The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 16, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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Just as the red-blood quality of America's men
means triumph oyer foe, so does the true-blue
quality of these Extra-Tested Tires mean service
triumphf or users.
Country Road
' and
i 1 wa
Each Extra Test adds definite fighting strength. For instance:
the extra test for carcass smoothness does away with all internal
ridges by a "feather-edge" process of joining all fabric usd.
Ifeans many extra miles. .
ttmcimm Country Road yields service far beyond the 50OO
Mile Guarantee. Raciam MtrftiMiI Cord Tirt is in every way
worthy the Dame Racin Rubber Company.
Corner Court ard Commercial Streets
Sala,yj)regon j .
fWjwar mm mrmttdmm ha eerf a eery nri 7.- ro Awr
. twn a ium . -i
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. The ceremony wa performed by
Rev. A. Wells, pastor of the Nazarene
church, in the presence of close rel
atives o7 the young people, and Intt-
! mate friends. The bride was attired
f ; in a smart gown of ruffled nettaleno
- adorned with silver lace. Her veil
"'.was held in place by a wreath of
- white sweetpeas. She carried a bou
r quet of bride's roses, she was given
t away by her brother. Rev. E. D Pa:
; terson or Rogue, River. Little Max
;.' iee Jack acted as flower girl.? Albert
U Miller sang "When you Arc Truly
Mine." The bridal music was played
by Miss Thelnia Blessing.
The bride was a graduate of Sal,n
high school in 1917. The bridegroom
In the eldest son of a well known
Polk county family, and was a sti
dent of the Oregon Agricultural Col
leg. " . ' ,
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were greeted
by a sjhower of rose petals as they
left on the afternoon train for He
alth?. '
Preparatory to the
nptlal. Mrs.-M. C. Briggs. Jr..
of Hollister. Cal. has been a guest
at the home of; her parents. Judge
and Mrs. Henry 1. Benson, on North
Mirumer street. Mis. Ilricts will re
main only a day or two longer, fol
lowing a Week's stay.
The senior class of ISIS of Wil
lamette university was invited to as
semble at a farewell party Tuesday
nihgt at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C Keigelman. S 10 M'!l street,
following th class play on the cam
pus. The home was in cala decora
tion fr the event, masses of roses
and varied colored sweet peas being
used. The Keigelmans have a son.
Perry Reigehnan. a WiHamette uni
versity graduate, who is in war
training at Columbia university. A
military touch was added to the
gathering also, as one of the gradu
ates, Harry Bowers, is a soldier at
Camp lwls. 4
Thirty-five men and slrls were
present. A merry informal time was
enjoyed and refresh ments were serv
ed. Those assisting were Miss Ki"
lyn Reigelman, a graduate, and the
Misses Bernice Kisch and Areta
Jones. Additional guests were Mr.
and Mrs. Perrie Mark of Sheridan
Mrs. K. 1. Ueiehard and Mts. Stella
White of Portland.
.Miss Iris Evelyn Saunders of Port
land Is the week-end guest of h.r
sister. Miss Lurile Saunders, at the
residence of Mrs. James Godfrey,
405 North Liberty street.
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith and their
daughter Josephine of Grants Pas?,
passed the week as the guests of Dr.
and Mrs. J. N. Smith. Df. J. C.
Smith is a member of the state sen
Ir. and Mrs. II. C Epley, accom
panied by John Lewis and hs moth
er. Mrs. K. K. Iewis. are enjoying a
week-end motor trip to Mt. Hood.
They left yesterday.
Mrs. J. B. Litter and Mrs. E. E.
I'pmeyer are entertaining their s'j
ter. Mrs. L. R. Case of Marlon. Ind.,
who will pass the summer In Salem.
Mrs. Case was In Salem three years
agd and since, that time has been at
her home in Indiana.
Mr. and Mm. J. C. Reigelman en
tertained as their guests during th
week. Mr .and Mrs. Perrie Mark of
Sheridan, whose daughter. Miss Olive
Mark, was among the graduates of
Willamette university. Mrs. Mark
arrived Saturday and was later join
ed by her husband. The family re
turned Thursday.
Mrs. E. D, Relehard of Portland, a
sister of Mrs. Reigelman. accompani
ed by Mrs. Stella White, were guests
at the Reigelman home Tuesday and
Dr. Frank Wilbur Chace lett Fri
day night for New York city. He
will be Joined later by Mrs. Chace.
who left a week ago for Oak Park.
111., where she is the guest of a s's
ster. Dr. Chare has resigned his
chair of music at Willamette univer
sity and will take up his musical
work in New York city. The'Chaces
have many, many friends since their
three years residence in Salem and
will be much missed by both the
college and townspeople.
Many townspeople motored to th
State School for the Feeble Minded
m i f ' -- i , nit,
........ ; i '
1st is the Last Day
July 1st freight rates advance 20 per cent,
cnt price of the Chevrolet "FOUR NINETY."
This means an advance of $20.00 on the prcs-
An cars that we receive between this date and July 1st will be sold at the old price,
; $765.00 (war tax added) fob. Salem. . i - -i '
j We wish to give FAIR WARNING at this time, that after July 1st automobiles in
ddiikehejChCVro!a be vcry scarcc and hard to get and many is the man that
fcas said W. himself, that he would buy a Chevrolet SOME DAY SOON, .will not find one to
, ;.uy. This h no scare cry to hurry your decision,' but straight honest facts. The govern
(:tment needs, andmust have the material used in the construction of automobiles and as a
result tho production will be reduced 75 per cent as compared with the past year's production
: Book your orders with us NOW as long as the supply lasts and save yourself this advance.
We have sold ahead of our allotment and the cars we have in stock, and the ones we have
rolling, will not last long.
mobile Co.
24C SUte, St., Salem, Oregon
Phone 97 .
Wedncsdajr, during the afternoon
ana evening to view tne annual ex
hibit ef the school. A wonderful ar
ray cf articles was on di.-play fnm
the industrial and manual training
ine rooms or the school were
adorned with ross of many hues.
combined with huge clusters of swe--t
traa pnd snap dragons. The guests
were received by Ir. and Mrs. J. N
Smith, assisted by a corps of teach
ers. They were Mrs. W. 11. Pyr-1
tMiss Inez Adele Cramer land Miss
Esther Cox of the crade ad musical
department: Miss Edith Millar, gym
nasium; Miss Lillian Dull, manual
training and basket weavine; and
Miss Mary Julian of the industrial
department. No refreshments were
William R. IllrUs or Forest Grove
and Miss Jennie Tturt of Salm. wcr
united In marriage at the I'nited
KvangHical church at noon June. 12.
in the presence of a few friends.
Rv. G. L. Iovelt read the service
Mr. and Mrs. Hicks left at I o'clock
for Newport where they are passing
their honeymoon.
A recital will be given for the
vounrer pudIIs of Miss Elma Weller
Fridav evening. June 21. IWalls
not obtainable at present ill be an
nounced later.
A surprise party was given for
Miss Eva Goodsoeed at the home of
Mrs. William Skipton Tuesday even
ing by the members of her art class
Delirious refreshments were part of
the delirhtful informal rasllme. Miss
Goodspeed has lived In Salem fo- two
vears and bet work has endeared her
to a larg circle of pupils and ad
mirers who feel genuine regret at
the news that she Is soon to leave
this cHr. Those of her class who
tendered her the surprise were:
Mesdames Skinton. Murphy. Lvnch.
Chappelle. Kellar. and th Misses
Lennon. O. Skipton. J. Chrlssingc
and G. Brewer.
The ninth blrthdav anniversary of
little Miss Wllma Coursey was the
motif for much Juvenile JolUfieat'on
Friday when, the mother of tho Utt!e
girl, Mrs. II. G. Coursey. gave a partv
at her home. 214 Court street. Pink
... t . .
was the color seneme us- in
rooms and th birthday table was
made pretty with streamers of pink
ribbon. Games were enloyed. A
sister of Mrs. Coursey. Mrs. Ben J.
Werner of Seattle, assisted in erv
Ine the refreshments. The llttl
folks present . were Wllma Coursey.
Velma Kmmtt. Florenr Pope. Dor
Tthy Kerar. Paulino Johnson Mrvr
rcry McDonongh. Ieora Forn!r.
Maxln Jack, porothv Twenlal.
Josephine Albert and Vera Kezer.
Miss Mary Julian, an Instructor at
the State School for the Fecb'e
Minded, will pass the summer jn
Chicago with relatives and friends.
Manr Salem pee-v'e and Polk coun
ty rcsllcnt motored to the residence
or Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Kimball Jn
Volk county last night to attend a
strawberry, JPetTal..whlrh wm held
as a Rd Cross benefit.
Mr. ad Mrs. Iwls Olon ft North
Liberty street have Wt f"r Portland
to make their bom. Thev havo a
large drcleof friends in Salem mho
Mncerely regret ther departure.
Mrs. Olson was Miss Ida Boetticher
before her marriage.
tLl BEST IN THE LONG VI UN ' r v;& j pWJit k ;
ITS inventor, David Bushncll, an American, in 1776
attempted to sink the British warship, Ealc.
Bushncll tovrintf his torpcdot charged vrith powder,
by means of a hand-power scmi-submcrsiblc, planned
to fasten it to the hull of the attacked ship with a
steel plunger; then explode it by clock work.
His torpedo too much of an experiment failed.
Safeguarding the user against failure, Goodrich
never markets an experiment, tires or anything else.
Goodrich Tires, though built with the experience and
still of the oldest and largest rubber factory, are proved
out by the practical road travel of Goodrich Test Car
Fleets to make them in word and deed.
e mm
1 1 j
. For .Goodrich recognizes but one value in tires
their SHUYICE VALUE on your car and on the road; one
tire value SERVICE VALUE.
Whatever pounds of rubber and other material go
in tires; whatever hours of work and skill, their
VALUE to motorists is their SERVICE, in com
fort, dependability and durability.
And you are sure to get it if your tires arc
Make sure of economy and security in tires by
demanding big, masterful SEEVICE VALUE Tints.
the b. fgoodrich rubberco:
Mrs. Oar Says Vino! fnr?d Her
Darlington. Pa. "I suffered from
bronchial Astma so badly I would
often have to sit up hair or the night
or lean over the back of a chair, and
so week I conKi nanny waiK across
the floor. I had spent lots of money
for different Asthma medicines with
out help but Vlnol helped me so I
sleep well, and am so well and
strong I am doing all my work on the
farm. Mrs. Emma Graf.
Vino! is a constitutional remedy
birh contains beef and cod liver
peptones. Iron and manganese pp-
tonates and glycerophosphates. We
strongly reeommed Vinol. Emil A.
Schafer, and druggists everywhere.
. i
1 M-i-
-a- m m w w sj aj W "A-aZ
J ":' i ! ' !i
i ' ,. ' f.
mur.&X J
, OHIO. ?v'-Iv '
ever had, one which was absolutely
true to pitch, splendid In Its inter
prettion of the numbers and bavins
unusually good low voices.
The pupils or Miss Margaret Fish
er, assisted by Miss I .a Yon Coppock.
reader, and Albert Moore, violinist,
will appear in a piano recital at tho
First Baptist church Wednesday.
June 19. at 8:15 o'clock. - The pub
Ifc Is cordially Invited. . "
For the pleasure of Vlrelnla" Dor
cas and Genevieve Campbell, two
little school girls who will leave soon
for their homes In Portland, a merry
party was given yesterday afternoon
at the home of Miss Campbell's
grandmother, Mrs. James Godfrey on
North Liberty street. During the
fore pirt of the afternoon tho young
sters formed a party at the Oregon
theater. Later they returned to th-
Godfrey home and plafcd games anj
Buy your Goodrich, Safety aniSil
verton Cable Tires at the
Salem Vulcanizing Works
W. M. HUGHES, 474 Ferry Street
Phone 364
had music. Refreshments were scVr
ed at a carnation decked table. Thoe
enjoying the fun were Janet Plimp
ton. Evangeline Hall. Iris Evelyn
Saunders of Portland. Virginia Dor
cas. Genevieve Campbell. Ilerbrt
Iicnt. Sherman Plimpton, and Dar
win George.
"Pe tack or manv n fth tA
rlally trained boys choruses due to
the singers having left school in or
der to take up rummer woik. th
annual concert given by the high
school chorus on the nlgbt of June
12 at the armory was a huge suc
cess. The carefully selected prrram
was an especially plearing Mendin?
or numbers, several solos standing
put beyond the rest.
Agnes Halsell charmed all of those
who heard her soprano obligato In
Berceuse," her clear mellow ton.s
carrying aove the rest. This song
waa elaborately ipresentvl by the
entire chorus. Music In the inter
ludes was layed on the violin by
Mary Talmadge and Marian Kmmona.
"America Trimnphant." which ojen
ed the program, was a stirring pa
triotic piece snrrg for the rirst time
In Salem.
Among th striking solos vn
"Shipmates o' Mine" bv William
Harris. Mr. Harris is a very popu
lar singer among tb hlsh school stu
dents and he was at his best In this
number. As an encore he gave
"Laddie In Khaki, 'the entire chor is
of ift voir j joining in th refrain.
Miss Florence Jones was verv win-
some and eharminc in her Interpre
tation or "Will o 'the Wisp" and re
sponded to the applause with a mu
sical telephone order which brought
down the house. "Joys ot Spring."
a brilliant soprano solo, was splen
didly rendered by Joanna James, a
young girl whose voice promises a
bricht future.
"Maeic of Spring" was an espclal
boaotlful selection in five parts, with
eiccllent pianissimo. work and 'great
forte contrasts. It 'was one of th
rnost dlfricnlt nuralters and was well
handled by Ieslie Springer, bari
tone. The concert was under the direc
tion or Miss Minetta Magers. whom
critics agree, has this year coached
the best girl chorus the school has
Trucks and Tractors
, We have four arJoad, of Maxwell d Oml.nd .Car. on th. roaa aod expect them .t
V Those wuhinir car, would do well to make arran-ement, at ouce the matter
of rrettinr ar. ur11 K. . ! m .
b 1 w '" uuccrwin.. juzi rcccircd a car load of Sanuou Tractors.
lead of Samson and Monarch Tractors on the waj
We arc agents for , ,
A car
I i
Front and State St.
JN . WSlS1ltWW
. VICK, Mgr.!