The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, April 17, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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' V1N0L
Now She is Strong and Better
Every Way
" Pitman, N. J.4-"! suffered from a
weak, run-down condition So.I could
not get atound to do tuy uswil light
'duties, for I ant 73 year of age and
pant hard work. My daughter
asked me to try it. and after taking
two bottles I have a good apetite,
rest well at night an.d am stronger
and better in every way."- Mr. F.
Anderson. Pitman. N. J.
W wish every feeble, aged man
and woman in this vicinity would
just try this constitutional cod liver
anfe htm tonic on our guarantee to
return their money if it fails to ben
efit. Formula is on every bottle.
Kmil A. Schafer. druggist, Salem,
and at the bent drug store In every
town and city in I the country.
Newsy Notes of State
Industrial Growth I
NEWFOKT, April 15. nock I for
Jetty work will come from old Pion
eers quarry -which contains some of
the finest rock in state.
.'Buy Oregon products and help re
duce the car shortage is a good slog
an. " - -
Marshfield Small amounts of
rived spruce are now being shipped
from Coos county, i
BrownsvilleprSeven sawmills op
erating near here. I
; North Bend to build $6,532.27
worth of concrete' sidwalks,
..The Dalles Wasco county farm
era' to build 20,000 bushel elevator
' here. : ... . -
Extension road work Is now under
way in Oregon which will greatly
benefit the whole state.
Eugene Work to start , soon ; on
Lane county's f 35.000 court house
addition, i ..
' Toledo Cbfettey Lumber Co., lets
contract to log 40 .acres on 'Mill
. creek. . . ; ; ' -
Coos, Bay it-ads other . coast ports
1? !l!'J,A?' J!"r t0 San Fraa',MI. Cornelia Marvin, state librarian.
clsco' market In March.
Portland St. Johns may get a big
ship plant, ,
Portland To give,, rngresa ;and
egress to new, grain elevators! and
docks., 1 'V. ''."-'
:.BirblIc Service Commission issued
order providing overhead crossing
over the; O. W. It. A N. '.-
Ropeburg Angora goat raising in
Dourlats county hat proven a prof
itable Industry. ' v
Reed sport Deep sea fishing In
dustry to be Mart ed here; boat pur
chased. '
w n is id)
An opportunity to do your
in all
$2.2 Per gal. Up
Your houso will deteriorate if not painted. You cannot
afford to neglect it, with paint at theso prices. Come in
and let ua show you our. assortment of colors and kinds;
333 BUte Street.
Yaquina to have storage and ice
Union Sunnybrook Farm. . 860
acres, near here sold for $20.000..
Port Oxford Fyfe-Wilson Lumber
company, of Band on, making pre
liminary plans to build mill on river
six miles from here.
Oregon farm wages are shown to
be higher than normal, many dis
tricts agreeing on a scale of $60 a
month, with beard. Harvest wages
wilt be slightly higher, depending
on' nature of employment.
Portland Fourth steel carrier
launched at Alblna Engine A Ma
chine works 3800 tons.
Northwest far ahead. Shipyards
here distance Atlantic coast plants.
William S. Brown, of Marine En
gineers' association, impressed by
progress in shipbuilding.
Astoria Marine Iron Works con
tracts" for four new buildings.
Toledo Soldiers go to Hi lets. Los
ing road into big spruce tract to be
Rails going down to Klamath Falls
to Dairy railroad.
Gold Hill sawmill and box factory
Paflclc Iron Works. Portland and
Astoria Iron works get contract for
outfitting ten ships.
Med ford. Grants Pass and Rose-
burg to have higher gas rates.
Six more contracts let Saturday
bring Oregon ship orders up to 93.
Yaq ulna Toner and. Burke build
ing cold storage and ice plant 50 by
Tacoma voted about 11 to 3
against municipal car lines.
Coquille to have a concrete fire
proof theater.
Ontario lets part of contract for
new $100,000 water system.
Newport Two surveys completed
for. railroad from Alsea to Yaquina
Bay and prospects for the road look
very bright. ,
Andrew Carnegie was once asked
which he considered to be the most
important factor In industry labor,
capital or brains. The canny Scot
replied with a merry twinkle in his
eye, "Which is the most Important
leg of a three-legged stool?" Chris
tian Register.
Miss Cornelia Marvin .
Defends Portland Woman
- Mary Frances Isom, Portland II
brat-Ian. baa an ardent defender in
who declared last night that the rec-
ord made by Miss Isom in patriotic
war work is sufficient to refute any
charges of disloyalty that may be
brought against her. Miss Marvin
made a statement last night for pub-
licatton after reading of criticism dl- opposlt the moorings of four of these
rected against Mlsa Isom because of boats, and I saw the United States
her support of Miss M. Louise Hunt, marines arriva to take charge and
"Miss Isom's activity in patriotic 1 s&w them replace the Red. White
work has been one of personal sac- and Blue Dutch flag with the Red.
rlfice to the utmost," declared Miss White and Blue flag of the U. S.A.
Marvin. -In the 11,000,000 drive since the acquisition -of these boats
for a soldier's library fund, and in the trobps have beon handled much
the subsequent drive for books Ore- more rapidly, and for the most part
gon led all other states and it was upon arrival at eastern ports do not
almost entirely due to Miss Isom'a break camp but go at once on board
enhtusiasm. She visited several can- the transports. I passed many troop
tonments and gave generously of her trains, and I can easily believe that
own means while she was about this the American troops are being trans
work. Her record la known by 11- ported very rapidly at this time. I
brarians all over the United States have found many of the army camps
and not one of them would question today with only a few thousand men.
her loyalty, knowing the splendid re- where sixty day ago they wet carr
ults she has achieved. In the book fng for their full quota of at least
drive Portland was the center for jo times their present enrollment,
the work In the northwest, and Miss "From Pittsburgh to the Atlantic
Isom was the leading spirit. The coast the transportation congestion
criticism of her has flashed out of
a tense situation, ana anyone wno 1
wm note ner remarKaDie recora or
accomplishment In the cause of pat
rlotism will realize that a mistake
has been made."
painting economically.
Phono 172
til ' I 4 V f
Finds Atlantic Coast More
Appreciative of War Than
Western States
Fellow Travelers Cheer When
Oregon Goes Over and
Ferris Treats
O. L. Ferris, general sales manager
of the Pheasant Northwest Products
company, returned Monday night
from an extended business trip
throughout the United States. Com
menting yesterday on bis trip, he
"The east is feverishly busy In be
half of the war. The whole complex
ion of the eastern section of the
country has changed in the past
twelve months. Industrial plants of
all kinds have completely turned
front . manufacturing for peace and
for profit to producing war lequlre
raenta at direction of the government
with little or no tthougbt of capital
or profit. Railroad and - hotel con
gestion is a problem everywhere.
met a man who had spent three and
one half hours and visited seventeen
holtels in New York before he could
secure accommodations.
Homo Are Disappointed.
I had to use a strong. puil in
order to get a room in Washington,
which today bras a 100.000 more
population than In normal times.
Cost of living is very high there.
Many young women stenographers
who have gone to Washington to fill
positions have' ben forced to leave
and return home, due to cost of liv
ing and the lack of accommoda-j
'The chief concern of those who
know Is not the assembling of troops
and supplies but the securing of the
shipping facilities in order to trans
port them to the other side. I
I. Va.... Va-I tv whan rnv.rn. i
ment took possession of the ' forty! nr thVbeer.rirlary uflier an fnsur- by the French government The lat
Dutch boats in" that harbor. My j ance certificate In the Artisans. ter was the proud possession or
room window waa located on Rlver-
tldJ drlve along the Hudson river
s gecute, and it is little wonder to
me that such products as ours are
n0ng delayed In reaching destination
uil ids Aiiauiic rwnniui - - i
of the trains of military trucks.
thltty Packards, one after the other,
each machine loaded with another of
its kind, driven and manned by
troops escorting them from Detroit
overland to place of embarkation on
the Atlantic coast. The Ford plant
at. Detroit is today shrouded with all
the mystery and military precaution
of a munition factory or a navy yard.
There, Ford tractora intended to help
win the war, as a speeding up factor
for cultivation of much neeaea crops.
i and Eagles, the Ford submarine
chasers, are both ielag turned out
with all the characteilstlc and syste
matic rapidity that has made the
name of the Ford famous. The
Eagles are assembled much as Is the
Ford car, and one Is turned out every
few hours. They leave the over-
bead track as the last operation.
dropping Into the lake and moving
off under their own power, each one
maned by Its permanent crew, .
FAt Realize Burden. ,
'The keen appreciation of the bur
den on us as a nation, seems to be
more pronounced in the east than it
does In the west. One meets people
who have real anxiety as to the out
come of the war, and each bit of war
news Is read with feverish haste.
"The war chest plan of many east
ern cities Interested me very much
and should prove avaluable worklna
plan for any community. A local
organltatlon la perfected, trustees
are elected, offices established and
executive force secured. Then a can
vas of the city Is made. One canvas
Ton all the, war requirements, that
Is. all 'donations, not Investment.
such as liberty bonds, so that as each
particular campaign for fundscomes
'alonr. such as Red ross. Y. M. C. A.
'etc'.itniUy's quota Is met promptly
witnout a special auve wun an ita
grief. Inconvenience, burden, and
Inequalities, each employee ,sub-
I scribes half an hour's salary a week
ana run eropiojer pudmtidpii an
equal sum. The funds are collected
regularly and deposited in the bank
subject to withdrawal by direction of
trustees. The subscriptions are made
for the duration of he war.
"It was my pleasure and pride to
be the only Oregontan on our ob
servation car the other evening when
the news .arrived that Oregon had
gone over the top and wa the honor
state of the Union, as the first to
nver-subscribe its quota of the third
llbrty loan. Every one on the car
Joined in three cheers for Oregon,
and I reciprocated by treating my
fellow travelers with Fhez which
broght forth,. another three cheers,
this time for Oregon loganberry
Juice.- .
, Combination That is Bensfitlna
Thousands at This Time.
A superlative blood-purifyln medi
cine like Hood's Barsapariua. laaen
before meal, combined wun a super
lative iron tonic like I'eptlron. taken
after meala makes the ideal course of
Spring medicine.
No other medicines accompllan so
much at this season as theae two ureal
restorative work In a together.
They reach the Impure. Impover
ished, poisoned, devitalized blood, and
the worn, run-down, over-worked, ex
haunted system. They relieve rheu
matlnm. scrofula and other humors.
They awaken the appetite, aid diges
tion, aive renewed strength and pro
duce oound. natural sleep.
If your liver Is torpid or sluggish,
your tongue In coated, you have stom
ach and howel trouble, you should
Uke Hood's 1'iM. which are centl.
and work in harmony with Hood's
Karsaparilla and I'eptlron.
Estimate Is Made Covering '
Team Work in Liberty Loan
Of the more than $00.000 worth
of liberty bonds that have been sold
In 3alem and on radiatln; rural
routes. $372,000 was; turned in by
the several teams that are at work
under the direction of Dr. R. K. L.
Steiner. This is according to the
latest official estimate.
Anril 8 the teams reported
$47,300; April 9.'$76.400; April 1.
$67,100: April 77. $96,550; April
12. $51,350; and since that time
The amount sold by the banks has
not yet been estimated.
a a mm -mm a" a I
Mrs, blizabetb I. tronise ImS
. m I
Artisan Insarance. oavs
- I
Judge Galloway of tho lowr court
for Linn cnnnly, was reversed by the
supreme court yesferdar In an opln-
inn rrlit- t-v .ltts!c ttean. In Ihc
ration nf tho fnlfrd Artisans as In- .
I'-vfon sralnst FIUaeth F. Cro
rise, dcfon'lpnt nd a"rf'lsnt. and
llarrv K- Cr'r,'' rd Mabol Cm-
i.e-nhrv . rfrndAiits m.i ro-
r .,!--. TS r"n VII to uetcr- I
Harry If. Cronise, dec-ased. whose
Insurance in the Artisana Is Involved,
iu the case, had made several trans
fers of the benefit certificate between
Ma wife and hla two children. Re-
fore hla last request for a transfer
of the certificate to his wife reached
the Artisans. Tronise died, and the
Artiaans. noti hearing of his death
for aome time. Issued the transfer.
The amount of the Insurance was
StOOO, and te son and daughter,
Harry Cronise and Maocl Cronlso
later Mabel Cronise. Langhlln. were
first designated as beneficiaries.
Then Cronise married and had the through you, are giving the govern
benefit certificate changed to his ment. The great active moral In
wlfo Elizabeth F. Cronise. Some fluence of the churches of America
years later it wan again transferred
. . k .. touchier TTrontxe I
died M.v 2. Vt I oT and the ne,t day "After .11 It la to the young peo
ihe Artiau received through the pie. whose vision reaches far Into the
.n .u ,Urifit thai had future and whose aggressiveness or
been Issued payable to the son and
daughter with the request that It be
cancelled and a aew one issued par-
"Vr ' il.; p rrnniVe The
. .. .
Artisana. not knowing of the aeatn.
. 1
made the chanac. but the new Dene-
fit certificate waa never delivered.
make the change and by virtue of an
rifeged agreement entered Into at
iiuik; v. - r- I
am., .i t IV. . marrfairu insr tarn
VI1B nuj-j i "
would take out life insurance :n ra-
r h- nihor ih annellant claim-
ed the fund which the Artisans turn-
V " V WW
ed into court to be roniesiea xor u
' w . . a
the litigants. The children claimed
that Mrs. Cronise used undue Influ
ence on Cronise when he was on his
deathbed, that the last attempt to.
transfer was not In harmony with tho
by-laws of the Artisans ana tnat wi
alleged contract between the hus
band and wife had" na t been made.
inAmm nallowav of the lower conrt
for Linn county found for the chil
dren and Mrs. Cronise apepaiea.
.nmaii Prtfrltc IVlOiLithe waf.
S IU1VIUU Ma. M mm m - w w . -
. a
.nittainlar ADDearanCC
inilloUY imii
IIONOLTJLIT. T. IL- Feb. 18. -
Activity In the fiery pit of Halema -
. . a
nmau. volcano of KUauae. has drawn
the attention of the peoplo of tho
posalbllitles of another serious erup
tion'. ,
Careful study of the history of tbe
volcancos of Kllauea and. Mauaa
Load by volcanoHKlat T. A. Jaggar,
in charge of the Kllauea Observa
tory, haa developed the fart that
great eruptions occur In cycle . of
approximately 120 ayears, which may
effect several volcanoes at the same
This 130 year period seems to he
deflneitely established, but there is
also a secondary period of accumu
lation and discharge of lava every
nine or ten years, alternating In Kll
auea and Mauna Loa.. with .marked
rise of the lava column In each col
cano. about every three years.
The present great rise of the lava
In Kllauea la a little ahead of sched
ule. In year 1920 would be the
.1 4 a. n r a. .la.-
f but a matter of two. yeara Is cpnsld
ered close enough approximation by
The volcano presents.a more spec
tacular appearances now than for
many yeara preyloulsy.
Christian Endeavor Worker
'Tells of OSservations on
Life in France
Drunkenness and Vice Stories
Declared Not True Brings
Parents Word of Cheer
BOSTON, April 16. The American
In uniform is living on a higher plane
than the American in civil life. This
is the conclusion of Dr. Daniel A
Polling, associate president and ritl
senshln superintendent of the United
Society of Christian Endeavor, who
returned today after a stay of five
weeks with the soldiers of the United
States In France.
"The American soldier overseas is
true to the finest traditions of Amer
ican arms," said Dr. Polling. "The
stories of wholesale drunkenness and
vlco are not true. 1
Mr own Investigations, conducted
under every condition of army life
and in every training camp of any
site where American soldiers are
gathered together In France, sub-
staatlate the figures of these military
authorities which prove that the
American in uniform Is today living
kthp mitral nlana than the
i " i. mm - ' -
A .rln. n rxt olvlt 1lf M mnrrf to
I ha. nlliH nf f -1 Yimrm nf this mil n-
mwiui m at u v. -s. -
try Is one of reassurance, and eneer."
In rout iin i irnrnr.
nr. polling V visited first line
trenches, was at one time unaer sneu
fire while assisting the wounded and
another occasion was gassed.
When the Germans made their first
gas attack on United States troona,
Dr. Poling waa caught in the deadly
Dr. Polling brought home a mes-
sage to the young people of the I'nll
ed States from General Pershing, a
letter from David Lloyd George, the
British premier: ana ine nrsi war
CrOSS gWSrOeO. TO an AlUfnClD FOimer
Lieutenant Patterson 01 idoihi, who
was in me tnicg 01 me ngnung uu.
donbtful of his own fate, wished to
make sure that his badge of honor
found ita war to the country for
which It was won.
PenJhlnc fiends Letter.
Writing undr date of March 4
and addressing himself "to the
young people or tne cnurcnea 01
America, General persuing saia:
VI am glad to have the opportunity
of aendlng you greetings and hearty
approval or the concerted suppon
the church forces of th- country.
cannot fall to add power to tne na
nlrlt gives fore e to their will, that
the countrv looks for strength. Your
efforts will serve to unite our people
more closely In their determination
A a. I A J o mm m A aM IU KAI1 HAIlf
10 give """"""rr;
tne worm iu? am- r
that we ourselves enjoy.
may no aepenaea upon 10 u .uc.
full i?art. the soldiers who represent
. . . . . j . . V -I
run. cncvurni vi j . . j . j
- - nnA
rpru- uiu 7
u 01 lunuK-i." im.
1.1 . I I 1 Ilt.ava.ta. ui i..i.,,
,The war Is costing Australia over
KOO.000.000 a year.
-Greal. Britain now has 123,500
war widows ob her pension list.
Foldlers In the Italian army are
given cigara aa part of their dally
The Oversess Club of London has
collected nearly $6,000,000 for war
Dogs In Milan, Italy, are on ra
tions, and their owners have to pro
duce tlcketa for biscuits.
Tha military surgeons have found
creped paper a very satisfactory sub
stitute for cotton gauze panaage.
- The Germana have made almost
J00 aeroplane raids over London dur
I n w lh Ihrp and on-half vara of
I II.. - t.ail la, a.laa.laal.
I IIUUIIU HHir I trCIUJt rairii.if r,
used br the Germans for belt Inn and
leather and textile fibers.
Babies. Tourist it. Chocolate Fold-
flers, llard Thinkers, and Neutrals
Iare some of the nlcknsmes borne by
Jiff. a ..ll.. . m X.m aW. a.
different contingents of the Austral
Ian forces fighting In Europe.
Germany's newest war department
Is an Imperial Clogs Office. It Is to
deal exclusively with the acquisition1
and distribution of wood suitable for
use aa soles for boots and shoes.
The war haSjftrqAted a great boom
In the fishing Indtwtry f tho British
Isles, Rome of the old finning skip
pers are said to have paid taxes this
year on Inconje amounting to 935.000
and over.
Sir Douglas Halg, commander of
the British forces on the Continent;
Sir Rosslyn Wemyss, First Lord of
the British Admiralty, and Sir Eric
Geddes. directing head of the British
navy, are all Scotchmen.
Exploration parties to discover the
wealth lost under the waves are be
ing: organized lit England to begin
work immediately the 'war Is endod.
The route from England to India Is
strewn with treasure nf loat vessels
estimated to Total $100,000,000.
Many chaplains with ihc allied
forces In France make it a point of
writing to tho parents or relations
of every man killed In action In
their brigade, a labor of lore which Is
Former Health. Commissioner Say:
Ehould Be Used in Every Hoipital
iicia.a Attribute His Own Great
60 Years of Ago Largely Tc His
Aa lUaltk Commluknr of th City of CbU
cairo, i wa importunvd many Umn to rwm-
etc. NTr yt have 1 gon on record
ortatr ar particular tmsy, but 1 reel ini in
Nasated Iro an exception sheuld be made to
the rule. I have takn Nuaat4 Iron nirf
and eapertaced it helth-glln(r. atrrngftt
batltlla effect, snd In the Intcreats of the
publio welfare. I feel It any duty to make
known the remits of Ite . I mm well paat
my three-eeore veers and want to y that I
believe tht any own irreat activity la due
tersely today to toy personal uae of Nuaaled
Iron, and If my endorsement shall Induce an
aemlfl, nervoua, rundown men end women to
take Nuate4 Iron, and receive the wonderful
tonle benefits which I have received. 1 ehell
feel greatly gratified that I made an exception
to my life-long rule In recommend. n it.
From my own experience with .Nuxated Iron
I feel that It Is auch a valuable remedy that
It ought to be used In every houpitU end
preacrlbed by every phyelcian In 'this country.
former Health Commie. loner. City of
riehly rewarded by the consolation It
brings to the afflicted.
Contents of camp swill-tubs in
England hare produced sufficient
glycerine to provide exploalve for
18.000,000 IS-pound sheila. From
the same source the tallows, fa re
covered to supply ail the aoap re
quired by the Government, the army
and the navy. There la also a sur'
plus valued at $5,000,000 so far for
the use of the public. '
Mr. and Mrs. J. 8. McLaughlin and
Mrs. Charles McAlMMer attended the
Baptist convention at Salem.
George Ash ford has secured a Job
on a piling drive near Timber. Or.
MAXf KACTUUEHS NOTE No sated Iron, which -wWtJ!..'
haa been ueed by Korm-r Health Comrrtlioner teek. eere of the -2
Kerr with oeh eorprlslnr reaults la not a see ret mm arbee In tie aT.H!
remedr, but one which la well known to druaxlate eat ef nebile health. V
verywhere. Unlike the older Inorganic Ire. pII-V .1-1 J
ducta. it la eaaily eaalmllated. doea not Injure the r!IWZe .7Ve.T
teeth, make them black, nor the etomeeh. waM VrirtT lea 72
The .manufacturers gearantee eureeaaful and en- ettrin IpmUm
ilTTl ifW0-7 reaults to every purchaser or tle.Hk (..lHi. J
iKiy7tU,w'ivU,l. T1UT L?"oney. It le dispensed In keepg blab eusT
lu other druVgUta. Perrjr'--'V fctor Btf bile fceeltlw
Fred Swarta and family of Ohlolrng to a statement Issued today t
have moved to Oregon to make their
home. Mr. Swarta Intends to pur
chase a ranch In. the valley. ' Mrs.
Swartx is a daughter of S.E. Kuenzll.
Miss Norma Ray is employed In
Alma Alsman is home on a visit
He Is employed In Oregon City.
vWll. Alsman and family have
moved to Oregon City.
Layton Davis was In Salem re
cently. .
George Howard waa a business
caller In Salem recently.
One of the most furcessful men
of this country recently- wrota:
"Whatever I am .and whatever suc
cess I have attained. I owe It all to
my wife. Fhe baa ever been la In
spiration and the greatest helpmate
of ray life." To be auch a success
ful wife shonld be the ambjtion of
every' woman, but how Impossible
when dragged down by headaches,
backache, dragglng-down pains ner
vousness aaa me blues. ' levery
woman in this condition thould statt
at once to build up bar system by a
tonic of specific powers, such as Ly-
dla E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound, which for three generations
baa been restoring American women
to health and conaquent happiness
7 an u n irrfT
Keeps shoes lily
Easy to clean with and
it lasts. Leaves no yel
low tinge. Retains the
natural grain of leather
and texture of fabric.
Use this coupon and enjoy a pi
s '
Thrr of thene rwuinm-i of consrrutlvo dates will bo exchanged at
Tiro KTATESMAX office for a ticket which will admit one ix-r.soa 0
any matinee, excet Bat unlay and Sunday, by paying fc.
This Coupon Is dAtedWKDXnsHAV. Al'ltlL IT." Iffiw.' ' -
rMsaYiMpl,U-ai,iii,aMr1-fa-i -1, , r j y- ,
-aaBA-a s ainlwl I V 1 T '
.Pyrf'eV ;P .if.,; ay .a-- wmmrnmmi p - ?fr W r
and Prescribed by Every Tty.
Physical Activity Today at Or 5
Personal Use of Nuxated L-::
' feeLer Ifeairh Cau
elener Kerr ka gftr
yeere- of ae life naku-,
Hv .pwklle .health .ta
mm mm4 o'hee -ibm, j(
wee he -he air4ar'
AntUteala fee IMetherie i,
IkiMiv's lleelta br-Mrv
eeB. Me perift t-.
Ult fee the Coe m--
eJ tWreby helped m MM
tlte llree mi taeeieeSa
baMee. He letreeie b.
aatl-apltiie rMmmmm
Postal Agent With U. S. Arnj
Telli Reaion Why Med
Mail Is Slow
IN FRANCE. April 1. More eor
plcte addresses on man for sol.crt
will Insure prompt delivery, aceorl- j
oenau 01 John Clark, postal ax?.:
who has charge of the handlist U
France of mall for the American i
peditlonary forces. There have U : i
many complaints from ofricers :!
men about the Urn it takes for Ik
tera and packages from horns t l
reach them.
The greatest cause-ot delay Is ti '.
to be improper or Insufficient si-
dresses. All letters to Amerk 1
troops In France should be leg!'
addressed and the addresses shot :
contain the rank, full name aad in
itials of the addresses aa weU as ii
organization, regiment and rorapiv ;
11 aoouia oe remernurreq 11.;
there are many men of the ai-
name in France and there is no t
surance that a letter ImproperV "
insufficiently addressed will ' Yea i
the man for whom It Is lftfaK 1
even If It passes through the -.-.-tary
statistical division. The dcl-r
Is bound to be great 'if quantities tA
letters . constantly are passlr;
through the statistical dlrisioa, tic,
records being searched for each ecy
All letters and packages alt
should have cpoa them a retnra ad
dress. It la explained that there U cer
tain to be Mfme dtlay in mall deliv
ery, because of disturbed sea ac
land frame conditions, but prepr ad
dressing, it la. said, will eUo.lz.tu
much cause for complaint la the U
ture. -" '
ra Mint afternoon at the
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