The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 23, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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mess that one orricial should
take care of and that three
minds instead of two are
needed on the state hoard of con
trol. Under a common interpreta
tion of the state constitution it has
been considered that a secretary of
the state succeeding to the office of
governor through death, resignation
or remomal of the regularly elected
governor must necessarily hold the
offices of both secretary of state
and of governor and that he has
right to draw both salaries, Mr. Ol
cott took the position that regardless
of legal decisions he would not ac
cept the salary of secretary of state
Governor Olcott said Saturday
after receiving the attorney reneral'
opinion, that he would ask the state
treasurer to refuse payment on hi
salary as governor for the present
month, recalling that he had asked
the attorney general to indicate the
speediest wav in which the question
could be gotten into court.
" Mr. Brown's opinion refers to the
opinions of lawyers who assisted ii
the formation of the Oregon consti
tution and show that his opinion
coincides with the opinion of the
eHy day Jurists. Attorney gener
al Brown quotes at length from court
decisions. Ills opinion avs in part:
"I am writing you the followlnr
advice in reponse to your request
for an opinion relating to your of
ficial rights, duties and powers. Yon
submit the following:
" 'I request you to Inform me as
lo whether 1 may reslm the office of
secretary of state without by so do
ine automatically surrendering the
office of governor along with that
of secretary of state
"My answer to the foregoing in
quiry is that in my opinion you have
a lawful rieht to resign the office
of secretary of state, and the sur
render of said office will in no wav
cloud your title to the office of
governor of the state of Oregon. My
opinion is formed from the language
used in section s. article 7 of the
Oregon constitution, in part reading
us follows: .
In case of removal of the gov
ernor .from office, or of his death
resignation, or Inability to discharge
he duties of the of rice, the same
;hall devolve upon" the secretary of
state. together with the exposition
.of said section of the constitution by
the chief justice of the Oregon su
preme court in the case of Chadwick
v. Earhart. 11 Oregon 289, who
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held that upon a vacancy in the of
fice of governor, the same devolved
upon the secrtary of state, and that
the secretary becoming governor con
tinued to discharge the duties of gov
ernor after he had ceased to be sec
retary of state and until the governor
next succeeding entered into the of
fice. I have also made an exhaust
ive research of the authorities of
other jurisdictions where like ques
tions have been adjudicated. I have
likewise considered the acts of the
chief justice of the supreme court In
administering the oath of office of
governor to the secretary of state
when the office of the chief execu
tive devolved upon the secretary. In
accordance with said constitutional
"The first secretary of state un
der the Oregon constitution who
qualified as the governor of the state
was Honorable It. F. Chadwick. On !
the flrRt day of February. 1877, Sec-
retary of State Chadwick. issued
proclamation setting forth that he
had been 'heretofore elected secre
tary of state for the state of Oregon i
for a period of time not yet expired,
having ben notified by Governor L
V. Grover of his resignation of the
office of governor of the state of
Oregon, to take effect on the first
day of February, A. D. 1877. and re
quested a? his constitutional succes
sor to take possession of the execu
tive office, its records and archives
By the terms of the proclamation
Mr. Chadwick. assumed the. office of
the governor of Oregon made vacant
by resignation of Governor Grover
snd discharged the duties and exer
cized the noners pertaining thereto,
on the rirt day of February. 1877.
He qualified a eovernor by takinsr
the Mh " of office as such, which
oath administered by Honorable
P. P. Prim; chief lustice of the su
preme court of Oregon.
"A point which I wish to make Is
that Chief Justice Prim was a mem
ber of the constitutional convention,
as were also Governor Chadwick and
Governor L. F. Grover. that formed
the constitution of this common
wealth, which provides that In case
of the removal of the governor from
office, or of his death, resignation. .
the same shall devolve upon
the secretary of state, and these men
undoubtedly knew what the consti
tution meant.
"The construction that Chief Jus
tlce Prim. Governor Chadwick and
Governor Grover., members of the
constitutional convention, put upon
tne provision of the constitution just
quoted Is In harmony with the onin
Ion of the supreme court of this atat
In the case of Chadwick r. Earhart-
"Speaking further, historically
concerning the constructions that
have leen placed upon such provis
ion or the constitution, when Gov
ernor Georre E. Chamberlain was
elected to the senate of the I'nited
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Take a CU ,f Halt If roar
IUck hurt or Madder
trouble 70a.
No man or woman who eata meat
regularly can make a mistake by
Hathlng the kidneys occasionally,
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States, the office of Governor de
volved upon Frank W. Benson, then
secretary of state, and the oath of
office as governor was administered
by Chief Justice Moore of the -Oregon
supreme court. Upon the death
of Governor WIthycombe the office
of governor devolved upon you and
the oath of office as governor was
administered by Chief Justice Mc
Bride. "I am persuaded, and it Is my be
lief, that the eminent lawyers occu
pying the high position of chief Jus
tice of the supreme- court, would not
have administered the oath of office
of governor to the secretary of state
unless the office in fact devolved
upon him.
"You are now duly acting and
qualified governor of Oregon; also
the fully qualified and acting secre
tary of state. Each of the offices is
a dUtinct and separate office and
neither is an appendage of the other
under the constitution of Oregon
and nnder Its Interpretation yon ar
not merely an acting governor by
virtue of being secretary of state,
nor are you an ex-offleio governor,
but you are lo truth and in fact
eovernor of Oregon. This Is plaii
from the Cbadwick-Esrbart case su
pra, as the supreme court stated
Chadwick was governor and contin
ued to be governor after his term
had expired, as secretary of stale
and was governor pntil bis successor
was elected and qualified. In short -you
are a de facto and de Jure gov
ernor. Concluding the opinion satst
"I conclude as I becan: That yon
ar rovernor; that ou are a!o sec
retary of state: that thee are two
distinct and separate offices; tba'
you have a right to resign the office
of serretsrr of state, and as gover
nor appoint your successor as see
retarv of state.
"By reason of the Importance of
your office I think it advisable to
have a Judicial determination of the
meti'n you have submitted to rue
for opinion. I am going to suggest
that the state treasurer refuse to
pay your salary as governor. Yon
can then, institute a proceeding in
mandamus in th rnnreme court as
court of original Jurisdiction. This
will brin? lefore the court a real
rd eo fi'tiiou cafe. Our highest
eonrt then can either affirm or dis
affirm the doctrine enunciated br
our court in Chadwick v. Earhart
supra." Poiceman Charged With-
Complicity in Booze Plot
t)UTlANI. March ZZ. A charge
of havinr Miior in his inseioi
was filed today against K. XV. Krwin
patrolman, who was arrested by fed
eral authorities last week In con
nection with a raid on an alleged
crowd of liquor Importer. The po
liceman wss charge! with complici
ty iu the plt.
the fleet of airplanes that it Is an
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ther field. Sacramento, to Portland
during the Hose festival In June
The Chamber of Commerce today ap
pointed a committee to select such
a site and examined several fields
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