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The Oregon
Issued Dally Except Monday by
210 8. Commercial St., Salem, Oregon.
The Associated Press la exclusively entitled to the use for republication
of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news published herein,
h7Hend7ickaT7fr7 . .7. ..T.7.T.V.,:7.T7 ." ..
Stephen A. Stone Managing Editor
IlalDh Olover .. ...........'
W r Hauler Advertising Manager
Vr.nk T..kaakl... .
DAILY STATESMAN, served by carrier In Salem and suburba, 15 centa a
week, 60 cents a month. I vn
DAILY STATESMAN, by mall, $6 a year: $3 for six months; 50 cents a
month. For three months or more, paid In advance, at rate of $5 a year.
SUNDAY STATESMAN, $1 a year; 60 centa for six months; 26 cents for
three months. ' , .
WEEKLY STATE8MAN, issued In two six-page sections, Tuesdays and
Fridays, $1 a year; 60 cents for six months; 26 centa for three montns.
Business Office, 23.
Circulation Department, 683
Job Department, 683.
Entered at the Postoffice in S'alemTbregon, as second class matter.
!r "Whn is fiffhtinir me in this
Well, 1 don't care a d about the job, any way."
Thus a Statesman reporter quotes 8. II. Van Trump, at a
meeting of the fruit men at the Marion county court house last
Saturday. ' , , ,
Mr. Van Trump had beeen appointed fruit inspector for the
county, and a number of the fruit growers were protesting against
liig retention. !
Up to a few days ago, the management of The Statesman did
not know there was such a man in the world as 8. II. Van Trump.
They can surely, have no prejudice against him. IIow could there
be prejudice without knowledge? I
- If he is the right man for fruit inspector, the management of
this paper can have no sort of objection to bis employment, or con
tinued employment. !
Nor could this newspaper, or any newspaper, consistently re
frain from publishing the news concerning the controversy over the
appointment or proposed appointment of, Mr. Van Trump.
This is merely a sample case. I
I Every day every newspaper makes enemies without intention,
and against its fondest wishes, by merely publishing the news. It
is unavoidable. i - i
' , There; are many reasons why the flunking of Russia from the
war will not greatly assist Germany. There are possibilities of some
elements of injury to the Central Powers to result from the con
ditions of Russia now existing or likely to be developed. The
Associated Press carries a very well written dispatch 'covering in
general the situation, printed in The Statesman of this morning,
under a Washington date line, and illuminating lights are thrown
on the world news screen by the Bolsheviki proclamation itself. The
latter is something new under the sun in peace proclamations, and
it may lead to many complications. It may vex the Central Powers
more-than could the most powerful army Russia, even under able
and well followed leadership, could now muster for the rest of the
war. . , !
"Give me a free sea," cries Dr. von Seyler, the Austrian Pre
mier, "and I will show you that I can negotiate." But he is talking
of the diplomatic sea, which is not likely to be free of quicksands
and floating mines so long as the diplomats of the central powers
say one thing and do another. j
"That this Nation, under God,
dom :and that government of the
people, shall not perish from the
burg, Speech.
The ghost of Tolstoi is walking in Russia.
, The Black sea' should have its
name changed. To Yellow.
' President Wilson proposes to make
every nation its brothers' keeper.
X Kaiser William is sick. Nearly
ajl the world outside of Germany and
Mexico hopes be may crow sicker.
EL A man has been granted exemp
tion because he is a maker of baby
carriages, and President Wilson on
appeal decided that It was an. es
sential Industry. Make your own
wheeze on that. Exchange.
An additional burden baa fallen
to the American people who have
made themselves responsible for the
feeding of the starring Armenians
and Syrians. Russia was for a time
taking care of a part of these starr
ing people. She has fallen down In
this as in other responsibilities. Rus
sia la the world's great flunker.
:Z The winter of 1W-18 will be
nown as the winter of the "big
blizzard', and the "oldest inhabi
tant" will revel In the recollection.
tint none of the expletives will apply
to Southern California. Los Ange
les Times. Nor to Western Oregon,
or any other, part of the Pacific
coast, either, for that matter.
We are indebted to U. 8. Vice
Consul 11. B. Bacbcock. at Yokoha
ma, for the Information that the
Japanese I fish loaf, (kamaboko)
some of which Is finding its way to
this country, is prepared from the
species Sillago and Sphyroona Jap
cjilca, ,8combrops chllodlpteroides
and Anchllognathus intermedins.
With free fish under the present
tariff we are like to hare competi
tion followed by indigestion.
Air raids on London cut but a poor
figure in face of the statement of
Bonar Law that the U-boats hare
done to death 14,120 noncombantant
British men, women and children.
To this must of course be added the
thousands of civilians of other na
tionalities, many of them neutrals,
and the unknown number of the
tjmrlos YersenkLH In comparison
..Manager Job Dept.
matterT la it The Statesman?
shall have a new birth of free
people, by the people, for the
earth.' -
-Prom Lincoln's Gettys-
the results of the air raids are small,
but the proportion of women and
children is eren greater. The Berlin
correspondent of a Rotterdam paper
has sought for a frank statement of
the purpose of these murderous
raids,' and reports that while the re
cent attack on Paris was In reprisal
for attacks on German towns, the
bombing of London is a systematic
policy, and its military Justification
is found in the fact, that the mainte
nance by the British of a defensive
barred zone on the east coast enables
the Germans to hold their own In the
air on the west front. It Is an excuse
which does not excu.te, and itshol
lowness Is shown by the Zeppelin
raids planed for before the war and
carried out on a false plea of repri
sal. No one explanation will corer
all the raids except a furious hatred
on the part of the Germans which
sought at any weapon to strike Eng
land, regardless of censequences.
Never was an offensive advertised
like the one which the Germans
either are or are not going to make
on the western front.
Passinc br aa of dubious authen
ticity lilndenburg's statement that it
would not matter If all the food in
Germany was gone by May because
by April the Germans would be in
Paris, we may note the unqualified
assertion of the Frankfurter Zeitung
that "French soil will be the scene
cf the final struggle," and the dec
laration of the Deutsche Tages Zei
tung that "All eyes are now fixed
on the west." 1
A, suspicious reader might fancy
that the well-drilled German pres
was doing Its best to keep all eyes
fixed in that direction while Hinden
burg and Ludendorff were planning
something quite different But the
experience of the war shows ttat the
carefully planned publicity of, the
German general staff cannot always
be Interpreted by contraries.
For, the present it is impossible to
say whether the Germans mean to
make a big -offensive In the west
this spring or not, and It Is almost
a matter of routine In German strat-
tgy to shape plans In such a way a
to leave: an option till the last mo
ment. The preparations would
much the same in either case, and
it is quite possible that lilndenburg
himself has not yet made up his
A light shower fell and Inside of
a few hours ten people bad been in
jured In automobile accidents In Loj
Angeles due to the slippery streets.
Occassionally accidents come, and
skidding Is unavoidable In wet
weather unless the driver is exceed
ingly careful; but why. why, why
will people of Intelligence not be
content to slow down to a snail's
pace when they know that their tire
are imoo th and the streets are slip
pery? Los Angeles Times.
They are not used to rain down In
Los Angeles. It has rained so sel
dom there for many months that the
residents of that metropolis ef tour
ists forget that rain is wet and
makes wet streets.
However, the automobile drivers
of Los Angeles are not the only ones
who will not be content to slow down
when the streets are dangerous.
There are not many reckless driv
ers In Salem, but there are some.
and they have been getting especial
ly careless the past few days care-
leas of their own lives and the lives
of others.
These few daredevils who fly
about at a rate far above the speed
limit ought to be rounded up and
given salutary lessons, before a lot
more y tragedies come to shock the
community into action.
PENDENCE. a-aaaaaaaaaa.
The Republic of Chill, one of the
most important and most progres
sive of the South American coun,
tries, yesterday ; rounded out the
first century of her Independence
Chill was among the first of th j
Spanish colonies to rebel against a
foreign yoke. It declared Its inde
pendence of Spain on Sept. 18, 1810,
but it was not until February 12,
1818, that it made good its claims
to freedom. In the intervening eight
years of warfare it had repeatedly
scored victories in battles with the
Spaniards. In the great conflict the
Chilian patriots were led by San
Martin,; O'HIggins, Cochrane, Buan-
co and other military leaders of re
nown. 1 - . : ; '
Almagro, the companion, rival and
enemy of the Plzarros. first pene
trated. In 1585, Into Chill. II found
the natives a fiercer, bolder race
than the soft people of the Incas,
and came back to perish 'In the civil
wars of Peru. Valdlria. the founder
of the Chilian "state, after a long and
tierce resistance from the native
tribes, was able only to plant a few
fortified cities or colonies in their
midst. - j
Chill; under the Spanish rule lay
almost uncultivated, and In the close
of the eighteenth century Its people
numbered scarcely 80.000.
The government of the republic
eontinuel unsettled for a quarter of
t century after the Spanish dominion
was thrown off. rThe contentions of
the rival factions were varied by a
foreign war. which ended in 1839
tn a disastrous defeat of Bolivia and
Peru, the capture of Lima, and tho
installation of a president dictated
by Chill.
During the administrations of
President Bulnes (1841-50) and. of
President Manuel Montt (1851-61)
the country remained free from the
troubles which agitated most of the
other South American republics, two
insurrections during the administra
tion of the latter being easily sup
pressed. President Montt was succeeded by
President Peres, I who continued In
cfflce until 1871. During his term
Chill became involved, with Peru.
Bolivia and Ecuador, in a war with
Spain, which began in 1865. A Span
ish fleet, on March 31, 1886, bom
barded Valparaiso, but had to raise
the blockade on AprlI14, owing to
the remonstrances of the European
powers.; Actual hostilities soon aft
er ceased, but it was not until July.
1869, that a formal truce was con-
February to II. Ninth Annual
Portland Automobile show.
February u to 17. Father and Son
wk tn Orron.
February JJ, Wednesday. Illustrated
lecture, "Russia m It Is Today." f by
Rer. F. T. Porter, at Salem Public li
brary. N
February t, Thursday. St. Valen
tine's day.
March, is. Friday. Military tourna
ment by Company A. high school
iadeta. at armory;-
February IS. Friday. Third Libert
loan drive opens.
rttary. 1. Saturday. Annual
meetina Salem Fruit Union.
.rr.ZT7 1$: Brday. Celebration
B. P O E nBlr,rr of oundlna of
February IS Saturday. Mental ex
amination to be coundueted at Katon
'or didates for appointment to
United States naval academy.
February 11 to 1. Farm crop and
labor survey.
February 17. Sunday Joint eelebra
tlon of LJncoln and Washington days,
February- Tuesday. Pilgrim
chorus tt First Congregational church
In secutar concert, s .
February 11. Friday Washinctons
February Jl to 34 Western Oregon
convention of Christian Endeavor so
ciety, Eugene.
May 17. Friday fMmaxy nominat
ing election." -
eluded through the mediation of the
government of the United" States.
In 1879 Chili became involved In
dispute with llollvia concerning tb
nitrate beds of Atacauia, and wt-ot
to; war with that republic. Peru
was soon Involved In the quarrel.
end for a time the Peruvian fleet
kept the Chllleans In check, but In
August a naval victory for Chill
gave that country command of tbo
st as. Her fleet and army moved
northward, seized the whole disputed
nitrate district, put to root the su
perior forces of Bolivia and Pert
and reduced both these rial repub
lics to a condition of complete deg-
redation. Finally Lima was taken
by storm on June 21, 1881. and was
occupied by the Chllleans for more
than two years, until a treaty of
peace was signed by which the na
trate region was ceded to the vic
torious republic.
Of late years Chill has made mar
velous advances in the derelopment
of Its resources and the education of
the people. Today the republic is
considered one of the foremost of
the southern hemisphere and one
whose adhesion to tbo allied cause
in the European war would prove of
great moral Influence throughout
South America.
The republic of Chill embraces at
present a total "area of 292,100
square miles. The last census show
ed a population of 5,000,000, which
represented a galngof about 100 per
cent within fifteen years. The two
largest cities are Santiago, the cap
ital, which has a population of half
a million, and Valparaiso, the prin
cipal port, with a population of 200,
Chill proper Is traversed from
north to south by ranges of the An
des, of which there are within Its
limits two principal parallel chains.
From the tropical beat of the rain-
leas desert of Atacama to the per
petual winter of Cape Horn, every
variety of climate is found In the
republic. The soil is singularly fer
tile. It produces great crops of the
finest wheat, its wines are strong
and excellent, and its mineral de
posits abundant and rarled.
Simple War To.
End Dandruff
There Is Wie sure way that has
n f.n.iM. :Hm AAxtt ii
Anon nH that tm Hi.niv i th
you destroy it entirely To do this,
Just get about four ounces of plain.
common liquid arron from any drug
store (this is all you will need), ap-
Dlr It at niaht when retlrlna: use
enough to moisten the scalp and rub
it in gently with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all. of I
your dandruff will be gone, and three
or four more applications will com
pletely dlsolve and entirely destroy
every single sing and trace of It,
no matter how much dandruff you
may hare. .
You will find all Itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop Instantly,
and yon hair will be fluffy, lustrous.
glossy, silky and soft, and look and
reel a hundred tlmea better.
March weather.
More of same kind promised.
Russia refuses either to fight or
tign peace treaties.
uuuer uw inn.
r.nrl rlV tZ ,.H- I
1. I
tit,- , . , r. - . . . i
One offensive against the other
may look like the old school prob
lem of one irresistible force meeting
another irresistible force going In
the opposite direction.
The United St7tes may lose the
TO ALL mum
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Lydla E. Puikham's Vege
table Compound Her
Personal Experience.
If cLean. Neb.' I want to recom
mend Lydia EL Plnkham's Vegetable j
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rood than all the
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a a , a I
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praise roar med- I
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25c Dri- Foot
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In Many Cases Below Present Wholesale Prices
Men's and
- . AT
Closing Out
4187,779,000 she loaned to Russia.
Hut the full credit was S32S.000.000.
ana part or it was saved ty not being
drawn upon, anyway. However, la
good time, Russia will no doubt be
a responsible government, and nay
her. debts. She will be well able.
when she does reach that point.
There are 1500 locomotives In this
I a. m . n m -
! DirV uu,Jl ,or."nB"m- nfr r"
I vea lor our ranroaas. uui uey
are being built orer. They were con
gs ive
"even Inch-as, whlle the standard
?n ln.4the JU.n,td, .st.mte u r.,u!
ff1 ,Jt " hJf ,D"; Uut
the whole 1500 will be ready for use
,n tnU country in a few weeks.
ffAYi I
Br riHM EUMtcth XMbela
St. Valentine's day, which is to
morrow, very fittingly comes as a
date this week. It Is becoming: the
inspiration of many pretty little and
big parties and the week's S. OJ S.J
auairs. A better time could not
haTe ten chosen.
Besides, Dan
Cupid with all of his whims is al-
i u.ukc u uu ail cnicnuoiDK!
f. .ill. t .i
' . 1.
r "B guru, gill dox
uuiiiaujr .i una uwn assured
and It is hoped that by the end of
the week so many benefit gatherings
win be neld by both the crown-uus
and children that the soldiers' box
will be filed to the very top.
Miss Iantha Irvine and her broth
er, Paul Irvine, principal of the Lin-
L hJf5
k " u7 vMjn gill. VI IUO KlftllU-
sting class who are entering the Sa
lem senior high school this week, at
heir home. 664 Ferry street, re
cently. Games, contests and music
furnished plentiful diversion for the
evening. Other features of enjoy
ment were solos by Miss Joy Deals
and Superintendent John W, Todd;
tongs bv the Lincoln Quartet and a
"ct 1112!
served with Miss Marie Anthonr as
Minsr. Th guests were fifteen
nembers of the class and the teach
ers of the school.
The Women's auxiliary of the
United Spanish War Veterans will
ive a St. Valentine dance tomorrow
night at the armonr. A iercentace
"t the proceeds will be devoted, to
ft .1 . V ff aa fta .
uwayau mm am eiTTcio.! ueneill.
Another collere romance eulmln-
'ed Sunday afternoon, when Aline
tonnson. a ltmlr from -Portlsnt.
"nd Charles Ttsdale. a senior from
Sutherlln. were msrrted at - the
"corn's home in SutherTln. says last
- alaikti. n .f I ava a
' i uiuaau i riegrBui.
The. two have been enraged for
lmoet s vear and Ttsdale's enllst-
ment In the aviation porna nrnbablv
a a . .. . r "
'liaifinsn ina mtrrllM
The bHde Is the dauchter of Ed
win C. Johnson of the Portland Seed
"mpanr. She Is a member of the
Chi Omera somrltr. Tlsdale is the
on of Mark Tlsdale. a prominent
banker of Sutherlln. lie is a mem-
W of the Kappa Sigma fraternity
Mnd Alpha Kaopa PsI, national hon
orary commercial fraternity,
. m.
MIs Doi-othr Buchner returned
'it nlrht (mm Corralllx. wh
la. . a. aaa . a . ... a .
remainder of the week with her par-
216 Pairs
$2.95 pair
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ruchner
1310 Court street. K
Mrs. Richard Cartwrlght Is enter
talning as her guest her sister, Mrs.
Edward M. TUlson of San Francisco,
Mrs. Tlllson will remain for a month
or more and undoubtedly will be the
recipient of many little social honors
as she formerly lived here.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Shank
entertained a number of their
friends at! their home t Skoiine
orchards, on Saturday evening. Feb
ruary 3. Reside those invited from
the Immediate neighborhood, a num
ber motored out from town. Dane
lng was enjoyed until a late hour,
with music furnished by Mr. Win-
slow. Mrs. Shank and Miss WIllcox,
as well aa Mrs. Moore's phonograph
At midnight Mrs. Knight Pearcy as
sisted Mrs. Shank In serving a lunch.
Those motoring out from town were
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Cutler and-son
Edwin, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Moyer,
Miss Maude WIllcox, Miss Nellie Mc-
Whorter, M. Welch and Harry Mc
Whorter. Others present were Mr.
and 'Mrs. George Moore, Mr. and
Mrs. Knight Pearcy and son Willis.
and Paul Wlnslow.
Mrs. II. M. Finley left Monday for
her home In Corrairis, following a
short visit with her daughter. Mrs.
Mark D. McCallIster. 1433 South
Liberty street.
To bid roodbre to her fiance.
Lloyd Chester, who will sail on the
next merchant vessel from a Cali
fornia coaJt. Miss Ruth Woodward
has left for San Francisco. She was
accompanied by Mrs. T. C. Chestnut
and In Portland they were joined by
Mrs. C. Ha gar.
Anotlier Attempt to Break
Prison F oiled by Officers
Warden Murphy has announced
that an attempt at prison delivery
was made recently by convicts at
the state penitentiary and that the
plot was discovered last FrWay. He
withheld the information, hoping
that the guilty prisoners might be
detected, but so far they are not
known to the guards or officials.
The attempt was similar to anoth
er made several months ago.- A hole
A small bottle destroys dati'lruf
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your hair. - V
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hair and your scalp will not itch, but
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yes out really new hair growing
an orer tne scaip.
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fluffy and wary, and hare an appear
ance of abundance; an Incomparable
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Get a Small bottle of Knowltou's
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ed or injured by careless treatment
that's all you surely can hare
beautiful hair and lots of it if you
will just try a little Danderine.
Gordon Hats
had been cut through the roof over
the north cell house and necessary
tools and about sixty feet of rop
had been assembled at a convenient
place. The rope was made of atrln?
stolen from the flax Ynlll. The offi
cials have a theory that the prittoil
ers hoped to make their escape at
night while a show was in progroKi
In the prison auditorium.
Oregon Prunes Ahead of
Boasted California Frull
Manager Crawford of the Drarer
Fruit company- yesterday reported
that Oregon prunes are taking the
place of California prunes; right la
Santa Clara county which brags, that
It raises the best prunes on earth.
L. II Harper, a large grower of
.prunes In 1 Marlon county,1 came to
Mr. Drager some time ago and bad
him pack a ten-pound box of the best
grade prune In the house and h!p
it to a sister in Santa Clara county
as a present. r '
Yesterday a letter came to tLe
house from Mr. Harper's sister.
Which reads in part as follows:
The box of prunes you sent me ,
came all right, and; while I want to
thank you for remembering me, I
want to say that If we are all not
dead next year from lack of rain.
we shall certainly get enough prunes
from Oregon to last us the entlrs
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Phoebe E. Thompson
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) I i