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How ia Make Oatmeal Bread
Healthful to Eat Saves the Wheat
1 cmp flour ,
l?g cups corn meal
f teaspoon Mtt .
5 teaapoea Royal ISeJuag Powdar
2 tablespoons sugar ,
1 cup eaoked oatmeal or rolled
- eats .. f '
2 tablespoon shortening
IV cup milk ,
no eggs
Sift tofvthvr Hoar, com mMl wit, balrifiepowdtr and mirar.
Add oatrseal, mUd shortening and milk. Baka in greased
shallow pan in modarata 6van 49 to 43 minutes. ,
This wholesome bread, is easily and quickly made with the aid of
If used three times a week in place of white bread by the
22 million families in the United States, it would save more
than 900,000 barrels of flour a month.
Our new Red, White and Blue booklet. uBest War Time Recipes",
tontalning many other recipe $ for making dellclout and wholesome
wheat saving foods, mailed free-address
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO, Dcpt H, 13S William St, New Yotk
' (Th Statesman- pleated to print
eonuiiunicatlone upon topic of general
faurevl at any time. There la ecarctty
any limit to in tuplca of "itfneral In
teest." Jt in akd only that corre
ipomlttnta ' PtfraiM from praonalitltS
and u4csre that Clothing be wrlituti.
of a tibvlouH nature, letter muit have
writer a nam and auuresa, though not
aecaaaoxiiy fur publication
&Htort Statesman: ; ' (
' , tnlled. States Of The World.
Anooc tbo'many Interesting artlc
lee appearing in the Statesman In the
recent cant dealing' -with world con
aitibns It; seem to me that none
la wore Important thau the one writ
tea by Mr. J. K. Chapman and pub
lished In your Issue of February 28,
Ttut the-editor regarded the subject
o& greatest consequence was S t"! the prominence that was
giten It. for the publishers simply
niaile It the main editorial of the day.
Tijy mlnthls production from Mr.
Chapman's-pen indicates breadth of
vision and loftiness of conception to
It most .- remarkable degree. I remember-
Mr, 41oohvU predicted
some months after the war began
in Kurope that thrones would totter
an that there would be formed in
their place - "A United States! of
v.arana 'i Since our own and a
number of other countries have been
drawn into the fray I dare say the
would endorse the larger idea of tbe
formation of a- world wide reaeration
with -a view of placing the nations
en a permanent peace basis.
I waited hoping that some dls
cnMloa would lollow after, this ub
it was brought up. but the only
one who I have noticed who has of
frr'd any criticism friendly or other
wi' was an individual who replied
through the peoples' Editorial vfol
nmn a few days afterwards. This
t ludlvldual's method Tf disposing of
tha matter wun so unsatisfactory to
me that I have bad It in mind to at
tempt to reply to both articles out
jl have delayed jberause of lack of
! time. s ' ''""
To me it seems the most reason
able thing imaginable that such a
plan might and will be adopted. I
mean tbe main features advocated
will be found feasible and workable.
It Is said tbat when tho German
emperor, delivered his parting;. speech
t the 'soldier", who -were going, to
l!-Ip quell tbe Iioxer uprising be said
In tubstanee? "Take bo- prisoners
ml mak it so Urrlbbv-thatlno tme
will dare to raise ' a hand against j
the German for a thousand years.."
It. is said that the conduct of those
troops on that. expedition was of the
same nature as that manifested since
the present conflict has come on. It
waa reported to the American com
mander that the kaiser's men were
looting in Pekln. An investigation
proved that they were removng some
astronomical instruments or some
thing of a similar nature from some
of the; temples or public buildings.
Count von Waldersee, the German
commandant, and chief of the allied
expedition, was greatly incensed and
angered when General Chaffee sent
an office to blm protesting against
such vandalism, lie sent a dis
courteous reply to the American of
ficer and also sent a report or toe
alleged impudence :of our general
to his emperor, who It is said made
strenuous efforts to i oust him. Hod-
ever. General Chaffee's report reach
ed Washington ahead of the German
complaint, so our president knew
Just how to deal with the case. When
our country gave back to China fifty
million dollar .indemnity and said.
"Now you celestial people take tbat
continually, and implore Ood's guid
ance in the fearful struggle which is,
by no means won yet. ; ,3 -
Home say to me there must be an
other war after this one.t Well l
don't profess to know it all, but I
do feel tbat If we can have a thous
and yeats of peace-7 ww will during
tbat time get the forces-of right
eousness' so well united thai we will
respond ' with greater' atarhy and
speed than w h&re.thf time, aad
no doubt be able to successfully com
bat attr oppoHlUen that way be
brought by ' the devil or ( bis' Imps
against ns. ' ' V
Homm one says, :what 1 difference
doe it tnaked. W Imvf we look at
tbe matter here? That won't eat any
figure in world affairs; questions of!
such dimension ar to be settled in
Ijpndoa, or Pa ris,JJerlln.. Vienna or
Home, .in fact. weare so Insignifi
cant here In thU kirality as to be
negligible. I wish to rail yotir at
tention to the fact that Nazareth and
Jlethlehem werwsocons1dered some
centuries ago; but now it Is a recog
nized fact. the wide world over that
the forces that were given birth and
nurtured In those humble -and de
spised places are tbe forces that are
the most potent in combating tbe
powers of darkness represented by
Several points were involved in a
case which was up berore a court
for adjudication, and tbe court stat
ed that the relief granted would not
be broader than the pleadings I un
derstood It to mean that the plaintiff
wonld get redress only on the points
for which ha asked consideration. Or
in other words he would not get any
more than he asked for. "Shall not
the Judge of all tbe earth do right!"
t vnv. lift I uw wuai la vui vc t tuci c
r:u". r..t: ".::, at least t points that we should
Bwuiu asaiuai . , l uHm. h
k- 1 , 99 I BUltriT lilVAUUV w ax lllivn .mmw
wey learn war auy muie. - . loh .
'.lnap follour ritlTPYIB let ll .w -
walk in the light of this prophecy. KU'8U "I?";
Some say to" me that Is idealistic TZir ...."..
but entirely unattainable. To such w wni ...
let ie say: When Venlzelos. G reels ' ,lirh,
.T ' .i .i, .-I Some one sayt, what right or au
l"'" UU pieu., w.. nVnn In .nir thine
to which side his country snouia ' ' j r.,lJ. .Z. .Zl
-m v t ...i.u t. n .niu,i s,.,-x.i. of the kind or even suggest , such
land." "But." said h a InterroeStor. ' ' '
Quick Footwork Object of
Contest Soldiers Must
. Take Part In
Big Amusement Center Being
Put in Readiness Some
Concessions Open .
money "and send your young men
over to free democratic America to
h cfturated in our aolendld schools;
she did a thing which made every
star4 In her glorioue banner shine
with luster. More than that, she is
-suppose France and Kngland fail?" to carry on war jojj.'ndlcate" .that
-Impoartble. for France and England r JatinJ Win o
u- !.. ..m Ko titled to consideration, will you
lO 1U1I. HIU Ul I . . .V.
other. "SunDose they do fall?" - "Im- wora anu yra, o v .-
- - . - i s mm ahaiir tnw 9 w i m einnniia nnnAT
possible," ald he. "But. Venlzelos. mrryLlZ VJlXviT. i
remember Germany Is powerful and Wirrard. Franklin Proctor.
thoroughly prepared. Suppose you
cast vour lot in with them and they Kditor Statesman: .
are beaten?" Quickly and firmly he A letter irom my son in rence
made answer. "Better to be x with caused my memory to go back to my
France and England In defeat than childhood day on my father's farm
to stand with a triumphant Ger- about four miles north of Salem,
many." bordering on the Willamette river.
"So X declare it better to stand and I seemed to hear the echp of the
with thoaa wha advocate this maenifi- old. dead, hollow Cottonwood . trees
int r.ian nr nrrweHiur than to stand on the-. opposite side of the 'river
with any others. which used to repeat tbe things that
Now as to "More LJght," Who happened on cur slda of the river
wrot criticising Mr. Chauman's oro- An old lady bad a farm across
ductlon, I have this to say: We are tbe river from our farm and her
told that secret diplomacy has been sons ran tbe farm and did the work
the undoing of Europe, and yet in at home while the mother worked
nr th i Imiimh u-nroni rover t- in Salem. Her son Sammy would
im tart hra la an Individual who row bis mother to our shore, then
mutt tn (tiaruia a nolttical matter of I she would walk to r'aletn . to her
thua enabllnr those poor people to at- urh atunendous nroDorttons over at work and return to tbe landing In
tain some of the qualifications re-, fictlous signature. What tbe world! the evening where sne would mount
quired to the enjoyment of a celest-j (anj especially the New World) Is to the top of an old log, and placing
tat ennntrv. . Cod surely will bless , itamandina- i nnoneaa and frankness I her hands to her moutk sbe would
in national and international aiiairs. 1 can loaaiy; j, omu-rprrr. "a
I Ann' think tha nuhlle In reneral over th boat." ABd'tB "old 'rotton-
takes kindly to any thing that Is wooo trees on tne opposite siue vi
ncrativ. nf darkneaa in thea im-1 the river would say: "Or Sam-ee-eee,
nnra l.anaa Tdoi, a rain It uemilhHne Over the DOt." SOOn after the
to me that he would have treated echo would die away'and "ftammy
Mr. Chapman with proper courtesy would bring the hoat over ana .taae
by singing his true name, Of course his mother safely home where she
I am dealing with tbe matter on the wonia rest in peace. .
Every mother wno na
April 17. qultn footwork with a
sbarp lash from a trotiser belt as a
penalty for hesitating. Is tbd object
cf a new game tbe soldiers at Camp
Iwlse are playing now and the sol
dler who ean come out of the contest
without a blow across .the leg must
rhow lightning-like speed on his feet
The men. line tip In two opposite
rows, leaving Just room .enough be
tween them for a man to pass. They
remove their trouser belts and uso
them as whips and every one In the
line tries to land a blow on the legs
of the man selected to run tbe gaant
tet. It la tbe old game of medieval
times, but It has Its usefulness, with
out any physical suffering, in pre
paring men to be swift of foot and
agile of movement as a part of their
military training.
Racing Part of Training.
1 -t ' (
To vary this, one row of men runs
a given distance with the men of tbo
opposite row In pursuit, an officer
giving the command to start and to
halt. . The object Is. for the men be
hind to land a blow on the person
abead-and. at the signal to halt, the
precedure Is reversed. Tbe pdrsued
become pursuers and return to tbe
original starting point .
Racing a given distance, turning
nd returning to tbe starting point
after passing, around a tree Is anfttn-
or aalUty xame that' Is practiced' on
the drill grounds near division head
quarters.. It gives the soldier ,.wnd
and is healthful and benfriai exer
else of the srrr ' will stand the
lest it ln--etion for the required
Silk Bresses
Extraordinary Values
$12.48 $16.48 $19.75
Every well dressed woman in Salem tnd vicinity should
Txavt at least om of thtie dresses. The styles are the latest,
the finish and fabrics are all that could be desired. The
, . - . t
values are wonderful.
Try Itl
A medicine which has
gives satisfaction to its
users for over 40 years,
as Cardui has, must be a
good medicine.- W yod
suffer from' female
troubles, and need a reli
able, strengthening tonic,
cf real medicinal value,
as proven by the experi
ence of thousands of '
women users,
r' TAKE ;:
Tt3 Ycman's Tonic
'Mrs. C S. Budd, of
Covina, Calif., in writing
of her experience with
Cardui, says: "1 took a
bottle at? 13 years old, and
it cured my headaches.
I have taken it since mar
riage, and received much
help from it Cardui is
the best medicine I ever
took ... It was the only
medicine . . . that helped
. my back ..." Try CarduL
All Druggists
Christian statesmen who do such
deeds as that, and the country's In
terests are safe against all the as
saults of hell when such men are
la control. :
Now in view of what I have Just
told yoa, do yon want the world for
tbe next thousand years to be dom
inated by military autocracy or ao
von want Klnz Jesus. Prince of
Peace, to rule through the spirit of
Some one sars. what ' difference
tna ix make what I want or what
I do, what Is to be will be anyway
fatalism which is most depiorawe
when aueb 'sentiments are expressed
by an nnbellever, and It seems to me
Inexcusable when uttered by one who
nrttad Ja tn.WOrshlB JehOVab.
a raw months after the Children of
Isrget. left Egypt they were at the
Knrrfara at th tromlsed land, and
thav ware directed to select twelve
spies to go and view the land. After
forty days they returned and report
a ThPT aii aareea ni w
anodtv Und. but Un of the number
said the dangers Incident to occupa
tlnn wera an rreat as to make is
necessary u s matter of policy that
thv decline to accept ine mi
God had promised to Abraham cen
tarles before, caieo ana aosnua
aatd. "it is true there are giants and
walled cities over there, but come
on over; we are abundantly able to
possess tbe land." Grand men those
we. hut they were In the hopeless
minority Just then. - Well, Cod said
, ihu. nns-rateful people. "Yon
Koii ha v vour own way, go back
ho irt and wander till your
carcass fall lifeless by the way, and
your little ones for whom yoa pro
fess to be so jrreatly concerned, lest
the enemy over there shall harm
them, shall come In after forty years
and possess this land flowing with
milk and honey." And Jehovah ful
filled Ills word. . . M
It made some difference that time
bow much people thought and acted,
didn't it? Well, remember the same
unchangable God-is on me jo
and lie has tho same foe to confront
trim' too" This foe has been trying
to usurp the, throhc pf God for cen-
Can you picture oni vnai me cuu-
ditlons In the wona win -uAraA
vnr if at the close of thia
.r,.,ri there halt be n. federation.
e atirin'whieh shall Insure perman
w k r v
nMfiuxia aft a. resuiii 111
in,t Vnn tkt in that direction quite
often, and that Is what gives me
hope and courage to face the '
demands-maae to op v"
ii w atteeeed in establishing peace
basis, as I believe we
will, and the agreement Is made that
the weak nation snau ov I""1"-1'"
-n ,a tha one that Is strong.
is not the reign of our Master estab
lished In national
not all nations bowed before Him?
mMitA w he. free to work our
wonderful destiny each nnder his
own vine and fig tree where none
a .t molest or make afraid.
Everything that man haa thus far
Invented that is for the good of the
race to be utillxed to tne tuuesi
ant tn add to human happiness.
And lie shall shall Judge between
the -nations, and shall reprove many
..(t ah all beat their swords m
to plow shares, and their spears Into
honr'a overclse daily. . t
shrnliberr rvxurnd .the parking in
front of division headquarters. The
ground was level, seeded ana. rertu
Ixed a counle of months aao and n
lorder of cobblestones laid around
tbe plot and on both sides of the
horseshote drive which . connects
be ad ouarter i with Lewis drive. The
nddltlon of the shrubbery will give
to the headqaarters building the ap
pearance of an attractive country
club with a wooded setting of fir
trees. "
Itellaioaa Work Outlined,
" Plans for extensive religious went
through tbe eight Y. M.?C. A. huts
here were outlined tdday at a con
ference of workers here attended by
John It. Vorls of Fan Francisco, re
ligion director of the association
for the Pacific;, eoast.,- Mr. Vorls was
formerly general secretary At cam?
Suits at $24.75
. r
Realizing the demand for good quality suits at around
$2&00 we have placed on sale a -special lot of suits which
were purchased to sell at a higher figure. e
v See then today.
Quality Merchandise Popular Prices
U. G. Shipley Co.
aaa.iSmntlnn that "Mora Llrht" la not - Every mother Who DOS g SOU
his real 'name, but should I learn France Baa a uean ana
that I am mistaken I may treat It France today, -and Is, caning: t.
frnni inntW ,n,l ' I 8in.M. brlniT OVCV the DOStS..
Let ns remember what our gover- Will the echo reach our oammy Kearney. Cal.. and this was nis ur
nor said a short time ago, "that we and will be have the boats reaoy to i ,,it to Camp Lewis.
must denend on a lilrher Power tolbrlnr our folkrback from tance to . The new plans for ssociiioti
give us success In winning this war. I rest in peaceT ,
rQi OT miiBi nor ey power dui nj i . ..
spirit, saith tbe Lord of hosts." !
Let us also remember it is writ
ten, "Vengeance is Mine, I will Pre
pay, saith the Lord of Hosts."
Let ns fight like tbe enemy, using
shot and shell and poison gas If we
must to win, and whea we have won
let ns deal Justly and kindly though
firmly with the vanquished. No
boycotts or trade wars after 'the
struggle is over to those who'' want
permanent peace. In closing, let me
exhort all good citizens to hold our
president np to the throne of Grace
a two weeks' campaign in the north
ern eantonments and two we-ks In
tbe southern camps. Mr: Vorls was
pleased with the work of the associ
ation along religious lines here. H
left tonight for Seattle. '
Greene Park- Is rapidly assuming
the appearance of a big amusement
center and work on th eoaeessloma
not yet opened. ia being pushed U
gtt the- place In readiness for the
opening, which is expected to be held
In the near future. . - ; . .
' Arfdge, I Completed. '''
Tbe bridge for pedestrians over
the railroad tracks, connecting the
cantonment proper 'with the paxk,
has been completed. It Is a woodta
structure with a concrete and gravel
base and 'eliminates considerable of
the danger from .railroad accidents.
Work on the new hotel Is being push
ed In line with plans for opening la
about two months. A large umber
or concessions already are open anl
enjoying a considerable trade from
the soldiers afternoon and evening.
There are a movie show, Xoo hall.
soft drink parlors, restaaraat, pop
rarn stands aad sboe-shlnlng parlors
and a skating link Is nnder construc
tion. V I
The officers of the 22d field s'g
nal corps arc to be among the b?st
fed officers at Canio Lewis. Joseph
Oliver Parker." formerly head chef
In the fry department ef tbe HL
Francl hotel at 8n Francisco, arrlv-
d today at canih. lie enlisted at
Han Francisco and was assigned to
the headanarters company of the
battalion as ehef In the officers quar
af'Camp lewfstoday to Begin hi
duties aa Y. M. C: A. camp maslcal
director. .Ho will lastruct in slnglnt
at J. M. C A. meetings and enter
tainments In the Y. huts. Mr. Good
rich formerly was head of the de
partmeat of philosophy and educa
tion in the Spokane high school and
leader of the high school glee club.
A chauffeur had applied -for a po
altien with a new rich family which
aspired to be -considered top-notch
socially, and was being Interviewed
by the mlstreaa of tbe house.
"We call all our sertsnts hy their
last names." she announced. "What
Is your last name?" , ,
"You bad best call me Thomas,
ma'am." replied the applicant.
"No; We Insist that you bo willing
to be railed by your last nlme. Other
wise you won t do at au."
"Ob. I'm willing, ma'am, but I
don't think the family woald like to
use. It." '
"What U rptr last name, then?"
said his prospective employer,1 some
what coldly.
"Darling, ma'am Thomas Dar
llnr." Ixndon Opinion.
t. trvm hrlnrlar tn tha eoaet t't
ontc of .the- best, speakers .avallab e, ura. i. '
eyangelists and welfare workers, for 1 J. C. Goodrich of Spokane .arrlvo
VA Tat.t Aa t SW j r
n v ttfTS'?TTZ 4
I C -If miAMm kaitia riiXa,M a
V IJ niiilimall ti iil B'-'irT"
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,
Recruiting Officer ia Portland
Ordered JoTake Lmimum
Number of pnlittmenU
Everyone should, drink hoi water
with phosphate In K,
before breakfast.
To feel as fine as tbe proverbial
fiddle, we must keep tbe liver
washed -clean, almost every morn
ing, to prevent Its sponge-like pores
rrom clogging with inaigesuoie ma
terial, sour bile and poisonous tox
ins. says a noted physician.
If yon ret headaches, it's your
liver. If you catch cold easily, it
if you wake up won
rORTTjAND, Or April lT-Com-
mander E. F. Bcbardt, rn. charge of
the navy recruiting station here.. has
been notified to enroll men in ui
naval reserve force to the maximum.
Five thousand' men can be accomo
dated In this district at once, he was
. The local recruiting station has
been limited In Its, wot for sev
eral weeks, being permitted to enlist
only 25 mender week. Thla restric
tion, which held down recruiting la
all stations to a total of one thous
and men for tbe whole country.TPr
week, was necessary until congress
relieved the situation by legislation.
This evidently has been aecomplish-
' Oregon has furnished approximate
ly fire thousand men; to the regular
and reserve corps or tne navy ana
fie raising of 5.000 more will give
men of dTaft age a new opportunity
for serving. their country. The age
TV?"- '
r i s. 5 m
.... a-sL: K
your liver, ir you wax up wiui a llmit for this . navy recurlting are
bad taste, furred tongue, nasty from lg to 3S. i Men of draft age
breath or stomaeh becomes rancid.
it's your liver.- fallow skin, muddy
complexion. water,y, eyes all denofe
liver uncleaallness.. . Your liver is the
most: important, f, also the most
abused .and, neglected organ of the
body. .Few . know Ita function or
how to release the dammed-up body
waste, bile and toxins.
Every man and woman, sick or
well, should drink each morning De-
fore breakfast, a glass of hot water
with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in It, -to wash from the
liver and bowels the previous day'a
Indigestible material, the poisons.
aour bile and toxins: thus cleansing.
sweetening and fresheninavthe entire
alimentary canal before putting more
food Into the stomal-b.
Limestone phosphate is lnexpen
sive; any pharmacist will sell you a
Quarter nound. which Is sufficient
for a demonstration of howhot wa
ter and limestone phosphate cleans,
stimulates and freshens the liver,
keeping you feeling fit day in and
day out,
must have oermlsslon from their
local boards. .
Four mess attendant are needed
at once, the i ecruitlnc officers an
nounce. All recruit are to be sent
to the naval training camp on Pndget
Sound. Forty men per menu rrom
this training camp win be. sent to
the navy's new officer training
camp i tiwi(w.
Paroled Men Are Available
' for Work on Oregon Farms
Several paroled men from the state
penitentiary will bo-available for em
ployment by farmers in a few days.
State Parole Officer. Keller said yes
terday. The men are experienced
farmers, t A large number of paroled
men are employed in other Indus
tries, and because of the present
sbortaae of farm labor it will be th2
policy of the, state prison manage
ment to place as many men as pos
sible on farms.
-t f"' V.t
l- 'ft'AWv"Rv 'JsMxfcHrx YTvV
mm . trj . iiae- a at sw .-r - v a a a a wt mm a
... f