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Deiton and Kay Mix at
League Meeting But Break
Is Soon Mended
Published Report of Effort to
'ust mayor uenied and
Re-affirming its stand that the two
policemen recently added to the city
fcrcq be retained and. denying in no
uncertain terms (connection with or
responsibility foir a report published
V 1 i" W
jT" V ONEj NIGHT "'v
f 7;, ;! ". " ir-: : v, .:
Coming in All Its Completeness.
Il?aded -j 1y, America's Greatest
dof," H6 ward Walton TuHjr
-r. t Jmes G. Peedeyer, Mgr. )
c ' ' r presents . . Ir
In 1 The Season's Greatest Dra-
matie Hit '.-
Prices $1.00 to $2.50
Advance Sale Opens Nov. 104 at
.! Opera House Pharmacy '
ZZ.". The Big
: : I I :
IVe a Roari From Curtain,
to Curtain .- : ,
:'; ; And
Bligh (Theatre
Etate- No Time to Be Lost in Set
tling Question of Tenure
As Governor
in an evening paper to the effect that
the recall of Mayor Wilson, is eon'
templated, the Business Men's league
took action yesterday to support the
appointment of the two officers. The
action was taken at a special meeting
of the league called Immediately fol
lowing the adjournment of the busi
nessmen's lunch at the Commercial
club. The business men did not
leave their seats but the two, meet
ings were distinct according to
ments made by speakers.
Kay and Denton Mix. .
A tilt between Walter Denton and
T. B. Kay was going strong within
a few moments after the special
. A I 1 1 1 1 1 J I. I
started on a motion of Mr. Denton NOTICE TO BE PREPARED
in which he urged that the league
Dring it iorciaiy 10 me auenuon oi p . t?fii rV n r
the council that the of fleers are need- rony-rillll Uay rHOr tO rfl
ed and that petty personality in city
politics should be forgotten in the
building up. of, the city. Mr. Jsay
took the stand that the league was
attempting to dominate the council.
that is was "carrying a chip on its
shoulder" and he urged that the del
egation to wait on the council be
mary Not to be Awaited
by Secretary
' Declaring that he is anxious for
an early determination by ' the su
Dreme court on tha nuoittinn whether
composed or some citizens at i large a , v . . . ,
aAiinn tn th momhor nf h a governor Is to be elected in 1920.
in addition to the members of the
league. He took personal issue with
Mr. Denton but after they had ax
Certification of $100,000
in bonds Asked by District
Question of the certification- of
$100,000 in bonds for the Grants
Pass Irrigation district resolutions
have been received by State Engi
neer Cupper from the board of di
rectors of the district. The resolu
tion also makes known the plan of!
the board to divide the district into
unlas. . . , ,
The 1919 session of the legislature
provided that districts may be divid
ed into units of different reclamation
costs, and the Grants Pass district
has been divided into four units.
W. C. Brown, engineer for Mult
nomah county drainage district No.
1, has been in conference with State
Engineer Cupper relative to approval
of the plans of the district and the
certification of district bonds of
$400. 000. The district is located on
the Columbia river, extending from
Portland to Sandy river and covers
8300 acres. The plans contemplate
the construction! of a levee 12 miles
long along the Columbia river.
Colin McKenzie of Hood River has
filed application to appropriate wa
ter for the irrigation of a small tract
near Odell.
Negro Convicted of First De
gree Murder After Eight
Minutes Deliberation
Instant Relief From Nerve Torture
and Misery With Old "St.
Jacob Liniment
Governor Olcott yesterday let it be
known that as secretary of state he
changed remarks for several minutes wl1' cause the certification of offices
the break was apparently mended. lo oe imea oy election next year to
Recall Opposed. De Prepared in the near future, omit-
ir Kav exnrPKseri himself an tm- ting the office of governor. This
alterably opposed to recall of the open the war for tne mandamus
mayor, or any other city official and action suggested by Attorney General
Mr. Denton gave him the assurance Brown in his opinion Saturday, such
that h wm not behind anv move- mandamus to be brought by any vot-
ment for recall of the mayor and de- er of tne 8tate to compel the secre
nied that he knew anything of any taT ot Btate to Include the office of
such action except what he had read governor, or by any candidate for
in a newspaper. Mr: Kay said he governor to compel the secretary to
had his information,, from the same accept his petition.
source In preparing and sending out the
E- H. Choate, president of the certification of offices to-be filled Rub this soothing, penetrating lin
league. appointed a committee to lh secretary of state has up to the iment right into the sore, inflamed
meet with the council, the members 4,5th day prior to the primary elec- nerves, and like magie neuralgia
being the following: uon. tiowever, mere is no law toUgappearg. st. Jacobs Liniment
Walter Denton, Paul Hauser, Jo- prevent nis preparing me cerunca- eonqmfrs pain. It is a harmless
seph Baumgartner, I. Greenbaum, Za J y "V1, " p"?r'1 in" "neuralgia relief" which doesn't
aoc Kiggs, t. .uy,uu J. ry .71? L "VJL burn or discolor the skin.
sr., w. M. tfamuton,. wiiiiam uanis- Don't suffer! It's so needless. Get
dorf, N. D. Elliott. L. J. Chapin. W. ,tJT?7r, ol ceTU"- a small trial bottle from any drug
HI Dancy, A, Kafoury, C. F. Olm- cat on without the office of governor to8rmaIandrIntj:. tub Se "iehlSi
stead Frank Gibson Mr Kay and wl11 constitute a basis for. the man- 8lore na fe,nu ruD ine cn,n
bZSrwt. damus. procedure. After preparinff erves" d in Just a moment you
excused fVom Serving o n the com- the certification it will not be neces- will be absolutely free from pain and
mittee both saying-that other busi- W ior me secretary 10 sena i(nu..n.u8
ness of importance prevented them the county clerks before tie 45th day No difference whether your pain
Mrvin? unless he desires. A statement, as lor neuralgia is in the face, head or
Ijinrhpnn Inrnrnlal I -u lun unites luciuuea iu ioe ceniu- I any pari ui me duuj, ivu gci 'u"i
The luncheon which preceeded the cation will serve notice to the public relief with this old-time, honest pain
meeting was informal and speakers OI ine Qiuciai act on wmcn man-j destroyer it can not injure.
unuiuB can u uruugui, inu wuuuuiu
ing the certification from the mall
until the 45th day, or until the! su
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were called upon from those present.
Hal Patton spoke on the school book
Kitnattnn William Rahlsdorf on the
I ' I . W 1 '. 9
nria of coffee Josenh Ranmeartner preme court snail nave actea, wquia
on th hardware market. Lnther J. avoid the confusion that would be
Chapin on dehydration and crop ro-j caused by revising the certification
tation, Paul Hauser on. game pre- ,n "e e'en' coun snouia noia
serves and C. O. Rice on the city that the office of governor should be
funds. included.
A committee composed of L. J. -m oraer mat mis matter may
Chapin. R. O. Snelllng, W. H. Dancy reach, an i early determination at the
was appointed to arrange for an ex- hands of the supreme court I will
hibition of Salem Drodncts at th worm . ot prpanns tne
horticultural show to be held at Cor- statement 'or certification to the demanded truer.
vallis on. November 6 The Salem jcounty clerks is started at once,"l The mayor was sjlent
disnlay will be sent to Corvallis to-1 8aia secretary uicoii. i am advised i He refuses to answer.'
morrow and. will Consist of the pro-y the attorney -general that underlan(i nS seat. .
ducts of the Tarious "plants '-of the e wurtoecmoMM mey now stauai After further routine business AI-
"Do you or do you not believe in
a larger iorce, pursued utier.
Iublic Exprewiion Demanded.
"I have told you personally what
I believe," replied the mayor.
"But I want a publie expression,
Ctter said
Indictments Returned Against
122i Most of Whom Are
HELENA. Ark.. Nov. 3. Rapid
progress marked the trials today of
cases growing out of the recent race
disturbances south of this city, one
nepro being convicted of first de
gree murder after eight minutes' de
liberation by a circuit . court jury
and five others receiving a verdict
of guilty to a similar charge, all at
the same time, after the Jurymen had
been out seven minutes The Ter
dict means electrocution for the six
negroes. . .
. Two Cmen TrknL
In the first of the two cases tried
totday, that of Frank Hicks, several
witnesses for the state testified they
saw Hicks fire the shot the morning
of October 1. which resulted in the
death of Clinton Lee. an ex-soldier.
The defense announced-, It had no
witnesses, argument was waived, the
Jury was Instructed and. In S min
utes a verdict was returned.
Defendants In the second case
were Frank Moore. Ed Hicks, J. E.
Knox. Paul Hall and Ed Coleman,
charged Jointly with the murder ot
lee. Witnesses testified that Moore,
Knox and Hicks acted as leaders, ar
guments for a verdict of second de
gree were presented by counsel ap
pointed, instructions were given the
jury and a verdict of first degree
murder was returned in seven min
122 Indictments.
Indictments have been brought
against 122 persons, mostly negroes,
as a result or the disorders.
Evidence showed the existence of
post ot the Progressive Farmers
and Household Union of America.
the organization under which it is
alleged the negroes were banded for
the uprising at Elaine, resulting in
the death ot five whites and a larger
number of negroes and the wounding
of others.
the figure fixed by appraisers named
by the county court, to $0.000 as es
timated by the treasurer's office, the
Marion county court held a hearing
on the question yesterday. Coanty
Judge Bushey has the evidence under
advisement. . A similar hearing on
the estate of Emily M. Sweeney will
be held by the Multnomah county
court Thursday In Portland.
Initiative Bill Gives
Rise to Many Questions
i An initiative bill, petitions for
which are now in circulation, pro
viding that 4 per cent Instead of
per cent be made- the legal rate of
Interest In Oregon, gives rise to a
number of problems that have caus
ed Will II. BeBnnett. state superin
tendent of banks, to ask a number of
questions of Attorney Genersl Brown
The questions, asked under the as
sumption that the measure pass, are:
Would a person or a bank be per
mitted to loan on notes drawing In
terest up to 10 per cent as at pres
ent? In case no Interest Is specified
what rate would be collectible?
What would be usury under the
proposed amendment?
What effect would the amend
ment have on chapter 219. laws of
1915. commonly known as the pawn
brokers' act. In which licensed per
sons are permitted to loan on Inter
est rates up to 3 per cent per month?
Men and women suffering from
kidney and bladder trouble will be
glad to read how one woman found
relief. Mrs. G: Hyde, Homestead.
Mich., writes: "I had that terrible
backache and tired out feeling.
scarcely able to do my work. Foley
Kidney Pills made me feel like a new
person." J. C. Perry.
I can do but one thing as secretary I derman Wiest Drought up thepollce
of state, and that is to omit the of- matter for the third time during the
lice oi governor irom tne cerunca-1 session
tion. . I hope to see this matter clear
ed up as soon as possible, so that
if . there is a governor to be elected
in 1920 the court's decision will
come down sufficiently early to clar
ify the situation for all concerned.
I take, it that the action In prepar
ing the certification with the office answered Wilson.
'I wish you would explain the
status of the estimate." he said to
Mayor Wilson. "How are we going
to get along with the men we have
on this estimate? '
"I will refer that to the ways and
means committee your committee;
Sixty Young People at
Turner Hallowe'en Party taken.
of governer omitted will pave the
way for any citizen and voter to
start proceedings in mandamus at
It is my personal wish that such
: The ordinance Increasing the . sal
ary of Cit y Recorder Race because
of bis additional duties as the city
purchasing agent was at last passed
last night In the shape of an amend
ment to the present applying ordi
nance. This was after an opinion
from City Attorney Macy had been
read declaring that the recorder, un
der the city statute, is not compelled
to serve in the additional capacity
Hours of Sunrise and
, Sunset for Oregon Given
The hours of sunrise and sunset
for Oregon during the month of No
vember, as announced for each day
by the fish and game commission,
are as follows:
TURNER. Or., Nov. 3. About 60 IHJXT iHMttxiAllU A COIJJ.
young people attended the Epworthl neglected cold may develop into
League Hallowe'en party at the Hy- most serious sickness. The Influen-
att home Frirdar nleht. There were I ana pneumonia mat swept me
I . I...
several very nnlaue diseuises and country a year ago were preceded nyiwunout extra pay.
Frances Martin, dressed as a "kitty" I an epiaemic ot coias. oiey s tioneyi ueiore adjournment ttarry tiution
took first prize. Various appropriate I and xar win cneck a cold it taken in I tire chier, and Chiet oi rouce var-
games were played and refreshments I time, it loosens paiegm ana muc-iney addressed me council reiauve to
consisting of pumpkin pie, doughnuts jous, clears air passages, eases hoarse-j conventions they recently have al
and ''witches brew" were served. . I ness, stops ucaiing mroat. j. u. i tended, uutton reported on me con
Miss Thelma Han sett was home lei ry
from Portland for the week end.
Lucile and Donald Riches and Lars
Lsrson took the census-takers exami
nation in Salem Saturday. -
Ernest Larson spent the week end
visiting Turner friends. :
Earl Bear Is at the Salem hospital
111 with quinsy.
Justus Robertson was home from
Corvallis for the week end.
The Epworth league held a busi
ness meeting Sunday afternoon and
elected new officers. Miss Evelyn
Osborn was elected president.
vention of fire chiefs in Portland
and incidentally recommended the
adoption of one and one-half .fire
hose for use inside buildings and a
fire alarm system. The latter he
said would be a factor in procuring
decreased Insurance rate in the
Chief Varney told entertainingly
of the convention of traffic officers
Date . Sunrise Sunset
1 S:4S 4:58
2 C:4t 4:S
3 ..C:4S 4:55
4 .6:49 4:54
5 C:50 4:52
(:52 4:51
7 S:53 4:50
8 S:55 4:SS
9 :5 4:74
10. ' :57 4:4
11 :59 4:45
12....... 7:00 4:44
13 I. .7:01 4:42
14 f.7:03 4:41
15 7:04 4:40
16 .......7:06 4:39
17 - 7:07 4:38
18 7:08 4:37
19. 7:10 4:36
20 7:11 4:36
21 7:12 4:35
22 : 7:14 ' 4:34
23 :.v...7:15 4:33
24 .7:16 4.32
25 7:17 4:32
26 7:19 4:31
27 7:20 4:30
28 ..7:21 4:30
29 7:22 4:29
30 .'. 7:24 4:29
A1in Seattle
v" " 6 uvu"" I Routine RaslneM Transacted.
Movement Is Explained
by H. F. Humbert
The latest thing is a thirty-million-
dollar razor trust. One of those safe
ty-first propositions.
Look, at Tongue! Remove Poisons
From Stomach. Liver and
... Bowels !
A gathering of Salem Sunday
school workers, held In the public
library last night, indorsed a plan
for a community training school.
Fifteen Sunday schools were repre
sented at the meeting, ovtr which
Joseph H. Albert presided.
The institute plan was presented
The council voted to patch boles
that have been shot in the roof of
the city hall by pigeon shooters.
Petitions were read calling upon
the city to contract several sewers.
A petition was read from Will H.
Purdy and others asking that the
city council call a mass meeting in
the near future to devise means of
housing new comers to the city. Al
derman moved that the mayor call
the meeting. Volk wanted, to know
how the council could -call a' mass
meeting. Wiest considered it out of
Fashioned Herb Tea Often
Relieves Chronic Cases
Accept "California Syrup or Figs
only look for the name California
on the package,, then you are sure
year child is having the best and
most harmless laxative or physic for
the little stomach, liver and bowels.
Children love its delicious fruity
taste. Full directions for child's
dose ; on each bottle. Give it with
out fear.
Mother! You must say "Califor-
by Harold F. Humbert of Portland,
general secretary of the Oregon Sun- the council's province and the busl
nay scnooi association. I ness of the Commercial club. No
A communitp training school." I action was taken.
said Mr. Humbert, "is a high grade
nght school, meeting once each week.
During the first period of instruc
tion, from 7:30 to 8:15. three or
four eourses are given, such as 'The
Life of Christ, 'Teaching Values of
the Old 8estament 'The Unfoldinc
Life' and 'Principles of - Teaching.
During- the second period, classes in
methods are conducted covering 'The
Religious Instruction or Little Chil
dren, The Teaching of Juniors.'
'Young People and the Church
School, and 'The Administration of
the Sundayy School.' Students se
lect one course for each period. The
entire school tmeets in assembly from
9 to 9: SO, with demonstrations on
successive evenings of hand work.
the sand table, htiUding a worship
program, music, the organized class,
religious duration th:xogh pictures
and pageantry-"
The plan Is tt be referred to the
Sunday schools of the city for rati
fication. The committee on course !
of study and promotion consists of
T. E. McCroskey. Mrs. F. A. Elliott
and C. F. Hageman. Teachers for
the training school are to b chosen
from among local religions leaders
The state Sunday school association
las promised- provide on-? instruc
tor from its staff.
ion can iwioru to m onnsrimi
If your kidneys, lirer and bowels fail
to carry off th waste matter It anon
poiMins your entire yntTa. It lowers
your rPKUrtAnon agsinMt dismsn.
At thin time of year, when the air Is
filled with influenza, colds and irrip,
yon should keep in the best condition.
Any phynician will tell you that most
Ills could bn avoided If peonfe would
their nvem, lui
and bowels in good work
I ins order.
t Are yon constipated,
r triltoosand slugidshP Does
- "your bead ache? Don't twjr
V Wt Nature's w miners.
When-things are a bit quiet down
In Costa Rica they elect a new prest-
. dent. i
eoln Tha and take a cup
neiore mirjng. it soon
cWns yon out and makes rim feel fine.
Thv no ctpwU th physio habit.
This famous herb tm Is an unex
celled remedy for ooMa, grippe. In
fluenza, chronic constipation, rhnimv
tiKtn, etc. Nothing I hKter to keep tb
children In fine condition. 35 rents at
alldnitrgi. Uoor.Ia Proprietary
Co., Ft. Wayne, lad.
Hearing on KUnger Estate
Is Held by County Court
Because of an effort made by State
Treasurer Hoft to have the apprais
ed value ot the Maurit Klinger es
tate of Salem raised from $76,000.
Arkansas Woman Wants to
, Find Oat About Oregon
Evidently, tired of the cllmatlcal
and social disadvantages of the sov
ereixn state of Arkansas. Mrs. M. V.
Tolllver, a resident of Summit, that
state, has written to the Salem Com
mercial club In quest of a "sunnier
clime and better advantages for her
self and son. While the letter Is
composed In the wording and phras
eology of an older generation there
Is a ring of sincerity that Inspires
the reader with the wish that the
quest will end successfully. Accom
panied by a stamped envelope the
letter was received In Salem yester
day, and the text follows:
"I am writing you to find out
about the state of Oregon as I have
heard so much about that country.
Is It cold and Is the -country rough?
What kind of crops are raised; are
there many colored people In the
state? Does It rata or do they Irri
gate the land, and Is the land rent
ed? Do you think that a good wom
an who Is a good worker and can do
any kind ot work could get a place
on a farm? I have a boy who la 12
years old. He Is a big boy and stout,
would be willing to work on a farm.
In a hotel or business bouse. X can
do any kind ot work and desire to
find out all about the country before
make the change. I would rather
get farm work for I love that kind
of work and I cant be beat at gar
dening and raising truckery. Hop
ing that tbla letter will bring me
good news. I await your reply.
Deal for 500 Million
Feet of Lumber Is Made
Consummation was announced her
today of a deal for the purchase of
the Gardiner Mill company's timber
land In Douglas county, the purchas
ers being A. E- Adelsperger and J
W. Conrad of Marshfield. and A. E
Hradrord of Augusta. Wis. Approx
imately (000 acres . are represented
In this deal upon which was aald to
have been about 500 million feet of
timber. The price, not announced
officially was aald to have been about
Business Men Join Drive
for Funds for Stock Show
PORTLAND. Not. i. Forty busi
ness men from the Portland Cham
ber of Commerce will Join the army
of solicitors who are raising funds
for the Pacific International Live
stock exposition to be held here late
this month, according to announce
ment made today at a meeting of
the members forum, following a talk
by William M. Ladd. who told of
the great benefits which would be
derived by local businessmen
through the establishment of the exposition.
Gay and Festire Meeting It
Set Dance to Be Thanks
- giiing Night
The "big meeting of the Cher
rlans wherein all will be as gar as
Is possible during the present
drought, will be held December 2
according to action taken at a meet
ing of the organization held la the
Commercial club last. night. The old
days will be outdone according to
present plans and everything will b
real bright and festive like.
The big dance of the year will be
held Thanktglving night.
The Cherrtans pledged their sop
port to Capital Post No. 9. American
legion In its celebration of Armistice
day. November 11. and upon the In
vitation of the post, which was la
session In aa adjoining room, will
b present in the capacity of specta
tors at the dance and will probably
contribute some musical numbers.
The Cherrtans will not appear oa I ho
floor as the dance is for service men
and their women frlenj!s exclusive- -
Klamath County Gets Big
Sum for Road Construction
More than 11.000.000 la connty,
state and federal funds will be ex
pended oa highway building la Klam
ath county In the next year, accord
ing to W. II. Mason, editor ot the
Klamath Record. The work will all
be done under the supervision ot the
state highway commission. A por
tion ot The Dalles-California high
waky will extend through thai coun
ty. Among other projects will be
the construction, ot a road extendlag
east and west from the Pacific high
way la Jackson county to the Klam
ath-Jackson county Una.
Little Daughter of Gertais
Couple Is Called by Death
Lemora E. Miller, the 2-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Mil
ler of Gervals died at their home
Sunday. November 2. The funeral
services will be held from the Fair
field church Tuesday morale g at It
Dallas Goes Over Quota
for Roosevelt Memorial
. . DALLAS. Or., Nov.; 2. (Special
to The Statesman) Copnty Clerk
Floyd D. Moore, chairman of the Dal
las committee to raise funds for tha
establishmeat of a Roosevelt Memor
ial la honor of the lata president re
ports that Dallas went over the too
la Its subscriptions to the fund. Tha
amount allotted Polk coaaty to rair
was ti and of this amount Dallas
subscribed S12S.S0. Independence
SO. Monmouth 120. McCoy 12.60.
Several other cities la the county ara
yet to hear from bat when their re
ports have been received the toUl
amount will have been raised.
Be Better Looking Take
Olive Tablet3
If roar tlda u yellow complcxing
pnliicf tongue coated appetite poor
you have a bad taste in your mouth
a lazy, nocond fceKrg roa should
take Olive Tablets.
Dr. Edwards' Ottve Tablets a culv
ftitute far calomel -wore prepared by
Dr. Edwards after 17 rears of study.
Dr.Edwardi'OliVTTatictsarca purely
reartableampound mixed with oliveou.
You wiU know them by thru- oiivc color.
have a clear, pink ikin. brutit evr
do nimplrt. a feeling of buoyancy Lke
usklhond days you must ret at thecause.
Dr. Edwards' Obre Tablets act aa
the liver and bowels tike eakxacJ -ytt
bare no dangerous after eflecta.
Tbry start the tale and overcome corv
sfjpatioe. Millions of bores are sold
annually at 10c and 23c Take cne or
two nightly and note the pkasog results.
No matter what it Is, from a threshing machine, horse, or cowf to a paper of pins.
The farmer is the best buyer.
Published in Salem, Oregon, will place your advertisement in the hands of 20,
000 farmers and they read it '
Bargain Column ads cost only 3 cents a word, or 2 2 cents a word for
four or more insertions. ... .
Try It
Statesman Building, Salem, Oregon !
Read The Pacific Homestead, Weekly, $ 1 a year. You'll find it well worth while.