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l " i " TniORl-lCOy STATESMAXf WEPXESDAr. JVSE 18. 101P ' " '
t -J
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Entered at the Postofflce in Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
90 per cent of all
are relieved by properlj fitted
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striata. '
rbona 239
actlonary influences In the ' stock
market are now weakened by cir
cumstances over which the hanks
have no control. The heavy war in
come and profits taxes still in force
levy a big toll on the process of
profit taxing in stock speculation;
and this fact tends to make cap
italists carrying large lines of stocks
hesitate or delay selling! out and
cashing in their profits as the prices
soar upward. This tendency to hold
on deprives the market to some ex
tent of the wholesome Influence of
occasional reactions in prices and
the "shaking out" process Is im
peded. There Is, however, a time-honored
method of checking stock spec
ulation when it la being recklessly
promoted. The money-lenders or
contraction of redundant cur
rency oa both sides of the At
. lantlc." .
' ir that is to be the program. It
looks to be rather a long time to
wait for the restoration of normal
conditions. . In the meantime, peo
ple who speculate in stacks must do
so at an extra hazardous risk, In
view of the lack of ordinary-re
straints and danger signals for such
The .Department of Justice Is rep
resented as Intending to comb the
country for anarchists and apostles
or disorder. The land should not only
be combed but brushed. The quest
should be as thorough and Insistent
as the doughboy's search for the pes
tiferous coMie. A .blunt-nosed Bol
shevik! is ten times more malignant
than a cootie and not nearly so amen
able to reason.
The Statesman has had a good deal to say about Marion county
being the world's Jersey capital, i 1 1
The greatest, Jersey cow in the world, Vive La France, of Marion,
.Marion eountv' Oresron. earned for Marion county this proud dis
tinction hv the record which she achieved in a year's test, ending th banks can raise the money rates.
in March ; as all of our readers know. This happened last Monday and Tnes-
" It is scarcely possible to make too much of the distinction. day in New York -when call money
- It turns the eves of the world of live stock breeders this way. . advanced to 10 and 11 per cent, caus-
Now. there is another Richmond in the field. i ins h Immediate reaction nf from &
At the great Carey sale, at Carlton on Monday, Frank A. Doerfler, to .20 , points in many speculative
of Silverton, paid the highest price fever received west of the Rocky specialties, it was a brief , reaction.
Mountains for a Jersey cow, $5100. 7 ; nowever, ror the money rates
This Cow will eo into the already famous Doerfler herd of Jerseys aroppea to 6 per cent by midweek,
near Silverton, and Mr. Doerfler will go out after a higher record the market rebounded and many new
than was made by Vive La France. i v f ugh recorcs ror the year were made
There are Others. pejoro the week-end
The Pickard Bros., who own Vive La France, for instance. I "P19 incident has called special at
May there be a free field, 'j tention to the failure of the federal
And may the best cow win. . - J reserve system to function properly
And this all fits in with the wonderful revival in dairying in the under the prevailing conditions, and
United States, due partly to the recent scientific discoveries eon- even its inability to function prop
cerning the absolutely essential use of milk. and milk products m 1 er,y- Th federal reserve board lt-
me development anu maini-enauce 01 a virue race 01 people. 1 owmo w mum lais as a iact,
There must be more and more milk. .1 tor in a statement deploring the! ex
There must be more and mOre dairying, i cessive speculation in stocks. It said:
The great breeders are doing their share, as has been said before I "Ordinarily, a sharp check would be
by The Statesman
If all the common bnndle cows in the United State's can be bredlof tne rate3 or rediscount at the fed-
up and replaced by cows such as Vive La France, the butterfat of eral, reserve banks. Suca a check for
the country will be doubled; trebled,! and quadrupled, and more, Ithe novement encounters some dif
without increasing the number of dairy cows. j ficulty as long as the federal re
serve (; banks deem it - necessary to
; Yesterday was the 144th anniversary of the Battle of Bunker promote the 'absorption of Liberty
Hill June 17, 1775. Today is the 104th anniversary of the Battle Man securities by mainUining low
01 w aterioo ; June 10, iojd. . rney were great battles in point 01 in-1 . Tne puduc now has no trou
iluence . upon, thel' worlds; history. In terms of magnitude, how-D in obtaining money by xchang
'"ever, as compared with the battles of the great war, they were mere Jms Liberty bonds for cash on easy
BKirmisn engagements.. ,.- 1 terms 10 use in buying merchandise
w J
IMP "&rv
A company of American engineers
threw a pontoon bridge across the
Rhine in forty-one minutes. It was
1500 fiet (in length and staunch
enough for the- passage of a fleet of
motor trucks. 1 This was in less than
one-quarter of the best time the Ger
mans were ever able to accomplish
the same task. The more airholes they
let in Prussian efficiency the more
flimsy It becomes. In order to make
a complete cleanup the enterprising
Americans made all sorts of wagers
on themselves and their tlm and
gathered In about $30,000 la real
money. Now they will proceed to
show the Germans how to play pin
The tumult and the shouting dies
The captains and the kings depart
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice.
An humble and a contrite heart.
Lord God of hosts, be witt as yet.
Lest we forget lest we forget!
Bjr BCTH Lexore fisher
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Gives all the convenience of gas, without
the dust and dirt of coal or wood. Bakes,
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I the Pearl Oil sold in five-gallon cans. There is a
saving by buying in bulk. Order by name Pearl
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j ' We recommend New Perfection
! and Puritan Oil Cookstoves
Ti ft ANY daughters and sons of
! XVX 1 known families of Salem
SLVt rwil at mA a1U... l a
, uvw-uu mil will mrwA II.aU iiL
In the passing of Dr. W. Cusick. Salem loses one of her oldcstly refusing to lend bo freely on tbel their Daren t - mim m., Al
and most prominent citizens. In his early days, Dr. Cusick was one I bonds. . But there are obstacles to berts arrired Sunday night from Miss
of the hardest worked physicians in all Oregon. He had been an 1 thi natral course. i Catiin s school in Portland. Miss Lu-
outstanding figure in this State f or .-a generation. v ; I There is. of course; the desire not wihi w 5 .
to hinder the Industrial recoTcrv t "T" ' u".
A lot of hays is coming down. Will 1 the weather traA Ttlpnsn fnlro I the "country or force nartiAl nnom. I rrinnt.rf fmm ti.. ki
, - . i , O X - I I . nvuuvi VI III UB1C
notice and send sunshine, . . - , : . - ployment upon the neoDle such as t the UnirerBity of Chicaro. Thu
.But.Ml88e9 Etael and Harel McGilchrist.
IC -A. L. I K O R. IN I 'A.)
B. H. CAMPBELL, Special Agent, Standard Oil Co., Salem, Ore-
Come to Salem July 3. 4, 5.,
Canada fa after her BolsheTikL
Here Is ;wUhing ber .luck In the pro
cess of getting rid of the pest.
Portland people propose to cele
brate with their neighbors. They
are all Invited to' come to Salem.
4! -The world understands well that
Germany will sign only because she
must All the camouflage will de-
ceire no one.- - ; -; '
Carranxa has Nothing to say . about
American troops chasing' Mexican
bandit . troops ".across the border,
There" is nothing to say. Let him
keep his bandits at home. L
Some advertising comes high.
f rinstanca the offer of a local moy-Ing-picture
management of a prize
of $50,000 for an airplane tip to
Australia. We should hate to hold
our 'breath until some daring avia
tor wins It Los Angeles Timea
was .experienced last wlntpr
n.. ; -i-v !fr ,. t u t- 1 f'umujcui wi ueiia ueua tins at
a Prophet by saying it will not be Us loaas for six month, at 4 per I 2d5T SS t tlr'nmrnii
done. It will be done and prob-1 cent to promote the wide dlstribu
ably within a. very few' years. - . V j tion of the last Victory note Issue,
and that
arrangement -would be
We are In favor of the nomina- more or less upset If they were now
tion in 1S20 'of. the man who re-J confronted by an increase above 4
duced the high cost of living if we I per cent for rediscounts at the fed-
are, able to Identify him. Los An-1 ral reserve. This is what the fed-
geles Times. . ' I eral reserve i board had In mind In
Great Britain charged $81.75 per! maintain low rates on account of
man to carry American soldiers over-I the Liberty bond situation. Xo doubt
seas . to . fight indicating that the the explanation i3 ,a good one, but
English were not too busy fighting I it has to be admitted also that the
Doris Churehill is another girl who
was In Eugene at the University that
is home for the summer. Miss Ger
trude East is home from the Oregon
Agricultural college to spend the
summer with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs: S. S. East. Kenneth Moores
who graduated with the June class
at the University of Oregon, is home
sayfag that It deemed it necessary to hom. Wyndam Boren also Is home
Huns to look out
chance. -Exchange.
The pure bred Jersey breeders of
Marion, county . Are growing - more
blooded. They have a right to be.
for the main I federal reserve system is unable to
function properly in checking reck
less stock speculation and that mon
ey inflation ; cannot be curbed - by
normal banking methods.
swva a. .
mat-mere is danger in such a
situation is clear. The evil should
from the university at Eugene.
Salem. music lovers will save Mon
day. June 23, and Wednesday, June
2j for the delightful musicales giv
en on those nights by Miss Beatrice
Shelton when she will present her
advanced pupils in recital. Miss
Shelton's musicales are always most
enjoyable and these are being looked
for to with great anticipation.
Mr. and Mrs-Frederick Deckebach
with the world's -greatest Jersey cow,
at Marion. Marion county, Oregon. j be acknowledged and put up with. I will entertain the active members of j gronpg of tourists, one Including
noon and the women of the congre
gation are looking to a very pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Giesy and
daughter, Madeline, are home after
being guests of friends In Portland
during the Rose show.
Miss Naomi Beckwith' spent a few
days in Portland visiting rrlends.
Derrell Rexford. a former Willam
ette university student returned to
te Bremerton navy yards arter be
ing the guest of friends In Salem for
a short time.
On account of the death in the
family of one of the members of the
Thursday club, the meeting will be
postponed until a week from Thurs
Mrs. R. -Monroe Gilbert went to
Portland Tuesday for a short stay.
Mrs. E. E. Waters Is spending the
week with her daughter. Mrs. Wil
liam C. Knighton at her home In the
Trlnrty Place apartments in Port
Among those registered at the Ho
tel -Marion yesterday were several
This county, will produce a greater,
before . long? is the guess of the
writer. . . I . , -
About Flu
Before taking up the different
types of flu we wish to note that
. the diagnosis of fin . li not always
easy, but there, are some symptoms
that are usually found in true flu.
The onset of disease Is usually sud
den. usually by chill, followed- by
a temperature that rises to 102 to
"104 P.; a rapid compressible pulse;
ri severe frontal headache; backache;
wtery eyes; catarrh of the nwier
air passages; and marked weaknesV
Thj depression following j fin Is out
of all proportion to the fever. If
- .rroperly treated the disease should
J be aborted and the patient able to be
... about his usual vocation within a
dT,J but, if allowed to become
oP seated, or, ifw properly treat.
ea, the disease usually developes ln-
udo 01 we types already men
tioned and a description of which
louows la our next. 1
Room ; 2 1 0 U. 8. . Natl Bank ! Bldg
'- ' . rhont 110,
(The fallowing editorial in the
Springfield .Republican of one day
last week la worthy of the careful
reading of every thoughtful man of
It ! is to be hoped that no 'one Is
running his business or financing en
terprises or borrowing money , these
days on the assumption tht normal
conditions , have already returned.
Normality remains to be achieved by
economic developments spread per
haps 'over several years. How far
away we are from the normal was
sharply illustrated by last week's
stock market aid money rates.
; Tne prolonged speculation on. a
rising market, which has continued
since early February witn scarcely, a
check, was beginning to cause ap
prehension in the big banking circles
where call money is loaned to stock
traders. It . must be remembered,
for ode thing, that the odinary re-
: : S :
June IS, Tuesday School election In
Salem. -
June 29 to July lJtMethodlat Cen
tenary celebration at Columbua, Ohio.
Jon J Ito .30- SalTation Army fund
drlT br Elks. i
July 3 and 3 State encampment of
United Spanish war veterans in Salem.
AuarnMt 14. IS. and IS Elka state
convention at Klamath Falls. r
September 21-7 FiXty -eighth Ore
gon state lair,
however, according to the June letter
of the Alexander Hamilton institute.
which was evidently written before
last week's, stock market experience.
The statement Is so fraolc as to be
worth scrutinizing:
But is it n.ot better to toler
ate money inflation until labor
Is well employed and industry
fas been converted to a peace
basis? Rather lhaa force de
flation of the currency by re-
striding loans and Increasing
banking discount rates, it will
be more desirable to bend every
effort townrd increasing pro
; t'fiction and employment bnd
So permit currency inflation to
correct itself gradually, so far
jas tha United States is con
'cerned. Already, treasury dis
bursements have dropped from
$2,000,000,000 - a month last
December to about $1,000,000,
000, and la 1920 this amount
should be cut in hair. In 1920.
also, our food expjrt3 should ,
decline ' and we Should make '
loans abroad pemittinT Euro
pean countries to obtain gold
from our reserve banks for the
purpose of 'thickening their di
luted currencies.. The: release
of gold to Europe and the reduc
tion of treasury disbursements,
in time,. will automatically cause
deflation of the American cur-
rency, and the latter, combined
'with increased industrial pro
; dnctlon, will effect a decline In
(prices. During the next two
years we must look to an expan
sion of world production of cot-
ton. food, wool and other raw
materials as the main factor in
price deflation. Ultimately this
tendency will be accentuated by
the Apollo club at their beautiful
home on D. street tonight. After the
business hour cards and music will
be enjoyed. ' ;
Flowers and messages of sympa
thy are finding their way to Mrs.
William A. Cusick into whose home
bereavement has come so recently.
v ' ;
Mrs. W. F. Campbell of 1860
North Summer street will entertain
the women of the Jason Lee Memor
ial church at her home this after-
Try it!: For a few cents you can
i dry dean everythine.
Save fire to ten dollars quickly by
dry cleaning everything in the home
with gasoline that would be ruined
by soap and water suits, coats,
waists, silks, laces, gloves, shoes,
furs, draperies, rugs everything!
Place a gallon or more of gaso
line In a dishpan or washboller, then
I put In the things to be dry cleaned.
then wash them with solvit soap.
Shortly everything comes eut look-
l lng like new. Nothing fades, shrinks
or wrinkles. Do not attempt to dry
clean without Solvlte soap. This
gasoline soap Is the secret of all dry
cleaning.- - ...-.
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ing directions for home dry clean
ing, costs iittie at any a rug store, i
ury ciean outdoors or away, rrcm I "Thelm" Individ aal Chocolate
flame. V ; Made in Salem, 6c everywhere.
Miss Flora Douglass and Miss Mlola
Douglass of Bremerton. Another
party consisted of Dr. and Mrs. Gar
rett Hogg of Edna. Texas. They are
touring the Pacific coast.
Another group of people who are
touring the coast. and were at the Ho
tel Marlon Tuesday included: Mr.
and Mrs. J. Rose; and Dr. and Mrs.
S. R. Anthony from Vancouver, Bri
tish Columbia.
Miss Cella Wilson, a student at
Oregon Agricultural college, and her
mother. Mrs. Clara Cribble, are vis
iting Mrs. Charles Spencer.
The Countonme Class of the First
Baptist Sunday school of which Mrs.
G. F. Holt is teacher will hold Ha
regular monthly meeting this after
noon at the home of Mrs. C R.
Gregg. 2270 Mill street at 2:30
o'clock. '
. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eatln returned
home after several weeks visitinr old
friends and relatives in eastern Ore
gon and Idaho.
Mr. and Mrs. George Waddington,
or Seattle, are at the home or Mrs,
Waddington'e cousin. Mr. A. A. Un
derbill. They are on their way home
after touring the east for about two
months. ;
- Mrs. J. B. Littler left Tuesday af
ternoon for a few days with friends
In Eugene, i
Mrs. Lee Gilbert left on a visit to
Portland yesterday.
story- of one of America cleverest
women. No wonder peoph "holier"
when the carrier boy misses them.
Germany may have to have a taxis
of invasion.' But not likely,
Never did the country look mors
beautiful; or richer in . expetaUoa
of abmdant, crops. Th ouatry
around Salem.
The site of the Salem paper tdI2
will awn me busier aspects from diy
to day. It will put business across
South Mill creek, and perhaps over
the hilL '
It Is getting so now that if a w-
People who are reading "Revela-1 man marries a self-made maa sss
Hons of a Wife" are finding some absolutely refuses to worship his cre
excltlag chapters "now, in the great 'ator. s -
Woman Tlireatens Suit Against
Druggist Because He I Sold lier
Substitute For Nuxated Iron
Case Is Brought To Attention of PhTsipani
Who Warn Public
fcaaa raat m 1 1 Cm. TV. s
Jlaro yen " subscribed.
Subscribed tj what there
so many things?
To the Fourth ef July fund.
.That is the important drive now.
'And not a Salem man should re
fuse. '
Now Turkey Is up to the snubbing
post, at Paris. Who cares much
what happens to Turkey?
We rtrt t lMttr tW hfwl and vr (hat tW
Strength Power and t rr ar fa-4usI of sfW taViae if
As Organic Iroa Nazatad I
irH an-1 mrta6 irq aa4 aaca
f-ca fa t ta otU ta vial nwrp, atrcsra
yty sa
wIwhS I . T?. i Iron, li y ar act strif
.h.rJ ub.titte for -- 'on . it to oor-U to snake ta lotto-
wave of indi
a ora.ticc
frrs ta Ike itralfk
Imo to am ii I fct ' "
mrf a d
9m M4 ii '
1 1 Pc r-w. s.M, M 1 rr
wlmaufc. aioil aor.
m-wmm mt Bnmm m-U a--J
Kl I. vl r mrmm m aw
X,.v"rl " c" fr r caa wi-k vi:aot accM UrH.
rnaUoa arrr lb etatry arsmit Kt t4k w trgmn taints af Naawi
cta-ie tkat instead af ehumif ,w ,
rmri and ivBrov4 k;:k
akc bad 'a-ilk tka tra- 'aa'rd lrrn. a
vaa terioatlr Sprt ard in fart became i I
a rrtnlt ef jsinf ta aabatira-c iack
mmancea as ineaa 1 rJ ptarr.ans mm- cmm
Uoacd k-low te emphavixc tkat kealt ofS- oo mm i
ctals nd dnrtars wrywhtt shouli caa- S"
ta cSl-e ataiaat eeetii( aaboitoira V.,"?,,!
lor MiMfr-I irm. Thoae who fe- t .imo.wmh m , t m
reed of a Krnirk and Moo4 aaKler aaoaid - on I th mm at m. -; k ov
ra to their family doctor, asd ob-, a pr- r-H?il2TlIZJ SLT 1717713 ZZ?t
o-rp-.oa fr orrannc iron N.T.ted aVSTIaill mlZt, TIT JT-T "at.
- Iron end prearot this ta their drocriat ao mm imm fo mn x m t i . mm
bif tS pfer-r article. Bot if they d m Tl
ik to n M tr trnnhle nf eetag a ar TniTif iT7
acrinttoa for Nnulnl Im i!m ihM hli . .
bold by Daniel J. Fry and J. C. Terry drurr storrs and all other
druggists. -,- J
Carter's little liver! Pills
You Cannot be 0v A Remedy That
1 : m w o r
and Happy
Van Doaa
Makes Life
BSCNCK ef Iron la the
a a. tuwi ia m
many coloriese faces
bt rra greatfy help kaot p!-tred peo)?