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    The Oregon Statesman
Issued. Dally Except Monday by
21 S S. Commercial St, Salem, Oregon.
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of all pews dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited In this paper
and also the local news published herein.
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Ralph Glover. . . .Cashier
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his thumb; but with women's suf
frage and 'all these new-fangled
Ideas it is getting no' that a man
must treat his wife like a real, hu
man. Los Angeles Times.
DAILY STATESMAN; served by carrier in Salem and suburbs, IB cents a
week, 60 cents a month.
DAILY STATESMAN, by mall. $6 a year; $3 for six months; 50 cents a
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SUNDAY STATESMAN, fl a year; 60 cents for six months; 25 cent for
three months. !
WEEKLY STATESMAN. Issued In two six-page sections, Tuesdays and
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Business Office, 23,
Circulation Department, 583.
Job Department, 688.
'Entered at the Postoffice In Salem, Oregon, as second class matter.
"All that we possess," said a not
t2 Los Angeles minister, "we leave
behind us when we leave this world,
while all that we are we take with
us." i
There's, a certain ruler In Europe
who is destined to pass away shortly
and ,he will neither leave much he
hind him nor take much away. Los
Angeles Times.
By Klareaea Ellaa belli Klebala
Some of the hardships of service
In France are awful. General Per
shing has forbidden the soldier
teamsters of our expeditionary forc
es to swear at the army mule. Hut
there are some rules that even the
commander-in-chief cannot enforce,
and this is one of them. -Exchange.
' (By Hildegaril Hawthorne of The Vigilantes) .
: Let us all highlyreolye on the birthday of the greatest Ameri
can, to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to war work, to the end
that the world shall make one more advance toward true liberty am
real democracy, that liberty shall not perish from the earth, ant:
that each one of us, in his or her place, shall help to bear the burden
that must be borne, to win the battle that must be won.
We all know the main facts of Lincoln's life, even as we knew
the spiritual beauty of his rugged countenance. They incarnate
for us the very essence of American ideals. Stroncr. simple', brave
wise, untouched by ambition, untainted by self-love, coming to guide
and save our country from the woods and fields where he grew up,
there could not be, in all-the many contrasts of this world,. greater
l.t...t.t... ik.t f A 1 A " A 4
tuuuoii man uiai. wuivii is prt'senieu iu mis man, vnis American,
by the German kaiser. All that Lincoln worked for, suffered for,
secured and then died lor, is anathema to the German. To Lincoln
the law even in war, was the law of love. He had room for the
roe in his great heart, and was the best friend the South possessed
Hut he knew that the fight must be fought, or the country, the
spirit that meant America, perish, utterly. Were he alive now, we
know what he would do, because never has there been any doubt as
io wnai umcoin wouiu ao, nor as to wnere he stood, what word
would he have to these destroyers of the innocent, these rapers of
women, these bloody-handed fiends who have turned a sweet and
bappy land Into a desert filled only with horror f Can
donbtf What would be his answer to the claim of divine authority
- - - v. f v me viuauiiig ut me pvujjie unuer me neei oi mili
tarism f What to our duty toward the suffering and the oppressed,
an! to the terrible threat against our own land and institutions!
: we an jenovr. -' r . v ,.:v-. '
Therefore js it for each one of us to whom Lincoln's name is a
sacred name, to us who love and reverence his memory and believ
that what he did was right and what he thought was noble, tc
consecrate ourselves anew to the work before us, and to spare noth
ins until the victory is' won. It will be! wonit has always beer.
liraity,, which, perhaps, found its comnletost
Lincoln " 1 - - . r- vj vmnvii .
V Let us try To 'be worthy of Lincoln there is no other way ir
which we can return in some slight measure all we owe him, nt
other way to prove that .we are, Indeed, his countrymen.
i PreM of Germany is pretending that it does not
understand the last message of President Wilson. One of the great
est blesHirTgs of this war to Germany will be the bringing of a free
press to that country; and it can only come through the defeat of
:V! autocracy mat. nas the newspapers of Germany undei
ins until the victory is' won. It will belwon it has always
won, through the long history of the world, or we should not
bca free people. But it can only be won by sacrifice and d
ramation, by unfailing courage, by something of that same
Bolo Pasha will have to face the firing squad. So will pass out
of the most brilliant rascals of history. i
Naturally, there had to come eharges of graft from Hog Island
Wanting out, Austria will get out.
Ki t -- -
The cold weather has held back
the fruit tuds. So far so jtood.
The old-fashioned girl who used
to put kisses In her love letters now
has a daughter who is knitting 'em
into sweaters. " ' v "-:''' r" '' v .
Raymond Robins, head of the Red
Cross In. Russia. Is well known la
Salem, where he lectured for a week,
winter before last He Is a man
who will get things done, i
- When the Kaiser assures Austria
that God Is with him, there should
te no surprise if King Charles re
fuses to sit up and take notice. He
has been fooled so often.
it. And still the Germans deny ve
hemently that they are not a free
The American dollar is now quot-
in China as being worth $1.42, and
la tht country one can bay some
thing with it. There is but little use
for a lone dollar in this fair land.
American gunners furnished tbo
eurtalnfire for the French soldiers
golng;"orer the top" In the Cham
pagne district Wednesday. The Am
trican boys can shoot straight.
This is certainly a united nation
They celebrated the anniversary of
the birthday of Abraham Lincoln in
Mississippi and Texas. "Honest
Abe" had only to lie to be appreciat
ed.''. '. -, '
In a Boston court a sailor who
went to sleep on an ocean liner when
In that country one can buy some
a term In the county Jail. There are
those who will think he ought ,to
have been suitably decorated for his
sublimation of nerve.
A German leader says that 99 per
cent of the German people want
peace. - If there was that percental
By John Brown Jewett oX The
From pampas and vegas the call
rises glad:
"Slempre hermanos! y la libertad!"
From plains and from prairies the
answer rings true:
"Forever, our brothers! And liberty
. too!''
America's legions shall gather, one
-" ' host, !
From the Coppermine's sea to the
A .i : a .
America's un-shlps one squadron
shall ride
From the isle-set Saint Lawrence to
, the Amazon's tide.
Shout!. Ottawa, Oregon. Georgia and
. j Maine,
For j your brothers who broke
h Conquistador's chain!
Shout!. Paraguay, Ecuador, Chill
: Brazil!
For your brothers who thwarted a
Hanover's will! ,
The spirit was migthy that rose In
; -us then;
It is mightier now, as It rises again.
Shoot I Vancouver, Florida. Cuba,
i Peru! ; ' ,. .
old world shall
quer the new!
More March weather.
Rainless davs will come, though.
. V
i Just for a little practice with big
guns, the Americans put one over
for the Frenchmen on the Cham
pagne f-ont.
V "W
Just to show the Germans a sam
ple of what Is coming when the Sam
mies ret out of the retail business
ind Into the wholesale class In wag
ing war. -
; - .;,
If Bolo Pasha had been an honest
man, and had-devoted his great tal
ents to doing good In the world, he
mlirht have left a legacy of great
enlevement and great honor. In
stead of going down to death despis
ed by all mankind. ; : .
S l
"In common with my hard tried
peoples, I trust that after the first
ctonrtrwlon -of peace, (which la so
Tratifylng an event for as, a general
peace will soon be granted suffering
humanity." So speaks Austria's em
peror to bis people, and to the world,
tfter proclaiming the separate peace
with the Ukraines - And he knows
how to get the general veace his
hard tried people want and are de
manding. The longer he puts it off
the harder tried will be his people.
tnd perhaps the less favorable the
?eace that may be had. r
Kab da brings lt own S. O. 8.
parties and each day finds the gift
box which Salem women will send to
Company M in France becoming a
doner reality. However, so far, not
much money has been turned in.
Several women have asked that the
S. O. S. parties extend Into next
week as It would be more convenient
for them. The committee In charge
have extended the time and so fur
ther opportunity will be given to
those who care to work In this way
for the soldiers Karly next wee,
some of the articles which will be
sent will 'be collected and put -on
display in n down town window. It
is expected that one large box of
regulation size will be sent for Com
pany M and several smaller boxes to
other soldiers in. France, who are
Salem boys.
Mi. Frederick Ik Thlelseli went
to Portland yesterday for a week's
stay, accompanied by little Freder
ick Thlelsen, Jr.. and Mrs.. Thlel
sen's mother, Mrs. Amos Strong.
Mrs. Strong and the baby expect to
return today.
-Mrs. Ralph Watson 'of. Portland,
a former Salem resident. Is passing a
short visit In Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. LIvesley have
returned from Vancouver, Wash.,
where they have been for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. n. II. Fleming will
be at home to the members and
friends of the First Congregational
church tonight at their residence,
785 Court street It will be an in
formal social gathering and those
present will be permitted to con
tribute to the R. O. S. fund for the
soldier boys. Those who will assist
Mrs. Fleming will be Mrs. Frederick
Stewart, Mrs. F. W, SteusIorf.iMrs.
William Fleming and Mrs. Roma
Miss Marie Anthony will entertain
the members of the O. A. C. College
club tonight at her home at Fir and
Washington streets. ;
Sixteen guests participated at an
S. O. S. gathering which was held
Monday night at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. U. G. Holt on Oak street.
The evening was passed with flinch
The hostess had placed a box where
her guests could place their offering
ana 14.35 was given in this way to
neip nring cheer to Company M. Miss
Extrtahe Cut P
at the
Stupendous cut in
$6.00 Embroideries,
per yard. .$2.00
$5.00 Embroideries,
per yard....... $1.77
4.00 Embroideries,
per yard....... $1.66
3.50 Embroideries,
?er yard..... ..$1.00
$1.00 Embroideries,
per yard. $ .50
$ .85 Embroideries,
per yard. ....,.$ J39
One assortment, val
ues to 15c, now le yd.
21C Pain
All sixes.
our regular
stock. . Values to $B,
t .
at unprecedented cut
prices ;
$4.00 values.... $3.49
$5.75 values. ... $3.00
$3.03 values.!.. $2.67
$1.95 values. ...$1.49
.90 values.... $ .69
$ .60 values. ...$ .49
$ .30 values.... $ .19
One assortment of
Large Leather
for Women
$0.50 Bags . . . . . $2.50
$3.00 Bags. .. ..$2.00
$6.00 Bags..... $1.50
$4.00 Bagst... .$1.25
$2.75 Bags.....$ .75
An assortment of Ba
by Bonnets, values to
$1.50, now. 25c each
Ages 6 to 14
Values up to $10.00 now
$1.95 .
: ' V
was the discovery of an entirely new
and very fine vegetable oil corn oil.
Corn oil, now being made In great
quantities from this soft corn, Js
pronounced by experts to be among
the best, most palateable, and most
nutritious vegetable oils on the mar
ket. It offers substantial help in
the solution of our conservation
problems. Corn syrup is also a rood
race Holt assisted her mother in co?"ervat.,on Puct that is being
serving refreshments, I etJeniIy manufactured from the
vii, turn. juin oi inese line con-
TUirv rmccv rAwk .
ituvn, viLivruu 1 . iinv a oe miuea. ioe least moisture means
I mildew and rot;- The 'soft corn can
ity this! 'TAH dandruff disappears nt be made into corn meal, al-
ana iiair stops coming J mougn some oi tne better graae can
out. s i ... ; I oe convertea into meal after, a slow
process of kiln dry I nr. Such of file
surely try a "Dandcrine Kalr I corn as caa be milled, lncladtnr all
Cleanse" if you wish to immediately I tne prime rraln and some of the sec
aouDie the beruty of your hair. Just ond grade 'softf corn is now being
servatlon commodities may now be
naa in abundant quantities and at
reasonable prices. Oreron house
wives are urged to try them."
moisten a cloth with Danderine and
iraw it carefully throurh your hair.
taking one small strand at a time:
this will 'cleanse the hair, of dust.
airst, or any excessive oil In a few
ground' into corn meal. One of the
first elements .in the high price is
the greatly Increased demand for
the meal. Every corn mill In the
country is working night and day at
Dandruff Sorely
. Destroys The Hair
trict. will tell about pioneer days.
The dedication of the new high
school building will mark an epoch
of prosperity In Brooks. The build
ing cost S5500.
Henry Downing Critically
III at Home Near Sublimity
information has teen received In
&lem that. Henry Dowifiag, we31
snown rarmer who lives near Su
blimity, is critically 111. Mr. Down
ing surrered an attack of-appendicitis
Wednesday and it -is reported
that the appendix bursted. Physi
cians consider It unwise to operated
on him in his present condition. Mr.
Downing is at ills home, his condi
tion being such that he cannot be
taken to a hospital.
Evangelistic Work It I
Begun at University
Rev. Wlllsle Martin of Boise, Ida
ho, arrived in Salem, Wednesday
evening to conduct chapel exercises
at Willamette university for the te
malnder of the week. He chose l
his subject for his lecture Thursday
morning, "Building -of the World."
The V. M. C. A. and V. W. C. A.
of the university are cooperating with
Mr, Martin in the evangelistic work.
France curbs the desire of narpnts
to christen their children with ex
traordinary names by limiting their
choice of names to 'the thirteen thou
sand saints In the calendar.
minutes you will be amazed.. Your I caoacitv. to sunnlv thi AmanA v.v
hair will be wavy, fluffy and abund-lenr mill has sold its full nmnnt tnr
mm uu pMe id lncomparaoie soil' l weeks aneaa.
ness, lustre and luxuriance.
Besides beautlfylnsr the hair. oe
application of Danderine dissolve
every panicle of dandruff; invigor
ates the scalp, stopping itching and
falling hair.
Danderine la to the hair what rrh
showers of rain and sunshine are to
"Another element contributing to
me price is tne added cost of the
Kiln-drying process for the moist
corn, which is being used this year
to: supplement the first grade dry
corn.. Traffic congestion.. which was
the cause of great delay in moving
the croD from field to mills, con-
yegeution. It goes right to the root, tributed further to the hlrli Drice
itlit .f" na,"rntnn them. Its This is the corn situation throughout
ZZi tnltlng and life- the whole country, and here in the
?ft LlTrt,M Ca.U! northwest, because of our great dls-
-i-"' 8tin5 nd beufuL tance from the corn belt and the
You can surelr have urettv. anff a,,h ... . .
lti.trnn. h.i- Z. ,1 "Ill IV! i securing irans-
n . 1 . . " r I porianon raciiities hy which to ship
ZZJJl Am M our supply, our corn meal prices
uvme oi unowuon i Danderine at
ny a rug store or toilet counter and
iry ii as airected. , -
never re-con-
The mayor of a New Jersey town
has announced that hereafter all
wife beaters caught In bis bailiwick
will be whipped.
Indeed, and it la coming to a
pretty pass If a man can't beat up
his wife. In the good old days the
Iaw, prescribed thtt the whip he
used on her must not be thicker than
A question that is freauentlv asked
at the federal food ad mlnlatraf Inn
offices is why. in the f nt n
bumper" crop of corn, the ha nt
corn meal should be so high.
"It is true that the 1917 corn
yield was a heavy one." said Assixt-
i reaerai Food Administrator W.
K. Newell In explanation. "Plans
had been made for a plentiful sup
ply oi corn meal for the entire na
tion to use as a wheat substitute, and
the corn growers had rennndH
splendidly to the request of the food
administration by planting every pos
sible acre to corn. The almost un
orecedented corn cron that rnttii
has been commented upon far and
wide, but, it Is not so generally
known that unfavorable weather
conditions,; Including several early,
war rains, rendered most of this cron
nf4 flit Ir
"0iy the first class, dry corn can
are even higher than those of the j
middle west and eastern states. A
little serious study- of these facts
should make it clear to anyone that
talk of profiteering' as the cause of
nign corn 'meal prices Is unfounded.
"And by the way," Mr. Newell
concluded, "an Interesting develop
ment or tne over-supply of soft corn
Girls if you want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, silky heair, do by
all means get rid of dandruff, for
It will starve your hair and ruin it
if you don't.
It doesn't do much good to try to
brush or wash It out. The only sure
way to get rid of dandruff la to dis
solve It, then you destroy It entirely.
To do this, ret about four ounces of
ordinary liquid arvon; apply it at
night when retiring; use enough to
moisten the scalp and rub it in rent-
ly with the finger tlpe.
By morning- most If not all. of von r
dandruff will be gone, and three or
four more applications will complete
ly dissolve and entirely destroy every
singh sign and trace of It,
Yon will find, too, that ill itching
and digging of the scalo will ston.
and your hair will look and feel a
hundred times better. You an get
liquid arvon at any drug store. It
is inexpensive and four ounces la
an you win need, no matter how
much dandruff you have. This slm
pie remedy never fi-ils.
Farmers Are Laying in
Agricultural Supplies
iy . . .
rarmers are now herfnnln tn lav
in their stocks of agricultural im
plements preparatory to ooenlnz th
-auipaign ior 1918, according to
Charles R. Archerd. who was busy
rweraay putting out a few plows
ArRa:n.DJ! j ; iner .nlwry for nearby
- . T I rri .
i n .weainer nas Decn so bad
ioj;:'; .FrM' "rt
rtruary is, turdy-Annual
meytlnr Salem Fruit Union.
February is. Ritim,. n-i-t
a ,fJi,J? Iwaary of foundln oil
B. t. O. K.
twlnjtlon to be eoundue'ted at
Lnlted Statea ttHvai acal.itiy.
gaAic Trouble by Lydia E.
finKnnma Vegetable
' Compouiad.
' : . - t
IIL "I tOOk LvdlJ V. Ptnlr-
cgewoie compound for an or
ganic trouble which
palled me down un
til I could not put my
iuw k ue noor and
could scarcely do my
work, and as I live
on a sxnaii farm and
raise six htmdmH
chickens every year
n roaae u rery hard
for me.
"I saw the Rom.
Pound advertised in
our paper, and tried
-te . - m '
p4c Mm
Tcftiurr uhs uprn in noil in
he last two or three week that not
-iany rarmers nave been able to get
.o the city for other than abaniut
necessities Of life.
unc iub poauion or The new
moon toes polntlnr up In the sky
accordinr to the eld Indian J . r . ""
wuuiu indicate ary weather, yet
n Oregon all signs fall, especially
uuttrr ioe aisnieasurA nf thai
hor so Mr. Archerd said yesterday
" n mougnt it would be well into
ne miaoie or March before there
w,u ds any cnange for the better
Brooks High School to
Be Dedicated Saturday
The new hlrh school at Brooks
io ne dedicated with Imnressive
emonies next Rstn,ii ..u
onty School Sunerlntnin w
mlth yesterday, having Just return-
is. Saturday. Mental
ppolntmant to
lW VHrV crop ana
nBW.y ,T' 8"dav Joint celebra
Mnn of Lincoln and,..
trmory. ; v"
Kabruarv 19. nr....
fJ?","f. rJrBt Consreg.tlonal church
rebmirv v-ijt.- I .1 i - "";
birthday. " " ,""'w tFFK7 flay can realize the
February it m.A t i.v... I iiie wnicn this famous root end hrH
tournament of inra.hJ.i...i!. L.-Ji remedy. LvdiaR. Ptnkham'. v-.-vi-
chooi of VwiuT.r.X" ComnotinH' hrTntxTZ rIMUI
Wlll.metf gyna.fum. ,WenZZZ7?.ue
r eoruary 21 to J4 Waataen rt..... i . V " " iusm. uters'
eonvantlom of Ch.ti" conuiuon snouid TiTOfit bv her Mn.
eltT. " I mendatioa. arvt if k . l-
March, is rrM.. . I i.. " V. m'J cn-
ment hV ComnanV i iT,-i. I it '7iZT' " . nnii
K rmorr,, I nt 1. - . wiiw, I inpmnr a anlrssaaa. lln.i. m
it. Clt hit h.I
ray health so I can do all my work and
I am so grateful that I am reoommend
ine it to mT frienrlm." Mn n M
Alters. IL r. i rwmn in "
Only women who have suffei sd the tor- fu from that point, where he made
ZTZZ a mm ua e dragged I rrngements Wlla a
w'"imi) in rnarre.
The children will rU. . 1...
If.; . Inr Tn in the forenoon
" a luncneon at nnn .n.M.i
Jt wora'a r the district.
ii . tne arremnnn stata c.-i.
. j . . . -' y r n
!..). bi.. . v i.
Medicine Co.. Lmn M..r t"-JZ"m r"lmn. ?l Monmouth will deliver
Nice Dress Ladies' ,BoysV
Ginghams' f' I ' Khaki Color
Wpattenu, s - Mrt,
. . - .: i - ' . , 50c '
good quality, ; ffoodvalues, .
, Men's
Yard 19c well electedf ; ' Corduroy "
Sheets' 1 V
81x90 ' Handles Boys'
76c J v $2.75, $2.50, j Blue Serge"
' I Suits
, Bleached $1-00, $4.50 i
Table Cloth 4 $1-75. $1.50, Men's
tu..:-:;-; -
i Ladies' Wool Baincoats, Bargain Prices
Ued2ne 3 pounds 1 Pretty Plaid
Flannels L cotton Batts r, ; . Blankets
Yard 15c . '75c y 66x80. $5.00
Wool Blankets at last year's prices. Grey wool Blankets
$6.25. White Wool Blankets, 72x78 ........ . . ... ....... $7.50
240-246 GommercieJ Street
Beautiful Bust 'and Shoulders
Kt-PI!!Tlb,.f " 1row wtu " "-ientiftrailr twnatrarted
Mien JtMm Braaaiefc.
ThedraVrInrweit.t.t nfan tmrtrnanrd bot ao atrrlrhea the
uppnrUiic that tlte contour of the Anr to piillJ.
JTl9ft WT put tli bnt tnrk whrra It br
MliiZ. X w t prrful tlte full !! from
' r M QUiii bavins tlta appcarsnr ef flat
M am o-ttt ) btneaa, rliinlnato Ida danrrr of
DTASS IfZliES '" muarlrail fnHii tltfl
nr . Sah f tba sltoulUcr aiiuic a
sraceful lloa to the entire aiwr body.
Thryarethadaltl?tand mat oervWabV varment imncL
ttable-amainallmatrriala and ljir: t ro Hack. H a
front. SnrplM-e. bandran. etc. Hnl itlt " Walbii.' tli
raatlcaa buninr tafrmiltini waaliiti without removal.
"T Voor dlrhow you Bia Jolir BraanlrrM. If no! lorV
l. w win riadljr acml biam, prcpaiU. auimplva t hw .
BENJAMIN H JOUSZS, SI Warren Street. Newark. N. J r
As Age Advances the Liver Requires
occatioaaf slisht stiawlstion. -CARTER'S L."TTLE
-. suies mey would get
The result of thW 40 Vars PVJ:llA!n??. LI
Ulcness cr rs& Faces VJ! oc ir-a a m wnoi r, m
w - 1 I a WSaWi akla.A . I . a . .
f 1 wiueai juaaoitant or th ti.