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Entered at the Postofflce in Salem, Oregon, at second clasa matter.
Morethan 2,000,000 Russian women between the ages of 18 and
45 are within the areas under Bolshevik control which have formally
passed laws declaring for the anarchistic doctrine of "free love.
In the province of Moscow more than 1000 women committed
suicide in one month rather than submit to the decree of the soviet
making them "public property." j
There is a large class of shallow thinkers, all over the world, who
imagine they can improve conditions on earth by abrogating the
law ! of "meum and teura," or mine and thine.
Nobody, according to this communistic doctrine, has a right to
posses? anything that comebody else has to do without.
. The result is that in time everything seizable is seized, everything
consumable is consumed. Nobody has anything to do anything with,
so nothing is done. And that which starts with the material pos
sessions of the race ends in spiritual and" moral nihilism.
There are but a few steps from state expropriation of private prop
erty to state enslavery of women.
Russia today illustrates the effect of the confiscation theory. Once
put into practice this diabolical doctrine of Proudhon and you can
not limit its scope any more than you can balance a falling boulder
' in midair half-way between the brink and the foot of the precipice.
In Russia the first step of the Soviets was to commandeer all land
ed estates. The land having no fixed proprietors, nobody cultivated
it. Or if a few peasants were left to till their holdings it was only
that the red troops from Petrograd and Moscow might have pillage
and looting grounds. Naturally no second harvest was forthcoming.
The bourgeoisie were the next to feel the force of government by
confiscation. When they had been dispossessed their brains were scat
tered among the proletariat literally with clubs and crowbars.
Well-dressed people were robbed of their clothes to communize this
social inequality. Bake shops and banks were looted indiscrimi
nately. As the ' process developed starvation waited around the
corner for the robber and the robbed.alike. Now they are shooting
aick people on the streets of Petrograd in the interest of food con
servation. That is the outcome of the Proudhon doctrine as applied
to alleviating the material needs of the poor.
But, horrible as this sounds, the moral degeneracy brought about
by the soviet councils makes a chapter almost too disgusting to be
credible, but authenticated by public documents. Woman has been
added to the list covered by the doctrine that .''property is rob
bery. The .worst decrees of Marat iand Robespierre during the
r Reign of Terror in Paris never dared to go so far in degrading the
glory of womanhood as have the soviet councils in Bolshevik Russia.
Here are a few of the provisions for the public ownership of women
as prescribed and published by the council at Saratoff. '
'(6.) All women, according to this decree, are exempted from
private ownership and are proclaimed . to be the property of the
whole nation. .
"(7.) The: distribution "and management of appropriated women
are transferred to the Saratoff Anarchist Club." , .
o nr !,. u .....
than three times a week for three hours, observing the rurles speci
fied below."- i J
"(16.) The children born are given to an institution for training
after they are one month old." . ,A
The provisions are twenty-two in all and shamefully make women
a public utility, like a sewer or a street car. The degradation of it
, is almost unthinkable, but it has come to Russia.
From confiscating small business and private properties to the
commnnizing of womanhood, to brine "the greatest good to the
Every Can Guaranteed
One of the loudest opponents of
the League of Nations we met the
other evening aa he was delivering
the clothes that his wife had wash
ed and Ironed. He had gCt the Hue
of talk at the Dutchman's around
the corner. Los, Angeles Timea.
Personally we are in favor of ad
mitting a delegate from the new
Irish republic to the council of na
tions, not on account of the good ha
may be able to do, but on account of
the curiosity a fellow naturally feels
to see how an Irishman would be
have at a peace conference. Lex
ington Herald.
narrow path, and that path mus. be
trodden despite the "turns that
pierce our feet, despite the blood and
the tears, despite the sorrow and suf
fering, despite everything.
This war mu3. not bring poverty
for the millions and millions for the
A man who wants a thing bad
enough can get It.
Ulltlfci OF I'ASSAUK
. -
The rivalry between America and
England just now is as to which
shall be first to fly across the sea.
A, the rate they are preparing on
both sidea they may meet in midair.
A few weeka will tell the story.
The tumult and the shouting dies
The captains and the kings depart
Still stands Thine ancint sacrifice.
An bumble and a contrite heart.
Lord GoJ of hosts, be with us yet.
Lest we forget lest we forget!
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Mr. Leadbetter. brothe- of F. W.
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taking measurements. ,and In a few
days work will be commenced on
Salem's paper mill, and construction
ill be pushed to the limit.
w n.
Attorney General Brown aaya Mr.
Olcott U governor In fact, and that
he can resign aa secretary of state.
and appoint hla successor. That
sounds like good law and common
At 12 o'clock next Sunday night,
you are to turn your lock ahead
an hour. It la March 30. not the last
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Judge Bingham, at the Salra Com
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of last week, touched upon the chief
reason why Salem will become a
large manufacturing city. The di
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The influenza has killed more peo
ple than the war and as yet no con
ference of scientific men baa been
called from all parts of the world
to establish the fourteen points that
will put the germ in its immunizing
bath Brooklyn Eagle.
It is possible that President Wil
son will not be a candidate ior a
third term. Tor the reason that Im
pelled George Washington to de
cline, because he could not be elect-
, ed. Henry Watterson says that If
Wilson makes the race he will be
greatest number," is, we now see in the case of Russia, but a short I beaten soundly, and without the ben-
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journey. After declaring railroads "community DroDerty " deelar
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logical step is to declare women and childrden "community prop
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The Methodist Episcopal church.
South, baa decided that the benefits
of camp-meetings for Indiaas are
doubtful and has adopted instead an
'itinerating school." with a faculty
of seven, to instruct the Indian in
household economics, hygiene, Bible
study and 'other subjects. The church
and the United States government
will share th expense. Lo Is faat
approaching full citizenship and bis
response to opportunities for educa
Uon la increasingly encouraging.
lifter? Pane's Diapepatn SSSWa
farms and fruit and garden tracts,
which has been going on for years,
means that there will always be a
large country population. It takes
people to run factories. The people
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171 South Commercial St.
Thone 1107
The strength of the government
campaign for thrift among the rural
population wak demonstrated at th
recent convention of the Virginia
State Dairymen's Association, held
In Staunton. February 20. The asso
ciation, by an enthusiastic unani
mous vote, adopted a resolution en
dorsing the government's movement
to make thrift a national habit. The
resolution, which pledged the sup
port of the association for the sale
of War Savings 8 tamps and Thrift
8 tamps, read as follows:
"Believing that thrift is at the
basis of strong national Ufa and of
Independent, progressive. Individual
life and in order to complete the
great victory of democracy uver
autocracy won by the United States
and its allies, the Virginia State
Dairyman's Association in conven
tion assembled pledges its hearty
support to the 191$ thrift campaign
of the treasury, department of the
United SUtes.
"Farther, believing that the asso
ciation of oar people la the study of
thrift problems will redound to the
good of the community. w srge the
statewide organization of war sav
ings societies.
acll demands which the war has
placed on the government. w pl4re
our sapport la securing the greatest
posjille sale of war tartar staxp
in the state of Virginia during r: .
year lflf."
Knowing the extraordinary fin- Transcript.
are yoo taking for yowr
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q lootaiear
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A man who won't leave his party
tor the good of his country should
leave his country for the good of all
I don't want a machine. I've tak
en too many apart.
Good government consists in mak
Ing It easy o do right and hard to
do wrong.
AVe must abolish undeserved pov
erty aa well as unearned wealth.
One can do no wrong in battling
for. the well-being of mankind.
Every wise man must abhor, every
good man must condemn, those who
refuse equal Justice to ail the people.
To nse the whitewash brush U
considered true gentility; to tell the
truth fearlessly Is mud-slinging.
Under the present world condi
tion I favor universal . aervlce and
universal training. If it is a privi
lege we should all enjoy it; if tt la
a duty none should be allowed to
shirk it
Protestant or Catholic. Jew or Gen
tile, all must atand equal before the
law. To do more would be special
privilege; to do lesa would be vio
lating my sworn duty. , il"TTn
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