The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 09, 1919, Page 6, Image 6

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tht: onnnox st srxPAY, march o. luio
NORTH RiTSSIA. Jan. 10. (-Correspondence
of The Associated Press)
The habits and custom!! of the North
Russian, peasant are pouicea of un
ceasing wonder to the American sol
dier. The peasants are primitive an-J
are content to reside where the av
erage American housewife would roll
up her sleeves and spend many day
in rerubhtug jeiore"' she would live.
In these wooden or log huts hundred
of Yankee infantrymen and engineer?
are billeted this winter.
The Americans, generally speaklm
occupy one-half of the house and the
family the other. The American
half Is a clean as constant "policing
can make it. But for the other half
there are chickens, 'husky" dogs of
the arctic type, and from two to
four Aerations of peasants wan-
dering more or less miscellaneously
about their one or two rooms,
"Hut they keep sthe chicken
cooped np part of the day," one De
troit, Mf'higan. priva'etold the As-o-ij.ted
Press correspondent. "You
fee," he added, they- only let them
out In them orning to ollce the kit
chen. That's easier than sweeping
out." ; '
The Russian family's side of all
these houses is airtight. It is bitterl
coll tip here in the forests during the
tlx months winter, and the peasant
doesn't believe In wasting heat Hi
W-lndows are sealed np tight and nev-
er. never opened. He doesn't ftiri
the resultant odor.
But the American does, and opens
thew imlows on his side of the house,
and the peasant shakes his head
gravely and worry for fear his
khakl-clad quests will catch cold.
Hut the American doesnH catch
cold, and neither doer, the peasant
for that matter, in his airtight room
Hoth s.vtems eem to vorfc equallv
well. Sine the cold weather has re
ally set In. the soliKer and civilian
population! have both been rurpris
Ingly healthy. .
One peasant habit which the Am
erican makes counties? jokes about
is as time-honored and unswerable
among the Russians as it is strange
to the American. Thai is s!ee.pinP
on the stove. The Russian Tillage
stoves are built cf brick or clay or
porcelain. They are about as large
as an ordinary A mefioan . bathroom
flnd flat- on top, except where the
brick chimney pokes through. One
Etokes them once or twice a day.
until the wood is all burned out. and
then closes them np, letting the heat
ed bricks radiate their warmth. Tbo
flat tops on these stoves are bed
spaces, for the elder or most hon
ored of the families. American of
ficers have surprised many peasant
hosts by. declining Invitations to us
these choicest of all beds.
WASHINGTON. March 8. Vital
Etatbties made available to the gov
ernment as a result of the selec
draft processes especially from ta
scientific physical examination of
3.208,4 4G men will lw the means
of. saving a hundred times as man
lives as were lost In the war in th
opinion of Major General Hnoch
Crowder. provost marshal general-
While no attempt has Hen mad
as yet to Ftudy the information de- i
rived from the physical examination
of registrants, a local board for di
vision No. 129, in New York citv, ha
made an auspicious start through
the careful indexing of tlw result
obtained in COO ca?es. with a view to
turning the.;e over to medical author
ities for analysis. Already the fig
ures seem to Indicate clearly that
foreign born registrants were of low
er physical standard than native
born. Of eery lo mpn called for ?ervlc
under the draft, examining officer
found 2.7fi per cent wero Fiifferin
from defects which could be reme
died entirely if the ppplicants sub
mitted to a short and Bimple conrso
The original plan of the draft au
thorities to Induct these men and
have their defects corrected at. army
hospitals was dropped- because o
the lack or facilities. bnt"goveifimen
officials have not abandoned entlrel
the Idea of federal assistance In thi
m PayCash m
j tor
Liberty Bonds M
i: iT.T T W T7T rTi Tru ft XvWz tor m
m m m m w a a r. m m ? . m." m m a a . a i y v 's
nr- ki) u m liberty Bon, m
Pl'ri 'T-T TT yV TT"S Tl 1
j By Express
reconstruction work tinder some fu
ture social betterment program.
Registrants who possessed physi
cal defects of such degree as to pre
vent them from, rendering militant
service of any kind totalled r. 21. 60S
and constituted IB 25 per cent of the
total examined. These Included or
ganic diseases of Internal organs
marked visual or aurnl defect men
tal diseases jand of deficiencies, mus
cular paralysis, disfiguring and dis
abling deformities and, lastly, phy
sical under development.
Study cj this class it is believed
would show basic causes capable of
being eliminated from future gener
ations through special hygiene cam
paigns, competent medical supervis
ion and advice and physical exercise
scientifically prescribed.
Comparison of the age-groups o'
registrants Is said io-have Indicated
material dctorlation In the average
American soon after he reaches ni
majority. Of every 10ft men age! 2
who were examined 76.89 were found
physically fit while in the 20 to 30
year class only 69.17 were thus clas
sified; while only a small increase
was notfcd In the remedial, the dis
qualified group rose from t
5 ft 99 ftnn1m.f
Analysis of the figures and per
centages of men rejsted ot nccoun
of deficient mentality and because o
mental and nervous disorders afford
ed Interesting data. Mosty of th
southern states showed high figure
for the mentally deficient probable
It was explained, because of the
large negro population, Vermont
was the only state In the first tei
states In this respect. On the other
hand mental and nerrons disorder
were far more prevalent In the nor
thern states.
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T. S --5 I I
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Shoup, of the
Western Washington Experiment
Station, offer the following don'ts
regard irg the brooding of chicks the J
present season:
Don't leave an open box or dish- I
pan anywhere inside or outside the
brooder where the " chicks can get
into it and smother.
Don t water chicks before you
Don't feed till youngest ch'cks are
48 hours old,
. Don't use the hands in teaching
baby chicks to circle or to roost.
Don't place chicks on tho upper
roosts with the hands; they must do
it themselves in order to learn,
Don't feed without knowing the
exact number of chicks and accur
ately estimating toe amount they
should receive for their age.
uonT overrced, and u tncy are
not quite hungry, reduce the amount
for several ieeds.
Don't let them go to bed at' night
without first feeling of their crops.
The crop should be comparatively
full and not gorged.
Don't feed on the bare ground or
in filthy or damp litter. Chicks must
exercise while eating, and many
diseases are carried into the intestin
al tract by infection adhering to the
Don't let chicks get chilled at any
time. Chilling -paralyzes the diges
tive organs and chicks will die
Don't make chicks sleep on dirty
straw. Clean ' up the droppings
around the stove every few days.
and get them on the forced roost
when they are 5 weeks old and on
the upper roosts two weeks later.
Don't leave tacks, small wire
staples or shingle nails where the
chicks can get them. They are a
great delicacy, and every single nail
dropped off the roof and allowed to
remain there after shingling- means
bne more dead chick.
A company of impetuous, enthus
iastic Yanks in a fight not long ago
pressed after the retreating boches
so rapidly. that they were soon far
in advance of the other units and
there was grave danger of their
being cut to pieces by flanking ene
my fire. The officer In command
was taken to task and asked why he
didnt hold them back. "Hold 'em
hack?" he replied. "How am I going
to hold 'cm back when it can't be
d'n by all those Germans?"
1 I i lii
V-'- 'i'.'ii
Alder at 10th Btrec
The most homelike hotel la Port
land. All Oregon Electric trains
stop at the BE WARD. . v
Btot f 1 and np. Wtth prtrmta
v bath fla ad up. -.W."
K. Bewmrd. Jfaaagcr.
f : 11
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I '
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