The Weekly enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1868-1871, June 23, 1871, Image 1

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ks2l Slip
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Business Tan, the Farmer
--Z 'Ae f.i-U.r ci no I.E.
K;,iio;: and rur.LisiiER.
FFICtC-l.i Dr. Tuo--.s :ij;'.sCi-Kk BuilJin-.
T'i.-ilu C','y o.c m, - 0
7 ;,' ) v of a i) i": n Tfsixt; .
isi'ui-'iiT-, iuflii'iiMg all
q. nl 1 l.iies, 1 w I ;.(
tiun. 1 v-i)
Ori- (J jlii a:i, mi- year. . .
il'iU (id
J iirier
lia-iiuoss Can!, 1 squan- one year 12
t: i" .a . i
N a 'fieri'-- .
l:fl at the i-.rj):ne of Agents.
fi(J()A- A.XD JOB 1'lil.XTJXG
!li- e is -iiiipiictl with
;t'.i!. a;i;)fvt'd -1 y 1 ' -s of iniui
V( ' I i " I'U.-I.-SKS. whicii w 'ill t-iiiiUU'
lli i i ':'
r t 1 .1 b li lilting at all liau-s
tin J
i il.C.
ns itj")i a Spicie la;-'
n u s 1 xjs ca ui j s
Attorn oy at Lav,
oil City, Oregon,
Sft.l': 1".
()1 IX 31. JiACOX,
Ini'-ortcr and Dealer in
KTATb )X i'lii V. i'MUn'MKRV, &c., Ac,
Orrn-:,!, C'hj, Oregon.
At Ch;n,rc IV.tmsr old . if, laifyoc
Ctit, Ack rinitn, Main strut .
in tf
. 1 ,
!, Ton-pli', corner
S'r-.-i t-, r'it!iii.d.
of lb. -0 dc-Mrnsrup- r:or
11 -iM'c' ui rt'um'-t. N it reus iX-
..;' ex t.H'i tot'
f -,.! i I haii the be.t,"
if. . . h: i; -
De. J, H. HATCH,
Tlte p-urouage of tnose desiring tir-si Co
Oj" rul is i e-oee t rally solicited.
Satisfaction in a"! caes guurant .:od.
X. U. X'1 ,: t.h-fl' a!'!t;!;it.ere-i for the
r.ur.less i'l xt i ,o-t ion oi'Teeih.
i)pfii:n-hi Weiaat's new baildii.g. west
side, oi First .-treet, between Alder and 2-ior
rUoti streets, 1'ertlar.d, Oregon.
"Liva and Let Live."
pn:Li)S & stT;Tckli:ij,
' Vt the ol I -t Hid ot U'oitm-Hl A F eb'.s
Oiegvin (.'it.
S LliP I il ). . I :! ri. Vi. t moo li.
or7'7-:-OJ.' Fellows' Temple, corner
Fir-t m l V'.d -r -treeis Ile-ideijcu corner d
Mliu nit Seventh trcets.
M. ?. HICJ-IiriELDj
Et.ibliliod sim e 1 the old stand,
"if ' i Sfrrrt, rezai Citti, Orcjon.
T i. t --.
-.ronent of Watche. Jow-d'-v
and Seth Minimis weight
! v'ks, tib d whi :h are warranted
t.. hi a repre-c'ited.
iP'Mhiri done on short notice,
al th rdd'nl hr p et fa vers .
Vl: -.rders for the delivery of nierclvnn--ii-te
oi- j) i A ore- and freight of whatever des
criptia a. to eiv put o' the city, will becxe
C ite 1 promptly and with care.
D.oitfehes Oaffuins,)
No. 17 Fr int. SOwt, oppos:te tin Mail steam
sh;n la tding, Portland. Oregon.
r n o ritiFiTORS.
B vird per Week . .'
" " " with Lodging r
p IV 1 on
Pioneer Book Bindery.
O II K G O X l A X I? U 1 D I IN G ,
Corner of Front ami Aliler Street,
anv desired pattern.
PAPERS, Etc., bound in every Tariety of
style known to the trade.
Orders from the country promptly at
tended to.
fcc'i iiW
-OFEICK-- In ()
nt i'l!.-t ai. 1
T':lf 1:1' . . ' :
oer.itii-. i i
id ; tin- ir.'
; - ii
an l 1 '. ' .-. (.
D m-. -J -It'
The Old Constitution Means Liberty-
From Pomeiov's Democrat.
The ti iek.tiTs and coward are bmal at
work aneinpfini; to in over tho Demo
crane pariy u i ho ride of (lie dominant,
but not da- majority Republican pany.
These 'ricks'ers are notninuliy Doniocrai.-s
now. ton uoie busy as beavers in b-.Jidins;
ap the liopiib! can Lincoln organization
out of the original idjoiiiion sect.
It has struck tlx :n that it. is eaier to
win place by usiti the i'cp iblicati policy,
because l hat has been in use fur a ion;!
period and the people are supposed to
have got u.-rd to it. and are wiliinjr that
it should be COUtiiimd. 1 hee Would be
leaileis asid p rose til dictators of platform
forget the (;ld liiie of ballast relative to
I lit '.' l!Ui
ariety. :
the naiio
"s 11 hav'J !l,r change and t
.u,K:m- un, w..-y van Chfal ,
il! lit it
rr.u ricrln i.i p-.suivt' i
ai:u it.orou v:t rei,;ess tlirougn the agency
oi liabiiual .-a b.ei '.'ieney in the American
masses. The New Voik poiiticans orig- i
luavi.l i:;e tip'a ot !iaop::i.: tiie ou!r
o! the J i ; 1 : 1 1 i 1 i c : 1 1 1 aiimipisa-adori of Liu-
col':. Johnsot and Grant. hopit: in that i
way to obtain control of certain great
leading appoiii men's and such plundering-
o! "he jpi.biic iroa.-uiy as would ensue
irom sticli poy.-er-.dou. i: cotumeitced as a
local tiggie for national plunder.
Their r is I hat the people tmir-t ignore j
U;o De 10 o era tic duel noes of JeJ!eion.
v.-c;i r by ibe outrages of Lincolti. and his
two main subordinate tools. Seward and
tatifon. and !ei i!u -.Meat i-.;ues of cousti
ttt'ionMl encroach iiiotit b'e buried in the
b i.-;iS( s. along ii'-h oihe: rubbih as
pei.-.iiia! l.!)ei 'y aim the lives of political
pri.-oiiel s.
Mr. John Quiney Adams, of Massaclms
etts grandson ol tliat Jolm (Quiney Ad-im
who did none than any other man to pave
ihe way to the late war oi die .-eciion. is
(jitotod as an oracle to be followed by the
grand army of A:u riean Deiimci ats.
And w ho. oi htm-cli is this New Eng
l.itid '.osi's. uiio-e hoi ti we are caileil up
on lo exalt, and wi.0,-0 couiisel wu are
commanded tu ioiuo,v "'
An Abolii iiuii:-1 u i.iU- aboli'i.odsni was a
.-ena!i'n ml a !-v r a violent an x
eeer to bloodshed while the war lasted a
(ireeiey himeil'. or any other man made
wicke.j by unhallowed lust ot party ag
grandizement. When the war was over he did not
change his -opinions as to the right of co
ercion, nor ilid he interfere to save the
Son the; n Slates ft oni obliteration as Sia'es.
but lie was ii dacod v.ith hopes of ihe
(j iibernati.ri i
! chair oi Ma--ai:h:i-e; Is to
whine over ainue-ty. and bally the tem
perance people of his Conimnnwealib. be
cause lie t ihe p ro i i i b i i lo u is : s were
in tlie m.P. 'i'ity. Like ail tin" Adams o!
Ma achi.sei! , he hungered alter ojiice.
lie has no seii.-e or ti-eiir.g ot what De
mocracy 111-' ir.s.
aid ibe i emocra
d. vet he is invoked to
iv his advice and per
haps is v. iilitig lo serve iheiii il he can be
promoted to .he Yice-1'rcsideucy.
Mr. Yallandigham alo is a iavarite to -da
an t g 'the Demoevalic ainalgamatioii
its. b (,-au-e he ha p-romulga ied a series
oi res indorsing ali ihe usui-pa
tions ol the Eepsiblicans as a means of
party triumph.
IDs re.-oaui'Uis. eighteen in an.
ire a
complete jumbo' i. t
n et eo: i 1 1 ;o i ;e i i :s.
erignty iii , and ,,
or. no ' ii the whole
ee lo g lie s-. ot
". hat oibee e.a Ya
It ihe i.. : .. . 1 a-
e . ii i.b-.ts and dt
!:s-er'ir.g Stale sov
b.anioiiiiig it itt a-ooh
eeootr ed into a
political ab-urdiiies.
fbiud-ubam bnl tor?
e a lake ihe con
stineion noi .i,a.-l by tie Kepubocaus
v i' h i'- hide, ii- ad li' ions allixed toil iu
tiiomeu's oi h n.led triumph ami con-mm
mated ha'e. what has the party lell to
ti lit against in the coming elections? 1 be
lb-publicans arc adjusting their
plaiforiii so as to promise a leduc'ion ol
1. (bscontiiiuiince ot ilireci ia.a-
Hon. r.
form in 'he civi. service, ecoitom)
in the win isii.
tdiii.e. ami a ?
- of Up
i eel-ill!
o-overnineui at m e
ei.rr- c ion ol im.-e
p. u inerou
i . .
i w n
II .III i.-iil'd i ! i . It 1 ll'l kh!
pros' ii li ed uc.v.
Can ihe Democrat?
oa t toe
do more
V i vtt
lev -J. i vo that I liey Hit
1 as
much that any m ui wr.l b"a-ve in '.
in a much a- ii.e poui ieenth and I' i i -teentii
Amendment are !,,. very one;hat
m-ike ( i ! a a! s ph-a lor 11 ii li mi 1 ed power,
wiioi-au .-av ;1 at homd any ariy secute
control ol the (ioverumeni l.ereaber. thev
will not use tleni as an excuse and ceeoi
for s.mihir 11-111 -paiion and despot s.-m? P
lool-.s as i! tie-v wanted these violations to
leu, aulas precedent, lbr builrer . Usui pa
1 tons.
'i ho Democrats, if they are in earm-si
can will the next bu'ile of the Presidency,
and ihev lo-ed no; go to school to Adams.
.. 1
such an lo-oat
to leai 11 their du' v.
'1 hev ask no I'ght Irotii men who-e atsces
tins only ha l ' b ne light," by wlucii H
wri'e i!: their bitter and Puritanical
municipal law.- and local dogmas. I hey
want 1.0 auc' ioneers ol ballot-. m pawn
biokers ol national pol;e . no peddlers oi
political righ s j: sii.ii..iner.s of invasion,
idi allie s 0! unholy vvai fare, no t-nitotir-agers
ol the mtmletei-s of women and cap
tivity ol freemen, to m-iniet them in their
rights. The; need plain common sense,
pia n common read! g o the old . "ons;i
uoiou. ana plain, common, old fashioned
ove o
Thev wil
Will lie
trie I
is or tin"
cowards, and th
::ory wi.i be the greater.
Tn their advertisement the Di
rectors of the North Paciiic Kail
road say that if they only get
$2 50 per acre for their hinds, the
proceeds will construct and equip
the whole road and leave c25,00V
000 in the Treasury besides. If
they sell at f per acre, they can
build and cutii'i the road with one-
half the lands, and alter paying
. ' 1.., 000 000
I or everytning na e ,v'o-...,.
acres left" to hold for higher prices.
But, in fact, they expect to reanze
an average of 810 per acre, wine!)
v, ill ive them a complete rail
road "and about stS0,000,000as
the result of the Government ftul:
Was there ever in the history of
the world such an enormous rob
bery of the people by their repre
sentatives ? S. J Kramlncr.
The richest people in the world
are the Cherokee Indians. They
number 10,000; own in fee simple
4,000,000 acres of the best land on
this continent, and have in the
hands of the United States Govern
ment, on which they annually re
ceive the interest, 4,000,000.
Feet in China.
IMrs. S. L. Btildwin, the mission
ary to China, lectured in Pliihvdid-
phia recently. Of the women of i
China she said :
The women of China are di
vided mto
the bound-footed, who are the
ladies, and the larue-looted, who
.are the common class. The latter
cfirrv tlw IhunIoik 1o nil the lrul-r-
i - ....
,,,..1. .rtrl- , , ,..,r !
-, , , V- ' i
husbands do nothimr.
little ixul is born tlie partMits inmk
t.1 10 crxl?
- ) ,
n n i 1 iir re w i i oi '. . u i
j.(iv j)0( a t.onsultatioii whether
! A,, i.-l. .ill 1... v lli-n i,v iwit
-11. u l I t 'l .U1U II l. in V. Kf t
If she is, when she arrives at the
ape of 4 years they hold another
1. ." ' .l" 1 T ill
i consultation wneiner sue snail oe a
bound-looted or a larL!;e-footed wo-
If s!
slie is
to b
bound-footed she is not permitted
to do anything, but if otherwise
she has to be the family's slave. I
have seen a soman with four chil
dren strapped to her back and
lowing a boat, while her hu.-band
laid in the cabin smoking his pipe.
of their husband: the young girl
is sold by her parents at the high
est price they can obtain for her.
She never sees her husband,
nor lie her, until after they are j
married : if he chooses he can be !
livorceil from her for talking too I
much ; if he becomes poor, or gets j
fired, he sells her again. In the ;
coldest weather the large-footed j
woman are not anowoa k wear
T" T .1 '
stockings, and cannot dress m any j
other than black or blue. The j
manner in which thev
t heir '
feet small is by binding the four ;
toes under the foot, which they
keep hound up lor aoont, eleven
years, when the foot becomes dead.
I have walked through thestivcts
when the women would bruh
against my dress so as to see my
feet, so they could tell to what
class I belonged. T wtmld say to
them, "I will show you my feet,
but do not pull my clot lies, .as it is
rude." When I would expose my
feet, to them they would exehiim :
"Why have you no real ladies in
America';" Ami the only way
that I could make them behove
that we had, was by telling them
that tiie women read books
like the men, which uiteilv a- '
founded them, as the real Chinese :
ladv is bron-rht im in the utmost
ignorance, :ml they only marry in
the rich families, ' because they
know and do so little ami need -o
much waiting upon that it takes
a rich husband to support them.
how many children she has, she
will give vou only the number oi
the 1
soys. to b
the second time how many gue
she has, .as thev are 1 1
i o a ;
little of that in many cases they
are killed as soon as born. A
hi rge-footed woman told me once
that her first -child was a little girl,
and she described to uie how she
loved the little one. '".My husband
wa nt out," she said, "and brought
in a tub of water. I begged him
to spare its lift , but he took the
little one and put its head in the
water, and held it there until it
was dead." Her second babe was
a daughter, and it was served the
c-oow. .1.. tl.o llivt . dm fbtl-.l .hlhl 1
.-.line .is 1 1 11 1 1 1 s 1 , 1 ue 0111 1 1 v. 1 1 o 1
wtis a boy; "he lived until he was
about four years old, then the gods
got angry and killed lhn; then
mv husband died : and now
if I eat anvthing that is nice and 1
if 1 wear good clothes, my rela
tives become angry and treat me
harshly." Fven in our Christian
churches in China, the women are
not allowed in the same room with
the men, but are partitioned off in
a lattice-work room.
E. Last
week a negro in Tennessee, by the
name of Viu Tyler, called at the
house of Mr. Kdwanls, ostensibly,
to light his 'pipe, and finding no
one at home but Mrs. .Edwards,
am! an old lady by the. name of
Mrs. Howard., he fired 4- violated
her person, left for a few minutes,
returned ami threatened t n murder
them both 1 they oisciosci ,,c
foul deed. I he lady gave tut
-..I 11 I.T
, -.
alarm tie.'i uie wooie-!)ti
turned out ami captured the villian,
and that night there was one
Kadieal voter less and an addi
tional Ku Klux sensation io fire
up the northern heart. ScdaHu
1 .1. ...i.l.. .y.
The town of Athens, Alabama,
which has for ten years boasted of
the fact thai no spiritous liquors
were sold within three miles of its
court house except for medical
purposes, has recently, through its
own Council, decided to liceurc
retail dealers. They say that buy
ing bv the bottle from the drug
store by prescription causes too
much " sickness."
The two sreat Lrghis.
From the 'N w York Ex a."
"Lot their bo two -great lights in
the far-spreadi n4 li rn ::ment !' said ;
the voice of the oI-.-t ilig-h. "het
them be kinas of tne earth, ruler.-s i
of e er-cha:i inp: time, guardians;
ot day and i. ;piit i
lie spoke, and it was.
And, in all his jlory and maje?-j
ty, up rose the sun. A crown of j
many colors adorned his head : j
jewels, wiiose elitilence no mortal
eye could look upon, decked him,
and sent forth their "'eaniinp rays
on all creation. ' -m ci:i'I y arm
, -
lovingly lie.. i:vO(l
do'.vu oil tlie
lui'iiiti.aix f.ll'tji ";.- lilV, o.,1 -fi-.-i. !
! u'r ince to every hero, ccent aim i
i ,. ,.
beauty to eycry il-'o e;-, vior and .
hciihh to the Crealor'b crowning
werk ;.:an. j
ihtt tie moon looked on with an ;
eye of jealousy, ami envy darkened j
her beauty as she asked. " h y I
should there bo two royal person-
ages on one throne ? why should I i
have only the second rank in this I
rand crt a ton .'
.And suddenly her beautiful light !
lisapiearel, chased away by the J
spirit oi je:i!ott-. i ar, lar away j
on the wing- of tl;.- wind it fiew,
ttd it reached the great multiUsde
ot stars, and these ir turned into i
glittering atoms m the vast vault i
of heaven.
' '- .1... i mi-!, i y ;
11., l : i T 1 1 f i i ! l l l o c ona iiii.,iM' 1
e moon sitiod l;e''ore the thro
of the Almighty, and cried, Olercv, i
nu rcv,.olt Father.
v I have
too late, the fiat of God
had go.,
"( 'nh:.j
said the Divine :
i hikiiiu (;ou:; with
h itv on ;
the darkened or-, at am, ot-cati-e
thou hat env'nd the beauty and
magniiicenee s
which it has !
pleased thy. Crt a! o to adorn thy !
brot her, the sun, k ;:.:, that hence- '
forth from him a'-ep shall t lie ;
brightness beborroivcd ; and when j
H pleases uiv Aiai,ci to shov
us ;
ommpoteiit p'e.vcr. t am s.iait. even
be again pluagv'-d into darkn-'ss.
Ibil weep not, :c im of envy. The
I "in g of Mercy
ee; foi-o-ivt u thee !
Thou, too, in thy be a ;t y shall re- j
t'u.-h the wta: v.'ael in-pire liope (
in the failing i." j
And behold, er f lie voice Di- j
vine bad c .,-
words of coml'ma,
a tieeia! light ilhin
a trtoi'jtiii bt-aat
'iii! to nig t llet-e
i sw-.-t and
t eg ed the moon
which is hers
lor evermore,
Queen of the ni
o.eo i in 1,0 ,
lex's of stars, sth nth
fu:l v she lulh!'- In r d.
amt pi-aoi-
1 1 !
1 1 1 : v , obed
ient to the will of her creator.
Mt:s. Woi:;rr.b. We find the
following ski te'i ol' Mr-t. Woodhtil!,
one of 1 1 -e lea h . rs d' t lie '"Woman's
I ighls" movepjefit, iti the New
York .A.- (.'.-', . We eotumeu I
it to the const 'oration of the
st rotig-minle
?,:r-. Woo
i m ! bis locality
1 ' .1; 1
tlie trout and
a h i" 01 iii" ee to e.o reformers, is
only oe-eawmg ot notice Iron the ;
pioititiii nee ni v. na n siie lias iieeni
placed by the adlurelice of such ;
f'ollowers a- Mi-s. Anthony and j
Mrs. Hooker. IJettri'd by part utsv j
who, according to her own show-
iii" are not fit tor ei vt 1 1 'ed societ v.
! 1, T. ;t,(.t.d ,o,d, lw.n .b-
veioped in the mysteries and prac
tices of that humbug of humbugs,
clairvoyance. Married to a brute, j
her child an idiot, and her sur- j
rouudings fall ol' harshness and j
i . i 1 : !
degradation, u n a nature supeii-
i ,. ... iii oi 1 y
to the
j al)out icrocio-v has been to her
; ;n) uro-:1.,;z,,-l w o:) (.arth. Frotn
clairvoyance she has passed to that
twin humotig and delusion, spirit-
j uausm, and ueueves hersco uuota
the giO'lanc-' and control oi a com
mittee of live s!;is. of which De
mo-theiies is
wilted enough to see soci ty
at best is by no means perfect, she,
too, stumbles upon the universali
ty of the Universe, r-ml after im
bibing tle.'piv oi Mcphen Pearl An-
- .A .... 1 1.1
drews' "Alwato freely transhitei
j begins to shout Lureka! and all
the little pfdlywogs of A polio 1 lail
Willi open mo u. us .101 s.'.oc.i isiou
-. 1 . ... ... i 1 it..:.:
listen, .as to a god.
i hat a erea
immaturit v,
lure oi
sitch Vi'e
tien memal
limited oDservatioi!
following of any s
to show how man
t (rile 1; -S
- 5
no VWOgs i nei e ar
e 1 .
frog-pond o
is clear
that however loud p
..... A
Woo Dinll may pipe, we shell have
to wa . f
.- . i ,
1 o i e lite
a greater t nan .ne
'vr. ed the uav of re:
l ,
4 Pi: iv ate Ih
Demi, Ind., hes ,:
nedug the uonu
of Col fax,"! extd
gaming nttoriel;
ei. -in, me.-., i
ville- (.. Ot: t'i'. i' 'w
li vorce mark
ies the L
i 1 1 ; .
, ti:
market w;is the "private business
was it, that Cobax was recently
offered tweiity-tive thousand dol
lars a year to superintend ?
Kemember that, if you sanction
a custom, you are answerable for
its fruit?.
ill ?t ii
-vi en !h is
mo. n
"he ha?
.lie iullowiitg' t-.i-ostive luiraLrrauli
wliich shoaid i.e care i ally read and
pondered over hv a certain class
of newspaper readers:
'MU ome unaccountable misnp-
prehension of facts, there is a larire
class of people in tlie worhl who
think it costs nothinp; to run a
newspaper, if they buy a copy
from a newsboy when too far from
the oitiee to he
thev are reo-tilar
the C'liie
nd entitled to unlimited
tlen call every day at
net a
cooy of the
Dress, tor
,,,.fl.T,,r ...1. ,,-,.,,',1 !.:..!
of bc'-ino- a noeket hankerchief
bom a tiry puods sio:e, an apple
from a confectioner even on the
plea of old acipuiintance, or hav-
hg boifght somethino belbre.
'Abie paper a day amounts to
nothin". but a hundred a dav
amounts to something in tlie course
of time. Jhit this is a small drain
compared with the free adverti-
a newspape-r is ex pec
te.l t
o JO.
men who liave paid two lol-
lars for an advertisement worth
Jour or live Uohars, appear to think
they are stockholders in t he e- tab-
lishment for Hie. They demand
the publication of marriages and ;
fune ral notices, obituaries and fam- '
y e)
lie.vt forty
... -. . v- . . . . I . . . t ...... .... 1 . ! .
;us. an ;in oi 'i ami me v
1 '
row iiulijiiaut. 'Don't I oatron-
ize yottr iaperV' 'Ves but vou re
ceive t he ante feu
what yon paid.
sa v
ii win
you nothing to pat 1hu
which is jut aboat as rid ;ciilous as
to ask a man to grind your ax on a
griiilstone and tell him it won't
cost him a cent.
"it takes money to run a news-
paper as well as any other business,
ami no paper succeeds financially
t hat carries on a dead head svst cm.
Any mention of the people's affaii
they wish to see in print, is worth
paving for, and when pi iuled is
generally as good as any otner in
vestment oi' the same amount.
" The newspaper buiucs is very
exacting on a. I coiiiiceiol wnu it.
and the-pay is comparatively small,
the proprietors risk more money lbr :
smaller profits, and the reporters :
and editors and luinlei-s work
harder ami eacaper than any other
chis- of men reouiring tin- g ".veil
o o 1 1 1 T 1 1 i 1 1 ; 1 ' 1 a 1 1 1 -i ' 1 ! ' i 1 i 1 - "i 1 1 1
io - i
mo 1:0 1 . e ;
drudgery. 1 ite lue has its cuarm !
md pleasant associations scarcely
ant associittioiis scarcely I
Known 10 uie outside woiad, an
1 .1
anxieties, am
iiotirs tor ex iiaiist ion,
which likewise, -fire not known to
'lose who think the bus'me
inn. ihe idea that newspapcrdom
1 t 1
is a charmed circle, where l he mem
bers h ;t 1 a li
o; e
are tree from
, and go to the circti
it night
on a free ticket, and to the; Springs
iu Summer on a free ticket, is an
idea which we wish to oxolodo
oractiealiv and theort t icall v. iu-i-
1 ue-ss is hti-iic-s, and tiie journal .
that succeeds is the one that is con-
llllvllli - v-J hs.O- I
' . !
1 1 1 '
-Oil" :i ii'iliklM" or iililiii
ing bridges, a hotel or running
li ery stable."
.. .3 f
I'Ki.ViU':.r for E.vniAVAd.vxni.
The New York nhxj P-(
very truly says : "The Govern
meut now collects by taxation
slotMuumi.H) jU.r tiuimm more than
it needs for current exp'-nses, in
cluding tlie! interest on the debt.
This va-t surplus of two millions
of dollais every wta k is a perjiet
ual temiitation before lobbyists
;i;id Congressmen, .and is the main
incenthe to every extravagant
scheme. So long as it continues
to be collected, ail the resources of
human ingenuity will be employed.
bring about the us
of it for the
promotion of rivate ichemes by
grants, suPsid'es, local
nit.tils. new offices, increased sat.a-
ri'.'s and gen; red waf eftthiess."
The liadical party, which the Pout
is still m the mam supporting,
won't ' reduce taxation ; but the
Democratic, which will carry the
Union next year, will. Till then
the masses must " grin and bear it."
A Judge at .Memphis was re
cently called to preside as "chair
man at a public meeting in that
place. During the proceedings an
exciting discussion sprung un
a mm to
motions, and (
-s mo
j .
tions, one
er calico out lmna
tieto lv to IkU'i
his u, otitei leit. to '
i las vou; mot ion i
e , - I
t !,,. hi., a t,.,..
meei mg
:i .-i eond ? is
0 a tied the cuan
" 1 es, sir ; :i has tiity seonds, at.
least." " 'i iti ii let it have ten
more and th(j chair will make a
minute of it."
' ?V JMm.
aoiin lucCarly, of Can as-
jl m tiov .t i i r ij alio u i uv.
I v'eignl oi cue hundred and five
weight oi cue hundred and five
winters and summers to interfere
iviiii nis wor.
own store.
m ueteu
to his
TERCt ) u RSE. The world would
be more hapiy if persons gave
more time to an intercourse of
Vi'e commend the follovviiiir to
tlie earelul jierusal ot such tits may
thouirlitlessly or wilfully have be-
come addicted to the" habit of
s-peahiiK' sneeriutgly or liuhtly of
! the virtue, iurity and oul inilu-
i ence of women. Whenever we
; lieara man, voting or eld, denounce
; ail womankind, we feel that there
j js something wroiu about his own
' nature :
' Sluiis on Women. Of all
evil.5 prevalent arnon men, we
know oi" none nure blip-'ttin0; in
its moral elVects than to speak
slight ly of the virtue of 'women,
Aor is mere anvtinn- i;i v.loe i
i vmnr r.-.n .-.;v. tb, ,,.bK-
taken', as the low estimate they
' form of the inteority of women
not of their owii' mothers and sis-
ters, but of others who they tor-
get, are somebody ehe's mothe rs
aud sisters. As a rah', no person
Villi) surrenners to t,:is i.d)asii;g
habit is to be trusted with, any
enterprise requiring iute:-;ril v of
characiej. 1'hiin wor-.js j.houhi be
spoken on this point, for the evil is
a general one and dee;) rooted. If
voting men are somet'.mes thrown
ii;t o -J:e societ v of th mghth-ss or
lewd women, thev have n vh.-ht m
imasute all other women by ' what
they see of these, tint i thev would
have to estimate the character of
honest or
respectable citizens by
the deveiopement of crime in our
courts. Let our young men re
nii'iuber that the chief happiness
in life depends hi their utter faith
in women. .Nu woridi v
-v -
n : t
W IMlWiil,
no mi.-aut nropic p
d-Ui-i .iHi-iat ion, can
weiiion this
It st amis hue
fundamental truth.
record of God itself-
tor ii. is
nothing less than this and should
put an everlasting seal upon lips
that are wont to sneak slightingly
of women."
ri die newlv
elected Democratic
Mavor of St. Lotiis found in the
City Treasury on Ids a-sumption
of ofiice the enormous sum of vdOl.
On the other side he found 0,000
oi' the city's bonds maturing in
ten days, and the. lulls for Marcli
Vl15''- lie wasjhe fortunate re-
"'lti-iit d a Kadtcal legacy to a
D-cmocrat ic a d ministration. As
( ee.ii t itch
hopu idly remarked,
stivs tlie Stockton loiLJiron,
erooi i:i leiioe .os 11010.-1 T 1 ;
' I .
,i'v:ii ,1. the 1 ,enui)hcans fe
athed to their successors a
.1 1 . . . i . .. ... ...... ti
-. 1
j briiiicrupt crt ilit and empty
intt em oi 1 ieu!i-
11 ry.
to 3! vke Love A sugar-
hearted love-dunce writes to a lit
erary paper asking how he shall go
to work to win the affections of a
-otil : Don't
talk about '"going to work" to win
the atfections of a woman ; it can't
be done in that way. The more
you work in that way the more
10 v. on e ini
1 1 : i .
vou. her into
,i. ,wl.,,i ,1Md ,,,01 ,,.,. out l,r
t , p.- afnml to do
, TO 1 t . 1 .... t
! 1 it-: inniti in vourseit and let her
mis. p.unp m yourseii and ici net
" I - . .
...II 1-.... 'Ill I O..I I 1 .1" llW.ll.a'
not ea loti.'i no 1 1 . . , . . ,
)ornw some lrom her. A 1 a tie her
believe that she has deeply ;
wronged you, and the 11 forgive her. :
Tv 1 1 1 "1 , ... 4- .- 1 - 1
Deeply wrong her and don't ask to
be torgiven. In shoit, contrive
either to lay Her under a tasting:
obligation to you, or lay yourseU .
under a lasting obligation to hei j
It tioes not make tne timeience 01
a headless pin which, so far as con
cerns tlie result.
-c - '
'I he newspapers tell us that Mrs.
1 1 . ,7 .
V oodluul ts preparing an o!.r
1 ' 7 4 1
to ( ongress. An iiti'in.- to Con-:
; , 1 1 , 1 1
" ri ss wouhl be much more in keep-!
r -iii , i :,,.:
li-ith t ho. lilt'-udnV 'Did io i.n.iot'
Hi;' r. 1UI UIV lliil.e- I' ' 'oei viii'nt. u
ot the v. "man
s already
1 made one
address to
j which was written for her by S. P.
udrews. v.' is herself incapable
j of writing a
wonl v.h1ch i
line, or speaking a
not composed by
And she is tlie
candidate of all the loose women
for President.. s,j10 js tp,; jVee-
love, or, more properly speaking,
the goat-love, or ttog-iove candi
date." " i .otiti" man. ' said a minister
to a yotilh ot his congregation.
l i .l.. , 1--..X.I- -., !,. it l.b ill. .1.--
tins nil i!iu u n ihi', iv iiianu.- i imi
sat tain in the work
! ' v," cousins and a
, ! I..l1 T I ,0 t -Ot- 11,1 t.l Vll.t'lIM t Ill-Ill
miuh longer."
A female lecturer says:
" Get
learned, vcmng men, ami oe quicK
about it. Don't wa;l for the mil-
j lennlurn,
i . J
the girl;
to becoice
.-ed beside
i ot
iM 1-ook
:,n angel, v,ounia't you, yo
u hi
O Civ
il cads.
Tt is much better to decide a
diifeivuco between enemies than
friends: for one of our friends will
l .K.nnai f,n enemy, and
; Cc,-ta!ii!v become an enemy,
i one Qf our. enemies friend.
A paner juiblished iii Pans,
TC-.-m.uckv-. states that sixteen ladies
j .jUt town sat together in. a pn-
j vat. roin, without any restraint,
j umi neVer spoke for two hours.
We don't believe it
Etaitlin Eyc-Cpener-
Under the head, "A Startling
Iv.e-Opciier, the Omaha Daily
IRrahl jjivc-s a chapter of
tory of 3 iadical rule in tl
the Iiis-
hat Stato
forthe last four years. T heSk-hool
fund id crone: "ft has been souan-
dered upon olitieal favorites felon-
iouslv, in prross violation of both
the criminal and civil statutes of
the State." The school lands have
been stolon in tho wr.v '"("rim
IJepublican party is solely respen-
sible for the wrongs and robberies
which have waited these osscs-
sions upnn vairabonds and adverb-
turers who have rioted in the spoil."
-Next came Use niovioas iran.ts in
ii.n r.rtboniilJii.hin'din
at Lincoln : "The asylum stood at
the head of these inlamous trans-
actions; it cost the State hundreds
of thousands and the burning alive
of one or more of its insane in-
mates. ,o one douots the pur-
poe ot us oesiruc'iou uv ore h
wat-, i?i sr., to prevent its falling
down of its own weight, and, sec
ond! v, to remove from the gaze of
men a monument of State fraud
and corruption which told its own
store to every one who beheld it.
The capltol abortion ranks next in
ihe enti-'-orv of State swindles, and
the univer.-lty comes next what
anneare.l to be a permanent and
good building, save the ibur&lation,
which was put, iu against I lie pro
test of ?dr. Snver, the arenitect.
Men of sound judgment believe
that both buildings will fall fn the
course oi" time, .and we believe the
fact. 'Fifty thcu:tn dollars arc
now due Mr. Silver on the build
ing, whim; will prove worthless un
less -M'bOoO are expended in put
ting beneath it something besides
sandstone for a foundation."
Faiim. Every farmer is at times
oppressed with :i sense of the over
whelming i-ft aber of things that
i'v ijuire to be done. Y e leave seen
a nervous man iu r-uc-ii circumstan
ces commence one ;?, .and before
ia.l ot fairly started, abandon
it for something ihat seemed more
pressing, merely to leave this in
the same nnfnislied state; and
when night came he had aecom-
plished little v nothing, and pass-
ed hours tossinn aboe.t- on a sieep- bed, thinkmg what he should
do Oil the morrow. A young far
mer could not adopt a better ride
than to repeat to hinexdf eicry
morning. "What soe v er t h y 1 1 a n d
fimhth to lo, do it with thy
might," and act upon it. Vhona
job is commenced, iir.ish it before
beginning another; but at the
panic time, attend to the little
things. Jut. if you happen to get
behind, strike a lively .gate, d
one thing at a'fime, and when it is
done, take a little rest by immed
iately commencing another, and in
this way you will pull through; in
good time
.''. oo;e.
1 9
What i
ion was addiessed to a Demo
in a political conversation a
o tu
lew davs
since oy a red not
j ,( I(;can " I would like vt
, x wha. you (.a1 a
j lom,st i )em,jCit. "j;,. kind enough
'inil,u ,no n. cln,, T ""shall
mvo t() luj4it,1 ,ro to pv.v0me such,
nnil ) ny x jjj knrnv that j am
clinu(r(.(1 "Well" replied' the
t 7 , tt -m!lfl ..hlr-lnp
roost, and if you can pass it y
without feeling any inclination to
' . .
Jiemocrat, but it you cannot resist
. 4 ' . . , ,
the temptation to bag the lowls,
r .. . , . '
you are a Kadieal M;d amlQtaie
, ,, rr.
not exiierunct d a cnang'e.' 1 JiO
i uiai.-oiu, ou .oe; .in iioih ;u
- . . . . -
j iifl.!UU ill'ji'iil1! li.l'l ID' !UWI-
lions to propound. lri- 'True
JkLiilAt'-L .id jr. w
Never forsake a friend.
enemies gainer around, wnen
ness fails on the heart, when the
world is lark and cheerless, is the
time to try true friendship. Tliey
who turn from the scene of distress
betray their hYpociisv, and prove
that intere.-t only moves thenn it
vou have a friend who loves you,
v. ho htis studied year interest On id
happiness, be sure to sustain him
adversity. Let hmi feel that
. . ,
1 v ' i es ;! i ins lormer Kiirui, i.tiij.iumQ..,
. 'giat.dmolherand that Ids love is not thrown
ii- i - ..... ..,-,..ijifi'ii.,'ii
but "it exist in the heart. J hey
h n. i" " ' " - j - r '
! ,..,! iololirv III: V III" 1.11.
i 1
A man out in Illinois, after wit
ii"" tire pe a orn lanee o
a ttght-
i. - rttne ariisT, said u was c-asy cnougii
. - i . i
to wiihc a tight rope, if the man
had the nerve, so he fastened the
j clothes-lino from the top oi hi3
j barn to the chimney of his house,
j took a hoe-handle to balance him-
self and st.'Uted. Tlie funeral was
self and staited. i'he funeral was
largely attended.
An eccentric citizen of St. Louis
died recently and left in his will
$1,000 to a man who, ten years
before, had run away with his wife.
One of the last things he said wag
that he never forcrot a favor,
only deny it worth and power 0
who never loved a friend or labored
to make a friend happy.