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Tribesmen Cany Out Raids
During Allenby's Drive
',-: in Palestine
Arabs to Rally More to Vic
tor as British Drive Back
LONDON. Jan. ?4. (Correspond
ency of Th Associated Press. Arab
ac.iyity against tho Turks in the Palestine-theatre
of- war is expected
here to show - considerable results
during" the nevt few mon.hs. Ac of
ficial report on the Arab exploits
against the Turks duing the first six
weeks of General Allenbj 'a offen
sive in Palestine shows that the
tribesmen confined themselves prin:
clpally to raids cn the railway, ex
tending apparently from Doraa to
! This railway, at least in the part
attacked, is not a line of communica
tion Tdth Palestine but with Arabia.
That the Arabs have shown a dis
position to cut what is in some sense
a s-icred railroad is interesting, but
that they were not able to venture
on more - sporadic forays seemed to
indicate that their strength was not
great. .Meanwhile the' Turks were
ablo to keep Modina without appar
ent difficulty, in spite of the efforts
of the King of the Hodjaz.
. ' Arab Weakness Explained.
:The explanation of this Arab weak
ness is apparently partly their an
cient tribal quarrels and partly the
uncertainty of the military situa
tion, which has now been made se
cure by the British capture of Jeru
salem. ' .
f An effort was made last March to
bring about Arab operations on a
large" scale timed to coincide with
British operation, but tho effort fail
ed owing to th3 defection ef one of
6000 feet of Official Cana
.dian Government War
Movies an.d a special
BY . -
- 7 -Private
The one-armed hero of
, Yprcs Battle '
The Greatest War Films
- Ever Made
, SEATS 30c
the leading chiefs, Ihe head of the
Schammer tribe. The support of this
tribe enabled tbo Turks to maintain
themselves at Modina and keep the
Hofjai line open. But the pro-Turkish
Schammer chief was killed a few
weeks ago, and the tribe appears
to be on the point of rejoining the
King of the Hodjaz.
The further the Turks are driven
back by the British under General
Allonhy. the more the Arab tribes
are expected to rally to the victor
Once the Hodjaz railway is perma
nently sut, it is declared all Arabia
will be lost to the Turks. The left
flank of the British army is Meso-
DOtamia made sueenre prorably jeo
.pardizing large Turkish forces!
BritUh Threat Recognized.
The German peace offer at- Bret
LItovsk is taken by students of East
ern affairs to indicate Germany's
recognition of the importance of the
British threat in the East. In fact
it has been frequently stated that
the military importance of the Brit
ish eastern victories is far more geh
erally recognized in Germany than
In England or America.
Germany's peace efforts arc re
parded by. specialists In Eeastern af
fairs as an effort to draw out of an
economjc and commercial strangula
tion whkh is threatened by the Brit
ish success in cutting the Gerlin
BaRdadTroute. Jt is pointed out that it is even
possible that fihe . most important
military campaign "of 191$ yill b
founght in the East. Tne Manchest
er Guardian expresses that opinion
in an editorial in which it says:
"We take this opportunity of once
more expressing the opinion that de
cisive results on the west cannot b
secured beore 1919. and that if we
are going cn with the war as pro
bably we are we must make up our
minds for another two years of It
remain on the defensive In France
and Italy throughout 1918, making
onr main offensive effort In the east,
and keep our offensive effort on thr
west until 1919. when the American
strength will have reached its maxi
mum." Fifth Series of Games
j WiWbe Played Tonight
The Commercial Basketball league
games which will be played at tho
Y.i M. C. A. tonight will be the firth
series of games In the league and
also in the dividing point of the
league. Nine series are to be played
in all and tonight's games are the
fifth. The games as scheduled for
tonight are Hauser Brothers vs. the
Bishops at 7:30 and the Capital Na
tional bank vs. the Watt Shipp com
pany at 8.
After these games some little spec
ulation can be indulged in as to the
possible pennant winners. The Cap
ital National bank team has thus
far won every game played and un
less it meets with some unexpected
hard lack will make it difficult for
any team to overcome the lead in the
remaining games. The Watt Shipp
company expects to turn the trick to
night and the best game of the even
ing ; is looked for when these twt
teams meet. v t
foeamery Men Sit Down to
Banquet Business Grow-
ing Rapidly
ST. PAUL, Ore., Jan. 29.- One of
the most enthusiastic and interesting
meetings of its kind ever held in
these parts was the fpurth Annual
Dairy luncheon given by the St. Paul
Business Men's club to the stock
holders of St. Paul creamery as well
as all dairymen liviqgfin the vicinity
o; St. Paul which wa,s held at the
St; Paul City hall on Saturday. The
particular attraction beside the In-:
vlting long rows of tables of eats
for the 210 guests who participated
at the "feed" was the heart to heart
talk given by State Dairy and Food
Commissioner J. D. Mickle, Profes
sor Fitts of Oregon Agricultural col
lege took much delight in firing back
good pointed answers to the many
questions which were put to him in
the matter of feeding dairy cows and
hogs. The value of skim milk as a
feed wasvery positively demonstrat-1
ed by' J. II. Goodling who had coh
ducteed a practical experiment on
bis own accord. The fact that the
cream checks paid by the local
creamery for the year of 1917, to
taled ten times as much as the ap-
Positive Convincing Proof
We publish the formula oi Vlnol
to prove convincingly that It "has the
power to create strength.
R Cod Liver and Beef Pep
tones, "Iron and Manganese
Peptonater. Iron and Ammo
nium Citrate, Lime and Soda
Glycerophosphates, Cafrarin.
Any woman who buys a bottle of
Vinol for a weak, run-down, nervous
condition and finds after g'rving it a
fair trial it did not help ,Jier, will
have her money returned.
you see, there is no guess work
about Vinol. Its formula proves
tbe.-e i nothing like it for all weak,
run-down, overworked, nervous men
and romea and for feeble old people
and delicate children. Try it once
and be convinced.
Emil A. Schaier, Druggist, Salem,
and at the best drug Btore in every
town amri city in the country.
proximate amount paid out for the
same purpose during 1914 shows
how the dairying business has been
growing In this small community
and at that they were not required
to follow the wlvole-milk route but
the increased production of hogs has
been keeping pace with the increase
in the output of the butterfat. The
noon's program with some very well
rendered selections. A report was
made by tbe president of the cream
ery. W. L. Gooding, showing that an
eight per cemt d ividend had been de
clared to the 70 stockholders of the
creamery, atao the fact that the cost
of production of butter lor the year
had averaged, only 17-8 cents' per
pound. S. J. Smith, cashier of the
St. Paul ba:lk. presided over the
Believes Allied Lines Can Go
Through Huns at Most
Any Point
"Th nearer you get to the front
line of battle In the European -war
zone, the more enthusiastic and op
timistic are the men who are fight
lngf for wterlu democracy that early
and complete victory la la store for
them." 1
Thl3 is the encouraging niessar
brought to America by Captain C.
It. Bonnar. of the UritUh and Cana
dian recruiting mission, who is him-
pelf recently from the front where
failure longer to withstand the ga
tests caused J his transfer from the
ranks of trench fighting to those
of recruiting in the home field.
Bonnar Offers Encouragement.
It was the good fortune of ,W. T.
Jenks of Salem, who returned Moo
day from an extended business trip
that took him as far south as San
Diego, to fill Into the company of
Captain Bonnar oboard the train on
Ills return trip -end to learn from
him "f the most encouraging condi
tions and events In the war zone.
When the real meaning of great
movements, the results of which ap
pear depressing and unfavorable at
home, are understood as viewed by
keen observers and active partici
pants on the spot, a very different
aspect of the situation presents its-
" The result of many of the larger
movements which anperad unfavor
able were foreseen from the begin
ning and through Vhi everything
expected was accoml'shed. Cam-
bra i was one such and was Heme-1
an entire success. -,-
- Ormans Not Feared, v
The fighting forces of democracy.
according to captain Bonnar. are
now entnusiasticaiiy confident or
their ability to go through the Ger
man lines at almost any point they
might choose, but the desire every
where, as a matter of course. Is 'to
sacrifice time rather than the lives
of soldiers. Accordingly, the pro
gram Is one of "wearing down' until
ihe time comes for striking the mot
effective blow. Moreover, it is by
no means too much to hope for that
aoparentiy impending final great
diow may never be struck.
Whllo In San Diego Mr. Jenks vis
ited F"ort Rosecrans where he found
John Fectar Jr.. formerly of the Sa-
lemJ. M. C. A. Fectar in now in
charge of Y. M. C. Al activities In
San Uiego Including the naval Y. M
. A. at Hal boa nark and Camn
Kearney, where he Is doing great
service far both civilians and sol
Dallas Lightweight Team
Wants Games in This County
it there is any basketball team
m marion county or an average
weigni or H5 pounds to the man it
can get a game by writing to Der
mond McCarthy, box $23. Dallas
who is manager of a team of sucn
skill that it has all other team in
that section scared out. This team
has won seven games already thl
winter and is now looking for victims
tn outside territory.
More Wheat kmd Pigs
Urged Upon Farmers
CHAMPAIGN. 111.. Jan. 29. More
nigs and more wheat daring the com
ing year was arged upon farmers of
the United States (tonight at the
farmers war congress. In session at
the University of Illinois. A special
plan of production will be drawn np
and every farmer urged to follow It.
President Edmund James of the uni
versity announced tonight.
"The two basic factors of this
plan," he said, "wilr be to plant as
many acres as possible In wheat and
to increase the production or por
as much as possible. This will be
the farmer's duty In helping to win
the war."
Van Trump Is Appointed
to Succeed Constable
It was announced-1-y the county
court yesterday that C. O. Constable
some weeks ago resigned his posi
tion as -fruit inspector of Marion
county, and S. II. Van Trump has
been appointed in his place.
.Mr. Constable has been In Cali
fornia for several weeks where his
family lives and where Mr. Cons
table will make his winter home.
Orchardists regret the resignation of
Mr. Constable. He has been a con
scientious official and for a long
time has made a study of fr.iit trees
and tbe-diseases that affect them.
Two Men Are Fined for
Transporting Liquors
Mike Singer and Pete Brezowsfc!
appeared yesterday before Justice of
the Peace' Webster and pleaded
guilty to the charge of transporting
liauor on the county road between
Jefferson and Salem, and Singer" was
fined 1 10. while Brezowski paid
Constable Percy M. Varney has
charge of the confiscated thirty-fire
full quart bottles of Sunnybrook
bonded goods, and just what be will
do with that much booze he has not
yet determined.
I Many Opinions Ate Handed
Doom by Supreme Court
The supreme court yesterday hand
ed down the following opinions:
Oregon-Washington Railroad Ac
Navigation company vs. Frank H.
Reed et al., Multnomah county; pe
tition for rehearing denied in opin
ion written by Justice Moore.
. G. M. Grimes, appellant, vs. city of
Seaside; appeal from Clatsop; suit to
annul contract for paving of Broad
way, opinion by Justice Moore, Cir
cuit Judge Eakin affirmed.
H. Taylor Hill vs. John McCrow.
appellant; appeal from Polk; mit
on pjromissoiT note; opinion by Jus'
ice Bean, Circuit Judge Belt affirm
Pelton Water Wheel company vs.
Oregon Iron & Steel company, ap
pellant; appeal from Multnoma:
action to recover possession of r
double Pelton Francis turbine gen
erator; "opinion by Justice Bean, Cir
cuit Judge Morrow affirmed.
City of Portland vs. H. R. Blue el
al.. appellants: from Multnomah;
involving the validity of a nunc pro
tunc judgment, opinion by Justice af
firmed. - . .
Otto Williams xs. Gay M. Lombar 1
et al., appellants, from Multnomah;
suit to recover damages for personal
injuries; opinion by Justice Benson.
Circuit Jndge Gantebetn affirmed. .
John G. Hill, administrator, , vs.
George W. Lewis et al., appellants;
from Josephine; motion to dismiss
appeal allowed; opinion by Justice
Ralph R. Dunlway, appellant, va.
Cellars-Murton company; appeal
from Multnomah; motion to dismiss
appeal denied; opinion by Chief
Justice McBrlde.
Meridinal company vs. J. Kenyon
Bourne, appellant; appeal from Co
lubia; action -on promissory note
opinion by Chief Justice McBridc
Circuit Judge Eakin affirmed.
In the matter of the estate of Sue
Parrot King deceased vs. Henry Ton
sing, appellant; appeal from Multno
mah suit contesting a will, opinion
by Chief Justice McBride. Circuit
Judge Gantebein affirmed. . '
Bank of Kenton vs. A. C. Preble
appellant; appeal from Multnomah;
actio n to recover Cn s promiso. y
note; opinion by Chief Justice He
Bride. Circuit Judge Gantenbein af
E. H. Caples, appellant, vs. John
Ditchburn; appeal from Multnomah;
motion to retax costs sustained iu
Oregon Home Builders, appellant
vs. J. M. Crowley: anneal from Mult
nomah; action to recover commission
for procuring exchange of land: onin
ion by Justice Harris, Circuit Judgr
aiorrow reversed.
Oiarles Franklin Provo vs. Sno-
kane. Portland Seattle Railway
company, appellant; appeal fron
Clatsop; action to recover damage?
for personal injuries; Circuit Judge
fc.Kin reversed.
MaUlEast Is Handled
Now by Better Method
Arranementr were made ou Jan
uary 28 to Inaugurate a new mal'
pouch to handle all mail in and out
or Salem for eastern Oregon points
as well as mall to and from ail east
ern states.
This now will save forty-eight
hours' time, a big advantage to all
merchants and others who have a
large correspondence with the east
era Oregon country or are in the
habit of ordering goods from, the
The mail for these points will her
after close at . the postof f ice at 3
o'clock p. m. daily, or in the down
town sections of the city at 20
o clock. i
A South Dakota state senator re
cently gave a new illustration of that
fine saying of an ancient philosopher.
Man was born for mutual assist
A customer entered the small town
barber shon.
How soon can you cut my hair?"
he asked of the proprietor, who was
seated In an easy chair, perusing the
pages of a dime novel.
"Bill." aald the barber, addressing
his errand boy, "'run over and tell
the editor that I'd like my scissors
f he's got done editin the paper.
Gentleman waitin for a halrd-cut."
Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph.
Hundreds of French women are
employed In making saddles fnd
harness, for the army.
Physicians Explain Why Women Need More
Iron in their Blood Today than 20 Years ;
Say Anaemia Lack of Iron is Greatest Curse to the Health, Strength, Vitality and Beauty cf t:
Modern American Woman. '
Ir. Ferdinand King, New York Ptij.
slclan and Medical author says
physicians ahould pnewibe more
organic iron Nuxated Iron to
supply the iron deficiency. Onln
Ions of Dr. Hchuyler C Jaque.
Visiting Kuregon, St. Elizabeth'
Hospital. New, York Cky: Dr. II.
11. Vail, formerly Pbysiclan In the
Baltimore Hospital and a Medical
Kxamtner; Dr. James Francis Sul
livan, formerly Ihyslclan of Bclle-
me Hospital (Outdoor Dept.),
New York and the WestchesU-r
County Hospital, and other pbysi
clans who have thoroughly tested
the value of uxated Iron.
Any woman who tire easily. It
nervous or Irritable, or looks pal,
haggard, and worn should at once
have her blood examinled for iron de
ficiency administration of simple
Nuxated Iron will often increase the
strength and endurance of weak, ner
vous, careworn women 100 per cent
In two weeks time.
"There can t no strong, healthy,
beautiful rony-checked wnmrn, without
iron." says Dr. Ferdinand King, a New
York Physician and Medical Author.
"In my recent talks to physicians on
the grave and serious consequences of
from deficiency In the blood of Ameri
can women I have strongly emphasised
the fact that doctors should prescribe
more organic Iron nuxated iron for
their nervous, run-down. weak, haggard-looking
women patients. Pallor
mean anaemia. The skin of an anaemic
woman is pale, tbe flesh flabby. Ths
muscles lack tone, the brain fags, and
me memory rails, and orten they be.
come weak, nervous, irritable, despond
ent and melancholy. Whet. the. Iron
goes from the . blood of women the
roses go from thei" cheecks.
"In the most common food of Ameri
ca, the starches, sugars, table syrups,
candies, polished rice. white bread,
soda crackers, biscuits, macaroni, spa
ghetti, tapioca sago, farina, degermin
ated cornmeal. no longer Is Iron to be
found. Refining processes have re
moved the iron of Mother JSarth from
these Impoverished foods and silly
methods of home cookery, by throwing
down the wate pipe the water in which
our vegetables are cooked are respon
sible for another grave Iron loss.
Therefore. If you wish to preserve your
youthful vim and vigor to a ripe old
ency in your blood by using some form
encyin your blood by using some form
of organic iron, just as you would use
salt when your food has not enough
Dr' Scbvyl C. Jaques. Visiting bur
geon of SC Blisabeth's Hospital. New
York City, said: "I have never before
given out any medical Information or
adviee for publication as 1 ordinarily
do not believe in it. But so many
American women suffer from Iron de
ficiency with its attendant Ilia
physicist weakness, nervous irritabil
ity, melancholy, indigestion, flabby,
sagging muscles, etc.. etc.. and in con
sequence of their weakened, run-down
condition they are so liable to contract
serious and even fatal disease that I
deem It my duty to advise such tp take
Nuxated Iron. I have taken it myself
snd given it to my patients with most
uprising and satisfactory results. And
those who wish quickly to Increase
...r .f t1n.rth wer and endurance
win find It a most remarkable and
F. H. Newell Asks Reclama
tion Money to Prepare
Domains for Use.
U. S. Still Has Two Million
Acres Which Could be
Fully Utilized
IDAHO FAIXS. Idaho. Jan. 22.
The returning American soldier who
finds his former occupation gone
should be given a part of the public
domain properly cleared or otherwise
outfitted for Immediate ; use at the
government's expense, said F. H.
Newell, head of the Univeristy of Illi
nois, in an address here! before the
joint conference of agricultural. live-
stock, engineering and irrigation so
cieties ef Idaho.
Mr. Newell urged the immediate
appropriation of $100,000,000 or
more by the government to put
through Irrlgition and reclamation
schemes and otherwise put the re
maining public lands In such shape
that the returned fighting man ntvy
go on them with hope of securing a
living return at once. Mr. Newell
said In part:
Rale of Conquerors Cited. N
In older days It was recognized
as a matter of course that the con
querors should. take from the van
quished suitable fertile soil by which
he former soldiers might be en
riched. With us this is not possible.
We can not or would note claim ad
ditional lands, we must meet the
great problem of homes and of enl-
oloyroent in some other way. How
shall we do it? How shall we not
only Increase the food producing
nrea now but be prepared to con
tinue its increase at an accelerated
rate In the near future?
The United States still owns mil-
!ons of acres and at first glance it
tppears as though these might serve
in the past. The more we study
hese. however, the. more we be
come impressed with the fact that
"Khough the extent Is vast 'the pro
portion Is email which can be put to
mmediate nse. The lands have been
nicked over and over again, and the
"holce spots selected, especially those
which control the necessary water
supply. It would be cruel to induce
any man without ample funds and
without experience to try to make a
llvlng-on mt of these lands or to
settle upon them trusting to his own
. TIIB nilU'S ArrCAL
:- ' i . - .,.,0
"Mather. why
imm't yel take
aal fee stress; sad
retl sB! sae
tee resy cheeks
stead mt
mm srrrMM b4 Ir
ritable all tbe
tlsae aa4 leeklsg
bsggara aad
4 TH deeter
gave sees te
tul gssltsi's SB-
taer h was
rerae eft tbaa
tm are mmm mw
she leeks years
yea age r sad feels
last flae.
wonderfully effective remedr."
Dr. H. B. Vail ' formerly Physician In
the Balitlroore Hospital and a Medical
Kxaminler. saysi Thorourhout my ex
perience on Hospital staffs e.nd as Med
ical uxaminler. i nave neea gstoniabea
at the number of patients who -ha i
vainly doctored for various dlseaje.
when In reality their delicate, run
down state was simply the result yf
lack of iron In the blood. Time and
again I have prescribed organic iron
-Nuxated Iron and surprised patients
at the rapidity with which the-weakness
snd general debility were replaced
by a renewed feeling of strength , and
vitality. 1 took Nuxated Iron myself
to build me up after a serious case of
nervous exhaustion. The effects-were
spparent after a few days and within
three weeka it had virtually revitalis
ed my whole syster and put me in a
superb physical condition."
Dr. E. Sauer. a Boston physician, who
ha studied both in this country and in
great European Medical Institutions,
says: I am a great believer in Nuxated
fron. it often acta almost like marie.
Not long ago a man came to m who
was nearly hail a century! old and ask
ed me to give him a prel'minary ex
amination for life insurance. I was
astonished to find him with the blood
pressure of a boy of 20 And as full
of vigor, vim and vitality as a young
man; in fact, a young men he really
was. noth withstanding his age. The
secret, he said, was in taking iron
Nuxated Iron had filled him with re
newed life. . At SO he was in bad
health; at 4t he was careworn and
pearly alt In now at 60. after taking
Nuxated Iron, a miracle of vitality and
his face beaming with the boyancy of
ycuth." . .
Dr. James Francis Sullivan, formerly
Physician of Bellevue Hospital (out-!
door Dept.). New York, snd th West-1
Chester County Hospital, says: "Thous
ands of persons go on suffering year
srter year, ooctoring themselves :for all your strength and endurance In t 1
kinds of Ills, when the real and true i day's time. It Is dispensed in this cry
csuse underlying their condition ; lsby Daniel J. Fry, Perry's Drug Store
simply a Jack of sufficient iron in the! and all good druggists.
strength and Ingenuity, as was done
by the pioneer of a former genera
tion. And yet as we see the west,
there are unlimited possibilities In
these lands. Thousands of. prosper
ous homes can be made and food
produced for millions of people; but
to do this there must be provided
adequate means for overcoming the
lack of moisture and for getting the
fields itno cultlvatable form. . '
Reclamation Work Checked.:
We have only begun on the great
work of reclamation. We have gone
Into It with energy, larget invest
ments have been made under enthus
iastic promotion. .Ten years ago ev
erything pointed to a rapidly ex
panding development but to the sur
prise of all this promise of continu
ing growth and activity haa not been
fulfilled. The swelling buds of re
clamation have been nipped by early
frost and instead of more reservoirs;
more canals, and vastly expanding
areas of irrigated land, we now see
far fewer enterprises under way
than were being vigorously pushed
a few years ago While the food
producing area is extending and un
der the stress of 1917 was greatly
increased, yet the rate of rdevelop
men is less than is necessary to
snnnly onr needs' and far below. that
which we have reason to anticipate.
We have two great questions or
really two branches of one problem,
namely, how to get money -or credit
first for building the reclamation
works eoat or small.- andseennd.
for nmvldinr the sett lere'tiniter thee
with adequate caiptal. The eaglneer-
nr nnestlons we may well Ignore
for the present as these have been
practically solved but the financial
matters are those which are open for
debate ' There is In one sense plenty
of money to be had, but It can be
obtained only by assurance of the
nltimate return of the principal an 1
Country's Spindles All ,
Busy on Army Contracts
WASHINGTON. Jan. 29. Eve
rnindle In the country capable of
turning out canvas Is working on
army contracts. Secretary Baker aaitf
today, and there will be no let-up
in tent-making until every soldier
under canvas haa the 50 cubic feet
of space recommended by the sur-
teon general.
The secretary let it be known that
the war department is new consld
ering expansion of cantonment facil
ities. The original plan of training
new men in quarters vacated by
troops leaving for France Is beng
followed and Mr. Baker said no
change would be necessary unless
more shipping than Is now In sight
should become available.
SCOTTS MILLS, Or., Jan. 9. A.
L. Brougher and A. F. Richter made
a business trip to Salem Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Larking of Sil
erton have been visiting Mrs. Lark
Ins mother, Mrs. Hlrtzel the past
J. B. FiBher and Elvln .Shepherd
Yea east (ell. the wessea wit pica ty ef Irea la their !,
beaatlfal my ekteefcea fall ef 1.1 fe, Vina Vi
tallty while ..(fcase wis lack Irea are eftea ereaa, aerresa.
Irritable, weak, tired, eesaplalalag erestares wheat asW,
wsats jf -have areaaa.
red blood corpuscles to enable natur
to transform the food they eat into
brawn, mucle. tissue snd brain, i t
beware of the eld forms of meUi. c
Iron which frequently do more ha; a
thsn good. v"
"Notwithstanding all that has b---i
said and written en this subject Lr
well-known physicians, thousand f
people still Insist in dosing theraselvt-i
with metallic iron simply, I suppot-.
because It costs a few cents lens. 1
strongly advise readers in all cases, 1)
get a physician's prescription for or
ganic iron Nuxated Iron or If ycr
don't want to go to this trouble then
purchase only Nuxated Iron 'in Its orig
inal packages snd see that this par
ticular name (Nuxated Iron) appan
on the package. If you have Uktr.
preparations such as Nux and Iron
and other similar Iron products r,i
failed to get results, remember thst
such products are an entirely differeu
thing from Nuxated Iron."
V NOTE Nuxated Iron, which Is pre
scribd snd recommendd abov by phy
sicians in such a. treat variety ct
cases. Is not a patent medicine He
secret remedy,' but one which la we S
known to druggists and whose Irci
constituents are widely prescribed tv
eminent physicians both In Europe an J
America. tJnlike the older inorganic
iron -products, it la easily assimilated,
does not injure the teeth, make thm
black, nor upset the stomach; on th
contrary, it is a most potent remecy
in nearly all forms of' indigestion
veil as for nervous run-down condi
tions. The manufacturers have Bum
great confidence In nuxated iron, tht
they offer to forfeit $100 to any chart
table institution if they cannot tat-
any man or woman under CO who lac
iron, and increase their strength 1
per centor over In four weeks tin,:-,
provided they have no serious organic
trouble. They also offer to refund yo r
money If it does not at least dou
went to Portland Saturday.
rs. B. II. Gerllch returned to he:
homestead Saturday, after visiting
two weeks In ML Angel.
.Messrs John A. and Herbert Sacd
iforth of Saunemire. 111., are visit!:?
their cousin, Mrs. W. T. Hogg and
family at Noble. .
Dale and Glenn Magee of Crooked
Finger visited their grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Magee at Scotu
Mllle the last of the week.
A crowd froraJCrooked Finger aoJ
Noble attended ; the play, . Brotfctf
Joslah, at Scotts Mills Friday even
ing, given by the pupils of the Sootu
Mills high, school. It was a thrc-j
act drama' and each character, did
well, the' musical numbers betweca
acts were' also well rendreded. Tbe
proceeds from tbe play was for more
books for the library and equipment
for the school grounds. .
1 . '
Captain Falls Into Water zzi
Body Not Recovered
Steamer Arrives
The Swedish steamer Anglia was
brought Into port here tonight by her
second officer wit ha story of how
Captain A. - B. Waerns. the master,
shot and fatally wounded the first
orflcer. G. R. Fnrst. at sea last Sat
urday and then shot himself. Th .
captain fell over the ship's side an4s
his body was not recovered.
According tn the second officer.
Contain Waerns had been drinking
and abed Fnrst. who was shot In
n armment that followed. The mas
ter tn rnnhed to the ship's side
t tnmd the nlstol on himself. The
first :of fleer died before the ship
could :-vch port.
A Swedish maritime inquiry wPl
be held by the Swedish vice consnl
tomorrow in the presence o!
sentatives of the customs and Jostles
departments. In the meantime, ait
American armed guard !,s in charga
of the shin. m
The Anglia was bound f rom "aa
Atlantic part to Southv America. .
"Tour friend seems to' spend hl
money freely."' .
"I don't blame him. He got It br
Jhard work. v
. "A self-made man eh?"
"Well no." He marrieil a t,ncJ
woman .with a lot of money and
coaxed It away from her." Brimlng
ham Age-Herald.
Squire (to rural fad) Now, my
boy. tell tne how you know an old
partridge from a young one. ,
Boy teeth, sir.- - -
fquire Nonsense, boy. Tna
ought to know better. A partridge
hasn't any teeth.
noy No. sir; but I have. Pass
ing Show. . . . -?
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