The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 22, 1919, Page 6, Image 6

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Get Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
riiaJLi3 the Joyful -fry of thousands
since Dr. Edwards produced Olive Tablets,
the substitute for'calomeL
Dr. Edwards, a practicing physician for
17 years and calomel's old-time enemy,
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stipation and torpid livers.'
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets do not
contain calomel, but a heaiinz, soothinfl
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normally. They never force them to
unnatural action,
If you have a "dark brown mouth" now
and then a bad breath a dull, tired
feeling kk headache torpid liver and
are constipated, youH find quick, sure and
only pleasant results from one or two lit
tle Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets at bedtime.
Thousands take one or two every night
Inst to keep right Try them, 10c and
25c per box All druggists.
Additional Credit Given
Italy by Treasury Heads
WASHINGTON, March 21. An
additional credit of $75,000,000 was
given Italy today by the treasury' de
partment, bringing Italy's total
credit np to $1,496,500,000 and the
total to all the allied nations to .$8,-832.410.660.
Letter . to Governor Lodges
.Protest Against Turning
Clocks Ahead
"We ar toll -rushing our lives
away fast euongh as it is." protests
a person who signs bim&elf "a farm
er," In a letter to Covernor Olcott.
asking the governor not to allow
the clocks In Oregon to b turned
ahead an hour on March 30. "You
can see plainly this fast time Is 'on
ly to give the city people a little
more time to run arouud, tne
farmer. He writes:
"Now. Mr. Olcott. will you please
help all of the bard-working people
by keeping our clocks just as they
are. We all are rushing our llTes
away fast enough as It is and if it
wasn't for the farmer where would
the city people her Toa can see
plainly this fast time Is only to give
the city people a' little more time
to run around. The world over has
always gotten along well these many
years without auch changes of time,
and as far as the saving of light
there is Uothing to it, just a double
expense and an awrui hardship, ror
you well know the working class of
people do their part getting np early.
And just think of the little children
who have to go to school two or
three miles, what time they-have
IJke Peptlron .May B Ju-t What
Yoa Xed Thi Spring.
Probably nine people out of ten
have lost or are lotmg their grip on
health in these trying --months of
awful epidemics, exposure to damp,
changeable weather, and association
with sick people In overheated
nnleted blood. Iom of the red
corpuscles, shattered nerves. loss of J
appetite, ami. coiy leeunxn in iuc
head. Irritability, all loudly call for
the real tonic strength and nourish
ment that Peptlron will give you. It
Is a wonderful corrective of anemic
tendency, paleness, languor, nerve
Peptlron restores the red cor
puscles to the blood and gives a
natural vigor and snap that keeps
up courage, makes you cheery and
helpful to your family and friends,
and contributes wonderfully to the
health of all. Remember this one
thing as vitally, positively true
Peptlron. is a real Iron tonic
to be on the road, sleepy and tired.
Studying Is work for them.
"Now, Mr. Olcott. there Is many
and many a person who Is stricMy
against such time and we all feel
you are the oae to look to for help."
Individual chocolates 5 cents. Fo
sale everywhere.
Read the Classified Ads.
. -J -MiilWHttwwWWBWWW1l,WIW)W1it1W
e 000 1 uut tee
Pockets, But' We
The policy-of the People's Cash Stotre is big sales with small profits, which is better than
small sales with large profits. "We are getting daily market bulletins and if there is any
deeline in market prices, we are the first to ive you the benefit of it. Please remember
we always sell at the lowest prices in the line of Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing and Shoes.
But our Saturday specials are always surprising the public. Our specials for Saturday,,
and will continue Monday are as follows: V
Olympic and Snow Drift flour ....... $2.90
Fisher's best hard wheat flour ....,.$2.75
Valley flour .................. .....$2.55
.10 pounds Pancake flour ...... .... .65c
10 pounds Corn Meal, yellow and
white . . . . . . ... ............ .65c
10 pounds Oat Meal ........... . I . . . .69c
ITead Rice, per pound
Broken Rice, 4 pounds
White Beans, 2 pounds
Lima Beans, 2 pounds ,
Macaroni in packages . y,
Macaroni in bulk, 2 packages .......
2 bigpackages Cream of Barley ....
o0 percent reduction in all kinds of .Coffee. . Below the wholesale price. A PREMIUM
Armour 's and Libby 'g milk, can 14c
Sweet Corn, per can ,15c
Carnation and Borden's milk, can .....15c
Good quality Green Peas, can ....... . .15c
Standard ;Brand Tomatoes, can 15c
Pineapples, per can ......... j.......... 23c
Del Monte 'a Pork and Beans, tall can ,14,c
Clams, tall cans . ........... ,18c
Table Pride Salmon, tall cans ,17c
Xiibby's, 2V2 pound can dill pickles ....19c
All kinds of Nut Margarine Butter,
per pound .... . . . X . . .34c
Peanut Butter in bulk, 2 pounds '.30c
Raisins, per package ...11c
Big reduction in cooking oil in cans, bottles or in bulk. Also big reduction in Lard, Crisco,
Shortenings and Compound. Ten per cent reduction in all kinds of syrups and molasses.
Six bars White Flyer soap ........... .25c
Crystal White, per bar 5c
$1.75 brooms
Mop sticks ..
1 1 Burbank .potatoes, per sack .
4 T1 1- ' . i s "
rrcsn eggs, per uozen .--..
Selected onions,. per pound
Alaska best herring, 6 for .
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The Management of The!
I 1 186-194 N. Commercial St.
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Salem, Ore.
25c m
Movement by Churchill Fol
lows Enactment of Part
Time Measure
With the enactment by the recent
legislative of the law known aa the
"part-time ball." State Supe:tntenJ
ent of Public Inatructioa J. A.
Churchill Is planning to begin a cam
paign for a tay-in-achool" move
ment. Under thia new law all chil
dren must atar In afhool until thoy
hate reached the age of 16 yeara.
tin less they hare completed the work
of the first eight elementary grades.
If at the age of 18 y" hlld
has not completed tho flra. eight
grades in the public achoola, he mutt
either stay la school up to the age
of 18 yeara or until he has com
pleted his work; or. If he be legal
ly employed, ha must attend a part
time school for at least fire bouri
a week throughout the school year.
"Oregon .has had for yeara one of
the oest compulsory education laws
In the union.53 says a statement
yesterday by the state educational
department. "In one of the reports
of the United Slates commissioners
of education, the 0:egon law was cit
ed as a model, and as oae which can
be most easily enforced. That re
sults are being secured under this
law and the general ejsteni of the
public schools In this state is clear
ly brought out by the statement of
Colonel May at the reception given
to him In the governor's office a
few days ago. Colonel May told of
the large proportion or Illiterates
among the troops coming from cer
tain sections of the United States.
but said that there wa no. Illiteracy
in the Oregon regiment. He further
stated that the 162nd rtgiment (the
Third Oregon) attracted marked at
tention everywhere on account, not
only of the physical appearance -f
the troops, hut of the high, average
of intelligence which was manifest
la the actions and appearance of the
Oregon boys.
"In order that the state may se
cure value received for every dpi
lar Invested In public education. It
Is necessary that all Children of
school ar attend school throughout
tendent Churchill will send to every
county judge and county achool su
perintendeat.a letter urging them to
appoint the truant officer rMjnired
by law and to see that no parent
permits a child under his care to
remain out of school. One of the
commendable feature of "-Oregon;
law Is that the child Is not halel
into court, bat that the parents are
made responsible and may be ar
rested and fined If they do not ful
fill their duty. The eastern and
southern states are becoming arous
ed as to the absolute necessity of
educating all the children of this
country. In order for Or?gon to
hold her rank as "rint." extiene
diligence Is necesaty upon the part
of state and ctronty officials. In
Massachusetts a special committee
composed of-two senators, four rep
resentative?. and three members at
large, have just completed and pub
lished an exhaustive survey of the
schools of that state with recom
mendations for Immediate remedial
legislation. While Oregon InsUU
upon a child being kept In school un
til he has completed the eight grade,
Massachusetts has been holding that
the child only need be held for the
completion of the fourth grade. The
fommittee recommends that they at
once raise the requirement to tn
eighth grade and that they, hold -the
child if school until he has' reached
te age of 15 years, beeinnlng wfth
September 1920. and 16 years be
ginning with 1921. The Massachn
setts committee makes a number of
other recommendations asking for
laws that have been working suc
cessfully in Oregon for number of
years. It asks that the annual nen
us law be restored. This Is neces
sary In order to enforce the compul
sory education law. It also asks
that a state certification law be en
"Under the operation of the new
part-time law and of the raisin? of
the standards for the compulsory
education law, , Superintendent
Churchill hopes through the "stay
ln-school" campaign to hold every
boy and girl In school until they
have completed the eighth grade.
With our remarkable growth n high
schools Mr Churchill is snre that
those completing the eights pradc
will by that time realize the value
of an education so tha:'. practically
all ,-wlll jo on 'through the high
Road Bond Bill May Go on
Ballot in June Election,
Says Brown
Section. 1. (JiiBlr 4 29 tin of
1919. ralllnr a sneelal election for
1 June 3 and enumerating a number
or enactments the Ian legislature
that are to go on the ballot a, that
time. Aot-m Hot nrohibit eonntlea from
placing on the ballot as local issaes
questions ox issuing bonds or war
rants for the construction and malnC
tenance of Dermanent hiehwars This
in substance is the reply of Attorney
General Brown to District Attorney
Max Gehlhar of Marion county.
The chaDter In the session lava
calllnr a special election state that
the legislative enactments enumer
ated and no others shall ro on the
ballot. According to the attorney
general mis oars only othet legisla
tive enactments, leaving the county
measures free to be voted on under
chapter 103. laws of 191S.
In Marlon county a vote on the
question of Issuing . f 1.009,000 In
16 Ounces
A Pound
100 Ccntj
The Truth Admitted, at Last
The Meat Trast
Of Salem
Has admitted at last that they are bnneoins; jou in their ailrcrtUing of price. They li
mit that' they Wficvr you all ar rcry S1MPLK am! FOOLISH. They 'adrcrtwe a act of
rrices for ONE. day a week to compete with our REGULAR price and below they uy
no change in their regular prices and quality: They admit that they are buying poor,
scrub stock to offer you as a bait to come to them and be robbed.
"We have reduced the price of meats 50 per cent since we eame lere, and we offer yoo
the best quality of meats at anywhere near the price. We are killing as good a quality of
beef as any market inthe country and we DEAL SQUARE with YOU. We have only tie
ONE PRICE for every piece of meat in our shop and for everyliody.
Has the Trust Treated You Square? '
Have they done the right thing by you In the past I Do you beliere they would in
the future? Hardly. . .
We are having a hard fight to keep prices down. Are yoo helping or are yoa back
ing the" TRUST with your trade and ns with your wordst We ar 'doing all we m fo
help you. Are yon doing your share to help us! The future prosperity of Salera depends
on whether newcomers can live reasonably here or are to be robbed. Reasonable cost ef liv
ing helps a city. We are doing r bit. You are SURE of a SQUARE DEAL here. Has
. the TRUST ever given yon a square dealt
Shoulder Steak, pound 15c
Round Steak, pound 18c
Loin Steak, pound 20c
T Bone Steak, pound M. .20c
Boiling Beef, pound lVfcc
Pot Roast, ound 15c
Liberty Steak, pound 16c
Sausage, pound' 20c
Beef Liver, pound 8c
.Beef Tongues, pound 12Vc
Veal Chops, ponnd 20c
Mutton Chops, pound 20c
Pork Chops, pound.: .Sc
Shoulder Veal Roast, lb 15c
Yeal Stew, pound .15c
Leg Yea!, pound 20o
Leg Mutton, pound 20c
Leg Pork, pound ........ ,25c
Pigs Heads, ponnd 8c
Bacon Butts, pound ..'....25c
Fresh Side Pork, pound 25c
Shoulder Pork, pouad 24c
Shoulder Mutton, pound
Salt Side Pork, pound 25c
-Best sugar cured bacon, lb S5c
Best sugar cured hams, lb 34c
Best sugar eured bacon backs, lb 35c
Best sugar cured cottage rolls, lb 32c
Best sugar cured bacon butts, lb. 24c
No. 3 Pure Lard 80c
No. 5 Purs) Lard $L33
Best sugar cured picnie hams, lb. .....3c
We have stood the raise of stock and kept our prices down as we promised.
Fighting Salem's Meat Trust
What viould you have had
to pay fop MEAT without
our fight against the trust?
Not connected with any other market in Salem.
No 40 to 50 per eent Profit here. YOUR MARKET. C '.
Market Gn
16 Ounces
A Pound
121 S. Commercial Street. Salem, Oregon
Phone 104.
100 Cc&U
road bonds Is contemplated.
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