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Curtiis Plane to Make Exhi
: Bitipa : Flights, at Polk
t County Seat
ri DALLAS, Or.,;June 1 1. ( Special
to. The. Statesman) Th Fourth- of
Jul committee of the Dallas Com
roercial club has completed all plans
for holding a .big day's celebration
L In this city on the nation's birthday
Announced Tuesday that It has se
cured an airplane, for several erhibi
tlon flights that day. The plane' la
of thfr Curtlsa type. In addition to
making addition flights the machine
i will- carry passengers for a ride in
the air for a small price.
The program committee for the
Fourth has about completed the en
tertainments for the entire day and
it, promises to be one or tne mosi
paying for the days celebration,
is being liberally contributed by tne
business men of the city.
Not" only will the day be one of a
celebration of the Fourth of July
but will also be a welcome home af
f air .for returned soldiers, sailors and
marines of the coupty who partici
pated in the past war. -Invitations
have been sent to all parts of the
comity asking them to participate in
the iday'a joy making.
Impossible to Learn Plans of
Allies for Dealing With
- Ottoman Delegation v
,'' "
TOULON'. Fraacet June 11. The
French, cruiser Democratic arrived
today with the Ottoman peace dcle-patton
entertaining ever listened to by thel I '
Th. fnnH.fnrl :PARTS. June 11. Turkey'a fate
is still clouded in' mystery. Although
a Turkish delegation is expected to
arrive in Paris, it seems impossible
to learn from t any members of the
allied delegations exactly what plana.
If any, have been, outlined for deal
ing with Turkey. 1
It has been made clear by the
entente ! delegations that the Turk
are coming to . Paris on their own
suggestion. They come as consul
tary!, r expert advisers, not as
France and Great Britain are now
in control In Co.istantinoplee, It is
reported In Paris that nnder tbo
British and French censorship tb
Turkish papers are not permitted to
putflish; news iwhich might creaio
sentiment for transferring Turkish
.mandatories to any other countries.
I Turkey in Asia is now thorough-
ilv dominated by Greek, Italian' and
(British; troops and the feeling is
growing in Paris that the partition
of Turkey Is an accomplished fact.
Visitor -What lovely furniture!
Johnny Yes, I think the man we
bought it frdm is sorry now he sold
Itj snyway, he's always calling.
Tit-Bits. 4
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Street or R. F. D. No.
McCaullie, University of Ida
ho, Looms as 440 Yard
Dash Champ
TORTLAND. Or.. -June 10.-
Geor?e Phllbrock. manager and
coach of the Multaomah Amateur
Athletic club track team, who is man
aging the Pacific Northwest Associ
ation championship gathering Bat-
urdav. received the entrie3 from the
University of Idah.i and the Che-
niawa Indian school today.
The University of Idaho will be
represented by three of tbo ftars of
Its northwest conference champion
ship squad. Richmond, Irwia and Mc
Caullie. all Dotnt winners. Richmond
ts considered the best college sprint
er ". In the 'northwest and won the
conference title by breaking the tape
in the 100 in ten seconds flat.
feat that he has bc?n turning all
season. Richmond will also enter
the 22 yard dash. Irwin will enter
the field events and is recognised
as the premier shot putter of tha
northwest. He has a mark of 128
feet in the discus and throw the jave-
Ha 160 feet McCaullie will handle
the 440 yard dash.
$15,000 VERDICT
John E. Melvin, Aged 6, Gets
Damages for Injuries
from Dynamite
PORTLAND. Or.. June 10. John
rJ. Jfciemn, agea , won a veraici
for $15,000 from a jury today ia a
damage suit against the Standard
Rrick and Tile company. The young
ster lost the sight of his right eye
and three . fingers were blown off
when a dynamite cap left in an un
locked powder house of the brick ex
ploded in his hands.
The trial was on for two days.
The -'powder house where the acci
dent occured was at fcylvaa. Oregon.
There was evidence that the door
had not been locked and In some
manner the child, playing in the vi
cinity, picked up a dynamite cap. The
suit was brought by K. E. Meivtn.
father ot the boy. and asked for
Navy's Float in "Panorama of Victory" Sailing New York Streets
Mi M , 11 ' - - '- , . v. : -.
.. ' ": i!.:iiZ3, -
I- . lirT t.-'.'r - -
p. ,7 ;'.. . . ; v. '', ,7- " ; '".''.""'H '"7.i. " --"-l.--" - j
Optometrists Organize
Western Association
PORTLAND, Or., June 10. The
organization' of the Western Opto-
metric ABsc?ciation was effected to
day at ,the' North Pacific congress
of optometrists here. This assocl
ation is open" to accredited optome
trists; in any- state, but the charter
members will be drawn from Ore
gon, California. Washington. Idaho
and Montana.'
The session today was given over
to a lecture by: Dr." John & Eber-
hardt of Dayton, Ohio on "ocular
economics and dynamics in their re
lation to the correlated binocular
functions." ; - j
State Hygiene Work Highly
Commended by Harry Moore
Governor Olcott has received the
following letter of commendation
from Harry.' H. Moore of the Emer
gency Committee for Social Hygiene
of Washington, D. C, touching upon
the efficiency v of the work of the
Oregon Social Hygiene society.
"You will be interested to know
that the work of the Oregon Social
Hygiene society has come to be
known widely throughout the roun
try. 'Many . of Its publications have
been used by numerous state boards
of health. The state of Oreron has
certainly done pioneer work of Ines
timable value In the undertaking the
campaign In combatting venereal dis
eases in 1911,"
. . . . I , . V.
New Yorkers and thousands of visitors have lined Fifth avenue time
after time to witness one magnificent military parade after another. All
but one of these has been In honor of returning soldiers. The big ex
ception was the "Panorama of Victory" staged rtntly by the .'army to
help along the victory loan drive. An airplane "taxied" the length of
the avenue, the spectators were !'gassed." they got a taste of smoke
screens, they saw liquid fire In J fact alt the paraphernalia , of, warfare.
Just so the navy's part In winning, the war should not be' forgotten the
"Victory Ship." a float created by the embarkation service at Iloboken.
railed along In the parade. It Is seen here Just after passing; through
the Victory Arch at Madison Square. !
on theatreets with a pressure tank
iuus assunnr a eood lob inH nun
that will have a tendency towards
making the roadways practlcallr as
good as hard surfaced highways.
Board of Conciliation
Completes Organization
PORTLAND. Or.. June 11. W. F.
Woodward, of Portland, was today
chosen to be the third member of
the state board of labor conciliation.
created by the last legislature. The
object of the law is to provide for
adjustment of labor issues when pos-
sioie ana tnus avoi strikes. J. K.
Flynn. representing the employers,
and Otto Hartwlg. president of the
Mate Federation of Labor, renr.
senting the employes, had been ap
pointed under the law by the gov
ernor, and the two now have chosen
the third member. ,
City Streets of Dallas
'. to Be Given Coat of Oil
DALLAS, Or.. June 11. fSpecIal
to The Statesman) At the last
meeting of the Dallas citv council
that body authorized the purchase of
two carloads of crude oil for the pur
pose oi owing the streets of the city.
For the past two years durlrnr the
war the streets have been Romowhat
neglected during the summer months
ot their usual coating of oil and the
wearing surface ot the streets have
been considerably damaeed a . .
suit. This year the nil win ni,..y
Old Ewing Ranch Nea
Dallas Brings $15,000
DALLAS. Or.. Junw 11. (Special
to The Statesman) The old Ewing
ranch located a short distance east
of Dallas was sold last week by Pe
ter Springer of Salem to W. II. Mc
Daniel, a prosperous Polk county
farmer, the purchase price being
somewhere near the $15,000 mark.
The land Is some of the most produc
tive In the county and contained 100
acres of apple trees until about two
years ago when they were pulled up
and the ranch planted to wheat. Mr.
Mc Dan lei who for the past quarter
of a century or more has lived on
the old McDaniel farm on the Dallas
Salem road will move In the near fu
ture to his new farm and make It
his future "home.
Forest Fire in Polk Is
First Blaze of Season
DALLAS. Or.. June 11. fShecIal
to The Statesman) The first JTorest
fire of the season broke out last
week In the timber In the vicinity of
Rridgeport but was extinguished be
fore any damage was done. The
Tire warden of the county Utes that
he has most of the tel phone lines
to the lookout stations In the tim
ber completed and repaired and that
several of the crews of men are How
at work cleaning out the fire trails.
Button to Be Presented by Uncle Sain tot
2,000,000 Boys Who Hctped Him Beat tis lb
- . v - '
- ,
As fast as the boys who xought for Uncle Sam are discharged Iron U
service they will receive a button ot this design. It was deaimed k
Adolph Weinman; well known in American rt circles and to the genn.
public as the designer of the new dimes. '
the Rose Festival celebration. A
canvass of the various state offices
yesterday showed those Interested In
giving the Cherry City a creditable
showing at the Portland festival, re
sulted in finding an unanimity ot
opinion favoring cloiins up the of
fices, i
Each department will retain Just
enough deputies during the day to
transact the routine business, while
the others will board the trains lor
the city of roses. :
Temporary Settlement c!
rWim SfL Rmrt-
r fc 'fc
DETEOIT. June 11. A tear
ary settlement of the street er
strike was effected tonight whci tu
city council and officials of the De
troit United Railways reached i:
agreemeat nnder which cprtica
are to be resumed Immediately team
ing a final settlement of the fa-
controversy to arbitration.
opening for a few live re
turned service men to make
wan with TEl, ean make
$3.00 a day. See Mr. Palmer
at The Statesman office to
KANSAS CITY. June 11 Ordin
ary suits for men next sprtjg will
cost the wearer from 5 to $75
each and the public Is ready tu pay
that for a suit. Ludwle Stcln. pres
ident of the National Clothing Man
ufacturers' association declared to
day befar? th. mid -west reconstruc
tion conference of retail clothiers
meeting in this city. Mr. fiteln de
clared that cloth woull be ararce
because of a lack of labor. He sa!d
that the tend-Mcy In men's styles
is turning slowly back to plain models.
Battleship Oregon Oat of
Commission at Bremerton
DltKMEltTOV. Wash.. June 11.
The Famous old . battlethip Oregon
weal out of commission today at
the Puget Sound navy yard, and will
remain here pending dccUioa by Ore
gon as to whether that state do Ires
to take over the vessel for ihe Ore
gon naval rllitlv Officers and mn
of the Oregon have ben assigned
to other duties or : el eased from service.
Portland to Give Badges
to War Veterans Today
PORTLAND. Or.. June 11. Port
land will give five thousand medals
to soldier and sailor sons tomorrow
at the military parade of the Rore
Festival. Six thousand more will
be given out later, when all of the
11.000 young men who Joined the
colors from Portland and Multnomah
county have returned.
The boys who apply for medals to
morrow must have their discharge
or separation certificates with them.
The utmost care is to ! exercised
in distributing the badres to prevent
them from falling into hands nn
worthy. The medals are of two de
signs, the first for the army and thej
second for the navy and marine
Jnne Troop Movement to
Break Previous Records
PARIS. June 11. General Persh
ing has advised that he proposes to
transport 375.000 men homeward
during the month of June. This
breaks al previous records for mov
ing troops overseas and exceeds tb.e
number Great Rritain moved across
the channel In any month.
PORTLAND, Or June 11. E
tradition papy? were prepared t
diy by Ihe district attorney's oa
here for Lester Fatterwhlte. wk
was aprehnued several days ;!
In Fresno. Calif- arter a search tj
local authorities for the pst U-'
years. -Satterwhlte- made s sess
tional escape from the city ixll ten
November 11. 19 U. -
Boys! Boys!
Army Captain and T' Man
Prisoners on Transport
NEW YORK. June 11 An armv
captain sentenced to serve a virtual
life sentence for refusing to lead
his company over Ihe top and a for
mer T. M. C. A. worker accused of
having embexxled CS.ooa francs were
among the 30 prtirners brouxht
back on the steamship Fintsterre to
day. The names of the prisoners
were withheld. , '
State Offices Will Close
in Honor of Rose Festival
An unnrriclal holiday will be ob
served by slate offices today while
state officials and deputies hie them
selves to Portland to take part lajbonor.
Californian Elected Head
of Pacific Coast Ad Men
PfirtTfivn rr i..... 1 1 rk.
a a . a i
tid 8. Mathews or Stockton. Cal
was electd rrnident o.f th? Paciric',
Coast Ad Men's as-Mxiatinn at the!
final ar&tioa lasting late into tonight)
and Stoeaton wast cho4j as the!
place fov holding the l!i20 conven
tion, defeating Los Ansilcs for th?
will -soon be here. Oct is
line io make MONEY tbU
lummer.. No premiums or
prucs. EEAL CASH 11!
List iyour names with th
(Jirtrulation Manacer befort
Junei 1st he wUl tell yoa
all alut it.
PARENTS Let .your Bo
cqrn his own gpendieff
money in a clean legitimate
way.i Initiate & BUSINESS
INSTINCT in him. Keep
him 6ut of mischief. A fcf
houri walking in the open
air f'aeh day What coulJ
be healthier!
Open to boys over 11 yesri
old. I 1
Circulation Dep'L
The Orecon Stateinsa
'. ' ' " " . ! ' . ' f 'j ;:.,). ; j '',."!
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