The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, June 07, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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Annual June Clearance Sale
of Odds and Ends and Broken Lines
Is at Its Height; teeming with values and varieties which
draw throngs of eager purchasers of quality merchandise.
The many who attended this sale the first days of tho
week have carried thd good news far and wide and their
friends are coming to share the bargains in ODDS AND
ENDS AND BROKEN LINES which are offered in the
several departments. We are prepared with extra sales
people f or Ltvely Doings this Week-end for market con
ditions prohibit a repition of equal savings for some time
to come, i
Office Will Be Opened in For
mer Red Cross Office on
State Street
be treated as a cash transaction so
long as the consignee continues to
pay It freight charge promptly upon
presentation of the freight bill. Sim
ilar application of the rale should
be made In the collection of a pre
paid charge from a shipper. That is
to say, payment of such a charge if
made on the day tee shipment Is
forwarded will be treated as a casa
basis, transaction.
"The enforcement of the cash rule
will require payment by the shipper
and consignee, for the most pait,
without oportnnlty for the correction
of errors In the freight' bill, but in
all cases where a mistake Is obvious
or where it is plainly indicated upon
the face of the bill, the agent should
make the correction before exacting
"The director general It also" anx
ious that the public shall understand
Passenger Ruling Effective
. July 1- Same Will Apply
i to Freight
Effective July 1. the collection of
passenger transportation charges by
carriers under federal control will
be on a cash basis, according to an
order from Director General McAdoo
that has been received by the Oregon
public service commission. On that
date any credit accommodations
which may be in conflit with ertain
regulations of the railroad adnunls-l that the reason for the;gatioi
n - - 01 mis oruer is 10 pnrirui uiacuuuur
tion between shippers and consignee
The extending of credit In payment
of transportation charges to one per
son while It is denied f another re
sults in a preference in favor of the
person to whom credit Is given.
While repeated attempts haye 'ea
made in the past to check this evil,
competitive conditions have rendered
it impossible to do so. . At the pres
ent time many shippers and consign
ees, -especially large ones. no7 with
respect to many of their freight bill
a credit not only of days but of week
and sometimes months. There seems
to be no way of dealing with this ex
cept the cash rule.
; "The director reneral further in
structs me to say that he has under
consideration rules, which will be
promulgated In the near future touch
log upon the settlement of over
charge and claims for loss and dim
age which he belitves wilt result Id
the prompt and fair disposition of
such matters with a minimum rl In
convenience to the oubUc.
tration must be cancelled.
will be sold only for cash In advance
of service. Baggage charges will be
subject to the same rules as tickets,
except C. O. D. baggage and storage
charge must be paid in cash before
: Thecommlssion is . also Informed
In a circular from C. A. Prantr. a
director of the railroad adtninistra.
that the director reneral is cor.tetn
plating ' an" order which will 'place
the payment of all freight transporta
tion charges on a' cash basis. :
JThe director general is about Is
suing an order putting the payment
of &H transportation charges upon a
Cach basis, and is especially desir
ous that this shall result in as little
inconvenience as possible to the pub
lic." says Mr. Prouty's letter. "The
rule should b interpreted in a prac
tical business way.;. U, for example
the consignee who is financially; re
sponsible, : Is accustomed to 3end for
his freight In the morning and the
collection of the freight charge Is
effected in the afternoon, that should
L -1
tt -.-' i i "-
r -i
Police Cannot Protect Jitney
Men From DriVers of Pri
vate Cars
Girls! Use Lemons! i:
Make a Bleaching, J
Beautifying Cream;
The juice of two fresh lemons
strained Into a bottle containing
three ounces of orchard white makes
a whole quarter pint of the most re
markable lemon skin beautifier at
about the cost one must pay for a
small Jar of the ordinary cold creams.
Care should be taken to strain the
lemon juice through a fine cloth so
no lemon pulp gets in, then this
lotion will keep fresh for months.
Every woman knows that lemon juice
is used to bleach and remove such
blemishes as freckles, sallowness and
tan and is the ideal skin softener,
smoothener and beautifier.
Just try It I Get three ounces of
prchard white at any pharmacy and
two t lemons from the grocer and
make op a quarter pint of this sweet
ly fragrant lemon lotion and massage
it daily into the face, neck, arms and
hands. It naturally should help to
soften, freshen, bleach and bring out
the roses and beauty of any skin. It
is simply marvelous to smoothent
rougn, rea nanas.
Commencement Exercises
Will Be Held Tonight Dr.
Slingerland Here
The case of Z. J. Zlnn. last In the
series of unlicensed jitney drivers to
appear in the police court, was heard
by Judge Race yesterday morning
and being fully advised' of the facts
in the case, and the accused signify
ing his intention to retire from the
business at once, the magistrate dis
missed the case and closed the Inci
dent. The thorn of dissatisfaction
remains with the jitney drivers, how
ever, for the police department can
offer them no assistance in the mat
ter of apprehending drivers of pri
vate cars who cut into their busi
ness; and on the other hand the
j'tney men do not care to take npon
themselves the role of detectives and
attempt to bring the alleged violat
ors to justice.
' "Through the panorama moves Illdor, the Siber
ian monk who brought about Rasputin's downfall; the .
emperor, a superstitious weakling; his wire, the Czar-
ina, with German family leanings; indeed, the whole
. court. The Kaiser himself appears briefly. - Brings the '
story up to the murder of Rasputin and the revolu
tionists' arrest of the Cxar In a railway carriage on
March 15. 1917. Iliodor, who plays himself in the pro
duction, iliodor provided the wealth 3 of facts upoif""
which we based the story, for historical data to details
of secret religious ceremonies. More than that, he prov- .
ed himself a remarkably good screen actor.
- j
Five students will .be graduated
from the Oregon School for the Deaf
at-the annual commencement exer
cises to be held at the school tonight.
The pi gram will begin at 8 o'clock.
Dr. V. H. Slingerland. a representa
tive of the Russell Sage foundation
of New Tfork, wiU give . the com
mencement address and deliver the
The .aduating students are Rosa
lie Ilendrlckson. Portland; Edwin
Hill, Baker; Selma Hagen. Portland;
Milton Berry, Hubbard, and Daisy
Morrison. Helix. The class colors
are white and blue and the class
motto Is "My country first."
Following is the program that will
oe given:
Invocation; Essay. Whaf the Deal
Are Doing to Help Win the War. el
ma Hagen; America. Alton Peterson.
Henry Ilrelje and Ray Hummel; Ut
ile ratriots, juniors; Star Spangled
Banner. Cleo Vinyard. Daisy Morri
son and Pearl Lundar: essar.- What
Women Are Doing in the War. Rosa
lie Hendrickson; banners of democ
racy. Beldam. Clara Eaton; France.
Rosalie Hendrickson; Grat Britain
(John Bull), Francis Holmes; 1taly.
i eari L.unoay; Japan. Frances Poi:
Lnited States (Uncle Sam). John
t.oiaen; a soldier. Lysle Fowler; a
farmer, uoyal Cooke; a mechanic.
oeorge uroomns; a Red Cross Nurse.
Cleo Vinyard. Address and delivery
of diplomas. Dr. W. H. Slingerland.
representative of Russell Sare foun
dation. New York.
Rifle Production in
U. SL Shows Increase
. WASHINGTON. Juno 6. More
than a million and a half rifles have
been produced by the United States
army since this country entered tho
war, says an announcement tonight
by the war department. Of this
number 1.1 40.595 are modified En
fields. 176.796 Springfied models of
1903 and 251.270 Russian rifles.
"Besides the rifls made sinr war
was declared," said the announce
ment, "there are fiOO.000 Spring
fields, model of 1903, In use. Only
about one-half the soldiers in an
army carry rifles. On this basis thj
'ordnance department, has enough
rifles. Springfield and modified En
fields, for an army of about 2.000.
000 men, allownig wastage for one
AMSTERDAM. April 30. Alexan
der Girardi. Austria's leading actor,
is dead from the effects of an opera
tion tor blood-poisoning. He was
6S years old. .
Rumor Come $ That Laborers
May Come Into Valley
From Hood River
At length there is a glint of sun
shine and encouragement athwarft
the fog that has hung over the labor
situation in this part of the valley.
With a demand for several thdusand
fruit pickers and cannery employes
needed wi.liin the next thirty days,
there has been but a small percent
age mobilized thus far. The matter
has been under consideration by the
Commercial club, the Y. iL C A. and
the Pheasant Northwest Products
company, as well as of a committee
of the Boys Reserve organization,
but with no definite resulu on a
broad scale.
Some days ago negotiations were
opened with the federal labor agent
In Portland, and recently Manager R.
C. Paul us of the Salem Fruit union
went to the metropolis to consult
with the federal representative in
person. As a result he has secured
a promise from R. P. Bonham.- who
is ailing for the government In the
labor field of this state, that a rep
resentative would be" placed' in this
city the first of next week. . It is
proposed ' that an offic be opened
In the rooms recently occupied by
the Red Cross campaign managers,
on State street, and that this, be
irarts a clearing hooes for employers
T","-rr, nlor- tho whole line
of fruit industry- While no details
are forthcoming at this time, tho
loplcsl supposition is that an active
camprgn wHI te carried on to se
en an army of fruit pickers that
will be virtually pledged to the work
en the ground that It Is a patriotic
duty as well as a matter of public
benefit foCcvery "unattached boy,
girT and woman to lend a' hand In
the work.
It has been suggested that In addi
tion to the efforts of other organi
zations, the women's societies of the
city get behind a movement to enlist
tlie women of the city for the work.
One .bit of encouragement that
floats in from Portland Is the fact
that there. I? a surplus of help signed
up for the harvesting of the Hood
River strawberries an Indication
that the crop' In that section is con
siderably short of past seasons.
Judgments Are Rendered
In Circuit Court Cases
Only three or four civil cases have
bee a disposed of la the present term
of court, the first of these being the
case of Emerson Hardwood company
against Andrew Kemp, judgment for
S250.95 beins awarded to the de
fendant. In the case of Koehler
Chase against Savage, suit to recover
on a promissory note, verdict was
rendered to the plaintiff In the sum
of $457.80 with $75 costs. At the
hour of closing last night the case
of Dave' Trester against A. T. Mof
fttt was being staged. This Is a se
quel to the case of Moffitt vs. Tres
ter. in which the latter was accused
of the larceny of a few timbers, and
which was dismissed from the Jus
tice court. Trester now brings suit
against Morfitt for malicious prose
cation. A fourth civil case was dis
missed from the court on motion of
the plaintiff.
"Corn-Less Day"
for Feet, Every Day
Vk Geto-It the Great Corn Dis
covery! Makes Corns Peel Right Off!
Look at the llluvtration below.
Se the two finKera peclinr'6rf a corn
a though it -r ax banana p-l! And
the man ia smiling while he' doing it:
All done painlessly. Joyfully. The mom
ent Tfo-t-It touches a corn or caJiui
" - -""v
Kt-I mly ealae. TWraKh
Corn PrIer Krrr DUrvrr4. h-aim
growth is doomed. It takes but two
aeronda to apply ,Get8--It. The coin.
pain Is eased at once. You can alt
at your desk or walk about, danoe.
think. love and work with ahaolute
eaae. 1 ou can apply "Oeta-lf con
veniently almoet anywhere where you
can take your shoe and Mocking off
for a moment or two. "Gets-It" dries
at once; then put your shoe and stock
ing on again, meres no farther ex
cuse for suffering from corns and
r-t -1 1. the rnariiilMKl
backcorn remover, the only sure way
J,ut,? ,tr,n l dr "tore!
Mrd. by li Lawrence & Co. Chicago,
SoM in SaTem a nd reenmmfi - -
the world's beat -rn remover by J. C.
ferry and D. J. Fry. T
From Red Cross headquarters in
the U. S. Bank building the following
were shipped yesterday:- 1350 ab
dominal bandages. 1120 triangular
bandages, 90 suits of pajamas.
. Iled Cross Wants.
A call lor 1300 dish towels. Use
sugar sacks of 100 pounds size or
Hour sacks 30-lb. size or larger, lie
sure and hem the edges and darn
the small holes and wash clean.
A call for 300 dish cloths Use
susar or salt sacks from 10 pounds
to 50 pounds. ot necessary w
finish the edges. Wash clean.
The above, calls are urgent and
should be turned In to Red Cross
headquarters, U. S. Hank building,
by June 12 to 14. sure.
. Donald Red Cross Xnw.
Mrs. Denjamin Quinn of Donald
called at Red Cross headquarters
and reported good work at Donald.
They furnish their own finances by
holding entertainments. Mrs. Quinn
reports that Donald residents are en
thusiastic workers for the Red Cross.
Just now they are making pajamas.
The Prospect auxiliary Is now be
ing formed. The town will have a
good strong branch.
Central Howell Prairie auxiliary
of the Red Cross was formed last
ight at the HoweU Prairie school
The home service section report
for May shows 166 families were
visited during the month: service
was rendered to forty-two families
and helpful Information given to 124
familie. Financial assistance dur
ing May amounted to $85.20.
Silverton Red Cross workers are
reported to bo doing escellent work.
Marion Circle auxiliary of the Sil
verton branch of the Red Cross I
now being formed. Ten members
are enough to form an auxiliary.
No more comfort pillows or quilts
needed. If any auxiliary has any
of the above Items, sell the quilts
and use the cash In your own auxil
iary. !
Local Western Union Appris
ed of Specials Distributed
on October 1
The local . off ice or the Western
Union Telegraph company has re
ceived from Newromb Carlton, pres
ident of the company, annonnrement
of a distribution of extra special pay
ment which will be made October 1.
The distribution will be in addition
o the two special payments of July
1, 117. and January 1. It8. -
The payment is to be made to all
regular employes, except the presi
dent, who shall have served the com
pany continuously from April 1, 1918
The schedule will be as follows:
All messengers at Independent of
fice, flat atum of 16.25 each em
ployes receiving less than, $1200
year, at the rate of 4 per cent of
semi-annual wages: employes receiv
ing from $1200 to $1999.99 a year,
both Inclusive, at the rate of 3 per
cent of semi-annual wage with a
minimum of $25; employes recelv
ing $2000 a year and bo more, at
the rate of 2 1-2 per cent of semi
annual wage with a minimum of
$32.50. Special payment will not
affect the increasing of salaries
which will be determined on indi
vidual merit.
Complete Confidence in U-
Boat Protective Measures
Expressed by Both Sides
WASHINGTON-. June 6 Complete
confidence In the measures taken by
the navy to deal with submarine
raiders was expressed in the senate
today by spokesmen on both sides
of the chamber. Senator Lewis of
Illinois. Democratic whip, and Sena
tor Lodge of Massachusetts. Repub
lican, joined In declaring that the
navy was on the alert and ready for
the enemy.
These expressions came In tb
inidst of a sharp debate precipitated
by the reading of Senalor Brand v
ce of Connecticut, of a newspapor
editorial criticising- the navy depart
ment for not warning shipping of the
presence of the submarines.
Commenting on this. Senator
Lewis and Lodge agreed there was
no complaint against the navy, al-
iuii;n iury nau very uuirrt'ni ine
ories as to what possibly drew the
submarines to American shores. Sen
ator Lewis said the attack was In
vited by false statements in congress
and elsewhere regarding the nation's
nnpreparedness; while the 'Massa
chusetts senator suggested "that
loose brags and boasts" about the
number of American troops trans
ported overseas had contributed to
the appearance of the raiders.
Want Another Appropriation.
While this discussion was in pro
gress Secretary Baker sent to con
gress a request for a $16,000,000
appropriation for 16 new balloon and
airplane stations along the Atlantic
and Gulf roasts, to supplement ths
army's preparations for Its part In
Enid of Season Sale
on Ladies' .
Entire Stock of Ladies' Coats iz
Suits now greatly reduced 30 ttvt
Coats just received, all go on Special
Sale. " v
See window display and prices J
Our Prices Always the Lowest
Gale & Company
Commercial and Court Sts. Formerly Chicago Stcre
Phone 1072
repelling submarine or air attacks.
Eqiupment for the stations is said
to be in hand, and they probably will
be established within a few weeks
after the money Is provided.
In connection with the warning f
shipping. Acting Secretary Roose
velt disclosed late today that a radio
message was sent broadcast by the
navy more than a week ago Inform
ing all shipping and. shore slat:
that enemy sotmarlses mig&t ;;
at any -port along the Atlantic tl.
At that time the news that the es
had attacked schooners off the T
ginia capes had not reached th
partment and Mr. Roosevelt deck
to discuss how the navy received)
information npon which the wan
was based, , . ,-,.-.
fcj'l ft TTr ..'..'
He does, if you simp VpKone
?r sarr"send me a !af of
bread.' Get the best for
your money, always specify
3 -C J V
- iV r 'a-L
it -a r
f p c: 3 1
3 IT''
o Younijer Days''
Eccsaay Si
A Victory Brwd
With Victory Haver
at Your
You Cannot be
and Happy
ABSENCE oi Iroa lm tho
' ftlA-J I - . 1
nianjr colortcas iacca
liver Pills'
AJtemedy That
Makes Life
Worth Li viri&
but W grextly he aott rl-faced tfl
... . . -
licautiful llut and Shoulders
rr,"lbl? " w,n wrr a ricaUacAnr ootttnriH
vppwUuc lauaclc that tte roatnsr of Ihr tfnm mpmied.
pat the htt Wk mhrrt it W
iaacx. prrrcat tU fail hat tnm
bating tH arrtrsranrr t Sa-
fr a m .m . htmrt. eliminate lb Hinfff M
ORATl F. r? rrS drm maarlr atxi ronSn. the
.... Seh af tb thonlder fimS
araccria line to tLc tulin pprr bodr.
TfcTr r t h dainlit aivt mrmt tmimhlf rmrrn( imr
MbWoiM ia ail BiaU-riala anrl rlin; C rr bark. !"
r mt. SwnMirp. (iiiKkM. rtr. frmnt ith J." te
rnlea baainc-frrmttliax waahtnc iUaout renwwal.
!! fMir dVatcr ht.w jfm BS Jni Brm-rra. ifnn atnrk
ni. i! (tadlr apDd hi at, yrrpaai. Maptn t. ilww .
BENiSMIN la JOHNES. SI Warrca StrrU Ne-ara. X. J