The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 22, 1918, Page 4, Image 4

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Bring us your broken piece of jewelry and have them repaired.
We can mend Jt securely and make it look like new again If you
have old out of date Jewelry and wish to have It made over we will
gladly submit designs of broaohes, rings, iavellieres, etc., in the
newer styles, in which can bo used the atone., and settings of
the old. . ' j : '"'
Htate and Liberty Mreets
Try Our Optical Hervlce. ( There Is None Jletter.
OREGON Stats at reel near
O. E. depot. Home of Artcraf t I
and Paramount pictures.
Geraldino Farrar In "The Devil
Stone." I
HUGH State between Lib-
erty and High. Mutual and I
Bluebird fllma. Special films.
"The Power of Gold," a union
labor play.
. yrtr t iiipdtv .i it.., ...
feet Inn and Goldwyn fllma.
Special feature.
Ilcvlval Henicew
Every evening this week at the
First AJnited Brethren church in Yew
Tut ton Plnrablng Co., 333 Chemekcta
Phone 1900. We do repair work;
Dr. M. C. Flndley
Has gone to Portland to attend
the meeting' of the Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat association.
Nominating Petitions
printed to comply with all demands
for state and county offices, at
Statesman Publishing Company (up
stairs). Back on the Job
Joseph E. Tuttle, deputy Inspec
tor, United tSates treasury depart
ment, has returned to his office in
the county court house and is ready
to see all income taxpayers who will
call on him. ,
Met Me at. the Hub Alleys
123 N. Commercial. Upstairs.
Shop Collect Paper-
A collection of old paper, for the
benefit of the Superfluity shop, will
be started tomorrow nnoer the aus
pices of the Salem Woman's cluo
Those who have bundles - of. paper
Used furniture Wanted
Slgbast ch prices paid for usee
i furniture i-
. L, stiff sojr, ;
Phone 941 or 008
Wa ear tha vtrv hlrhtat nrtca
tor BouMhold good and tool
ry una.
Peopla'f Second Hand Store
171., Ossaaerrtal IU PMat T4
; wThe highest' cash price paid
for all kind of junk. .
STfr Cfiemeketa St. Phone 30H
Pack and Store Everything
Special rate on eastern shipments.
Piano moving and country trips a
specialty. Prompt service. Work
Office Phone 030
i Borne Phone 199ft "
O O A li A - N D W O O I
Diseases of Women
50G United States National Bank Building
Highest Prices
in me y aiiey
Ships to be deciding factor in world's war say Allied Statesmen.
We are in the market for small and large quantities of
Heavy Cast Iron, Steel and Wrought, and will pay astonishing
high market prices. Would like to hear from responsible man
in every. town in the valley in regards to above.. Let us hear
from you immediately. , It pays to bring your junk to the
Phone 706, Salem, Oregon ,
Iron Yards at Commercial and Center Streets.
may leave all of it on their front
porches and it will be taken away.
Wednesday's collection will be on
State and commetrclal streets
Tbusrday. on Chemeketa and Cente
streets and Friday on Marion and
Union streets, with the streets In
between. On Saturday, paper will
be collected on the Garden road an
in North Salem. Residents of North
Salem who will donate paper should
telephone number 124 6.
.Vomlnntlnir Petitions-
printed to comply with all demands
for state and county offices, a
Statesman Publishing Company, (up
81111- to Quiet Title-
Suit in equity was yesterday filed
in the circuit court by Howard C,
Melson against Grace Wolford to
quiet title to certain property de
scribed in the bill of complaint.
TOO Filbert Trees '
j From Stolz and McNary ranch, for
sale, Fruitland Nrirsery sales yard.
corner High and Ferry streets.
Several good
VIck Brothers.
Ford mechanics
Nominating Petitions
printed to comply with all demand
for state and county offices, at
Statesman Publishing Company (up
Thn Oregon Fmit Company
Will pay cash for beans, large or
small lots. .Phone 943,
it'. - -' ' '
Hale of Property Confirmed
; i Order was yesterday entered in
the suit of Percy A. Cupper against
FAmer Denny confirming the sale or
property'previously made In the case.
Several Good Ford Repair Hen
Are wanted at VIck Brothers.
lleturns from Idah
Miss Glenna Teeters, a junior in
Willamette university, has returned
to take up her studies after an ab
sence Of several weeks. She was
called to her home In Warren, Idaho,
to take care of her mother, who was
seriously ill.
Tlow Housewives 'Who Bake
Their ' own bread with a Tlew to
economy will be treatedto a demon
stration of true conservation, at the
public reception to be held by the
Cberrv City BVng company Tues
day, January 22, from 7:00 to 9:00
p. m. Refreshments.
Cooking Appjt
j Threw boxes for
Ward K. Itlchardson.
$2. delivered.
Phone 494,
In the Probate Court
I The final account was yesterdav
filed by Carey P. Martin as cxecuter
of the estate of Emma L. Ide, de
ceased, hearing will be held on Feb
ruary 25. Order was yesterday en
tered in the estate of W. F. Winter
mantel, deceased, approving the pay
ment of $40 a month by the widow,
Edna Wlntermantel, by herself as ex
ecutrix, for her snoonrt and that of
the two 'minor children, with the
further order, for similar payments
to be made in the future, during the
dmalnistratlon of the estate. Lillla
Myrtle Conner was yesterday ap-r-nint
administratrix of the estate of
Emerson E. Cooner, deceased. In
ventory wm filed by the appraisers
In the estate of Henrv Slough, der
ceased, showlne values to the
amount of I18.S75.67, the appraisers
of the estate being Asa Eoff, Max
Page and Guy O. Smith. Citation
was Insued on the petition of Alfred
Johnson, an incompetent, praving
for the removal of his guardian.
Sophia A. Nelson, hearing of the
matter being set for February 4 next.
The final account of Kate Fahey, ad
ministratrix of the estate of John
and Nervous Diseases
Paid for Iron
Fabey, deceased, was filed and ap
proved by the court yesterday. Upon
petition of Fanny Wolf, widow of
Adolf Wolf, deceased, showing that
the estate Is valued at about izo.uuu
l-with no debts against it, except the
funeral expenses, order was entered
allowing the widow $160 a month
for her support during the pendency
of the administration of the estate
In the estate of Justus Brock Ham
mond, a minor, the report of the sale
of certain property by the guardian.
W. L. Hammorfd, was approved oy
the court.
Hunting and Angler' I J centos
Since the day before Christmas
County Clerk Hoyer has Issued the
following hunting licenses: Henry
Herndon. W. K. Jones, Hruce A,
Jones. M. A. Worthlngton. J. A. Hen-
dlck. F. J. A. Hachrlnger, II. Snook,
and W. II. IJalrymple, Salem; George
Limbeck, Macleay; Stephen Pay
ette. Charles A. Hannegan. J, E.
Cutsforth, A. leJarln and O. Ituf-
ens, Gervals: George L. West fail and
Harvey A. Westfall, Amity; T. H.
May, Jefferson; W. II. Ehlen, Au
rora: Vred Krug. Jr.. and G. I.
ftowne. Sllverton; Felix Seguln. It.
E. Kirk and W. M. XTurphy, St. Paul;
Charles H. Little and Hruce Howne.
Turner; E. J. Farnham, Marion; Al
fred Kampf, Pratum. Anglers' li
censes wre secured by R. Simmons,
Oregon CltyrL. H. Suter, A. l. Ilonn
and Charles C. Hartwell, Salem; A.
H. Horner. Gates; James J. I .am
brecht. Stayton, and Emll Widberg,
County Clerk Hoyer yesterday
took a little time by the forelock and
stole away from the war department
Junt long enough to issue a couple of
marriage licenses, oen to Frank u.
Howman, 52, and Mabel E. James.
38, both of Salem, and E. L. Hrant,
38. of Harrisburg. and Katherlne J.
Nademans. 30. of Turner.
Kcnlpx Hold Hteody
County Clerk Hoyer yesterday ex
cused himself rom his duties on the
war board long enough to make an-
other dig into his. big iron-Douni
chest, where he keeps a lot of nick-
els, and paid out or us store ror
varmint hides, a very Kood Degin-
nlng. he said, for a dull, piue
Kale Confrrmwl
Order was yesterday entered' In
(he suit of David Cade against JA.
Ratcliffe and wife, confirming the
sale, of real property heretofore made
in the case.
Glenn Adam has returned after a
business and pleasure trip to Iowa.
On his way home Jbe came through
Texas and California.
W. R. Wing and wife and W. P.
Rhodes of Portland are registered
at the Argo hotel.
M. V. Griffin of Falls City la at
the Argo.
James McKay any wife of Minne
apolis, Minn., are guests of the Argo.
Max Lebcld of McMlnnrille I
at the Argo.
Charles 1L Wieder of Albany la
stopping at the Argo hotel.
Thomas Fennell of Independence
is at the Argo.
W. T. Eddy of Hood River la reg
istered at the Argo.
John Scollard of Wood burn la at
the Argo.
Arthur Hilley of Sindey is regis
tered at the Argo.
John C. Holste, J. A. Shaw, W. T.
Wetherby and C. E. Ilalllpetz of Sao
Francisco are registered at the
Otto T. nryant of Olympla, Wash..
H at the Marion.
Miss D. V. Par ham and J. G.
Swinney of New York City are reg
istered at the Marion.
S. J. j. Laggaman of Washington,
C, is stopping at the Marion.
R. M. Hamlin. George H. Monroe.
T? H. O'Brien. O.-K. Towers, W. E.
Ffar.ler, C. H. Albers, A. Goodman.
M. R. Manson and T. Jones of Port
land' are registered at the Marion
Frank C. Jackson and P. A.'
Schwarz of Seattle are at the Hotel
G. Lh Stewart and R. II. Wood of
Eugene are the guests of the Hotel
C. S. Bowne of Aumsville is at the
D. C. Drury of Alpine, Or., is stop
ping at the Marion.
A. C. Fulton of Astoria Is regis
tered at the Marlon.
Henrv Hall, R. E. Tyler. F. W.
Milne. Robert Athon and wife, and
A. I ..on of Portland are registered
at the Bligh hotel.
A.. Kerr and wife of Medford arc
gues' of the Bligh.
O. Olson of Eugene is stoppit? at
the Bligh.
F. B. Gedge of Sari Francisco is at
the Bligh.
George II. Lewis of Seattle is reg
istered at the Bligh.
J. W. Klnzel of Milwaukee, Wis..
is a guest of the Ifllgh.
John K. Mekkers and wife of Mc
Cov are at the Bligh.
W. A. McNeil of Independence Is
at the Bligh.
F. M. Fisher of Monmouth Is stop
ping at the Bligh.
Chest and Checker Players
Accept Oregon City Banter
At the regular Monday night meet
ing of the Commercial Club Chess
and Checker club' It was decided by
the members present last night to ac
cept the challenge Issued by the Ore
gon City Chess club, to play for the
championship. Much rivalry has ex
isted between them for some time
George Orifnth of the Oregon City
rluh says he has six players in his
town who can beat any six the Com
mercial club of Salem can put up
against them.
The crack players of the Salem
club are Dr. W. H. Byrd. C. G. Given,'
Paul Plants. Will Evans. Joseph N.
Smith and Judge T. R. Ryan.
It . is not known just when the
match game will be pulled off, but it
will probably occur soon and in Sa
lem, as has been the custom in the
past. .!;;
CUmpter, A
Mr Cr. ttl
mmppty OrpartM
I. a. Kafla
orri una
mrmt, IImui 4I
A shipment of surgical gauze that
has been expected for several days
by the surgical dressing department
of Willamette chapter. American
Hed Cross, arrived late yesterday
afternoon, and there will be plenty
of work for some time for those who
are contributing their time to this
department, tl was feared that be
cause of lack of material the surgi
cal dressing department would have
to close down today, but the arrival
of the shipment late yesterday makes
Lit possible to continue the work with
out Interruption. The surgical dress
ing department is located in the tost
office building.
The local chapter has Just receiv
ed a shipment of 200 pounds of yarn.
Calls foj yarn will be supplied as
fully and promptly as possible
A hasty communication to nil
chapters and branches reached Wil
lamette chapter yesterday. It was
a copy of a telegram which reached
Seattle headquarters too He to be In
cluded in the last bulletin. The mes
sage Is as follows:
"Washington. Jan. 18. O. D
Stlmson. Seattle, Wash. Secretary
McAdoos action in placing an em
bargo on everything except coal and
foodstuffs is a terrific handicap to
Shipments of materials to divisional
warehouses. Gauze situation partic
ularly bad owing to Inability to ship
raw material 'to bleacherles. Clos
ing of mill during coming week wlil
cripple manufacture
and decrease
deliveries. All possible means being
used to relieve situation and this is
to nrare extreme natlenre on nart of
divisions at well as chapters until
shipping conditions Improve. Keep
nn advised of emergency require
ments and we will do our untmost to
secure shipment. Please notify
your director of supplies. Bureau
of Supplies.'
Portland had a wild rumpus In ail
the newspapers over poor yarn for
knitting. Manufacturers are charged
ith profiteering, and one store
withdrew thousands - of dollars'
worth of yarn from Ithe market
We'll have plenty of the best yarn
mighty soon," the Aed Cross told
the newspapers.
A marriage fee drive! What next?
And yet it took the ministers of
Vancouver, Wash., only a few min
utes to decide that this was a pe
fectly legitimate way to raise funds
for the Red Cross, and had the furth
er advantage of little tr no compe
tition. As a result $100 was raised
which represented the fees the shep
herds gathered from the flock on
December 24.
"Sure, knlttln's lots of fun. T got
P1ine 7. O. D. Order to 10H.
387;Court Streets
299 N. Commercial St
15 ox. Hun Maid liaising,
packAge . . ..11c
11 oz. IlaUinl Uc
targe package Albers Oats .'!Oc
2 ran Milk for ........ 2."5;
S cans Kugar Peas 25c
2 cans lima Corn 23c
4 lb. Oat 2.V:
3 Urn. Macaroni 25c
Potaloew, per pound .... l4c
Onion, per pound .... 2Hc
Peanut flutter, lb 15c
C'reanwy ilutter, lb. .... 55c
Um. Itoyal Hub Coffeo. . 87c
ihiraU'lliH Ground Chocolate,
bulk, pound 2tc
Bulk Cocoa, KHind :tOc
Extra Bulk Coffee, lb. . . 2ic
Bulk Coffee, lb. ....... 21c
l4trg can Oysters, regular 50-
for 32c
Deviled Meat, lis 5c
lO oz. pkg. Skinner's
Spaghetti , 10c
Cooking or Kabul Oil,
gal. 1.K3
3 gallons Kerogcne .... 05c
Scwla' Oarkers, rreh and
crisp, lb. . ; ; 15c
Graham Oarkers, and
Tisp, Il. 15c
PoMtum Cereal, rkg 22c
l4rg ItiHiant Ponium,
package 45c I Instant Ptun,
package . . ; . . 20c
Itoyal Baking; Icwder, lb. 13c
Xew Mlock of C2mm1 Broom
at 05e and ffl.OO
Tree Tea, pkg.. 1-2 muii1 25c
Citrus WaMiinK IWder,
package . 25c
2 iiarkageft Graie Nuts.. 25c
O fx hi i wis Ckrn 3IeaI .... 05c
CVwn U kins Ameriea to
day. Eat more corn. Hpeeial
this week on all corn products.
my wash rag finished before lata of
the girls did theirs, and I can pun
and make wristlets, too. Aw, gee.
anybody can knit. It's easy." Thus
piped one of Seattle's seventh grade
boys this week. The youngsters
have been knitting for about a
Tacoma's report that but twa
schools lacked 100 per cent enroll
ment of the Junior Ited Cross, struck
amazement In Portland, but also a
determination to "go and do like
wise." The Portland committee only
organized January 12, yet on Jan
uary 14 five schools were 100 per
cent, four of them grade schools and
one parochial school.
Probably rain In west, fair in
east portion.
Members of Pythian auxiliary of
Willamette chanter. A. II. C. will
meet in their hall In the Derby build
ing on Tuesday afternoon of each'
week to do Ited Cross work. Always
bring thimble and needle.
Anyone who has any scraps o
yarn or old knitted pieces to donate
will aid young knitters very much I'
hey will see that (the yarn reaches
the Red Cross headquarters or Wash
ington Junior high school. Miss
Campbell's class at the high school
Is In need of old yarn in order to
knit the Armenian square work
vhich It has started.
Wood-Pile at Roth Store
Catches Fire from Wire
It was not exactly a. case of spon
taneous combustion, nor was it
case of incendiarism, but Just the
same the big woodpile In the rear o
the Roth Grocery store, in the fas
alley .between State and Court
street, s was-ablaze, and had com
menced to burn fiercely before the
Tire department could get around
the corner last night, and they were
"Johnny-on-the-spot ' at that.
It seems that an electric coffee
roaster In the back room of the
store, was ft in wnrte in o'rlnrl some
coffee fnr a lata customer, and in
some war. not vet determined, the
wire leading from the outside of the
store set fire to a pile of wood which
was very close to the wall of the
building. Some defect in the wiring
nresumablv scattered tha electric
sparks in the wood pile.
A few of the firemen climbed up
on top of the wood pile and threw
the top sticks of wood to the ground
in order to get action with the hose
on the flames.
The fire was then extinguished
without difficulty.
n i f f n j
KUD fierVe lOrtUre, rain and
All Misery Right Out With
St Jacob's Liniment
You are to be pitied but remem
her that neuralgia torture and pain
Is the easiest thing in the world to
stop. Please don't continue to suf-
rer: it a so neeoiess. oet from youri
aruggisc tne small trial Dottle or
SI. jacoDS liniment '; pour a little
in your hand and gently-rub the
it uurr utTYc or sore ppoi, ana in-1
stantiy yes. immediately all pain,
acne ana soreness is gone.:
at t.,K. i i.i..m i
tfvuuo uiuiiurui fuui urn
pain It Is perfectly harmless and
noesn t burn or discolor the skin
Nothing else gives relief so quickly.
It never falls to stop neuralgia pain
Instantly, whether In the face, head
or any part of the body. Don't suffer,
Car Shortage in Eastern
Part of State Relieved
The Oregon public service com-
tnlsion vesterdav Informed lumber
companies In Baker county that the
Oregon Short line railroad has
agreed to contribute cars to allegiats
the ear shnrtacn ATistinp- nn i)ia n .
W ti. Xr v t-nad At i9t nnri'.
tho shortage of the O.-W. R & N I
Co. wag 464. The Spokane, Port-
land & KoatMn mod h ronnrtori
surplus of 59 cars. The Southern
Pacific company today reported r.
shortage of 137 closed cars, but did
not report on open cars.
R. C. Paulas Invited to
Make Address at Prosser
Itobert C. Paulus of the Salem
Fruit union is In receipt of an Invi
tation from farmers and business
men of Prosser, Wn to address a
mass meeting at that place on the
-night of January 23 relative to the
contemplated establishment of a
fruit evaporating plant. The citi
zens of fhe community have Incor
porated to build a plant. Mr. Paul
us has accepted tho Invitation.
Ion't think because you have tak
en many remedies in vain that your
case Is Incurable. Hoods Sarsapar-
illa has cured many seemingly hope
less cases of scrofula, catarrh, rheu
matism, kidney complaint, dyspep
sia and general debility. Take
Salem One of Four Points
for Potato Inspections
An order was issued by the Oregon
public service commission yesterdav
designating Portland. Salem. Alb-o
and Eugene as potato inspection
ooints for Oregon, with the provi
sion that other points may be des
ignated as necessary. It i held that
the four points named serve ad-1
quately at present the convenience
of the public and the commission.
Inspections are to be made by the
service commission through Its grain
inspection department. The chief
grain Inspector Porter of the com
mission Ms empowered to appoint;
deputy inspectors at the designate-.
ipointa. t
AMONG the many facilities afforded by the United
Slates National JJank for the convenience of business
firms, corporations and people are : I
Commercial Accounts '
Collection Services ?
Foreign Exchange
Letters of Credit K
ConmiltntioriM having to do with Kusincss ,'tpd finance
arc invited at all tiiucK. . -
j v . ' n . . n d
Immediate Keturn to rnvate
Capital After War Deem
ed Inexpedient
I WASHINGTOX. Jan. 21 Changes
1 the fundamental principles Of
railroad operation under government
control will make it Inadvisable to
trn the roads back to private own-
ers lmmeaiaieiy aner me rna or ins
war, director uenerai aicauoo ae
clared today before the senate inter
state commerce committee.
Until comprehensive , and " rational
legislation to meet tho changed con
ditions is enacted It would be in
jurious to the stoskholders for the
government to relinquish control, ho
Examination of the director gen
eral on the administration's railroad
bill may be resumed lated by the
committee. Next Monday the com
mittee plans to begin work on th
bill and report It to the senaa as
soon as possible. The 'chief quest
tions at issue are whether the meas
ure shall fix a definite time for tho
i return oi me oaas 10 priraia, own
ershlp and the basis of compensa
return of the Toads to private, own
Tomorrow the senate com ml ttee
will hear Clifford Thorne of Chicago
representing shippers, who oppose
relieving the Interstate -.commer"e
commission of its powers to fix rates
In testifying today before the houe
interstate commerce committee. Mr,
Thorne attacked the method of fix
n(f compensation provided In the
I hill HIarlnar that the- rovernment
I .narnntees tan a-reat return on the
ranitnl of the roads. Th Burtlng-
inn nld vnnM rorofVA more
than 20 per cent return on Its stock.
'.The bill Mr. Thorne said, would
1 . ! . . . .
rtin fa( m anrniiitf earnincsr mage
the nubile nav all the Interest on
the railroad's debt; pay them a reas
onable dividend on their stock; keep
their properties to 100 per cent of
their present condition; tide them
over the perilous war period; main
tain their credit; build non-revenue
producing improvements on their
properties and then pay them a re
turn on what the government builds
for them.
After Ir. McAdoo le,ft the stand
today, Joseph W Barstow. Chairman
r the Kansas pjumtc utilities corn-
miecion; presented to tne senate com
mittee ngurea designed to snow mat
there would be a return of from
eight to twenty-five percent on tha
common sjock of the railroads tinder
Hne method of nxing compewsation
provided In the bill. He said that
from four to six per cent would be
sufficient. ;
In his testimony today rMr. Mc
Adoo said the basis of compensation
proposed Is fair and reasonable "be
cause of the peculiar and optional
character of the method of control."
Washington Junior Team
Is Too Much for Albany
By a score of 2 t to 23, the Wash
ington juniod high school of Salem
defeated the Albany Junior high
team Saturday afternoon. The gatm
wag a fast one, the first half ending
14 to 7 in favor 'of fhe Salem tram.
Washington was in the lead ,du(n
the whole of the gamei A return
game will be played when the Albanv
rfeam conies to Salem February 2.
(The score Saturday was:
Bayne t4) C
Purvlne .
Stalcy (18.)
irown .(C).
Ashbyl ,
Bussard (17) ,F
Sears (2) . F
Wolfe O
Sailer C.
For Salem, Townsend was substi
tuted for Purvlne in the second half.
The Salem Vdcanfring Works
The oldest and best equipped repair shop in Salem
When your tires or tubes need repairing call on
us. We do the work as it should be done.
474 Fcrrv St Salem. .
i & f3 Hfl . Km . 1 1
Man Fined in Polk County Is
- Charged With Robbing
, Aumsville Store
, W. II. Kelly, who with Jack Ryan
of Albany, was held In the Polk
county bastlle at' Dallas for a littl
more than a month on a charge of
robtlns the stores of the Falls City
Mercantile company at Falls City;
and who was released last week after
his trial before Circuit Judge Harry
ji. jteit, ai wnicn ne wm nnea in
the sum of $250, has been arrested
again by the sheriff of Marion county
on a charge of having stolen goods In
his possession. Kelly is In the second
band and Junk business at Albany,
and is ihonght to. have been Identi
fied with the robbery of a etore at
Aumsville a short time ago.
The Socialist Tustrlan prisoners in '
the Ukraine have petitioned Leon
Trotzky, Bolshevik Foreign Minister,'
not to mate a separate peace with
Germany. They assert Jhat German:.',
unwilling to recognize the selkdefl
nttion of nations, would; keep Ans-tro-Hungary
under the imperialistic
yolk. London .dispatch In the New
York: Times.
Twenty fthousand women . clerks
are employed on British railways.
220 N. . Commercial St.
T Kvery day, 1. p. m.
Prfvate k;1ch tlaily at
Auction Prices. .
- IJargains for'
' F.;N. woodry,
. The Anctioneer
Save the Meat for the Boys
at the Front.
Fitt's Market
444 Court Street
- V'