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The Statesman recelvea the
leased wire report of the As
sociated Tress; the greatest
and most reliable press assoc
iation in the world.
Would Have Speaker of House
and President of Senate
Elected by People and Giv
en No Vote ? , i
Single House Legislature Held
Too Radical for Consider
. ; tion During War
Police Think Lights Cave
Subs Aid Suspect Held
A German rivlne his name as rFitz
Flage, who the police believe to be
one of a number responsible for the
mysterious signs flashed from points
along the. coast since the operations
-of eCrman submarines began on this
side of the Atlantic was arrested
tonight and held to await investiga
According to detectives who
searched his room, maps were found
of the Atlantic coast from irginl
to Massachusetts. Pltcures and
drawings! runs, forts and studies
of explosives and 'a book which ap
pears to be a code also wereVound
in the prisoner's room, the dete
tives said., 1
American Government. Issues
Warning That Retaliation
Will Be Made for Mistreat
ment of Men
OLYMPIA. Wash.. June 7. Gov
ernor Lister returned to Olympia to
day and announce d that he woma
handle etate business in his rooms
for the next week. He is still under
medical treatment which began In
Chicago two weeks ago. and is .for
bidden physical exertion.
The governor has been absent
fro.n the state nearly a month.
That the president of the senate
and the speaker of the house in the
Oregon legislature be elected by the
people and that they have no vote
In the legislative session was pro
posed in a report of the committee
on legislation read at the State
Grange convention last night. The
resolution was referred to the local
Granges of the state before lt is sub
mitted to the legislature, and if it
goes before that body the legislature,
it Is said, will be asked to refer It
back to the people. "The convention
was in session ntil after midnight.
Other resolutions in the report of
the committee on legislation were dis
nosed of as follows
Favoring enactment of legislation
standardizing mill feed sewn in sacks
-referred to the standing legislative
committee tplfce before the next
WnnM ImtMt Prodncers.
Reqtyring bonds to be filed by
conderfaries, creameries ana coew
factories or the benent or produc
er. Rpfrred to the legislative com
mittee for turther consideration.. Il
lustrating he purpose of the propos
ed measure It was shown that Yam
' hill county farmers lost $60,000 last
- tlrnnrh the failure of one
rraTnrrW J - 1
For a primary election law pr-
vtdinr for preferential voteuay iirai
second and third choice ballot -re-
-, f erred to the legislative committee
with the recommendation that It oe
' "' .'amended to read thai one election
be Tield instead of two. isxpiana
' ilbn was made, however, that a see
ond election would be necessary In
', '. t the ease of candidates not receiving
raioritr votes, but supporters of the
1 measure -declared that majorities
"would be given for 90 per cent of
Germans Want Bomb Plot
Leader Exchanged Re
lease Is oNt Granted
Purpose to' Increase Number
W - .... m a
of Available Men and in
sure Fair Application
Many Localities Completely
Out of Non-Exempted
v Registrants
tASHIXGTON. June 7. With
the double purpose of increasing the
number of men available for mm
tary service, and of Insuring fairer
administration of the selective ser
vice law. Provost Marshal General
Crowder today telegraphed govern
ors of all states asking Immediate
ly re-investteatlon, of the draft ciass-
irieatlon lists everywhere.- .y
Class one. already exhausted in
some localities by the repeated calls,
enn tains 48.7 per cent of all the reg
Istrants, according to the national
WASHINGTON, June 7. The Ger-
I'min government, threatening mis
treatment or Americans oeeausc or
the imprisonment of tho bomb plot
ter, Franx Rintelen, has been warned
by the United States to remember
that such a step will draw swirt re
taliatory action upon the thousands
of Germans in this country.
Germany's threat and the answer
of the United States were disclosed
today by the state department. In a
note presented by tha Swiss minister
here, the Berlin foreign office pro
posed to 'exchange Siegrriea i'aui
London, a German-born naturaiixea
American citizen serving ten years
in nrison In Germany for acting as a
Russian spy for uinieien.
was given that an answer to this pro
poses! was awaited before putting
into execution contempiaiea
ures of reprisal against Americans
. A . f.Miim n
in Germany oecano i n
previous efforts to relieve Rintelen.
Rwrctanr LJLnsinc "i"'
terse communication refusing to con
sider the exchange and suggested
.. hii the United SUtes does
not acknowledge tne pnncuue "L.
prisals occasioning physical suffer
ing. It would be wise for Germany to
a that if it acts upon that
principle. It Inevitably win oe uuu
stood to Invite- similar action on th!
part of the United stales.
Grange Failing to Find
Meeting Place Adjourns
WALLA WALLA. Wash.. June 7.!
Unable to find a meetinr place in
Walla county. Washington State
Grange members abandoned attempts
to finish their state session and left
town. Grange Master Ylilliam
Bouck left unannounced this after
noon in an automobile for Pendleton,
following a mass meeting of citizens
at which the action et the school
board in ousting the grangers from
the high school was endorsed. Two
Non-Partisan I League members at
tempted to .talk at this meeting but
were stopped. Seventy-five of the
grangers who opposed the Non-Partisan
eLague at a meeting this aft
ernoon decided to carry their fihtg
to every subordinate grange in the
tate rather than withdraw from
the organization.
An adjourned meeting will prob
ably be called In some other city
In a short time to complete the bus
iness of this session it was announc
ed by the leaders.
i n nrnn n r
nun uchu nil
1 IL
Electric Iron Cause of
Blaze in Dressmaking
Rooms Dresses Burned
would De given ior v wi -- l ' -- -. . . -a
the candidates, fticb a measure en-f average, but percentages In the auu
acted Into law would eliminate jraru
That not more Uian 400 hills be
Introduced at any session or tne leg
islature nd that all bills on taxation
be Introduced during the first ten
dayslof the session the committee
reported adversely on the first part
of the resolution and favorably on
the second part and, the report was
adopted. I '' . . "'
- small IiTjrl.Hlatare Trnwd Ioti.
Favoring a single-Jiouse legisla
ture of thirty-six members reported
adversely, but referred to the legis
lative committee to take up at the
next session of theleglslature. In
reporting adversely the committee on
legislation held the resolution is too
rovntutinnai-T In character to be tak
en up while, the country is occupied
with war.
wnr iniintv initiation of measures
for local benefit and providing that
h i-!l3lv( pommittee enaea
(Continued on page 6")
local- exemption board districts vary
most materially up and down from
h irra;c fiCUre. "-u7
rtr ".lacker marriages" and nn-
.i.itn of rieht to industrial
or agricultural exemption. General
rvAar hoHeves. SO me regisirauia
X- T x-- - r j.
f.aA imnnsed nnon the local iwaru
to escape service, while In other dis
tricts an application of the regula
tion. h tieen nerhaps stricter than
intended. The governors and the
appeal agents are asked to investi
gate and upon evidence to ask boards
in rwiaBirr -men. Assistance of
the public through supplying infor
mation to the boaras is at-u.
t i. .tt tndar that with the grad
nal exhaustion of class 1. unskilled
Tarm laborers whom the boards have
been allowed to place at its bottom
ni hv to eo to eanionroenis.
thcr vin ha no change in this pol
icy and the only relief. It Is declared,
will come from enforcement of the
j'work or fight" order generally.
Norwegian Steamer Added to
Growing List of German
Raiders' Victims
Eight Passengers and Fice of
Carolina s trew Are atm
vnr .york. . June
v.l.. 'nn Ritln alias Hansen
. ----- .
alias Gasche. aua&Aiaie?.
of the Germain nomo piirr
United SUtes and ior wnom ior c
' pimrament Is trying to ex
.v.... . imwlran nrisoner of wan
ruBusc : . ,
.oM Vhii a canuve in t-uf'"u
.V." . ,rn- to be the Duke
4 rwvienbUrK-Schwerin,
relative of the uerman
th time of his trial here there als-l
were persistent reports that he bore
much closer reiauonsn w
. VI.V. waa ftt Ol-
mneror duv one " -
ficially recognized. .
Von Rintelen wa" ""rv.ik.-
ters were conviciea ne . -
ary of attempting to diw
lean ships and were sentenced to At
lanta penitentiary for a year anT a
half d fined 42000 each. The
Judge who committed them said 1 Wj
Imprisonment, or even death, would
not be too severe in view of tM
iravlty ofUieir crime. Von Rintelen
the finantial head o' the r.n
sniracv which covered the entire
United States.
Strikes Part f Uork. .
MtTianir&tor was originai-
... th Unltel States to fo-
.:i,a in nin nil ion plants.
!r..M uri this country entered
tVe war It was his purpose to pre-
vent the shipment '
Tf,,L paninr in this he was ex
ecteA-to cause American Interven
1 n Sexier on the theory that the
United States, one embroiled v
southern neighbor, would have
need for all munitions of w
One of the mosi p..
WASHIXGTOX. June 7. Sinking
r h Xnrwsrtan steanir Vlnland by
German submarine 3 nuies on
ih. virHniav riDM t 6 P. m. AVedne
day, wag announced tonight by the
navy department. ibb
reMriied and landed today at Cape
May, X. J. ' -v. ,
The Vinland was sent down nine
a rtr t ha-British steamer Har-
pathlan was torpedoed 35 mUesyur-
An electrict iron, which an
assistant in the dressmaking es
tablishment of K. A. Adsitt on
the rear of the second floor in
Myers Brothers store building, 4
presumably neglected to dis-
connect, was responsible for the !
small blaze, which shortly be-
fore 7 o'clock last evening de
stroyed a number of fine gar
ments In the shop and ruined
much of the equipment. Prompt
work of the fire denartment
prevented damage to other t
portions of the structure. 1
When a hose was put In ac-
tion the flames had begun to
creep between the walls np to
the third floor, where Meyers'
stock room Is located. Slight
lniu wera Incurred hfr but
the principal damage to the de- t
Quantity of water soaked goods
on the main floor.
ihar from the Virginia
til word of her sinking same from
Car May today nothing had been
heard of the operations of theenemy
raiders since the landing or me jiar
Kathim1! i-w -vsterdar.
Ten rietaila were riven In the brief
4i.nioh tn th denartment. This
UWI - -
totomont waa Issued:
"The navy department is Informed
tho Korwr1in steamer Viland. 1193
tons, was bombarded an sunc Dy a
submarine about 5 miles of the
coast of Virginia at 6 p. m. on June
5. The crew was landea ai P
May. N. J. . ,
CAPE MAY. N. J.. Jane 7. Mne-
mmlM.r3 of the crew of tne
Norwegian steam ship Viland bound
for an Atlantic port, were landed at
Cape May Point late toaayv xueir
ship having been sunn r .
man submarine 65 miles off the vir-rni-
mnt last Wednesday evening.
The men were Immediately taken to
u'i9h rkon naval Darracas bui
. r-1
at Sewell's Tolnt ana nno one w
permitted to see or taiK 10 inerc.
Before the crew was placed under
naval guard, several of them said
the Viland had been sunk by a Ger
man U-boat and that they haaTdrift-
Will Compel Observance
of. rair rnce mmis
WASHING iON. June 7. A conn-
try-wide move to reduce the cost of
food to consumers and standardize
methods of compelling the observ
ance by dealers of "fair price lists
was ordered today 'by Food Admin
istrator HooVer.
Lists win be published In every
county, town and city, and consum
ers will be asked to cooperate with
officials ' in ' forcing merchants to
bring their prices to a -uniform level.
Two American Attacks Result in Capture of 300 Prisoners
in Second Battle Northwes t of Chateau Thierry Exten
sion of Line Six Miles in L engih Hear? Losses Inflict
ed on Both Sides but Slaughter of Enemy Is Far in Excess
of Allied Forces French G ive Assistance
the result of the two attacks by the Americans against the enemy in
the second battle northwest of Chateau Thierry, 300 prisoners were
captured and the Americans extended their line over a front of about
six miles to a depth of nearly two and a half miles.
"While thelosses of the Americans necessarily have been heavy
on account of the nature of the fighting, the German dead is piled
three 'deep in places.
A number of machine guns were added to the American booty.
The German prisoners taken by the Amerieaa many of whom
were mere boys, had only been in the line for two days. Some ef .
them wore the white bands of the Prussian guard.
Senator Swanson Says Sixty
Per Cent of German Subs
Hare Been Sunk
Phenomena Here To Be Ninety-Seven Per Cent Near 4
OXlock4ntarginal Colors May Be Seen Np Corona
Lay out yobr piece of smoked glass
or dark photograph plate or what
ever it Is you are going to use in
watching the eclipse and prepare to
spend boraethlng like two hours this
afternoon craning your neck sky
wft rI.
From 2:38, when the shadow of
the earth first appears traveling rap
idly from the northwest until it en diBannears in th east at 5:11
residents otSalent will be able to
view that rare phenomenon, an
eclipse of the sun. -At approximately
4:65 this will be nearest to totality.
Tierauee this city Is not In.tnejimy
.mile wide path of the shadow no co.
rona. or ring or ugm cuiun-u
surrounding the body, may be seen
and at no time will the light edgeof
old Sol himself dlwipjwar. The
eclipse so far a Salem is concerned
niw h a 97 ier cent one.
It will not be necessary to go out J
In the country or to seen a msn no
vation in order to view the phenom
ena; down ton streets are as good as
fetly other observatory here. One cau
tion is emphasized by local astrono
mers and that Is that no. one risk
looking at the sun without some pro
tection for the eyes, as many have
lot their sight through carelessly
gazing direct at the luminous body
tor a considerable DCriod of time.
Federation of Labor Voices
Sentiments on Company's
- v Recent Action
ST. PAUL. June 7. Shrap criti
cism of officials of the Western Un
ion Telearaph company for their al
leged refusal to abide by the deci
sions of the national war labor board
and protestations of labors united
support of the government's war pol
icy were voiced late today by offi
cials of the American Federation of
I .a ho r .sneaklnr at pre-cnnvenUon
meetings. According to President
Samuel nomners and Secretary
Frank Morrison, the action of the
telegraph officials Is in direct vw-
WASHIXGTOX. June 7. The pos-
Ibllity that ftermaa submarines are
larking off ffie Atlantic coast here
after must be regarded as a continu
ing factor in American war measures,
la the opinion of many naval offi
cials. They believe that the present
raid Is practically certain to be fol
lowed by others and that It will
never be safe again to assume that
that American waters are free of
this menace as loag os the U-boats
are at lance.
An indication of the deadly work
of the allied and American fleets la
European waters was given today
when Senator Swanson of Virginia
stated that according to Information
furnished the naval affairs commit
tee, 60 per cent ef the submarines
constructed by Germany had been
destroyed. This percentage includes
not only new construction, but the
boats comprising the numerous fleet
In commission at the beginning of
the war.
S'tretary Daniels said the percent-i
age quoted by Senator Swanson rep
resented "the best opinion of our
naval officers. I .
hers of the Oernian war party at te I WBRers and five
Kid of which wa. Crown Prince fiteamshlp Carol!
vrwrlck William. Von Rintelen was Sunda y by a German submarine, still
nUmate the emperor andLre ml8giBg adding to an an-
tne inumai "-; - Ua wa. - h" -th York
Ti llenrV OI 1 I --- ,c in-jliuiriliruu .uu.r-. -J -
; ' hgh ofllI 01 ?ne and Torto Rico Steamsmp company
King George to Take Part
in July 4 Celebration
LOXDOX. June 7. This year, for
the first time in Anglo-American his
tory, the king ot England Is goisg to
take Dart In an American Fourth of
lation of the purpese of the bordj Juipy celebration. On Jsly 4. King
.nH ha. . dmoralisinr affect uponl George has promised to attend a
ed until picked np far off shore tbe mora,. of workIng pople baseball game at Chel between
"This probably wll result in rrf -1 n-i'irwumiuc 0.
u'iimn rommandeerinr the! army and navy.
Western Union Telegraph company! Great enthusiasm has been srous--j
r lobulation bv con-led in American baselall circle In
cress for taking over all trtegrahp I London over this signal mark of the
and telephone companies during the king's favor and his intere-l In the
. , Cu-rMart Morrison Saia. I wcuarc W loe mm ni iuc niuim
Speaking before the Metal Trades forces In this country,
department of tne reaerauon.
Gompers said:
"Never in the hlntoryof the uni
verse has there been a time and cir
cumstance where representatives of
the masses of labor have been In a
position of right and Justice as now.
by an American destroyer on a trial
trlP- I . a
The men, who are Swedes and
Norwegians, were cheerful. Some of
them wore uniforms loaned them-by
men from the naval vessel, as they
had to leave the Vinland witn wnai
few clothes they wore.
NEW YORK. June 8. Eight pas-
of the crew oi me
na. 'sunk last last
i a nhotoeranhic plate which has
Wn exoosed to the light and then
developed. If a smoked glass is ufa.
H snouia oe luitmy i' i
black. lb
! People are wondering Just what to
Uiect this afternooC T. E. Barnes.
!ho has read much on eclipses, says
that where totality occurs it is like
a moonlight night. In Salem, If the
day is clear, the portion of the sun's
light reaching the earth will be the
same as that of theliew moon, but
the shafts will be much more bril
liant, more of a twilight than night
effect. One may observe just before
the ecllDse what is known as the mar
cinal colors, which ane caused by the
light gases on the extreme eage oi
the sun.
Numerous motor parties are being
made up by residents of this eit.v,
who-are going up tbe Columbia high
way or to points In Washington in
order to witness the complete. eclipse.
Among those who will leave here arc
a oartv composed of Mr. Uarnes,
John Todd. Ralph Barnes. Prof 3Ssor
J. T. Matthews and 'Phillips fcinoti,
who are bound for Toledo. Washing
ton W. C. Winslow and Roy Shields
are coins north in another car. Dr
James L,vle of -Willamette University
ham alreadv cone to The Dalles by
train. Chester Moores and another
party plan to drive up the highway
this afternoon. ' ,
.rJ.he bank. His m-en,url I owners or the vessel. me ""
Deutsche nan iu T,imedl, . n listed as dead, nor
1 ... I1..H. ramilv named I ., nnt
of a epy " utv ie.d. r wa. iAted. until all
m - a aVl S 111 SUC " " - Jm IWilS a " "
K-f Tterl in Sbe has been proml- hope of finding them has been aban
ers of Berlin. nerman Red I a,i
far as known all those mlss-
n of her husband s dangerous ine from the Carolina were lost rrom
D, L Vo the United States. ; la lifeboat in a storm Sunday night.
Private Carl B. Mills ot Vlsalia.
CaL. was la the first wave of Amer
icans to go over the top In the VealL
ly wood to smoke out the Germans
remaining there. He said that after
his unit obtained Its objective,
many of th men went back an I
filled the ranks of their advancing -comrades.
AH worked like clock
work, he said. The favorite slogan
was "each man get a German; don't
let a German get yoa.
Many instances were related of the
heroism of the Red Cross workers In
braving shells in No Man's Land ani
gathering in or aiding wounded.
The correepondent ' today - tafted
with a 19-year-old German prisener
who was sitting nnder a tree eating
American bread and drinking French
wine. The soldier said he had been
fighting for a year and a half, for
the most part In Ratal a. He carried
a picture of his sweetheart on heavy
cardboard, which he said had saved
his life from an American bullet.
The youth added that In Germany
there was talk of millions of Ameri
can soldiers but that nobody believed
It He did not know that It was the
Americans opposed to the German.
He thought the troops were British,
as they wore English helmets. He
added that the German soldiers no
longer hoped to reach Paris. All or
them were sick of the war and ht
was glad he had been made prisoner.
The fighting last night northwest
of Chateau Thierry raged with great
I fierceness for five hours. The Amer
icans captured Bouresches and en- ,
tered the Torcy. Twenty-fire Amer
icans in Torcry engaged and drove
oat 200 Germans and then withdrew
to the main line on the outskirts of
the town.
A remsrkable story Is told of a
company of marines, all the officers
of which. Including the seregaau'.
were pat out of the fighting. A eor
noral thea assumed command and
the men pushed on and obtained their
objective, '
Hundreds of French children lined
the mala roadway to Paris this af
ternoon over which American and
French ambulances were carrying
American wounded.
The children waved their hands
and cheered the Americans.
No American PrUooers.
As far as is known no Americans
(Continued on page 2).
Maior Deuel Not Dead
As Reported on Thursday
r.,-c nd is said to na -
mission to v f iV.
..m tries the I nltea
on " the
lar witn xnn M,mnd
5UV8 the six years preceding the
during the X . reeled extena-
outbreak oi u
Kely in-" three.
RoilroflJ Telegraphers
To Telegraphers
WASHINGTON. June 7. -New
naaanirer rates of three cents a mile
" " ' . c Lr-- will. co in effect Sunday miunini.
jo tonsiaer oui& degp
n inna 7. Represents
C1HW5':, - ." ,,. .oi-ranh
u rai""""
ite pleas. to suspend or modify
them It was oniciany siaieu i""
that passengers en route to acsiina-
t nm at tuat lime win t !.."
tlrMh7.00ei;- 0 to te'rms of their ticket-
ers will meet ln. Chn"t"of call- Is originally purchased, except that
nay to consider the possic "" 01 he rtotM;erg W1U not be permitted at
. .trike simuUaneously wiin 1 op Btnra stubs of
comercial telerraPher, r t.ckets purchased before
9'"ir:" i revance chairman of then also will e n?norei
railroad wlre: men. niz'l but unused portions will be
i?ht .".lie sai vuc - 1 .rmni at the rate 01 tne w
rhhers have their own th.rzff
" I a conference of recional passencer
j -- ruf nf inira. lrrto nmmittees has been called
V. r :i-"t T Chlcaco June 17 to dis-
'exCent DOClh- rnu modifications of the rates for
west coast; moderate westerly winds, tourist and excursion trips.
Saturday. Jane 15, Is the Date
FORT WORTH, Texas, June 7.
M.w Thorne Deaei. lormer cuui-
As Salem's second Aannal Bargain! around indefinitely" to be waited
Hir annrnachea the merchants are! upon. .
mander at Kelly field. San Antonio. I jg roorf( and more cognisant It makes little difference what
h3 was repotted la.i. nignt to navejof magnitude, of tne event inline snoppers may wiov-tw -
. . . a aa. I I am M . . m A SL . t . I aaa f A A H a. ak A aa 9 t aw a aat I f I aa4
r.nrn in bia atroian near abhiu av. timnim it win ne to ousinesa mo are vi ut umiKH
ani for whor. earch ras made a"r- general, and the' advantages If wlllj
inc the night, arrived heie late last I affor(i buying public not only of
night an? toaay f.bFuniw ni uul-"r I Salem but or all tne conuuoua
as .ommanirr at ixuaierro rjt0ry.
field here. His trip by air from I Re4iixing this, several more mer
Aan Antonio to Fort Worth was un-l-v.-., stcnifled their desire to
eventful and the major was unaware I Une up wita toe Bargain day move-
of his rvpoiteu acciaent unui Iment and help mae ine orrasion
tbe most successful mercnanaising
event ever held In Salem.
Ta accommodate the shoppers
rhn will lourner here to make their
nnrrhiiM. ntBT Inreslous sale
plans will be put Into effect on thU
PARIS. June 7. Senator Herlott.
Mayor of Lyons, and the city council 1 f a for 0arfrans.
A 1 . - m. W TV I l att T . . a
have riven the name of President
Wilson to a new brlrtce over ne riv
er Rhone, which will be opened ot
July 11.
inON. June 7. British casual
ties reported during the week ending
Friday were:
... liiiI AiaA nt wrm n n
luicer a "... I .ui .1 K. ..nrMl in
men. 425S: onice wonnaea v - ,VZ:7Zi
That the banralns to be offered
will far outshine those or any simi
lar event ever held ia Salem goes
without sari nr. The merchants have
their plans for the conduct of their
Rarraln day business so well oat
lineri that the shoppers will be af
forded a wider range of choice and
will find all merchandise so syste
matically displayed, that the task of
shopping will be greauy simpuuea
or isslng, 753; men 27,425.
character that everything deslrea
will be available at rock bottom
prices: Clothing for men, women
and children: shoes for the whole
family; Jewelry fee the relative,
sweetheart or friend; fsaitare of
every deacriptloa; hardware, stoves
and Implements, millinery ot the
most popular effects; bicycles, mo
torcycles, etc; pianos aad other mu
sical Instruments: gas raages ana
electrical supplies; dry goods with-
onC end: automobiles and automo
bile supplies; movie shows extraordi-
nanr: and sroceries of endless vari
etyIn facC there is hardly anything
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