The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 12, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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    TStl ORF.COM STATESMAN: TlirilSDAT.' JCNF. 12, 1010
Pnxire t Turner Krid.y Xiglil
iihni :nusii. Men Zt.
f uner Picnic
i Of toe county wm if neiu ai johj
jl Hunfa toffli. Waldo Hills, five
nilM south of Silverton, Saturday.
joa filst. 1 o'clock. Prog; am.
Judge A. S. Bennett main speaker,
galem band will furnish music. Ev
erybody invited.
fhrlma" Individual Chocolate!
jlade In Salem, tc everwhere.
If. R. C. Members Attention .
'Members of the Woman's Relief
Corp who intend to attend the state
Mcampmcnt atfThi Dalles. June 17,
JJ SOU 1. " ;ini-an;M w iWliWIK"
for "reduced railroad rates at once j
th'oogh Airs. Ai'ce k. i aiuweii, pres-f uay were tne center of interest of
Went of the organization, or Mrs. the crowds, acceding to people Cum-
Mary N, Entrees. scci.ta.y ; Ing back to Salem from the show
r j last night; It is said that the movie
in.t li'M-t Dnnrrt SiMinl . : I'Mmrsn fnllAurA.i ih c l,.-,,
1 11 1 . . . - i r -- I
Sunfast Drapery, good line of col-j
era. valuta $1 per yaul. Ham- !
iliua B. . - . ..;., i
: j
red PIao-f- f
Going fast. Grab one. . E.; L. Stiff I
I Son. - if V
Home From Canadian Service
Cha'incey Pruner who has been in
nervice with the Canadian trooi'3
sfjee 1913 has arrived in Salem and
is at the home of his parents. He
wra Ih France for over two earj
Constance Talmadge
"Mrs. Leffingwell's
' Boots"
BBOWN 1 for
HOSIERS . - $1.00
The Remnant Store,
254 N. Comtnercial St.
If your monumental work is solicit
ed, kindly ask the solicitor for out
business card.
Capital Monumental Works,
2210 S. Cora. St- Pb" i f &9. Salenr
Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators, Fenders . and Gas
Tanks . Repaired .
Tractor Kadlators a Specialty
All work guaranteed , .......
US 8. l?th St. Salem, Ore
Small ', Investment Lioans ltealty
Loans House llental Agency,
General Property Dealing,
jopx n. SCOTT .realty co:,
. 404-405. Hubbard Bldg.
Phone 2S4 . .. Salem. Ore
Western Junk & Salvage Co.
We buy all kinds junk, hardware
furniture, tools, machinery. Then
la hardly an Item we do not buy
Phone 700. 402 N. Commercial St
For Hardware Furniture nnd
Second Hand Goods see
firsitike: co. .
If you have furniture stoves or
emrpets to sell, phone 917, or
ex II at 23 Ti. Cemnrrrlal Street
rn nature, ranges, heaters, tools
and. In fact, anything yon hare
to selL I buy for cash. Phone
' 610 or 611.
WOODRY. The Auctioneer
If yon have any junk or second
hand goods of any kind, see us
first. .
S71 ChemekeU St. Phone 808
See Oar
Welch Electric Co.
373 State St.
Thone 953
. We want to buy
Good Potatoes
Best Market Price
We furnish the sacks and call
for the potatoes at your place.
The People's Cash Store
Pbone 453.
lt-l North Commercial SU
and fought Witt the Infantry. along
the entire western front. He par
ticipatd in (he taking af Camb:ai
in 1317. . He was never wounded
out. was once buried by the explo
slon of a high explosive shell ajd
on another' occasion was gassed. ;
I Will t I Je' Jtespom-ihle
For any dears contracted by any
Person other than myself.
Lurile lUiton, Willamette Instructor
Is enrolling students In her sum
mer courses lntiolin and piano. 598
X. 1
t in. t'non
i'herrians and lont Popular 1 1 '
The Cherrian anil th Mai
n the festival parade yester-
- . ....... y 4 . ' v . i : i 1 1 irit(i"
lioa in order to g.?t several p'cturej
of the section. . !
. 5 '
Salem Proiliirt !
"Thelma" Individual Chocolates,
5c everywhere.'
To a Trading Jool? .
If you want to trade In a used pi
ano for a new one, we are read.
L. Stiff & Son.5
Tlil Week'n IHnnerj- Special
Sunfaat Drapery, good lin of col
ors values to ,2.1', $1 per yard.
Hamilton's. .
Four HiiliKt in Army
Four enlistments in the army have
been made this, week through the
local army r?cmiting office in the
D'Arcy bnildijg. ; All are for over
seas service. , Those enlisting are
William ; Frostj Wayne F. Staples,
and Xprntan H, Evans for the in-
fantry and. William J. Yejes Tor the
J coast a:tillery corps. 1
l ... .. -
rry. oniiern r urar
"It's a Bear.' Everv sack
an teed. At yotir grocer's.
Klks Take Not i
You are to meet at the club rooms
at 7:30 Saturday evening to go in
a body "to Wilson avenue to attend
the, Flag Day exercises.
Frre! One-F Hfth lb. Golden Gate
Coffee with, every pound sold.
June 13 and 14. Lebold & Co.
One Cae of Via RelMrtexV
Only one case of influeoza Tras
reported yesterday and one was re
ported th-i day-before. Several quar
antine s'zns are being removed by
the city health; authorities in houses
where' all signs of .., the malady have
lisinnartrl and where' sufficient
time has elapsed since the disease
DM'It Ev?r Ocn'r to You
ur prices on strictly high grade pianos
vre lens than it tt possible for you to
.ret Ue where. The quality best and
erm easy. ' i '
"19 Court St., in the Derby Building.
. - Auto Repair Shop
Battery Repairing and Recharging
L. XI. MIIiLER, Prop.
245 Center. St. Phone 927
Entirely out of Overland 90s.
Only one Willys-Knight left.
A few second-hand cars in good
Wood-Rose Motor Co.
24 6 State St.
Phone 311
Mnsic and . Musical Merchandise
Sonora Dealer In. Salem i
413 Court St. ' Salem, Oregon
Telephone 352
, 10 Days
73 eonl Brg Body Fir Wood
at $7.00" per cord.
60 cords 2nd Growth Fir
wood at 1$6.50 per cord.i
H. Tracy Wood Co. : ,
Phone 520
Our, experience
is ample and
our. conduct is
right. We are
1 equipped with
the? latest
scientific aids
nd!, conduct our
duties in a
highly satisfac
tory! manner.
was pvesent. The closlB? of the i
school tf-rm is taken as om- of the
reasons for thw decrease in the
p ead of the ailment.
We hav opened a first-clas re
pair shan aad will ive the tnomrinr
public the very best of service. Open
mum mxi ar and Sundays. Marion
Garage. Phone S52. - ,
Examination Today
'Eighth gifade examinations. .'will
be held throughout the couaty to
day. the place in this city being at
the court house The etamlnations
are chiefly for the Cedents who
passed conditionally at the examina
tions held in May and failed to make
grades in one or two subjects.
Wootlbum Ranker Visits
Keith Powell, cashier of the First
Rational tank of J AVoodburn, was
in Salem yesterday transacting bus
iness, and visiting relatives. He la
the fion-ia-law of Judge George G.
liingham. ...
Dr. Jrott , ' '
Bank of; Commerce bildg. 407-8.
Name Orilretl Changed ; ' '
A.i order changing . the name ot
Katberine ! Sypneski to Katherine
Brown was given in -county court
yesterday by Judge Bushey. Mis
lirown sou eh t the change of name
because of the difficulty in pronounc
ing her fcrmer name and bec-aiise
she haa lived for several yearn with
M:. Maude E. Brown and is known
as Brown. ! i -
Good Used . Pianos
Some good waa new; almost at
your own price. E. L. Stiff & Son.
Two Seek Citizenship . vl
Applications for citizenship were
filed yesterday i by Arnold Schoen
bethler, who was born in Switzer
land in -i: H9 5 and came to the Unit
ed States in 1913. and by Nicholas
Maguin ofiWoodburn who is a Bel
gian by birth, having been born at
Lleg?. and who arrived in this -country
in October. 18S4. , : '
Leal Blanks
Get them at the Statesman Job of
fice. Catalog on application.
Open Forum Meeting June 171
" The open forum s nv?ttin? of the
Commercial clnp will be held I'o the
club auditoriuni? Tuesday, June 17
A number of special features in the
way of entertainment 'arc promised.
"Thelma" Individual Chocolates
A Salem product made by The
Gray Belie distributed by George
C Waters tor .sale everywhere, 5c.
Family on Motor. Tour
C. M. Roberts accompanied by
Mrs. Roberta and their children, will
leave "today for Aberdeen. Wash.,
and ; points ; en I route, making1 th
journey, ini theif automobile. They
will stop oe day rat the rose festi
val. . They will be gone two weeks.
Two to Remodel Homes--
Bnildlng permits were issued yes
terday to H. A. Johnson.' Jr.. to
make alterations on his home, 603
North Wrinter street, to cost 1700
Snd to A;l Gehrman to retnoJel hrt
home; 1135 North Fourth street, at
a cost of $600. " . , ?
YMcatton Plat Completed
The. plat of the areas to be vacat
ed f Or the: construction of the paper
mill has been completed by City En
gineer Walter Skeltoa and has tjeen
igued and sealed by City Re-order
Earl Race; The plai. contains a map
of the areas vacated and a copy of
the ordinance authorozing the va
cation. All the work was, douel by
hand by Mr. Skelton. 1
Free! One-Fourth lb. Golden Gate
Coffee with every pound sold.
June 13 and 14. Iebolt & Co.!
Secretary ! Attend Festival
D. H. Upjohni secretary to Gover
nor Olcott, accompanied by hia small
son Richard, left last night for Port
land where theyf will spend the day'
attending the rose-festival.
All Elk to Meet
At club rooms at 7:30 o'clock to
attend the Flag Day exercises Sat
urday evening, June 14th.
Trier Case Continued
The case of the state against G.
H. Tracy : which w as t have bee.1
heard In justice court yesterday; has
twn continued to Tuesday as sev
eral of the witnesses are attending!
the rose festlvali T: acy is caai geu
with selliag short cords of wood but
has pleaded not guilty, claiming th
size or tne ioaa was acvuruiug m
agreement. - ' -, . ;'
Gooseberries ami St raw berries
We are in the market. Bring
them, to our big -plant, opposite S.
P. Co. passeager station. Phez com
pany. - ..j.'.. .' , ;
Iiincheon l CTimmlttee Announced
The committee for the Commer
cial club Mocheon at the Hotel Mar
inn Mrmriav wa announced yester
day by T. E. McCroskey. The mem- j
bers are U. G. Boyer. c. s. Hamil
ton, Joseph Baumigartner. The
speaker has not yet been selected.
Receipt. Notes and AH Blanks
At Statesman job office.
Strike lias Xo Effect ;
The teitgraphers strike was not
felt in Salem1 and both Postal and
Western Union offices handled bus
inead as usual. There wat no change
in the perfeoonel of eitltcr office.
standard Scale Boo-
In dnpllcate. SUtesman Job office-
. . ' .
PvPiwntH l.iaht Catches
m- r r-!t of th Fitts Market
has returned from a trip to "New-;
port wheio he went to visit his fish
inw boats 1 He reports ngm u
but a ffn5 quality. Vry few pleas
ure seekers have arrived at. Newport
as yet according to Mr. ma. 1
Better Grab Piano
Some used piano., almost as rood
as n-w. Will not last. Better grab
tbetn. K. L. stiff tt Son.
Salem lie Comimny
1C2 No.-th Comjrvercial trevt, nor
prepaid to do all kind- ar auto re
pairing. Expert mechanics. Sv.-rloe
station for Don nnd Velie cars.
Men Wantsl at FalN C'ltjr. Oregon
Falla City Lu rafter &. Lrgging com
pany can use eight or ten men at
yard and sorting table labor. Wages
45 to 52 cents per hour.
Rather cheering news from Paris
. '
Perhaps Germany may have her
Ultimatum tomorrow.
m S
Twenty-eiht of the Salem boys
members of Guard Company No. 1.
and fo: irur members of Company
M, are on their way .home from Xe
vers. France. There were a few
weeks ago forty-nine of the Salem
boys there. It is likely that some
of the Salem bojs left before the
twenty-eiht. So It is not certain
how many of the Salem boys are
still at Xevers; but these who are
still there ar. promised that they
will be home between the 1st
and 15th or July if something else
is not done with them.
; .
The wire men Who were goinj to
hare a nation-wide whe strike Just
had their wires crossed; that is all
' : .
It is unfortunate that fhe logan
berry contracts have to be taken
into court. But that seems the on
ly way. nd jhe matter ought to
be threshed out as fast as possible.
Come to hargain day a week from
oext Saturday, and to the great cel
ebration in Salem the third to the
fifth of July. You are invited.
m m m '
' PCow watch Old Willamette grow
and take on new life and spirit and
pep. These things a all due.
Col. Edward Mandell House may
be saying a lot but what is it?
Why doesn't the Russian . Delilah
cut the hall of the Russian Bolshev
ik? . -
The peace terms, to Austria appear
to be all wool and of thei proper
V -
Official figures from, Washington
indicate an Increase of five dollars
per capita among the population of
the United States. But the profit
eers were onto that long ago.
There's a lesson for the fellow who
thinks, he is 'indispensable in the
fact that 15.000 aJamen are going
to attend a 25-day convention at
Cleveland. Boston Transcript.
Use Cocoahut Oil? !
For Washing Hair
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, be -careful what yon
wash it with. , -.7
Most soaps -and prepared sham
poos contain too much alkali. This
dries thet scalp,' makes the hair brittle.-and
is very harmful Mulsified
cocoanut oil shampoo (which is pure
and Entirely greareless), is much
better than anything else you can
use- for shampooing, as this can't
possibly injure the hair.
Simply moisten your hair .with
water and rub it in. One Or two tea
spoonfuls will make an abundance of
rich, creamy lather, and cleanses
the hair and scalp thoroughly. The
lather rinses out easily, and removes
eyery particle of dust. dirt, dandruff
and excessive oil. The hair dries
quickly and evenly, and it leaves it
fine and, silky, bright, fluffy and
easy to manage. . - - ... - ,
You can get Mulsified cocoanut
oil shampoo at most any drug store.
It is very cheap,' and a few ounces
Is enough to last everyone In the
family for months.
(Continued from page 1)
appeared in the inquiry voluntarily,
went on to say that while the senate
was within its .rights in asking for a
copy after the treaty had become
public In Germany, President Wilson
was within his right in withholding
it if he chose. ,
, ,. Inquiry at a Standstill
All the witnesses said they had
head rumors of other copies in New
ork but they did not know whether
they existed. Like statements were
made in telegrams to the committee
by Jacob Schlff of Kuhn, Loeb and
Company, and Paul Warburg, for
merly a partner in the same con
cern. ":
Tonight the Inquiry eemed to
have reached a standstill because no
one had any further witnesses In
suggest. SenatojJodge and Senator
Borah, RepublieanTaf Idaho, .'who
made the revelation which started
the investigation said they consid
ered all their statements in the sen
ate had been il oved and Senator
Hitchcock, Democrat, of Nebraska,
author of the investigation resolu
tion, declared the inquiry apparently
had lapsed without showing any dan
gerous leak in diplomatic channels.
(Continued from page 1)
ware, cutlery and silverware.
Salens Woolen Mills Store, men's
furnishing goods.
W. W, Moore, furniture and house
The Scotch Woolen Mills, made to
measure suits and overcoats.
Portland Cloak and Suit Company,
ladies' apparel, millinery, etc.
Any stores wishin to Join the
Bargain Day list will pleace notify
The Statesman or the Capital Journ
al. " . '
Possibility of Haying: Su
preme Court Decide Olcott
Case Looms Again
Officials Suggest Governor
Prevail Upon Some One to
File Nominating Petition
Another method by which the
Oregon supreme court may be asked
to pass judgment on whether or not
Beo W. Olcott serves cs governor
for the full unexpired term of the
late Governor Withycombe, -or
whether his term expires in .1920,
was suggested at the capitol yes
terday, j
It. has Lien nronoscd that fi-inta'
of the goernor ask some well
known person to rile with the sec
retary of state a nominating peti
tion for the Republican nomination
Tor goveraor at the primary elec
tion, to be held next year. '
; The sectetary of state thon could
refuse, to accept the filing and the
embryonic candidate could file with
the supreme court mandamm pro
ceedings to compel the secretary 1 1
accept his 'nominating petition. Un
der this procedure the question a?
to Mr. Olcott's title to the office' of
governor "would then b"plac?d
squarely Wfore the court aod a def
inite decision could be reached. -
The foregoing plan could be put
in operation immediately if the gor
ernor's friends find a man willing
to file this nominating petition. The
state law tequirei that all such nom
inating petitions must be filed at
least S days prior to the election,
but this law. in the belief of state
officials, would not bar a prospect
ive candidal from filing his peti
tion a year in advance.
Governor Olcott ' went 1 1 Port
land yesterday to atteod the Rose
festival, consequently no informa
tion could be obtained at his office
as to his next step in his effort.? to
clarify th-3 present unsettled situ
ation which was brought about by
the inability of the supreme court (
to settle definitely nis title to bis
present office tinder the m&ndamtts
proceedings which wre before the
Close friends of the etc-cnthe st;il
insist that he probably will resign
and name his successor as secretary
of state within a short time. This
prediction is made as a resilt of
the majority opinion of the court
which held that he is governor in
fact. '
It is pointed out that Mr. Olcott
has nothing to lose by giving up the
office of secretary of state. Five
number of the sureine conrt have
said h is governor In fact aod three
have said that he has the right t
resign and name his successor as
secretary of state. A fourth men
ber also voice this belief although
he did not give it as his judicial
It is generally conceded that
there are none w io will contest Mr.
Olcott's right to remain a? g&ver
nor for the coming tm-o years. , at
least, while official here are Just
as certain that la view of the di
versity of opinion existing in the
court, there is every likhhood that
the question will be raised prior
to the Republican primaries next
y?ar. This being true, ,Mr. Olcott,
Always Ask for Genuine
'Bayer. Tablets of Aspirin"
If you see the "Bayer Cross" on
the package you are sure you are not
getting talcum powder. Millions of
fraudulent Aspirin tablets were re
cently sold throughout the country.
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester
of Salicjiicacid.
. . r
they say. is playing absolutely safe
I in Kit-ins up his office of secretary
or itato and waiting until orae pro
pt tive gute natorial candidate
makes a move before he tjsi.its npon
having h'S titl? to the office of gov
ernor settled. !
Frank L Smith Passes
Away at Parents' Home
Frank I. Smith passed away Wed
General Banking Business ; '
I ' it "
Commencing June 16th banking bourswiU be
j 10 a. m. to 3 p. m,
.... 1 ,
i - , . . j . i , .i
A man's standing in the business and fi
nancial world is more truly represented
by the bank account he keeps than anything
else. It doesn't necessarily have to be the
largest in size-but it DOES HAVE TO BE
KEPT in shipshape condition. I j
Make the ! United Stales National Bank
your financial headquarters.
nr. ii ww mi f i-i k ...
and all
kinds of
Office 642 State St.
BUI'S won the girl and bought
the car. Of course it's a
AuttmobUe Co.
nesday afternoon at .1 o'rlock at the
home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
A. D. Smith of L2tf North Liberty
street. Influenzal was the cause of
hia death. The deceased was 33
years of age and )ewas In the flor
ist buiiners with his father. He
leaver besides his -parents a sister.
Mrs. Eva Bnrch." Both Mrs. Bnrch
and her rather are 111 with lnriaen
za. Funeral announcements will be
made later. !
and! COD i
Fine Chinook Salmon
444 Court Sti ! Phone 211
We are contracting 1
Royal Ann Cherriea 8c lb!
Bings, liruberU ....j. ,8c lb,
Other varieties ..... .1. ..... .5c lb
btra wherries ..... ,. . .He lb
Red Raspberries ..J..... , .12c )
Black Cap Raspberriei I0c
Blackberries (Lawtoni) ...,.P
Loganberries .........
Gooseberries . . , . . . . . . . . tb.
Bartlett Pears . . ."... 'iCO f 1011
,We furnish boxes find esilv:
Strawberry. crates fre
Come and see ua hd J0U
High anJ f
Phcse 727
J Ferry Sts.
Salea, Oregoa
I, 4
I j
i. b
J 4v in 1