The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 16, 1920, Page 3, Image 3

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The Story of a Honeymoon
A VomIerfuf IUmane of Married Ufe Wonderfully Told by
Giant German Seaplane, Built at Zeppelin Works, YLI.L TL:c Allies Seek for Exneri-
mental Purposes
Maditc. ; I wish you'd I ell Katie
not to touch niy rooni until I tell her
to. H doni"t need sweeping, and
of you'll give me a dusting cloth I'll
do any1 dusting that's necessary, t
don't want you messing around
ihera. either- 'putting , things to
lieen thwarted in her plan of disfig
uring me by Katherine' alertness.
I 11 wan owing io rvainerme aione, ai-
so that the woman had consented u
go to the private sanitarium, t am
afraid i bould haw weakly yielded
to Mrs. AIlls threat to reveal some
dangerous secret concerning my fa
ther pud let her go her own way.
Katherine and I had returned to
the house thorougly worn out. In
fact. Katherlne's fatigue, and ner-
rlabts.' I'te some' ticklish .. work 1 1 v,.u headache had alarmed me. 1
- . .11 .....l.j . ' . . . ; . . .
don i wain umuuuvu, inn ijo KumF
to keep my door locked ;f mm novr
Dicky ru ihed through the word
tritbont looking at vne, ' afld then
with n! abrupt "no) long. IVe got to
work.' Call nie half an -ttur before
dinner." ne from, the breakfast ta
ble, and hurried upstairs to hU
room. v., " 'y;.-.
It was Sunday morning, and but
two days after Katherine Sonnot and
1 had taken Mrs. AUis to the private
"sanltarrum for drug addicts. So
well had Katherine managed the trip
that neither IKcky.vKatle. nor Jim
suspected that Mis, Allls had entered
my room at night,. had attempted to
throw acid in my face and had only
feared she might be 111. hut a day's
lest restored her, and ahe had re
turned to the city only the night be
fore. Madge Resents Dicky Aloofness.
I felt depressed and resentful as 1
heard my husband's footsteps mount
ing the stair to his room. Sunday
has always been the day tacitly set
apart bv Dicky and me for a home
day together. Sometimes we enter
tain at dinner In the evening, but
the day we invariably spend at home
reading and talking.
The xne Indication of a successful
marriage to which I have clung Is
tike fact that Dicky and I have never
Pitt, MiV&Si"
, 7 wf
The Choice Prizes of Life Are Won
vlIie;Helhy and Strong
The weak, ofwftabbv-BJoW thoee mho are deficient In vlcor ad viutt fOre hT
mt bad to auu'er IK l.emiliatiun ct tarinsr ruthleealy uhtmti said by their atronffer tieaJa.
A clear, ruddy dmpteiri in- lr:f.-ii rr: hardened maaclea: and a welt kait-toeether bodjr
of elaatic tp and awes', constitute a trubip card io any saae wbetber of love or buaiaeea.
If you feet that you ir nut-,
clam J. laekinr the atamioa u
ntand up and claim year ,'
doa't delay another day ia vnty
I ' .f.i -i ' ..'' , . '
r ' ''-5 ' ; ' . " ..... t . i ir
wtfVr.-'l-'f.jjf - J - ' " i""jwJ " ' It
h: ' . "lirfi f?5- ft
I "-;,'" 13-"'.
Great Hritaln. Prance and the I'nlted State. It i understood, all want this German seaplane for experiment,
al purpose . It is the largest seaplane In the world. bulU at the Zeppelin works at Wilhelmshsven for the Ger
man navy. ,lt 4s of the monoplane type, entirely of metil, and has a wing tpread of 120 feet. The plane has
four wigincs, is capable of"mak!ng 100 miles an hour and can remsln In the air for twenty hours. The disposi
tion of this unusual ncaplane has not yet been determined.
lost our enjoyment in - dieus;ng tee Is to report at the next regular
things which has been ours from the Bcsalon rif the legislature,
beginning. 'Hooks, plays, news, gos- J Mnnott Hill Supported,
sip. neither of u appearing fully tot Senator Ritner's ' Joint memorial
enjoy its savor, unless shared with asking congress to throw open for
the other. And from Diofcv' word settlement land about upper Klam
and manner it seemed prol.a!J that nth lake. was adopted. The memor
hls whole jday would be i-pu in hi ial wa Introduced at the request of
room. ' the American Legion. The purport
Hot teafs rose to ray eyes as I real- f th memorial Is covered by the
nea ints uut i nuickty dashed them
mtneiue to tab
U 1 W:, ...
I ill B . tt "L
a i rym mi a. aaa -
The Great General Tonic
away. There were many things with
which I, could bus myself. , In
three weeks we were to move from
the old Tirennan house which we had
rented. Into the quaint old place we
had bought, and- there were many
odds and ends of packing and pre
paration which I could get out ot
he way if I had the day to myself -Rut
Dicky's defection rankled. 1
Wondered as t had done many times
before what fhls mysterious work
was which had occupied his time m
much in the last few weeks. It was
n't his. usual illustrating I knew for
Dicky was notably careless as to bis
drawings they lay in picturesque
had rescued some finished illustra
tion ready for delivery from a heap
of discarded sketches ready for the
urnaee. ,
'Don't Do That!"
Sitriott bill which the resolution urg
t-s.the Oregon delegation to support.
, LTKO a eeid la ertlaal perl
asee ealr. Mae aectaare above.
ill roetore that cotvfidenoa you need to combat the arer-
novomaig forcee of aocial and boaineaa Ufa; it will eiva yoa
the heart and epirit to do and. the eoarace to challenc the
world to your rtht to a plaee ia tka bVun. beeaaea it will ra
botlit year physical atraasth and mental pewer to a ataxe of
eet health, atrwtrtoeninf year nm-oow ystam wits
tr noariafaaicnt becaoee of its areat aid to diroataoa.
KO" i a reixaehinz aDDOtisc and an oxeafitioBal ffeneral
toaia ia tboao subnormal condluanx of the pbyetcal and i
cLi arrtania. snch aa moecolar ana mental latisue.
xwtatim. enral wrakneaa; or deb'.Uty following a
f ractAvl uiitcu or tbaroji oTl WaatiaY diaeaae. If truly
.Natorc'i firataaaanaat aa-a regteratlTO aaent a realty re
markabte reeonatracCTe. AUdranaW bare LTKO.: Cat
bcu:le today td begin at onca to tec', and tuok better. ,
SoleMaaeife.tieiai '
NewY-k . K'aaaa City. Maw
For sale by all Druggist. Always in stock at rerry's.Drug Store
aV "' h
that Make
You Proud
Making You
yoa view your-
Convalescence atcr pneumonia, ty
phoid fever and the t,rlp. Is soroe-
iltiies mereley apparent, not real. To
nuke It real and rapid, thre la no
other ionic so highly to be recom-mt-nded
aa Hood's Kariaparilla.
Tkounahdi so testify. Take Hood's
sters. Mrs. . X. riegel was again
with the bureau to assist and give
odvice. A new featare was the dis
play of children's clothing and prop
er children's beds. It Is planted
that the bureau give a lecture in a
8nqrt tfme to tn mother Of the mothers at least once a month.
The M. Pi? TheQ.MC?
The Y. MCA.?
Let's Talk It Over Again Tonight
American Legion Dance
January 16, 9 P. M.
$1.10 Inclnding War Tax
Spectators In Gallery 59c
eoanty la order that they will under
stand Just what the measurements
and i cores mean so that parents of
children whose body measurements
ate too large proportionately will not
become frightened. It Is ptaaned to
hare some sort of a lecture to the
The wejt clinic
ruary 19. In the
will be held FeV
Commercial club
The Stateman's Classified.
Ads. Bring Results
Lectures and Explanations' of
Move to Be Part of
The third baby clinic held' la this
I . t . . 9 1 It m.
.But from all indications Dicky had c. y ua"'r lu,r . "
done no drawing in his room forsev-T'on county cnnaren s uureau was
eral weeks. There was no litter of .""t
ninora when i T wranr In t tint ht Clinics, i ne cnnaren who were re?
room in order each day, and his desk
and chiffonier drawers were locked
The thing puzzled me got on my
I tried to put it out of my mind.
and went directly about the work 1
had planned after Dicky went up
stairs. Dat my heart wasn't In It.
and when I heard his footsteps com
ing downstairs again I felt a little
glow of anticipation. He had thought
better of his purpose, and was com
ing down to talk to me.
In a moment I realized my mis
take, however, for he held a waste
basket filled 'with crumpled papers
In his hand. I supposed of course
that he wished them emptied, and
advanced to take the basket:
"Katie is busy Just now," I said,
"but I'll have her empty this and
bring it up to you In a moment. "r
Dicky shook his head.
VXo need to trouble' her." he said,
drawing the basket back. "I'll just
put them dn the furnace myself."
"Oh, Dicky." I protested, "don't
do that. Jim has had a great deal
of trouble with the fire this morn
ing, and it's JuBt-beginning to draw
well. If you pile those papers in
there now you'll simply choke the
fire. Empty them into the big bas
ket and let Jim take them outside
and burn them."
Dicky turned and stared at me un
"Will you kindly allow me to at
tend to my own business?" he said
and there was a sneer in his voice
that pricked like a stiletto.
(To be continued)
v ' ;
Memorial Is Sent to Congress
Urging Protection of
Western. Timber
Istcred for the postponed December
clinic and a few others were examin
ed yesterday and included 26 young-
m y y
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KrTA UaCTraai.i .aie a'a!, X i Mil 1 1 afaja
The' senate yesterday passed house
oint memorial calling upon the Ore.
gon delegation in congress to use itt
influence to secure an adequate air
plane patrol i as protection against
forest fires In Oregon. The memor
ial urges adoption of the patrol plan
as outlined by Colonel Arnold, com
mander of the western division of
the air service.
House Joint memorial No. 5 urg
ing congress ' to pass . legislation to
expel and keep out of the country
disloyal aliens, and to expend money
from the immigration service for
that purpose.; passed the senate.
liarhmnnd Memorial Vtuen.
Senator Lachmund's joint memor
ial calling upon the 'government to
pension Indian war veterans and
their widows on the same basis as
Civil war veterans was passed by
the senate., i;
No opposition was made to senate
joint resolution No. 5. introduced by
Senator Tierce at the request ol the
board of control, calling for the ap
pointment of a legislative commit
tee to Investigate the advisability of
establishing a training school for
young boys on the cottage plan, the
present school to be turned Into a
reformatory- tor first offenders. The
SALEM-resolution was passed. The commit-
Ilk &k -ASBtfo ii 'iP
4 m mil '7T and
fx. vN if.
: H"
You may alwayi be sure of scrinu th-: orst if you
let t.c DEL label be youf guide in buying
citmcd f nuts, vegetable and food specialties. Mote
than a -buiidred delicious varieties to select f.-oai.
olsk the waiter
Some day when you are not very
hungry and you don't' know what
to eat let him' recommend a dish.
tell him to bring along a Dottle ot
Del Monte Catsup. Watch his smile
of approval.
He will know that you have selected
the best appetizer possible, and that his.
recommendation is bound to please you.
And when it cornet on the tabic, and your
appetite wake up, just rtmetnber that a bottle
of Dai. Mot Catsup on your own table at
home will help you "get more enjoymtnt out of
the meals you eat there.
"DzL MOSTE Recipes ef Flavor," a new recipe
book containing over- 500 economical menu
suggestions, will b sent free.
-; -r.'-'i -
t- - .-
AaUMa DeaMtneec N
SAn rrncstco, California
1 B a
"'V - V- L
'!''"' t