The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 18, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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Photo of German Aeroplane Dropping Bomb
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THREE! ! Starts'
DAYS , P-tlay,
';hex ;;,,- , 1 -
i ! event Arrange to go early
Pofft Parent-Teachers
v io ai;e Big Meeting
"s DALLAS, Or , Jan. 17i--rBpecia!
to"Th Statesman. )-A tr.cttlnjf of
the Tollc County rarent-TcachTB'i-Roclatlon
will bo held in the high
school auditorium In thj.s rlty Satur
day beginning at 10:30o'clock in the
morning. Tb program is as follows:
10:30 to 11:00, business meeting;
11:00 to. 12:00, add reus, M. S. Pitt
man; 1:00 p. tn.. music, addf.';, O.
D. .Contr,'dlrcaor of tUn exUnnion
- tDtnglM Fairfcatiks la ' Tii-
anjle tVxjj "Tbe Xarnb."
Coming, to The Bligh Theatre
Next Sunday
' ' ' "
- A. s jw
i if
By Request )
I ' i t '
t comtnotito v
' lewis. .ASELZJUCK
work at the' Oregoa . Agricultural
colltgo, "Th Nation's Needs and
Our Kespon nihility." Address by
Mrs. N. A. Fulkerson on "The Re
sponsibility of I'arent and Teacher;"
County Bchpol Supervisor Floyd D.
Moore will Kpeak on. "Why Everx
Hcnooi uismci anouiy navt a i srtni
Teacher Association." J. E. Larsen,
the newly appointed agricultural
agent for-Tolk county will attend
the meeting anlhas been asked to
talk on "The Relation of the County
Agent and the I'arcnt-Tt achers' As
sociation." This meeting promises
to be the biggest and best erer held
by the county association and repre
sentatives from every district in the
county have signifed their intentions
tiff being present. ' ; i
ML Angel Bank Increases
' Capital Stock by $5000
-Mf . ANGEL, Dr., Jan. 17. (Spec
ial to The Htateinan.) The capital
Htot k of the Bank of Mt. Angel which
had jiiKt been increased $&00 last
April has again been increased f 500V
and a like amount was added to the
surplus fund. The new issut of stock
i-has been distributed among a num
ber of the most influential farmers
and business men of Mt.' Angel and
vicinity. This new addition will give
the bank a capital of 130,000 and
LiHirplus of $15,000. a very iepresent-
ative list or stockholders make it ono
or the strongest banks in this part
of the state.
; The ten committees
which have
donation to date having fcecn $100
bpen working in thls vlclnlty in the
Bligh Theatre
Presenting ' '
Interest of the Knight of Columbus
War Camp fund have been having gx"
ccllent success; the largest individual
by Mt. Angel Academy.! The teams
will continue to work the balance or
the. week and aro ctraln of over
topping the $100 mark.
nt r Liver ami litmels, Itml
Itrrwttii. Had VAti. Hoar Ktmach.
flHt a 10-cent box.
Sick hadache, biliousness, roatp'l
tongtio, had and nose clocked up
with r. fold always trace this to
torpid liver; delayed, fermenting
food in the bowels or sour, gassy
stWTiach. : ','
I'olsonous matter cfogged in the
intestines, Instead of bcinr cast out
of the srtem is reabsorbed into tht
blood. When this poison -reaches
delirate brain tissue it caaaes conices
tion and that dull, throbbing, eick-"
ening hadache. . $
Cascarets immedlatejy.jpleanso the
stomach, remove the sour, undigest
ed food-" and foul gases, take the ex
cess bile from the Uvr and carry out
all the conetlpated waste matter and
poisons In the bowels.
A Cabaret tonight will surely
straighten f you ont by morning.
iney work while, yon sleep a 10-
cent box from your rirngglst means
yonr head clear. stomach swrot.
breath right, complexion rsy and
your liver, and bowels regular for
months. : i k , '
Former Secretary of
Western Union Suicide
. - . . ...
' NKW YOflK. Jan. .17.--William
11. Jiakrr. former vice president of
the Postal Telegraph Cabl rompanr
and former scrtary of the ,'esferrj
union Telegraph company, kin(l
himself today In the Hotel Ansonla,
Mr, Haktr hadt been suffering fron
a nervous breakdown following an
Mr Hakrr retired as' sccretaiy of
the Western Unloi comiiany, Nov
ember 3. lDl.after 47 years of ac
tive business life nearly all of which
were spent In telephone and tele
graph servlc. H began as a mes
senger in 1870; He was bora in Buf
falo, N. Y.. April 13, 1855.
And we arp now Jbeglnnlnf An
earnest to. get ready , to light.
',!. '''
If , I" f.f I 1
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e -' ' ' v " ' . t 1 w -
N, 7'.-, ?' - - t , ,
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if s i . ' f -
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it's, ' - ' .S H 1 trU.
'''''""'''iFrr", ...
This remarxaTc potograpu w
in the foreground. The bomb, which
plainly visible.
Ideals and Humanities Are
Found in Conflict in
World Struggle
Dr. John O. Hall, head of the so
cial science department In Willam
ette university ltd the chapel ex
ercises yesterday morning and de
livered a short address upon certain
thing hack of the war.
. Thi doctor pointed out the fact
that there are twa principles that are
constantly in conflict. These, divide
up as me lueais anu iu jkumauiun.
The ldealt are religion, institutions
of government and patriotism. .The
humanities arc represented In home.
'ove of liberty and ,the rule of the
people. ,
lie stated further that when either
of these two forces os the upper
hand the world is made to suffer.
Dr. Hall explained the dark ages as a
time when the Ideals were the auto
crats. The present menace found in
Germany he "declared was due to a
similar excess.
"Americans and free people every
where are to bo able with their be
lief in the humanities to lesene the
world and restore the equilibrium
that Germany has upset," he said. '
In his opinion the United States
la in no danger of becoming a mili
taristic nation because of its partici
pation in the war.
"In a free country the danger of
excess in any ono direction Is mini
mized because public opinion, is
deep rooted and not to be' quickly
changed. The common people in a
democracy tend to keep society at a
healthy state of equilibrium," de
flared Dr. Hall.
Sacred Heart Academy
Is First to Organize
First honors for organizing an
auxiliary under fhe junior lied Cros
banner belongs to bacred Heart
academy.. When Jiews first cam to
Salem that junior Red Cross auxil-
laties would be formed The nehool
children evinced a patriotic interest
and yesterday .the entire student-
body of Sacred Heart academy con
sisting of 140 pupils responded with
their quarters in a- most enthusiastic
Tho money waa turned over, to Pro
fessor John W. Todd, superintendent
of schools, and arrangements win be
made imrnliately to use these funds
for purrhasisg various material to
be used by the students in their Rod
Cross sewing.
At tb request of the superior of
the? school, Mrs. K. K Fisher, chair
man of the membership campaign.
gave an interesting talk before the
iwbool in the assembly hall, yester-
Place Your
Order Now
that New
Winter Suit
hhovr the latest
weaves and weights. Pop
ular colors. All suits iriatle
to measure ou short notice.
. Scotch
Woolen Mills
i. . . ,
' 426St8to Street '
tasen just as a German airplaae vai
had not yet got under full speed is
day afternoon. She outlined tbye work
that could be done by the pupil hd
showed samples of various articles
that the suffering children jot Bel
glum and other devested countries of
Europe are so much in need ,of now.
The school feels proud In being
me nrsx to organize in the city.
Special Program to be
Given at Leslie Church
At a special program that will oc
cupy most of next Sunday at Leslie
Methodist church, Mrs. Ira A. Kidder
of Corvallis, known as "Mother'?
ividdcx, will be one of the speakers.
Another speaker will be J. Bruce
Lvans, evangelist who has been con
ducting special meetings at the First
Haptist church. The following ord-
gram win ve given:
9:43 a. hi. in the Sunday, school
rooms Home and Motherhood. A
Man's .Viewpoint to the Women
Young Manhood, Marriage and Fa
therhood. A Woman's Viewpoint to
the Men, by "Mother" Kidder, li
brarian Oregon Agricultural college,
Corvallis. ,
11:00 a. m. Sermon by, the
pastor. . -
1:00 m. "Hoover" basket din
sen. All young folks 'invited. The
girls will brings their best smiles
and a ".Hoover" basket of "goodies."
' 3:00 p. m. Women only. Church
auditorium. Young Womanhood,
Home and Motherhood. A Woman's)
Viewpoint to the Women, by Moth
er" Kidder. '
4:30 p. m. -Meeting for every
body, to be held in the auditorium.
Aciarcss oy J. uritce Evans.
Dallas Beats McMinnviUe
Basket Ball Tedm, 14-11
DALLAS, Or., Jan. 17. (Special
To The States.) The Dallas high
school basketball team defeated the
McMinnviUe team in a swift game of
ball in thejpallas Armory last night
by a score of 13 to 11. The-game was
exciting from starte to finish. Dal
las defeated the visitors in their
home town last week also.
A. M. LaFolIett
Enters Field For
Senator From Marion
Having receive requests from
voters all over Marlon county, tJ
make the Yace Tor utate senator, and
having taken the matter timler eon
sWerntlon, I hereby, announce kiv
candidacy, for state senator, to tke
Heptibiican voters of Marlon count?.
I don't think it necorpary lo tellthe
people of thl county bojr I stand
On Kconomy. Retrenchment, Rtforia.
Reduction of Taxes, and Cuttlng-ont
nreleis commissions wher It don't
Impair the efficiency of the state's
institutions. I stand on these mat
ters where I have always stood: foe
the Interest of the state of Oregon
and the taxpayers. !
Having been a resident of" thU
county for 5S years, having been
tlected a member of the hwe twice,
and of the senate once, and served
In. five session of the jeglrlature. I
don't think It necessary to announce
any particular platform, for the peo
Pie of this county sureiy know where
I stand. -
( Pd. adv. ) A" M. LA FOLLETT
University Is First to Offer
Course Women Take to
it Enthusiastically '
, ',. ... j
A course that ii unique among col
lege courses is being offered at Will
amette university: now. Next semes
ter those of the young women who
so choore may enter a class in home
ecmiomis or domestic art.
The irlrls will earh nroV fn.t
Vith Mrs. Alice Dpdd, a professor In
ine university, and visit various
homes in the city to sttidv th ar.
cnuecture. Interior decora tibn and
many other things that aro the foun
datlon of a cool home. He tar
lege credit will be given. y
1'reaident Carl Gregg Doner says
Silks, Poplins, Serges, Wash Goods, Cretonnes, c!
A splendid assortment of Spring Merchandise f
your choosing. . :
Our Prices Always The Lowest
Commercial and Cdurt Streets
Former Chicago Store'
Phone 1072 r
that to the best of his knowledge It
Is the only course of its ;Ind offered
by any university. Thirty young wo
men have already applied for. en
trance Into the class and all seem to
he very much Interested.
Dock Season Is Ended -
Shooting Is To Begin
.The shooting season of the Capital
City Rod and Gun club Is to begin lo
earnest In the near future. The close
of the duck 'hunting season on Jan
uary la has brought most, or the
numbers back to the city and some
Interesting shoots are to be arrang
ed. , No shoot will be held next Sun
day as far as Is known at .present.
Willamette end SUverton
Meet Here Saturday Wight
Willamette university will' meet
the Silverton Athletic club In a
basketball game at 7:30 Saturday
night in the Willamette eymnaslum.
Silverton Is An unknown quantity
this year, but last season " was - a
Combing Won't Rid
Hair Of Dandruff
The only sure way to get rid of
dandruff is to, then you
destroy! it entirely. To d.this, get
about four ounces of ordinary, liquid
aryon; apply it at night when retir
ing; use enough to moisten the scalp
and rub it in gently, with the finger
tip. . '-' . "
Do this tonight, and by mornlnz,
most If not all. of your dandruff will
be gone and three or four more ap
plications will completely dissolve
and entirely destroy very singlo
trace of it. no matter how much
dandruff you may have.
You will find, too, that all Itching
and digging of the scalp will stop
at once, and your hair will be fluffy.
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and eel a hundred times better.
iou can get liquid arvon at. any
drug store. It is Inexpensive and
never fall to do the work.
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not be bought todayj) carload loti.
You know what that. weans.
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We have seven first class over-eoata
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half price.--:-- i
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Quaker Torn Flakes . . . . .... 9c
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i 10 alfrs Crystal White Soap . . ..4c
'. Mking Oil, per gal. ...... ..$1.83
Italston Uran .13c
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.Arm & Hammer Soda 'c
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rare.. Serte Jat Ivnougti.
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O. 1. DlItDALL.
strong quintet. Willamette Las 1
& week's hard practice since the r a
in which sho held O. A. C. u
10 to sceie 'and ko will pre! .
spring something on the club tti
The same line tip will be -utd.
Colonel E. M House manaxci t
keep silent in all of the Izngm;
of which he Is the master.
t. rr. - hi
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me!i But 1 can't go until you
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Hp your cmhh tor my gro
eerie. Slowt all of my regular
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t vantage of our clowing out wile
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Iea of cot.
.Hob White Koap, closing out
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. 853 N. Contmen lal St.
. rhone ,