The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 13, 1920, Page 6, Image 6

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I - MMaaM-,,iajaaaaBaaaaaaaaaa SBaaaaiBSaaBMBaaBBWBaaBWnanaaBaanMn-
1 1
TOiereaa. H. jJ. ftchulderman. Corpor
ation c'mmiirn-r of the mate t,( Or
t"'. ruired by Section U7. Titles
-xi-iy. .if lord's Oregon Lmw. did, on
Sin clay or January. I2t), report to
m a the Governor ut the etate of Or
f.n. 11 heti f all thfc corporation, or-Kuiii2i-J
under (h lawn of the atate of
oi B..n for iKain; wiph, ir two ...--ntlve
yearn next prenyl i n K the anfd 5th
day of January. 1 .'!, hat fa"il-drne-ieted
or refuned to furnish him, ttir
aald corporation comrmnsiontir, nny
statement required to b- (V -m!,! un
der any law of thin lat t to par
any lii:ene f ' retiuired Site maid
iiihW any (law of thin n: l
..v Whereaat aaid report oi t-.- c.rpora
'tian enmmiMlKacr, mti mad. m afore
!. contain the nnmeii ( tre follow
inn rrporatlona, which, lor i vo eonoee
utlve yar t.r more next preceding the
date of the report, .have failed. njr
lected or refuaed Iff-'funiati any auch
Malement or I pay any auch lieena
fee, to-wit:
i A.
20353 Aemie Collection Co.
UM4 AdJiiPtahle Kleetric Socket Com-
painy. ' 1 , '
ll Albany Chautauqua Aoc-iation,
18497 Alhambra Amunement Co.
Alexia Contract Company,
lJiK Alameda Investment Company.
11S33 American Adjusting Association,
' The '
79.i0 American Almaden Quti knilver
and Jlold Mininsr Coropan tThe
2S478 American l'.uilindgr and Um A
aociation. 20511 American Hursrlcal Corporation '
Anderaon Candy Company
,1M1 Andru Bode. Jnc.
20422 Anhydroun Minea Company
?4J2 Aiplcjfte Lumber Company, The
137 Appieburc: Hater Company. The
.H407 ArmlJhaw Hrothers Shoe Com
pany 21037 Ah!nnd Ilpx and Lumber Manu
IWturtngr Company, The
C0305 Astoria !race
1S02O Aatoria Hmrbor Improvement Co.
17450 Aatoria Merchant' Aaaociation
2065 Aatoria Koap CompanV ;
12S4 Aaaociated Fruit Orowera of
Hood Hlver Oregon
17425 Aaaoeiated Security .Company'
155' Atlantic Pacific Flour Company
20574 Bartnett Company, The
16172 Halm Cove Orchard Company
209l Bade Lumber Co., The
20&0 Ilend Abattact Company
20HS Bear Butte Llveatock Company
20176 Bend Fair & Track A'n
18460 Beleher Hardwood Floor Com-
HI29 Bt ritl.ry Telephone' Company
2094J BiHriiin-Uoldbera; Company, In-
uorated, Tb
11757 l; n k Eagle Mining: and Milling
cjompany 1
Bloom c labrielnen Company
Koyajohn-Arnold Company
Boulder Creek tiold Mining Com
Boutin-Parka Lbr. Co. t
Boyer Printing-'Company
Broadway -Auto. Livery, Ine. .
Brazeau Co., K. M.
Hrookhavcn Farm
Broeka Haberdashery -
Uronaon ilotor Kquipment Co.
Broadway Theater Corp.
20262 Bullia Company. The
13080 Building Investment Company
Burnt Kiver Crediting Company
uena v lata rower and Jrrlsa
tion Company
... '.. c
Campbell-Frank Separ Co.
'atlaoova Minea Inc.
cascade tiuck ana Aiacmne
18875 Chehalem Richland Company
20503 CbirkAuto Service Company
$883 Clear Creek "Ke-rvir and
Ditch Company. Tha 1
20288 Clement Lumber Company 0
1683s Clearwater Orchard Company
',2:fl4 Cereo Manufacturing Company
flOK Commercial !rocery Cmpany-.
11368 Condon Fine Lumber Company
lii.U Cochran & Sons Inc., T. H.
19944 Columbia Firework Compani
2W453 Colnmbia Manufacturing Co., The
15999 Columbia Neckwear Manufacture
ling "Co.
982S Cooa Bay Condensing Company
17955 Coo Bay Powder Company
19416 Cooa Bay Produce Company
ili7J8 Cooullle Valley Creamery , Com
12926 Crater Gold "A Copper Mining
- " - company. The
20013 Havidson JC&-. The ' ' ' '
2094 Dawaon Mercantile Co.
16505 Devil'a Uate Mining Company,
19(70 Dear love- I a a r d Manufacturing
. Company ; , ,
20828 TV Lamar Minea Co.
13420 Pickover Co., (Inc.) J.Jl.
11728 Dorothea Gold Minea -Company
18217 Douglaa-Umpqua Mining Co.
20139 Kaat Bay La.nd Company, The
19532 Kast agl Mining and, Milling
- Company ; 1
. 20575 East Hide Laundry Company
11033 Kaat Side Blabwood 'ofuinany
12S89 Kaatern Columbia Land-company
14680-Kilers Muaie House
19385 Kilers Talking: Machiro Company
17371 Kltrin Commisaion Company
Electric Development Comnany
Elmira Retal Lumber Company
Ellison-White Chautauqua Sya-
tem -
Empress Theatre Company
Enterprise Commercial Club ;
Engine Efficiency Company,.
Erie Contract Company ' '
Eureka Oil Company";
h IT.
Farmera Merchandise Company
Federal Corporation TM I
Vttnton Co.. E. F. '"
rdnl Dried Kruit forporaiion
Fidelity Guaranty 5& Investment
- compwiy m
19J73 Fifty Mutual Association, The
18383 Fletcher Furniture Company
20786 Flum Transprtatn :wmpny
19938 Forest Creek Mining jCompany
viool Knaur Dinar Store, ind.
14001 Forest Grove Abstract Company.
U291 Fossil Livery and Feed Company
20120 Foster Mill and Fixture Company
fat. franklin RfHcrvoir uompany
12970 Fruitcroweta Trut and Title
Company i i
15956 Oarnett-Corey Building Company
16940 Gerlingeri Bros, jnveatment torn
' ' pany I ! - '
20410 Gear-DrlveiCo.. The
17356 Geer & Krueger Furniture
15473 Gerllnger Motor far Co. !
1r. C4 f 'or mania. RfaltV Co.
19739 GJerdrum Conservatory of Muaic,
Henrilc !
20489 Gould Engineering & Construc
tion Company
15014 Government Mineral Springs Ho
tel Company
5271 Gold Hilt JQuarts' Mining Co
12764 Grand Avnue Kealty;Co.
20375 Ground Feed Company
20963- Griswold-O'Donnel Co., The :
20851 Great Western Round L p. The
1618 Horlcvs. Builders & Contractors
1 inc. . i
2062'S Hall Co.- i . "i- ..
itiiik:. itiwthorne GaraEe
188t0 liiaydeH i Isjand Improvemen
nain'i uianriinir'.' CmnoMa Valley Or
I chard Company
i-al tl.vJ .nWt I'ninninr. Frank
t8ke nall Man V Directory Co., Inc
20493 Heath Khipbuilding Company
1ll'H Hlihiav Alltii Co.
17312 Highland Improvement Company
SIOOS Hill LUntDer wompany
16807 Home Construction Company
99178 Horseshoe Irvlgation Company
185i07 Hood River Lumber Company
12326 Hood Kiver Valley Apple t om-
. j pany !
1S3S.7 Heinecke Brothera Company
' 11033 IjO.G.T. Hall Aeaociation .
"7269 imojane Company
18377 Imperial Farm Company
20952 Intermountain Oil and Gas Com
i pany. Limited ,
, 19928 Independent Retailers Associa
l ' ; tion j -
2008S Iroquois Company. The
- 14198 Irrigated Lands Corporation
" 20518 Irving Teiiephone Company, The
' I ' . " -; !'' J.
19S25 Jefferson Land Company
16.023 Josephine. Hotel Company
20045 K-C Lumber Company t
) 2032 Kenat Mining St Milling Com
pany -l . - '
, 18310 Keyaton iOptlcal Company
.20941 Key Sheep Company
20540 Kine-Haneock Mercantile Com-
....I - pany, of Forest Grova, Oregon
16033 King-a Valley Lumber Company
20597 Klamath iLogging & Timber Co.
18272 L.O.O.M. 'Building Association.
! - Tha-
?.1?2 f tLr,nd Company
20649 Lambert-Uuaxresa liealty Com-
. 201642 Lkeocean Lumber Comnany. The
17793 Latirttzen. Land Company
208S3 Lamtx-rt Multiplus Company of
Lewthwaite Co., C. It.
Linnton Auto Bus t'o.
I.ts-ht House 'Canntng Packing
188S9 Marion Creamery & Produce
1 ottipany
Madrona Laml Company
Mann Motor Car t'ompany. H.I.
Marshfield Khinirle Company
Alatliik Tellurian Company. 'The
Mslhenr Water LTarrs Ass.iciation
McCarl and t'ompany. K. S.
McAi'eal lnwtmrnt t'o.
15980 The Mist PubliahinK Company
ias Moore t'ompany. The
Motor Equipment Companv
Modern Heating Co.
Monarch Lumber Company
Modern Manufacturing Company.
Morgan & Smith Agency
Molalla Wood & Timlwr Com
pany Multnomah Investment t'o.
Multnomah Laundry Co. Inc.
Multnomah Mortgage t'ompany
Mult noma h -Oregon Realty Co.
0634 Murphy , RroK-Morsn Company.
Inc.. The
14765 Municipal Railway and Im
provement Comoanv
19293 Mutual Tailoring Company
8878 National Sales Co.
9431 National Wrapping Machine Cor-
0324 Newlon Artesian Wells. The
19895 New Eldorado Mining and Re
duction Co.
20840 Newport Mining Company, The
6118 Nehalem Water Company. The
8423 Nicholas Hardware Company
0465 Nosliw Securities Company
20399 North Pacific Shipbuilding Com
159 North Portland Investment Cum-oanv
20517 Northwest Tulley Block Company
20404 Northwest Realty Company
20693 Northwestern Exchange
S0219 Northwestern HoldinK Comoanv
, . ' '
ii .o in vn n y
30751 Northwestern Spinning Mills
20774 Nothw.estern Trading Company
13814 Nyssa Improvement Company
19724 Oak Creek Flume Company
13298 Ocean Beach Land Co.
20833 Opal City Water Company
20092 Oreland Construction Company
izvs Oregon itorax t'ompany
20444 Oregon Film Producing Company
14112 Oregon Fir Lumber Co.
12401 Oregon Gold Prospecting & Pro
moting Company
19297 Oregon - Handle Manafacturing
50313 Oregon Herald Publishing Com-
nany -
16693 Oregon Horn Builders, The
19478 Oregon Hop Growers'- Association
20311 Oregon Piling and Timber Com
pany. The
16418 Oregon-Pittsburgh Mining Com
20247 Oregon Salvage & Mercantile
0017 Oregon Hhlp Chandlers
13474 Oregon Taxicab Co.
6669 Oregon Wood Company, The
15274 . Palmer Bucket Company
15817 Palmyra Company,. The
10524 Panther Creek Mining Company.
20889 Pallay Features Corporation
18198 Palace Hotel of Portland
20760 .Pacific Adjustment & Collection
19710 Pacific Baler & Waste Paper Co.
20583 Pacific Coast Fishing and Can
ning Company of Sonora.
19684 Pacific Engineering & Develop
ment Company
20809 Pacific International Live. Stock
20614 Pacific - Interstate Publishing
17164 Pacific Land Company
20406 Pacific Mfg. & Sales Co
19941 Pacific Mill & Timber Company
19443 Pacific Mortgage and Investment
13289 Pacific Stove and Range Manu
facturing Company .
19585 Pacific Street Cleaning Company
19544 Pacific Timber Cruising Com-
pany - t -
1318 Peck Automobile Wheel Co., H.O.
20S7T Pettia Co.. E. L.
20523 Pelikea Mines Company
19470 Pearson Ryan Company
2tl6 Philomath- Roond-I5p- Association
20971 Piedmont Improvement Com
t'iatinum iridium ana uia
pany ,
20546 Plantina y Oro Mining Company
20848 Powell Butte Wool Growers As
sociation. The
20382 Pom-Or-Lem Company
13519 Portland Cranberry Land Com
11247 Tortland Cricket Club Associa
tion. The
9860 Portland Curled Hair Factory
206A1 Portland Hippodrome Company
18393 Portland Ice Hippodrome
241 Portland Nehaiem and seacoast
Railway Company
20097 Portla-nd Piano Tuning, Repalr-
- ing and Mfg. Co
946 Portland Property and Land
Company ;
19452 Portland Pump Co. . '
SS99 Portland Rendering Comoany
21052 Portland Restaurant Men's Social
14284 Portland Sand Company
19471 Portland Safety Signal Company
20997 Portland Surgical Shoe Company
20635 Portland Trackless Car Company.
21010 Portland Union Junk Shop
4121 Portland University Lsnu com-
-f oanv , ' ' ,
19521 Portland Watchmaking. Engrav
ing and Optical School
19464 Prln-Del-Flx Company, -The
20439 Pringle Falls Electric Power
19844 Pugsley Candy Cot. The
14270 Queen Anne Addition (Incorpor-
18779 Quayle-Johnston Company
sliiiaiion for fin-1 1 -
now To Get Relief When Ilead
. and Nose are Staffed Dp.
(Continued from page 3
! Count fifty! Your cold in head or
catarrh diKapears. Your clogged nos
trjls will open, (he air pasH;oct'S of
your head will elear and you can
breathe freely. 1 No more onuffling;
hawking, mucous discharge, dryness
or headache; no struicelini; for breath
et night.
Get a small bottle Of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in, your nostrils. It penetrates through
every air passage of the head, sooth
ing and healing the ewoolen or in
flamed mucous membrane, giving you
instant relief. Head colds and ca
tarrh yield like magic. Don't stay
stuffed-up and miserable. Itelief is
iK'rr, Ice & Develop-
14180 Cmpqua I
mtnt Co
I'nion Motor ftus Company
t'nltt-d i Varehouj- and
Trucking t'onipanv
20363 Utility Manufacturing Co.
Velvet Kealty Com pan y
Vienna t'lt-aning A Dyeing
Works. Inc.
Victoria; Mining Company. Tire
Villa Park Pressure Water (-o.
Vulvsn Iron Works
W . '
W. C 1. Company
Wartman Compairj-. J. K.
Washington Creamery Company
0999 Warrenton Knglneering & Con
struction Company
20447 Wah Lee V'eun Company
12705 Walport Lumber Company, The
16965 Washington Securities Company
18468 Washington Street Public Mar
ket 14299 Wellington Investment Co.
13385 Wellesley Land Co.
15194 Wella-Laber Lumber Company,
18493 Westwood Ileal Estate Co.
15625 West Coast Improvement Com
pany 19353 West Side Agricultural Fair As
sociation .
West Side Ditch Companv
West Side Water Users' Ass n.
West Umatilla Kiver Water Us
ers Association
18842 Western Clackamas Realty Com
Western Sash r Door Company
Western Woodenware Co.
Whitney Catering Company
White Hock Farming Co
Wiilalatin linvestment Company
Willamette Shipbuilding Com
15815 Willamette Valley Irrigated Land
2044 2 Wolcdtts Millinery
11587 v oookide-Troost Co.. Inc.
20964 AVyeth Mercantile Co. .
18843 Yaquina Bay Telephone Company
20417 Yamhill Mercantile Company
21042 Josephine County Co-operative
Creamery Association
201314 Lane County Fruit Growers Co
operative Kxchange
18939 Medford Chamber of Commerce,
Oregon Co-operative Kgg Circles
Now, therefore, 1. Den W. Olcott as
governor of the state of Oregon by vir
tue of the authority conferred upon m
by Section 6717 Title XL. IV. of Lord's
Oregon. Laws, and under and pursuant
to the terms and provisions thereof,
do hereby declare each and all of the
foregoing and above named corpora
tions dissolved, and their articles of
incorporation revoked and - repealed.
and all powers conferred by law upon
such corporations are hereby declared
inoperative and void.
la witness whereof. I have hereunto
set-my band and caued th seal of the
state la . oe Hereunto auixea at tne
city of .Salem.' Stat of Oregon, thi
5th day of January, In the year of our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
, (Seal) Ben W. Olcott.
By the Governor: Governor
, lien W. Olcott.
Secretary of State.
which all of us iiit- anxious lo set
worked mil In lite breasts of th.
youthful ami the U-s violent offend
ers against our laws.
Dining my administration, a de
cidedly serious effort has Iwon niad-
lo use the power of executive clem
ency conservatively. In. all cases
where conditional pardonr have been
applied fot .no consideration has
teen given such application wihou;
tirst receiving affirmative recom
mendation from the presiding judge
and district attorney who acted
on the cane. This rule may have
been deviated from in one or two
instances where the prisoner was in
a serious rhysical condition whicn
demanded prompt outside attention,
hut tn those cases proper precau
tions were exercised.
The parole board has '.ied as con
eonsftrvative a policv as 4erv broad
and liberal law of 1fl has allowed.
That law. with its good t hue credit
nnd. the very low minimum estab
lished, has practically for.ed the pa
role btrard on occasions to make rec
ommendations even against its judg
ment. This situation should be
changed and because of its serious
phases I earnestly urge your seriom
Ihev anptoach Ibis
ul determination."
Hriefly i propose
ie oiniiM tiUiil ion fur
a tion: ,
Creati.m f a new commission of
three iiH-nnx rs l have complete con-'
trol and 'uriMlb lion verthe en !
forcement of all laws, over ilie es ;
penditure Ot" all money and over s.u- h i
other uutuis as may pettain lo the
Mate's adiuinivirailcn of the com- ;
:),ercul fishing luleresls tf the sale. !
Creation cl a new roninision of,
five metnb"is to have ce"ipfte eon-!
trol and .jurisdiction over flic en- j
forcement of all laws, over the er-1
penditure of all money arti such oi It
er matters as may erlain to th.
rtate's administration of the wild
game and iirh life of the state.
For your information I will advise
that a week ago I called together in
Saletn members of the fisheries and
game committees of both the hous
and senate lo discuss various phayea
of the fish and game controversy
and if possible to formulate a bill
for presentation to this session.
As a resali or liiat meeting such
a inn. I understand, win oe presen
ted lo you providing, in a general
way. for one commission with two
separate divisions within the com
mission, lo have control over Ihe
commercial and sportsmen's inter
ests, resiectively. With an addi
tional member independent of the
Real Story of Ihe Big West
BL IGH Theatre
a .11. M.o:nr : ... AAnaotlv
ion that 'greater protection and i
safeguards may be thrown about Ihe
lives, persons and property of the
citizens of cur stale.
Ratification of Suffrace Amend
ment It will be my pleasure to
rave forwarded to vour honorable
tody for ratification the resolution
ot th congress of the United States
of America providing for an amend
ment to our lederal constitution
which will extend to the women of
our nation :lhe right of suffrage.
is a matter which I reeom-
Rand Investment Company
Rainier Land Company
Red Craln Druic Ccinpany
Reedsport Fishing, Storage Sc.
Supply Company
ReirrsoB Machinery Company
Retail ' Merchants' Protective
189 Record Photographing Abstract
Company. Tna
Republican Press Trie.
RiKdon Company The
Rlverton Fuel Company
Richardson lnveatment Company
Riverside Orchards Co.
Kiverdale Telephone Company.
Rose. City Park Club
Rose City Park Hardware & Sup
ply Co.
2t3t-Royal Duko "Mining Co
204 82 Round Vp Boosters
21031 Rogue River Oil Company
20182 Safety Kgg Case Co.
20950 Sand vail Engraving Company.
Inc. ,
14750 Santiam Fruit Cfdony
2079 SU. Charles Land Company
14161 Salem Land. Company
20&47 Scandinavian - American Ship
Building Company '
19638 Seaside Auditorium Association
1117 Seaald Ioor and Lumber Com
pany. The- ,
209i Seaside Driving and Rafting
18931 Sevarg investment Company
20721 Seaside spruce L.umor v .
10133 Sheehy Hroa. Paintina; and Dec-
(tratinir company, i ne
19f74 Simons Co., Incorporated, The
1751 Kim Jrrmt company
17224 Simmona Investment Company
20930 Sileta unaging v,o
17103 Sixty-Sixth Street Cravel Com
pany 21011 Smythe-Welch Company
20700 Southern Oregon Fruit Company
1835$ Southern Oregoft Ttactltm Com-
17483 Specfalty Manufacturing Co.
20480 Spokesman Publishing Co., The
20197 Springfield Sand & tiravel Co.
20S24 Standifer-Clarkaon Co.
20S12 Standlfer-Clarkaon Shipyard, Inc.
20208 String Engraving Co.. The
10504 Stanley-SmilK Lumber Company,
II n'...
15780 Sterling Stone Co. of Portland
19922 Standard Abatract Company
14846 Suburban Company, The
1S972 Sugar-Pine Mining and Milling
20498 Sutherlin Quicksilver Mining &
Refining Company
1637S Sweek Sc Co.. J. M.
1S231 Tillamook Log and Boom Com
. pany
20929 Toledo & Siletx Railroad Co.
2A&A2 Tri Xletal Mining Company
20749 Twin City Transfer and Con
tracting Co.
' V. ,
17393 Umatilla Townslte Company,
Whereas, H. J. Schulderman. corpor
atlon commissioner of the state of Or-
egou aa required by Chapter 60. Laws
of Oregon for 1911. did. on the 5th day
of January. 1920, report to me, aa gov
ernor of the state of Oregon, a list of
all foreign, corporations which for two
consecutive years or more next preced
ing the aaid tn day or January. i9iv.
have failed, neglected or refuaed to
furnish him. "the said corporation com
missioner, any annual statement re
Quired to be furnished under any law
of this state, or to pay the licenae fee
required to be paid under any law of
this state; and
Whereat, aaid report of the corpor
ation commisaioner, so made as afore
said, contains the names of the follow
ing foreign corporations which for two
consecutive years or more next preced
ing the date of the report have failed.
neglected or refused to furnish any
such statement, or to pay ony auch li
cense fee, to-wit:
F-1278 American Shipbuilding, Corpor
ation tvvn.)
F-909 Central Oregon Oil & Uas Com
pany. Limited (Idaho)
F-1291 Champion Mines Corporation
t v n.i
F-1109 Contractors' Equipment Com
pany (Maine)
F-7i5 Columbia River Milling Com
pany (Wn.)
F-502- Cudahy Packing Company of
Nebraska, The cXeb.) .
F-1245 Dyer Company, The (Ohio)
F-815 Ulade Consolidated. Gold Min
ing Company, Ltd. (Idaho)
F-llfia Ooddard and Company lncor
porated ( W n )
F-390 tirand Rapids-Oregon Timber
Company (Mich.)
F-78 Hammond Lumber Company
t.N. J-
t'-t-S Hunter Realty Company, The
D. E. (Ohio).
F-1124 Jeffrey Company, The Thomas
IS. (Wis.)
F-976 Leavitt & Co., J. W. (Cal.)
r -88a MacArthur Perks & Company
umueo I Canada
F-1220 Michigan - Weatern Timber
Company (Delaware)
F-12j9. National Oas Governor Com
pany. The (N'.Y.) :
F-777 Oregon (las and Electric Com
pany (Ariz.)
F-1075 Oregon Washington Land
Company (Wn.)
F-822 Overland Fruit and Develop
ment company. The (Maine)
F-1175 lue Oil Company (S. Dak.)
F-179 (Juten of the West Minea Com
pany ( W. Vlr.)
F-1014 Sixes Mining Company (Utah)
F82; Hound Construction & .Engl
o neennc v.o. twn.t
F-79 Sunset Telephone and. Telegraph
company teat.)
F-199 Takilma Smelting Company
The (Colo.)
F-961 Tillamook Timber and Logging
company (ueiaware)
f-tj waioo smelting & Mining Com
pany. The (Colo.)
F-9I3 W eat Coast tonatruction Com
pany (Delaware)
sow. tnereiore. t. ien w. Olcott, as
governor of the state of Oregon, by
virtue ot tne autnority conferred uporr
me oy unapier s ot tne law or tire
gon for 1911, and under and pursuant
U the terms and provisions thereof, do
hereby declare the right of each and
all of the foregoing and above named
corporations to transact businesa In the
state of Oregon revoked and repealed,
and all powers conferred by law -upon
nuch corporations are hereby declared
inoperative and void.
In witness whereof. 1 have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of
the state to be hereunto affixed at the
city of Salem, state of Oregon, this 5th
day of January. In the year or our
Lord one thousand nine hundred and
(Seal) Ben W". Olcott.
By -the Oovernor: Governor.
Ben W. Olcott,
Secretary of State.
This is
nend to vour early atttention and I
am certain you will not deem it pre
sumptuous if I express thf hope that
you give ytur unanimous approval
to the ratification ct this aniend
Eient. k
Fish ar.d Game Legislation Be
cause or te reiativt vaiue ot tm--
ron's fish pnd game life in all that
the state is endeavoring lo accom
plish In the attracting of tourists;
in the move to make life better tor
our own citizens, ana in nent oi tne
fact that it involves one of our
greatest and most productive indus
tries. I feel that It devolves upon
me to present at this special session
of the legislature some pertinent
recommendations in regard to the
fish nd game situation.
It is too well known a fact to need
corroborative evidence from me I hat
dissension and factionalism over the
administration of this important
branch of rtale government has re
sulted in robbing it of its hlnhest
degree. of efficiency and materlally
impairintr development and conserva
tion work. I assume that all who
have expressed conflicting opinions
tn to the situation have done so witn
hnnesty of purpose and the best of
Intent. Regardless of this, dimen
sion has been evident, the people or
the state !have developed distrust.
and a condition has grown up which
demands a speedy and effective
change. s
In prefacing my proposals as to
what I deem- the most expedient ana
essential changer I wish to ray
frankly that my familiarity -with th
situation and with the temper of the
people in all parts of the state con
vinees me bevond the nawod oi a
doubt that' unless some material and
beneficial changes are ma le the life
of one of our greatest fndustrles
tne salmon industry may be placei
In teonrdv. In addition the con
servation of our wild game birds and
fish my also suffer and their prop-
seat ion may deci'ne
1 have no intention or desire to
enter Into th merits -or me various
controversies which have shaken the
fish and game administration, lie
grdless of what the merits of these
controversies may be. the fact re
mains thr.t bick' rings and wrangl
Ingr have developed, a hopeless sit
uation which must he met by a new
deal If we are to attain what we all
desire highest efficiency and the
best results. Doubt and distrust
have existed. We must recognise
this fact and that as long as such
continue we will have a condition
not conducive to the best welfare of
the interests involved, or of the state
as a whole.
To meet the situation openlv an
franklv. to forget old trials and trlb
ulations may he difficult to do. but
I deom it our dr.ty In the premises
to do so. For that reson I nave
formulated certain snsgeions which
f trust you will weigh carefully and
consider advisedly. Tf r.ty sugges
tions mar be Improved upon. If a
better clan can be devised to bring
about the same results. I will wel
rome that solution with the sam
rort of an open mind which I am
asking all interested to have when
of an arbitrator.
I still feel, however, that a com
plete separation of the two Interests
would lead to more harmonious re
lations. Hut there must be give and take
in arriving at a conclusion whers
many minds are thinking along many
lines and the best compromise thrt
legislature may effect which to my
mind will bring about harmony and
i-'ood result.-, will be acceptable to
Ihe executive office.
Whatever may be your disposition
of the matter. I wish to assort pos
itively that the chief executive "of
Ihe state should not be a tiicmbcr of
either or of any fish end game com
wiihsion. It is not propeil in I'nt
v. ith the bere r his duties, it Is
not for thf best wel'rr of the In
terests to be represented, nor is h
productive of the best results. T-i
separate the executive office from
a memnersnip on tne commission is
the right and proper thing to do and
I assure you would be a move meet
ing wlth-my hearty approval as a
move dictated by discerning wisdom.
The fish and game situation if
one close to, the hearts of many
thousands of onr people. It Is one
of too far reaching Importance to
allow petty considerations to over
ride and overrule the ldg results
that may be attained. I am confi
dent that, as representatives of th
people of Ihe state of Oregon, you
will enter into a discussion of thin
question calmly and dispassionately
with your minds removed from local
and (persona! prejudice and with
the single goal in view the greater
welfare of all the state.
Conclusion In the foregoing mes
sage I have endeavored to point oat
as clearly and as snccintly as possible
those matters of material and essen
tial importance which I have deemed
most worthy to present to you-for
consideration. It will be noted that
I have somewhat enlarged, in my
Lniessage. upon the scope of tne sub
jects brought to your attention In
the proclamation conovking you Into
special session. In dcring so I acted
only after grave consideration, real
izing full well the necessity ot con
fining your deli iterations to as brief
a time as possible to secure the best
(results. Those additional matters
came lo my attention since Issuing
my origin! proclamation and pre
sented phases which . I believed
should have your early and earnest
With no thought of intruding on
your legislative authority. I feel that
ibis session should not be opened ts
miscellaneous legislation and should
be confined to consideration only ot
the subjects I have outlined, or mat
ters of similar urgency and impor
tance. 1 am certain every o B
feels that the expense of this ses
sion should be curtailed to the min
imum and that none of ns desires to
extend its time a solitary dsy past
that which la absolutely necessary
to the transaction of important busi
nesa. "
In making my recommends tion.
I m giving you the product of my
best judgment and they are submit
ted to yo i far what they are worth.
What disposition may be made of
them is for legislative action only
and I desire to make It clear that
dnrinr your consideration ot legis
lation no influences, direct or other
wise, will come. from the executive
offices to endeavor to awerre legis
lative opinion la oae direction or an
other. All ot ns are profoundly mindful
ct the responsibilities entailed in the
tasks set before us. Ail of us have
the aim and object fa view to assist
in - what way, we rosy toward con
tinued peace, prosperity and well be
ing in tbit great state of our na
tivity or adoption aad I feet well as
sured we wl'l all look afiead to meet
ing those tat Irs and aceomplishln,
them with earnest minds and con
scientious, honest effort.
A Soecial Session
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