The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, March 19, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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4 ftttfc Mri aS rtd Uit pectin,
mml t'Vi raW, I r
mtmym lath cmtm of tkrltrmlGrqf
(If WA SUfc
iiailary Plan for "Protector-
ate" of Poland Mets
With Opposition
f- WASHINGTON, - March 1 tf. -Fu t
ihdr litat wan thrown on- the (ter
ms scheme to extend permanent
control of the Russian Baltic pro
vince by an official dispatch today
from France. The dispatch says:
"Via Kuehlmanu, (German ' for
tig minister), elaborated the grand
diplomatic scheme which without.dl
rect, annexations reserved to Ger
many the protectorate ofCourland
tnd Lithuania and abandoning that
f Russian Poland to Austria. Th
opposition of Ludendorff caused, as
far Austria and Poland are con
wraed, the .failure of this plan, but
fae military administration very sei--lously-tried
to put it into execution
is the territories attached to , the
xene of German influence.
"In September, 1917. the IiaRI?
yroTinces were placed under the; aiw
5. . ; . . . I . -. . .::.-- I
? 4. , JL
:; ( , f ; . :- - , ..m .
Surely you will do a you can you will save and sacri- r
fice-that the lives of those crossing .the: Atlantic, may
be guarded and protected frpm the. perpetrators of sub
marine outrage. 7- ; -
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and nickels that the government may buy food, clotning
and: equipment for pur armies, -when so many have teen
5 ; asked to give their lives if needs be i4 r
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authorized agency of the U. S: Treasury Department.
Portland, 'MmiiM
, 237 N. LIBEETY'
Who is Going to Send Him
another pouch b I
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''W t a '" " ' ! - i
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send the Boynot ordinary plug loaded
up with sweetening, but condensed
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long while.
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efcaw Kaal Grvrahr, bacauaa a hmQ chaw of it UaU loaf
- If 9om lotta a aina.
44 a littla to roar (molds
usprova yow amok a.
Doolora all araaad bar carry it io. 10c poockoa. A Sc.
W will pot it iato bia band in any Traiaiac Caasp or Sea.
part of tho U. S. A. g ra ttt thnra" 1c ataaap will I all a
- Yoor aoalor will supply aarclopo and girS roq
official olfactions bow to aodraaa iC
Thm PatmHt Pomck 4.M it Frmmh gUm L-J
it im mot tool Crooajr mithmmt this Protntian it ml
, EatablUbed 1S31
thorlty of the grand hoad'piarters
f the armlet in tho fast. Without
delay they were organize! Septem
bir 19. The Courland diet, which
existed underHhe Ilussian rle but
which had only been convoked irreg
ularly, tn many years was elected by
the landowner. The barong are all
of the (Jernianls race. September
'. it was decided to add res to tha
Kpneral commander in chief under
the nume-of provincial council a representative-
assembly of air classes
of the nation, and not simply the
"The body vas organized in this
way. Six delegate from large land
ed "proprietors; six from average
owners; . four from the towns; one
from, the country three from the
clergy, and it guaranteed to the Ger
man minority of the population the
majority of the seats. For greater
safety the twenty members of the
eouncjj were not elected by those
interested, but wete chonen by thd
diet itself. They could only be do
cile in the hands of Germany;.
"It is this provincial council
which met onMarch ft under the
presidency of' the German adminis
tration and took the resolution up
on the initiative of six barons to
propone to the Jlerlin government a
series ot military, excise, customs, -j
judicial and university conventions
Remember This
There arc no "Ifs" or
-Sutsjto the Ctosset
5s Oevers iaarantee. It
moabs JtistAvhat it says:
-Golden West Cof
fee must be Just
Riaihtand give you
complete satisfac
tion or your money
back -fi4
Ctosset Devers
y I i . . .
.lLra Rm.l i.M I is. ,
f tobacco. It will lira avar
and to offer jfhe ducal crown to Em
peror Willlahi.
"Th prees naturally
applauds entifeuslotically while oth
er papers manifest a certain surpise.
The emperor however, seems inclin
ed to accept the crown if not for him
self then for one of his sons.''
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equal. Mother llraj'd A romaf ie-l,eaf I
rli by DruKviatu or xint by mull f"r
fiO crenfrw. Samplo Knt KUKIi.
drei''. Mother tSray Co.. 1- Hoy, Jf. V.
Company I, Camp Lewis.
Gives Dinner to Officers
A of Regiment
March 18. Company I. S61st in-
'antrv tho Ta frtni a pnmr.anv nf th
regiment, tonlrht save a St. Pat-1
rlol: dinner to" the officers of the
regiment in the company's mess hall.
Mn-e thfln 200 officers, guests and
unlisted men' were present.
Th dinner was a celebration Of
the purchase of a pool table, com
plete set of baebjill equipment and
sets of boxing gloves from the com
pany's dividends from the post ex
change. Captain F. X. A. Eble of
Company I presided as VastmasteT
and called on several of the officers
nnd First Sergeant Guthrie for
speeches. Mrs. Eble sang.
Three per sons were ordered dis
charged from the army today on
recommendation of the exempti
board of the 91st division. -
They are Alexander Hauer. ma
chine gn company. 3f..1rd infantry;
.Tosenh Ponchetta, Company H. 3 4Stb
machine cun battalion: Robert R.
Hogg. Company B. 316th supply
traif. Private Fred H. Malazia of
Company M. 364th Infantry, was
ordered discharged on the grounds
that he is a citizen of Switzerland.
Company M, 3G3rd Infantry, has
been released from quarantine for
ce Mro-?plnal meningitis.
t'nder a ruling from the adjutant
general's office, posted at division
headquarters today, officers attach
ed to any organizations where the
number of officers have been In
creased sinc August last year, may
be appointed to fill anv vacancies.
All soldiers of the Jewish faith
have ben granted passes from camp
from March 2? at noon until April 1
in order fo observe the feast of the
Pa stover j
Under a ruling from division head
quarters today Greene park, the
CampJLewis amusement center. Is
considered within the limits of the
cantonment ' so that soldiers may
visit the place at any time they ar
free If they ehrfose. It also was or
dered that post exchange checks be
accepted a all park concessions at
face value.
St. Patrick's choir of Tacoma gave
an entertainment tonight at Knights
-f Columbus building No. 1. Cap
tain Edwin R. Perry of Raymond.
Wash., of. the medical department,
gave readings. ?
American Ambassador
Is on Way to Japan
TOKIO. March IS. The Ameri-
enn ambassador lo Russia. David R.
Francis, the Japanese ambassador
and the diplomatic representatives
of Great Britain and France were ex
pected to arrive at Seoul today, ac
cording to advices from the Korean
capital. They are on the way ti
The American ambassador and th.-
diplomatie TepresentatKes of the en
tente powers left Petrograd late in
February, going to Vologda. The
sle arrival there of Mr. Franc:
was reported February 2. About
tow weeVs ago a renort wss nrrer.
that Ambassador Francis and thj
Tananese ambassador weie beinc
held at Vologda but this report was
not credited at Washington.
WASHINGTON'. March 1 R When
Ihe state department received 13
istest disnatch from Ambassador
Francis about ten days ago he was
eptb.!lbed " at - Vologda ann app"-
enllv intended to ramin there in
definitely". It in assumed here the
rnort that he was due at Poul
todar on his way to Japan was due
to some misunderstanding at the
Senator Borah Explains Strug
gle Republican Govern
ment Faces
Article Is Read From German ;
'Paper Denouncing Men
roe Doctrine
Speaking in the senate today on the j
American war aims. Senator itorah j
of Idaho. Republican member of I
the foreign relations -committee, em- i
pbasized the point that the United j
States la not engagea merely in a
war between "nations but that the
conflict has at stake the principles
of a republican form of government.
"The policies of Frederick the
Great and the policies of Washington
are contending for supremacy on the
battle fronts of Knroe today," he;
said. "To fall to settle it finally
and conclusively now is to fall to
settle the sublimest duty that has
fallen on our country. If we fail
the. world will ibecome a military
camp.' s
Senator Horah said he h;ul been
led to make the observations because
of a prevailing belief'that the war i
being fought along European and
Jerritorial l'nes.
"There Is much reason for that,'
he continued, "beeaupe in the begin
ning these questions were upper
most not only in the minds of the
people of Europe, but of this coun
try. This view was greatly accentu
ated In the minds of the people
throughout the civilized. world when
the secret treaties were rade known
to the public by the Ifc.hevists ' f
"It was discovered that under
neath the conflict there were going
on the same secret understandings
and combination with reference to
the territories of Europe. There is
no necesity now for; discussing that
oroposltion. but I want to say that
notwithstanding the ' personal ambi
tion of the authorities representing
the rcpective countries of Kurope in
;hiFe treaties, we must not pow be
misled Into the 4 supposition that
.bose treaties or ' thie- aiubitions and
nurpoes which thev disclosed are in
inv -sense controlling factors and
principles of th?a war.
We all believe 'tin the ultimate
triumph of Iree institutions, but the
broken sobs of .nations, stnkgeling
to be independent and free, thetory
of Rnsia, just now being writ In in
contention and blood, admonish us
that th republican road to security
ind sts ility is bVet by a thousand
trials and encompassed by all kinds
of perils."
Senator Itorah read from an arti
cle published In a newspaper In
uermany recently In which It was set
forth that the central powers would
no longer agree to abide by the Mon
roe doctrine. The United States
cannot stop In the War now, he
aided, any more than Washington
could have stopped at Valley Forge.
I,ack of fresh vegetable food and
interrupted, changing habits make
these trying weeks for anyone in
clined to eonstipation. Foley Ca
thartic Tablets are just the thing for
Indigestion, biliousness, gas on stom
ach, furred tongue, headache, or
other condition Indicating cloptd
bowels. Cause no bad after effects.
I. C. Perry.
Astoria Fishermen Turn
t a
Down Packers' Prices
ASTORIA. Or.. Maih 1 S By
unanimous vote the Astoria bran-h
of the Alaska Fishermen union to
day rej cited the prices offered by
packers to be paid during the eom-t
ing season in Alaska waters. Tele
grams were received, by Secretary
I-torntzen of the union from the San
Francisco and 'Seattle branches say
ing similar action bad been taken
by them. It was said negotiations
would likely be resumed. The differ
ence mainly te'on the priee to be
paid for silversides, the packers of
fering 61 cents anil the union de
manding s -ents.
Railroad Men
These men know from experience
tTi-at Sloan's Liniment will take tho
stance oat cf joint and the corc
r.era oct cf nu;c!e3 And it'a v No rebbinf required.
I quickly penetrates arxJ brings re
lief Easy to apply and clearer than
mussy piaster a or cinUrieats.
Always havx; a bittls In thcKoe
for rheumatic rc!i s. lie) bacL.
apraina anct straios.
Cencroua alzed boitVj -1 til druj-
!' Hea"t Iareaae4 Zit'BOe fl
The entire n'..le libit Ii
iiM-aiuren 14 Int hew. and it'a
unuhually Io7T(, Kkiiig r'Ht
ht met ion: Rlve it tl ,'Sub
iiiHrine" title. let'.nre . U
iKT t'HKIt thin t
340 Court Street Salem, Ore.
Willamette . Organization to
Help Division Extend Aid
to Stricken
Willamette chapter, Rbd Cross,
has been called upon to do Its share
in collecting for the Belgian relief
commission a certain amount of used
and surplus clothing for the relief
wark of the commission in occupied
territory of France and Belgium.
The . order to the American Red
Cross comes from Herbert Hoover
rnd has been transmitted to the
chapters In the northwest through
northwest division headquarters at
Seattle. Willamette chapter will
furnish about four and one-half
tons. The branches of the chapter
have been ashed to supply ,1500
The campaign will cause little in
terruption in the regular work ot
the Red Cross as the mechanical de
tails have, been reduced to a mini
mum and the expense involved , s
small. Chapters will collect such ar
ticles as are desired, inspect only to
the extent necessary to elim'naf
worthless articles and those which
cannot be used, pack in any way
which will insure safety in transit
end ship f. o. b. -.ears to the desit
nated warehouses of the conimls Ha. ,
.Finish at Krly Itafv
It Is the intention that ine -wor't
fhall be completed by Mtrh 2" . "
that the work may not continue ln?
enoueh to be considrd n regular
activity of the Red Cro". '"' a
precedent for a continued collect i'n
of worn garments i
.The Northwest diviUn is asked
for 200 tons. .Most r f thif "iount
will come from the r'Ue. ft Is sug
gested that WlUameMe , --per gath
er from Salem b- ' - - 'ount'-'i
under its jurisd'etinn ;p rox'mately
four and one-half tons.
Chairman Meyers r-r Willamette
chapter addressed the following let
ter some of the auxiliaries:
"We have gone over thl matt-'r
very carefull and apportioned the
amounts as nearly euual as possihl?
and will ask your auxiliary to supply
(amount designated! pounds. j
"Our time U so limited that w
re not writing all of the auxUiarie
but only the towns within the Juris
diction of the chapter, so will nsV
you to canvass your surro-undlni?
"We hope to have our hadnuar
tr established the first of the week
and will notify you of the address r
same, so you, bay know where to de
liver your collection."
"Ilendqnarter Openel.
Headquarters for the collection of
clothing have been opened on Court
street, first door west of Steusloffs
market. The clothing wants is of
four classes, men's, women's, chil
dren's and infants, and also a lnrtrp
amount of bedding can be used.
The city has been apportioned in
to districts and thl3 morning forty
women will begin the work of solic
iting for the clothing.
Herbert Gordon Files
Candidacy Declaration
Herbert Gordon of Poitland. one
of the aspirants for speaker of the
bouse at the next session of the leg.
Islature. filed declaration inf his
candidacy for the Republican nomi
nation at the office of Secretary;, .nf
fate Olcott yesterday. His slocan Is:
MKN! ME,.! MEN!"
The New and
The new "Submarine" type Apex Cleaner embodies
three especially conspicuous features the first two
of which are evolutionary and absolutely new to
vacuum cleaner making.
Automatic Adjustment
The "Submarine" is mounted on a three-wheel
carriage, leaving the body free to operate its remark
able self-and-automatic adjustment, which permits
the cleaner to run easily from the bare floor to the
thickest nap (or pile) rug or carpet, conveying the
maximum cleaning power through automatic control
of the required suction force over all the exposed
cleaning opening, regardless of the surface over
which it may be operating. This adjustment is sim
ple : and inyolves no "easy-to-get-out-of-order"
possibilities. V
Let Us Demonstrate
"Our country first; progressive
economy and a square deat for all."
His platform reads: "I will faithfully
perform the duties of such office. I
pledge my most earnest, hearty and
patriotic support to the government
in its war program. I am in favor
of progressive business legislation
that will tend to bring: Oregon into
its own. I an in favor' of giving
both labor and capital a squaie deal,
and I am opposed to the Bolshevik!
I. W. W. agitator and the kind of
I legislation such organizations rep
resent." ? ? ? ? ! bseMMMDD
resent." ft
Hoff's Suggestion Has
Approval of pepkrtment
A suggestion made Sy Laipor Com
mlssioner Hoff to the Ufal-d States
department of labor Jthat ja super
visor should be placet! on each ship
under construction fjr fni govern-!
ment for the purposcT f j keeIis
working conditions suJhfas to luicl
mize the number of acldents, has
met with the approvalof the de
partment, according to ":fe'-letler re
ceived by Commissioner f teff yester
day. The department, hovtiver, has
referred the Utter to ChJirhian Hur-
Children Cry
-The Hind Yon Have Always Bought, anU" which has been
In use for over over 30 years, has borne the signature of
- and has been made under his per-
t&-rpz sonal supervision since it3 Infancy.
X UC4ZiZ Allow no one to deceive you fa this.
All - Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of .
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
Castoria is a harnHess substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains
neither Opium, Morphine rror other narcotic substance. Ita
rge is its guarantee. For more than thirty years it hes
been in constant use for the relief of Constipation, Flatulency,
"Wind Colic and Diarrhoea ; allaying Feverishness arising
therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids
the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panicea The Mother's Friend.'
genuine CASTORIA! always
i Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
a vi I
-BLUE BONNETS" Jtfiew Fahric with Nt Fcaiurt.
SB ssk art I -
ajar mm draaasa. apMt coan
m Ml ;
i etc.
a i, mi i.i nr
Much Improved
ley ' at .the United . Stales shipping
board with the. comment that if Mr.
Huff's tusgestion were followed It
would do much to facilitate the woilt
of the United States employment
service. -
If jou saw a child on a railroad
track you would endeavor to remove
the little one from danger. When a
child is "snuffling" ' or coughing.
Isn't It your duty to get him' out of
danger at severe consequences?
Foley's Honey and Tar gives relief
from coughs, cold, croup and whoop
ing cou; 1.. Contains no opiates. J.
C. Perry. i
The honor system , for voluntary
rationing. In co-operation with the
Federal Food Administration, is ono
of the practical movements recentJy
undertaken by many prominent wo
men of New York city.
IS'ot content with having her bro
ther and husband in war service and
herself taking active part in Red
Cross work, Mrs. Josephine ITickey
of Cleveland has offered herself to
her country as a telephone operator
with the army In France.
f or FIctiphcr'o 1
Signature of
aad ma, rtiAAvaa ana a. cea-n.a. .
UaaraaaxJ dra tart aad jdutaUa. V xia
ml Uln j
It roar Wl rmrry "ttwm m-mi w &m atj wall aaoM U dnier aad
w Jl mm! haa aaawae aad aaai, Kn at poar wtHm.
1 1X3 HER WHITMAN at CO. Ia S8 1 BaaaaWa t. Waw Yarfc H
Korean capital. ,