and
are maklnz every effort to locate
Lois in Bank Notes $2000
Not $18000 at Victoria, B. C. suggested by the Cherrians 'that a
note re leu uiraer me aoor iu in
eration of Salem and prevent the
massing of a resident. '
If you will be away from home at
the hour set. tell a neighbor ami
provide the necessary tnforrastlon
for tbe Cherrian enumerator. It l
VANCOUVER. B. C. Jan. 17.
Bank notes to the amount of $2.
000 Instead of $18,000 as first re
ported, were stolen from the mall
bak on the steamer cneiostn on in
form the enumerator where the In
formation may be secured If the
family is away at 1 o clock.
You Uve Where Yon Sleep
The rule is tbst you live where
you sleep.
The census enumerators of the
government have finished their tasks I Explosion in Apartment HoUlft
and will not go out again as the r t r it
may lause ueain oi i.irs.
Elizabeth Campbell
time limit allowed tbem is up. The
enumerators were unable to 'reach
every one because of people beln
uwsy from their homes and similar
treasons, liany nave ueen misseo, u
nas in touna. Aiorn u runnm SEATTLE, Wash Jan 17- Mrs.
Salem a cloe race tor population and EHmteth Campbell. S2 years eld.
has eserted every effort to get com- WM probably fatally Injured. Mrs.
plete census of every Inhabitant or AUcm Hm potter received serious
that city. Salem must not let slip bruises an dsix others suffered minor
its hold on the second largest city hurts wben a furnace In an aparU
In the state. ment bouse at 4110 Whitman avenue
Watch for the Cherrian enumer- exploded late today, partially wreck-
ator at 1 o'clock Monday. Ing the building. Fire following the
Preceding tne enumeration the explosion waa put out with a small
Cherrians will jneet at the Commer- hand extinguisher. Damage to the
rial club for the business men's building, a three-etory frame strue-
lunch at li o'clock. Iture, waa estimated at 14000.