The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 04, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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' . ucU ubhj except Monday by 4
2 IS 3. Commercial St.. Salem, Oregon "
tt all nl 3E?Vt PMJf e",U8,f1 titled to tbe use for republication
an flSTlll P ChM credfdv 10 rt or not credited In thi. paper
and alto the local news published herein. v v
R. J. Hendricks. .
Stephen A. Stone. ...
Ralph Olorer: .
W. C Sqoler. ...... .
Frank Jaakoskl. . . .
.. ............I.. .Manager
Managing Editor
Advertising Manager
Manager Job Dept.
DAILY STATESMAN, served. by carrier In Salem and auburba. IS centa a
. Week. SO rent a mnnih -
D-LJJIAtESMvAN by w: 3 for .Ix month.; 60 cent, a
jmMTiTPw7v it ' pa!5LIB aavance' " of H year,
three month? !&ar: C Blx moiltllS' 25 for
WEEhY STATESMAN, Issued In two six-page section. Tuesday, and
Friday.. $1 a year (if not paid in advance. $1.28); 60 cent, for six
month.; 2S cent, for three month..
log. Tbe "ue
but the -ough" dies hard
ll n imp nn iumw llWiMMm, i , ,i , , , , .otm..w.....---. rft T t nil rm,il m l ,,i ,
dies hard. ..,.' ..... . ;
Interest In the question of "spirit
return" has been given new impetus
by the deaths so near together of
Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir William
Craokes. famous British j physicists
and believers. If messages can real
ly be conveyed from, the "spirit
land" (by the application of sub
limated natural . law these two fa
mo us scientists should be able to
convey them.
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department, 683.
Job Department, 683.
Entered at the Postofflce In Salem, Oregon, a. second clas. matter.
tm nrv Lf
'Oregon has lagged behind her neighbors in population.
- Lying along the same ocean, both California and Washington
have gained upon our State in growth of numbers. .
In many respeets, Oregon is potentially the richest commonwealth
of the three,
One-sixth or more of the standing timber in the United States is
within the boundaries . of Oregon.
.There is no richer valley on earth than the Willamette valley by
Nature s munificent endowment. , '
Tte vast resources of Oregon have been only just scratched over.
We hav a population of probably a good deal less than a million.
Our State Could SllDDOrt nnnnlnt; fY ao 1 arte, a mm n T .1 J f
rrDefore the war and that would mean a hundred millions and more.
Why have we lagged behind! r .
W-M the more raPid railroad development of Washington
and California that enabled those States to outstrip us.
Later, the more rapid highway development
-r . According to data gathered by the Western Highways Builder,
; a bi-weekly journal devoted to Western road construction, the
Legislatures ot the i different Western States have approved bond
: wtvw.ww ims year ior tne purpose of con-
; structing a system of State and national highways. California heads
- illi1; P08 issue of $40,000,000. Washington is
second with a proposed issue of $30,000,000.
f iV-iV p'e?ent time tj" is appropriation of $291,000,000 in
.which the Government is ready to allot for
VntJX rv m 8ecVns.ere tbe States and counties will ap-
.. Washington will get her share. f x
Oregon will cret her &h are .
tiotf Jnnpf ?rr5?n aT? an opportunity, at the special elec
; comLg " g Ml7 m lme the great development that
aWTt !r eoWrac;g er part'of the Roosevelt Ilighway
along the Pacific ocean all the way from San Diego to the Oregon
fsevelt .H&
. amount. "Xl - government matching the
Kn!!I01?vi "completing the Pacific Highway to the Oregon line
on m her sister State in tCi
""nirTk onward march.
ballot at the June 3 election. " -ne even numbers on the
(Catherine C. LIddell: Mrs. Fraser
Tytler.) "Isn't thi. Joseph's son'" ay. It 1.
he, ,
Joseph the carpenter same trade
aa me
I thought as I'd find i I knew it
was here '
But my sight', gettii g queer.
I dont know right where-a. his
shed must ha' stood.
But often, as I've been a-plainin my
wood. i
.... . ... . i
i ve too off my hat just with thlpk
in' of he ;
At the same work with me.
lie warnx that et nn th
mw--m af UU I
couldn't stoop down
And work In the country for folk.
In the town; .
And I'lt warrant he felt a bit pride,
like I've done.
At a good Job begun.
The parson he know, that I'll not
make too free;
But on Sunday I feel a. pleased as
can be, -.
wpien I wear, a clean smock, and
sit. In a pew
And ha. taught a few.
K' ... . . :.d. ' 'rs V y V
Often go a long way toward lax ting impressions.
When traveling one can't afford to be misjudged.
Shabby, out of date, or cheap looking baggage
will most certainly create a shabby atmosphere
about the traveler.
Is the word that comes immediately into your
"t 1 o ivwa ai viu iujc u uuuat
suitcases and traveling bags. The summer trip will be made more enjoyable, "and the feeling of satisfaction
that comes with perfect traveling equipment will be yours. We have all sizes and prices in bags, cases and
trunks in various durable makes. . .
IjO to tne Home
I think of a. how not the parson
. hissen,
As is teacher and father and shep
herd o men.
Not he know, as much of the Lord
in that shed
.WTiere he earned his bread.
A'ad when I get hoioe to my missus.
say. .he.
"Are you wanting your key?"
For .he know, my queer ways, and
my love for the shed
(We've been forty years wed.)
So I comes right away by xnysen
with the book.
And I turn, the old page, and ha. a
1 good look.
For the text a. I've found, as tells
me aa he
Were the same trade a. me.
of the
To get that new machine you have been talking of getting. We have all sizes of
the best talking machine that's made as well as a complete line of all new records.
a 1 f a
" -
I The Victrola
"WWW 1 "" 1 "" ' ''"M... ,,,, ' "i nu'. mm,,,,'' ' ij
fcW.V,UXU "'"i"laMlllmiiMU,iilit , ' ' " ".IWWJ , ,,, I,,,,.
" '" 1 iiiiiii in, 1 im if
I . t f . J Jk t .1 I c? v- m . .
I lnatUna1lm umi at a 9nln I
I Btajre.
You get more for
y oar. money at
'J'zjh '"r ?t tht ;w ,,e
r a!a -uuwuHrmi in me Held of science since the
war ended concerns the nature of living substan -TL it,.
. character of nroto-nla
ble life has long been accted That til i f T1 ,f vegeta
: is identical i tL 7w:!T mboth cases
ing and which no been work'
ment was made at Philadelphia latk 2l' l "-
Rether the results of the researched Dr 17 DgS t0'
.table kingdom and of Pro?. Jacques lSa fn tli g -1 "J
.But "what is ltfef" m.i;. , lhe a?'mal kom,
theologians to answer "" "" " r ."e philosophers and
Why don't I mark It? . Ah. many say
nut 1 think I'd as lief, with your
leaves, let it go;
It do seem that nice when I fall' on
it sudden
Unexpected, you know.
tnm T,,r "m""iM- Arlington haS more than 20,000
rVfnchscemi.l.r; ii " ,U.B more tl,an i6-00" The
.he ul, timber i .gT, SgjSt'
Now that the Monro TA.t; 1 .
nation lnt of 11..: T ,JTr" lJ,acru e covenant of
-"t ia the
there. ' " J; l"ru.llU: lttKC ine "me to ask for it. It ain't
In the coogregation of a prosy I
clergyman Is a good place to look
ior the sleeping sickness. .
: Of -course, If the earth had beea
bone-dry In Noah's tin?, he would
have had no use for an Ark.
- " , ;:V
Even if Herr Doktor Ebert the
a t . .
'u,uf names, matter. Is able to
malnUin himself as the ruler of the
German neoole' la win: k
- - v.ub
be has devised trace, over which the
tiun. dare not kick.
It I. all right to boost Ole Hanson
for president, but since we have
een the Seattle, mayor and those
nine childrea, we are Inclined to
take the name of Ole from the mast
bead and substitute that of Mr..
Hanson. Los Angeles Times.
Some rule, are easy to obey and
some are not The director of mili-
jtary aeronautics has. forbidden the
hooting of wild fowl with machine
suns irom airplanes. Aad do you
now mat. rebellious and dfcuhii.
ent as we are, we shall obey. Hou
ston fost. i
The new chairman or the TUmn.
cratic national comfcnitUe Is making
wur xue country, trying to gath
er up me dismembered pieces of thi
Party in the various states and tell
ing the faithful Just what the plat-
urnx win oe m 1920. Just as if
aay mortal man had any knowledge
w uiai, question.
(With apologies to William Shake
Come, fly with me. and be my love.
And we will all tbe pleasures prove.
That only lightsome souls can find
Who leave earth, gravity behind.
We'll spiral up the orb of day
And tail-spin down the Milky Way:
fro Vgreatr Height, our bird shall
Than lovers ever, dared before.
Thy pliant waist, a. soft a. felt.
I'll girdle with Orion'. Belt,
Tbe Pleiad, round thy neck I'll
Ana gem thy hand with Saturn'.
Well honeymoon among the .tar..
aae tea with Venus, sup with Mars:
And If such thrill a rlrl can mn
Then fly with me and by my love.
If that thy plane from atcrn to prow
jue shaky as a knrer's vow.
And if thy singing motor misses
Ana back-fires like a lover's kisses.
Or if the wijgs that float thy biM
oe Drutie as a lover word.
No araorou. piea my heart .hail
move .
Then fly with' me and be my love.
. iuB simpunea .nelline
rive, warning that It has a new list I
w u rerormed word, to announce
oon. The national education asso
ciation, list of 12 word. ha. been
aaopiea by 500 newspaper, and per-
muicais, 19 state uaivenrfti- an
more than 150 other universities, j
"Nses ana normal schools. The
12 are: Tho. altha. th tM
"uro, uoroiy. thorofaw. rn-.
prorog, catalog, pedagog and decs-
The churtihe. raised more money
m 1918 thain ever before, but the
advance In other religious activities
was almost negligible and some de
nomination show an actual falling
off In memlbership. iiut from the
viewpoint of contributions for good
work and refligious extension It was
the area teat: rur' t. i
v vuurvu upji
known. Tbwusands were raised
where hundreds were formerly giv
en and the. work of .the church
seemed to Ue, included in the great
Philanthropies and sacrifices of tbe
war. The spirit of giving, of un
selfish surrender, was over the land
and this ba Inspired several of the
denomination to new seal for
church extension and world better-
njent. The various Methodist bod
ies are asking for some 130:000..
000; the Presbyterians for $13,500
000; the Baptists for $5,000,000 and
so on. and, as they said of the
American. In the war service, most
of them will attain their objectives.
The American, are essentially a
churchy people. According to relig
ious statistics Just compiled a total
of 51.565,908 are claimed to have
some chucch connection. This is rep
resented by no less than 170 differ
ent denominations.
When It come, to creeds the Unit
ed States Is prepared to furnish the
most stupendous variety of any coun
try on earth.
Of course every creed of religious
(reckoning !s not represented, but
there are doubtless more of them
than any other land Is prepared to
ofer. At thia time, though, there' is
a disposition to get together, and
the nation may shortly witness the
establishment of a world's clearing
house of creeds, wherein the non
essentials will be dispensed with.
There can be waste and duplication
even In the business vf preaching the
word, and a practical .programme of
church unity is better than fct.
and-ntis. budget of denominational
rivalry. .
.The gain in church membershin
in tne United State. In 1918 Is re
ported as 284.500, which is less than
one-third of the average rain for the
last ten years. The Increase in 1917
was 1.339.000 ir.imhr nn ,.
' , . u v uiriv
was ao falling off in religions Inter
est last year.; The .pparent slums
was largely due to the fact that so
many young men were in the army,
and while they were apostle, and
crusaders for righteousness, they
were not Identified with, any fixed
That may come later.
But it is a time of great religious
V dmlmm t a 1 i .
JatilM . "
w V t' S""dJr Employment Sunday.
May . Taaar Martin in Balm fir
Balraaatioa of .nmn.rriil et.b. .f r..i-
May A. TbmiI.. tr:n. .-
fH-tosrtkrr nretiar at Firat Ueihiwti.i
'"arch. Portland.
VI it 7. r - j
atimnit for ran at 7 T. M. C. A. wark to
Ifar IT fi.t.w.. n. . .
: K- "rlan ia honor of Vir
Vt,d"! G'ral Urt I. L. Pattfraoa ana
M effirrra at Maaonie tmpl.
Ma 17. RltanlaT r. i .
, ...... -r . . u v H mnwi n.n
t Vlillanietta aaiTraity.
May 1 t. 23 Odd Mlowi pn, lodrr
iV zn to 25 Oresron Jray Jubilee
May SO. Friday Mr no rial Day.
. To4ay Spertal alectioa la Or
Jan i Atmm , ..1. o....
earn promt Spanith war taraaa.
-r-r w is it'ihndi.t CBtraary
rylrbratloa at Colamh.a. Ohio.
Aacaat 14. 15. a4 IS. Elka stata roa
reatioa at kUaiatk Falla.
Every 'now and then tne death of
the oldest horse in the world wil
remind people of an animal that
once had a notable place in history
The other day there passed away in
a little New Hampshire town 1
tturdy equine of the strain ofllor
gan at the advanced age of 43 years.
Thi was a notable achievement in
Itself, for horsea who have attained
30 years are few and far between
and, so far a3 known, 47 year.
about the greatest age a horse has
ever jrcfiohed. , When, these jWill
West picture, wane there won't be
much use for a horse and another
generation will find them tenderly
pastureized and cared for aa curi
osities. They will be suffered to
grow old gracefully and none but the
very rich can afford- to drive them
for pleasure. ' Sonic genius now liv
ing nay endure long eaough to pen
the epic of the last horse In the
world. Meanwhile the nldfea horso
in the world will be passing away at
Intervals and his death will be mat
ter for the attention of the pres..
The tumult and the shoutlnr die
The captain, and the king, depart
still stands Thine and fat sacrifice.
An bumble and a contrite heart
Lord God of hosts, be with u. yet.
i-est we forget lest we forget!
NEW YORK. May 1 .Mayor Hy
lan. today signed the . ordinance
passed bv th huH r -t
Tuesday which permits tbe playin
of professional baseball after 2 p. m.
The ordinance also provide, taa't tha
ame admission fee as is charged for
week days .hall be charged on Sun
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
"Proved Safe by Millions"
"Bljct Cross"
on .Tablets,
W I axninyi
V f a 1 I r 1
For Pain
Lame Back
Don't buy Aspirin
in a pill box! Always ( 1 Jf.
insist upon the genuine I U
'tBayer Package" hu ' (
tains proper dosage. Look for the )
Safety "Bayer Cross" on nackarc 4
o .
Ask for "Bayer Taifcfs of Aspirin" Gssabl
Just a word t to Ul ta I at
In Spain it is Inriuenzaj in Russia
uiaa rever; in n ranee It i.
La GriDDe: in Rermanv It ia rtiit.
katarrh; in thi. country it Is known
a vjwppe. spanisn Flu." Eoidemie
Catarrh. Epidemic Bronchitis.
iu or urippe is unnouwi u r
an accute infectious disease. It does
noi always mrect persons exposed
to its infection. It sometimes oc
curs as a zymotic disease
The history of "Flu" or Grippe
epidemics shows a wide variation In
the severity of the disease
Flu appears in at least three defi
nite type, of disease:
-1st Respiratory disorders.
2nd Castro-enteric disorders
3rd Nervous disorders
- Thf,s various types will be dis
cussed in our next.
Room MO U. S. Jjat-l Bank
rhoae no.
TLm.. a ....
- taweta-BoUk. ot J-Botte. of 100-Alao Ca-nW
M,cr MaaaJacturt ai W ..
DeaJer In
ibb e Brothers
Th guoline conrampUon fa nmanUy low. Th. tire mileu .
is qhtuqaUj Wgh.'.
Paige Cars
The most beautiful Car in America.
A proven succe built and backed-by the Moline Plow
Compay, $19,000,000 Concern. -
I i