The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 21, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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r'. I
Are better for anyone -who needs glasses.
If you need glasses you need TUXKTALS.
Jewelers and Opticians
, N. W. Corner State and Liberty St.
tally asked that persons having ma
terial which might be made Into
practical garments turn it in if they
bare no ose for it, as y can be Con
verted into children's dresses. Wher
garments are worn they need cot
be mended.
r r - i
Stated meeting of. Pacific
lodge, No50. A. F. & A.
this evenine. . A fnll
attendance is requested by
order of the W. M, Husinej of im
portance. Changing of the by-ia'ws.
The Big Dance
Armory Saturday night, 8
P. m.
Would Collect Monev
Complaint was filed yesterday In
the Justice- court by. U .M. Travis
against Amiel Neinchlclt and wife
for the collection of money.
With Our Complete Equipment
Refined serrice and latest meth
ods of embalming, 'twill be a "funer
al beautiful." Webb & Clough Co.
Dr. C. R. O'Neill
Optometijlst-optician. released
. from naTal service, will be at his of
fice permanently , after April 1st.
Rooms 5 and 6 Ladd. &llush bank
building. . ,
in a partition between two rooms.
The fire department distinguished
the blaze before it had done much
harm. No cause could be assigned
for the fire, as there .was no chim
ney nor electric light wire near.
Wenest Market Prices Paid
For dressed hnr hoof anrl vonl
Independent Market, phone, 104.
Bread and Pantry Sold
As well as peanut brittle. In Da
vies shack,, 3S7 State street.
Soldier Mirfit -
The Woodmen1 of the World will j
t . . . . . i
noiu open nouse ior reiurnea boi
diers and sailors Friday night, March
21. Special high Jinks night Vaude
ville, music, etc. All soldiers, sail
ors and marines in the city cordially
invited. McCormack hall, 8 p. m-
Under New Management
The Monmouth hotel, recently
opened by W. A. Green. Dining room
open at regular hours. Up-to-date
service and accommodation.
by a score of 13 to 7, defeated the '
aviation champions of the whole A.
E. F. They were to play Bordeaux
on the 25th, and If they won that
they were to go to Parii to play the
finali and then, according to tb
promise of their marine major,
home. So the Salem soldiers were
practicing and playing to the full
limit of their strength and ability.
Bread and Paltry Sold
As well as peanut brittle. In Da-
vies rhack, 387 State street.
Receipts, Notes and All Blanks
At Statesman Job office.
Standard Krai. Books
in dnnlicate. Statesman lob of
ftr In Partition
Slight damage was done yester-
dir to the home of C. w. noescnen
st 292 North Summer street when a
fire was discovered Just after noon
atop st
A Borne Awsy from Home
Strictly Modern 11-00 per day
14 Haaata mt ftU Caatfart
Only lioUl ta Business Distlrct
Lively Two-Step
Armory, Saturday night.
8 p. in.
Defendant Wins Case
A verdict for the defendant was
returned yesterday in the caee of
Ella G. Underwood against Isaac
Conklin and others on trial in the
circuit court. The opinion was held
that fhe statute of limitations had
run ;its course and nothing could be
collected from the 'suit. In the after
noon a Jury was drawn for the case
of nC. Hallberg against P. W. Gei
ser. f J
Seeder Pays Fine
II. N.vlloppes, who was arrested
Wednesday night at 9:30 by Officer
Thompson for speeding on North
Fifth street between D and Hellevue
was released after paying a $5 fine.
Smelt in Any Quantity Reasonably
priced at ruts; Market.
Free ftound Trin
. M. II. A. dance near Chemawa Fri
day. March 21. Auto leaves Masonic
Temple 8:15.
Salem-Portland Stage
Will leave Bligh
dally for Portland.
hotel 9 a. , m
Soldiers' Night
The Woodmen of the World will
hold open house i for returned sol
diers and sailors Friday night. March
21. Special Jhlgh Jinks night. Vaude
ville,, music, etc. All soldiers, sail
ers and marines in the city cordially
invited. McCormack hall, 8 p. m-
Dr. Mott
Physician and Surgeon has moved
his offices to the Bank of Commerce
building, rooms 407 and 408. Hours
from 9 a. m. to 12 m., and rrom
p. m. to 5 p. m.
Victor Celebrate
Members of the Y-3 basketball
team Wednesday night celebrated
their victory over the Dallas fyt
cluo with a banquet at the Y. M. C
A. rooms. -Herbert Socolofsky, cap
tain of the players, acted as toast-
L. g, nowland, Edar M. Bowlmd
Rowland Printing: Co.
(Formerly Beaver State Printers)
222 State St. Patton Block
Phone 1512
Kuit IUmU
The suit of John J. Berry against
Il'Svverson and others was' dis
missed on a motion for non-snit
made by the defendants. The case
Involved a sawmill at Gates.
Highest cash price paid for clothing,
musical instruments, tools, etc.
337 Court St. Phone 493
Hep and Vttx TrH
Armory. Saturday night p. m.
Unndry, the Auctioneer Want
Three carloads' of ased furniture
Phone 510 or 511.
New location 379 State Street
Anything la -the line of electric
"fixtures. .
Will bay or trade all farmers
produce, apples and eggs. -
The People's Cash Store
; Phone 453.'
1SG-196 North Commercial St.
We Can Snmdr
; With anr amount of smelt and
salt fish. Fitts' market
IUmivI Orcanizeil
Th hnarrl of trustees of the First
Congregational, church -met .Wednes
day evenine and organized lor an
aggressive campaign. , Professor W.
I. Staler was elected, chairman anu
Mark McCallister secretary of the
board. The rest of the members are
II. S. Poisal. C. F. Elgin. C. E. At
bin. O. II. Gingrich, and It. B, Flem
ing. V
. Soldier .Xiirht .
The Woodmen of the world win
hold oDen house for returned sol
fliers and sailors Friday night. March
21. Snecial hiah jinks night. Vaude
ville, music, etc. All soldiers, sail-
. - .
ors and marines In the city coraiauy
invited. McCormack hall, 8 p. m.
Dr. J. O. Mat tli U
Associated with Dr. Clements, of
fice 409-10 Bank of Commerce. Of
fice 573. Besidence -9C.
Hory Hoar for Children
Saturday morning is as always
the children's hour at the public li-
m m
brary. There Is a welcome ior ai
of them at the story hour at 3:30
and 10130.
Sell VMir Furniture, IUnce, lleatet
Wagons, tools, harness, buggies-
and In fact anything of value to
Woodry, the auctioneer. Phones
510 of 511.
Vernoa Tvler. son of Mrs; E. S-
Tyler of this city, has gone to East
ern Oregon where he will be em
ployed by his brother on a farm near
J. A. Kauffman is here from Am
erican Falls seeking a location in
this city.
State Treasurer and Mrs. O. P-
Hoff have returned from Portland-
where they went to meet their son-
who was expected to come, througn
that, city on his way home from
Franre. He was sent on a northern
route to Camp. I.ewis, however, and
hi parents failed to see him.
X. J. Phillippi of Stayton is at tha
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Williams are
here from -Portland and are guests
at the Marion.
Dan Wicklander departed yester
day for Escanaba, Mich., where he
will attend the funeral of his broth
er. C. W. Pelker leU yesterday for
Inverness. Mont.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Crider came over
from Dallas yesterday on business.
E. H. Bliss of Monmouth is stop
ping at the Bligh.
Oscar Steelhammer Is here from
Silverton and is stopping at the
E. E. Shaw of Dalas registered at
the Bligh yesterday.
M. O. Wilklns. who managed the
automobile show at the state fair
Mr. nassed the night, at the
Mat-inn H came here from Port-
nA and will eo on today to Albany
to be present at the opening of auto
dirplay there.
J. ,W. Moore Is here from Gates
and is at the Bligh.
Henry Odell Is an Aberdeen, n
vUitor at the Bligh.
J. B. Littler returned Wednesday
nlgbt from Albany, where he passed
two days on legal bminess.
George Smith Is here from .Port-
Jack McCarthy is a Portland vis
itor in town. He will go cn to Al
bany today.
i i
P !!4.
Extraordinary Special my
This is the most oxtraonlinnry Motive s;ile wc have hcM for
a long time. Wc have Mcurnl two sample lines from fore
most manufacturers ami have titken choice Lloues from uur
line that are slightly crushed but not soiletl.
You will find a lon$ ranpe of sizes to select
every waist offered is from Spring lines.
Do not miss this opportunity
Choice Blouses
from and
U. G. Shipley Go.
Quality Merchandise ' Popular Prices'
We Will Tay Top Irice For
Good fat hens. Call us befoje you
sell. E. C. Cross & Son.
Can! of Thank
We wish to. thank our many
friends for their sympathy and at
tendance during our recent bereave-
ment in the loss or Kllzaoem ecn-sler.
S. J. Wetbsler.
Al Halderman.
Mr. and Mrs.-Ualph llensley
t'oino to the Pie Siell
And entertainment at Kruitland
SstnrHav nirht. March 22. R
pv uwi ,- - - ri
r ' ill. Kvervbody cordially invited.
A good time assured yon The pies
win tw auctioned bv Woodry. the
Now Is the Time to (X KM of The
t'gJr Kpot.
Do you know how easy it Is to re
mnr those nrlT snots so that no
one will call you freckle-face
Pimply get an oance 01 uinm.
double strpngth. from your druggist
and a few applications should show
you how easy it is to rid yourself of
freckles and get a beaotuui coni
r.lMtnn. The sun and winds of
March have a strong tendency to
bring out freckles, and as a result
more Othine Is sold in this monm.
for the double
strength Othine. as this Is sold under
guarantee or money back It U laus
to remove the freckles.
Quickly done.
Phone 379 J
Hay For Sale
Ten ton wheat hay for sale, in
quire at Shafer's Harness shop or
j phone either 411 or?l 5 9 3.
For Kent
Two good, houses, close in. See
J. II. Lauterman, care of Argo hotel.
Ilobln It. lay
lias opened his law office In the
Ladd & Bush bank building.
Legal TUanks 1 . .
Get them at the statesman 300 or
fice. Catalog on application.
Furniture, ranges, heaters, tools
and, in fact, anything you have
to sell. I buy for cash. Phone
510 or 511.
WOODRY, The Auctioneer
Couple Are Married-
Justice of the Peace Lnrun yester7
day married Thomas R. Eaton, aged
1 28, a ; Salem laborer, and Pearl E
Myers, aged 19, also of this city.
Playing Football in Frances-
Sergeants "Vic ' Tayior ana ram
Hendricks, of Salem, member. of
old Company M, but later of guard
Company No. 1, at Nevers. France,
but now with the marines in a foot
ball siuad made up of university
men from all over theCnited States.
most of them stars, had. up to reo
ruary 21. remained with the outfit
for about a morh, without beinsr
eliminated, and had played in three
games, the first one being a tie and
the last ones being victorious for
their team. The third game was at
Tours. Feb. IS. where their team.
Mount An eel Commission
Man Is Said to Have Sold
Them to Two Buyers
Banquet Is Climax of
Successful Game Season
The "5-Y" basketball team closed
a successful reason with a banquet
last night at the V. M. C. A. The
boys were out in force with their
girl friends. Captain Herbert Soco
lofsky acted as toastmaster and
called on everyone present receivln
a hearty repoaae"ach time.
The team consists of the follow
ing: Herbert Socolofsky. captain
and lert guard. James Putnam, man
ager. Julian Uurroughs. right for
ward: Ctorge Tatri. left guard:
Merrill Porter, center: Lloyd !
hannon. sub.: Harold Socolofsky.
sub.: Frank Hrown, sub.; Herbert
pent, masrot.
Tb team won evrry catnc of the
reason. The rerord was as follows:
Opposing Tram Team
Mute school s ... -
Mute jrhool 1 '
North Salem X 29
North Salem forfiet to "5-Y"
Hnnt tu-hool 12 !
c-. itv Mrh nirkiio team 1 j ....
Dallas at Dallas 13 . ? 1
Timlin nt Y 14 .2
Total scores Z . .- 1
If you nave any Junk or Second
hand goods of any kind. See us
271 Clieineketa M. llione HUH
I Hearing Is Saturday
Saturday moraine at 10 o clock
I Gilbert Lyons and Lloyd Zachary
two boys arrested for forging checks.
will be given a hearing berore tne
juvenile court. Meanwhile they are
Ibeing lodged in the county jail.
Srhottisrlie and Walla-
Saturday night. Armory, 8 p. m-
Office 660 U. S. Nat. Bank Bldg.
Bonn 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Phone SSt
Slf North Capital St. Phone 469
' Diseases of Women and Nerrons
Irtificial Teeth
Have artificial plate man, over 35
years experience. Dr. Beecbler, den
tist. 202 U. S. Nat. bank bids,
Ye Will Pay Top Trife For
Good fat hens. Call ns before you
sell. Br' C. Cross & Son.
run iou"
m s
COCIITF.SY. Catfrt nawellk
(kr at mdra
Oatrallr lat4. Celet !
all carllae.
r.i.Kww n. Him m a-r.
Barton does battery work. Any
make tested free. Charging and re
pairing. Masonic temple, pbone.1200.
Ten CarUteuU of Automobiles
The Southern Pacific bridge gang
has been building a new platform
down on Ferry and. Front streets
the old one having become too shaky
through age, for the amloading of
automobiles and other matninerjr
for Salem dealers and others. There
are 16 carload of automobiles due
in Salem, over the Southern Pacific
lines alone, and the bridge gang was
hurrying p the job yesterday in vf-
dr t Ik; ready to unload mem. ahu
still' (ho automobiles come.
.;, - ' . - " tf
llniirs Slijwk. Mt :W7 Stale street
('an supply you with pastry luado
at the Heiiie-iiakery.
ii larjr'
is we can.
I'M rid n to Ihj AiUMMimeil -
All arrangements have been row
pletwi for -the. He'd Cross clothing
drive and distritts will be announced
in (he 'paper Suixlay. It is e pec-
Just recriveil
incut of Jisln-s
over 2-V1 lozcn i-ecs. V?
uitpiH'KiiiK thi'iii an las
(iv your chDH'e
of tlicsi gool bargains. Tin y
sell for 10c to 25c a piece.
Also Granite anl Aluminum
5c, 10c, 15c, 25c Store
152 N. Commercial St.
The alleged selling one car of
potatoes to two purchasers failed to
prove a successlul venture for Nick
Schmaltz, a commission merchant of
Mount Angel, against whom a lar
ceny charge was sworn out yester
day by th firm of Maagis brothers
of this city. To thH complaint
thera attaches a complicated tale.
A wlr a co last Friday Schmaltz
is claimed to have arranged to ship
440 sacks of spuds alleged to have
been worth $622 to thj local brok
ers. On Saturday he held a tele
phone conversation with a member
of ths firm, giving him the num')cr
of the ear. which had been sent out
on a. bill of lading. Mangis broth
ers mailed him a draft on a local
bank and on S-i.iday Schmaltx M
supposed (o have rome to Slt-i i and
attempted to crt it casncu iy u "
rleik. but failing in this, returned
Mvan while ho is said to tiav? r-
..tiol n ti in'tlliricK lf tne I'lir- lhat h had mail-l th. b:.l
nNladini; and it must have be-n d-
layrd in the poKtofllre. t is fiu
diwovery was finally imd mai
bad gon to the Miumern i-aciuc
ofi'ice before cashing thi flrau aJ'i
hd asked that the :iI of lading
i. ..itered. Mvinu he wa.4 an arent
n1 had a. rinht lo do this. Thei
load of potatoes then went cn to
California, where they had iieen oiu
to the Delia Growers and alreaay
conlracted by retail dealers. Conse
quently they had already travelea
to far to be brought back (o Man
gis Drothers.
Burglars Take Overalls
horn Store at Tamer
Early Inspection Is
Granted Teel rrojec
Ore con theatre.
The aigbty organ was playe4 for
he fir.t timv Ut night atd the play
ho was thronrM for hours wit
a crowd of rarinaa mutie Iovr
I ObIt a small Prt of th ia'trasrst
i l Iible. the compute taarimta-
. .iaa Keruoard oezore wn.rn me or-
Raymond Ballard Intro daccj gaai.u its. way P uhiad the ut
Mammoth Instrument to
Theatre Patroni-
First it plays a conrert from one
side and then from the othf and
first thing yoi know two rooeerts
are goinn on. That's what the new
Hope-Jones Wurlitier unit orchestra
rliH lat niht when ltaimond lial-1 1
lar.l irtrn.lur.-tl IhclrW MUiral In- I
fee work on the left haai side, ar-
ranrel etnpxctly la a Pttle reoo
are tfce.plpe. !h saare aed t!ue ket
tle drums aad all th ret ef tfc
parapberna?ia that create the teoaa
inr wlndj. blrd-i:k tUrs. chlsnes
nd a great var'.ty cf ni4 that
tbe organ caa produce- Mr. lUllard
as a soeria! featcre. p!ni to
lections at the ep-nirg l earn per
formanr. etlallr . Intended t
how off th great iminW f tne
strument to a crowded hou. at lhUh tnstrnwat create.
To inspect the Teel irrigatloa dis
trict prior to passine on ii.iww.vwv
in honda which the distilct aks the
irrl?ntlnn aeeuritis ronimission to
certify, iihe commission, composed
of State Engineer Cupper. Attorney ltrown and State lUnk Su
..,i.i.nn Will II. ll.'.inelt will
rn to Echo Monday. O. l. Teel. J
Frank Spinning and Ai ! Thomp-
-?nn rAnrAtAlttlnf I he ili.trirt. were
here yesterday and aked the roin
mlai'n to take eatly action, which
the commission azre.M to lo.
The district has Issued $1.200.00'
In bond, of which $1 . worth
have be.i sold, and th. rommliian
i asked to certify th- remalnde-.
The projec t cover l;.'ert acres. Wa
ter is -conveyer from a tributary of
th John I.iv riv.-r and turned Into
I'.iilter (re'k for distribution to the
i arreagJ l onrieen iuii "i rui.
f i v mils or flume ami two mile oi
tunnel ate necesmary to tak" th wa
ter aeN lh. divide tJ isutter creek.
The fir-t Chiropractic ha jut rccrivcl another
i.icrile.l riulorsi-menl. Chiropractic aJjusijiicnts are now a
prcM.-ril.ed part of the car given to herocn of American
Although a comparatively y.ung M-icucc it virtue are
s.i apparent lhat national auihoriii.-s arc alrraJr givmir iU
endorNoment ly procrtl-ing Ms uc.
Dr. O. L. Scott
Chiropractic Spinologitt.
::r.-:n2 I. S. National Ilank HMjf.
iturlars entered the s-nenl mer
rhandisn utore of Moore brothers al
Turner Wednesday night by break,
ing through ;la of front door. Sev
eral pair's f overaiU were takeu
from flock of lry sooI.. but as far
as aseertai.ied n other aitielcs wer
stolen. llurclary is believed t'
have been work of holtoes, as a nur
ple were seen on the street al t a.
in. Tha case was reported to Shei
Iff W. . Needbam, who Is Investi
gating. ,
We will pay
36c Cash and 37c Trade
for Strictly Clean
Fresh Eggs
IWoodry's Auction Market
Every Saturday 10:30 a. ra. and 1-0 p. m. ' j
SATURDAY. MARCH. 22, 10:30 A. IL f '
f 1 i..h1 floats wcicht alut "." haiimI rath.
I :;r, pure l.rvl white Irjrhorn jmllcla, rxtm fine.
(. mire brr.l white l-phorn tfMrkercK cxtrn fine.
pure li. I. If'l puuris cxir uur.
pure hrv'l K. I. rtK-kertU, extra fine.
Sorrel mare, 10 vean weigrnt jui r-unus i-rokca
in?le ami lulIe, a liti? driver. f
1 ptl young Jersey cw.
new trailer.
:i I inch Mitchell wajron, vile tire.
i inch SttuUhaker wapon, wMc tire. 'z tniek.
I inch Main vrasron, wide tire, wilU uar raek.
1 set single harntss.
2 rrraiii separator.
'2 plows, fKU, ct .
(ue ton FopI lni U, wiih Smith j.tla. hm-nt, villi 11 ; linr
1:30 P. M. Funiiturr, ranee. hc-iter, clc. If ynn have
anvlhin- for sale, 'It'im? it i. I l'v waiting for
most anvlhii.jr oit har. I buy forrah r mtiII s-II oh emu
mUiMn." Don't fnrl tW hig Stm-k SIe April .'.th. n-I
in your liNlinys not later than Marth -:th, that it may Ij
julvertised. ,
r. N. WOODRY, Auctioneer, Phone 510 or 511
t; p
I !