The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, February 13, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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New Italian Guns Ready lor Assault on Germans
Your Money Back If it FaOs CfftRPC RJFW
This extraordinary remedy JVnmir
for skin affections we fully PLANTS TO RISE
Double Si io:;
knd confidently guarantee. J ' 17f IT C A DP IV
run u. o. aiuui
Party Leaders Preach Restor
; ation to Power at Big
Medford Event
Work Costing Total of $268,-
000,000 Is Disclosed in
t $v-'l - 0w,W. 3Ki3r I
.V - &&g&Z--.- 'l&md
f S . i . i x v 'j'V '" T '- - 'I
111 . 2S .'
Candidates for Governor and
For United States Sen
ate Attend
MEDFORD, Or., Feb. 12. (Spe
cial to The Statesman.) Between
tSO and 300 Republicans, many of
them party leaders, were present at
the fourth annual Lincoln day Ban
quet here tonight. Among the guests
wr J A. Anderson of The Dalle3.
one of the candidates 'for the guber
natorial nomination; Robert N.
gtanfleld, S. 11. Houston, and former
State Senator Marsters of Koseburg.
candidates for United. States senator
and other men who are active for the
party to Oregon.- Governor Wlthy
eombe was unable to be present on
account of slight illness and Den W.
Olcott did not attend.
United States Senator McNary,
Itepresentatife W. C. Hawley and
Edward Damon Daldwin, secretary
cf toe Republican state central com
mittee and acting head of that organ
isation since the resignation of Sen
ator McXary, all sent greetings in
the form of addresses that were read
at thfe meeting.
Edward Damon Baldwin, who will
fee a candidate for secretary of state
in 1920, submitted one of the strong
est arguments in behalf of the Re
publican party that was heard at the
meeting, r Mr. Baldwin emphasised
the loyalty of Republican represent
atives and senators in upholding the
administration's war program and
contrasted their attitude with that of
the Democratic members. He plead
ed the greater experience of the Re
publican party In an administrative
capacity as a reason for placing Re
publicans bade In power, but advo-
Cvsryon should drink hot water
with , phosphate In It,
V before breakfast.
To Zcel ag fine as the proverbial
fiddle, we mi'st keeo the liver
washed clean, almost t-very morning,
to prevent its. sponge-like pores from
clogging witl indigestible material,
sour bile and poisonous toxin, says
a noted physician. -t , i : ;
If you get headaches. It's your
liver. If you catch cold rasily, it's
your liver. , If "you wake u) with :a
bad tante Hfurred tongue, naty
breath, or stoajach boconrsea rareid,
It'i your liver. Sallow rkl ft. muddy,
com plcxlon, J watery eyes, all dt'Bptc
liver uncleanlinetts. Your llrej- 13
the most Important, also the most
abused, and. neglected organ; of the;
body. Few know Its function of
how to release the dammed-nn body
waste, bile and toxins. !
Erery man and woman., sick or,
rrell, should drink eacji morDjn? be-i
fore 1reakfat. a glass of hot water;
with a Iteaspoonful of limetonq
Vhoephate In it.- to wash Yrom' the
liver and. bowels the previous day
Indigestible material, JJie poison,
tour b(le anatoxins; thus claenjiicg,
sweetening and freshening the entile
alimentary eanai bro p a Ul ng more
food la, to the stoouich.
Liciestone phosphate la Incxpep
elre: any pharmacist will sell you a
quarter pound, which is sufficient
wi ucmuoBirauoa 01 now iui wa
ter and limestone phosphat cleiitMi,
ttimulates and freshens the liver.
. keeping -you feeling fit day; In an!
day out.- ' i
Come Eaoy Go Easy
-: ';: :::; W' 'y. :
WHEN onc'H nuftwy in .wfdy dfrNwitoilJii Hip lmnk,
hp m not ko readily inclintd to Kpeud nrcdlcly or two
heedlessly. ' : .
int-mis ctdiHtirig the. interest and eoKjc ration; of thi.s
insf if ution and its members in your behalf.
Savings, Checking,
Member of Federal
ik ij ? s-- - .. ii7.r: f 1?- , , . I i
The new spirit Infused Into the Italian army srnce tne debacle of Oct 23. 1917. is well Illustrated here in
i the new 202-millimetre anti-aircraft uns ready to more on the Germans. Hundreds-of these-' guns" on
I motor trucks have been rushed to the front since the Germans took most of the modern guns of the Italians.
fThey are said to be powerful weapons which make flying over the Italian lines very hazardous.
cated a non-partisan conduct of the
war. Mr. Baldwin said:
"Westerners Doubly niexfwd.
i "To my fellow Republicans
Greeting: Would that it were my
pleasure to touch shoulders ' tonlghf
with the loyal Republicans of Jack
son county and southern Oregon, as
you are gathered about the banquet
table to do -honor to the birthday of
that first great Republican loader
and the greatest of all Americans
Abraham Lincoln.
( "This night, the country wtaone
weal was so near to his great
heart Is again aflame in the ratine
of Liberty. - Is It Imaginative fancy
only to think that her travail reaches
across ' th6 seas of space to 'that
undiscovered '- country from whoo
hourne no traveler returns' straight
to the kindest and most sympathetic
heart' that ever beat in. human
breast? " If it docs., friends. I be
lieve that the spirit of the great com
moner hovers very close to us to
night. "You and 'I. good friends, are
doubly blessed in being both Ameri
sans and westerners. We breathe
the spirit of fair play from earliest
youth. ' So we, perhaps more than
other people, pay genuine admira
tion to any person or party; who
fights a good fight against ' odds.
Jackson county has long been Called
the hot bed of the Democratic party
fn Oregon. But this splendid county
Is rapidly emerging from Democratic
darkness Into the light of those
ound: principles of economics, and
-governraent-.-known by the name of !
Republicanism. This is largely due
to the wonderful work done4urint
the pest- few years by a splendid
band of . party workers- many of
whom I wot are seated" about your
table tonight. I
, lfanl C&tKped Acro OonUnenL
i 'Would . that I could grasp you.
each by the hand and thank you for
those labors In tbe name of the tate
central committee. Believe me, -1
richly esteem the brief moment of
honor" and dignity during which cir
cumstances make me ad inert! m head
of the Republican party of my hom'i
state. Let me assure you. Republi
can workers of Jackson county, that
no opportunity appurtenant thereto
gives to me sweeter ratfsfaetlpB than
that, of here and now'pnblitly and
officially thanking you far the
worthy service you have .ren'Jf red to
the party iwhose principles wo hold
dear.' I wish there were tine to
mention by name many of those who
have don'yoemn's seryle,;: S. s.
Fmith, "I "personally: know of your
splendid- work , as state comiulttec-n-an,
In "the tbreo lasf campalgna. I
am proud .to" call you my Tritnd, Bert
Anderson, county chairman, I salute
jou across the continent. Your tirv
less and cffetUve.effdrts during1 tho
two campaigns last past entitle yon
U, the tbspect and gratitude pf every
Republican in Oregon. At a party
cbairrtan I jfeel sure your anperlor
ramot he found In any cohnty la
anyof these United States.
Then, there la that , wonderful
woman, our own QreKon oratorical
Joan d'Arc. whose winsome wit did
m much to make Oregon the oast
Time Deposits
Reserve System
pB;" 0b- ll
In the 1916 desert of western De
mocracy she too came, from Jack
son county. No one can think of
the words Oregon and Republican
without linking there with the anw
of Mrs. Ilanley and Mrs. Bert Ander
on, the Florence Night-in-gale pt
the Pacific Because of them, i Med
ford is the Mecca that makes pil
grimage the thoughts of every tru
Republican In Oregon. To them
every man of the party of Uneoln
doffs his bat In silent admiration.
Oh! Jackson county, we owe you too
much. ;. .
Loyalty Is CoatraMed.
"We are Republicans. How proud
that should make us feel on this
night that's Lincoln's own. When
we review events here since our
eountry entered the great struggle
to the end 'that government of th?
people, by the people, for the people
shall not perinh from the earth it
makes us thrill to know that we are
Republicans as well as" American.
; "For, not only have Republicans
almost unanimously supported the
administration in what3overe it ask
ed in the name of America, but they
have voted solidly for every grant
of power ormoney requested by the
present administration. More than
this. In more than one crucial test
of .strength Republican members of
congress have saved from defeat
measures asked for by that adminis
tration. Democratic in all its parts.
Moreover. ? they 1 hare saved" thee
measures from defeat at the hands
cf Democratic leaders and their fol
lowers in ; congress.' I have seen
much of the inside workings of the&
things at close range and know
whereof I speak.
"Pray listen a moment to these
pertinent comments from a, recent
editorial In a prominent Philadel
phia paper:
" 'In a few wet-ks there will be
elections in New .York state to ffll
four congressional vacancies rau.sed
ly the resignation of Democrats to
better-their financial condition, f
"Foiir.RepuUllciins have left Con
gress and entered the army and bin
has given uj his life. " I " .
. "I congratulate you, good friend 4,
on being members of a party trmt
Kfnce its birth in those trying tinwa
when th fate of our union hung In
the balance, haa at every time of
trrs made good as a pmrtv of pa
triotism. 4 IIoWj natural to think of
the rarty that struck the shackle's
from a race in connection with a con
test for freedom and. liberty. ,
Jlistoty Favors Republican.
Rat, 'Watc hman What of I he
night!' Is It too quiet along the Po
tomap? ; In these days when the
waif of things undone Is found on
Uncle Barn's doorstep by a great
Democrat from Oregon every one
nust pause to do some serious think
ing. " 'To err Is human. In the Im
mense tak before the rountry. it i.i
natural that mistakes be mad :.
These the sovereign people will ex
pect, understand and forgive only,
and If only, the best fitted men In
America are given an opportunity to
to the best they can. More than t hi,
the people cannot ask and less than
this they will not tolerate at the fin
al day of reckoning.
''Experience- produces efficiency.'
For two generations the administra
tion of the affairs of our immense
country has -during the greater; part
of the time been in the hands of
Republicans. Obedient to a law
which operates as naturally and con
tinuously as the law of gravitation
the veteran administrators ' of the
nation today are most of them menv
bers of the party of Lincoln.
"This is one of the reasons why
it is no reflection on either the roo-1
intentions or well meaning patriot
ism of our political opponents that
the Democratic party and adminis
trative Inefficiency have long , been
thonxhtof as the Siamese twins of
American political and civic life.
"At this time when our country U
fighting for Its future security an
well beta, yes more, for its very life,
it Is vital that every bit of American
talent be mobilized and placed where
Jts functloning will do the most good
Is It less unpatriotic to wste talent
than fnelT No experience or capaci
ty should be denied official place If
it 'win help end the war ipeedjly
and successfully. ' Party nonconfor
mity should not relegate executive
talent of a high order to the aide
lines In. these trying times.
; Xn-PrtljMn War I'rtsr!.
."Thus It is my fellow citizens 'f
the land of Lincoln, that tonight
our thoughts spring back to that
great war president whose bart held
."malice toward none.' To him' who
was big, enough and brave enough to
rail to his . side and to bis council
tabje uot only nominal political op
ponents but even some of his bitter
est critics in order that their great
abilities stoald not be lost to his
country in her hour of need.
"Today the structure of civiliza
tions is on fire and moments are gold
en. The allies have found it nec
essary to forget party lines during
this titanic struggle and call about
their council tables representative)
of an parties.
''This ought to be a. non-partisan
an All American war. If those In
the seats of power fail to follow the
example of the great Amelrcan
whose natal day we celebrate tonight
then is it not the duty of the sov
ereign people to strive at proper
times and in proper ways to make it
i-the next best thing a bi-partisan.
or omnl-partlsan war?
Kxample of Gardner 'Cited.
"Such, It seems to me, is the high
purpose which calls to the American
voter to elect during the com I a 5
campaign' as many Republicans as
possible to the senate and house of
representatives. ' Congress need !
more men of the, mettle of Major,
August P. Gardners Massachusetts,
who' recently laid down his life be
cause he was not afraid to practice
what he preached even to the bit
ter end. o
"Shoulder to . sbmilder Republi
cans and Democrats should tighten
the traces. to see 'America' through
this mighty undertaking, whose suc
cess Is uppermost In the minds of all
true Americans." For such a con
summation we can work, my fellow
Republicans, with conscience, clea.
and brave the risk of being misunderstood-
Our ; political opponents
have set us the example of partisan
activity. The Democratic national
committee has been continuously ac
tive here In Washington and now
planning activity of far greater scope
"in striving to make Republican
J experience a partner in the conduct
of the war, partisan activity blenl3
with patriotism. It becomes: almost
sanctified because the colossal strug
gle which should strain every fibre
of brain and brawn in America tha
day will settle the libertyt, and happi
ness of all mankind for centuries.
to come.
Men in Trenclirj . Remembered.
"But there is yet another reason
which cuddles close to our hearts.
mast call on a poet. 'Parish of Chi
ta ko. to neip me vision mat ror you
Listen: ;
"A aob clings chocking to the throat
" as file on file .sweeps by,
Uctween those -cheering multitudes
to where the groat ships lie:
The battcrle halt, the columns heel
to clear toned bugle call, ;
With shoulders squared and facei
front they stand a khskl wall.
Tears shine on everv watcher's cheek
love speaks In every glance.
For ydnr dear lad aoff my dear lad
are on their way to France.
"Nothing Is too good for the .'de.
lads 'over there on; the fifing Jiae
of freedom. It Is our solemn duty
to make their rolnds a well as bod
ies as comfortable as possible, io
give them sense of security. by see
ing to It that over hex e, way back of
the lines at the great headquarter
at Washington some of the best ad
minlstrative and legislative talent In
America Is on guard. Republicans,
-awake it is the call of the Jhonr to
us to nnt Republican experience-
ripe, vigilant and skillful at the na
tional, capitol, where, it can 4watch,
help and advise for the goo-I bt Am
erica and the boys of America
over there. "
Tcll How to Looeert.a Tender Corn
So It Llftn Oat.wjth
Oat Ialn.
You reckless men and women who
are pestered with corns and who
have at least once a week invited ah
awful death from lockjaw or Wool
poison are now told by a Cincinnati
authority to use a drug called freef
one, which the moment a few drops
ere applied to any corn, tho soreness
is relieved, and soon the entire corn,
toot and all, lifts out with , the fing
ers. ; It Is a sticky substance which drle
the moment It is applied and Is said
to simply shrivel the corn without
inflaming the surrounding tissue or
skin. It Is claimed that a quarter
of an ounce will cost very little t
any of the drug stores, hut is suf
ficlent to rid one's feet of every
hard or soft com or callus.
You are further warned that eat
tins at a. corn U suicidal habit
If one tube does not re
move your Skin Trouble
we will give back: your
money. N We take all the
chances you get all the
benefit. Try it anyway.
Kaill A- Srhaefrr. tratcgimU 8len.
4 h bent rmrs mfr la every
(wi aad ritr la ( (MXr;, ,
ilia Have Been V-Boat
That Hit Old River Craft
There was evidence yesterday thst
a German U-boat had made a slide
up the Willamette river and tor
pedoed .the oldr steamboat City of
Eugene, lying In the boneyards about
half a. league south of the O. C. T.
The agent oh the docks discovered
the wreckage when he went to take
the weather report.
In going over the ground again,
the agent stated that it might hare
been that an enemy airplane knock
ed what was left of the City of Eu
gene Into a cocked hat. At any rate
the poor old boat is not worth mend
ing, as her hull lies partly on shore,
where it was no doubt driven bytne
enemy, and the wheelhouse Is top
pling over the water, almost ready
to drop.
Maeleay grange held Its regular
meeting Friday, February 8. The
k brothers' prepared and nerved the
Junch. The grango pifsd a resolu
tion to donate the hall exclusively
for bencf'.t daaces or spcials d'iring
the wtir. ' . ;"
The dance given for the Red Cross
Saturday evening in the grange hall
was a grand success. So was tbo
supper served by the, ladies of tba
auxiliary oyster soup, celery, pic
kles, cake and coffee. The totyl
receipts of the dance were $75.50
The ladles of Maclcay are pro
gressing welt n the Red Cross worg
as they have finished over 3000
pieces since the auxiliary was organ
l7.ed last May.
Jeff Smith;
' Because Uncle Sam believe that soldiers snou id learn to fight If thcyare going to fight the Germans, he
has employed Jeff Smith, who once claimed the middleweight champion ship of the world, and Many -othtr
well-know boxers to show soldiers how to use their fists. This picture shows Smith, in the forground at tho
left, facing a large number of men teaching them bow to put up theirhands. -,
Division Cantonment for Reg
alar Army to Cost Sum of
WASHINGTON. Feb. 12. Many
new consti-uctlon projects for. th
army, including munition, plants,
ordnance depots, atoraga plants, port'
terminals, j hospital, aviation wori,
cantonments and housing .were . dis
closed in 4 statement given" the sen
ate military committee today by the
war department. The work will cost
a total of $268,650,000 and, while
some of the projects had been ; an
nounced before, in most cases, the
location aid cost had not been given.
The statement show that 137,000,
000 will be spent in building a gas
mate In r slant at Edcewood. N. J..
while forty interior storage' depots to
cost an aggregate of S30.000.000 are
to be erected, and at unameo points
on aviation work, including a n?w
cantonment, tbi location of which
was not given. S46.000.000 will be
Ordnance depots are to be built on
the south Atlantic coast and at
some seaport" at a cost of 1 1,000.0 00
each and one on the middle Atlantic
coast at a cost of 16.000,000. An
ammunition depot at "some seaport
Is to cost 17,500,000 and a like sum
is to be expended for an ordnance do
post in central Pennsylvania. ' - ,
Hospitals , for soldiers suffering
from tuberculosis are to be built at
Denver, Colo., and AshvIHe, N. C,
at a cost or $500,000 each and $12,
000.000 J to bNJiP"'t on hospital
at 2 army training Camps.
A division cantonment for the reg
ular army is to cwt $8JOp,e00 Imt
Its location was not given. I i
Eight mJllions will be spent on a
port terminal at Boston. Mass., and
$10,000,000 on a similar terminal at
Charleston, S. C, Two millions are
provided for three powder bag load
ing points at sites not yet selected.
For housing for the shipping board
to relieve congestion in shipyard c.m
munltles the department plans to ex
pend $35.000,000. . This will repre
sent a part of the $50,000,000 for
jthls purpose provided in a bill which (stuffs in England has a little more
passed the house today. In addition than doubled since the commenco
to this $600,000 will, be expended at rment of the war.
Middleweight, Showing Soldier
I IPl.lil III II I-
Only the pa$im-by will know if you have
your house, hut Thousands will see if
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Ben Chaplin
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"The Son of
; Democracy"
Newport News, Va., for housing tLe
negro stevedore regiments engaged
there In loading vessels.
Official figures Just made public
show that the averake cost of food-
How to Fight
a placard on
you use a '