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SI)C lUcckln (enterprise.
Orogon City, Orogon ,
Oct. 20, 1371.
A Proven Falsifier-
George S. Boutwell, Secretary of the
Federal Treasury, has published another
of his monthly bulletins, in which he as
serts that the public debt was reduced
3 during the month of September to the ex
tent of over thirteen millions of dollars,
whereat the Radical press throughout the
country does the usual amount of cack
ling over the steady reduction of the Na
tional debt. If the statements of Bout
CD well were to be relied on. it w ould be a
source of general congratulation that the
debt was being so rapidly reduced (pro
vided the bondholders were not being
paid more than they were entitled to), but
unfortunately, it can be incontestibly
proven by Mr.Boutwell's own past state
ments that his assertions are not worth a
rush, and that he might just as well, and
probably would just as readily (provided
he thought the falling cause of the Radical
party might be bolstered up), state the re
duction at thirty millions per month in
stead of thirteen millions. To prove that
Boutwell is a notorious official liar, and
that no reliance whatever can be placed
upon statements over his official signature,
v will hereby appeal to the record. On
July 21, 1868, George S. Boutwell made a
speech in the House of Representatives,
in which he said as follows :
In the face of this great fact that in two
years and nine mouths (Ironi April 1st,
1S65, to January 1st, 1SCS,) by extraor
dinary taxation and extraordinary eltoris,
to be sure, we paid Sl.OOC, 000.000 of the
public debt, are we to assume that the
pt-ople of this country are not annually
to make considerable payments of the
public debt of the country Congression
al Globe, July 2Ut, IMS.
,2s ov let us take this statement and the
Finance Reports and see how much this
man's statements are worth :
Julvl. rublic debt, p. 276 F. It . .?"2,(S2,503,026 53
... 1870.
jtily 1. rublic debt, page 25 F. lt..2, lSD,(i72,427 81
UcM reduced in five veins 201,!)20,5;; 72
This is the amount of the reduction be
tween the dates mentioned, as per the
Finance Reports. Let us now take Bout
well's statements :
July 1. Debt reduced from April
1805, special July 21st, lStiS. .Sl,00fi,000,000 00
July 1. Debt reduced, F. li. 1809,
page XXXI $ 201,912,718 31
Julri. Debt reduced, '70 p.3. .mi,r,oi,01fi 88
Debt reduced in live years l,i:i'.),5i 1,035 l'J
To make plain, we will place the two
statements together, as follows.
July 1. Debt reduced in 5 years,
per lkmtwcll... fl, 130,514,030 l'J
July 1. Debt reduced in 5 vcars,
per Uoutwelt ". 2il,02Q,51 72
Difference between Boutwell
Mild Uoutwell. ?' ,237,51)4,033 47
Thus we find a difference between his
different statements regarding reduction
of the public debt during the period of
about five years of a billion and a quar
ter of dollars. Now how much is such a
man's statements regarding the reduction
of the debt really worth when they vary
so widely' But we have not yet done
with this great financial falsifier, who ap
pears to be striving with (.Jen. Grant for
the reputation of being the biggest liar
in North America. Secretary 'ucCu'lough
placed the principal of the public debt,
on the 1st of March, 1SCM (when Boutwell
assumed control of the Treasury), at 32,-
606,1)0 1-.193. Secretary Boutwell placed
the principal of the public debt, on the
lst of December, 1870, at $2,-llS,G73.Q-l 1 :
March 1. Principal of public debt..
Dee. 1. rrineipu.1 of ptiblie debt, . . .s2, UR,0'
1,0 it
Debt reduced besween dates . 188,321. C 10
But in his last annual report. Secretary
Boutwell places the reduction of the debt
between the two dates above mentioned
at $191,151,705. And thus we have the
two following1 statements made by Bout
well regarding the reduction of the pub
lic debt between March 1st, ISi'iO, and
December 1st. 1870 :
IVbt reduced in 22 months.. .
Debt reduced iu 22 month!. . .
Mlfiereaco between Boutwell & himself. .2,S;53,116
Kov, these figures from the official re
cord, would be amply sufficient to destroy
the credibility of any man's statements,
even before a South Carolina negro jury.
We might adduce more figures to the same
effect, but these are fully sufficient for our
purpose at this time. We wish to allude
to one other trait of this man's character.
Boutwell is not only a wilful liar, but he
is a forger also, as we are prepared to
prove, and deliberately changes the fig
ures of his department to suit his whims.
In the Finance Report of 1SGG. on page
26, McCullogh, Secretary of the Treasury,
places the debt of the United States, on
June SOth of that year, at $2,783,125.57!)
21. On page 305, of the same volume, S.
B. Colby, Register of the Treasury, places
the debt,, at'the Saine ja,c at ?2,7S3. 125.
.79 21
J une 80. Debt per SvVTreiis-ury,s:.7S3, 125.870 21
June 30. Debt per licg'r Treas'y .$2,7:J,425,87'J 21
In the Finance Report of lb70, on page
.25 of his report, Boutwell, Secretary ol
he Treasury, places the debt on June
J3&U). JS6G, at $2,773,230,173 09. while on
page 270. of the same volume, Allison,
Register of the Treasury, places the debt
at the above date, at $2.783. 125. 579 21
June 30. Debt perfWy Treasury .S2,773,2"U 73 fit
June 30. Debt per lleyr'r Treaty . .$2,783,125,879 21
Thus it will be seen that the Register
of the Treasury returns the same figures,
while in the Secretary's ofiice they have
been changed, as follows :
.June 30. Debt per SecrctarvV
JLteport of lMfi.... ".. . J2.783, 125,879 21
June Debt per J crvtarvV
Import ot 1870 ."...$2,773,2;5r,173 ti'J
Alteration in Secretary's otScO. . f 10,l&",7eG 52
In view of the above official figures, is
Ue,re a lladiaal paper ia the whole land
ibat will Aeny Unit Cc-orge S. Boutwell.
secretary of the Treasury, is a proven 1
md former ?
Major Charles Thuiu:.. U. S. Quarts
miMMei , as i.uely discovered to be v
faults Ur $20,0 .).). Jhs ra,h..r
The Oregon City Enterprise, though
seized with amazement and indignation
on learning that the ordinary expendi
tures of the General Government have
been doubled within the last ten years
under Republican administration, experi
ences no such emotions on ascertaining
that under Democratic administration the
expenditures of the State of Oregon have
been quintupled in the same time. Ore
got da a.
The editor of the Oregonian ha3 a repu
tation for unfairness and misrepresenta
tion which is anything but desirable, and
the above extract shows barefaced false
hood. In the first place, the Democracy
have not been in power during the past
ten years in Oregon : in the next place,
the editor aforesaid does not know what
the expenses of the State are under Dem
ocratic rule. The Radicals left as a legacy
to the present administration a heavy debt
to pay, and also the sum of thirty-six
thousand dollars interest on debts which
had been contracted by the Radicals, and
to pay which, the money laid for two
years in the State Treasury, the Governor
and bin corrupt allies having broken the
quorum of the Legislature before the ap
propriation bill was passed. There was
appropriated last session the sum of $50,
000 for the new penitentiary, and the
j?:3fi,0C0 above ieferred to. makes $SC.
000, which no man of sense will place to
expenses. The $30,000 interest paid is
chargeable to the Radicals who have had
coutrol of the Scate, and the $50,000 for
the penitentiary is a good and permanent
investment, one long since needed, and
when it is contrasted with the old wooden
shell erected under Radical rule, which
cost the State $3G,0G0, the people will be
fully satisfied. The building erected by
the Radicals never cost more than $20,
000, and sombody must have stolen at
least $10,000. Will the Oregonian give
us the official figures, as we have done, to
prove its false assertions ? The extract
above quoted benrs the falsehood on its
face, as every child in Oregon knows that
the Democrats have not been in power in
this State during the last ten years, and
that the Radicals are responsible for the
extravagance and waste of the people's
money. The Oregonian is simply pub
lishing the infamy of its own party.
ro: miKF v. ky. iue Depnuucan
papers, rays the Vi'atertown (Wis.) Demo
crat, have recently been expressing a
great deal of indignation at what they
call the frauds of the Tammany ring in
the city of New York. This may be all
proper, but suppose they change the di
rection of their virtuous wrath, and pay
a little attention to the wholesale plun
dering that has long been going on among
the Federal officials, as a nation affords a
grander field for gigantic robbery than a
city. Only three heavy defalcations were
discovered last week, the chief of which
was that of Paymaster J. L. Hodge,
wluse accounts with the War Department
have been known to be in a loose, unset
tled and unsatisfactory condition for a
considerable period. it is now ascer
tained that the government will lose,
through his neglect or corruption, over a
million of dollars, without the least prob
ability of recovering a part of this huge
sum. In view of such astounding and
disgraceful developments, it the Republi
cans are sincere in the profession ot rev
enue reform, had they not better begin
their cleansing operations at home, and
investigate the n flairs in their own camp.
This job will give them enough to do. if
they attend well to their business. If
there are dishonest practices among Dem
ocratic officials, the delinquents aie in a
fair way to bo punished and sent adrift,
without any outside help.
The outrage on the free ballot commit
ted under the auspices ot the Federal
Government at Mare Inland is likely to
become of world-wide notoriety. Speci-
mens of that noted pasteboard, it seems
have reached New York. The World
says : "Before us lies a bit of pasteboard,
five inches long and three-fourths of an
inch wide, which better betrays the Re
publican distrust of freemen's ballots
that even the hypoci isy of their solicitude
to guard New York's polling booths by
bayonets. The back of this bit of paste
board is printed in colors on a geometri
cal pattern ; the face is covered with the
names of the Republican party's candi
dates for office, from Governor of Cali
fornia to road-master in Solano. The type
in which these names are printed is of
the smallest diamond size so small that
not a ntmie can possibly be interlined,
and not a blank space between the names
is a sixteenth of an inch square. These
are the tickets that workmen in the em
ploy of the United States, and men
bought u!) by Republican money like
were martmed up to ueposii in
-To execute a freeman's will.
As lightning does the will of God.''
Tin-: Nkgro Votk. According lo the
census of 1870, lhe negro vote of the
United States numbers $79,110, and is
distributed among the various States as
follows :
Alabama 80,100 Nebraska 110
Arkansas 22,100 Nevada 70
California 780 N. Hampshire 100
Connecticut .. 1.700 New Jersey.. 5,000
Delaware 4.208 New York... 9.500
Florida 10.70: i N. '-aroliua. .71.200
Georgia 91.100 Ohio 11,500
Illinois 5,200 Oregon 00
Indiana 4,100 00O
Iowa 1.100 Rhode Island. 950
Kansas., 3.100 S. Carolina. . 75,000
Kentucky 10.400 Tennessee ...58,000
Louisiana 00.300 Texas
Maine f-00 Vermont . .
Maryland 31,900 Virginia
Massachusetts 2 500 W. Virginia.
Michigan 2.500 Wisconsin . .
Minnesota ... 110
Mississippi ...80.700 Total ,
Missouii 21.500
The Soet.u. Evn The la-lies of Wash
ington have taken the social evil in hand,
but -the soiled doves," some of them, are
so ungenerous us to imptiga their motives.
They charge that they, the ladies, are
eager to "pump'' them in regard to their
patrons "than to convince them of the
exceeding sinfulness of their sin." The
Detroit Union say: We do not wish to
impugn the motives ot these ladies, but
we have very little respect for their in
telligence when they undertake to do
away with the 'social evil' in a town in
fested bv Radical members of Congress."
Sox;s ok the Sikrkas. We have re
ceived a very handsome volume from
Roberts Brothers, Boston, with the above
title, containing the poems written bv C.
de- I li. Miller, LVp. which have given Lim
the j r,nch f'a-.ue both in England und this eonn
i try dming the paityear.
rorlland is full of show people.
An Indian '-talk" was had at Salem last
The Oregon Tresbytery met atCorvallis
last week.
Ben Ilolladay subscribed $1,000 to the
Chicago fund.
Track on the west-side railroad is laid
seven miles.
James Murphy of St. Bouis has been
pronounced insane.
The Catholic Chapel in Baker City is
nearly completed.
Considerable sickness is said to exist in
Josephine county.
The Gazette says that real estate at Ya
yuiua is looking up.
Frank Ray burn has been appointed
Marshal of Corvallis.
Joaquin Miller has reached San Fran
cisco en route to Oregon.
A collection for Chicago was taken up
in the public schools at Portland".
The Catholic F'air was a financial suc
cess at the Fair Grounds last week.
The Johu B-Stephens brought to Port
land on her last trip $181,000 coin.
J. W. Virtue, banker and assayej at
Baker City, lately cast a gold brick worth
Oriental Lodge, I. O. O. F.. at East
Portland, donated $100 to the Chicago
Tom Townsend's barn, a few miles from
Salem, was reported burnt down on the
A collection of fifty dollars was made
at Trinity Church on Sunday morning for
Frank McConnell was thrown from a
horse on the Fair Grounds and badly in
jured. McCormick's Portland directory is ex
pected to be ready for publication by the
latter part of" December.
The remains of three children were un
earthed at East Portland last week. It has
caused considerable gossip.
Grand Master Bristow left Eugene last
Tuesday on an ot'icial visit to the Lodges
south of that city.
Lieut.; Fred G. Schwatka. an Oregon
graduate, has beeu assigned to active
service in Arizona.
Freight on wheat from Eugene City is
twenty-one cents a bushel, or seven dol
lars a ton.
Rebeipts of of the State Fair foot up
about $14,000. They were a little more
than lagt year.
Five miles and three hundred feet of
track were laid on thu 7th, in order to
reach Eugene next day.
Minerva Lodge, gave $100 : Ilassola,
$300 and Samaritan $250, allot' Portland,
for the Chicago sufferers.
A little son of J. F. Cochran's, at Port
land, lost one of his eyes by being struck
with a sharp stick by his little sister.
A meeting of the citizens of Milwaukie.
is called at the school house to-night to
raise funds for the Chicago sufferers.
A man named Charles Ilaight commit
ted suicide last Friday morning, on Keyes'
ranch, below Portland, by cutting his
Scarlet fever is increasing in the neigh
borhood of Eugene city. Milton MeMur
ray lost three children from the disease in
one week.
We see it stated that Mr. Pumpelly. of
Enla, has commenced suit for $5,000 for
being ejected from the Fair Grounds by
?lr. Downing.
A man named Buff was arrested at
Salem last Saturday for an assault with a
deadly weapon on an officer sometime ago
at Sublimity.
The West Side Stage Company will run
their new Concord coaches to and from
Cornelius during the Court and Fair iu
Washington county.
The Order of B'nai Brith, of Portland,
numbering but forty-two members, at a
meeting held on Thursday' evening, do
nated $3G0 to the Chicago' Relief Fund.
A woman, claiming her name as Mrs.
Cunningham, has been bilking the people
of Portland. She professed to be desti
tute when she had plenty of cash on hand.
Three of the Fair Marshals were ar
rested for ejecting persons who refused to
display their badges. One of them was
lined. .." and costs ; the others were dis
charged. On Sunday evening a collection was
made at the Presbyterian Church in be
half of the sufferers by the Chicago fire,
and $100 55 in coin, and $50 currency,
gathered in.
A grand concert, the proceeds of which
are to be given in aid of the Chicago
sufferers, is to be given at Portland tills
evening. Thero are to be soveniy-fire
The Times says that Uncle Fred Ileber
had a volunteer beet, that had never been
cultivated, on exhibition at the Fair, that
measured 2-1 J inches in circumference,
and weighed fourteen pounds.
Mr. John Stephenson, an old pioneer,
residing about six miles south of Port
land, died at his residence on the 10th.
lie was much esleemed by all who kuew
him. He was 75 years of age.
C. W. Knowles. O. S. Savage and Al
Zieber, as Trustees of the Dalles and
Klikitat Bridge and Road Company, have
filed articles of incorporation. The cap
ital stock of the Company is $100,000.
The Herald says that "Mrs. Duniway
will mount the oratorical steed this winter,
and ride him throughout the State. J1
Stand from under, you '-brutes'' of hus
bands, or she may make you -show up.;r
Edward Black and James Du (Ty, the
men who drugged and. robbed a country
men at the Fair Grounds at Salem have
been convicted of petit larceny and sen
tenced to two months' imprisonment in
the County Jail.
The Rosebttrg Punndealer says Major
Roberts and Capt. West had arrived lo 'in
spect Uic improvements made in the Ump
qua river. Capt. Leeds was preparing to
test the possibility of navagating the
river by a trip with the steamer Enter
prise. The -wagon and blaksmith shop belong
ing to Henry Bowman, living on Birch
creek, eight miles from Pendleton was
consumed by fire on the 12th inst.. to
gether v.-uh his tools, stock, and several
wagons and buggies nearly finished. Loss
about $2,500.
The Era, speaking of the improvements
going on in East Portland, says : "The
total coil of the improvements, public
and pnvate, so far prosecuted, will fall
lithe 9,iort of $100,000. which, takin" in
to consideration her limited population,
is .very good for East Portland.7'
The Bulletin says on the 10th int' the
locomotives Eugene aiul Ilarris'burg
KSM Francisco. These locomo
tne arc en route to this city and will
ss?a, J-rach here ,lnrin he iattT
part of the present or the first of the
coming weeK. when 1 hey will be imme
diately put m'o service.
T?r it were on exhibition at the
Jackson County lair. belonging to W . C.
Myers. The black weighs GOO pounds, is
4h months old. and is named "Reliance.
The gray is 5i months old, weighs o0
pound, and called "Louisa." Their
beauty and kindness attracted universal
Some mischievous boys, residing about
two miles north of Eugene City, have
been in the habit of placing spikes and
other obstructions on the rails just to see
the cars jump. A couple of evenings ago
they succeeded in throwing two passen
ger coaches from the track. Fortunately
nobody was injured.
Dolph Hannah returned home last Fri
day evening. It is reported that he has
evidence that the man who has been
claiming to be Finice Curathers' father,
is the father of Green B. Davidson, and
that he has not a very good record, lime
will develop these strange mysteries.
A young girl was enticed away from
the Fair Grounds by some rascal, and
found by her brother on Friday, at Port
land, and came on the train Saturday to
Salem. The fellow who enticed the girl
away managed to escape, but could have
been arreted had the brother not de
clined to prosecute.
At the Stale Fair most of the leading
men of the State Agricultural Society
agreed lo call, probably some time in De
cember, a State meeting of farmers,
mechanics and workingmen, to take meas
ures to advance their general and mutual
interests. The movement has no connec
tion, however, with the State Agricultural
Richard Lucas, an aged man for sev
eral years past, residing about one and a
half miles northeast of Eola. was found
dead in his bed on Sunday last. He had
retired to bed on Saturday evening in
usual health. Mr. Lucas was formerly
from Pike county, Illinois, and was much
respected by all who knew huu.
At St. Stephen's Protestant. Episcopal
Chapel, the Uev. John Ko.-enburg on Sun
day called attention to the Chicago calam
ity, and the congregation contributed
$151 35. This (Tuesday) ; .mining the
Day Scholars at St. Helen's Hall School
contributed $27 05 a total of $170 in
aid of the Chicago sufferers. Balklin.
(J rand Master Bristow has issued I lie
following address : In view of the late
calamitous fire in the city of Ctiieago and
the consequent sufferings of our brethren
in that city, each Lodge is hereby recom
mended to make sue!) donations as they
may feel themselves able to do. and that
such amounts be forwarded to Pro. J.
Kraenjer. Chairman of the General Relief
Committee, Portland. Oregon, for imme
diate tram: mis.-ion.
The Territories.
Bona!) Brown of the Ten ilorhd Dispatch
has been elected City Printer lor Seattle.
J. M Shepherd proposes to start a Dem
ocratic paper at Boise City, to be called
the lkrvd.
Frank L. Cnrr. aged four'i'vn ye;)iv. ac
cidentally shot himself while hunting on
White Kiver, on the Oth inst., and died in
a few hours.
A monthly periodical, to be called the
Washington Ttiriitury to be com
menced soon by Charles Prosh ,t Sou, of
the Olympia Tribune.
The Walla Walla Slafeswan, speaking
of the small pox cases, says : Thus fat
there has been but thirteen cases, and out.
of this number six deaths a remarkable
A brutal murder was committed near
Seattle, on the evening of the 15th inst.
The particulars are as follows: Two Chi
namen at Port Madison hired two white
men. named Brown and Chasley. to take
them there in a cance lor $10, which was
paid them. When they had arrived off
Smith's Cove, live mile from here, they
went. ashore, i-aying they were Cold, and
made a tiro, the Chinamen staying in the
canoe. The white men called to them to
come and warm, and when they arrived
at the place the white men demanded
their money. One of them immediately
gave- them $15. The other attempted to
resist, w
:en the while men seized them
and commenced stabbing them. One of
the Chin amen cut his antagonist severely
in the hand, when he let him go. The
while man ran at the Chinaman and grab-
him by the cue. which was pulled
out wuen he n
ade good his escape to the
A Scot NnnK.r.. A scoundrel named
John Foster, known as a thief in Portland,
last Thursday, abducted a young girl
whose parents reside near Salem, from
air Ground, and under false pre
tenses, took her to
n't land, w here he
seduced the girl and perpetrated his hell
ish outrage. The next day. he took her
to a house of ill-fame. The police got on
his track, and he was arrested and taken
before Judge Denny, who held him in
bonds of $10,000 for his appearance, in
default of which, he is now lying in jail.
A little hanging for ench villiaus would
be a good thing for the community. The
father of the girl was telegraphed for,
who took her home on Saturday. Two
other young men, employees at the Inter
national Hotel, have been arrested as ac-
but wen- discharged.
Ivi.KcnoNS. We have received, up to
last evening, no positive news as to the
result of the. elections recently held. On
the 3d an election was held in Texas : and
not a single word from it. On the 9th,
elections were he'd in Ohio, Pennsylvania
and Iowa. The two first were reported
to have gone Radical, but nothing definite
has been received. From Iowa not a
word has come. The news from the Ju
dicial election in California held on the
18th is uninteligible. and we cannot tell
which parly has carried the day. Judge
Lake, Democrat, candidate for Police
Judge of San Francisco, 13 reported elec
ted. We shall be in receipt of papers
from the east in a few days which will
give us the particulars.
Correspondents say that parties from
Georgia, now in Washington, talk gloomi
ly of the financial prospects of that State.
They say that it is the firm determination
of the present legislature to impeach Bul
lock, and to repudiate the lease of the
State railroad to Cameron. Belano and
Tom Scott. It 53 said that, under the
capet-bag regime, and through Bullock's
connivance, the State debt has been roll
ed up from $5,000,000 in 1858 to $50,
000.000, ia 1S71 ! And thus it is, or will
be, ia every State ruled by Radicals.
The Oregonian doubts our figu-rcs, which
stated that from April 1st, 1800, to April
1st, 1871, the Administration had collect-
ed from the people $J2S,009.077. Well,
they are the figures from a circular re
cently issaed by the Republican National
Committee at Washington. Now. as this
is a question between Radicals a matter
of dog-eat-dog we will leave it for them
to settle at their pleasure.
Telegraphic Clippings.
Chicago, Oct. 14. It rained for two
hours, laying the dust which had filled the
air since the fire to the discomfort of ev
ery one.
Arrests continue to bo made of persons
charged with incendiarism. The Tribune
says there is only one proper course to
pursue with incendiaries caught in the
act. Their fate should be certain and im
mediate. Eighty dead bodies are lying at the
Morgue, mostly found on the north side.
The Coroner is holding inquests. Only
two of the bodies have been identified.
One of these was H. J. Uhlman. the bank
er. The papers contain two columns of
names of missing persons.
The churches, schoolhouses, etc., are
filled with half-clothed women and chil
dren. The vault of the Custom House was
opened aud $2.000.000in greenbacks found
to be destroyed 5 $1,000,000 in gold coin
had melted, and run into a heap ; $35,000
in mutilated currency, which had been in
a small safe, was found unharmed.
There lias been contributed for the re
lief of Chicago sufferers sums as follows :
Worcester. (Mass.). $15,000 ; Utica. (N.
Y.), $03,000 by citizens and $10,000 by
the Common Council : Toronto, (Canada).
$20,000 ; Lawrence, (Kansas), $3,000.
The Council was requested to donate
:rl0.000. A car load of provisions had
been sent from this place.
The breaks caused by the freshets in
Maine are not yet wholly repaired. Trains
are not running regularly.
Chicago, Oct. 15. --A furious gale pre
vailed in this city last night. It became
almost a huiricane by twelve o'clock, but
subsided before morning. It caused much
alarm among the citizens, especially those
residing in the vicinity of the late fire.
Fire brands were blown about in every
direction, skeleton walls were prostrated
in quick succession, sh.ikmg buildings in
the vicinity from foundation to apex.
Much alarm prevailed, the people rushing
into the streets from their dwellings in
many instances, fearful that, their houses
would be prostrated and that they would
be buried beneath the ruins. The excite
ment aud alarm was scarcely less than on
the night of die great disaster. Fortun
ately U had rained for twenty-four hours
previously, ami this prevented any con
flagration as -the .result of a-tornado.
At a meeting of officers of the National
Banks, this evening, the resolutions pass
ed a day or two since to pay depositors
aud others iu installments of 15 per cent.,
was rescinded. at:d another resolution
unanimously adopted to resume business
in full at 10 a. m. Tuesday morning, the
17ih inst. W. R. liurlbut. Comptroller
of the cunency. announces that he exam
ined personally the condition of the Na
tional Banks of Chicago, and pronounces
them solvent and ready and willing to
meet all engagements on demand.
Cuicauo. Oct. 10. There is wonderful
activity in the South Division burnt dis
trict. Thousands of men are at work
clearing a way the debris, recovering safes
and putting up temporary buildings. La
boring men can find plenty 10 do at lib
eral wages.
The action of the insurance companies
m set !1 wig
ed the coil
has inspired and renew-
ience o!
s of li
-s men.
e are greatly
.( h
' he
ies discovered will tali short o! lO'J.
Ail th" "lapers are published except the
Times. The Tribune appears nearly as
line a looking sheet as ever, and quite as
The Western Union Telegraph Compa
ny intend to pay the losses of all their
married employees who lost their house
hold goods and personal ell'eets.
The city is still under the charge of
Gen. Sheridan.
Ci:ii'A;o. Oct. 18. The Tunes makes its
re-appearance this morning. It i. wdl
printed, but on a single sheet form, which
it announces as only temporary. It con
tains an editorial taking strong ground
against the passage by the Legislature of
any slay law. the inevitable effects of
wide!) the writer says would be the ruin
of what is left to us of our credit. It begs
the General Assembly to not even talk of
passing such a law.
The House of Representatives at Spring
field yesterday passed liu canal lien law
refunding to Chicago the three millions
paid by that ci : y for deepening t lie 11 1 i jois
and Michigan Cju i!, wiUi the provision
that the same shali be used for rebuilding
bridges and public edifices.
D IlOi'1211 TV.
Mti.WArKKK. Oct. 15. Mayor Ludington
of this city has published the following
appeal for aid :
The calamities that have befallen our
State and some of our neighboring States,
are truly appalling. Over fifteen hun
dred men, wouie.n and children have been
burned to death in Wisconsin alone. Their
business, houses and (arms, to a large ex
tent are entirely destroyed- All contribu
tions iu lisooey n;ay be sent to Alexander
Miichell.Jjanker. Contributions of food,
clothing, bedding and other supplies may
be directed to Harrison Ending ton. Tvlayor.
Later accounts from Northern Wiscon
sin confirm the previous reports. The loss
of life in the neighborhood of the village
of Peshtigo will reach over 1.200 Fifteen
per cent, of those injured cannot recover.
The (ire and tornado was heard at a dis
tance like the roaring of the sea. Balls of
tire were soon observed to fall like me
teors in different parts of the town, ignit
ing with whatever they touched. People
rushed with their children in their arms
for a place of safety, but the storm of fire
was upon them and enveloped them in
flames, smoke and cinders, and those that
were not able to reach the river were suf
focated and roasted alive. This terrible
scene happened on Sunday night of the
8sh inst., the same evening as the great
Chicago horror.
The town of Peshtigo numbered 2,000
souls, one-third of whom perished. The
fearful night's reports, from each shore of
Green Bay, place the loss of life fully as
high as at Peshtigo. The account states
that the immediate wants ot the people
are supplied, but that large amounts of
provisions and clofhing will be required
for the coming winter.
Ni:w Yoiik, Oct. 1-1. General Van Ba
ron has made good bis deficiency.
Subscriptions are being taken for the
sufferers by the fires in Michigan and Wis
consin ; $1,825 has been forwarded to
Gov. Baldwin.
Nkw Yohk. Oct. The Manhattan Insur
ance Company lias resolved to suspend
business. Its losses are stated at a million
and a quarter. The company possess a
larn-e surplus besides their capital. It is
not expected there will be any lo to the
Nkw York, Oct. 1G- The towns and
cities of Long Island, outside of Brooklyn
will raise nearly $200,000 for Chicago.
Ladies go in teams among villagers, col
lecting contributions.
Nkw, Oct. 16. A Receiver has
been appointed for the Fulton Insurance
Company of Brooklyn, which is insolvent
owing to the Chicago fire. The Hope In
surance Company has resolved to fill up
its capital stock to two millions and a
half at the earliest moment. This restores
the Co.'s assets to nearly four millions, af
ter every cent of the Chicago looses are
paid. The Manhattan Company, which
announced suspension, expects to meet its
losses. The Continental lost about a mil
lion, much less than its surplus. The
Company has doubtless its capital, and
after its losses are paid will have two mil
lion assets.
New Yohk, October 18. Donations in
money and supplies are still liberally of
fered'for the relief of the people of Chi
cago. The total collections in this city
are already over $728,000. Subscriptions
are also going on for the relief of the suf
ferers from fires in western forests.
At.raxy, Oct. 17. Gov. Hoffman receiv
ed this evening the Sub-Committee's re
port of the Committee of 70 who asked
him to use power to arrest abuses and
protect the State asking that a military
force be placed in readiness, to quell any
riot which may arise. The Governor re
sponded that he would do anything that
he could in the matter. An informal con
vention ensued between several members
of the committee and the Governor. The
latter said he would use the military force
in case of disturbance.
Nkw Yoi;K, Oct. 17. It is estimated
that three and a half millions of currency
were shipped to Chicago yesterday and
to day.
Washington, Oct. l5.-Tbe Secretary
of the Treasury has authorized the United
States Treasurer to issue a million and a
half United States notes to take the place
of the United States notes and National
Bank notes burned iu the Government
vault at Chicago.
Washington, Oct. 17. The following
dispatch has been received from Chicago :
Chicago banks are sound, and paying ev
ery dollar on demand. Good feeling pre
Sr. Lot i.s. Oct. 17. Accounts from
Northern Kansas say destructive fires have
been raging in Deer Creek and Harrison
Creek valleys, Nebraska. Several houses
were burned. Hay and other crops are
destroyed. Loss, estimated at $50,000.
Zanksviu.k. (Ohio). Oct, 17. Charles
Durbiii, a lawyer of this city, shot himself
through the head to-i.ight al the bedside
of his sick wife being toW by the phy
sician that she could not recover. 1 lis
wife died in live minutes afterwards.
LoLisvii-LK, (Ky-), Oct. 17. Last night,
at Warsaw, a party of seventy five men
established pickets and attacked the Coun
ty Jail for the purpose of taking out Abi
jah Girdley. confined for killing a man a
few days ago. The mob was unable to
get into the coll, and shot him through the
grates and killed him. His wife and in
fant child were in the cell with him.
Boston, Oct. 17. A dispatch from
Gloucester says the Collector telegraphed
for the revenue cutter McCulloch, of Port
land, which will reach this port to-day.
The Mahoning has come and gone out
side. The Mahoning is said to have strict
orders not to let the Horton be taken.
Nkw Youk, Oct. 17. Judge Barnard
to-day granted the application for exam
ination of Ingersoll.
Revenue officers made a raid on the il
licit distilleries of Brooklyn to-day, and
seized 500 barrels of whiskey, 13 stills,
and two large rectifying establishments.
Salt Lakk. Oct. 10. Brigham Young
appeared in court this morning, when the
indictment was read to him. He answer
ed with firmness: ' Not guilty. " Mayor
Wells indicted on a similar charge, made
the same answer.
Judgo Riekard. United States Marshal
Patrick and a number of attorneys left, to-'
day for Provo. where the Second Judicial
Court will be opened to morrow. A cav
alry escort was asked for but it was refus
ed. The Mormons have started subscriptions
to raise a fund to aid Young, Wells and
other church magnates in overthrowing
the charges brought -against them by the
United States Grand Jury.
Salt Lakk, Oct. 17. Geo. Q. Cannon,
editor of the Xtics. was arraigned before
Judge McKean this morning upon the in
dictment, of lascivious cohabitation, ami
plead not guilty. The trial of Hawkins,
for adultery is set for tomorrow.
Salt Lakk. Oct. 18. Aaron Johnson, a
Mormon Bishop of Springfield, was ar
rested to day on an indictment of four
years ago, as being accessory to a murder.
One hundred and sixty recruits from
the regiment at Camp Douglas, arrived
last nighf.
San Fr.AXCf.sco. Oct. 17. The Woman's
Suffrage Association sent in to the Board
of Supervisors an emphatic protest against
the passage of the bill of Dr. Hidlatid.
which proposes to compel prostitutes to
pay a license, be registered and kept un
der the surveillance of the police aud the
Board of I jalth.
The bark Whistle
hich returned in
distress, after being some davs on tin
to Portland, is atiil on fi
d it
probabiy be found necessary to scuttle
and zwAi her to extinguish the d imes. The
fire is caused by the iime. which composed
a part of her cargo, getting wet and' com
npinicating with inflammable materials in
the hold.
San FKANorsco. Oct. IS. Flour The
demand is light and prices nominal. Lo
cal millers quote as follow : Superfine.
$0 75(2,7 0t); extra. $7 75(7-S 00.
Wheat Fair milling, $2 00; choice,
$2 72.
Barley $1 95(5)2 00. Prices and de
mand nominal.
Oats Very dull at $1 85(a,l 95.
Ekujgehativi;. The reporter of the
Ballet i7i who came up on the President's
car must be provived with magnifying
glasses. He says that five hundred peo
ple cheered the" train that Mr. HoUadav
arrived on.
The facts are that it was af
ter dark when the President's train ar
rived, and nearly all the spectators who
had crowded about during (lie day had
gone home, leaving less than one hundred
there when the aioresaid train got in. No
cheers were given at ail, and it is doubt
ful if a tamer affair was ever seen. Hail
Mr. Ilolladay kept his word and located
his machine shops, here, as lie promised to
do when he drained our people of their last
dollar, he might have met with a reception
befitting his position. Our people feel
under no obligations to him, and no one
realizes this fact more fully than himself.
The Bidldin says he (Holladav) was met
and congratulated by the leading citizen,
of Lane county. The truth is, he stepped
out and invited Ben Underwood and Jim
Comstock to come aboard and take a
drink. Eugene Guard.
To r:u IviisriGATKo. The Ku-Klnx
Committee have determined at last to go
into investigation of the State debts and
local debis, and taxation of the .Southern
States. A circular letter is to bo issued
to the Govenors of all the Southern States
for detailed information. If the statistics
are not obtained this way the Committee
will, on the first of November, proceed
South and obtain evidence from the books
and papers of the authorities. A dis
patch says that the prospect is that the
figures will show even more of an increase
of Southern State debts since the close of
the war than $220,000,000. Gov. Lind
say, of Alabama, who is in Washington,
says his State is put dove Jbr $13.0JU.O' )
too little in the table published. This is
the result of the bayonet rule and Radical
For the thre months ending October
1st the total number of emigrants who
left Liverpool was 50,000 an increase of
5.000 over the emigration of the preced
ing quarter.
Miscellaneous Items-
The water in the Sacn-nrr,.
one foot lower now tn Ift h
Large orders have been r ?'
Bnflalo for brick to rebtiUd in C
It is estimated tlkt the co-n S'
Iowa, tins year, will umouat t ,CnroP of
000 bushels. --"ount to 100,000,.
m About $150,000 has been n;-f 1
.forma for tte benefit of Cht 10 Ca''
Wisconsin sufferers. Ulc8- iiij
There are twenty eight grav
me Laramie cemeterv. an.Un vws n
these the epitaph is simnly S ? or
T'. x- -- , J Jvuitu.
he corruptions of Tammal g" 5
equal to Satan reproving sin. bout
In two year.s the Union V u-r t
Company has sola 410.000 acr "s tf'l
ing lands for the sum of
Ohio has produced a m,i
crossed legs looped over the heart 1 VhI
and unalterably entwined arouni ,i,Arn,!
ouad the
Mr. Douglass, the new Commt, ;
Internal Revenue, has a U f
Secretary, und m has the C,Zt ,r,Tat?
cui reney
Beauregard must be vorv ...t.
of his repi
us reputation. He accompanied GrZ
the Chicago and South Western l-.n'
road excurson recently
The ttate of M.chigan contains 5 H
inland lakes, covenng an area of l'
nines, besides a water front on the Kr 't
lakes ot more tl.nn 1 t-.n ...m fc""H 1. Limi i,ooo mues
The New York Sun si in fi;.,0 .
, " ", LUl nam
rJrir e7 'n-. Horace
' 1 ' W HI lllt-r ' ' rij it
1 1 1 1 fati...... V
utwt.v v...uim.iiu iui 1 resilient.
The aisesed valuation of property in
Llueago was S2j l. )),).(&. Sb w,,,,
fourth eitv in .' r!,,l !HM lW
of Wl
It is reported that Andy Johnson an5
ex-Postmaster-General Randall are "h
ing to stump Wisconsin iu favor of booV
tie, the Democratic candidate fur Govm"
The San Francisco Bulhli says that
Oregon ash lumber is fast Wenf.duK .
favorite material for al! work in Ca'i'brii'u
where eastern ash has heretofore been
;e sum total of the oblia!i.n f
Eastern insurance companies tl ChieW
as far as they have been a.-certaim-d 1.0V
is So5, 000.0 00. against reported assets of
About 2.000 toughs from New York ar.
rived at Chicago ou thellth, the object be
ing plunder. Troops are continually tJ.,
guard. All salcons are kept closeQ by
the authorities.
Details received at London on the 17th
itiht.. of the recent storms ami floods iu
China represent the loss hf 1'e and prop
erty as very great. At least 3,000 yvu
sons have perished.
W. G. Englh-h, the -wealthiest man of
Indianapolis, worth at least $1,000,000
opened his heart and subscribed the sumuf
one. dollar, and that in cash, for the suffer
ers by the great tire in Chicago.
A Western paper snys: "Senator Ilurlss
has a financial policy of his own;" nipoh
which it is suggested that that is no dmibt
true, as he has made a handsome fortune
in a remarkably short space of time.
An approximate -estimate of total low
is about c200,f!00,0t)0. The area turned
over is over 2.000 acre's. The number of
buildings burned is not below 20.000,
This is from a dispatch of the 12th inst.
Almost the whole Yakima valley is now
taken and settlers are now seeking Louies
farther east. Kititass valley now eon tains
about one hundred and fifty farms under
cultivation. Four years since there were
only three farms within twenty-five miles.
A few days ago Mr. Cassias M. Clay, of
Kentucky, made a speech in St. Louis up,
on political issues of the day. and in sup
port of Horace Greeley as a candidate for
President. He severely criticised tbt
course of President Grant.
The St. Charles (?do.) Xcks says tbera
is a girl in (hat county, only four yeara
of age. who is as n fail-grown woman',
The indications of worn mhood commenced
when she was only fit teen month eld.
This is one of the most singular casef
that has ever come before the medical
world, and it is attracting considerable
attention from scientific men.
A careful estimate of the number of
people rendered homeless in Chicago
Smsed upon the recent, census, put? tlio
total at not less than one bundered a:it
urn thousand destitute, as follows: In the
North Division, 85.000. or all but 5.00H cT
the entire population of the Division: in
the South Division, 20.000: and in the
West Division, 5.000. Thousands of tbe.-r,
unfortunates are leaving the city on every
Main. The railroads cary all free wbo
desire to go. The churches and school
houses aro still crowded to repletion with
refugees from the burnt districts, for wliosi
care effort is being made by the effiei:??
committee, aided
from other cities.
bv relief committees
A N. Y. Know Notihm; Movkment.
Under this heading the New York Tribunt
gives the proceedings of the third inert
ing of a new organization iu New York
city, which calls itself "the Americafl
Party." and has for its object opposition
to the Koman Catholic Church in politics.
The members are. of course. Bepuhliciin,
and they seem to be hopeful of getting up
a new religion? crusade in connect ion with
the Radica 1 parly.
A Pami'iii.kt. We have received from
the ofiice of ihe Oregon City -Extkiu'W-
a copy of a pamphlet containing the "Pro
ceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Con
vocation of the Protestant Episcopal
Church, in the Missionary Jurisdiction of
Oiegoii and Washington, held in Trinity
Church, Portland, on the 1st and 2d days
of September, 1871." The pamphlet is
neatly gotten up, and would be rated as
first-class book printing anywhere-.
Tkxas Et.KCTio.Y. The Texas election
for members of Congress came off on the
3rd inst. Up to this time we have not re
ceived any information as to the result.
A Yalc..i.e P-U'eu. The meeting of the
National Teachers' Association held in St,
Louis, last month, drew together a large nunir
ber of the leading- educators of the country
representing ahn st every State in the Unios.
Papers of great iuterest and permanent val
ue were presented on various subjects, many
of which, together with tfie discussions up
on tl em, are given in the last number of
the JoUi'md of Education, thus, making this,
one of thu most vlu ible papers ever issued.
Teachers, School officer and others interest
ed in this subject wiil fiud this journal a
constant and valuable aid to them.
Address, J. li. Al erwi.v, editor and PuQ
Iijher, 7lo Chestnut street, St. Louis, Mo.
A Cue at Offkx Peters' Musical Mont'ily
for October is at hand, containing lifteeii
beautiful pieces of music, printed from fu'
sze music plates. It can be had for thirty
cents. The Publisher also offers to send,
post-psid, for one dollar, sis back numbers,
containing from ninety to one hundred r11
of choice new music, worth at least '
Scud your order lo the Publisher, J- u
Petkks, al'J Broadway, New York, anl o"r
word fur it, you will get your money's worta.
Ken Butler is just now engaged
iu proving that ins father was not
hunir. Let him rather prove, it he
enn,' that his father's son ought not
to be htiiirr.