The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 03, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Mr. Keenan plays a. dual role
in' this f sepsatfonal picture. : ;
This is one of the best 2-reel-ers
Charley ever made.
1 -
Restinations Come Thick come -thick ..and fast and new
ItCJIgJlUUUn tume J RICK I onnolntment havA heen mad recent-
and Fast from Commission
Colonel George, II., Kelly of Port
land has declined to tit as a mem
ber ;of thex soldiers and sailors com
mission, created .by the last legisla
ture,: and upon receipt of his letter
of declination yesterday Governor Ol-
cott appointed H. D. Kilham.
Resignations from the commission
Thousands Have Discovered Dr.
- Edwards Olive Tablets are -a
Uarmless Substitute.. ,,;,..
; Dr. EdwardV Olive Tacta the substi
tute for calomel are a mild but sure
laxative, and their effect cn the liver la
almost instantaneous..They ere the result
cf Dr. Edwzrda determination not to treat
liver and bowel complaints vilh calomel.
His efforts to bar.isn it brought out tnese
!'?! nliv-ralnrril tablets.' ' .. .-. : -Tt
These Dleasant little tablets do the eood
Kit cilnmel doess but hsve co tad after
effect. .They don't injure the teeth like
ttrona liquids or cuiomcu l ney izxc noia
-rl the trouala and ouickly correct it. Why
cure the liver at the expense of the teeth?
Cclomcl sometimes plays havoc with the
mifflt Jvo da stror.2 liauida. It is best hot
to take calomel, but to let Dr. Edwards
Olive Tablet's take its place. " ' ' '
. Most ' headacheaf "dullness" and that
toy feeling come from constipation and
a disordered Ihrer. Take Dr. Edwards'
dive Tablets when you feel Toggy" and
"heavy." Note how they "clears clouded
twain and how they "perk up" the spirits.
Jc and 25c a box. AU arugsisia,
ly at the rate of about one daily.
Only Harry Anderson and -"John HW
Stevenson have been members since,
the ' creation "of. the- commission."
"I am In receipt of your favor of
March' 29, stating that you have ap
pointed me a member of the soldiers
and Bailors commission. writes
Colonel Kelly to the governor.- "
T'l am fully in sympathy with this
work and realize the importance of
It, and am fully aware1 of the fact
thatrit should be, given a great deal
m ( a a ' " m w . .
or lime ana mougni. n i were gu-
ing to be In Portland the next few
months, I would -gladly accept this
duty,, but I in PorUand
at rare intervals between now ana
September next, dnrlng which period
most of this-work should be attend
ed to, I am leaving here kbout the
middle of this month andwiU. pro
bably only be In PortlaTrtTTa few
times until fall. : v;
VFor . the above reasons solely.
will not be able to accept the ap-;
i Of $100,000 appropriated by the
legislature for use 1 of the." commis-
Inn on lv 115.000 has been drawn
Of this amount $3000, was sent to
New York for use of the Oregon re
ception committees ' there and $10,-
000 has been drawn .for the soldier, a
welfare wok in Oregon.
The average yield of the 1918 crop
of ? cranberries in Clatsop ' coudty,
Oregon, was 3 0 barrels pef acre, the
100 acres of cranberry bog p inducing
3000 barred.
Fans and Players Expect to
Have Meeting This Week
. for Organization,
called, upon to design the score' book
which will have to be more elaborate
than the regulation book to take care
catcher, but most of the state house
toys are reticent about laying claims
to pitching prowess, - It 13 possible
that some' reputable twirler way bt
Imported and .given a lucrative job
in one of the state departments. Th
taxpayers. Perkins and Butler assert.
would not object. '-
Practice games will probably. b
plajjfd with Joe Keller's penitentiary
"The state prison bunch would do
very well for us to warm up on
said Mr. Butler, "but when we get
going good we expect to meet only
teams that can play real ball."
Cut This Out It U Worth Money
slip, enclose with 6e to Foley &'Co..
2X25 Sheffield avenue.. Chicago. 111..
writing and address clear-'
ly. ou will receive in return a trial
Mckace containing Foley s Honey
end Tar Compound, for coughs, colds
and croup. Foley's Kidney pills and
Foley's Cathartic tablets." - J. C.
Ceremony , o! Awarding of
Belgian War Cross Is ;
Invitation of Federals for
General Ball Meeting Is
Questioned in Court
Pepper Outlines Defense to
Be Relied on by Ameri
cans and Nationals
IVa rlAAtatlAii r 9 aiis imsv'M
5!. ih,e n1Z2l7. T"J2!irLtr generals and a coionel at Tours' by
duced. Governor Olcott. because or
his reputation as one on whose head
the jinx never alights, is slated for
mascot, and If the supreme court up
holds the recent opinion of Attorney
a Belgian officer Is vividly described
in a' letter, whtch has been received
by Mr and Mrs. A. 'A. Lee from
their son.Corpo-al IJoyd A. Lee, or
the 24th Service company. Signal
General Brown, the governor proba a e p corporal Lee is sta-
With two no less personages than
BUI Perkins,' Oregonian correspond
ent and Chauncey Butler, automobile
license " expert in the secretary of
state's office, behind the enterprise
a twilight baseball league Is going to
be organized' in Salem. The state
house will have a team in the cir
cult and- other teams are expected to
be contributed by mercantile firms
or industrial organizations around
town. Messrs Butler and Perkins
have authorized i the announcement
that a meeting of the state capitol
.baseball hatbeens . would-bes and
isers wiU .be , called before the end
of the week for 'purposes' of organi
zation. . - . ' .
ls Formation of the league really
will be a revlval of the former twi
light league which flourished in the
days when Sam. Koxer, Os West. Tom
Ks? ' and other agile youths were
wont to cavort on the diamond after
working hours.' West and Kay have
abandoned baseball for the more Stir
ling sport of politics, but Kozer
thinks he has another good ball
game of two in his system. Butler
only smiles and looks far way when
Sam importunes-him for. a chance to
try out. but thinks Kozer may oe
bly will be asked to buy suits for the
state house boys
: There are two. reasons for. a twl
light league. One Is that games must
fj 3 f r.V c e I
tioned at Tours in photographic
work. ',
Extracts from the letter follows;
"Saturday, four generals and one
be played after working hours, which I colonel were decorated here by the
because " of the daylight savins Bel alan' government. ; Creneral H
scheme will give ample time , for J &x& was one. He will soon need ah
games anywhere from nine to 21 1 other orderly to carry all his decora
mnines. and another is that twilight I Hons around. I believe he, get one
. . hit: aaa m au ud
playing will be more appropriate for livery week, Probably has. received kq, barges against
tne snaay meinoas or iu iwu pnr tnore man any omer one ma. mv
motors. It .Is enough , to say that I have quite a ceremony on such oc-
Butler learned baseball In Kentucky I casions. : Lots of troops, flags, bands.
mnA Perkins snent .some : years Id 1 reviews and all. Everybody qniu
Montana ostensibly . working for i work to see It. Woader l i couia ieix
newspapers. lyon about It?
Don Uniohn. the governor's sec- "Well. It was scneaniea ror iwo
retary wants to be scorekeeper for p. m. aal all morning oermau P"s-
the state house bunch. This doubt- onew worked im. the lrade grounds
less will be agreeable all round as It to get thing, in shape. Then they
in v ,ii.m ,. . turn, ran 6ver It with a steam roller and
of the positions on ine team. I -"i . VV -7.
erne' . and you must have a pass to
get In. ' But every orrice quit work
and all the windows in the three
big buildings lining the grounds were
P.'s (hang 'em 'Who
Little difficulty la anticipated in
filling positions. There are several
score of men about the state house
between the ages of tl' and, 65, 'and
several dozen of the younger fry In
the highway and accident commis
sions snd other state , department
have .had more or less experience in
athletics, Joe Richardson Is a for
mer college player who believes that
he could thaw btot' itfoT.come'; back.
Rnme difficulty may "be experienced
in selecting a battery. Perkins Is a
1 111 iii ' ' . ..
nffnrrl to miix the sreatest. chances ever, oiiered,;
in hardwire in Salem. . Yfc$!m& prices. We must; dispose.! our stock on shorf nobce.
WASHINGTON', April 2 The case
of organized baseball In the $500
P00 damage suit brought by the Bal
timore Federal league club sgainst
the National and American leagues
was outlined todayto th Jury bea
lug the case In the District f Co
lumbia supreme court by . George
Wharton Pepper of Philadelphia,
counsel for the defendants,
The two older leagues. Mr. Pepper
said in outlining the defense after
the plaintiffs had rested their case,
would attempt to disprove the con
tention of the Baltimore club that
professional baseball as constituted
during, the life-time of; the' federal
league was a monopoly within, the
meaning of the Sherman anti-trust
law. ' ' i. ! ' -
The defendants, Mr. Papper said,
would seek first to prov-j profession
al baseball was not an Interstate in
dustry, even though the plsyers came
from various states. The Sherman
anti-trust act. ! he said, covered on
ly interstate Industries, and never
was designed to apply to competing
cportljg organizations.
The complaint of the Baltimore
club, the attorney declared, had nar
rowed: down to two charges, first
that organized baseball heads, and
especially Ban Johnston, president, of
the Ame?1ean league, had .made se-
the federal
league, and second, that the heads
of organized baseball and three fed
eral league officials had entered. In
to a conspiracy to disrupt the federal
league with the result that ther Bal
timore club, having grounds ' and
players and ready to play ball, .found
itself without . anybody to play
against and. was damaged according
ly. ' " ' ' ' -
The second complaint.' he said,
was the more serious. Te so-called
"peace past." he. said, amounted to
an invitation from the federal league
for organized baseball to meet that
organization on common ground and
fr - V7 w - j M ,
by many.M
The "whole was lined many
of; Thjs Great Wlpney:
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develop ways and" means of aiding
tir" ., - lil I the federal league in Its difficulties.
par. value by organized ' baseball as
coming from representatives of every
club in the federal league.
Mr. Pepper told the Jury that or
ganised baseball' was
prove that no matter whether th
idea of a truce originated with, the
Indianapolis club or not, the call Tor
a peace conference was endorsed by
Constituent clubs, all of .whom had
representatives present when the
"peace pact was agreed to. Balti
more included., He said if the Bal
timore representatives remained ri-
lent and offered no objections to
the terms under which the federal
league was dissolved. It was their
own fault and organized baseball had
acted in good faith in all Its deal-1
Ings with the defunct league.
Before resting its -case the Balti
more club presented evidence which
its counsel intimated khowed that
money from the American and Na
tional leagues Tor piayerr taken over
from the federal. league was receiv
ed by a single 'indlvadual among the
defendants... -
won the wari' Answer: ipe m.
At two p. m.. the band marched
in and was lined up in place. Then
first call, then adjutant's Call, then
assembly, and the troops inarched in.
No, these marines never saw the
front so don't cheer. These "are
d M. P's. Bnt they brought in the
colors and they always look good.
"It was quite a job to get them
all dressed up in company front with
the colors In the center. Finally the
cantains lined -up and reported - to
the: major. who n turn reported to
the colonel who is the pon adjutant
or sost commandant.
' "Then we had to wait 15 or 20
minutes before the autos brought the
dignitaries. The five men to be
decorated lined, up between the band
and the companies and the colonel
presented the whole to the Belgian
officer. (Don't know nis rans).
Then the inspection. - The Bei
glaJn inspected all troops and as he
nassed the colors he slopped, raced
them and saluted. As he took his
plaice again ' the adjutant' marched
the men to be decorated to the place
in front of the officer, the colors fol
lowing. He.did not kiss the men as
the French do, but merely, shook
..hands.' After. this cam the review
with the troops passing in piaioon
formation, each platoon led oy
"Loot. Quite a show.".
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We ere a nstion of meet esters and
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us to be constantly on guard against
kidney trouble.
The kidneys do their utmost to
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tained in the blood to poison the en
tire system.
When your kidneys ache and feel
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ness, add stomsch or rheumatism in
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ing and In a "few days your kidneys
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made from the add of grapes and
lemon juice, combined -' with lithla.
and has been used for generations to
flush and stimulate clogged kidneys,
to neutrsllse the adds in urine so it
ls no' longer a source of irritation,
thus ending urinary and bladder dis
orders. . " Jad Salts is Inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes a delightful efferves
cent lithls-water drink, and nobody
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Picture, of Hohenzollern in I
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HELENA, MonO. April 1. TxIle
only one copy of "Th Easv Road
to Reading." a third grade English
book in use In some of the schools of
the state ha bee a received by state
officials, it is understood atleast
the full consignment sent . to the
public scnoois ai Fort uenron con
tained, as stated In Associated Press
dispatches last night, an insert pic
ture of William Hohenxollern, for,-1
mer emperor of Germany.,
The incident haa created a sensa
tion In the stste, but there is no
charge that the publishers on the
work are in any way concerned and
it is thought probable here that they
had no knowledge of the matter.
The half-tone photograph of Count
Hohensollera was on stiff paper and
so Inserted In the book that the vol
ume would fly . open at that page.
when handled. It ls thought Ger
man propagandists Inserted the pag
es, either In the mailing room of the'
publishing house,' or at some point
of distribution. The , samples on
Which wthe book, was authorised for
use in the' schools did not contala
the picture. The matter was called
to the attention of Governor Sam V.
Stewart, after a teacher la the Fort j
Benton school had . noticed the pic
ture and entered a complaint to the
state educational authorities. " who
art now; loveiU jiUng the natter.
. v v. ,. :'v-
, . - -