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Window Cards Not Necessar
ily Sign That Rules Are
1 Being Kept J "
Fish Not Preferable Because
Public May Be, Getting
- Jobbed On It ,
', Iiv V. O. CGWGILL !
There are many slackers in Saletn.
Those I mean Mho have received the
5 government food cards in '; their
homes with full directions as to the
savings desired by'th'e government,
.especially in wheat, mefct cf all
kiBs and sugar the three sen
'tiaj products "of, America that? niuet
be saved bw. voluntary action on the
part of the 20,000.000 families of
the land. 1
" Into one meat shop Tuesday morn
ing, while 1 was obtaining tle indi
vidual opinion of the proprietor of
the market, came a man apparently
la a hurry. It lacked then only a
few minutes of noon. He heard our
conversation touebiag the rales just
laid down through F. W. Steiislofr,
foOd ongervator of Marion county,
nd made the remark that he'nOver
' figned an agreement he did not' be
lieve in and that he and hi 5 wife
r;ere saving in all directions.' - Hut
when he. was pinned to the fact that
the government demands the savin,
,f,so many pounds of actually welgh--td-eut
nieat every Tuesday of each
vefk A; long as1thewr shall last,
la . order that the ounces of I meat
thus actually saved by .each family
- 'ia tbe'ljnd may bo utilized in po-
ipfitJas FairSabkl la Trf.
' aagi Play,- "Hie JjiimV
Ccniing to The Bligh Theatre
'Next Sunday j
Toctay I Bligh Theatre
- .
"GAP 02
; --' ..-' .;. - I ' '
Four AiAsr-i 'han c of VaqJriUe and iMctnres by . Request .
Friday, i SNKDKKEU'O). iaeKs oC, tlte,St(iim (imntrV
- . ft,-., yJV "-o
"fa f ' v i . - iv
- r ft J-' .. i : ffl 'M . i,. .
: -10--1 r'Sm " io .1
Din i V b Dn
! Kiln I---- -iliu vi
f' ACTS 1"SE5-1 ACTS
Produced under .the personal .supervision of REX ,
BEACH, the Author,
.New Great
The British have not stated just ho-w large is the mighty weapon of war, but they insist it js the new-i
est-nnd the biggest gun t far-produced for war uses. It is here shown on the way to tbt - Fland s
front. The photograph indicates iti&a rifle as Ions as liioKt naval gups and perhaps of larger calibre.
Vidin for soldiers or sailors of the'
I'nittd States, in addition to provid-rfttct
ing the armies and navies vt the)
allies in war with
nTcessarv meat: I
iue ni;n picked un his rrse atd left
the shop. .MV;;..s,.:: ,..--
Whet her 4 "went to the next shop
and boHghtwhat lie wanted, 1 did
not learn, foVj 11 st then two or tlirt-
nice oOkmg women ; came in,-; and
were served with
ordered. -- -.
the meats- tlMyJ
The propi ietor of vthe- FhopLsaid
IKat all biitHier sbops should le clos
ed on jettess days, whiehwouli
do-more than anything else to teab
the pnblic that . thse last requests
of the government were not .made
for the fun cf making new laws, or
rules, but to be rigidly enforced.
The proprietor said, also that I
might come into his-shop and buy
15 cent ' -worth ' of steak jnst
enough for my family- or I might
buy one dollar's worth, and fee woald
be none' the wieer, as to the probable
size of my family! Farmers Lcany to
town oniTuesdays, say' they cannat
; gt in anv othr ; day 7 and' buy for
theif use on Wednesday. But, who
'can tell on what day they -use the
meat? They have plenty of chick
ens, but claim they get tired :, of
chicken .and bacon on ham. '
Fish Is high unreasonably high
and the markets arfe often without
poultry of any kind. What is the
hotel rnanv or. rostauranteur to di
about it? ; v
y One man ' went to. attnarl?:et last
Tuesday to get halibut at : 30 cents
a pound, but when ; he tested thut
particular piece of -halibnt he found
it so decomposed that the stench
drove biro oi?t of the niaTktt. ,
A'v'hat is fne Htisnn f;sh Is h!d so
long in'cold Ftoraif.V? it U for the
take of bleeding the 'public Fish
that costs . (originally about- se"fen
cents a pound atthe tnouth of the
Columbia rive'r, or -on Paget saunl,
Should sell atr retail, all tfanrperth
tioo. and reasonable cold storage
charges added, for not ta exceed 21
cents a pound, and that would be
more, ?than it is actually, wortft, a-S
cording to prices, of other vear.
Smelt is growing "beaper. and will
continue to grow'- less, but other
kinds of fish are high, and apparent
ly will, remain high.
Investigation among the grocery-
- RER10
i , '
Gun Sent by British to Flanders Front
men and other dealers reveals the
that 'fdnepdays are l. Ajg very
won ooservei iy an aeaiers as
wheatl-r. days. The groeVrymen
.i v... ,,, 1 r-1 n nrr.-w
th. - cntri ini, in vvii-
Ixr. Kve and corn breads--are-be
ing sold, or other colored breads.
Hut son.e wfcpat bread is browo.
One Women was b-tirl to say that
hrnwn hrend ia nntf-nnsideretl a via.
latini .f fWhenIesS ta ns -white
bread aithough she aun itlrd it
Is made of wheat flour or gTaham.
It is simply wheat j-round with the
busks on in. Whole "'wheat "flour
is1 more nourishing than pure white,
or graham flour, and is bein lartrely
i'fised." as it utilizes overy iwrt?cle of
the of .the wheat kernel,
land loaves no waste, to.sp:Jk of In
kh; grinding. (
j Then there are tbre? great 'proJ
licta from corn, im addition 'to corn
hieal! and these are corn starch, ma
eolat oil and karo.' the "latter in three
flavors. ' This karo the best "-sweet-.ening
in the market, and should be
used tin times morf. than it is inthe
place of iigar on the taifle.
Corn .meal should be used rnore'ln
every. fa.mily. It has dozens of ways
of being" made palatable.' - Karo and
mazola oil should be used in cooking,
and com starch for puddings, etc."
The annual prod not inn T earn in
the tTnitefl States; according -to gov.
ernmenf figures, is an av?rage of
S'OOOOOO.OOC bushels the ' very
biggest erop grown fn the T'nited
Sttf'tes. tt IsYhe big factor in fattsn
ing hogs, chickens, and in silag'!
form feeds million.? of rows - and
steers,," but when ground into mes'
whib? the very best -human food,
from a roint of of view-of nourish
ment, will not keep fre?h for ship
ment to great distances. That is
why it is used very littleMn the arnty
or navy of this or any ether country.
There will be a" government food
inspector around one of these days,
and lika the income tax collector, he
will, hunt out all -slackers, and, Tt
may be, in the pot di.sant . future
the peor! of the United Ftitos will
be paced on daily rations as are the
people- of' England, Canada and
France fod ay.
T7R1 the citizens of Mariot county
and.Ralem await such ar-tion?
r I know of -many patriotic citjzns
that bare rationed themselves for
more than one year past, and yet,
they are just as happy as they were
formerly, ive just as well, eat about
as. much, are healthier than ever,
but give more time to other-duties,
wear less costly clothes, eat second
grade meats at home, support the
lied Cross systematically, and con
tribute now regularly to the Armen
ian Fnffers. -Don't
you know of others?
There- is something charmingly
homelike to Americans in at least
one passage of a recent alleged in
terview between a newspaper cor
respondent and the Russian revolu
tionary foreign official, as the cor
respendent reports him: "A few of
our Intellectuals who held minister
ial posts got cold feet recently and
re&igned." Cold feet! What is-Rus-sia
for cold feet?-r-Christian Sclpnce
Washington-Bey Praised '
J by General Pershing
' Private Sylvan Taylor 0f Washing
tori, D. C, has been commended by
General TerEhing for coolness in ac
tion. With a detachment or Hhe
Third battalion of the Eighteenth in-fant-y
he was subjected to a severe
fire from the Germans, to be followed
later by a ras alarm. The men, and
particularly young Taylor, behaved
with such iHdnesa that General Per
shing took notice of-it.'
: ' ' ' " , t
-t", , t ;
s-'"""' ' S 4
: r ; 4 ' - $ '
y- f : y v . - ; - -t
i-vKr'- r-- Urn
4 r v.
" "-y." I
' ' V-
: 4 ; f i '
' -r'Vy Hi
' i V ' U
i i il '
I, ' - ;
I n
Stocks, However Move to
Higher Levels at Close ;
of Day Y Business
NEW YORK, Jan, 16.. Disregard
ing the contradictory '-tenor of for
eign advices, maintenance of C per
cent call money -and a neW 'low rec
ord for one of the liberty issues, to-,
day's languid stock market gradually
sought higher levels, subject, howev
er, to intermittent pressure.
Pools, resumed their activity In a
number of speculative r specialties
but in seneral dealings- fell below
recent averages, both as to volume
and number "o?- issues iuoted. '
The railroad situation with its en
forced curtailment of industrial operations.-exerted-
little adverse influ-
epce, although 'rails made less upr
ward progress than any other divi
sion of the active list.
Leading steels, equipments,' cop
pers and Mexicans, made extreme
gains of one to three points iwth mo
tors, tobaccos and shippings. Final
quotations - we,re . mostly aLhigbest
levels of the day. United States Steel
closing at'Sl 5-8. a net ---gain, of 13-3.
Sales, amounted to :j 83,000 ha's-
Declqration of ' the regular divi
dends on Baltimore & Ohio common
and preferred was not announced un
til after the closeyof. t h market.
The foreign' exhang market was
irregular, .franc3 hardening with an
easier1 tone fo" lrep;
Liberty Eecond- 4's fell from 96.26
tp the new minimum . of 96.10. First
4's were quoted at 97.40 to 9C20 and
the 3'4'st toS8.50f, Total
sales, pafvglue. $4,725,000"
; ITnited, States bondi.ld -issues. unchanged on call.
,A few nights ago one of" my pat
rons had a small child taken with
croup about raid-night." writes M. T.
Ttevis.- Bearsville. W. Va. "They
cane to my store and got a bottle of
Foley's Honey and Tar. Before
morning the child had entirely recov
ered." ITse only Foley's for coughs;
colds,-cronp and grip. J. C Perry.
Commission May Let Go
ttvo Millions in Bondt
Whether it will sell the $2,b6o,
0t0 in bonds available for this year
under the J6.000.000 road bondinu
act will Le decided by "the state high
Way commission at its F'ebruary
meeting. The act contains the fol
lowing provision:
"No juore than $.1,000. 000 In
bonds shall lie issued hereunder durr
ing the year 1917, and that, not more
thun $2,000,000 iu addition to any
.surplus unissued or unexpended over
the $1,000,000 authorized for the
year 1917 shall be issued during the
year 1 9 1 s." " f
Report Many Cases
J of Rheumatism Now j
Hays ne muxt kei feet
I Ic-s meat.
- . j. , - .-. t .- I .
Stay off the damp gYoundV' avoid
exposure, keep feet dry, 'eat dess
meat drink" lots ''of water and above
all take a spousful. of salts o.'caslon
aly to keep down4uric acid.
Ithe'nmatifcTit isi val:sed by p'olsonotis
totln, called vrie a id which, is gen
erated in tbe bowels and absorbed
into the b!ood. It is -the lunction ot
the kidne4 .to filter this acid. from
the blood and cast it out in the
wine. The pores of the skin are also
a means of freeig the blood of this
impurity. In damp and chilly, cold
rwcather -the ,skin pores are ciose-J,
thus forcing the kidn-ys to do double
work, they become weak nd suggisb
and fail to eliminate this uric acid
which keeps accumulating and circu
lating through the system, eventual
ly settling In the joints anS muscles,
causing stiffness, soreness and pain
called rheumatism., ,
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of Jhd' Salts; ptrt a' table
spoonful in a glass .of water and
drink before breakfast each morning
lor a week. ' This is said to elimi
nate jiric acid by stimulating the kid
neys to normal, action"., thus rid dins
the blood of these impurities.
Jad Salts i is InexpesJref harmless
and is made from the acfd of grapes
and lercon juice, combined with lithla
and is usedwith excellent results by
thousands of folks who are subject
to rbeu matism. Here ' you have a
pleasant, effervescent lithia-water
drink which overcomes uric acid and
is beneficial to your kidneys as well-
' Y. W. C. A. T0
Betterment of Moral ' Stan
dards About 'Army Camps
. , Is tine Object
Nation Is Called Upon to Fur
nish Four Million Dollars
- For Cause
Next week, January 21 to 27, be
gins the drivefor this state's and
the northwest's share of the f 4,000,
000 fund required by the national
war ',work council of the- Young
Women's Christian association, to
carry on a work which is of vital Im
portance vto all: girls and women,
whether tfireetly or .indirectly affet
ed by the "war, as well as for tfie
EoldTerboys themselves. The govern
ment has requested that-it perform
eeytain liifes of constructive work at
home ami in tbe battle rone. The
northwest 'quota is to be $144,000.
in, addition to the famous hostess
house work, which brings soldier,
sailor, his family and women friends
together under homelike environ
ment and: gives him new cheer in
lonely camp and cantonment, the Y.
V. C. A. war wofk is equally direct
ed to bringing help to the girls and
women war, has brought Into strange
employment 'and left "Without- ade-
quate protection against influences
that -undermine the higher standards
of our- day. )
Tlianks Tjetters Come.
"The work of our wonderful host-
e?s. houses has already brought the
Y. W. C. A. many thousands cf
thankful testimonials-and is conse
quently quite well known, said Mrs;
William MaeMaster, chairman or the
northwestern field of the national
war work council.
"P.U In this more tangible institu
tion sight must not be lost of anoth
er -work very vital to our nation
Tnts eonstiyites. for the general wel-
""ar. 1: irf-""ant-Tnnction- of
-he y. W. C. A.' - It is concerned with
'he. cr-. rrioral guidance 'and hous
ing of the thousands upon thousand3
of f girls' who are employed In; new
War-time industries tn'the vicinity
of-jarmy camps and in the war Eono
itself. ..The -coming of the war has
brought to "girls . and women longer
honrs of labor,' emotional excitement,
nerve strain, crowded housing, moral
dangers, shifts in enfployment. and
to the. non-English speaking women
perpiexuy, ana iear.. fc.
"To meet these" crucial conditions,"'
vhich .left to "work themselves out
"n- theJr own way, would Result disaa
rour.ft- for the whole nation, the Y.
W. C. A., through Its national war
work council, has undertaken the
'ask of supporting ; women's Idus
'rial standards, the providing of
wholesome recreation, physical train
ing, social morality instruction, safe
housing, vocational ' training and
guidance and protection and advice
'or foreign born" women.
, Xeed in France Great.
"In, Ftance the" need for Y, wVC.
A. help is great. Amole.provis4o"S
s now made for Y. M. C. A. huts
and dugouts in the warson. bnt
hus far it has not been posribfe tc
irovide huts where the heroic. nnr.-"s
of, whom thousands are near th bat
tle lines, may run in to eniov j h't at
-est and recreation to rehiU'd thm
n mind and body for the next day's
; "Alany of these hnts j-e TieoHed
near the base hospitals. Tt takes just
f I ' U wT ,v1',,B,LL 1 "r I
nish and make It homelike ; There i.H
12000 to erect one and $300 to fur
lso irreat need for tbe "Fwr enn
teens" in the various industrial "aftd
HJimnnltion cntern. "-her" proper
food, rest and recreation for over
work edj French wbmonh may be ob
tained '-. '( , ' ' .
"The women r', Frqrc have ad
vfsed the Y.'W. ' wrrers over
there tnat they will themselves raise
$4000 lf the piw1lm tvifl provide
"v similar, amount t uch a canteen
n Paris. When r-called that
he ' women munition? workers in
Pranro ar working to the last ounce
of rhelr strength to win the war the
least we, ar Americans, can do is to
give them the means to get rest and
a , new lease on their minds' and
Camn Tuls Work firows.
"The hostess hone at Camo Tewis
continues to grow in popularity and
ts visited 1v on avrare ' of 'from
2500 to COOrt peonl flailv.- 'While
mother", wives, an sweethearts are
in the living room visiting their sol
dier boys, the Information -desk is
the busiest rbe Irt.fh eantonment.
;In two Greeks of Deeember4331
questions were, answered, 332ft let
ters posted, 500 people directed how'
to find friends, .3 4 3 telephone mes
sages delivered, 38 parcels checked
fre of charge 2605' woman ' taken
'"are of In the rest room and seventv
fonr children" and . babies in th-
rursery."." '
( Contjaaed from pare 1 )
they said tonight, that the homes
must be kept warm at all costs. Re
ports hflve poured into the fuel ad
ministration's offices fDrdays;part
telling of intense suffering In many
parts of the country. , , 4
' Xewsnape'ra .Vot Included.
Besides shipyards and factories
producing food stuffs the few excep
tion to . the. general rule forbiddlngl
i no use ot coai in tne periods speci
fied as plants which mtisj be con
tlnouslir i operated to prevent Injury
to tb plants themselves, newspaper
plants and printing establishment' i
'' '..- - "I . . . : '-. i ' v "
Our store is crpwded from; morning Jill night ; such
.are seldom offered by any merchant, but we must save
freight and the less we carry along the less freight bill we
will hayeV ' . " '
You can readily see who is doing the business of the town;
note the many yellow packages and gray suit boxes people 1
are carrying out of our store; your turn next, come in and '
buy; your needs now in
Remember also we are closing out our entire boys depart-
ment for we are n,ot going to; carry boys' goods in Tacoma ,
!, " ; -' r ' I " ( -
- ' - t .' - ; , '' ''''
"--,.-.- ":--:." ':.; "''"''',--:-:'- "''--.:-,''- '--'i-''- '"'.,-''. :,!'.
'Beejaeiiiini Birrcl
The Corner Store
1 t -- " : " 1 " ; 1 "- .
which " public carreot and; pes4odical
magazines.. . r :' .'.'-'
On the Monday . holidays berddes
manufacturing plants the t following
consumers wilt be. forbidden .to use
coal: ; ' -",'-..-':.,. " ';-.-'
Business and .professional t offices
(except to prevent freezing); except
those i used for government officers
or bank and trust companies . and
those-i housing' "phys'cians and dent
ists; wholesale arid. 4 retail ; atores
with exceptions for drugstores and.
tbose that sell food; all amusement
places and saloons.- State f u'el ad
ministrators may close the bank and
trust company - building if ; they
think necessary. ' t-
On the'h9lidays sub-way, snrfare
elevated and suburban cars will be
permitted to use only the amount of
coal they normally consume on Sun
days. ... f - . "
Some domestientllitfes probably
will be exempted from the.;order In
suppleVnentary rulings, including
laundries,," Ic&, plants and hundred?
of others upon which the; people"are
dependent for supplies and service.
Order Early Kxpccted.
Cutting, oft ' coal to non-essential
industries had been expected Jn
Washington: for a week. It was ,ex
plained tonight that they were not
discriminated against in the order
because of the -fact that it was al
most impossible to classify indust
ies as essential and nonistiaL
Ttiosuands ot factories produgrao
called non-essentials, it 'was pointed
out, supply either directly oriindi
rectly plants which themselves man-,
ufacture goods vitally needed by the
tuvernment or. by the public. Sus
pension of 'a few industries Is ex
pected to- interfere with deliveries if
the' railroads can move the goods In
the present congested state.
Officials tonight foresaw that tho
German government would probably
distort and make much of the order
to improve the morale of theCenman
people, but they said this danger was
uegligable when compared with that
of permitting--the fuel situation to
continue unimproved,
ti,-, -,tA t
The ' order was Issued under au.
thority conferred in the Iever food
act, which provides a fine of 50ov or
imprisonment for violation : of its
provisions, and - warning was given
that Jtx : would be strictly enforced.
' Business Disfavors " Ordar.
WAV YUltK, Jan. 1C Fuel ad
ministralors ' in New York tonight
arplied a voluntary censorship ' to
their .comment on Administrator
Carfield's drastic order foi the con
servation of fuel. They declined to
talk about It until they had an op
porunity "tot digest , the unexpected
regulations.; 1 "'
Business menwere not so reticent
and it was easily gathered from their
remarks that they did' not look with
favor upon the order. fMoct of them,
especialy newspaper publishers, ex
pressed norrtr less confusion as to
Jusf what It meant, f ' '
A deIega.tion of theatrical .men an
nounced that ithey would go to Wash
ington tonight an I appeal .to the ad
ministrator to permit thehi to keep
open Mondays 'I but ' close 'Tuesdays,
It was explained by them that thetness disappears. Don't stay crip
pyscbologlcal effect" -upon th pub
lic of having a holiday, Monday and
no place to go except home would
be demoralizing upon thd New York
public. ' '-' '
The pr-d'ntof the Stock Ex
change said the exchange would re
main open if the traders on the floor
and the employes, had to wear over
tiiizf Brolrers took. the game po
Kitkn. " ' -'""-..- .' ..- '-: -: -i-
E. H. Qutetbridge, president of the
chamber of commerce of th state of
v IteIdence ITione 232.
Republic Truck. Goolrlch Tires.
JMt. Angel Garage
Proprietors. "" ! - 1
' " ' Sit. Ansel, Or.
Hforage ami Repairs. . -v - - '
State and Liberty
New York, said Dr. Carfield's order
Eeems to give "great encouragement
to the enemyr great diseouiagment
to our allies, and great Interruption
to the war preparations of this na
tion." . -.
- lMIt seeniA to me that the program
of a suspension; of Industries is a de
structive rather than a constructive
program," he declared. -,
fit seems that the, most drastic ef
fects should be made to increase the
production of fuel rather than to bave
to curtail production of the neces-
si ties for lack of fuel." v t,
' Iublishers lTotest To Wilson. " ;
.The following telegram was
to President Wilson tonight ; by the
publishers . of The World. Iferland.
Evening-Post and Brooklyn Eagle:
t "We earnestly represent that tl.
order just issued byt the fuel admin
istrator is calamitous in Its character
apd unnecessary under, the fast im
proving conditions. It will, dislocate
industry, throw millions out of em
ployment and 4 impoverish-, famiia
who depend upon dally wages. .A
fiveday interruption and ten Monday;;
bhut down will wipe out their Uvin -margin.
Why not order five working
days of sixteen hours on coal de
liveries and mine production, bring
ing certain relief- instead of destruc
tion." Dr. Garfield's otder was read to
night at the annual dinner of the Na
tional wholesale Dry Good 3 associa
tion. Manufacturers, wholesales and
commission merchants from all parts
of the country were present. It wa
recelved.In silence. A few-momenta
later there wast scattered handclap
pirig and a buzz of widespread comment.-
:-" ' -: - ..' ,- -.,
CHICAGO,, Jan. 16. NVarly 9K !
manufacturing plants in the Chicar
manufarir JrlDg district will Jbe uhut
down and 400,000 persons will stop
work, under. Dr.. Garfield's fuel con
servation order, it is estimated. The
Chicago district takes in the big steel
piants at Gary, Ind., Kart Chicago
and . Hammond and the Calumet and
North townships. ,
. Perstfns Who have been ill a
great deal are generally tall, since
lying, in bed. .with the Iir4ib3 relax
ed,, induces giowth."
Rtib Pain, Soreness and Stiff
ness Right Out With Old
, "St' Jacob's Unbi ent"
Kidneys cause backache? T.'ol
They, hate no nerves, therefore can
not cause pain. Listen! Your bark
ache Is'cansed hf luriibago, sciatb-a,
or a strain, and the tuickent relief
is soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs
Unliuent." Hub it right on the ar he
or tender fpot, and infetaudy the
pain, soreness, .stiffness and lame
pled! Get a small trial tottle of
"St. Jacobs : Liniment" 4from . y ur
druggist and limber. up. . A moment
after It is applied you'll wonder
what became of the backache, srf
atica or lumbago paio. "St. Jacoi-s
Liniment" stops any pain at one -.
It is harmless and doesn't burn or
discolor the skin.
It's the only application to rub on
a weak, lame or painful back, or fov
lumhag'A sciatica, neuralgia, rheum
atism, sprains or a strain.
rbone 101.' " -j
Overland Service, AH Accessories
: .... 4 -
s -