The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 30, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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tian Endeavor. 7:10 p. m., "The
Story of a Fast Youn Man of Da
vlds Time " Following this address
there will be a film of motion pic
tures. At the prayer meeting ou
Thursday evenlag the ' church Is
studying the Book of the Act. A
Kn '
Model 490 Five Passenger, $857.20
Three;-Miles of Chevrolet
Were you to stand at a given point and a line of automobiles
three miles long were to pass by you, all of one make, and running
40 feet apart what would you think?
Since February 23, 1918, we have sold enough Chevrolet ears
to make just such a line THREE MILES LONG.
This little comparison will give you some idea of the popularity
of the Chevrolet car in this territory, and clearly shows the stamp
, of approval accorded it by the peoile of Polk and Marion counties.
It further shows that the majority of people 'want and demand a
Standardized car, which means every piece and part carried in stock
and serviced in, fact, not promises.
Salem Automobile Co.
131 North High Street Our new home.
Distributors of Chevrolet and Scripps-Booth Cars and Republic Tires
welcome to all.
Jirnt I'nited Brcthrew.
Tew Park Suaday school at 10
a. m. tnew time. Special sotg by
Mrs. Ella McElroy. Short sermon
at 11. subject., "Haying a Korovot
hodlin3S ut Denying the puw.'
Young people's nwellnR In tnc
evening at 7:30. leader. MUs Thel-
nia Dally, to be assisted by Mrs. 1.
M. Andersoa. followed by a 15-m'n-
utca talk by the pastor. Mrs. Ben
Randall will hare charje of the
Leon Topic.
Sunday school leiwon. "Review:
God's Hand In a Nation's Life.'
Joshua 24:14-2. Y. P. S. C. K..
R Y. P. V., etc.. lesson: "Indecis
ion: On the Fence." Matt. 27:11
26. E. L lesson; "The Practice of
Kindliness." Jenesus 4 i: 1-1 5.
Central Ctoriftregatlonal.
, South Nineteenth and Ferry
streets. H. C. Stover, minister. An
Interesting Sunday school and
nnlque morjtag service combined in
the Interest of Religloua Education.
Mrs. Burton Edwards superintends
the Snnday school. Music by. Miss
Lorano Ros a!nd Elbert Lachele.
Christian Endeavor at 6:4 3 p. m.
Th clrTa rhnrin ftinn In the even
ing service at 7:30. Theme. ' Who j
Is Jesus Christ." Prayer service I
Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
Fir Christian.
Iceland V. Porter, pastor. Bible
school 9:4 5 a. m. Communion and
sermon at 11 a. m. Topic, "The!
Little Flame, the Rudder, and The
Tongue.". Christian .Endeavor at J
6:30. evening worship at 7:30. Top-,
Ic' "Harry Lauder. Fun, and The
Christian Life." Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 7:30. "Th
Ctuistlan Day of Rest."
United Evangelical.
Cottaee and Center stretta. Aev.
G. L. Lovell. pastor. Sunday school
at 10 a. m. At 11 a. m.. Presiding
KIHor S K M inner will nrcach and
hold communion service. Chrisllaa
Endeavor at 6:30 p. m., Pauline
Remington, leader. Evening wor
ship and sermon at 7:30 p. m. This
will be the last service lor this con
ference year. Prayer meeting on
Thursday evening.
South Halem Friends.
Washington " and Commercial
streets. Sabboth school at 10 a. m.,
Dr. Miller,, superintendent. Preach
ing at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor
at 6:30 and the evening service fol
lowing at 7:30.
ton, pastor.
Ii. Elmer Pember-
First Baptist. '
The pulpit of the First Baptist
church will be filled by two eminent
speakers. At the morning service
Dr. A-. M. Petty, district secretary
of the American Baptist Home and
Foreign Mission societies, will speak.
At the evening service Rev. A. Ster
ling Barnar, of Los - Angeles, will
Morning service 11 o'clock. Et-
ening1 service 7:30. Sunday, school
3:45 a, m. Young People's meet
ing 6:30 p. m.
Evangelistic services wTO be held
every evening (except Saturday r be
ginning with a song service at 7:30.
Rev. A. Sterling, Barnar preacher
Every one is invited.
First Congregational.
Liberty and Center streets! Rev.
W. C. Kantner, minister. 10 a. m..
Sunday school with classes for all.
Professor W. I. Staley superintend
ent. 11 a. m., "The Law of Spirit
ual Returns. " 6:45 p. m.. Chris-
The Unquestionable
Ink like the costliest cam D-s all that the- cU;rM .!. Yet. mj low in prirr, m rrr,tom
ical in upkeep tuat any one ran now own this owerful, hiph Kralc car. Note that this car
is not an experiment, not a ha.sty make-shift. i
Years have Keep expended in erfectiiijrf and each model i more perfect than the prfrertl
ing one. Loth in quality and vorkmaiixhip. Low-priced car an not new; thtrc he
more thin year than ever. Rivals may follow u with 4-eylinder cam costing even le
tlian this, hut none can comiete with us on a six-cylinder car.
The novelty lien in a car that you can take t-ride in a large and luxurious car a per
fect and powerful car selling at a price like this.
There we have no competition. Not a ear selling with -V of our price can tand for
a moment in actual comparison with the Oaklml "Sensihle Six.'
The lines are handsome, yet conservative. The car follows, inllm respect, the leading
cars of the year. The finish and upholstering are the Mine as ajV found in cars costing
doujde this price.
T.hus we Rive you a roomy and elegant five-passenger car not a car that looks cheap be
cause small.
Weight 2100, which mean a low tire cost,, a low cost of upkeep. Power .nifficient for
any requirement. We receive constant reports from our Oakland owners that they are
getting from 18 to 22 miles on a gallon of gas.
First Methodist KicopI.
State and Church streets., Rich
ard N. Avison. D. D.. pastor. 9:15
a. m., class meeting. 9:45 Sunday
school. John W. Todd, superintend
ent. 11 a. m., sermon by , Rer.
Charles A. Roven, D. D . director of
the Centenary of th3 Episcopal I
area. 3 p..m., Mrs. T. O. Lee will I
speak at the Old - People's home.
6:30 p. m.. Epworth league. Senior
chapter, Russell Rarey will lead.
Junior chapter, Hurbert Wilkina will
lead. 7:30 p.,.m.. Rev. Charles
Boven will give a stercoptican pan
orama of the Centenary. Music by
the chorus choir with orchestra ac
companiment. Directed by . Profes
sor Joha R. Sites.
First Prefcbytertan.
Thomas S. Anderson, minister.
Sabbath school. at 9:45. The pas
tor will jgjve, a, UVXn Boxing the
American Automobile Company
197 South Commercial St. - Phone 399 - Salem, Ore
' W,.J -. , CTW
fcVA "fa
: ll Forolsoe is the Tractor I
:.for loii, Mr. Farmer I
Compass and Keeping a Good Con
science. Morning worship at 11
o'clock. Theme, the Master's Par
able of the Farmer. Y. P. S. C. E.
at 6:30; an increasing iJterest. Ev
ening worship a.7:30. subject of
the sermon. Losing or Gaining One s
Self or the World. Prayer meeting
social service Thursday evening. If
you have no ether church home,
come with us and we will do you
good. '
meeting 7:30 and Teacher Train
ing class g p. m. Wednesday. Our
services open to public and we ex
tend a hearty welcome to worship
with cs. R- LPatnain. paator.
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Flrkt Church of Christ SientLst.
Sunday services are held at 4 40
Chemeketa street at 11 a. m. and
8 pm. Subject of Bible lestoa.
'Reality." Sunday school at 9:4 S
a. m. weanesaay evening a iesu-
monlal meeting at .8 p. m. Read
inK room in Masonic temple, wra
109 is open every day from 11:43
a. m. to & p. m. am aie invuea 10
our services and to oar reading
Vvn . Imma 1
When Henry Ford drew the plans for the Fordson Tractor, it probably never occurred to him how popular
it was going to be The farmer that has seen its wonderful, economical, demonstration on his own farm is
the best salesman and recommendation the FORDSON has today. .When a man has good money to spend, he
naturaly investigates as to the best purchase he can make for the smallest amount And as Henry Ford long
ago established his reputation and popularity in the little article called "FORD" he had no trouble whatever in
getting the FORDSON TRACTOR started off right After the first one had demonstrated itself to be the only
practical, reliable tractor for fanning its growing popularity is nothing to wonder at
Kranrel kal Aoclatlon.
Seventeenth and Chemeketa
streets. Jacob Stocker. pastor. iu
a. m.. Ku.inay snooi. jonn uippoiu.
su:erintenk-nt. '11 a. m . divine
worship andVsermon. 3 p.
preaching srtlce at Fniltland. 6:45
p. m.. Young People' Alliance. 7:30
m., sermon.
ften lira'r the remark: "It ilon't par to rclmilJ a battery.
Well say it ilt- not, when it w vlom out.
Or when rraiml ly unfckillej workmen.
This tractor can be seen and demonstrated at
TS 237 State Street
i. 2
260 North High Street
"The Home of the Fordson" -
"The Home of the Ford'
Court Street Church of 1irit.
Seventeenth and Court stieeU. We
are expecting another great day this
Lord's day. Our Ribl school is
growing from week to week. If you
we there lut uora s aay, ne mrr
and on time with tome one else this
time. Begin promptly at 10 a. .m.
The Loalons organised and ele-t-ed
nffirers thia w,ek. This class
Is planning great things and Invites
other young men to Join them.
Young men that dT jot belonr t
noma other class are invlttd. Tne i
little sermon for the children is
attracting attention. Children the
paator will tell you about "The Lit
tle Torch" neit time. The morn
ing sermon: "Christian Steward
ship." Morning wprshlp at 10 a.
ra. to 12 m., including Bible schooL
The Jualor Kndeavor will meet at
3:30 o m. Children invited. The
young ladles of the chutch will meet
at 2:30 p. m. and reorganue ia
Girls' Missionary Circle. Young wo
men Interested In mUaions invited
to meet with thm. The Christian
Kndeavor society meeting C:30 p.
m. The social committee Is plan-1
ning a big April Fool Pa.ty for Tues
day evening. A good social time is
promised those who ait end. Song
nervice and sermon 7:30 p. m. Sub
ject: "Th Greatest Three." l'rayer
lint it certainly pavs when vou can bare your Utlery irpairej
for Ickh than lurlf the irice of a mw Uttcry, ly kil)cU nl ef
ficicnt workmen.
Our nlmilt Latteries carry practically the kiiuc Ut."Ai;ANTEK as
new one.
Auto Electric
yujr 1 I
Dcggm & BorreU
418 Cpurt SU
Thone 23