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T editing Is Tuesaaj
. Henry Homann. aged 21, of Wood
turn and Freda Hug, aged 19, of
Mount Angel secured a marriage li
cense yesterday. They will b mar
ried on March 4 In the Evangelical
Lutheran church fn the latter town.
Mr. Horoann is a farmer.'
Phone You.f Orders C. O. I). 1
Tb 721. Free delivery of purchas
es over i0 cent3. Schrunk's grocery.
Poultry Wanted Highest rrice Pal
r or an marsei cniCKens. c.
Cross & Son. rhone 1S80-1881.
Did You Ever Think
Of the money . you could save by
half-poling; your own shoes? r.W
- sell the best trade of leather for
half soles and heels, the kind -of
leather it pays you to bny. We also
cawyaboe findings.' Try us the next
time you need anything, in the lea
ther line. We can suit you F. E
Sharer, 170 Couth Commercial st-Phone-411.
- - !
chapter approximately 81300. Aid
was given in Falls City and other
nearby, towns; the chapter" supplying
nurses where they were needed. Do
nations lessened the expense In main
taining the emergency hospital.
Poultry Wanted Highest Price Pai
- For all markef chickehs."' E. C
Cross & Son. Phones 1880-1881.
Ions of distillate he is paying
for the construction of roads.
Legal Blanks
Get them at the Statesman job of
fice. Catalog on application.
Sues for Money- s
The Business Men's Adjustment
company yesterday filed suit in the
juBtice court against J. H. West for
the collection of money.
Smelt iri Any Quantity Reasonably
1 Priced at Fitts' Market.
Iltthy Chicks V
liahy Chicks
Baby chicks for sale today at 544
State street. ' .
Library May Form CI a
The public library has had many
requests for a, French class, accord
ing to Miss Flora "Case, head librae
Ian, and If a sufficient number of
people desire It Is not unlikely that
a course in this langutge will be organized.
Auction Sale .
Furniture, 1112j Mill street, Fri
day, February 28,' one p. m. See
display - ad. on this page today for
t - ' : :.
Subscribers of the Statesman are
requested . to phone complaints re
garding non-delivery " before nine
o'clock. Call 683.
High School IWeated
The lilgh school second team met
the Willamette Unlver3ity freshmen
Tuesday night in a basketball game
preceeding the one with Silverton.
The freshmen won with a score of 22
to 2. i
"Ptoved SafebyMilHons."
. Cross
on genuine
Buy oily
For Colds .
Senate Postpones Bill to Re
imburse Contractor for
Loss Daring War
Will Reach Camp Today "
Allan Jones and Lieutenant Wal
ter Spauldlng will arrive at Camp
Dix today, according to a dispatch re
ceived In this city yesterday, by Mrs.
Ab Experienced Gardener .
A returned soldier, wishes work..
Persons having such work please
phone 223 or call at Post Office
building. Home Service Bectlon,
American Red Cross.
Mrs. Smith Improving
Mrs. Linn Smith, wife of the pay
ing teller at the United States Na-1
S lJonermother 117 f " the road to
are with the supply company of the
162nd infantry the old Third Ore
recoveryf rom a serious major opera
tion she underwent at the Salem hos
pital a few days ago.
Adults can take one or two
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" with
water. If necessary, take
three times a day, after meats.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin."
20-cent package Larger ize.'
Aaptrm h tbe trademark ol Barer Minnfae.
Uue st MonoaccuraciUgttct ut Saltcyl
Dnnce At Macleay
' Saturday night the regular 50c
dance. ' Good music, a fine floor and
& wholesome lunch. 1
Standard Scale Bookn
In duplicate. Statesman Job of
Barton does battery work. Any
make tested free. Charging and re
pairing; Masonic temple; phone 1200.
Rug Cleaned on Floor S3 e
Phone 16. ,lfa.L. Buckner.
V . -
Figures presented at this week's
meeting of tthe executive board of
the Red Cro'ss'sKoSr that the-recent
Influenza epidemic cost Willamette
We will trade good quality sacks
for Onions, Potatoes, and Beans.
Farmer's Cash Store
Body To Arrive
The bddydf W. W. Wood, who
died at Sellwood will arrive . this
morning- for Interment In this dty:
Announcement of funeral arrange
ments' -wilt be made later.
Buy Your KBJO at Schmnk'a ;
For 35 cents per1 doren. 270 N,
Commercial street. Phone 721.
highway department and the county
commissioners to cooperate more ful
ly with the federal department of
agriculture In. matching government
money for the survey, construction
and maintenance of roads.
H. B. 239, by Edwards Amending
law relative to cities and towns sur
rendering their charters.
H. B. 256. by Gordon Amendinr
law relating to tax liens.
H. B. 4 27. by Schuebel Amend
ing law relating to Inheritance tax.
'There have been to attorneys
here for two weeks trying to lobby
this measure through, and It Isn't my
experience that lawyers come to the
legislature as lobbyists for noth
ing." So spoke Senator Patterson yester
day when house bill number 414,. by
Bean to reimburse John Almeter
for over $7000 lost on n contract to
build the University of Oregon med
ical building, was up for reconsid
eration. The bill was tabled In the
senate Tusday. and Indefinitely post
poned yesterday by adoption of an
adverse report of the ways and means
"Since this measure came up."
continued Patterson, "we have dis
covered seven other contractors who
lost money on state jobs
The 'claim was defended today by
Moser, Orton and Jones.
"How much will you lawyers get
for putting this measure through?'
La Follett asked Orton.
Jones answered . the question.
"I want you to understand that
none of the 17 lawyers on this floor
is receiving a cent fn fees in con
nection with legislation." he said.
Senators I. S. Smith and Pierce
were against the bill.
I can't conceive," said Pierce,
how 30 senators can waste all this
time In discussion of this bill. They
say Almeter will be broke if we don't
pass this bill. I have been broke
half a dozen times in my life but
came back. I don't want Almeter
to go broke, but if it takes an ap
propriation to keep men in Oregon
from going broke then we have some
Quickly done. -
Phone 379 J
Teacliers Take Exams
Eteht applicants for Tne-year cer
tificates are taking teachers' exami
nations at the court house." They
commenced yesterday and will con
tinue in progress until tomorrow af
ternoon. The applicants are Mrs.. Lil
lian Williams, Mrs.-Anna P. Wagner
Rose C CBodagala. Eleanor , Blair.
Yiola Oglethorpe, Grace . B. Hill.
Maud M. Johnson and Mrs. . E. R.
, Palmer. 4
We Can Supply
With any amount of
salt fish. Fltts market
smelt and
Office 660 TJ. 8. Nat. Bank Bldg.
Hours 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Phone 859
. - Residence:
IS I North Capital St.
Posrne Chosen Delegat
At a. meeting of tbe Pomona
frrange yesterday Attorney M. E.
Phone 46j.Pgue was elected as a delegate to
tne state grange meeting in June.
Representative George" Weeks. Sen
ator Pierce, County Judge Bushey,
dnd District Attorney Gehlhar were
among, the speakers at the meeting.
At noon the women served dinner to
about 50 members, r
" Mr; and Mrs. W. F. Osburn of
Eugene passed the night at the Mar
lon. They have been in Portland at
tending the hotelman's convention.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Adams of Eu- t0 ralge about $60,000 additional in
5Coe wrjc ii uie maruu vicr ui6iii. revenue.
- Major Richard Diech of the Ore- h. B. 491, by Committee on Gam
gdn mounted police was here yester- To protect species of salmon
day from Portland. known as "Yanks" in Wallowa lake-
- United States Commissioner Drake ti n 402. bv Bean and Fuller
wa&,4 Portland visitor at the sUte RepeaUng Uw reiatlnR to bounties on Jo5 ahead6 for lhe next 12 or 14
"""- . . i Eonners. moies anu wimreis u mnniht"
and Lane counties.
H. B. 490, by Childs and Elmore
Fixing salaries of officers of Lynn
ti n 372. br Gordon Granting
John F. Daly, president of the u, in We on ouestion of r."iirr:
"7 " 1 2v Vrt ' f. granting Donuses io iraBt.i..- orton said he would speak five mln
" r. . ., 'IIZ ;u,, . . unes BP 10 4 ve v I Ule ge tnem a chance to re-
.r.r "u" r11" ? r?u reiauDK "luation. . . . turn. This angered Eddy who said
iu iuuiisd5e. . - 1 tt r 22 7. hY C.rlKS uecianna n .i.k t.w
Hnntn ana- an estray In certain counties any but th
5, ,i.ornejr Prenting the Stan- rgl8tered bull running at large? who are waTering do the
u w.. company, was m town yes- h. B. 519, by commmee on no. , had expected to vote for it but we
J d . HlfbwftyPiwMtaf fr aPPv haTe kiUed tQo much tlme on u
vuu i"iucii iu i ui udiiu i priatlon. or ngnis 01 way Ul .ra"r l now.
uidut aiicuum; icmaiure i companies ror nignway iiuiyuoco. ,
this week. He is engaged in the con-1 h B 521, by Committee oh Road
trading business. Lrf ' ihwavs Curative measure
John Dougal. formerly a member If or protection of state higbway fund
va Kim uuaiu ui uirt?jLuis ui me rovi-
hip ley's
WomenV, Misses' and Children's
'eveeythino in the newest spring J
'To the woman who is seekiiv; for Spring Wear Expressing
the authoritative styles which will be 'avred for the
coining season we have a most interesting and exceedingly
complete assortment of the most decided models already
accepted by leaders in the feminine world of fashions..
SUITS .... $19.75 to $55.00 ?
COATS $16.48 to $57.50
WOOL DRESSES . . ........ .$16.48 to $44.73
SILK DRESSES $12.75 to $55.00 '
GEORGETTE WAISTS $3.98 to $14.75
CREPE DE CHINE $43 to $120
WOOL DRESS SKIRTS v.. $6.95 to $19.73
EARLY SPRING NECKWEAR ..... .35c to $2.75
Quality Merchandise
Popular Prices
Pearl Harris departed for Seattle
'yesterday." v "
Nellie R. PItchfoTt was a passen
ger to Aberdeen, Wn.; on a faorth-
bound train yesterday.
Before the vote on the committee's
report a call of the senate was re
quested by supporters . of the bill.
Two members could not be found
and when Eddy moved that further
With our transportation facilities we are able to pay the
highest cash price for
171 South High Street.
Phone 1400
land chamber of commerce, was In
town yesterday. . ; , ,
Jesse G. Arnold, a Portland attor
ney, was present at the closlnc ses
sion of legislature. 1
A. A. Bailey, chief probate officer
for. Multnomah county, was in the
city again yesterday.
House Cteans Up Work
Diseases of Women and Nervous
On your Electric Work.
220. N. Commercial Street
I Clmlng Out Entire Stock
window shades cut to order, rien-
ty of waif paper still on hand. Thos
needing hardware or garden tool
will find It profitable to buy here
Special on forks for handling at 75
cents. J. A. Patterson; 285 N. Com
mercial street.
look at tongue! Remove poisons
from stomach, liver and
- ' "- bowels.
Receipts. Notes and An Blanks
At Statesman job office. '
w Tlie Auctioneer
'Conducts purebred stock sales
4 every description. Phone 510
511, Salem. S
Many Visitors Oombig
Two thousand visitors are expected
to He in Salem for tbe meeting of the
Vjrand lodge, of Oregon, I O. O. F.'.
which commences May IS. R. W.
Simeral. R. G. Henderson, P. .E.
Churchill. W. A, Wiest. C. O. Eng-
strom. Judge George H. Burnett, and
Mayor C. E. Albin compose the com
mittee for the convention.
Hop Wire and Uide of all
kinds. Before you sell see us.
2T1 Chemeketa St. r Phone S98
Salem-Portland Stage
Will leave Bllgh hotel
daily for Portland.
Keep tne noweis open" is one
rule of health recommended by all
schools of medicine. Foley Cathartic
Tablets cleanse the bowels, sweeten
the stomach and benefit tbe liver.
o . D:ifIFor indigestion, ..biliousness, bad
rOSSing oenaie iu breath. bloaUng, gas or constipation.
no remeay is more nigiuy recom-
Tha hnnse nassed tne louowing i lueoueu. mc iwr iiuui. jwtobs.
hliii vMterdavrl I Perry.
m n 520 bv Griess iny requesi
locating dairy reglsttatlon board. .- : r
s b. 122 by Eberhard Relating! Vacajiaes in Legislature
to discharge of grand jury w t. tn 9 4 n Fill
1J. M. J - v V I
ti . .1,l.nnnit1(
U. V v i ... . . . . ....... A
to trust companies. f"e. legislative ana juaiciai aeparv-
S. B 140 by Porter Relating w menu oi me awie musi ue
state veterinarian.
S B 153 br Bell Aumonxiog
forwardinr of checks direct to Gayor,
S. B. 158 by Orton neiauns u
a mi nation of books.
S B. 23 S by Pierce Placing tai
mi Mfomarterlne
S. B. 241 by Smith (coos) nm
arate. as provided In the constitu-
I tion, the senate committee on resolu
tions yesterday reported adversely on.
Representative Child's Joint resolu
tion providing that vacancies in tbe
legislature- be tilled by appointment
by the governor. The report was
adopted, and the resolution indefl-
i ,,4nr nf books from school nltely postponed. It provided for a
"6 f O " I .!.. .l.l ....Jm-r. K .nK-
9 a. m-
Artiflcial Treih k
Have artificial plate man. over 35
years experience. Dr. Beechler, den
tist. 302 U. S. Nat. bank bids,
T want vour furniture, ranges, heat
ers, etc. Phone 510 or 511, Woodry.
the auctioneer, Salem.
Gasoline Tax Placed -r-
The state law governing a lc a
gallon tax on gasoline and ',4 c on
distillate became effective yesterday,
the governor having signed the bill
recently. This means that when the
farmer buys a gallon of gasoline he
is contributing le towards good road
building, or when he buys 1C0 gal-
Accept "California" Syrup of Figs
only look for the name California
on the package, then you are sure
your child is having the best and
most harmless laxative or physic for
the little stomach, liver and bowels.
Children love its delicious fruity
taste. Full directions for child's
dose on each bottle. Give It with
out fear. -
S. B. 253 by Jones ueiaiing o
waste water from Irrigation rtistricw
S. B. 276 by Eddy Providing for
mcial election
S. B. 2S8 by Norblad-UUating to
Towers of DO its.
S. B. 294 by Eddy Authorizing
Tnttnatrisl ApMpnt eOmmlSSlOn lO
construct a hospital.
S. B. 297 by Patterson urani
ing right of eminent do:ain t cer
tain charitable organisations.
mitted to the people.
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Passports Furnished.
WARSAW, Tuesday, Feb. 25.
That Danish Red CIoes passports are
being furnished Moscow Bolshevists
S B. 217 by Eddy Providing lor here ThlJ apparently has
heen nractised for the past two
Many House Bills Are
- Sent Through the Senate tafR??u? decd8r4.d?nl' for
I S. fi. 180, by Moser Providing for
sanitary code.
S. B. 26. by Farrell Relating to
control ef dependent and delinauen
S. B. 88. by Smith (Coos) Giv
Inr ronnties rleht to. take uo land'
on which there are delinquent taxes
S. B. 296; by Committee on judic-
Mceoe mm
1112 Mill Street, near South 12th Street
FRIDAY, FEB. 28, at 1 p. m.
Consisting" of
1 Venus 6-hole range with water coil; 1 new Universal heater,
block and pipe; 1 small roll top writing desk, solid oak?- 2 other
writing 'desks; 1 Perfection 3-burner oil stove; 1 round extension
table, 6 legs, solid oak; 8 oak diners; 3 oak rockers; 3 oak Prin
cess dressers, new; 1 oak Library table; 1 oak swing rocker; 1
air tight heater, bloc k and pipe; 1 lounge; 1 organ; 1 Axmmster
rug 9x12; 1 tapestry-. Brussels rug. 9x12; 2 Ingrain rugs, 9x12;
1 Brussels rug, 9x12; 1-new rag rug, 8x12, fringed ends; 1 wool
fibre rug, 7x9; 1 bath mat; 4 pairs lace curtains; 4 white enamel
beds , springs and mattresses; 1 kitchen cabinet! 1 pair portiers;
1 slop jar; 1 commode; 1 White drop-head sewing machine; 1
gallon tub, boiler, axe, hoe. pail, crocks, broom, mop, kitchen
utensils of all kinds. Paper baskets, 6 dozen frnit Jars, and many
others articles. TERMS, CASH. .
NOTE Goods open for Inspection day of sale only. . Kindly do
not overlook this request.
MRS. W. T. G0ULDER, Owner
. - 1112 MILL. STREET
- - -- - . F.-N. Y00DRY, Auctioneer. -
I PHONE 610 or 611
The following house bills were
passed by the senate yesterday:
H. B. 260 Relating . to roads
reaching lands not already' on pub
lic roads. " ' : '
7T. n. 336, by Thrift Providlnr
for county meat and herd Inspectors
Appointment of official is optional
with county courts. "
H. B. 386, "by Weeks--To prevent
livestock from running at large Id
a certain part of Marton county.
. H. B. 326, by Sheldon and Idlemiij
AoDroiyrlating 88000 to pfovhW
apprropriate medals for Oregon boy
diers, sailors and marines.
H. B. 364. fcy Burdlck FIxias!
terms of court for 18th judicial dis
trict. HJU 488. by Committee on Judic
iary Providing that.service of sum
mons may be made ondomestlc cor
porations whose officers are all out
of the state by serving the corpora
tion rnmmlssioner. ; )
H. B. 404. by Thrift Providinr
that In counties of less than zou.uuu
inhabitants county court ! ball ap
point probation and truant officer
and provide his salary. '
t Tl 4 2 2. DV COmmiKW on asi'
Mnnm AnoroDriatinr 810,000 for
use of milk and dairy investigations.
H. B. 455, by Martin Providing
..9nitr of label to be used on i
belled goods packed In Oregon for tr other states.
IL B. 234. by Crawford Enabling
county to recover rrom neirs tor
..t.niiMi Ttarpnts of heirs.
H. B. 241. by Burnaugh Relating
to duties, of sealer of weights and
AM K i ...
u n ia Committee on Road
and " Highways Enabling the statf
regulation of architects.
S. B. 139. by Moser Allowing as
sessment of candidates.
S. BJ 83, 'by Hurley Relating to
mortgage Insurance companies. ,
H. B. 495. by Burdick Relating
to Hens on Tumalo project. -
Puple Notice It . Drive Them Off
OUve Tablets
A ramply face will not ejnbarrass yon
much looser if too ret a package of Dr.
Edwards uuve Tablets, l no sxxn anoma
begin to ctear after yon have taken the
tablets a ftV niehts.
Clcaroe the blood.the Dowels and the liver
with Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the suc
cessful substitute for calomel; there's never
anv sickness or oain after takinz them.
Dr. Edwards Olive Tablet do that
which calomel does, and Just as effectively,
but their action is gentle and safe instead
of severe and irritatinz. , '
No one who takes Olive Tablets b
ever cursed with "a dark brown taste."
a bad breath, a duS, listless, "no good"
feeling; constipation, torpid liver, bad
disposition or Dimply face. ,
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are
a purely vegetable compound mixed
with olive oil; yoo will know them
by their, olive color.
Dr. Edwards spent years amort pa
tients afflict pd with liver end bowel
complaints, and Olive Tablets are the
immensely c&cctive result.
Take one or two niehtly far a week.
See how much better you feel and look.
19c and 25c per box. AH druggist?.
months. The Immediate cause of tne
complaint was the arrival here from
Moscow of three neisons who bore
such passports.
- One of the persons was. a Dane,
Dr. Jean Barner; the second was
Alexia Oreivichl a Bolshevik!" Red
CrosB delegate, and the third a Jew,
Gabriel Styckgold. a Danish Red
Cross delegate. Orsivlch and Styck
gold are Bolsheviki. They said they
desired to help . Russian prisoners
from Germany,, as aid stations had
been established at Pinsk, Minsk,
Grodno and other points.
They had sixty thousand roubles.
and said If the British, American
and French and also the Internation
al Red Cross societies, all of which
are represented here, would accept
funds they were prepared to secure
In Moscow 13.000.000 roubles. Tfcey
insisted, however; that they control
the expenditures. As the Poles re
fused to recognize the Bolshevik! the
men were informed they should 're
turn to Moscow as the relief work
already was being done. They were
Informed also that the Moscow gov
ernraent was not recognized by the
A Similar attempt was made last
December by a man named WUliloff-
sky and several other persons from
Moscow, who had with them 1,500.
000 roubles. When turned back
these men were murdered and robbed
at the frontier by their own people.
III I LLU y1 ' 1 1 1 ?; Hj-.y
1 h or,f
I Skirmishes Occur.
WARSAW. Feb. 25. Skirmishes
between Poles and Hermans .contin
ue. Some fighting was witnessed by
Colonel William R. Grove of the
United States food mission. 40 miles
west of Kalisz. near Kropochin.
where he arrived during a light cani
nonade and machine gun fire. Twenty-four
Poles were wounded.
Colonel Grove said today that he
was unable to say what provoked the
fighting, but that the Germans cer
tainly began the attack. Colonel
Grove said food conditions were fair.
mn .
has tauffht us one thing beyond
refute That the best fighters come
from, the land of the best Homes.
io come in and look over our drap
ery department, and get us to date
ilcas in decoration from a man who
" -
Have our Mr. Ilrock figure out
your needs and design for your
windows. . ,
Complete House Furnisher
vsmc. - m f rrva
310 Court St. Salem