The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 23, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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Comic Parade Scheduled for
Noon Hour Tickets Sell
; Rapidly
1 Steadies nerves
2 Allays thirst
3 Aids appetite
4 Helps digestion
5 Keeps teeth clean
6 It's economical
Director. John W. Todd.
Interlocnter, Dr. H. E. Epley.
Sollsts: John W. Todd, John
Traeger, Albert Gllle, O. A.
Endmen: Rure White, Billy
Lercben, Chas. Knowland, Lew
Chorus: John W. Todd. Wil
liam McGIlchrliit, Sr.. J. Frank
Hughes. J. V. Humphreys,
Frank De Wltte, C. 8. Piper, A.
R. Miller, Wan Martin, Elmer
Daue, II. W. Bross, Dr. II. C.
Epley, John Traeger, Frank
V. Durbln. C. E. Albln, O. A.
Maey, Albirt II. Gillie, Dan
LanpenbergArV. Ouffroy, A.
L. Wallace and- S. Barton.
Keep the
sailors suwUed I
Chew it after every meal
M Flavor Lasts!
"(Continued from page 1)
SCO.985.000, of which approximately
H,210,2o0.000 will be raised by tax
ation, .. leaving a .ba'ance cf nearly
110. 630. 733. 000 to be borrowed.
Win. S.
and will give a short talk
"from tHe Platform -
i M i-f.
r i h
.b .
Dorothy Dalton
: " la ' '
At the end of the present year the
national debt of Great Britain will
be about $39,900,000,000, of which
$8,160,000,000 will be due to her tim ih nltrl show ' which
from her allies. Up to the present m a irfnritnn there will
Today Is the day.
Do not miss the Cberrian mlnetre!
comic parade at noon.
Tonight and tomorrow nights at
the nights for the big Cherrlan mln
strcl performances. Get your tick
eta early and avoid the rush.
The sale of tlekets at the Opera
House drugstore yesterday gare evi
dence of big audiences for both Ter
romances, so, if yon intend getting
good seats,-you had better not de
lay In securing your tickets. Fits
boxes for the first performance have
already been sold to Governor Wftay-
eombe. V: J. Fry, K. C Bishop, F. W.
Steusloff and T. B. Kay.
At both the full orchestra rehearsal
at the Elks hall, Sunday afternoon
and the dress rehearsal last night
wonderful improvement was marked
in both olo and'ehorus singing, and
the endmen certainly have some joke
stunts that will bring down the
house. "Doc" Epley, the Interloc
utor, Is also "there with bells'' and
he is loaded to the guards for any
thing that the four funny endmen
try to Dull off.
Director John W. Todd Is highly
elated over the Improvement of all
of the Toices. especially in the chor
us work and he predicts that the
show will be the biggest success of
its Vlnd ever put on In the Cherry
Citr. The patriotic songs, of which
there is a generous portion oft both
comedy and sentimental compositions
of the latest had, will more
than fulfill every expectation on the
part of the audiences and the funny
work of the endnvenwm elicit no
end of side splitting laughter from
start to finish. l
the tnited tsates, according to a
statement by Mr. Bonar Law, has
advanced about $4,775,000,000 to the
entente nations. ,
Subjects To Be Dtsemsed
be several special features, including
the" surprises which "Billy" Lerchen
picked up on his travels over the
state and signed especfawy for the
occasion and the mysterious black
face tnonologirt, who will keep the
iirifonre in a continual roar of
i OdaV in Kornl aChOOll r a "Confidential Chat." His
I . . . ,! Vim
Stunt 18 SinCUy ongini wuu ""
and it will be well worth the price
f admission to. the whole show.
Last, but by no means the least,
will be E. Cooke Patton in his en
tirely new and amazing conjuring
mrt which he has spent weens m
working up and rehearsing and which
Following Is the suggested pro
gram as arranged for today in the
schedule of agricultural and Rural
Life week: -
9:00-9:15 Opening e x e r c 1 ses.
A.wF A . J A 1)J mm A mm A A A I k tm
Study and'm open the eye. . of the public to
i... -i i I hinr hitherto undreamed of in me
j a " I lino of mvatic art and legerdemain.
wurui lor luuiurruw. - . . . .
9:40-10:05 Intermediate reading. Cooke Is a past master in the art of
Selections from JWey. Burroughs, conjuring the spooks t,n8 "J:
Muir etc ' tainment under the title of a "Mgbt
10:05-io;30-Advanced reading, in Spookvllie" 1. surely a wondei -and
OlrU. "Care" of Food In te IIome;"Mm set m p-u
Boys, Agricultural Bulletin, Club Bui
letin. Farm Papers, etc,
10:45-ll:05-PrImary numbers.
11:6511:25 Intermediate arith
metic Food problems 6 to 10.
11:2511:45 Advanced arithme
tic girls, problems aboVe; boys, prob-
1 1 : 4 5 1 2 : 0 0 renronnsh I p,
mottoes. , ' ' 1
hoAV in the world it can be done. His
catintt, DUHI especially ivr mi -foiSniance,
with its paraphernalia and
.iinni-nt. includine beautiful and
an4rnrlnr lertrlcal effects, have
bn tirovlded at great expense but
Cooke doeVr not care for the expense
when he starts In to do something
and the public may be suie that it
farm will be done right. m , , ,
Th costuming or me pnitiHi
characters has ben imported eapeo
I r .v, .. .
1:0-1:20 Bpelllng. Wordf T- ialiy ror id rpenwnu. w
latlnk to iarm animals.
1 : 20-1 r4 6 Primary language.
Dramatisation ef story told yestcr-
day. ' . . .
1:45-2:15 Intermediate ana aa-
p.iinn. Dr. Eoley and Charles Know-
land, of the committee, ana me ad
orations, furnished and arranged un
Hr th direction of C. B. Clancy
are very elaborate and beautiful
tanred language. Preparation of notn d m . n. . -
work outlined yesterday, parane. ai noon
2-15.2 -20 Ringing : " ''. " owlles of fun for the spectators and . . A. L. Wallace. Elmer Daut and Paul
2:45-3:10 Primary nature study. Stege of the parade committee have
3:10-3:25 Intermediate. Oregon pard no pains nor expense to make
or Marlon county geography. Have It a big success. l.mI" twn
children make booklets In form, of Ai the entire Proceed of tha two
map of Oregon or XIarlon county iMfrformances. toalgbt and tomorrow
.howlnr on different Dates physical night go to WlUameU Chapter of the
WW - - - - - I M .
features. DroducfS, etc.
2:X-4:00 Advanced.1 Experi
ments dealing with needs and seed
testing. See Bulletin, 948.
Bed Cross, nobody should fall to at
tend at least one or these periorra
a nee. Let everybody go.
Object Is to Aid Liberty Loan
Celebrations Throughout
McAdoo Makes Special Re
quest That Appropriate
Ceremonies Be Held
WASHINGTON, April 22. (Lead
day loan) All governors were asked
today by Secretary IlcAdoo to declare
next Friday a -state legal holiday, as
President Wilson has proclaimed It
a national holiday, to aid tne liberty
day celebrations by whU b It Is booed
to boost sales of liberty bonds well
along toward he $ J,Ouo,00,000
Just as the nation's offerings of
liberty dollars passed $l,500,voo,ooo
today, the St. Loul and Minneapolis
iruvrat reserve aisinct managers
sent word that they Lad exceeded
their subscriptions of $130,000,000
and $105,000,000, respectively. .
The Minneapolis district record Is
considered particularly remarkable.
considering that It started its can
vass Just a week ago today. By of
ficial reports tonight the St. Louis
district had subscribed only 93 pr
cent of its quota and Minneapolis. 59
per cent.
"If April 28 cannot be made a
legal holiday," Mr. McAdoo ak4 the
governors, "will you not urge that
stores and all public places be closed
on the afternoon of that day, and
that the people in the cities, towns
and country districts Join In appro
priate ceremonies." ,
"I . have requested the organiza
tions cooperating In the liberty loan
campaign to do everything In their
power to encourage patriotic demon
strations on that day and to promote
the success of the liberty loan. May
I not also suggest that In your rec
lamation you request the mayors and
other local-governing authorities to
make it a special point to cooperate
in their eeveral localities to cele
brate liberty day?"
To promote, liberty day Secretary
Daniels today abandoned plans for
making Wednesday a special navy lib
erty loan day. He sent a radio mes
sage to all ships, shore stations and
naval camps all over the world, sug
gesting rallies and the. gathering of
subscriptions Friday.--
"Let us all pull together and by
our subscriptions on that day Indi
cate to the world that we are solidly
behind our commander in chief and
that in neither life nor fortune does
the navy place any limit upon its
support of the nation's cause."
Official reports tonight -' to the
treasury, covering business up to this
morning, gave the total of loan sub
scription as 11.40.555.500, but of
ficials said it was certain that reports
to be filed later tonight, reporting to
day's work, would send the amount
far beyond $1,500,000,000. .
Slake This Beauty Lotion Clienply
tor Vonr Face. Xeck, Arms
( and, Hands.
At the cost of a amalf jar of ordi
nary cold cream one can prepare
VANCOUVER, Wash., .April 22. mil quarter pint of the most wonder-
James Barton Adams, newspaper ful lemon akin softener and corn-
man and "prose" poet died at bis nlexlon beautlfier. by squeexlng the
home here today aged It, of pneu-j. juice of two fresh lemen Into a bot-
monla. tie containing three ounce or or-
NotwItbstandJng hi weight of I chard white. Care should be taken
year, Mr. Adam last year Tolun- to rtrain the Juice through a fine
teered his service tp the government cloth so no lemon pulp gets in. then
as . army post telegrapher "here and this lotion will keep fresh for
for several 'months past has worked months. Every woman knows that
daily in that capacity. His news- lemon Juice is used to bleach and
paper work was mostly done in form- remove such blemishes as freckles.
er day at Denver where he acquired! sallowne and tan and is the ideal
a nation-wide reputation as a versl- skin softener, whltener and beau
fier. He came to teh Pacific coast tifler. '
two years ago for the benefit of hi Just try it- Get three ounces of
health. Notwithstanding his heavy orchard whit at any drug store and
duties as army post telegrapher, he two lemoas from the' grocer and
kept -up his verse writing until make up a quarter pint of this sweet-
trtcken,afew,d5yf ngtrand hi last jly fragrant lemon , lotion and maa-
prove-verse" one on, A patriotic sage it dally Into the face, neck, arm
theme appeared In n Portland new and hands. It I marvelous to
paper this morning. lmootbea rough, red hapds.
Approval" of the director general
of railroads for ti postponement of
rate hearings affecting tne transpor
tation of grain and .grain products
from eastern Oregon points to Port
land In ask 'd by the public service-
eouiinlitaion in a letter to John Bar-:
ton Payne g.enernl counsel for the di
rector geneml. The rate cases are
among the most important business
now pending before tbe commission.
The coiumlRKlon holds that it is
expedient to defer the bearings until
conditions have become more nearly
normal. In the commission ' letter
to Mr. Payne it Is slated that tbe
revenue of tbe canfl-rs might x be
seriously affected by any orders Is
sued at this time. The conrplalnt
In the cast set forth the allega
tlon that the ate are excessively
high. -.
The request Is made In a letter
enclosing a list of case now pnd-
ng, and 1 in response to a call of
the director general' office for in
formation concerning cases now in
the communion's hands, particurlarly
relative to those affecting the rev-
enues of railroad.
Concerning the commission' poll
cy on railroad Improvement work the
letter say.
"Numerous request for exten
slon of lines, construction of depots
and other betterment and improve
ment have been made to the com
mission but we have uniformly re-
questioned complainants todefer such
matters until after the expiration of
the war. During the entire year Just
passed we have discouraged Insofar
as consistent with our public duty,
the filing of complaint against car
rier that might injuriously affect
their revenues or cause considerable
expenditure of funds. Realizing tbe
seriousness of the situation, tbe peo
ple of Oregon have almost without
exception acceded to our, request and
consented to await the final determ
ination of the war before demanding
such improvements and betterments.
Oregon is extremely pattiotlc V this,
as well as many other matter, and we
have confidence to believe that 'our
citixen will forgo many things which
under ordinary conditions they would
feel justily entitled to and wfll pa
tiently await the time when the car
riers can more conveniently aecede
to their requests.
"During tbe period of'the war we
will continue tbe policy heretofore
pursued and will endeavor, to limit
expenditure to the actual needs of
1 i
Wilson Thanks Sponsor for
,Refusing to Compromise
on Measure
Tmm'g Ui e
law ml tktm
Sherman Critical-Says Prop
er Exercise of Present
Powers Is Needed
' .' v. - - A I,, , .. '
Ai' ir . i
WASHINGTON. Acrf! 22 ITnrt
day) The senate settled down to
day to a rinlsb fight on the bill pro
posing blanket authority for the
president to reorganise government
agencies m roeullng the war. "
' No compromise,! was the word
sent by President Wilson In a letter
to Henator Overman-of Norrh Caro
lina, sponsor of th measure. De
bate was resumed by supporters of
the administration, while opponent
demanding specific exemption of tbe
interstate commerce commission and
certain other permanent bureaus
from changes prepared for further
errorts to foree amendments.
in hhi letter to Senator Overman
the .president said:
"I thank you with all my heart for
standing by tbe bill which beam your
name wlthmit nv rnm nrnmlu rf
any kind."
Senator Overman afterward declared
he would oppose any amendment of
tbe pending measure and felt confi
dent of its passage with , votes to
spare. He conceded, however, that
tbe vote on exempting tbe Interstate
commerce commission and possibly
others bureaus from Its scope would
be very close, a canvass of the sen
ate is in progress.
Io today's debate Senators Fletch
er of Florida, chairman of the com
merce committee, and Shields of Ten
nessee, a member of the judiciary
committee, which reported the bill.
urged passage of the 'measure as a
means of centralising authority and
speeding up war operations. . They
declared that the president is re
sponsible for the conduct'gf tbe. war
and should, be given necessary au
thority he asks. .
Senator Sherman of Illinois. Re
publican, criticising the bill, insisted
that what is needed' more than ad
ditional power is "the proper exer
cise of power already in existence"
and selection' of competent men to
exercise such authority.
Senator Fletcher admitted - that
there had been mistakes and delay
in war preparations but asserted that
they were comparatively negligible
and the whole record praiseworthy.
Both he and Senator Shields dismiss
ed as unworthy of discussion the con
tention that the president might
abuse the broad powers given him
under the bill. '
Because President Llnooln Is said
to have exceeded his authority to
meet an emergency. Senator Shields
said, was no reason why ample au
thority should not be given the exec
utive now.
CHICAGO, April 22. (American)
Detroit bunched Its hits behind
Chicago's erratic fielding and easily
. ! He Needs Sorpcbody to Send ninx
4 another poach of
Real GRAVELY Chcwlnrj PIoj
UncU Sam's Boy don't aak for much in the way.
of comfort fcaf good tobacco they xnuit hare.
A few cent spent for Real GraTeljr will buy
more tobacco attt faction than many times th
money in ordinary plug. .
Ciee may men a. chew of Real Omvely PlacaaJ fee wSI t3
yea that', the kind to Mad. Send tbe bet!
Ordinary pine U Mm eceaeeay. It ceets lm pmr week
te ckew Reel CeveJy, hsraess m amil ekew ef it IseU leaf
W Tom saaeke a pipe. Ce Gravely wUa year katfe sei mid
m little le yewr smehiwg tobacco. It will gbre fUeer-kepeeve
yeer smoke.
Dealers' all rewod here carry it la 10c powefc. A 3c
stassp will furt It late kls kande ie eey Training Caats er See
port ef the U. 3. A. Evea "over there" a 3. staeap wiU Uke
te kina. low desler will sepply eavclepe and give yew
official directleS) hew te address k.
Tee Patmrt Pomck ktmpm It Frnk mi CTe eW Cml
Uimt fUml Crmmmfy tpitkmt ikis PrrtKtiom Umt
..retabllshed l3t
is. t-
Bostomans Lose In 4-2 Game
Barns Breaks Tie Score in
Eighth Inning
NEW YORK April 22. The New
York Giants remained. the only un
defeated team in the major leagues
whea they. won from Boston here to
day, 4 to 2. Burns broke the tie
score in the eighth whea he hit a
home run Into the right field stand
with Kauff on base.
Score: r. it e.
T?03ton z 9 1
Xew York 4 8 0
Nehf and Henry: Barnes. Tereau
and McCarty.
PitUhirg 5, at, LoaU f.
'8T, POUIS. April 22. Hamilton
outpitched Packard and Pittsburg
won the opening game of the series
Here today, 5 to 1. Hamilton also
got two hits, his first single driving
in McKechnle. who had tripled, with
Pittsburg's first run. The visitors
made three 1n the seventh when, af
ter two were out. Smith lost Carev's
drive In the sun and the ball sailed
over hi head for a home run. Ham.
ilton and Schmidt scoring ahead of
Carey. ,
A triple by Balrd followed bv
Cruise's single in the ninth, save!
the ideal from a shutout.
Score:. R. H. E.
Pittsburg ; S II. 0
St. Louis , l
Hamilton, Sherdell. Horstraan anl
Schmidt;. Packard and Gonzales.
. . ro , Cincinnati 3. .
ri.VCINXATI. April 22.r,inIn
rstl evened matters up with Cblcarp
here tMr by winning the seconl
Kim nf the ftorle. 3 to 2. Walker
nnd Viishn wr hit In ilm1 rah.
defeiited the locals. 5 to S. JamMi. t Ion whllo Schneider was cxj in tbe
aitnougn wua ai times. Kept t-nica-go's
bits- well scattered, while hi,
team mates gave him good sup;ort
In the pinches.
Kddle folllns by playing t'Mlay,
tied the majot- league record for play
ing In conseeutive guinea 4 72. T1i
rH-nrd was made by Hani Crawford
of the Detroit club. Crawford's rer-
ort! . follows: 163 gamea In 1113;
157 In 114; ICC In 1HU nuil tbe
but wild. Both Schneider
rnd Wlngo kkked on a called strike
in tbe-seventb and Umpire Harrison
ordered both to the bnch. Rousb
hit safely four time.
Score: R. If. E.
Cblt-ago 2 3
Ciadnnatl I H
Walker, Vaughn and Elliott, Da
ley ; Schneider, Eller and Wlngo, Al
len. I
- 'Ilreokly O, PtilUwlelphla 3.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., April 22.
Cescber twirled hit first gam of tbo
season today, blanking Brooklyn. 3
to t. So two of Brooklyn' blU
came in the same lanlng and. despite
Philadelphia's three errors, he waa
never in danger except In the eighth,
when be Issued two bases on balls.
Thl was the only time Brooklyn had
more than one man on base. -The
locals bunched six of their seven nit '
cf Crime in the first and third In
nings. Oescher started the scoring
in the third with a single to right.
Score: ., R. It.' E.
Brooklyn 0 - t 1
Philadelphia ...18 3
Grime Oriner and Krueger. Ad
ams and Oeacbger. ... -;. "..
DALLAS. Or.. April 22. (Special
to Tbe Statesman.) Dr. A. B. Star
buck, head physician of the Willam
ette Valley and the Spauldlng Lum
ber & Logging company, la la Black
Rock today making a semi-annual
inspection of the sanitary conditions
of the camps above that place.
CASCO-1 Vl i.'CVtDL-7K'tl
first six gamee In MIC. Collin'
word started In 114. wh'n. with
the Philadelphia AiiM-rlranx. h- plny
ed In the last three gaiut. lie hai
not iniaaed a game sini'f.
Chicago (A)
Detroit 7 in 1
Chicago 3 6 4
Jams, Plnneran and Stanage; CI
cotte. Danforth and Scbalk.
l1iiblrl lU H, Waaliiiigton 1
WASIIIXaTON. April 22. (Amer-
lean) Walter Johnson lost his third
straight game of the season here to
dsy when Philadelphia bunched hits
with errors in the sixth inning and
defeated Washington, S to 1. John
son struck out seven men.
Washington (A)
1 R H E
Philadelphia .T., ..R 11-1
Washington ..1 1 1
' Perry and Perkins; Johnson and
KC Louie 1, Cleveland S.
CLEVELAND. April 22. (A)
Cleveland mad It two out of three
from St. Louis today, winning
J. Coveleskle, pitching his second
Ilctory of the season, held bis op
onents to' five hits. Nunamaker's
triple saving 8t.NLouls from a shut
out. Cleveland (A)
St. Louis J....1 S 1
Cleveland .....S 11 0
Davenport. Llefleld and Nuna
maker; Coveleskle and O'Neill.
. , New York 11, 1 In ton 4.
Boston. April 22. (A) Mogridge
stopped Boston' winning streak af
ter it had reached all. by letting
down Bartow's men with eight hits.
New York winning 11 to 4. Not
until tbe ninth inning did a Boston
Player single outside tbe Infield.
uosion t A)
New York ,11 13 2
Boston ..4 . S 4
Mogridge and Hannah: Leonard.
Jones and Agnew
Helpful Hints on Banldng
WHEN you lmv receive 1 the Hlatement of you
Arrount from the lnk it U n (food idea to compare
tlii with your CIIKCKSTlIliS fn order lha't 4ny
mistake you may hare made in adding deposit or
KuMraf'tiiitf withdrawal can l corrected. 1
Yon will find our tuetliod of aeuntintf hero at the
Tnitid .Stati. National Hank ample insurance
against error.
- 4
Salora Oroort
re this covpon and enjoy a pleaairnt afternoon
at the
Three of these coopons of coifsecntlre date win be exchanged at
Tb 8TATXS5LIX cfflco for, a ftcket which will admit one person to
any matinee, except Saturday and Sunday, by paying 5c
" 1