The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 14, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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Did You Ever See
A groat leader of men or manager o industries ivlio did
not have perfect eyesight or eyesight made perfect with
correctly iitted glasses? Think it over and have your eyes
. examined. Use-our optical service, it is second to none
Jewelers and Opticians
W. Corner State and Libert v
J through the week and then return
to Washington. D. C., from which
city he will depart on April 1 for
Salem. Senator McXa-y will stay In
his home city until congress has it3
next session upon" the return of
President Wilson from France.
, I
hmm mHmmmmmmm
Harry McDaniel '
The famous Jazz pianist, Just re
turned from war, will be featured
with Cole McElroy's Jazz band, arm
ory, tonight, March 14th.
Claire Dimick Home
Another of Salens boys just back
irom France is Claire V.. Dimick.
who has been with the 61st coast
artillery, whicn was overseas eight
months. He was with the medical
Salem's Rig 1 lance
Armory, Saturday
nisht. S p. m.
Cole McElroys Jazz Hand
Armory, tonight, Mareh14th.
Attends JlotlierV Funeral
. U E. Brubaker, of Laramie, Wy
'omlng, U in Salem for a few days,
having been called here upon the
death of his mother, t Mrs. " Marin
Brubaker, whose f unCral was held
at Rigdon'a chapel Thursday morn
ing. Mrs. Brubaker left three oth
er sons, Oren, of Salem and Arthur
ajd Charles, of Norfolk, Nebraska.
Smelt in Any Quantity Reasonably-
Priced at Fitts Market. . ,'
freight train at the corner of Com
me'cial and J&Tfcrson streets. Al
though the driver wa3 uninjured,
the machine was demolished beyond
With Our Complete Equipment
Refined service and latest meth
ods of embalming, 'twill be a "funer
al beautiful." Webb & Clough Co.
A Real Dance
Civen by a real Jazz band. Cole
WIcElroy'a. ; Armory, this Friday ev
ening, March 14th.
Track In Smash-Up
' Shortly before Jaoon yesterday an
auto truck driven by ET A. Kurtz
trashed into an (Oregon Electric
Will buy or trade all farmers
produce, apples and eggs.
The People's Cash Store
Phone 453.
184-196 North Commercial St. ;
Club Meeting Tonight
Mark Woodruff of Portland will
speak at the regular monthly meet
ing: of the Salem Commercial clnb
tonight, explaining the purpose of
the state chamber of commerce.
Quickly done.
Phone 379 J
Office 860 U. 8. Nat. Bank Bldg.
Honrs 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Phone 869
f II North Capital Sty " Phone 469
Diseases of Women and Nerron
Salem Men at Camp
ith he 63rd coasd artillery.
wnich arrived at Camp Lewis yester
day afternoon were JCorporal Ed
ward K. Humphrey, Private Walter
V. Frohlich and Private Lee C Cra-
hane of Salem.
Salem'? Rig Danre
Armory, Saturday nigh. S p. m
Mill Run JM2 per Ton
This week.. J. D. Waring Co.
Hay For Sale
Ten ton good wheat hay for sale
F. E. Shafer, 170'South Commercial
street, rnone 4ll or lu93.
Visits I'nrle in Salem
Markham Anderson is in Salem
visiting his u'acle, S. M. Garrison
He recently was given his discharge
f rm the navy after having made 1 1
trips across the Atlantic. He was oh
the Northern Pacific at the time f
went ashore on Fire Island.
I IVanre.-MR. A. Hall XwrChemawa
-" Tonight, Maeh 14! Five auto ser
vice from Oregon Electric.
Legal Blanks -;
Get them at the Statesman job of
fice. Catalog on application.
Ackrrman in Portland
Sergeant-Major Glenn C. Acker-
man was met ednesday in Port-
laid upon his arrival from France
by bis father, mother and ister
of this city. He returned with a
casual company, as he broke ! his
right shoulder in a fall from a
French freight train. Within a
short time he will receive his dis
charge at Camp Lewis.
Big Saturday Special On
flop Wire ajid. Hides of all
kinds. Before yon sell see ns.
271 Cbemeketa. St. Phone 398
Highest Market rricea Paid
For dressed hogs, beef and ver. J
Independent Market, phone "104.
Senator At RirminghaiiH .
Fnited States Senator Charles L
McNary is now at Birmingham, Ala.,
according to a letter just received
by hi3 brother, John MeNa-y.
expects to remain in the s uU.
Jk H HOTEL I I 1 1 A
fiAfl roR YOtr "A- ' Bid.,
GOtTRTEST. CeMfert, kenellke
atnabr at
Oat rally locate. Ceaveateat tm
U arllmea.
top at
A Home Away from Horn
Strictly Modern $1.00 pr day -
100 R-aa mt Solid Comfort
Only Hotel in Business Dlstirct
Moving to 37 State Street.
Follow us up.
Cole McElroy's
Salem' I tig Dane?
Armory, Saturday night, 8 p. m.
Card of Thanks
We wish to thaik the friends and
neighbors for the kindness and sym
pathy shown us in our bereavement
the dath of our beloved wife and
mother which we greatly appreciate
Martin Brubaker
O. L. Brubaker and wife
and I. E. Hrubaker.
Grand Jury Meets
This morning the Marion county
grand jury will meot at the court
house to prepare for the spring term
of the circuit court, which opens
Monday. The jurors are W. H
Steusloff. II. S. Gile. Leonard Bar
nick. Arthur Schwab, James J. Hall,
M. M. Masee aid George Will.
Judge P.rcy R. K"lly of department
"o. 1 will also be here today in
order to make ready next week's
business. The first case that has
been se is that of Scars versus Dan
ger for Monday morning.
2 pair best quality 65c
Only tvo flair to a customer
32c Cof fee" .9c
Ginghams 24c
G Lars Lauinliy Sonji . . .25c
See our display of
Ladies' Hats
5c, 10c, 15c, 25c Store
152 N. Commercial St.
terms of a lease on a farm lx mils
north of. Salem.
j $5086 for damage
equipment is asked.
A judgment of
to crops and
Iiradenn and AWirtt in I. S.-
Vic Dradeson and Sergeant Frris
Abiitl, ilrl sergeant and company"
clerk respectively t th oil M cm
pany, arrived a. Camp Dix Tuesday,
according to a meacj revived at
Camp Iwis this wiek. They have
be.n sent on to Carip Morritt. whre
they will turn ii the rompany rec
ords, probably remaining there until
Monday or Tu.sday.
1 Her First
Andrew llingo iei
The body of Andrew J. Rlnro.
who diel yesterday at hi home at
129! Sou'h Hieh ?trrt. will be ship
pod to Clackamas fr lunenl ser
vices and burial. He is urvivd by
his widow, two daiichttMs. and nn
CkhI Fjitn of All
At th. cooked
basement of the
Episcopal church
food al.' in the
First Mthodbt
Saturday, MaYch
and doing other damage. Th.? lat
ter machine had been parked in
front of Wards drug store and ha4
no occupant in It at the time.
V. W. A. SxJal
Our girls, the second line of de
fense, a special plc'ure now slowing
at the Uberty theater.
Ir. Mott
Physician and Surgeon has moved
his offices to the Bank of Commerce
i.uilding, rooms 407 and 408. Hours
from 9 a. m. to 12 m.. and from 2
p. m. to 5 p. m.
For Kent
Two good houses, close In. See
T. If. Lauterman. care of Argo hotel.
Barton does battery work. Any
make tested free.'; Charging and re
calling. Masonic temple, phone 1200.
Want Property Iteturned
In an effort to recover possession
t 53 acres of farm land at Fair
field, Carl Francis and wire or Port
'and had fil.d a in the
'ustice court against Karl 'Fitsch.
The hearing has been set for 2 p.
m. Monday.
Store Jtrokcn Int
For the second time in the las,
few months the It. G. Henderson
store at Cbemawa was brokeu into
on Wednesday night. Itetweeu $40
and $50 in cash was taken by tht
We Can Supply
With any amount of
salt fish. Fitts' market
smelt ani
Mrs. M. Covert departed yrt,iT
day for Redmond.
knsien Fverett Fcrsuson. who
came he:e from Hremer'on ycstrr-1
day t; visit in this city, has gon
on to Portland. He" is accompa.iid
by Mrs. Ferguson and the couple will
be guests of her nothcr a short
M. Kastruck of Rasketf h-wan.
Canada, is registered at tb Bliigh
hotel for a few crays. He is on his
way o southern California for a
pleasure trip.
Krwin Wiedinan of Yachats passed
the pight at the Marion.
Don H. Cpjohn returned vester
lay from a s.iort business trip to
A. H. Ia has gone to Marshfield
on business connected with the state
C. E. Johnson, a newspaper man
of Normal. Illinois, was looking over
the capital city today, and contem
plates e.ieasing in newspaper work
in the Willamette valley.
Mr. and Mr. Otto Maler. who re
cently sold their bakery at Harris
burg, are looking over Salem with
i view of locating here.
,Leon A. IJulbctson is home from
fare Island, where he has been the
'iast seven months while In the navy.
F.state To lie Settle!
P. E. Fullertoj was yesterday ap
pointed administrator of "the eatat-
of Lo:a M. Fullerton. wh died
March 30, 1913. S. M. Endicott.
Guy O. Smith and F. L. Newman
will be the appraisers.
Revival Meeting Tonight
Leslie Methodist church.
Sterling, Barner.Tjireacker,
Taylor, singer.
Hot Roast Turkey Sii"r
And dance at Macleay, Saturday
night. Good music.
Cbemawa TUys Home '
Two Chemawa boys who have
been serving Uncle Sam in tlu navy
are home. Otto TVat'y arrived! on
Saturday night last, from the ca,ial
rone. Roy McLoed arrived. Wednes
day night, from Bremerton. He had
-erved for eight years in the navy.
Roth boys have received their dis
charges and will go back into civil
rteceipts. Notes and All Blanks
At Statesman Job office.
rtificia1 Teeth
Have artificial plate man. over 33
rears experience. Dr. Beechler, den
tist. 302 U. S. Nat. bank bldg.
S. Forbis Sued
1 M. Travis filed an action for
money in the justice court yesterday
against S. Forbis, He asks a judg
ment of $59. 0 allosed due on mer
chandise sold by a Springfield store.
March 14th
Admission Ladies, 25c; Gentlemen 75c
An Added Attraction
Dave Fuller, "the Human Canary"
A "Whistling Bird." -
All men wearing service stripes admitted free
sti--------'-'-' -------- WWW)
V. W. C A. Siec'ial
Cur girls, the second line of de
fense, a special picture now Khowfng
at the Liberty theatre.
Vagrant Get Lectin
Ldward H ppe was arrs-led yes
terday morning and hailod.i.ito the
jiiiitife con it on a charge of vagran
cy. He had been found ltcgging in
the outskirts of the city. Justice of
the Peace G. K. t'nriih ,-priinanded
the prisoner sever--ly anfl. upn his
promise-to leave the city at once
der.-l the man rtlcasd.
Cup Given School
At an assembly in th high school
yesterday afternoon Am ory Gill,
manager of the basketball team, pre
sented the student body with th
championship cup won in the Wil
lamette university tournament las
week. This has become the perman
ent property of the school, having
been won two years in 3ucc.ssiou.
Washing Won't Rid
Head of Dandruff
For Sale
Eggs for hatching from pure blood
bred to lay Anconas. Heavy winter
layers. Phone 201 W.
MiuneaM)lis Man Welw
A marriage license was issued late
Wednesday afternoon to William
Hall, a.ced 2S. of Minneaupolis in
order that he miunt wed o.i the
same day Miss Marie Bishop, aged
20. of Salem. The ceremony was
performed at the parsonage of the
Fir-s't Methodist church. Mr. Hall i3
a salesman and his bride a clerk.
Service Strie
All men wearing sen ice strips
will be admitted rree to the Liberty
theater all day Saturday.
Chinaman Is Sue!
Lee Hing yes'erday filed com
plaint acainst Hong Hop I.e.? by Ie
Hine for failure to comply with
The only sure way to get rid of
!andmff Is to dissolve it. then you
destroy it e.itircly. To do this, ge'
; hout four ounces of ordinary liquid
i-von; apply it at night when re
aring; use enoueh to moisten the
-lp and :nb it in gently with the
rnger tips.
Do this tonljjht, and by momlne.
ifost if not all. of your dandruff will
'.. and three or fctir more ap
plications ill completely dissolve
nd entirely destroy every single
igi and tracL of it. no matter ho
:;vrh danIruf you may have.
Ton will rind. too. that all itch
ing and dipcing of the scalp will slop
t one, and ycur hair will le fluf
fv. lustrous, plossy. silky and soft,
.ind look and fe I a hundr ed tine3
You ca.i pet liquid arvon at any
druu store. V Is inexpensive and
never fails to do the work.
Klamath Falls Has Record ,
in Armenian Relief Fund
ttandard Scale IJnok
In duplicate. Statesman lob
SaJem-Portland Stage
Will leave Bllgh
daily for Portland.
hotel 9
Wrk T IW-gin Swn
Hoadmaster James Culver was out
yesterday with members of the stat
'highway commission inspecting th
JeHerson road preparatory to sur
faciic a portion of it. Paving work
will b.'Kin in about two weeks.
Service Strips
AH men wearinir
will bt admitted flee
s-rvi'e strip'
to tlv I.i'.rty
tbeiter all daySturday.
Car in Sii.i1i
A tK jsnre ititrrit la.t nljtbt
.itd an autom !- frin I be Sa
1 m TaI company and v't '! from
its ftand in frnt of the l'.lich, bo
tJ. Nti .-M,n-r bad the man started
bis car 'ban be ran it straight acros
State street into a brand new one
belonging to Ibe Oscar II. Ging:ih
.Mefi.r ciiij,u.v smashing a fjder
- i
For thh week in Furniture
:f:!0 Ko!il Wnliiut t-luiirs,
set $12.00
.fl'.O Soli'l (iiiirtcr-sawcil .
Oak turret $1B.00
Lilirary TaMcs fmm
. . $5 to $20
tHi new 7 filler Steel
Beds $11.85
Just Received
A new shipment ir lianlware
Our prices an lower than
any other dealer's lecause
T a rol I.iiv. t 'oiiic in anl
look the sto-k over.
We Imy or exchange any
thing which you no longer
want or ncdl.
We can sell for less be
cause we keep our excuses
ilown. Try ns for values.
Not connected with any
other 2nd Hand Sire
in Salem.
Frank F. Richter
::77 C.Mit t S m Phone 217
i rai
)ur old fin nit me
for new.
That the patriotic lessons tanjjht
in the public schools f Klamath
Falls ar- having a permanent ef
fect is shown by a r-poit from City
Superintendent U. )ll. Dunbar, tr
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Every grade from the first to the
cichth, inclusive, of encli of the
schools of Klamath Falls has made
a liberaj subscription to the Arin"
..ian :vlief fund. ,This report shows
only the c mtributions of the f;r
eight grades, as the bub sdiooi is
under county iiianaeen'jt. b,-inic a
central hiph KchiMl .'or the on ire
county and not under Mr. ' Dunbar's
Th cont: ibutions from the ce i
tral school total $7.7; fr'Mii the
Liversid school. $!t.1!: from the
Mills s h )d.; and :roi i the
I Pelican school $1.D. Total r- i.trib-
Portland Men Re-named
orf Finance Committee
flovefnor Ob-olt .sterday reap
pointed Phil Mvtchan. J".. nd W. J.
I lof mann. Ixth of Portland, as nicie-
rs or the fLianc,- om!iii e of
the Pacific Northwest Tourist association
Three Willamette University
Students to Take Part in
Preliminary Contest
The yinmsf pirl's first cow t is
a matter of considerable impor
tance that mothers an Wpinjiins;
t realize.
There has lcen an all too preva
lent opiniofi that any kind of a
corset was eixnl enough for the
first one. hut little pirls will prow
into big girls, and while they are
doing v" their figures arc pnatly
influened hy tin cornet they are
The foundation of her future
fipure l.epins with her first corset.
The prowinp fipur Las a
natural tendency lo mold itslf to
the lin's of the corset. The cor
set, therefore, is responsible for
a heauliful figure- or a had oji.
Mm ft
are recognized the eountrv over for their perfection of de
sign. An ideal MODART model for the growing figure or
Ieuder woman is one that is loned lightly and carefully to
do awav with any undue pressure,
When properly fitted, as it is by our expert corsetiere Ren ice,
a MODART is support without restraint a healthful corset.
Quality f
JJ. G. Shipley Co.
. Prices
Liberty Street between State and Court
In the public speaking department
of the university, thelf work Includ
ing beside regular oratory Bd pub
lic speaking, a couree In Four-Minute
speaking, as prescribed tjr th
federal government.
The Judges who have been selected
are from the best authorltiea cn pub
lic speaking which the town affords
Judges on composition will be Jndg
Harry U Benson, of the supreme
court. Miss Kdna Sterling, head of
the English department at the htsh
rrhfo, and Rev. Kantner. pastor of
the Congregational cburch. Attorney
Ivan C. Martin, of the local bar and
Mlfs Locitle Elliott, head of the de
partment of elocution at the high
The state orstorlcal contest. i
Whkh Willamette will be represent
ed by the winner of tonight's tryont
wtll 1 he!J en April 11 aflTurenV?
On Monday evening In the same
i com the preliminary contest for th
selection of Willamette' two debate
teams will t-e held. A large number
have turned out this year for debate
and with tBe. it-turn of so many of
the old speakers th teams are ex
pected to b especially stmn.
could by any possibility prove Injurious.
Ry a simple adjustment ot the bones of the Fpine. the Chiro
practor enables nature to supply the needed Nervous force to the
diseased organ. Health is the natural consequence.
CHIROPRACTIC S PI NOWMJ 1ST 203-212 U. S. National Rank Bid
Tin preliminary ora'oilral c-yjtert
at iil. iiifttv university will twheld
this nrninK. in the ch;p-l rni it
N'all r hall. Accord inc In I'i'sr
Hell.i Cronder Miller, be.vd or
departiuent of public rpcakins and
oratory, the riniil iii and ib-li'-ir
is and tli" o'iIIiiich ar: th
bvl baiib-vl in for manv years.
TIimu- v bo wtll enter into tonttbt's
ti oil ale William Ni holl. b il'
talk nil"TlleSonl I '-at bed hi ll-a-u,"
Tboma Arb"-ou n "Anwiic
and Hie l-cigue of Nation," ard.Mi.
riorence Shirley. who-e Mibjert
' The Marines at Chateau Thierry." ,
Ml of tle-i c"nteiants b,ie -n
A large assortment of colors. The best grade
of calcomine.
We carry a full line of paints, oils and brashes
Salem Hardware
I 120 North Cocmercial Strttt.