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Entered at the Postoffice In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
The whoje world's reorganization is held up by the United
States jSenate, as that body disgustingly mills around in a circle and
gets nowhere, while waiting for a few self peekurg hot air artists and
peanut politicians to get through making meaningless speeches, that
serve no good purpose whatever, but do great harm because of the
delay they permit. , i4
There are thirty-six nations represented in the industrial confer
ence now assembled at Washington. It was ah American idea in the
first place and was arranged as a part'of the treaty-making at
Versailles. Because it was an American proposition the convention
was located in the capital of this country. Nearly all the countries
of Europe and South America have their delegations present. ;
Even Germany and Austria are at the dopr, but America cannot
be officially represented, because the Senatfe has not ratified the
treaty. ' '! . : . . ,' :
.' Americans may be present by courtesy, but they would have
neither voice nor vote. Hiram Johnson and his bunch, each behaving
like the wild man of Borneo because of the voting strength of the
British empire in the League f Nations, are trying tot keep America
from having any vote at all right here at home in this annex to the
And the whole Democratic administration at Washington shows
little excepting inefficiency. ,
Supplies are piling up at the ports because there is no adequate
provision made for foreign credits while half of Europe goes hungry.
Time drags along all too slowly. . ...
It is a long time till November, 1920, when some red corpuscles
will be injected into the political bodies that are festering and fust-
mg and stinking with idleness and slothfulness at Washington.
from the desert, and which he exhib
ited at the 1905 fair In Portland.
The proceeds of this season's horse
show are to go to the Salvation Army
Full-blooded Arabs are almost un
known in New York, though a num
ber of. the devotes of Central Park
bridle paths ride three-quarter and
W. R. Drown will enter the Arab
mare Gaemura, considered almost a
duplicate of the famous gray charger
ridden by Napoleon, and which has
been immortalized in the painting.
The Retreat from Moscow.". Mr.
Brown is the leading Arab breeder
in America, having recently pur
chased for 1100,000 the Colonel
Spencer Borden stud. Among the
polo mounts exhibited will be a small
Arab stallion that has won three first
prizes in the Crystal Palace show in
cllned to list the story as being
among those too good to be true.
The wish is merely father of the
thought. Before the days of Galen
and Aesculapius savants were search.
ing for the elixer of life that mys
terious something that would pluck
an ancient from the shadow of the
tomb and renew In him the fire and
passions of youth.
Tis an Interesting thing to specu
late upon, bat a miracle to achieve.
J Therefore, Dr. Voronoff will have
to snow the American surgeons.
He will have to furnish something
more than tbls press-agent siuu
about grafting a chimpanzee on a
man Hi his dotage and then having
the patient run up trees and spring.
from limb to limb on his way from
the hospital. Any stories of wom
en who have to shoot thelrUced bus
bands to bring tbem down from the
boudoir windows of other chambers
will be received under a cloud of
suspicion on the part of the home-
ewed doctors.
ntil such time as successful ex
periments are made and classified
in this country the American sur
geons will withhold their tribute! to
the foreigner.
The American College of Surgeons
does not think much of Dr. Serge
Voronoff's experiments In transfer
ring the interstitial gland of a lusty
young orang-outang to a decrepit
millionaire and making him over
It sounds like one of those Ponce
de Leon stories made over for latter
day consumption.
Some of the doctors admit that
they wouldn't know how to go after
the interstitial gland if they sought
for It with a scalpel, tweezers, a cork
screw or a jimmy. They do not know
that the best tool to use in taking
away anything from a baboon is a
monkey wrench. They do not. even
know how to locate the aforesaid
gland without the aid of a range-j
finder. They do not know anything
about this Franco-Russian scientist
and they are suspicious of the whole
business. '
The Voronoft experiments bore all
the elements of realism.
They were described with details
- A number of noble-hearted church
women of Los Angeles are raising a
fnnd for the purpose of caring for
a baby soon to be born at the lep
rosy bungalow of the county hospital
down there.
The afflicted mother-to-be already
has two little daughters who. appar
ently, are in perfect health and who.
for that very reason, will probably
never again be allowed to embrace
the woman who bore them. The hus
band. It is said, cannot obtain steady
employment because he is always dis
charged when his employer discovers
that there is leprosy in the family.
He visits his stricken wife once a
week, being allowed to speak to her
from a distance. 7
In all the world there is, perhaps,
no more pathetic thing than this
unless it is fbr a mother to see: her
son, whom she' has raised in purity,
suddenly become tainted with that
which leads to moral death. , .
A mighty good omen.
' Tarms are being bought up In
Polk rounty.
. And they will taken over by
tarlfiv farmer folk who will ral
(applies for the factories and mark
els, and wlio and who children will
help do the work that must be done
to rontlnue and this rertlon on the
high road or prosrlty they are now
A man who travels around a lot
says Salem Is Die moM. prosperous
city on the Pacific coait for Its size.
and growing-more solidly than any
The firm hand of the 1'nited State,
rovernment is lrinclnr matters In
the coal strike ariund to the point
of arbitration. All three sides, the
employers, t'ae employes and the pub
lic are learning something.
The farmers In this valley should
ral.e what they can raWe the Inst
thf l-e adapted to our soil and cli
mate. The slogan pages are mark
in them out. week by week; and
filberts, with which the Statesman of
Thursday will be fnll even nntty
is ooe of the profitable crops, as
will be plainly shown.
- The sale by Great Britain to the United States of the R-38, the
biggest airship Vet built, has a profound significance.
, It is a pledge of faith that war between the two nations is an
impossibility.-- ! : " - .'f-T-.' .-. 'iV
For; the 'wars of the future, if there are to be wars, will be fought
in the air. '" . - : ' '" '
- In 1914 when the Germans invaded Belgium, their great superi
ority, owing to the "efforts of Count Zeppelin, in the! building of air
i i , At'r -tA - '-2 ii : t
snips, particularly oi xne ngiu type, was universally recugmzeu.
No other power had progressed along the same line. .
The technical difficulties involved in catching tip with Germany
are indicated by the fact that it was not until the close of the war,
ii . iL.i l tj u t : I
over joust years laier, manue uniisu, in apuc ui iuui Cuuwii and Bome of tQe BUbjects were ap-
and large expenditure, nad even approacned tne point at wnicn mey lparetiy identified.
couiu Dupa airhiiips in any way u compare wun uc epucnus. ic Yet the American doctors are in
transatlantic voyage or tne uriusn u-j was not accomiisnea unui
the fifth! anniversary of the outbreak of the war was near.
Sooii after the entry of the United States in the war, in April,
1917, steps were taken toward the eventual development in this coun
try of airships of the rigid type. But it was recognized by even the
most optimistic experts that several years would be required J as in
the case of Great Britain, before the problem could be worked out.
I It has not been worked out yet.
In the days before the war the two strongest military powers,
Germany and Great Britain, guarded with jealous secrecy their de
signs for, airships ' warships, and all articles of military equipment.
In each country a furor was aroused from time to time over the ef
forts of jspies to discover military secrets. Contrast with this the
spectacle -of the British government not only selling its largest and
best airship to theUnited States but also offering to our navy de
partment, to train a crew for us so that we may have the fullest know
ledge of the operation of the giant craft! Coupled with the recent
decision io reduce Ihe personnel of the British navy to half of what
it was before the war, this episode affords concrete basis for the hope
of new w'orbl relations in which the spirit of the League of Nations
shall be effective. i .
'It was a magnificent day in the
senate for Great Britain." the Hearst
papers report, Senator Johnson as
saying after three amendments to the
league of nations had been voted
down yesterday, including Johnson
own. (
We don't see where Creat Britain
camel in but it was a damn poor
day for Hearst and Hiram. Los An
geles Times.
If the United States Is to be man
datory to Turkey, who t to have
charge of the dogs in Constantinople?
r.y Alfred I, rutes)
Stmnse, we n.irr prise tb preacher
'Til his paatwrat la flown:
Ktranice that w boull alight hi
Til hia time haa come and gone:
Strange that aermons aliong and helpful
I Xerer seem one-half so fair
Aa when Conference la over
And haa aent him off eUewhere .
If we knew Ihe preacher's aermona
That have rauacd ua boom pain
Would he far awar tomorrow
Nevrr trouble ua again
Would the keen eye of our pastor
Catch tha frown npon our brow
Would the preaa of Bible precepts
Vex ua then as they do aowT
Ah. thosa redhot gopel sermona
How they point of memories bacx
To the hasty words and action
Strewn along our backward track.
How those aermona all remind ua.
In years after they're paaaed by.
To aoDreciata our Paator
While our l'aator still Is nigh.
Let ua gather up the sermons
Lvtnz now about our patn.
Let ua love and keep the sayings
That have atirred up all our wratn
Let ua find our aweetrat comfort
In our -uaator of today.
Wittar a patient heart to listen
To whatever ha may say.
Nervous Ron-Down Woman
Tells How Inol Create Strength
Duked. Tenn. "I live on a farm
and keep house for six in my family
I got into a nervous run-down con
dition so it seemed as though" I would
die. A friend advised me to try VI-
nol. I have been greatly Improved
by its use and am better and strong
er. In every way." Mrs. H. II. Cood
Tbe reason Vinol was so success
ful in Mrs. Goodwin's case is be
cause It contains beer and cod liver
peptone, iron and manganese pep-
tonates and" glycerophosphates, the
very elements needed to build np a
weak, run-down system and create
stremMt. Emil'U. Schaefer. and
druggists everywhere.
p. S. For pimples snd blotche
try Saxol Salve. . Money back If It
! They are still spelling It Si(gh)
beria. I
tirely too slow for the present age
and generation..
Have you a little profiteer in your
home? !
If yon are bound to get nntty on
something,' get nutty on filberts.
At this writing both Lenine and
Burleson appear to be hanging on.
Ton will be surprised at the show
ing of the filbert industry, in the
slogan pages of The Statesman of
Thursday. ; It is one of the biggest
things of all, In its possibilities.
"Sockless' Jerry Simpson and
"Whiskers! Peffer ' oI Kansas ought
to be alive. They would discover
that what! were termed political va
garies 20 years ago would be en
Drus Store Sell It-
Five million people
use it to KILL
CASCARAkP quini ni
StaaAsrd' eol4 rraudy for 29 vasrs
. tablet form ,T. M
opiate breaks up a cold in 24
hoerarclicves grip fat J w.
.Money back if it fail. The
.genuine box bat a Red
. top with Mr. HiU'a
AC AUOrog Sterea
5vf VVX
VJ 1
The Democrats down in Texas are
getting ready for the next national
campaign. They have split np into
three factions. With which one is
Joebailey allied!?
With the many crises in various
lines in this country there are a lot I
of folks who' are not particularly in
terested in what the Bolshevik! are
doing in Russia.
fMnw. Bill. Whfu You 1
1'Wf V - - , . . - a
some -.Zip im To 1T-
i ii
a m
. (aw.
B a. S JW . I ..'I jr 1 ja- a BSi Baas a I 3 -e- m IBBsaaBiaSBv-a'-
csswwn A sr . . ..Hit. itr.rr ;
r w
Aliiile C5oadiixx
Douglas Faitbanics
Five people killed and 131 Injured
in automobile accidents in Portland I
in October, The great wonder is
that there were hot 10, 000 such ac
When Lincoln was a youth he sold
whisky over the counter of a country
store for 10 cents a quart, but he
was thoughtful enough not to drink
the sturt Himself. He couldn't af
ford it. Nqw there are a lot of peo
ple who would be glad to pay $5 a
quart for 14. and think they can at-
ora it. nut they can't get it, al
though the government has 70,000,-
000 gallobs of it stored in Kentucky.
Thoroiighbred Arabians will be ex
hibited at the National Horse show
in Madison Square Garden, Novem
ber 17 to 21, for the first time since
1895, when the late Homer Daven
port showed the 'Arabs he brcu ght '
- c0 yiHtn They Ask ""j (t-
J?m I You To TELL ) J f
jC r ABOUT Your. -12 V
i i&2(& YZTl RAILROAD S xJW.
- ir.fS !UU:LLrYouarj - ly
: Jm$&A m .sidestep.-.
f Ki,V it's aunE p ; Js
St?. A W Ojrie
TSotk 0fMi OUfHt ;
t send me J ,t'cee
or tarwthirtf .far iZTZ
this d, kookm'Y"
up mtrt sue i well :
town min st fijf
S"5 to"? At
Charlig'Chaplin Ivgs some Ijistnictfon.
III. .11 l . Ml I II
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
November 6, 7, 8
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"The Rexcll Store"
113 Suth. Commercial Street SALEM, OREGON