The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 01, 1918, Page 8, Image 8

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1 "':--a;--
ion car of "the limited,
Tammany's overwhelirt-
9 woman suffrage move
Knickerbocker state but
ich receding through the
followed by another, all
siette valley, until just at
in a delightful panoramic
'valley, will, be in the not
c I'zes that the growing of this
I ry. will pay more net profits
) y other crop for- commercial
.alley painting may be found.
, iii uu wuir join me SWlif
i upper New York state to the
'right shining steel rail's divide
fame of whose grape Juice has
. - -.-- -: - i. ' "
;on? Agricul&Eal Colleges says:
pare juicc,Just aTTtNnaip from
;nt to three times its conU.
.ruit-MfriXlie market. j
Oregon, the Center i
ays r,A! rising young juice that has
it ranks of the glittering soda fountains
I extract j of loganberry. It has; made a
erican j palate in a short two years of
I where meironcc looked for golt there
ianza in juice. L 'J -:J- J i i
I California,; discovered the berry about
e a-chance hybrid between, a wild-blacky
IX is long anu lai, uawug wwre nuiance
'-rry It is grown on a commercial scale
vington and Oregon, and' does not seem
'.ate; It was first used for pie and jamj
ies.; mostly fresh and m iced cars, fast
f fresh berries are now shipped annually
i of California. , '-r'iVvV .. - U
nters at Salem. Ore eon. ."VVhen the state
large brewery became idle and was cora
gospel of , kickless beverage among the
he reformed brewery was received with
?s of Boston $nd Ne$ York. -The farmers
,-e acreage, and the production. ia- betwecy
to the acre, .which compares, closely with
I grape. i.The jyield;of juice for the same
grape I t jj
jis of LIanufacta .
lor raanufaetonriff loganberry ice one
d for consumrtion. and "Thez! bottled
the berry, 05 pe theory mat f ?s mucn
Consumer to d his own reducilg 'than to
bulk m shipping. -it.
f mies control 75 Dcr Cent of thl bGrries of
t the other two companies, oat uiey. arc
jffor the reason that' the berriel are falling
f companies;' as it is no small man s game -
;eity of it, to operate such a? business, j
,(t)Q invested in vineyards 'j of loganberries in
t fad the industry are calling or the planting
Th berries. At present onif abVnt-2000 -acres
I .'I , ; --. - 1
'vine, notti bush, as is setimiii.eiTncisly
v f rom- twenty to thirty feet in length. The
i size and proportions of man's thuiab. Tlie
;rown ii the two states of Oregon and "VVash
;atipart of these: srles west of the Cascade
; j r v ..
m only j b grovfi : ipccfully wesf of the
I brid fas dt&yeyA " Judge John II.
i expeimtnfnK "wifli theross between a
pTscrrf'fr't'" veT- nisheil in the
. . t. . r..txAik. tn" .SvizardXl
tt i?itU lndu8t-y. surtlns. as
Ji fht lhfnit. Ute went
dry, the bottle maaufactnrers and
keffeted that becluse of
Ef,". t?.ttIe business would drop
? rJSi 1 wJul4 b negligible.
But these prophecies did not prove
true, for, today these two companies
alone are using hundreds of carloads
of empty glass, and the product are
shipped to every quarter of the globe
-r-in fuU carload lots, for the most
part to the large distribuUng cen
ten - .;.;.'
la ; stacdardlxlng the business.
"Phes," for Uistance. wilt be found
bottle for bottle, In New York Just
the , same as In "Salem, both- as to
quality aaj price.
. i ;. ; i ' r ,
-"(The foliowhur editorial aDneared
In the tatesmaa in the latter part
i.Thecgaiberry industry has been
stablliz 1. It - Is -now j on Its feet.'
It brlt .s to Salem, which Is its. cen
ter, aad the city of its birth, a vast
sum Of nosey each year.
But : it most grow.
..The Willamette valley has In bear
ing ,2000 to'- 2500 acres. Marlon
county has about lOOtf acres.
There can be little Increase in the
volume of the crop harvested ' next
year,; over that of the season of
1917, excepting in Hie possibility of
a better season and . better " cultira
tlon. This increase may tte consid
erable?' for last season was a jery
poor one for logai berries; and the
growers have learned a lot of valu
able lessons from,' experience in this
new industry ajid, since it is. new,
experience is the only, guide worth
noting. . . - f . ' .: . ;
But there is now1 an effort being
made to double vthe acreage ' of
loganberries try planting next spring
in Marlon county, and. If possible,
throughout: fhe valley. 'r
- The;:WotejgT-4i8trlct has already
guaranteetrce doubling of the acre
age; there.; v." -'r--. ' 5'""-- f;. if-
t So that, in 1919, 'therq) may be
4000 acres of (bearing loganberries
in the Willamette ; valley ;i - possibly
5000, if the efforts: now, being made
I shall produce results up to the full
measure f the expectations of the
most optimistic.
But there should be 10,000 acres,
and more; and there will- be a
market for the juice made from the
berries of J0jfe0 acres before that
mark is . reacbeM. I - ' s i
The grape Juice Industry' of the
United' States is already sing the
product of 20,000 acres; tnd- grape
juice is only a drink, wsilt logan
berry Juice is both a drink and a
food. I ' i.:-. : f
In due course of time. th lareest
demand for loganberry lIo will be
from the ' kitchens of this Md other
countries; for ice cream add. icings
and flavorings ind icoloilng,: - it
uses in this respect are many.v --
And as & drink It la a hetterrink
than grape - Juice; "the lastei ang
ers ;M and It is good for the health
of the users. ; I
Another I thingc ! The - Willamette
valley has an exclusive franchise on
loganberry t juice. - jThia is Ue only
districts In -I this country- where-the
loganberry; can be grown to perfec
tion, f ": 4 -
Now, - for; a greater tosnage per
acre, and la larger acreage, np to
10,000, and then some. Thl will
mean one ! of the largest industries
tn tha whole country, anf it is surely
coming- and the sooner' the better
for all -concerned. j. h
: r y Juicj Profits in Sight
An rticTer which should be interesting to many of the Statesman's
readers, appears in a late issue of the Oregon Voter, published by
C. ji-'Chapraan, -It deals with the " loganberry industry, more
especially in the Willamette vaUey, Oregon, and is as follows r
Another Oregon dream has ctfrae' true.; It's only a few years ao
that a few enthusiasts prophesied that the loganberry industry had
Vast possibilities for the WUlairatte valley. And in this year o our
Lord 1917 we wake up to the realization that Judge Logan's berry
is bringing $2,000,000 into. our slate. ; f . f
Nearly as productive' as the whole apple crop of Oregon,, in dollars
and cents, is the loganberry crop of 1917. v ; I , . .
And it's nearly as Valuable as the prune cropthat boom crop of
the late '80s, which vindicateJtself as the years rolled by amjf has
brought riehes to all the persistcst growers who persevered .n loyalty
to it. Half as valuiable as a normal hop crop is the loganberry ?rop.
t And nearly half as 'valuable', as the salmon crop of the mighty Col mi
bia Almost half the-valne of I normal wool. crop, "befo the'wii!:..".
Surely, here, is an industry t!.at merits attention.' It has grown t .
tlie point, that it commands t. And those who have followed' it
closely are beginning to see, that its beginning is modest indeed cor.i
pared with its1 immediate and ultimate possibilities. S
Quick attention this lusty infant industry should have for it ;
main need today is more 'acreage. ; Here is something our .Willamette
valley commercial bodies can take up with a feeling of certaii:t; ,
that their, efforts will bring ! liars intOtheir communities bril.t,
new round dollars, that eorce from afar' and. enrich farmer tr: I
merchant when they come. ; , . ; " V , f ';
Only 2000 acres are now flanted to loganberries. This land i
worth $150 an acre, or aj total of only $300fiOO. And- from th';
$300,000 worth of land is produced the berries that bring $2,000,OC J
into the state. Looks like a ssnall investment.
Immediate planting of 1G,OCO acres to loganbcrries'is what is advo
cated, by leading manufacturers of the tasty juice. Demand already
established for Ihis deliioEs beverage base is:, what impels 0.1
recommendation. y- Jfj v;" , i , ' .
Backing up its judgment one of the' leading juice manufacturer
offers to erect a local pressing plant in each community that will pul
in from .200 to 300 acres of loganberries. And on top of that, 'will
guarantee $70 a ton for the picked berries, on a long-term contract.
lit is only a few years ago that a cent a pound, or $20 a ton, wu
the amount paid for picking The grower felt he was doing well t
get 2 cents a pduhd for his." aJacft.. - And tnanypickeT? and grower
made money at those price , s a much so that the planting of logan
berry acreage was extended :pace. f .' i s 4 .
. With the oncoming of pr ' ibition,everal faV-sighted. manufactifr
era saw possibilities in the, f arp taste of loganberry juice to cstabli
a new favorite' as a temper, :ce drink. They shipped some juice east,
and it made a hit wherever served; As a bar drink, it promptly won
a-place f or-itself amohg-d, lit. refreshments-. At the. soda fount air
it established a quick defend. In households, at banquets' and at
retfeptiona and dances, it I ame a favorite for punch, ior unlike any
thing else that was.non-in xicating "it' had the punch' And pro
hibition is spreading. t; 1 : :v ( r ,
So. two years ago one co jeous manufacturer undertook nation.-!
advertising' on ; a small scj :. -The inquiry and interest created wj.
sufficient that last winter a big advertising campaign' was under
taken. Si pages of the Saturday Evening Post were contracted, oj;
of them in colors- The cost was $31,000 a big sum for a tiny infar l
industry of far-off Oregon to eipend-r-but the actual demand create 1
as the advertising. was run duringLate spring and early summer mor
than justified the expense. ; - -'f'f
Another manufacturer operatinsf a converted brewerj',' 'iiuTv ' '
his brand of, loganberrj' juice in daily newspapers of several 'lur;
eastern cities, concentrating his campaign. . - i
Results they were impressive. Distribution ofthe preceding k:
son's supply of juice was effected into every part of the countr;
Carload, after carload was shipped east. : , ' ,
As soon as the 1917 crop began to come in, it was pressed, packc
and shipped. Dealers and vendors clamored for more. By autui.;
the demand was so heavy it made; the manufacturers gasp. Tl
widespread character of the demand indicated the special rcsultsth
came from the national magazine advertising.
Then, the military authorities caught on. ' .They, too.- discover
what charms there were in loganberry juice as a beverage. At an
posts, training; camps and cantonments, the soldiers bought log
berrv juice from their canteens. Prohibition was enforced, the r
medical authorities thought little of 'ppp" as a health drink, r
here was loganberry juice, a favorite, that was the healthiest ik:
that nature and man had ever produced. J '
' So the government tried out a carload. .This was followed nv.l
by orders for many more carloads. One eastern grocery jobber t
ten carloads of loganberry juice to the government on one nr
And a carload costs $9000. And nearly all the $9000 conn.
Oregoivjr--.. ;-:-' :V v : v .-
Today 'the army demand for Iojranberry juice is Ruffle,
command all of next year's production; ( But'the manufacturer
wise. They are going to continue their national advertising: ,
not to lose the advantage of the general'market that has been'c';
all through the I7nit4d States. Instead of beinir satisfy
easy sales made to tKe government, they-are bending their ciu;
to increase acreage lroduction here in regon. Thus thcy-i
to ailcment throp RuffWicntlv to at least take care of nrt
armv demand and. the growing public demand for juice. ;
, Will ot California and thagtertt and southern states '
ii vr acreage, so as to compete with the Paeifw Nnrthwt
They have already, tried it. The loganherry was a Californi
ventionJuage uf5an,iu f xperjinemer iMj,0 perfected it. It
leen thirty years since me luscious oerry wa heralded, and in r
every state it has been tried. Only on. the Pacific Coast !
survived commercially , i " - - v s
4- And only 2Cp acre have survived in California and t!j'
there ?s a joke compared with the greats luscious Oregon lo;
It is small and dry, and yields very small juice tonnage
with the, Oregon product." Neither has it the surpafwing flav
it takes that rare combination of abundant moisture and
mildness ; to' produce .the, great,' perfect, juicy roganberry, ;
nation found, no wherv else in happy combination save nrur
Korthwest coasts.;.,:. -I --, '5" .' . 1 :;1 ' : . ; ;'.
Judge Logan invented a fine lerry ii California. , But he !
better than he, knew. rFor, from that California start' r
Oregon loganberry of today, so far beyond what Judge Is
able to produce in California that there is hardly a cc
From Judge Logan's plants the Oregon loganberry was
The old jurist wizard of berrv nlsnta has nroven to 1
Oregon's preatest benefactors. 1 ; ; . .
cOur Willamette valley is one of th'Wanlennots of e -r
its fertUity Hs being sacrificed to wheat and other n
bulky rouffbasre.t-Dairvinir is helninw' taw if l.nt f
dairy .farms'.: is 'smalL cornered--with ilmt. -nW f-
drain the soil. Tha ideal products for the Wiltn-v ! '
Acreage Must Be Increased
Not ae e'erson in a, thousand In
the .Unie1 gtates ever heard the
iWord lognneVy before one ot the
Salem companies undertook an am
bitious y aojtertling c ampalgn
through ;tlTa medium of The Satur-
- The princiale before - the manu
facturers ot l6gzXjrr Jnice at this
time is first and foremost to produce
enough of the product, and second
to secure glass bottles fast -enough,
and third to make known to the
.world that there is such a product;
If Salem doesnt look out and do
tt bow, the loganberrr center of the
world may shift from Salem, as sud
denly as it "feund a place- In the
sun." ' . .
i The farmers of Marion county are
not asleep all' the time, but some
of them seem to be asleep most all
of the time to "hook
ing op" with a good contract deal
for produce on term contracts. Or,
In other words, tn the - language of
Lincoln, "You can fool some of thH
people all of the time; you can fool
all the people some of the time, but
you can't fool all of the people all
the time." ; v - -' .
Now there are right here In Salem
two or three x large manufacturing
plants which - make a specialty of
handling loganberries; one, pr may
be two, dry or eTaporate the berry.
Two others press out the Juice for
ries. i With these ? two companies
openly offering to tie up the grow-
ers output for fromflve to ten years
at a price that makes the market,
even before the canes or vines are
put into the ground, it would seem
to be a matter of Mr. Farmer getting
out his fanto' and making a "bee
line" for the off tees of these com
panies, i - ' . I A -
i - Large Car i til Invented ;
Today there is ver $800,000 in
vested la loganbeiyy vineyards and
factories in Oregoi with Salem as
the center of the Jworld; m this dis
tribution of the product.
In Marion county only 1000 acres
are planted to loganberries, with
1000 other acrea in other parts of
the state. Last year loganberries
brought Into . the state gross sales
estimated at a trifle over 2,000,000
or almost as mucn in dollars and
cents as the apple crop of the entire
state,- ven -inel udfttg - the : celebrated
Hood River country. . v
Those behind these manufacturing
concerns are doing everything In the
pow,er?of human beings to do in a
supreme effort to induce the plant
ing of ; 10,000 more acres to logan
berries, and by offering to provide
a market at a good price per pound
before .the: vines can be set In j the
ground, It would seem that there is
little more that they can do.
; If, toy any reason of their own,
the farmers of this county do not
pledge . sufficient loganberries to
Wliere "Phes'T Is Vwed
i Shipments of "Phes" are shipped
throuah distributing arrangements
already perfected pa Canada,;South
America, in BuropeV and the far east.
and initial shipments have been made
to all countries' on the globe, as far
as war conditions nake possible.
The foreign shipments
pelled the company to provide wood
instead of paper cases, which are
used In making shipments through
out the United States.
I have before me the announce
ment sheet of food products carried
In stock; orsupplles on demand, of
Austin.) Nichols & Co., New York
Among other statements oh this ord
er leaflet appear: r "World's I record
broken, ship stores, navy yards, ma
rine harracks; army "posts, training
camDf. etc, All"SUpplled quicker and
better than any other house -in the
world." !"Pbes Loganberry Juice
The-Krohlbitk)n beverage with, a kick
In it."' i -I-.;' V;
: The records of this large exporting
house show that all the battleships
of the United States 'navy, and all
the cantonments in this country.
where United States troops ; are in
training, have been supplied by them
with "Phes" shipped on their,-orders
direct to docks or camps.; !l !
! . With two large manufacturing
companies located 'right In Salem
each offering to contract for ail the
loganberries that can be produced In
this county, on contracts from five
. e tiad of M berrynoV known cmercially
. :t ir Ktill Loeanberrv.i ! ;
I r-e vine?? ! n coast to ,, other
Ycrk, alS the l of.the,?ld Kn,e iIway
'pte--ever en'mS border on bothies
doWAlbany.-f : . X
nnll who know, especially those in tlie
befy iuic 18 penor to grape juice fo
' (X.
jnice m Ue U,ited States is. 10,000,000
U OOQ acfW. of 1 ganbemes to
equal this
Aiiis berry. Or: rrpat. vinevarrf renehinir
i?Zm end of the ,ilamette valley to Port
i.liu- , . font a I ,
Vear t lpn to 1 ? out and prepare ground
J . -rV V 111 no fi I. .'
y are piantea in rows
'and eight feetilaparf in
' :.,hcrry vines.
nrth and sou.
. fourth plant, i
r. Two. Strand,
. the canes are
( ut after each i
winter while '
Jltivated, t e j-
tie Eprc. o
. wWe r: t rs.
to-1: -
:..,;;.?. 't,-S;- ! ;kl
vine, or thirtytwo feet
wire are strung to the
r season, and the new
nes are dormant. If
ill average from . four
rc paid 3. 'cents per
11 ceni a pound,' with,
ire picked in pound
i single' tier crates of
emptied into large
: ,?cs into hyclratilie
1:" 1:U rwn secret
the most
T ...
4 V
' -r-
a leverage, and have already, with
in a.Khort time, established a market
for tVe product' beyond their ability
to supply why? '1 :.-,;"i;
I wilt take, for exampleithe two
leading manufacturers of loganberry
products, one is the Salem-Kings
Products Company, oi Korth Front
street, whick plant waa opened for
business only a few. weeks ago under
the management ot "Jack" Walker.
The firm. employs nearly 200 people,
part of them in fh factory, the oth
ers in the field trying to
tie up farmers or - growers, of all
kinds of produce, which can be 'pre
served for future use.- In the logan
berry line they have, and In only a
few casea; comparatively ; speaking,
taken time term contracts accepted
by the .farmers -or growers to whom
these offers have been made. Their
method , of preserving the fruit Is
that of evaporation iv r ; -i -
,Tbe other, company Is the Pheas
ant Fruit Jnice Company, which be
gan the manufacture or loganberry
juice tn a. small, way. In 1913: last
year by Judicious-advertising the de
mand for- its: product exceeded the
ability of the company to supply. ,
- -.lpreaKto the . Farmer !
To v t'1"- t hundreds of acres
' ' - ' " r Salem that are
" da. not pay as
",t,- as wouH
meet the reqalremenU of these man
ufacturing plants, and other local!
ties came forward with the acreage
pledges to make the future of the
business assured, cenld any one in
Marion county blame these" factories
for seeking otner faarters?
It might be, but Is not a likely
ining 10 nappen. t . . r .
Do you get It? t j
Fignree Drltt Point ITome
As Ulustratinrfwhat one of th,a
companies is doUg for Salt m In the
way oi a guuuizea payroll, I will
give you a lewriignrea taken direct
from ibe bool pf The Pheasant
rruft Jttice tympany, whose main
plant Is located at ?Hshand Trade
streets.- .:. !..
Ifere are employed from forty to
flf ty people, and In the rush seasons
many times that number are 1 re
quired to use care or the business.
Sob-stations are located at Wood-
burn, ami - urii urore, and there
will oon be another plant at Oreneo.
where hundreds of acres have, been
puced un4er contract for i planting
ext season, i
j The general office force, now lo
ated In the .United States National
pask eullding, numbers fifteen
clerks; stenographers,- bookkeepers
an salesmen. .. . .
Offlcfs. afe arso mafn.tained In
.vew York Chicago, and Ati,f,
. . . - -
t u years, at a price that gnar
ante a regular! market fori the pro
ductoganberries even before the
grouai j, cleared and planted, with
an e&trmous market already estab
lished fcr thIs most delicious bever
age, ant with the bottle factories
ready te do their nartJ the logan
berry Jn4stry s noW 0 '.absolutely
solid greand. - - ; I J : '
Each! oi of these companies has
invested any thousand or ooiw
In buildine. Mrhlnerv f and sfaip-
DiniF ntaterf..! tr ttllll OUt Of
Salem, yfor 1A of sunplt of the raw
material, wen Id enforce ?a great sac
rifice of pital already invested,
but, better lose a part bf that, and
go to a,erritory wnere
ers can rsee "througn a .iu.
with . i sUi. in it and re-establUh
a business; there. ' j t
H.i.:. r nature in ner simp
m f-m,' MflDOl -oniys "
but the gteatest oev - v : V"
nlalne and growinSoi wh-""""
for. commercial, puivww.-,' " . .
, ... v. h itrcam come true.' to
taWUIamjette valJwithar
county as ""'l m to
berry vlneyaras n-aca -7er
. . . . i. ' nm here
Eagene on tie wain, "ntir
to Portland n the "f?; " ve
the "Rose. of, SharpnTfo er
plain.- I . .-1 - -
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