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&)t ttkckln aJixtcvmisc.
"oTficial paper run clackamas
Oregon Oit;r, Oregon,
friday : : :
July 7, 1871.
The "Man and Brother.'
The New York Tribune has a special
correspondent in the unfortunate Slate
of South Carolina, one sent there hy Mr.
Greeley to investigate and interview the
Ku-Klux. Here is what l.e says of the
"man and brother'"' as he finds him there:
In order to comprehend the cause of
'the present -disturbed condition of the
State, it is necessary to consider the ele
ments of its population and their changed
relation to each other. In a total ot Iz'.i,
000 inhabitants, there are about 425.0U0
negroes, who as a class, are ignorant,
superstitious, semi-barbarians, but little
elevated in intelligence above iheir kind
red in Africa. I speak of the great m iss
'6t the negroes, ol the plantation "held
hands." They are extremely indolent,
arid will -make no exertion beyond w hat
is necessary to obtain food enough to sat
isfy their hunger. They rarely commit
great crimes but are giving to petty
thieving to a great extent, low am t tie
O white man they are still deferent' il and
assume an air of abject submission : hut j
they are distrtisttul of th" white men. by
wbom they know they are hated. Upon
these people not only political rights have
beeu conferred, but they have ab-oiute
political supremacy. They are the gov
erning class in Smith Carolina, and a
class more totally unlit to govern dees
not exist on the lace of the earth.
We are pleased to notice that the Herald
has taken the back track on the "-New
Departure.'" In its issue of the 4th inst.
it Bays :
Our interpretation of tho Ohio platform.
to which extent only tee ii"'o, it. is that
the Ohio Democracy pledge themselves to
consider the three lust amendments as
'accomplished tacts," thereby pledging
themselves to treat them as pans ot the
Constitution until the same "shall be
legally modified or repealed, or until the
q Supreme Court shall decide that they are
oot parts of the Constitution, by reason
of ttieir not being legally ratified."' We
are sure that the En runi'iit-sK, the Demo
crat, and every ot her Democratic journal
of this State, will not diilVr with us in
this respect.
AbtheOhio platform will not justify
any such interpretation, we are pleased to
number the Herald among the papers oi
Oregon which do not "accept the situa
tion." Should the Ohio platform bear
such interpretation as quoted in the i.bove
extract, no Democrat would take issue.
"Biil the nlatform savs thev are "accum-
pwshed facts and are no lot.j er issues be
fore the people." We hold the very in
terpretation made by the Humid, makes
them "issues"' important and vital ones at
that. The "New Departure'' organs don't
place the interpi etation on the platform
given by the Herald, hence we may cm
ider it as against tho adoption cf such
falbe doctrines.
DlSGCSTINt. S A. Clarke. who was badly
6Ca,red by Bill Watkind's a tew weeks airo.
is still fighting said Dill through the co'
umns of the Statesman and in Ins ravings,
assaults some of the State ufiieial-i in a
most disgusting manner. V' idle we. did
Hot indorse Mr. .Waikind's attack on
Clarke, we think he is now carrying on a
ehamelvss. abusive and intolerable attack
on his betters, which will only result in
turning the sympathy which the the peo
ple had for the "insignificant little man"
into disgust. If the verdict of the jury
which jury was gathered by a Clack Re
publican County Clerk and Sherilf, was
cot just, w hy does not Clarke pitch into
the Grand Jury ? The fact of the maiter
is. We have our doubts as to whedier
Clarke should be responsible for anything
he has eaid since the "dcad!y,? conflict.
He pay himself that his "nervous sysiem is
shattered" and we are inclined to the
opinion that his "mental faculties'' are
lso iu tfce same condition.
Bolted. T1kj Sacramento ll porter, the
official organ of the Deuiocracy of Califor
nia, ha betrayed lis trust, and bolted the
nominations of theStato Convention. The
Reporter was purchased by the subsidy
6'barpers sometime since, and hence, when
Gov. Height was nominated, the paper
was taken over to the enemy. Democrats
Of Calilornia will serve the paper iu its
last flop as they did when it sold out to
tSe railroad ring place it on the retired
list its disabled and is of no use to any
party. (The refusal to support Cov.
JJcigbt is nothing better than treason, as
the nominarton was fair and honest, ami
the platform upon which he is .Humili
ated, is the choice'of the 12 qor'er. It had
no justifiable grounds for its treachery to
the party which has sustained it by pat
ronage and. otkeru ise. Let i. rest. Ii is
dead to barm.
Sound. The Walla Walla Statesman
thus Boundly sets'orth its positijii oti the
Ohio mongrel platform :
The Ohio Platlorm, about, which our
Kadical friends are making such a fuss
may be good enough tor the "b nek-eves."'
bnfts not good enough lor us. We don't
propose to endorse, even tacit 1 v. the
abominable legisintiun of th Radical Con
gress, nor the usurpation and as-ump'.ions
of the present adiniuistration. Whv i). mo
crats should seek to take a new departu e
ou the bisis which the tvadical paiav have
laid down for us. we do not understand.
However, we give in our abhoienee to no
nch doctrine. The Fifteenth Amendment
and all its attendenf legislation is uncon
stitutional, and subject to repeal. We do
not, therefore, swaliow it. nor any of i s
incidentals. The platform of the Dem
ocracy must be straightforward, or to us
it fts an unmeaning letter. We want
Right or
nothing. This is where ire
lrs Vittws. The Albany Democrat
shows no signs towards "accepting'' the
New Departure." In its last issue, speak
lag ot the California nominations s.iya :
We !elieve the ticket nominated is a
strong one. and if the indorsement of the
,om measures of the Radical partv
6ot he loo heavily up,,;, the stomachs ot
the Democracy -o I the Goblin State there
is a lair probability of iu triumphant
lection. '
. In another iten. EpoaVing of the plat
form, it has the followiiv
As the Had cals have if,- rirst and eeon.i I
OOO the California Democ-a.-io ph.ttona " i
l- i ... .1 . i ... . . , ' "-a it- t
with a -childlike and bland'" fee'lo
and that h will receive thai respect bom
them whicli it eaa hardiy expect from
' ""'"'Vs.
ccrats, Head tills Letter !
lank cocntv. orkgox.
June Lbtli. 171.
Editor Ex ie uprise. Just now the
in w ...epai.iiie question is creating;
a sensation not very likely to be bent-Si- i
.... J i
eiai to I lie Democratic party; and, as I
sake a deep interest in our thirty's present
and lutnre welfare, it may not be amiss
for me to bare my puny arm and strike at
least one blow in its behalf.
It has been the misfortune of our party
managers, for several years past, to make
platforms and to nominate for
the Republican party ; our conventions
.seem anxious to secure the services of
' loyal'' men, Geceral of the Union army
and time-serving spoil hunters to catch
Republican voles, but in their anxiety to
catch -loyal"' votes they forget that some
thing should be done to secure Democratic
aid. This has been the case in Ohio lor
the past six years and a long array ol
delea's have been the result. The same is
true in Connecticut ; but in .New Hamp
shire and Oregon the last platforms were
mote Democratic than those of Ohio, and
our candidates were not of those, who
tV-rged the chains to bind us in the slavery
ol which we now complain ; hence we
were more successful' It certainlv is a
bright idea to ask the men, who enslaved
us with their sens
des? i uiaiicisitt.
to take
the buroens troui oar shoulders winch
they placed thereon. Those who indicted
the wrongs of which we complain. : re
not the men to lelieve us. even if inclined
to do t;o ; their zeal to accomplish good
would lead them to use means v. hid)
would be more injurious in the end than
are the very evils which they s-tm so
willing io -reform.'' 1 am slow to believe
that he best detwiive is the greatest thief;
or th.t the man that rob-, my huu-e would
be the best man to pio-tci try pr.
rty .
i et such is t!i(' "policy"' of the Oh'.o solis.
Gen. MeCook. Gen. Siiei iimn. Get!. Ju en
crans. Gen. Morgan. (.Jen. Ihi.'a'ii Ward,
Gen. Ewing, tiers. Campbell, arid a host ol
Generals, too tedious to men don. i'vnig a:
tne feet ol the Gamaliels of Oberliti col
lege, are the favorites of Ohio "reform
ers ;"' a m1 so iar a 1 now recollect. I be
lieve e'f-r candidate tor eci-rj ri'tre in
even pot Iy. iu Ohio, lor the last six years
has been an ex-r'edeia I miiinuv 'ddeer :
d his
-war record
W 1 !
equality of laces ami dclermim
; i'
p iy thy public debt have beer, the
iu ir.ide Viherewhh to woo ami u iu dm
lections o! the met;, woo op-pose all sue::
a n i i i "pe. b ici'.'i inuovattons. '1 he ide t oi
UatHitiug the !j;::ne of "loyal en
era l"' in oer laces, who was tirsl !e-lermbu-d
to cto: -!i f I.UTTy in tl;e SiO'h
and then tut n his bayonets and eamioo
agains' the Dem.,cracv in the Korih. is
quite likeiv to win ihe votes d those, wiio
w i'.i i n . t -. i f . -. t . ; t i o i , ;. t i : ! i 1 1 '
vie; ims ,
Sherman u ho did more ;o
siiiuiions than did Go:i. Lee
I jii i e
111' t 1
to did
inoie gains! civilization than At t ilia,
would be a nice spec. men io put at the
an tJ
o pin it::
to ti rant wo'i.d
s'nms v.-re jit-;
e retovmei s.
god as theirs
11 and h
a.s l iir as are those of t!
ins piaeuce
would be. should they obtaui
w hich thev tercr 't-.'.-l bv 5"o'i
tow er
,s'S .-) ?; S'
meter cov.
iiioeracy. it .
ii -Co. would brand their plaihor
l'i.h:c-iv,-' it hY'ijld lake writ the
bui that word "Dem am a';-'" at i:
spoils it in llepJibiieau eyes, to
ilithe Ux "tilt- j;f.s' are a (:C e p ' a o Ul.
Some of our politic il sou's havt
seen a
Vision and the iieht ; ao
tit Ihelll
s'ao-A s that the C'Ohsiiiiiiloti.ii Ainerul
n en's are iut iu q-.ies.ioii.- iiOtl will not
enter iti!.) !ru issaie bet weU the j,..r; tes
i:i 1V2. ;h no!! then W'e v.'i'.l con
s: 1 ue ! hem lo suit imr.- Ives titnl our eoa
Siructiotj will not allcci said amendhienrs
nor anect
anv cl'iiii
Is i:oi that joofjitiid wisdo
(.in 1 you see if you consiri.i
t niebii oire thing and ano. her
! . . 1 W
III-Hi Coii-
! f it ; Ins
s:rm s i; to mean ,.:io h--r lioog. !
very '! cinsinntuiiii v.i
lie- origin..! catise oi d.iieivnco
snrtace ami in s!MU" ol sophis:rv a
ii og
(h'..v. ii K'iii) 1 in eyplaiu ic.v iv the li:r
fe re nee. the cor.:rnd.ctio:i ol terms aii-l
views will widen Ihe bia-ach and i'orce the
cuo-eoi utuerence into issue ; no, is mai
all; 'lie paitv in power iorced these
amendments into the Constitution tor a; io aa'ect i'i 1! purp -e th.-y Co,i-.str-o.'
them n.'-ao w hai t hey w ere in
tended 10 effect ; and to ileny the f.oo
siruction of litem, as given by Ka-icii
authori'v is to sav that a man mav write
and speak and r.oi 1
It is not pleb ah'.e t!
tiielerstaud p oi'e.
lladicais t hem-e! v e
cenier' and t!ii;i;.
currents of power
. ij.i'
lo me;
i fe'oi ;.!
-r that!
i w is I o
. i-
til I
II I . o
j e
I o t
and it is h;'y tt say ti :t ii
to ih'.' mountain, v.h'-n all
see otherwise ! Tell the o
Columbia river flows to the
S'ICIiil flows
mankind can
ode that the
lie Pocky .Mouu
win'ie i,l you
s'. 1". ".' 'i'eii i s -
lams, ii you m l . ho!
iiud one lo believe the
that the three Negro Amendments r our j
( 'onsd'tilion. engrafted thme only ly I
force and liv.ud do not chatege ouri'uunu- j
nieutai you win. out. w m w i.i
believe otl ' CatHiot the pi p'e see t hat
the Ku-Klux law. liie Payouet election
law. ami the teachings ol the liadwi!
parly ail depend upon ihe construction ,,
these li1 1 1' it iu s s amendments';" And that
:o Its') t;r( j, nl is the frmsl ruction, ol the
m do i's and builders of thus,.
cons npion dy they will caioti'ia
accomplish then' ib'stgned
i.'iidmeti ts,
litem to
purpos" ;
iie;,-.-e u is fair to coiiciii'h
-cons-j-.K'tion" is concrtu
th It
1 ve
o iaf
t v e
w ite:'! on to place our
W i
bring these amendments in quesdonl'
What position puts us on the defensive
ami v
us Hie way to assault
We sub
will cause
mo so i,ii'. aim
d another stride
us to indorse the Ku-Klux law and other
centralizing mtluenees and to argue ihat.
'Whatever is ('v rhjhty ii those amend
ments do not a '.feci our C-mstitniiou, why
did the Democr.iiic papers ami orators
declare heretotore. that they were usurpa
tions and ti tiding to cen : t a iz, i i ion of
lower, (o monarchy and the iai rthto.v ol
our hbei ties t if i hose amendments give
no power to the United Stnti's Govern
ment, both parties ate siuliilicd ; tor we
have said they d--I to tmr i"jiry. aud the
Radicals said lhey did lor ttieir bemab ''.
Now can we go b sck ? Can we reif-we
our steps or obliterate onr record?
Hardly 1 think. If we are to abandon
onr position, ' accept th- situation"' aud
acknowledge that we have been in error
b.r ei i s. i hen let us snnenicr at o:.-e
and not disgrace the proud roe .rds .,i
D hl 'd ilCV
w i-. tl the toill ptir.iSe.iiogT Oi
t hese degi i'.eia
list of g a) ,'lou.-
John Ihown a
te u tvs nor enroll noon i s
names such bhesas Ucveis
d Fied Douglas.
An Ohio pdaoorui will i e elect Grant in
187; and such a platform tor Oregon
will secure a Radical triumph i;i this
S iite .-1.1 io'ct qnt'siiotis w ill sink into
Insigoiiicaoee : bee. '.use the people under
stand that it we take care ot the Govern
ment tb Government will take care of
us; thrrefoie the main idea is to purity
ihe ioun ai ii if we would have '.he stream
run clear !
As long ts the foundations of onr deep
are "broken up." the sur'.ace will be in
commo ton ; lor radical di-eases we most
have radical cures; and it the cause is
not removed no change can be expected ;
it we ;ir light we will triumph, tor men.
who desire a change. ek something mote
suhsianii il than a change of tt.g.w.v or an
exchange of masters Radicalism tc t-t
dpn.. but tii.' Ohio nostrum h isn-vived
it. and it raty strugg e with
strength tor years under fuch neatment.
Yours? tru j, Kvmti x.
Episcopal School at Portland-
Tin- Ills-hop Scott Grammar School, a
school for bo!', and St. Helens Hall, a
school for gills h.ul their examination
and ch.isi: g exercises la.-t week. On
Monday evening a musical soiree was he'd
in the parlor of St. Helens Hall. There
was quite a gathering of parents and
friends of the children. The singing and
playing by the pupils did much credit to
both teacher and pupil. Some of the
quartettes on the piano were very finely
executed, indeed. They exhibited the
highest order of cultivation aud talent.
The examination at the Grammar School
was very thorough and satisfactory. The
boys have been well drilled, and Prof.
Laing. the head master, is evidently do
ing a good work. At the close, the Prof,
read a well prepared address on "How
and what shall we teach." He was iol
lowed by a few good and pertinent re
marks by Judge Deady and the liishop.
this has beeu the first year of the school.
It is; scarcely a year yet since the corner
stone was laid. To see the school, the
bindings, and the surroundings as the'
now are one could scarcely believe that riot
a stick of timber was on this land twelve
months ago. but all was wild and rough
and Covered with stumps. It is truly a
marvel of energy and lakh almost with
out a parallel.
" The examinations at FA. Helen's Hall
on Wedta-d y u;:d Thursday were of the
most satisfactory character. In all of the
classes the answers were prompt and ac
curate. There was evidently no cramming
for the occa.-ion and no i-il'm fur display,
but all was done in the most q i "let. search
ing a id thorough manner. One thing we
admired particularly in this school and
that was the complete system and order
that ! :
It U cev
a stbuo
alls ,Vt 1 s
these g
Va n la ' i'
vailed in every department, of it.
tahdy highly delir!:,fu! to go into
where, .he pupils are ipti.-t and
respect! u 1 to their teacimrs. at
nrompt. e.nd ucjurate oi their
. " We could but think how happy
iris JM'e in po;-se.-sitig such ad-
s. 1 in scliooi is ol value to
future oi our growing
power "I compulation.
ism te
oe vol
d the
i ; i .1
Cioc-itig eXel'cisvS ol the sCh;o, Too-.i
In ihe Chapel iu the shape ol a re-
lig.oti.s service and U'leress by the
JUi.-diop. 'I'hei-e wine present iu th.e
Ciianc'i and taking par1 in the services ihe
iiey. Diu tou, Rusehburg and J . W.
Seihvood. It was. we. iheugin. :i very
hi. log ':! p p '.'o pl'ia! e ('re Ut the end oi
a gear's htbois. and the epera-ion of
! pupil
and teachers to all pans ot the
I !'.;'!
pet !ia i
p.s never to meet ng ir.i. i he
aeet ag ir.i.
.1 U !
!h servic
.Id i ess w
,ai! (j! io.
i'lh p.a;e
e was quite large.
;s plain ;i nd pr ic
;i valuable sug
;!., and teaclnos.
. ll Wa
o n s to
j !i
! W
.v.-h toe sentiments it cotiiains
be .eaiUi'i-d all tivci' .u; lati ;. it is im
pi.riii:.! tor us to leaio that an education
;t be acqtured without 'to::.- atid
j la
'. 1
. Paten
list be willing that iheir
coll ireo :
li. o on- h
can pe-.j
!,;-t peon
!o(i ,ii
, in !h
slmvl v. so tiev lot: "o I
! rtaiile.:. 'i'l-e Al
I'll vei Ol
re l!
nr. 1 in t;
rc ri
ot I'.lirJ.Ulon.
v. a i. uio.r t iiilot en to
1' " '' :-
ii mono! oi ground 1 a a e'orvii.
: pe: iod of time. And l doit.g
ioiis; of ne.'.'ssitv .-Kaiii over the
tis ; y
t ills
s a r -
u : i i in
1 "learn
st he c
! li.ui.'S.
lioruagh'y. t'-o.,!i
ive to foil ii;tie
ati 0
1 . c
vame to :!,e
i.o' ti.e .;;;!! ;
wait."" ile in:
A ! .' in hie
!t :
o ta.
O-.-t !
e: . ', t o : ; oeee. 1
tl lo pio-ecui"
t them w : ' u c.i i
j ne 1 1 ; become
I he doe titis.
at tend it;ce nt
! Hcheei 1 in ring
i Il. i-il's iia.ll
!i n d hdi.e,-. Hi wiii
a in-. 'rough
. .O 1 1 . , . r , t 1 1 , o ....
nutiiO: r oi nanus in
Uishop s! Grain in or
e ye a was S;). atol a t. S'.
J. We Ctlil lit. 'I dof-di V
I e
I tli-sC ; l. ,i!.e
to the
their v-'
iron ; go
goti as
ii. port.
worihv u
A Srtvsiiit.i-: Womaw We
Hud the fo!
lowmg letter in trie
th,. 7
ot the.
ir.rit. The author ul
sound souse, which i:
now-a-days, and sp;
wordi Ili tn can be i
ihe U-tter shows g
i a iire commo,
1 1 ; y
more in :i
ie!'overie;l b
m:ti 'er nam
a' o: t
0 ! ' ; -it..
.ee.l 1
v H on
ih i.!
'.xo. June V.L 1S71.
- S'r: i a looking over
! i.or
I ti e .h
'e v , . a
o;; ft; !.;.i
o:il. u,e ;
! v. ;
h 1 l"r-d t rial. M i s
I ooooio.o. in.- rai ooaia.i s i r i
at i omao
Ptee i mm. auvocaies spud! u ilism and
j Love in iis highest, pure-t sense." Now.
j how much co vadou i-r j r i t y is there in
; such a doctrine? And yet ihi.i woman
j with her corrupt ideas can iiml those thai
j are wilting to folh.w her in her wois- than
i tolly. Have ve xiol had a simph' of sue!)
ieii gs tu no l'.ur trial W hat true and
i h a.s: n.isii.ii) wo'.ild n U h to sit and hear
he !c e iatoay in sue;; a v.:-- ?
toae. No woi.i.u! t!i it irnlv
V e a.isw er.
d-'-ires ihe
ow I fie ex-
eo'v a
:i of her sex will to!
of M rs. Woi dliu'l or Laura
As lai- as our rights are concerned
tl IVi
tit to. it is i:'i.v... irv to ii) iks; u.s
l ' -. . I J 1 I : t I
iatheis. hu-bands and
laws and govern the
ii tend to our homes and
t icrs m i ke ' !;.
Hon. v
l-l.i '
te we
r c a ; r.'ii. t ra ! u our s i us a
be honest and v ii'i iiihp, :,-.
dang h ou s
1 in iheii'
1 chastitv.
iaes of hai' U
U act thi'iil iits.iim thesocie'v of liber dees
iind aduberers ami in my opinion society
wid improve faster than it women were
granted the privilege ot voting io morrow.
Some of our old and knowing editors
seem to think that ii is only necessary io
say that Pendleton and VuUandighani
were in the Convention which adopted
the "new departure" iti order to make
ihe people gull it down. We ate in
fo i mod that iim first named genUem in
did oppose it until out voted by the con
vention. Put win her either of these
gentlemen favored ii or not. m i!:es no d;f-
ierenee. Other people have
dilf.-r and be iheir own judges
a right to
as to the
ght or wrong of any public measu r
and ;is long as we control
cooims of a tight.
paper. We propose io ex
An iMt'oiiiANr Dioisiix. A:i
land case has
laieli 1
decided in
Supreme Court at Washington, which
Kt'sf-s much interest for et tiers on
veumeni i-arids. A man w ho had laken
up ii homestead iti ihis S a e dit-d beiore
ivstding liie pres ji iin-d mi tribal of years
upi n it.
A lain employed by hi;a upon
die f t! IU pimped ii. and apteied lor a on
tent foi-.iis pos.ssio:.. "I'tn claim w,,s d-.
iiiial. and th' Court d"cid d iti ii the laud
belonged io the heirs of the th-eased; and.
lhat any per-oii "lying while it; possession
of Government claim.-., is the 1 iwmi owner
thereof, and that it is the property ot his
heirs; Herald.
Most of ihe leading Democratic paoers
in the Atlantic States denounce the "New
Departure" policy. It will hive but a
short life.
ir .... i i ..: i
neasrt eui irieuus to carefully real!
the letter in another coluaa ilom a sound
Democrat ia Lane county.
Grant County Correspondence.
OiiV.ovs. J .'"; -1- lb1
Assuming that a lew Irom this
quarter mi-iP iatercst readers. 1
have concluded to render a partial de
scription ct Prairie Cny.
This recluse but enterprising village is
situated in the Upper -ro Day Valley
about Qfteen miles cast of Canyon City,
at the month of what is known as Dixie
creek, and while it is of b it very receni
origin, yet its quiet retiring beauty is not
of a mean type. I think a more lovely
and picture'sque landscape than here pre
sents itself cannot be found within the
limbs of Grant county. Immediate!
south ol our village, rises Mount Sherman
in o' ran'ie eramU'nr, which enshrouded ii!
perrennial snow from its dizzy heigh;.
seems to look down upon us and demure!
At sunset on a summer eve when we
can see old sol tinge its lofty crest with
his bii.dit golden rays, its wild savage
beautv almost beggars description.
From the loot of this majestic mountain,
on the north, directly opposite our village,
proceeds a small mountain stream .dancing
in the nmlight. rushing through luxuriant
meadows, reviving and gladdening the
rich emerald raiu crops, that bespangle it
on every f-ide till it reaches the John Day
From the north flowing to the south
proceeds Dixie creek from whose gravelly
bed (he hardy miners have ii the halcyon
days of yore. extracted fortunes of
gold ; but. alas ! said fortunes were like
man that is born of woman, absconded to
that immaginaiy boniue from whence no
lortune returns; thus; happy days are
now numbered with things thi were gone
e'en to wdiere "ibe woodbine twineih."'
and the poor miners, hungry, cold, void
not unli equetii ly drunk, is last collecting
his brief goods, and in obedience to that
wiid untamable spirit that bids hun
rustle" desperately, decamps ur.d goes
whithersoever his uubrioled fancies may
lure him.
iJveo ihe uncouth Ci.itiainan. to whom
these luekiess laborers; bequetithed their title and initoest have been seized
with the same panic ami according! v ab
j t'td it .1 realm. The nnoco iut ;t:,d the
mechanic become the i ran lie victims oi
misplaced cou.'idcnce and t .icy who .1 lined
lite river, by iheir Cfalr ..-s are dammal.
Jbli iis a0 ill uiud that be.", s no good
cheer .Hid whiPo the 13. tiers have f.r
:.keii duM'ot.ut.y or vacati ag. more special
aiietiiioii is tieropal to .ae'ricul'ttral. graz
ing and vat ions branches of Mechanical
labor, ami the L"
can soon boas' of
v John Day Valley
magnificent l! uiring
mill to entourage the ianne
larger crops, and s'naitiated
to cultivate
1 lie hitherto
, 1 ,
m. ant
o! iotJns ty.
I'oitl 1 i;e t it v we
cto view in. a' i
liilintl l t np:.
o mia-:- in lei
1 sr;
oe'hi e-s. a plat of about
a e-,g ihe b irdej-.s o! the is u vest, ti.-uls
I J 011:1 D
i v
springing inn m ioiiity nuder the j
j- j rays o! a venial f'slii and w a viliif lie'ir j
a I greet: leaves in tacit obodiance io the com- 1
i . . 1 . ..... I
i.'i.Mei-i o; g.-:i!ie Aeiiil.iii i
Itrme's are tpiPe pmi.aiit witti
pro eiects of larger crops and
expect a o;'Os!)i.'i"oiis season.
ps and sang a
Our villa is I,
. ;i ml i ttg up ipi re ra p .
and even wi h
pi eseuis quite
I lie irati i eit V (
U pi
o n i e
ai I
I i :i."iie:i;il'.' appe 11,1
1 t.'.id fellows ha.e ei
e l a ta'eiv and s
s ore o! .'sir. Ji t
ieime nod hau! v 1;
tiling of ::. h.o'l P
i.ieiou hali 'iver ihe i
( ..J If! point o,' i on veu- !
; 0 s i a : r to vie w r ti a a -e
c c.u'i'V ::M"ii' Ii
measu !
s )i
'ween wai
eel in wi.
aooat t
h and 'i
el l.
et h
leitgl h. -2
The I
) u lo i i
g wi: i o i i.m;i'et.
when ihe iaip-isii
dci i teal I -ei : 1 i lit
by ih" 1th
place, at. i!e
wdl be givi
It i
f i;
c ;ose oi w it :c !t a gr i a a I
U i.'l CotUuSeni' ! a ' i. Ol ol
even.'. A p!e
i leipate.i bv
l-ant Cute: la.nitieot is p,;i
o . I ;
s ream
a l;ea hi
itttte, pure mount. oa
oigh our dells iu
t .'te f; n v I ni; t sports
don. Willi lie! Is
whose limpi
in i;u'r.tmri!",h"!
w liose upturned s oi
parkle with liberty
and ihi.ii. y ielding in yeiioa
ior mm and beasi a ihonsand
11! Vl'S! fooO
i',d. a p.'ople
Vw io number, but a has; in their deter
tiiniUe!! and tire, I wiui that vitality and
1 li tigal zeal Ui'S'i maxes dotucsiic liaptd-
n ess ami itomfort. that puts a lasting
(paietit-i upon Ihal restive, unsettled spirit
so so'.k i M; iy eha r icterist ic o f ail veil I ll re cs
.and which has ami is working ti e inevit
able rain, physically ati.l moiaiiy. of our
eonuu-y s hope, we m iy rati uiahy expect
p ace jn'osperify.
'through the untiring exertions and re-leutle-s
zeal olour philanthrop neighbor
Maj r Joim A. Driiie bis, a eomn mv of
laud pi.
der ake
leers have b-.
he c ns'rnet
induced to u:
a of a wago
ti this pi toe lo 0v lnneinuca. on the hue
"I the Central Pactiic paiiroad. with every
pt'ospec: ot complete success of omHim t
do;i tin., eus-iiiig season. Thrmigh this
rou e as wed as die various o : hei s connect
ing us commercial iy or otherwise w.ih
other pots of our country, we cor
dially solicit a gooi'tv aud speedy immi-
! era Mo;..
To ihi
wliom .Miinoion has frowned
upon and has stiicki-n with tnilidies and
scourge, we exiend our most h'-artv solict
t, tor he, e. b v in l us r V a ml eeonout V.
I a
y can regain thes.niies ol the former
o i
g and b ithiug in our
and lire idling n it ure.-.
till sp, ia
pare an, unad-tier ttod air with which we
an copiously bh-ssed. eau restore tin ir
lost heap) without the use of ilele' ei ieus
drugs. Although we are young, having
but lately supplanted the savage, vet,
y Oiiih ;s v g nous and fi
hopeful ell !-
gies and though the present is not bril-
ilaut. we tire blesse.l will laluiut hopes
and by a lived purpose and determined
elfcri we will mike it pleasant aud our
i u lure
In Fci!
Gotxu Pack on ili:,i. All through the
war me ii. d.cul paper were profuse in
their companion. .s ol ihe -.HcUoek t intilv.
:he nieinheis of which
e l its u;e pride of Omo.
ily. the father and ix lirot
the war, and ail of im-m
'auti, iheir pi om , lo;i ii a
g ibant services in so,- h -.d. times, but i, iw : a r ..oe
wt,e regard
Ol this fain
hers went to
a tamed high
iilg followed
i 'his was in
of these gal
i .1 W .1 . ! , S
""lli.,1 l.ed lj '
e i. eof
.v. ;
u coot-
ihe Democracy tu- tjoV
iucse very sain paper-
eruor oi O.oo. ;
t-.i.t. us.-d lo iau
tin. turn
n os.ioii me vaei ot ;i;s military servmes.
la.s is tim way win tin Radical party,
it luaiiers uol ws.a, .crilices a m in m iv
haw made in th" ecrvice of his country,
ii ne iclaS 'S to i i,v aauil woisinp ihe
' bony idol, he is o.-'t t acised. and the
bounds ol ia,
rend his cu n
a are 11 ioose lo tear and
iy. Statesman.
J.oL'a toc JL'LV. Hot
ii'i ts liil.J.I us. iliA.-ilisioos in, I .....
W e
creations ai now in older, ami ;, those
vh couieaiplate a raie o, laii or s.eam r
we wooed recommend i.u.hoi, u
as lae one lo lake to rebeve the
ol ajouiuey. Ills ail. of hgot reading.
Jtisl -lieu as ail iiiiisi faucy. ia ine July
number we nonce some .inrty diil'erein ai besides il lust rt, ions and mmi irons
u tt i r, it is the m ig.uiue tu iulcie.-i. and
tan i). .1 u . i if .ii'i.i r;. r t . o-..
i ... . , . i , . I i . , , 1
- , ,
vi. i. ,i Mini woto. ioi lMii'W s. X UO-
i mo,, ! p. u . j- . . .
V-"-1 J 1 '"""'' 4 ''""" UJ
cr -.1 50 ear. Jut try itonce.
The Doctrines of JeSsrson.
From the Examiner. J
In these modern times, when so much
is sai l about political platforms and party
principles, it will be well to go back to
the fountain head and drink of the pure
wa'ers from the wells of the Fathers,
lell'erson was the Fa: her of the Democratic
party. The impress of h;s genius, re
mained upon the Government long af r
his death. If we would see the country
prosperous and the Union , firmly
cemeuted. restore to popular favor the
ideas and principles taught by the great
aposlle. Let every Democrat reol. in
wardly digest and retain in his memory
ihe follow ing Irom the inaugural of that
great, man:
'The essential principles of our govern
ment and those which ought to shape ils
idministratiou equal and exact justice
to ail men of whatever state or persuasion,
religious or political; peace, commerce,
in 1 honest friendship with all nations
entangling alliances with none; the sup
mi I of the State governments in all their
rights, a.s the most, competent administra
tions for our domestic concerns and the
surest bulwarksnga'nst -anti republican ten
dencies; the preservation of the general
government in its whole constitutional
vigor as the sheet-anchor of our peace at
home and safety abroad; a jaloiis cire of
the right of election by the people a
mild and safe correc; ive of abuses which
tire lopped by the sword of revolution
where poaeeaide remedies are unprovid
ed; absolute acquiescence in the decisions
of the majotity the vital principle of re
publics from which there is no appeal but
to force, the vital principle aud immedi
ate parent of despotism; a well-discip.inod
malitia. our best reliance in peace and for
lln first moments of war. till regulars may
relieve them; the supremacy of the civil
over the mitlitary authority; a economy in
the public expense that labor mav be
lghdv buid"!, el; 'he honest payment oi
out-deb's atid sa.-red pi eservati on of the
public faith; encour igement of agriculture
and of commerce as its handmaid; the
diffusion of information and the arraign
ment ol -all abuses at the bu of public
, - : . .1- 1 1 . I
leas; n ; ireooom 01 religion; treeuom 01 iu
p;e-; freedom of pi rsou under the pro
tectiou of die habeas corpus; and trial by
juries impartially selected these princi
jdes form the blight con. -'el iat ion which
has gone before us and guided our steps
through ;.n ,ig-j of revohi-inn and reform 1
tion. The wisdom of our rac s ami the
blood ol onr In-roes have been devoted to
their attainment. They should be the
creed of our political faith (he text of
civil instruction the touchstone by which
to try the services of those we trust; and
should we wander from litem in moments
o! error
oil r ste.
and alarm let us hasten to retrace
s and to regain ti e road which
..'Is to peace, liberty ami safety'
is no doubt, we have sadly wan-
hoed from princip'es in the last death.-,
'i'hete is si. aiii'ly one that we have
l ho
seen violated and trampled upon by
corrupt and reckless men who have
controlled at Wa-hingtoii. Verily is r
ti;:;e for the people who have suffered
litem so long to retain power, to hasten to
re race iheir steps "-and reg tin the road
which alone leads to peace, liberty ami
safely.'" Pour years more of Radical rule
and ite 1 isO ve-iige ol toe old Union will
have been des'roved huv er.
1 ho liio C mveiidon-
From Pomei oy's Democrat. J
The .N'aiioital Convention of iin lleppu
i party for the nomination ot a c ill I'
ll : t for the Presai-oicy . ami the adoption
of a phi I'oi'.n. w it 1 have no hing to do. or
it will h ive a herculean task upon its
hom's. Two coiitiitgeiietes will arise up
on i s erca;:i'.a;:o.i. One will be h siuh
. the oilier lo reerea.e. The first is
ho ,-aa !'. hy 'die proceedings ol the
ii. to CoiiVottiioTi uiid liie action of the
! ; r: - . 1 tie o1 her is ;i m l!-
t lie I is'.s er (p ,t Dope IS
i '
v i r
'e r ;!'.-
i e strict to ih
ir i isirait
deleg ales.
til. IS
W i : I
the eir
eat (,oaventifin att
Ih itioc. utic party
p r . by yieolhsj
nipt to
into the
Up the
f.'Ml rulers.
I ra i.shi'.'ui i !
K e p 1 1 1 1 1 i a
i d -el I iiies I
out ligate i b
who wi 'o also
toiimk is of the Coiisii-
! u i ei .
The trick of a few traitors located
N"-' ' Joi k h is so bir b a n a sttceess.
t i
i is u-,iess to d'isetis.s the shabb y
j pi i:..'',:-Se.. oi' history of th p nefarious
i g.iug. i )."c line is ejioogh. They are not
. ... i . . ,i
i hi m ne a wen , lem.ic; ais ;
Power wdl no' c m.' to thes" men. at-
j t.ii;:! as i hey m iy to c ij de i he pe ude.
Som two it. in-ire I a id odd m u io Ohio
i have been woo t ihe indorsement.
t ue
uiieoa-tioiMomil acts of the
The ei i"
ad' (he civil portion of tin.
war were indorsed by men in that conven
tion who never wearied in den.e.i aiciog
!ho.-e ei rors ;is crimes when lhey were
foisted up-oi the couofry as necessary
means o! presei vmg she lTni;n.
LegislaMires were coerced into an adap
tion oi the odious negro amendments, ami
Si ite after .t.ite ie eted bv sub-erbieiit
votes tin
( i i
se pursued
hai was on!
by iheir repre
v a few tho it
y ears i!gO.
Tie h- (vouct piatn tl those am oidm uts
on i he ( -on s; 1 1 u i ion, force upholds them
there, an 1 ihe I temo.-t a; ic party is called
upon to accept as ng'u' and proper, ai a
l'resolen; i.ti eiec ion. w hat liie people ot
ihe whole country had denounced as a
scries (;t political crimes.
These things are euigmis of the day.
but, lium will explain their mysiery.
The utterances ol this paper have al
ways been in advocacy of a stiici, con
struction ol the Con-tiio ion. and its ad
vice h is been io leave groat issues, liv'llg
or otherwise, to ihe Ni'ioual Convention
lor set i lenient. Dismission meantime was
necess try . ami discussion his been had.
and free discussion is more . e.'di'ul n w
! i i ,i ii ever i'.utll tiie masses of lue ptople
send forward heir b-igates to thai cou
ven ion upon which the fate, poss.bly. o!
I'm country in ty depend.
lint c I'icus is doing iis Usual work of
foresialiing Un piitrio and intrigue
ol distio lest im-n is weaving .i nei in
which to entangle the tree limbs of the
l here was a g ill iti t b irnl in the Ohm
Conven i n wiio stood it p for the right
and rufiis d to lie ch uaed aud s d to ihe
corrupt diCMtoi s ; b it they struggled in
viio. lo vain? For ihe um on! v.
I'eterritig to 1 i i . p ist coar-e ol those
joi'trnils which now urge on itie atiii'ga
m ition of the Detn ci i k: ii-rty wi li ihe
iiepiiblic ins. no oilier opinion con be ar
rived .it than a h i.ough cotivic i ui of
iiieir perfi Iy They d.-n anced it) word
tint had brtve breath i;i thou, those
usiirpaiioi a which now tli y cringe
ar ajud fit k. ieis of llepubiica a Cansdt
ueiicies to iti 1 nv. Treason will not
do i js.ii in this country.
Weulih. tiu i ihe hope of olli.-e, and the
greed of public plunder, are agencies of
political power ; lhey are the growth ot
those very evils- ihu pur hearted, patri
otic D -m'cr.r.s wilf denounce.
The people w iil be approached by the
sophistical advocates ol "p dicy." will be
told ihat they mast be thieves in order to
catch thieves, but let the people beware
and above all. let ihe people be true to
hernse ves. retyiog upon no o her policy
Man that iodic i'ed by the original Consii
iti ion of the I lU'L
They muM d :enniue to fid the "v-ttion-al
Co oven ion v.itb patriots, who will
call a robber, a trickster, and a traitor bv
their proper names.
The country has been brought to the
verge of another revoi ttion by the ilieo-.l
i ana ciimiini policies o' i-s pre-ent rulers
.. a . i. . . i . . t i
,lU't ii o a u mi. ca nn.i .... u,,.j n...,,-
and WI ,i a bohl
. . .... ,-.s os-.i
i,as.-P!l mu ,..,lu r .1... I .
- ... i s ,,, uu- ufiu jfrilii
parly, are calling upon the ne m
P-n cainn-r upon trie pe p;o tu ad-
mre to those policies for the fjture. Hxs
nor. the country b3r. ruim?i oaout-h.
Afcdy Johnson's Opinion of the New
From the Knoxvilie Cm respondeace of tin
C.nciuuatt. Comm .icial.j
The question was asked of Mr. Johnsot
what he taought ot the de
part ure. ,
1 havu't read the entire platform, ' re
plied he, "but from w ball hear oi it theia
ure some sensible points in it. But we
must not depart too much. There is as
much danger in getting too far away as
in staying too near. There are mtddie
grounds, which it is the best policy to oc
cupy. The trouble is that some ot our
party aref desirous of accepetiug too much,
and others don't want to accept an Hung.
It should not be the policy ot the Deui c
racy to threaten to use ioree against ibe
reeent amendments. . There is a Uwtul
aud constitutional remedy tor every in
Our part is a party ot peace, of law. ol
order. We waut "no vioient measures,
in my opinion the letter ot Frank LUair to
Droadhead at the eVe of ihe laSl Presiden
tial campaign did a great deal ot harm.
Why ? Because it was so written as to be
construed into u threat that in case the
Democracy came to power they woiud
u-e force again.-t the reconstruction acis.
Now. we should not threaten force, nor
anything like it. There is a peaeeubie
remedy" and that remedy is in convincing
the people thai the last two amendments
to the constitution and the reconstruction
acts are wrong. It is within the province
of the people io alter these things it they
will. Ihe true podcy is to accept an
these things as accomplished Iacs, but ai,
llin same lime leave oiliseiVeS tree lo hel'e-
aiter urge their abrogation at the bar ot
reason aud justice.
The Radical pariy will never meet us
but once mole at the pjlls. and then to
receive its overwhelming. final, and
eternal deleat and annihilation. Thence
forth it will dissolve and resolve into
odier elements. It has been an unscrupu
lous and wicked party. Its crimen iu '.his
couuiry surpass ihe catalogue of ail pre
vious political wickedness iu the hisiory
of live government, ll ought to die. and
the outraged and long siiifering poop.e
have decreed ii. I rix, pup all, Vox Dei.
Concord v.N. 11.) 1'iai int.
Music can to tunijer be considered a lux
ury, and I hose Who spend libnioiis sums
in purchasing Saeel Music are s.mpiy
ihrowiug their money away. If our inn
sical friends viil take ihe l rouble to pro
cm e a copy of frier's Misicil Mnt'k'y
they will see what iheir wiser Iriemis are
doing namely, geiiing better .Music at
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l.ach number ot this valuable publication
contains iloriy-six pages ol Music, prinled
Irom lull-size music plates, embracing
sjaered and Songs. Duels. Choruses,
i'o Iviis. Wiil zes. etc.. in every i-tsue.
Tin July iiunibrr commetices Volume
VHP. ami contains ihirieen pieces ol
.Music, manly thai would cos; jus;
lour dollars and titty cents in sheet-torn).
Vuii Can get it by mail, pos -paid, by
sending thirty cents to J. L. Purtits. i:r.)
Proa 1 w a v . Ne w - York.
Tim LrrriiK Coui'oi.A'i for duly is a
model number. Mrs. Miib i 's new story
begins weil. and will be read wiih delight
V all ihe boys and gilds. The poem
' i'ietores on the Slate." has a tuil pitjge
illustration by L nidm b ich, which is ex
C 'cdiagly iiae and suggeslive. Under Us
new in iii.igeipeut, this already popular
juvenile is gaining iti beauty and ex
cellence wi I h each number. Terms, jt I ,r.)
a yar. Published by John il. .Miller,
Chicago. III.
A t Imp rrui iL-'i lies.
Spii.'c i valuable in a newspaper, and it
is therefore piopased iti this ad v. i tisr-ment
to condense a variety of facts, n, pm tai.t to
tie public, into a small compass. Those
tacts refer to Iosst-. t tor's Stomuch Hitters
w hat that ccloarate i me.di ine is, and w ait
it will i o. In the firs pi ee, then, the article
is a stit. ma at, tonic and alrerni ive, c in
sisting of a c .nibination of" an ab o!u cly
pure spiiitimus agent with the most valu ible
meil-e ina! vegctab e s-.bstaiices that botanic
r. sa:v!i has placed at ti.e d S;,o id of the
chemist and the pi ysician. The-e ingrej -cuts
ai e coiiipoumh d with great cat e, and iu
such pioporti ns as toiooducc a lueperatio:!
I which invigorates without exciting the gen
eral system, and tt.ncs, regulates and con
trols the smimu h, ine bowc s, ti e l.vur, and
the minor s cie ive organs.
What this g fat re torattve wiil do mast
he gat .en d irom w hat it '-as done. The
case ot (l -.sptrpsia. or an v other fo: m of m
d ge t ion, in winch -t mis been p.i s.steii. -y
ndaiitii ti rco vviOi nit fb-; ting a i adi al cm c,
la yvt to b heard lio n, aad tat same mav
be said of bilious d soiah-rs, imei mitie ,t
fever, nervous a lie ns. gnerd ik-biiitv,
coastip nioa, sick iie.i liicl.e. mental Uisa ilb
ties to which the leoule are so so h-e It
I p ritics all the thuds of the body, .ncludm.r
t . i . . . i , i i . . - -. . .-
tue union, ana .ge a e si i m ui , nts w hi. h
i: imp ii ts to the nervous system is not s ic
ct'c h d by the slightest reaction. Th s is a
c.iapt-r of l.ii-is width icideis, for their
own sakes, should mark and rc.uember.
fiit e. Su.
Ol Fnoiil .stiaoi,
EEW, F.STAl'E in this CITY am
E S f P. It TLA N i), in the most d. sirnble
lucidities. . ohm tin ,,f l,oTS, 11 LF
Hldiiliv.S a'id ULOJIvS, llOUssE,-? And
IS lJllts, ; ;tlsO
IMPdOVEtl FARMS, arid valuable
un-Tdtiva'ed LANDS, totaled in ALE parts
d tae .ST A i E tor isAEE.
EEAE ESTATE and otlie- rrop.-rty
purchased tor i 'or e-noinlents. in t .is IT V
and 'hro giiont t e Sl'A l'E and 1 ERUf
TOilli'.S. iv ia iieit are and on the most
A D VA N T A i ; E U U S T ER.M S.
LI!. tTE . A d ii Oe eral F I N A.N Ci A and
AGE NOV HU.--I.N ES-- transacted.
AGENTS of frns OFFICE in al! the
CITIES a al TO A'NS in tin- S I A I Ih will re-c.-ive
lies ii .ti s oi FARM IMiOi'iJ.iTl'
an.if'or.v:iiii the same to the above address.
Feb. 3, iSn.
T ie foil. w;ng per-ons are authorized to
'Ct as agents f r the Ene ;npRtSE :
J M. Baltimore. Fo tland. Oregon.
Thomas 15. ce, San Franc sco.
E. F. Fisher,
Hudson & Menet.41 Pa k Raw, New York
G o. V. ihiweil & Cc, 4 i Par.v Ii ,w, Nc v
I O li.
Abbott .t Co..- Xo. 82 &.SL Nassau street
New oi k. '
liud -on, Me let & Co.. Ohicie-,, rili?ioi s
r,,,'', .'cnU U '' ,ilJ hesitnut street,
Xtebecta Uegrre Lodge No. a, I. O. O. F
CJS Mfcet ' he ,Se -ond and Fouitli
u f ,ch. ,raoath. at 7 o'clock, in O ld .Fellows
Had. Members of the Degree aie inritad to
attend. Hv order of
N. G.
Willamette L e n. 15 I. o . 1'
VIeets every Saturday evening, at the rijj 8
S.E. corner of Main and Filth streets, at 7 1-2
o'clock. Visitintr member ax invitort -n
atfesd. By ordir of
V. C. T.
New To-Dsiy,
1 j the Posmllieeat ureg.m City, July
s71 :
v.Uen, Kich'd,
.ryant, Joseph,
ctmctt, Mofiala,llrs,
aker, M J h M i s, .
hapinan, 51, iiiss,
JJaiuUls, Amos,
l'iel l, J II,
Urahani, Jesse,
licn.lrie, l hos,
Owlsion, W A,
Owen, K t,
Phillips, Klla, Miss,
Kotf, isaniuel,
Reed, 51 E,
Sherry, C,
tsayeis, A E, Her,
Svcrs, 5Iary, 51rs,
Tavlor. D.
r.radley, James,
lit mard, Krnii ilonsieur
JiracUey, Nancy,
-'arhle, Samuel,
I eaerson, Jj,
Fitzgerald, Thou X,
Pceney, I'atrick, care
SrarKarcluin, Uernard 2
Ulsson, John Alfrod ' '
Owen, Holei t, '
1'c-ri, Toinaa,
Kies, 5Iatiaj,
Itice, John S3,
iseall-i, 15,
Soott, lien E,
Tiembtith, John R, 3
"U'ii.-on, Joaiah, '
. "Wilson, Jane,
Wylaud, Ueorg-c
jMrGona.ii. .1 H
If called for, please say advertised
J. 51. BACON, I. it,
fwl LLE. JEAL & CO'
.. - r .. f. . . svi,... :..r. sA11
".'-...',-s..'. .'"'t .- r9 vs
. t --.v i-.ic
Mouday Evening, Jul 10th.
Final Sottlement.
In the County Court of Clackamas county, On
gwi. Jn the matter of the estate of i C.
1 :-on, deceased.
1 that I have tiled my tinal account and
vo'ither-3 for the sei tlc-ment of said estate, and
the Court lias appointed the tirst 51onday in Au
frnst, 1 ST 1 , f.n heariia? exceptions to such accounts
an 1 the of the administration of said
estate. A. J. CA.-UN,
JOITNsON & ilcCOAA'N, Atty'.-i.:4vr
Doctor of )ii- ill ne of the Faculty ot
Puiis, (iiiiihmliof tlif I'uivci-Hity,
"Utii-i n's'id-i;i: " io ( ii ,itj, HurJ
Payskiii ii ol'liu- r-it. Jultm Ituptiste
Society, o I San Fiancistj.
Dr. I'erranlt Inis t' e ph-asure to inform
h s mime' ons o d mitie .ts aud others seeking
( iiiiihlciiii 1 yivt. ;.. Aiivi-t, ihat ho
c ii be cons Iti d daily it' his olliee No. 503
.oiitgo.ueiy etiee!, nortacast corner of
A'.cramen o street, .Van Fr ncisco. Ruomj
9, 10 aod i 1, hist ll.'or. uij sta rs.
Colli u'tu! ion s u nl Corrvxpfun lenee in Zing
loh. FOich ami German.
Iliiv'ng made ihe var ous lorms of Scxa
;i tiS' ie and i viotis :ml i'ysif.i
f-lility the su jeet of minute rese rch and
specia! practice f'..r niiii years. Or Pernult
continai's to treat tliese ulllicti aus suceestully
by th newest seientific met .oil--, and with
out r sort to olnmxKiti.s l; emedies.
Goiianhea, Gieat, Strictures. iJuho, Ulcers,
Skin Eruptions i te., in juy staire. sneedilv
-iii ed .. and all p adi ic and" M -Vcuridl
TAI.n'T.S eradicated from the sy.STEM.
N tnrtia; Emissio s. Night Swens, Dif
ihnrae from the L" retina on go ng to stool or
m kuiir wat r. Pa n i i tie oack. Sleep dis
till be I oy dreams, 1) zziness. Siti'dm. Ian
g nr, Paipit.itinn, Fai n t i ng. On? dis, "sl low
Comph xi .ri". Growing W. .kness of Siijht,
Menta a. id I .teiiectnal Eaenlties, Dil!ideiic
Disi filiation to to attend Bnsim-.s, . gn
into ."soeieiy, etc., ;ire s me of tin more prom
inent Sy.stom, ol Xn vim . ainl I'tiysicu 1
lNsj,.4i;tV,ilu ,.0SH t 0' sdf Abuse and
Ex ('is ve I ihili-i net vh;ch, it" not timelj
checked, v II never f ii to in I ice pivmUuro
th cii, and lern.iiiaie ia total Los-i of man
hood. I'.itieirs coriinl d iing of .me or more of
t ie above -ympt mis. siionld apply iamiedi;
atfly t i r. I'erranlt, as he has "discover d
New and Keiuibl Ue nedies v b ch . n. blen
bun t a gaar.iiitee a speed v and radical due
s-'-minal Wrali ncss and Impotence.
Wi; invite invesiig ttion, pai ticnlarlv br
l.Osi sut.eie s M i, I a-, e tried this l,oast."d
I) ctor, nd th t ,fdv rtised I'hys cian until
v- nn ut and disconr.ig. d; we el 1 1 ii not to
kii-nv tivny Urn r. nor to i n e everjhour;
b ,t we in chiimtna in a'l cases taken under
treatment, we t'dii 1 onr pr mn-e.
Or I'ei r. mil's dip! .mas are in his oRice,
where patients ear. .- .or themselves that,
'hex ui c under ihe cafe ol a .egularly edu
c i ted pra.- itai. er
Ead es siiilering from any compl i ints in-.
Clil - till to tl.eir sex. an COHS alt t .e Doctor
With then s iiaoce of ell f.
l'aiients l i tae country can be
J ?m) at Hmc
by addressing a lelter to Dr. Pei raid t, 52
Moi'.t-oniery street, or Box V73. P. O.', Sail
Francisco, stating ta. ir case as mimUely a-i
po slide, limits ot ovanr, occupanon, etc. ,
Low Ch .rge. and t,'tnck Cures. itest of
re erences . ii reipnred s All communi
cati ,ns conii ic itiid.
Lr PerraiilCs is th. sole agent
nia, for:
Dr Biott's Celebrated
rTn-itf-.Kr Pile
in Califor
which a e unappiae. ed, and iar in advance
ol . very . the." leinedy tor snp iresseioiis au 1
other n ri-iiou.ti si., females i'nee, $' Ot)
l".'V b,i.V, Si'lit ...V niii! oi exrne.-i .w i.r, It
p C .ed.
,.. , S . .J
.eli my n,-d a .d ho .r i. witn -ut j it
c, so i t- , rovoc mo,,, tm. pmdio are hereoy
Holm u nutt.i t ust or oarhor her ou my ac
i o unit a I wid i be lespoasioie lor any
Hebts ot her contracting bom ana alter Una
r ilE.Mii GAXS.
U wego, June 21, 1871.
Savier, LaKoque & Co.,
out: Guy city.
ta-Keep constantly on hand fm sale
M d.iu.4s, Bran and Chicken Feed, Parties
purchasing feed must lui nish the sacks.
Orc-ou Lodge u. 3, j. Q. of 0 v
ijprS&Mr. X,te,-S evry Thur.-day eve a
S mo ,tl 7 'A-lock, in Odu Fellow's
Hail. Main 8 eet.
Memuersof the Order are invited to attend
by order. jv. g
Ileligioaii .Services.
Mt Pauls (Episcopal) Church, the Rev. John
v . Sellwoo 1, rector, ."services on Sunday
at ipji a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday School
and Bnde clasa at 2 p. m.
1st' Confrrepatinnal Church Seats Free
Morning Sea vices, 10 iS
Sabbath Sch o!, 12 o'clock M.
Evening Services 7 o'clock.
Hkv. E. G;:rky, Acting Pastor
Snnday fe'-'enimr,
. . .5 o'clock
. .7 o'clock.
luesday eveniag...
M. E. Church,
Morning Services
Eve. dug Set vices,
Seats Frce-
7 o'clock.
Class Meeting lo!hwing M01 ui U2T Services.
Prayer .Meeting Thursday eveninar 7 co'oiyi.
3-"bati BciioDj st 2 o'cJaoi p.