The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, May 04, 1919, Page 12, Image 12

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    f eniiRctiEsI
; Leslie Methodist Episcopal.
ouuiu jom.merciai -ana Meyers
streets. Horace N. Aldricb, pastor.
8:45 a. m., Sunday school, with class
es for all ages, under! the direction
of efficient teachers, j International
uniform lessons. E. A. Rhoten, su
perintendent. Primary department
under the management of Mrs. Ma
son ' Bishop. 11 a. m., public wor
ship, with Bermon by .the pastor. In
stallation of officers in the Epwohth
league will be held in this service.
The officers are as follows: Presi-
'M I 1 1 I I 1 1 i I 1 n 1 I T I I 1 1 111 11! I 1 I III I 111 I I III III I 1 III
for all makes of Magnetos and Generators
This week only
Howe Spot Lights
I -I,;
Hartford Cord Tires
I Hartford and Racine Fabric Tires
"They have to Satisfy' Vlf they don't, we do.
i Salem's only complete stock of
PhoAe I
yon should learn to take advantage of oar
j Quantity Baying.
I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 m i
dent. Leslie Springer; first vice
president. Harold Dimmlck; second
vice-president, John Medler; third
vice-president, Ralph Thomas, fourth
vice-presidejt, Floyd Mclntyre. Sec
retary. Lloyd Mclntyre; treasurer,
Keith Lyman; organist, Ivan Corner;
chorister, Rodney Martin; usher,
Carl Armstrong. - First assistants to
the officers are: ' Alma Xye Ulrich,
Miss Helen Ingrey, Mis Lois Xye,
Miss P.yrl Marsters, Miss Alice
Barchardt Miss Buelah Hazleton,
Miss Sylvia Thompson. Miss Ger
trude Aldrich, M'S3 Alice AH:ich,
Miss. Elsie Boynton, Miss Sylvia Mar
sters, respectively. Following the
installation, there will be baptism of
candidates, and the holy communion.
3 p. m., the regular meeting of the
junior league. Miss Bertha Leitner,
superintendent. 7 p. cr., devotional
meeting of the Epworth league. Les
lie Springer, president. 8 Ik. m.,
song service, led by the Girls' chor
us, and an address by the pastor.
State Institutions.
Services at the state institutions
Sunday will be held as follows. 9 a.
'm., state hospital by H. C. Stover.
3 p. m.. Girls Training school, by
.R. L. Putnam. 3:15 p. m.. Tuber
culosis hospital, by G. L. Lovell.
1 1 1 1 111 I I I 1
First Methodist Episcopal Church.
State and Church streets. 11 a.
m.,,tbe sacrament of' the Lord's Sup
per will be administered. S p. m.,
sermon by the pastor oil "A Danger
ous Compromise." Class meting at
9:15 a. m.. lead by W. L. Cummings.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. conduct
ed by the superintendent, John W.
Todd. Service at the Old People's
Home in charge of th6 pastor. Dr.
R. N. Avison. 7 p. m., the -Epworth
league devotional hour. The senior
chapter will be lead by Miss Carmen
Harwood. Juniors, by Mr. Hubert
Wilkin. Mid-week serviceVThursday
evening at eight o'clock. Music morn
ins and evening- by the chorus choir,
directed by Prof. John K. Sites.
Church of GL
1346 North Church street. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Preaching se"
vices at 11 and 7:4$ by Evangelist
Lewis. - These services are quite In
teresting as the evangelist is preach
ing from hte chart on Revelation and
Is bringing out the truth a boot the
Dragon and the Beast and the Image
to , the Beast, and you will , miss
something by not hearing the mes
sages from time to time. The meet
ing will be continued indefinitely.
Come and bring your friends. J.
J. Gillespie, pastor.
r Salvation Army.
Open .air meeting Saturday even
ing at 7:30 in the hall at 8 o'clock,
conducted .by Rev. Mr. Tibbits. Sun
day morning open air at 10:30. Holi
ness meeting in the hall at 11 o'clock
Sunday school at 2 p.'.m. United
Mission meeting at 3 p. m. T. P.
L. at 6 p. nt. Open air at 730 p. m.
In the hall at 6 p. m, Pou are wel
come. Captain and Mrs. Hunter, of
ficers in charge. - !
and .morning service at 10 a. m. Sun
day school Is superintended by Mrs.
Burton Edwards. Special music by
members of the Sunday school. Ser
mon by the pastor. Christian En
deavor at 7:15. Mr. Claud Burch.
leader. Evening servica at 8 p. m.
Subject ' 'A Comprehensive Creed."
Thursday evening service .at 8
Says you Rally feel cleansweet
and fresh inside, and
: are seldom ilL
If you are accustomed to wake up
with a coated tongue, foul breath
or a dull, "dizzy headache; or, if
your meals sour and turn into gas
and acids, you have a real surprise
awaiting you.
Tomorrow morning. Immediately
upon arising, drink a glass of hot
water with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in it. This is intended to
first neutralize and then wash out
ftof your stomach, liver, kidneys and
thirty feet of intestines all the Indi
gestible! waste, poisons, Jsour bile
and toxins, thus cleaning, sweeten
ing and purifying the entire alimen
tary canal. ,
Those subject to sick headaches.
backache, bilious attacks, constipa
tion or any form or stomach trouble,
are urged to get a quarter pound
or limestone phosphate from the
drug store and begin enjoying this
morning Inside-bath. It Is said that
men and women who try this be
come enthusiastic and keen it up
Just as hot water and soap cleanse.
purify and freshen the skin, so hot
water and a teaspoonful of limestone
Phosphate act -on the stomach, liver.
kidneys and howels. Limestone pho-3-
pnate is an Inexpensive white pow
der and almost tasteless.
; Central Congreg Uonal.
South Nineteenth and, Ferry
streets, H. Cv Stover, minister. A
merged service of the Sunday school
We are Salem's agents for the famous Lloyd Princess
line. Picture your baby in one of these Lloyd Prin
cess Baby Buggies. There is nothing better. The
quality is first class and the style leads them alL j
I Prices right i '
Regular $65.00 Buggy, special . . . . . . . . . . . .... . . .$49.80
Regular $50.00 Buggy, special . . . . . . . . . . ... . .', , . . . .$39.60
Regular $30.00 Buggy, special . .... ...... . ... . ... .$23.80
Regular $20.00 Buggy, special . ........ . ... ....... .$14.80
Clarke Jewel Stoves
Save your strength by using one of our Clarke Jewel
Oil Stoves. It is not only a labor saver but a fuel
saver. We guarantee that this stove will use less
oil for' the same heat than any stove made,
on aprovaL ,
$96.15 Victor outfit consists of 1 Victtola, 14 beautiful
selections and 200 Victor Needles. See this outfit to
day.! There is nothing that can bring more pleasure to
the home. If you want to dance the Victor will furnish
the music If you want to hear Caruso-' smg Let the
Victor demonstrate.
, ' : 1 ! " - - - -
Trade in Your Used Goods v 1
E. L Stiff & Son
Dallas Couple Marry and
WUl Make Home in Spokane
DALLAS, Or., May 2. (Special to
ine statesman) Jadge and Mrs. Ed
F. Coad or this city have announced
mat their youngest daughter. Miss
Ava, was united In marriage Monday.
April zi, at Spokane to Julius Her-
zog or Portland, a former Dallas bus
iness man. The bride was one of
the members, of the younger set of
Dallas and was popular with a lrage
circle or friends. For the past few
months she has been engaged In sen
ographic work in Portland. The
young couple will make their home
in Spokane. .
When Mixed With HalpimY It Brings
Hack Its Ueentlial Lustre
At Once.
(1. 'ft7
wji i it ssjwrjui r i i i i
Hi I r ftVf v-1 4S Ml I I villi
1 I
Are verj'
different. They run along the line of 1'lainer effects tvith
j See the latest, best and most economical in wall decorations at
j Buren's Furniture Store
Commercial Street
and a stretch of timber many miles
long would have been burned and
property belonging to both plaintiff
and defendant to the amount of sev
eral hundred thousand dollars destroyed.
SILVERTOX. Ore.. May 2
(Special to The Statesman) Alvia
H. Heramingsen came to Silverton
Tuesday night. He received his hon
orable discharge at Camp Lewis Sun
day and left immediately for Don
ald where he visited at the Williams
home until -Tuesday night. P. Mo
berg. S. Williams and Alvin William
brought Mr. Hemmingsen riowu in
the Williams car. Mr. Hemingsen
has been overseas for aboct 10
months. He says that althongh he
cannot complain of the treatment hs
received on the other side he Is very
glad to get home again. Mr. Hem
mingsen Is staying with his sister,
Mrs. Pearl Miller. He will probably
remain at Silverton during the summer.
"I notice a good deal in the pa
pers about our, soldiers taking up
farming when they return from over
seas.' musingly said honest' Farmer
Hornbeak. "So. probably, by this
time next year I'll e deferentially
saying. 'Pardon me, colonel, ut the
dinner horn has just blown. or a
trifle more briskly, 'Captain, them
hog's Is out again. or yelling In no
uncertain tones. 'Lieutenant, dad
burn your ornery picture, do yon
want to lay abed all day? Country
DEFORE some other season catches yon
napping this in-between time should
find every farmer in the Valley looking for
ward to his harvest needs and striving to
accumulate the necessary cash to "carry oil"
That very effort in itself forms a very good
reason here at the United States National
Bank to extend a little credit also if neces-
ary- ; ' l '
Wc are always glad when called upon to
lend practical assistance.
LuaaBS lu
Salem Oregon
v I
KJrey hair, however ha'adsome. de
notes advancing age. We all know
the advantages of a youthful p-
pearance. Your hair Is your charm.
It make? or mars the race. When
it fades, turns grey and looks
streaked, just a few applications of!
Sage Tea and Sulphur enhances Its
appearance a hundred-fold.
Don't stay, grey! Look young!
Either prepare the recipe at home or
get from any drug store a bottle or
"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com
pound," which Is merely the old-
time recipe Improved by the- addi
tion of other Ingredients. Thousands
of . folks recommend this ready-to-use
preparation, because It darkens
the hair beautifully, besides, no one
can possibly tell, as It darkens so
naturally and evenly. Tou moisten
a sponge or soft brush with it, draw
Lag, this through the hair, taking
one small strand at a time. By
morning the grey hair disappears;
latter another application or two.
its natural color is restored and it
becomes thick, glossy and lust-ous.
and you appear years younger.
Spaulding Firm Fails to Col
lect Damages from Siletz
Lumber Concern
DALLAS. Or.. May 2. (Special to
The Statesman) The Silett Lum
ber & Logging company was awarded
the verdict in a damage case insti
tuted by the Charles K. Logging com
pany in the circuit court, Thursday
when the jury, after beln out but a
few minutes returned with a verdict
for the defendant. The case was one
of the most important civil actions
Drought In the Polk couaty courts
for a number of years and its settle
ment will have much weight In the
settlement of cases between holders
of timber in this state for years to
come. r
The action was brought by the
Spaulding company against the de
fendants for the alleged setting of a
back fire last June at the time a
forest fire was raging In the western
art of Polk county, the fire destroy
ing a number of logs and green tim
ber or the plaint ir is. The plaintiffs
attempted to show that the back fire
was unnecessary at the time to pro
tect he propery of the defendant and
incidentally some of its own property
as alleged by the defendant and that
the fire was set without the consent
of a representative of the Spaulding
The - defendants showed in their
testimony that If the back fire had
not been started and the fire stopped.
-a. large bridge about 500 feet long
fl TT .17
eee Jnieater
ge and
This new two-in-one creation is a triumph of stive making, for it combines all
the adantages of the gas range and all the conveniences of the kitchen heater
in a single unit
BuJZmm mm" inn- r '' 1 I
I its; sl A
i -
The heater burns wood, coke or coal, which may be ignited by a gas kindling '
flame. Or it burns gas alone if you prefer. Hot water coils may be installed,
which will Insure a constant hot water supply while your kitchen is being made
warm and comfortable. This range has a six-hole cooking top-two holes for
the heater-four holes for gas-made of rust resisting iron, with a perfectly pro
portioned, efficient, quick-baking oven. Enameled oven doors, splashers and
drip pans complete the beauty of this ideal combination.
Portland Railway, Light Power Co. J
237 North Liberty Street -