The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 16, 1919, Page 8, Image 8

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symph6ny orchestra
THURSDAY, MARCH 20 -Opera House
Soloist, Mrs. James Burns Albert
: : : $1.00, 75c and 50c
Boeschen, John Hughes, Marion i the present Company M wre- the
Hughes, Gertrude Winslow, and Wit- quests of honor at a.i Informal evcn
liam Mosher.. I ine Catherine for which Mr. and Mrs.
Song..., "All the. World For Jesus"
Recitation . ."A Little L?ht Bearer"
Mildred Simla.
Mrs. Ben Olcott returned last night
from Portland, Where she has been
upending a few days. :
Mrs. Miller Bevler will bo hostess
for the member or the Tano club
at their regular meeting Monday ev
ening at the Bevier residence, 775
North Cottage street.
Eighty children, under 8 years of
ag. together wUh their mothers and
friends, were recently Vntertained
at a Little Light Bearer thank of
fering party held at the First Meth
odist church. Decoraticas and- fa
vors of green shamrock leaves and
green paper hats delicti ;ed the
hea.n of the little 6n.
Under the direction of Mrs. A. A,
lee the following program, waa pre
sented by the Little Light Bearers:
' Songv .... . ."Little Light Bearers"
Exercise. . ."A Cay Little Company"
Edwin C:oss. Isabel Morehouse, Rob
f Utter. Dorothy Maxwell. Arthur
Vocal solo. . ."Haste! Haste! Haste"
Evelyn Young
Recitation. . .'. ...... ' Our Baby"
Margaret Morehouse
Exercise : . .... ."The Little Uirds"
Virginia Befger, Maxine Myers. Hel
enita Cameron, and Virginia Holt.
Song. ....."Singing For Jesus'
Recitation, "What Is a Thank Offer
ing". .Annabelle Hawley
Sojg. . ."Gladly AVe Come"
Exercise . ."Serving the King"
Helen Chambers. Donald Chambers,
Mary and Margaret Todd. Lois and
Irraa ReeVes. Lucile Ward, and Eve
lyn Young.
Exercise,. . ... ."When I'm , A Man"'
Arthur ' Fisher, Stanley Purvine.
Floyd De Harpport, Norma Winslow,
Alfred Wakefield.
Song. . . . V. . . . . ."Little Stars"
Recitation. . .I "A Full Box''
Grace Holman.
A beautiful jubilee ba.iner was ex
hibited and the children were told
they wore c-jlebrating the fiftieth
birthday of their society. Mesdames
Morehouse. Winslow, Hawley were
appointed, captains to assist Mrs. Lee
in the work. Twenty-one new mem
bers were received into tb society.
lieutenant. Previous to that time lie
had been an auto salesman in Salem
and later associated with Oscar Hav
ler In the hitter's law ofrico in Dal
las. " ?:-"-Mrs.
W. G. Kat and daughter.
Mrs. H. R. . Hos, '.eft Fridav Tor a
few days outing at Newport
In a recent letter to Or. anil Mrs
E. E. Fisher. Miss Anna C. Berg, in
service with the American Red" Cross
In France, speaks of a numler of Sa
lem people who are in medical work
with her. Shortly after Jhe signing
of the armlf-tice Miss Berg was privi
leged to go across. Net Man's Land
ami visit some of the Interesting plac
es in the beseiped rountry.
A portion of her Utter pollows:
"You no doubt think I didn't ap
preciate your letter, but telling the
truth. I havtt rend it -time tnd again
this evening. I was so gld to hear
from you. for w have 't received
mail for three weeks nntil 'oday
Mis Williams (she refers to Ros
Claire Williams, of Salem) is awav
on detached service so 1 miss her
Wter too. You see we pichange let
ters that we get from Salem.
"I am a vine soon for Cannes in
Southern France for a month on sick
leave. It Is near Nice, rleht on the
Mediterranean and one of the most
beautiful places In the world. I will
ton In a beautiful hotel that has
LeRoy Hewlett we hosts at their
home on South Canitol street. As a
token of their resist for Oantiin oeen tasen oer oy tpe i.nited hiaies
llewlett. the officers piesented tho j fr of fleers and nurses who are re-
host and hostess with a mahogany . cuperaiing.
mantel clock-to which Captain and "' have seen" all this part of
Mrs. Hewlett responded. (France I want to. A few days af-
Special guests were Miss Orla ter tn armistice was signed we went
Welch and Charles Douglas. The of-1 ov"r No Man's Land and a few days
fice:s of the'conipany are: Linte.i- before we went almost to Metz. A
ants Shulfx and Rice; Sergeants French officer took us through the
Wright. Dav, Miles. Welch. Harris. under ground citadel of Verdun and
Burdttte. Mason, and Holcomb: cor- i we Kaw the whole place. We wer
porals.. Flanagin. Maynard, Church- I UP to Tour and Nancy when the
11 llJ-iWa
illi Robins, Dr'ager, and Thomas; mu
sicians, Gortmaker and Williams.
drives were on and It was rather
risky those days but we came out
1 all ro or. A 1
Miss Margery Spearm and Miss ! "I have been on duty a great deal
Steene. of Scotts Mills are guest i , in the heavy fracture wards and I
over the week-end ia Salem. ; want to say that there was never a
S , dav !vt we thank the Red Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Neff srj for their oakum and cotton pads. YV
visitinz with Mr. Neff's parents !n certainly used beaucoupe of them
this city for a few days before goi.i "We have a boy from Salem who
on to Portland where M1-. Neff ha- has been here about three month
a position with Olds, Wortman &
King. Mr. and Mrs. Neff are just ro
turning from a w.dding trip to Med
ford and to Eugene.
Friends have received the new
of the promotion of R. S. Kreasor.
from the rank ef lieutenant to thai
of captain of a motor truck corps
Mr. Kreason enlisted at the openinc
On Friday evening the officers of . the war was m.'.de a seiomi
v tt m a -I
Hi 1 ' J 1
with shrapnel wound which became
Infected. His name is Wyant and
he aid his folks lived on Center
street down by the river. He can
probably be sent on to a base hos
pital soon.
'We have all sorts of rumors
about going home but guess we wiP
be here for some time yet We get
a good many boys from Coblenz
Tostly fin nd exhaustion Thev
had a pretty hard travel getting here
for-we have snow now.
"I suppose you know where w
are located now. near Neuftchatean
pbout 10 kilos from the birthplace o
Jenn de Arci have been there r-ev-.?rrl
tms t;
"Miss Blodsrett (Marie BlodgetO
r ik with the mumps and certainly
feel'ng miserable. 1 tall that hard
"We are trying to talk Trench
with our maids and it's great fun
'or they are just u anxious to talk
American too. I an parley fairly
veil but I suppose I'lJ forget toute
de sweet after getting back home.
We mix French and Ainetican sjang
beautifully." -
Rrttoml to Health by Yinol.
Manville. R. i. "The whooping
rough. and later .the measles 1-ft
ruy little boy of eight years with n)
appetite, thin. fraiL decate and tir
ed all the time. After everything
else had failed Vinol gave him a
hearty appetite. Tcstored hia strength
and he is now as well as ever.'-
Mrs. James H. Hall.
The beef and rod liver peptones
iron and maneanese nentonates and
I j glycerophosphates contained In Vi-
jol were just what th.s little boy
needed to restore him to health. We
stronrly recommend Vinol. Emil A.
Schafer and dr-uggists everywhere.
P. S. Our Saxol Salve stops Itch
ing and begins healing at once.
A smart(shoe so
you forget you
Have it on!
So stylUh arc these new Red Cross Shoes that
they will give you a delightful feeling of assur
ance even on the smartest occasions!
And yet the easy lasts they are made on and
the way they "bend with your foot makes
them so perfectly comfortable that through long
hours of war work. long afternoons at exhibitions,
at concerts and meetings, they never give you
a moment of discomfort! Even the day they
are new! .
Come in today and let us show you these attrac
tive new models of the Red Cross Shoe while our
.stock is complete. Learn for yourself that you
do not have to choose between style and comfort
in footwear for these Red Cross Shoes are so
smart that you will want them at once and so
comfortable that you will forget you have them
on! '
Shoe "t""
Special Accredited Agents.
yon cannot bay them if we
cannot properly fit yon..
Vv,:? Cross
Like the pictures, Beautifully and Artistically designed in Walnut, Quartered
Oak and Old Ivory, with the price like it was before the war. As these sets
must e seen to be appreciated, notice our display in Liberty street window.
federal reserve banks might properly
rediscount for their member banks
drafts drawn by the companies on
the director general of railroad and
acceptable to him. Such drafts
ould not have a inatu.ity of more
than ninety days and would be re-
discounted at the prevailing rates of
discount for trade acceptances.
After a conference today with rep
resentatives .of the war finance cor
po.ation. the reserve board, the ad
visoy finance committee of the rail
road administration and the equip
ment companies. Railroad Rirector
Mines announced that he was consid
ering giving the companies permission-
to draw drafts or acceptances
on him for amounts due on equip
ment. The acceptance would bear
Interest at a rate yet to be determined.
y 3
rSk ! i
-- 1 - " M II T
nmmm 1 1 1
i, tV.Jifi'i1 Ml!' i'A l i
artist on the
The most enjoyable piece of furniture' you could
' decorate your home with. K
Maf Err I if r 1 I
m i
u i i fr i i it 11 1
mh m
'.'it y-
Provide Means for Paying
Equipment Companies Back
of compensating companies for lo
comotives, cars and other materials
furnished the railroad administra
tion were provided today by a rul
ing of the federal reserve boa"d that
I iX Villi fVf fl jTnStJA
M O O R E ' S
May be Overcome by Lydia
E. Pinkbam's Vegetable
Compound This
Letter Prove It
West Philadelphia, l'a, V Ihirine th
thirty years 1 have been married, 1 have
been in bad neajui
ami had several at
tacks of nervous
prostration until it
seemed as if th
organs in my whole
body were worn
out. ' I was finally
persuade to try
Lydia K. Fink hern's
Vegetable Com
pound and it mad
a well woman of
m. I ran now do
all my housework
nnl advise all ailing womi to try
Lydia E I'inkham's VejjetabU Com
pound and I will uarnte thy will
derive (rrat benefit from it." Mrs.
Frank Ftt7.gfrai.p. 25 N. 4 1st Street,
West Philadelphia, Pa
There ar thwisands of women erjj
where in Mrs. Fitzgerald' condition,
sufTrrirg from nervoasmn. backache,
headaches, and othr symptoms of a
functiontl derarigement. It was h
BTSteful spirit for health restored which
led her to write this lttr so that other
wmn may benefit from hrexperienc
and find health as sh has done.
For suggestions in rgard to your con
dition write Lydia H Pinkam Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass. The resy of their
40 years experience U at your service. .
. .'if V
Nearly 900 Ships Might Be
Used for Handling of Food
and Shipping
(By Th Attociated Prt$)
WKliUS. Wednesday. March 1 4
The mercantile fleet in German
harbors, disposition of which will b
decided at an early date at the fod
and shipping conference- at ItTiissels.
consijis. according to German fig
ures, of 723 steamers of 1.9S6.700
gross tons, and 136 sailing vessels
of 52.600 tons. The sailing craft
and some of the smaller steamers
will, however, be'left bv the entente
to Germany fo:- coastal traffic.
.Th steamer figures Include steam
rs fijished during th. war. but nit
ftie unfinished steamers, which the
Germans continue to insist cannot
be demanded under th arrtilstire.
The, fate of Certuan steam vn in
neutral ports Is not absolutely
known, although njany -f them prob
ably have Wen seized. Th I iforrra
tion regarding the action of the ne'i
Iral governments is inompl te.
The total tonnage tbat mav be
surrendered to the enterte is approx
imately 2.250.000 grosn.
With our transporUtirm facilities we in abl to pay tht
highest cash price for.'
171 South High Street Phone 1400
Boxing Legislation Cains
Favor in Western States
SAX FlNxriSTO. Manb II.---lioxing
U-jfislalio.1 t date in th4
western stateit perm its of tw:-ny-five
round Umts in Nevada and tw-nty-round
iK.uts in Ui Mate of Idaho.
The Montana WgTaturc which re
cently adjourned a-ted farw ably on
th n-w Uing bill which allows bmts. It now mint go
lMroro Ihf pKp.-. The bill provides
for a eommUsion f threo persons
V '.' appointed by the governor
who will jee that 1y reliable men
art as proinnie-v. Karh promoter
must fj.. a jr.000 Mind. guaranteeing
that he will comply with the law.
A ii-at'iiV to picrmit ten-round
bouts in California is now before
the legislature.
on the Following Tires:
One :'2: I Ma in CutiKrcvs. t
One :W):J Non Ski.l Ajax
Six :V)x-l'2 .n Skid FirtMone
One :jlx3V-: Firpstone
One aix.i'l. I'nitnl States Chain Trca.l
Tun :VlxXii l'nitr.1 Staler Cliain Tn-ad
One :51.:L. Kej.nMie Plain
One :C!x:i.. Toner.-RH lMain
One '.Y2xVz Ajax Plain
One :?2xV Miclirlin Non Ski.l :
Two :tlx4 Fisk Non Skid
One :Mx4 Coolridt Plain
One :i2xi Norwalk Non Ski.l
Two:r.x KepMie plain
One :2.4 HejHililie Non Ski.l
Two :xl l'nile. States Chain.
iif ::jxl I nilcl States Fsro
One :nx4 Fisk Non Ski.l
Three .11x4 Kelt y-S.rinKri. 1.1 Non Ski.l
Seven :4x4 Ullrich Silvrrtown (,'or.l
ne TJxI'u FireMone Non Skid
t)ne :;r,xl. .'MlriHt Saf.ty, SS
On.- '.'.CxVz tl.MHlrkh Saf.ty, (Jl)
ZX Alnne .in- all 1 slHk and are real l.arrainv
Vick Brothers
North llm-l. Street