The Oregon statesman. (Salem, Or.) 1916-1980, January 01, 1918, Page 10, Image 10

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; The Falls ' ;City-Sa:oi ;Lumtscr
.company Is. one of the .hate indus
trial enterprises . of ' Jsfr'a ' ?ts
yards and 'offices ; arjjfated" n
Muth Twelfth street, and ,n3'f"
7 tude of J its business 'Is pt .y
reprehended by the av2Se clt"
Lof Salara. ' The ;enprisDS
lanager, A. B. fcelsay, ilcd ,ta
Vriter over ! their bunif ana
. ards: recently; and gave b 67 P00";"
I rs regarding the 1 umber Industry.
J, A large stock Of all iclo I of lan
er.for buildiag purposes I 4
hand, and many kipdr: Uses la
connection therewith. r For instance,
they handle paints, ' ant , vere
shown a ,large loom bigger than the
arerag paint IstoreV filled with a
complete stock if all that Is required
n this .Tiarket-1 ., .. . . v .
Tb ' Leep Constantly on hand,
under tcoTer, doors, sash, finishing
lumber and everything that eould be
called for -In the building of a cot
tage nt a' mansion." -They also car
ry -a large stocjfc of brick and tile,
andcan. supply jany demand.
' Cement., Hmef plaster is another
on of their, lines. Wood and fuel
of all kinds Is (also' a part of their
business. . Mr. JKelsay reports a flat
tering trade this year and an in
crease ovor; last year of over 25 per
cent In the gross business. , , - -
; ! "-
For thousands of rest ra the so-
d medical - procession i ld bf"?
loundering lit the quaginfe cf
aled science. -The mly ;f JB-
"all It had found: was ana iny, tat
i had utterly failed to M any
structure upon that but surgery. It
had touched upon physiology, most
aotably upon t e rasetion of the
UFA It r hoi hA hn!lili. r
therapeutfcs.i . Sqch was the situation
in4 the. last hajf of the nineteenth
ceiitnry fhn & man with a vision
appeared, upon the : horizen in the
T thif season of the
y ear cur thoughts turn
id thbse!r;7li6se; friendly
iisiness 1 23 made possible
digger aia Dtteir Jtmngs,
andi We ;; : tei
Keartv snri sfana for a
and Pro: 2rbus New Year
- Per D. E Jarman, Manager
person- of Dr; Still. "He' lpamed what
his predecessors had , handed ; down
to him. lie found the. facts meager
and unsatisfying, bo he went direct
tn the great fbook of Nature. There
he studied . the forms and manifes
tations of life. and communed wjth
its author. There he found. the an
ewer ) prop6unded by! his Inquiring
wind an I procured y the . materials
which he later builded Into an-ha-monious
structure OSTEOPATHY.
The charter for the fir3t Osteopat
hic college w,as obtained May 10."
1&32. and on that date the first class
was enrolled and met for work In
their little one story building. 14 by
ZO feet. This is quite a contrast
tn the ' several big- buildings which
prace the little city of Kirksville,
Mo:, at vthei present- Umej with a
student body of overv eight, hundred.
Few movements ' have , grown ; tnofe
rapidly. From this one unpretent
ious school, with- Its hundred and
twenty"; -students, .there : have 'de
veloped seven schools, with a" pres
ent body of 1500. ;
Over eight thousand Osteopathic
physicians, are now In the field prac
ticing their profession. To illustrate
what this science can do i for la
grippe.' La grippe is a congestion of
blood supply in the spinal centers.
Osteopathy, by adjustments andi man
ipulation, permits the natural funct
ions of these parts. j removes ' the
cause, and the effect Is relief and a
cure.,,, J-:',, ' .- ;; --. " :.
4 i In the sanies way. the cause of
ether diseases Is found in these spinal
centers; and twhen the cause fs .re
moved,, the effect naturally disap
pears. . j
Sixteen years ago. Dr. W. L. Mer
cer, of this. city, graduated from this
famous school at KirksTille, ' Mo.
Since then he has been successfully
practicing his profession, and is the
oldest practicioner of Osteopathy in
Salem. if- ':
The doctor Is in love with his pro
fession; bejevea In the science of Os
teopathy, and by his enthusiasm and
wide knowledge has built up an en
viable practice. . ; ,
Wo 'called on him in his offices on
the fourth floor of the tTnited States
Dank biiiWInc. where he courteously
granted us: a short' interview, i We
found "him a, very " busy man,plut
managed to get in a lew minutes con
versation 1 while -his patients : wajited.
The, doctor not only rtands high
In his profession, but alsotis one cf
the foremost citizens .of Salm, and
is always found in the f font ranks
in all public, movements for the ! betterment-of
his city,, state and'; na
tion. ' ' ' -
This company, located at 383
Court street, reports a flattering in
crease in business during the past
year. They are well prepared ) for
the manufacture of the highest grade
creamery butter, and , pay top price
to "the. farmers- cf this -section 'for
butterfat. ' . - -, fi"-
Many of the best farmers in this
section are members, and the com
pany stands high-among the cream
eries .of the . state: The manager.
O. B. Neptune, reports . verything
going on successfully, and the pros
pects for the year tn at ; is now; op
ening were never better..
Mr. Neptune, the ' manager.-
had long , experience in this lino,
coming to Salem from Albany. 1 .
On account i of tho stockholders
of the company being actual pro
ducers of butterfat; there is a cer
upon and the regular markets! for
tain supply, which may be counied
the products of the creamery always
supplied. " ' '" :
-However, the company buys but-
terfat from many dairymen who-are
not members of the , company and
these dealings are satisfactory, as
evidenced by the Increasing busl
ness. - '
If you want to milk cowsthts Is
the best - place in all the EWorld to
milk tbe&ir ' More money $n It tyn the
same work than elsewhere calthe
green footstool.: . '
- - . 1 - xT- . -----
" ' ' T '''
-. - ' '
; .W. T. RIgdon has been an under
taker In Salem since the memory of
man runneth not to the contrary.
' The result of these years of ser
vice is the- undertaking parlors of
the W. T.- Higdon Co.. at 252 North
Jligh streets-one. of .the : most) com
plete and up to date estahlishsients
of this kind" in the state, or In the
country, for that matter.-v it.--
W. T. IUgdcra is still In the active
work but he is ably assisted by his
son, Lloyd I Rigdon, who has . been
taking, an . active part for. several
years. '-- M, :!-'
It is iscarecly necessary,- in -; the
opinion of the writer; trwell-upoa
all the necessary accessories of a
complete and up to date undertak
ing establishment.
There are associations, ' connected
therewith that are tender, when one
remembers intimate occasions de
manding the facilities afforded there.
r.T Jt is. sufficient -pto" say that .. the
Kigdon establishment has .met . the
test in all these; years, and is better
equipped than. ever, before to so con
tinue, in the service; of this cpm
munity. . . ' -t
W. T. Regdon is more than a good
undertaker. He is a good citizen and
a jgood friend, and a Valuable asset
to the community, as he has been ail
these "years. ' - .,
Tkfxj7nr" "TTiOi-A rnn
1 . ' . s .
7 vv
For the way in which they hsiVe patroniz
ed this store during the year 1 9 1 7. In the
coming year we shall attempt to increase
the efficiency of our store and invite the
public to judge by personal inspection
whether we have succeeded. To everyone
we wish a pleasant and prosperous 191
. (;
Vou get more
for your, r '
money &t
Moore 'a
t il ii if jsr? !
i . -1 . 4 ii v j i jrj t i - st tin as
t r i vrf. i -yy i ni un j- m
Etovea' zz.
.Talkirj .;
, '. w a.4.'-.,n
Junior Congregation Is
Entertained by Pastor
The Rev. Carl H. Elliott entertain
ed the members of his junior congre
gation with a social in the parlors of
the First Presbyterian church. Mon
day afternoon Until 4 o'clock when
they resorted to the ; Spa f or j Ice
cream and wafers! ; : ' !
There, were thirty in all. Tbese
Sung people gather . Sunday morn
ings with , the ' regular -congregation
and the pastor gives them a five or
ten minute talk just before the' sec-
i L , . . . ' . '
uou ajmn. inej are iiiea iree ig so
to their .homes before the regular
sermon. ' r c.'l.
I The following boys and girls, were
iq the company yesterday; Florence
Powers. Constance Smith, Teddy
Smith. Paul' Purvlne. Dorothy Rrant.
Marjorle i Brant,; Str5iret .Iwi
Ruth. Rucknr,J John J '. . T"'
beth - Loomis Anna end ? : xty 1 '
Cracken, Rosalie Duren. rioren
Jones, Lester Rabe. Dir; thy or
Constance Smart; Cliff or i IIu' ;
Arlie Newberry, Lewis Keys, CI.
Joseph and Louise Nunn, Earla I
r is. Hugh and -Dwieht Adams, C
ford and Hobart Wilsci, Joi i
llott 'and Robert Walker,
- "a .
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Pi Ytoef
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; wail
Did !oir
a Tractor
ji : raveiiiiQ'
Foil sae 5qtia time and. money when you 'do; ybur traveling im:.a
lete iaiid Iikve a tiracior for Wsy--'
jt Fed cars ..are igoing to : be very scarce and you wmnave to pJiace; v'
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, ' . i i ' .
, n
oriJer nearly to Ee aMe ito: get tine
1;-Si:!: :uCi&e';iETi; .ahdWe will :s6bwTybti our line.
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