The Weekly enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1868-1871, April 28, 1871, Image 1

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    VOL. 5.
NO. 23.
V ' ".CV.
)c lUcckln enterprise.
business FVlan, the Farmer
sn:n every fiiiday ey
OFFICII In Dr. Thewirr.'&'s Piick liuilJing.
7-: it ms of srrj.'S' rh'tioj,-.-
-" y.Sin'Tle Copy une year, in advance, $2 50
, 'Transient advertisements, ineluJing all
legal not-iees, V sfj. ot 12 hues, 1 w . 2 50
For each subse'iiietit insertion 100
One Column, one year - $120 00
Hilf " " 0
Ourter " " 40
lliiTiness (Jarel, 1 square one year xz
r.'f Remittance to b-J mode at the risk o
Subicribert), and at the t.rjx nse of Agents.
fi-'g" The Enterprise office is supplied with
brviutiful, approved styles of type, and mod
orn MACUIXE FRKSSi:, which will enable
tJie Proprietor to do J;b IViriting at all times
Neat, Qick and Cheap !
ir'y WorU solicited.
AH i:tiiri.r-s.i tra HMitetions upon a Specie basi.-'.
I'll All L. LIS K. WAUKEN,
Attorney at Law,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Importer and Dealer in f-Ttf-f
ncis crx ced ;a-QL
Oregon CHy, Oregon.
At Churmi-fy Wurrn-r's old rfnnd, lat'hjoc-ciipit-d
by A:kertii'tn, Main, street.
10 tf
Ol'l'lc:-: -In Odd Fellow Temple, cornet
id' Fust and Alder Streets, Portland.
Tii.' patrnae of thoe desiring superior
operations is in special request. X it tous ox
idf for the painless extraction of teeth.
vf.'".V rtiiieial teeth "better than the best,'
and cheap .-' the cltt-:tptt.
Dr. J, H. HATCH,
The patronage of those desiring rirt Class
Oj, rutions, is respeettully solicited.
Satisfaction in all cases guaranteed.
X. i;. Xitroii dry le administered for the
Painless Extraction of Teeth.
Off i ci? In Weigant's new btiilding, west
side of First street, between Alder aad Mor
rison streets, Portland, Oregon.
"Live and Let Live."
' ?'"'At the oi l stand of Wortman & Fields
Ch'egon Cit , Oregon. 13tf
SURGEON'. Portland, Oke( n.
OFFICE Odd Fellows' Temple, corner
fVirst and lder streets Residence comer of
iMiin and Seventh streets.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Practices in State and U. S. Ccurts.
0 yj n -e X. 10S Front Strctt.Forihind, Oregon.
U; site MeCormick's Book Stoaj-
Established since IS 10, at the old stand,
Miin Street, Oregon City, Otryon.
An Assortment of Watches, Jew
elry, and Seth Thomas' weight
Clocks, all of which are warranted
to be a represented.
Repairi ni;s done on short notice,
uid thankful for past favors.
City Drayman,
tJ" All orders for the deliver' of merchan
xlise or n lckares and fieisrht of whatever des
'criptioa. t- any part of the city, will beexe
t it o.l promptly and with care.
(Devitfches Oafthaus."
No. 17 Front Street, opposite the Mail steam-
ship lauding, Portland, Oregon .
0 Board per Week $5 00
" " " with Lodging 6 0
1 " " Day 1 00
Oregon C t. JarJ- I3:tf
o r
, o
Tlhc Unfliii,it(l Prayer.
4 Now I lay me," say it darling !
"Lay me." lisped" the tiny lips
Of my daughter kneeling betidinET,
O'er Ler folded finger tips.
"Down to sleep." -'to sleep, 'Vhe murmured,
And the curly head dropped low ;
"I pray the Lord." I gently added,
"You can say it all I know."
Tray the Lord !" the Words came faintly
Fainter still, -my soul to keep
Then the tired head fairly nodded,
And the child was fast asleep.
But the dewy eyes half opened
When 1. clapped her tvinf lcas ,
And the dear voice softly whispered ;
"Mamma. God knows all the rest!"
Railroad Meeting at LaGrande.
On the 5th a larsje and cnthusi
nstic meetinor of the citizens of
Union county was hehl at the
Court House in La Grande, for the
purpose of expressing their sympa
teies with the people of other lo
calities in their efforts to obtain
legislative aid in the construction
of a railroad from some point on
the X. P. 11. R. to the navigable
waters of the Columbia river. The
meeting was organized by electing
Hon. James Ileudershott President,
and E. S. McComas Secretary. W.
W. Raker, J. R. Huley, A. C.
Smith and E. S. JlcComas were
appointed a Committee on Reso
lutions, and reported the follow
ing, which were adopted :
Whereas, The Union Pacific
Railroad Company has been ask
ing for the right of way, and a
grant of land to enable them to
construct a branch railroad from
some point on the U. I. R. R. to
the navigable waters on the Col
umbia river; and whereas, it ap
pears from the report of the Engi
neer, Col. Iludnutt, that this route
has natural, geographical and other
advantages, over any other pro
jected transcontinental route, to
connect the trade of China, Japan
and the West Indies with our
great Eastern mercantile cities and
Europe, therefore be it
Jitsoiver, That the recent move
made by the citizens of Portland,
Oregon, towards the permanent
organization of a railroad company,
is, in our opinion, a move long
neglected, but yet a move in the
right direction ; and whereas we
consider that the proposed route
presents every desirable feature of
a great national thoroughfare ; we,
therefore, ask our Senators and Rep
resentatives in Congress to do all in
their power to obtain ti e right of
way and a reasonable grant of
land to enable Portland, Dalles
and Salt Lake Railroad Company
build said road.
Jtesoh'eJ, That in our opinion
the line of railroad proposed to be
built by the P. P. fc S. L. R. R.
Co., offers great inducements to
capitalists than any contemplated
line of road of the same length in
the United States ; and in view of
the fact that the future prosperity
and development of our mineral
and agricultural interests must
shortly make that portion of the
country through which said road
must naturally traverse, a country
of greater wealth, be it further
Jlcsolvcd, That we will aid and
encourage said company in every
manner within our power in car
rying through the undertaking.
Spirited and appropriate remarks
were made by W. W. Baker, A.
C. Smith, Dr. J. I. Ilulsey and
E. S. McComas.
On motion of 3lr. MeComns the
President appointed a committee
of five to collect statistics in re
gard to the nature of the country
over which the line of road will
E. S. McComas, J. L. Curtis, "W.
W. Raker, E. Shoemaker, Terry
Tuttle, E. C. Erainard and S.
Hannah composed the committee,
which were to report to the Chair
man within four weeks. After re
turning said report the Chairman
was empowered to call another
meeting to take further action.
Mr. R. S. McComas moved that
the Monntaui Democrat be re
quired to publish the proceedings
ot the meeting, with a request that
all papers friendly to the cause
copy the same.
The meeting then adjourned.
Saut vs Cunxs.The following
appears m a leading editorial in
the Cleveland ILmld: "We wish
to give a very simple remedy for
fever, and wish to emphasize "it by
saying that it has to our certain
knowledge proved very efficacious.
It is simple common salt. A tea
spoonful taken in water, and a
teaspoonful deposited in each
stocking next to the foot just as
the chill is coming on. That's all
th ere is of it ; but knowing that it
has been very efficacious in 'break
ing' the chill and perfecting a cure,
we put it in our columns", where
no humbug remedy shall ever
find a place, if we know it.
The Xew York Herald has pay
ed out since the European war be
gun -$150,000 for cable news alone,
a fact unparalleled in the history
of newspapers.
Costly Marrying.
Tn our days, hearts and darts,
living on loving, dying for one
another, and all that sort of thing,
is played out ;" aiitgespielt, as
our German friends so accurately
and indomatically express it. "We
want a solid foundation to build
matrimony on ; blocks of bullion,
and cement of greenbacks, and
supports of bonds, and girders of
stocks. STone of your ethereal
castles in the air will answer for
our inudciii I'adies of fashion.
Chateau en Expanse are airy resi
dence and not suited to a Northern
climate with the thermometer at
zero in the sun in winter, and
ninety in the shade in summer.
Tho fiance of the present prefers
bricks and mortor if they are more
prosaic. Cottages can no longer
be erected in this city under our
fire laws, and lodges in vast wil
derness will do well enough in
summer when the play of catching
trout and hunting deer is being
enacted, but will not accommodate
a modern ball or give room for the
Our girls are not brought up to
save ; not they
ndimr is their
strong point, and in that we will
back them against the world. An
average American wife will get
through more money than any
female representative of any nation
on earth ; and if our wives cannot
ruin their husbands, nothing can.
Ther hate account books and
despise arithmetic, and know that
it is low to go into the kitchen to
look after the servants. Their
fathers have worked for them all
their younger days without limit
ing their expenditures. "Why
should not the husband follow this
excellent example ? It was only
the other day that a fashionable
lady sent her sapphire engagement
ring, just given her by her lover,
to Tiffany to be valued, and when
she found it was a "'doublet,"
actually a sham, or at least half a
sham, and only worth three
hundred dollars, she dismissed her
lover ignominously. She foresaw
what such economy meant. She
was to have " doublets" tried on
her at every turn. IleT furniture
would be sham and cheap ; her
horses poor and ugly ; her house in
a side street, and not on the avenue';
her elresses American silk, and
made by third-rate milliners; her
jewels mean pearls or common
trarnets; her carriage second hand
perhaps. Horrors ! "Was she not
sensible in putting an extinguisher
on such possibilities? "Save for
thee" indeed! Vhy, where." is the
fun ? Husbands are net engaged
em those conditions, and their
privileges are limited while their
duties are plainly defined. AT 1.
The X. Y. J'Jree'niij .Post thus
contents on Grant's choice of
friends :
First Wells, then Cox, and now
umner. Fish is to follow seon.
it is reported and thus, one after
another, the President rids himself
of those advisers who, being men
of acknowledged experience, wis
dom, and knowledge in their de
partments et the public service,
seem to be peculiarly offensive to
Thus he has eliminated from his
counselors, first the man who had
most ably and thoroughly mastereel
the question of taxation and reve
nue ; then the man who had most,
clearly and honestly urged upon
him the conditions of the needed
civil service reform ; ami now the
man of whom Senator Schurz very
justly said, yesterday, that he- is of
all the Senate most eminently fitteel,
by study and training, to fill the
important position of Chairman of
the Foreign Relations Committee.
And in place tf these truly emi
nent men, men whose acquirements
and high personal character the
whole country respects, Avho are
the President's confidants? 3Ior
ton, Cameron, Chandler, Eutler.
Is any comment needed? Could
any criticism be more stinging
than the mere juxtaposition of
these names of the Presidential
favorites with those of the men
whom he has wilfully ami igno
miniously cast away ?
Oxe Drop at a Time. Have
you ever watched an icicle as it
formed ? You noticed how it
froze one drop at a time until it
was a foot long, or more. If the
water was but slightly muddy, the
icicle looked foul, and its beauty
was spoiled. Just so our charac
ters forming one little thought of
feeling at a time adds its influence.
If each thought be pure and right
the soul will be lovely, and will
sparkle with happiness"; but if im
pure and wrong there will be final
deformity and wretchedness.
A farmer of Scipio, Xew York,
has a turkey that has laid one hun
dred eggs in a hundred days,
never missing a day on account'of
sickness, or a circus in town, or
Death of a Singular Person.
rFrom the Sacramento Record. r
The .People, a weekly paper pub
lished in Indianapolis, gives the
following account of the death of
Dr. McBride, whose
is this city, as the '"King of Pain,"
seme months ago, excited thecuri-
"osity of the public. The iAo''
says his relatives are unknown, but
we are informed that the Doctor
had a wife, residing in Baltimore,
who was considered wealthy, and
who frequently supplied the pe'cuii
iary means with which her eccen
tric, wayward husband extricated
himself fvom many a difficulty.
The eleath of t his man, who was
known from Alaine to the Pacific
coast, will be read with some sur
prise, ami not unlikely by semi 3 with
regret. No human creature dies
without leaving something good
behind him, cither in act or char
acter. We feel at liberty to mention a
circumstance which occurred while
Tins st r a x e ; E c i : E a t r it u
was in the flush of his prosperity
in this city. Reckless, immoral,
improvielent, an empiric, a gambler,
a roue whatever the public may
consider him it elemonstrates a
strange and worthy trait. In the
course of his elissipation. Dr.
McBride became acquainted with
an abandemeel girl, whe was only
about I t years of age, and exceed
ingly ignorant. In a freak of gen
erosity he is said to have placed in
the hands of the abandoned child,
in the presence of a witness, the
sum of 0,700, on conditieui that
she would leave the city ami ge to
some small place, or another city,
and the re eelucate herself for some
honorable pursuit. He gave her
six years to accomplish this refor
mation, and showed her into the
street. The gentleman who wit
nessed this strange act remonstra
ted with the doctor, who replied
with a laugh :
- "I won it in four nights at faro,
and if I can do a wen thy deed with
why shouldn't I? I'll make up for
it in di'viltrv before anether week
The girl, with her fortune, 1 is
:ijM)eared, no one knows whither;
perhaps to honestly carry out the
intentions of her he-nefactor.
The J i!c says he die-d one1 day
last wee k, "afte r a very brief ill
ne'ss of some species of lung af
fection," and adds: "j lis relatives
are unknown, although we hear
that he has a sister living- who has
been notified of his eleath. Mean
while the body, late so full of life,
lie's in the vault of an undertaker,
subject to the ele manel of relatives
or friends."
A corre'Spf.mdent of the Cincin
nati (Jonnio read gives a cheerful
picture of the state of affairs in
Arizona. He thinks that civiliza
tion is making progress there, be1
cause the Apaches now do not
hang a man head downward from
a mesqnit bush, pull his skin off,
and bake his brains over a slow
fire, at a nearer point than three
miles from Tucson ; while three
years age) the red devils were in
the habit ot" amusing themselves
with such pastimes within two
miles of the capitol of the Terri
tory. Still, he says, a man who
goes to Arizona and gets back
alive is compelled to ele vote the
remainder of his natural life to
pulling the arrows out of him and
plugging up the hede's in his skin.
This correspondent further expreses
the opinion that army ollie'ers who
march eighteen miles a day, with
lobster sauce, champagne, and
canned ciiicke'ns in their wagons,
are not likely to achieve brilliant
success in catching Apaches who
ride eighty miles a day on their
fleet, little, tough mustangs, and
think nothing of it. Out of a col
ony eif one hundred and thirty-five
pioneers wlu went te Tucson in
1850, nearly every one has been
killed by the Apaches. Ninety
murders by Indians have been com
mitted in one county in a single
year. When an army ofiicer trie's
to push the Indians in earnest he
is transferred to another command.
Baez, the president of the mon
grel republic of San Domingo, has
one trait of character similar to that
of our own beloved President. He
providcth for his own household to
this extent : The Deputy Col
lector at the capital and one other
ofiicer are the sons of Baez; the
Governor of the city is his broth
er a half brother is Governor of
Azua; a "brother-in-law" is Secre
tary of State, and there are several
cousins yet to hear from.
"Young man, lo you believe in
a future state?" "In course I duz,
and what's more, I mean to enter
it as soon as Betsy gets her things
Wade and the huggists.
The rage of Wade is fearful to
behold. He has turned himself
into a volcano of profanity. He
asserts that Grant has sent him
down here with a pack of damned
fools who, now that their work is
done, want to spert arounel the
West India Islanels and ?coop up
snakes and lizards. He sweats and
swears, ami swears ami sweats
in the hot sun until one could al
most imagine that his great soul
was just ready to jump out of his
body. The fact is Ben wants to
go home. 1 1 is work is elone and
he dem't want te leaf around any
longer. He objects to being the
figure head of a crazy lot of
buggists, who are incessantly talk
ing nbemt searabrei, umbelliferous,
and luminous orders, arachimhe,
coprophagi, anthropomorpha.', the
phytelephasrnacrocarpa, larcetina,
thorictes, ami other " damned
nonsense," as Ben calls it. The
other elay one of the buggists came
on board with a fat spieler strung
te a stick.
" "What in the name of heaven is
that ?" asked Bern, as the kicking
Spider was passing him.
"That Mr. Wade," said the
buggist, bedding up the spider, 'is
a beautiful specimen of thetarantu
lateel lycosa tarantula?. It's the
finest specimen I ever saw.'
The t)lel war horse gazed at it
one moment and then growled out,
"The hell it is! Take it away !"
Soon after another buggist came
on board with a three tailed fish,
and told Ben it was the most com
plete specimen of hemocersal ever
found. A more disgusted man
than Wade was when he received
this information has rarely been
seen. I am told that Ben has said
that he expee-ts next to meet a
bugg'st 'with a six teieel negro, or a
Carip with a double row of ears
all aremn'd his head strung to a
pole. Correspondent AT JT Sun.
Thoughtless Husbands-
FJnder this heael, a writer for
the London Telegraph says: "I
am ahusbanel of nearly thirty year's
experience, and I thought this
morning, that the face of my "old
woman" was as soft and fair as it
was some twenty-nine seasons
oaeic. l tniuK I can see why. l
do not play at any game of chance
I lu'ver get drunk or sleep out at
nights, imleed I am only to glael
to rest at home, and abeve
all, I court my wife as much as I
did when she was sixteen. If I
can manage it, I remember her
birth and weeldiug days by a new
dress, a jewel, er a simply flower;
and should she be sick, I try all I
know how to smooth her pillow,
and above all, never allow chil
elren or servants to rebel against
her authority, as mistress of the
house. I need hardly aeld that the
house is a happy home. I said to
a would-be- husband the either day,
"look ent lor a loving, affectionate
daughter ami sister, and if you use
her well you will get a loving wife
and mother for your little ones."
O o-t-
Elliott, a negro member of Con
gress from South Carolina, made a
speech in the house against grant
ing a general amnesty to the peo
pie1 of the Southern States.
It is '
said the scene was quite an interest-1
iuor one. The Democrats all left
their se-ats and crowded the space
in front of the Clerk's desk, where
theyr e-ouhl see and hear the darkey
member. Of course, that individ
ual would speak against amnesty-,
for whenever the white people of
the South become reinvested with
the right of which they were tin
righteously and basely deprived j
by the Radical party, the days of
nigger membership ot the United
States Congress will be over.
What a sight to see, and what a
thing to hear! A negre) Congress
man stands up impudently and ig
nerantly speaking against restor
ing te white men the inestimable
right of suffrage !
- -- VW- -
. Boys, Do Yor Hear That? A
Xew Orleans paper tells of a print
er who, when his fellow workme n
went, out to el rink beer, during the
working hours, put in the exact
amount which he would have
spent if he had gone out te) drink.
He kept to this resolution for five
years. lie then examined hisbank
account and found that he had on
deposit 852 1, SO. In five years lie
had not lost a day freun ill health.
Three out of five of his fellow
workmen had, in the meantime,
become drunkards, we're worthless
as workmen, and were discharged.
The water drinker then bought
out the printing office, went on
enlarging his business, and in
twenty years from the time he be
gan to put by his money was
worth 8QO,C00" The story, wheth
er new or old, teaches a lesson
which every boy and young man
should layT to heart.
The first printers were Titans.
There are a good many "tight uus"
among them still.
Salaries of State Judges exempt
frcm the Income Tax-
Our "Washington corresponelent
writes as follows under date of
April 4th :
In the Unit eel States Supreme
Court yesterelay a decision was
maele in the case of Burlington vs.
Day. The defendant in error was
Judge of the Probate Court of
Barnstable coutrtv, Massachusetts,
ami the plaintiff in error was Col
lector of internal revenue. The
Judge paid the income tax on his j
salary uneler protest, and brouglit
suit te recover the amount. The
lower court held the tax to be un
constitutional, and awarded junelg
ment for the plaintiff. The Su
preme Court yesterday affirmed"
this judgment, holding "that the
judicial power is exempt from Fed
eral taxation. This being one of
the1 powers never granted to the
Federal Government remains un
altered and unimpaired, and in re
spect of which the States are as iu
d pendent of the General Govern
ment ers the Getered (rovermnent
is of the Strts. This 1hmii- an
original reserved power in the
States, the judicial officer ap
pointed under it to carry it into ef
fect, the exemption of the ofiicer
from taxation, stands upon as
solid ground and are maintained
by principles and reasons as cogent:
as those which led to the exemp
tion of Feeleral officers frenn taxa
tiem by the States, for inrexpect o;"
these reserved jov:ers the State is tt
sovcrcifii and independent as tie
General G ' ovcrnicvHt."
LTpon this eleeisiou, so stronglr
assertive of at legist some reserve.!
rights of the States, our corres
pondent proceeds to ceunment:
Such a judicial deeision recalls
the edd time when the Consti.u
tiem and the laws were paramount,
and the decrees of the Suprene
Court of the Unit eel States were
final. That day has passed, and in
its place we- have the voice of the
judiciary stilled on the political
acts of " the thirty tyrants," an
Executive whose daily life is re
peated violations of law, a Con
gress who pass acts without regcrel
to laws, human or divine, and
whose daily wish is for another era
of ldood, that their rule may be
continued. In the face of this con
elition of things, I am surpriseel
that the Supreme Court is per
mitted te talk such treason as "the
re-served rights of the States,"
when it was stated a few days ago
in the Ilenise of Representatives,
by good Radical authority, that
the eld conelition of things had
passeel away, and that now we
liael a strong centralized Govern
ment. Look te) it, ye Radicals,
that such rank treason to your
party of much morality' and ad
vaneeel ideas be not disseminated
from the bench of the Supreme
Ceuirt, or it may- sink into the pub
lic heart and rear such fruit as
once grew so plentifully on the
tree of Democracy' and the Con
stitution. Bring m a bill at once,
Messrs. Conkling, Morton, Ed
munds ami Butler, and stop such
elam nable heresy against loyalty
and raelicalism.
We read in a Xewnrk (X. J.)
newspaper that a "Missionary So-
t - 'h'ty" intends to employ an un-
marneel clergyman, because the
Directors see ne use in paying
81,500 for the support of a man
and family, when an unmarried
man can be got for 8500." Dedi
cate and cool, th;it is, isn't it? W'e
suppose that the'se economical
Chritians, if stirred up on the sub
ject, would howl with anguish and
horror over the celibacy of the Ro-
man prie'sthoeul, as net only hard
on the priest, but. as tending te) all
manner of sexual immenality; and
here they are going te work delib
erately te establish clerical celib
acy in a Pretestant society. But
suppose, that the cheap $500 man
shemld want to get marrieel. Must
he give up his Xewark ministra
tions for that crime?
Henry Ward Beccheronce hearing
one of his own published sermons
delivered in an obscure village, ac
costed the preacher em his way emt
ami said, "That was a very geod
discemrse; how long did it take
yem te write it ? ' "O, I t
tct-rwl it
off one evening when I ha
T 1 1 i
ic reply-.
it took me"
longer to think of the framework
of that very sermon." "Are you
Henry Ward Beechi-r?" exclaimed
the clergyman. "I am," was the
reply. "Well, then," exclaimed
the unabashed preacher, "all I
have te say is that I ain't ashamed
to preach one of your sermons
Moveable or adjustable horse
shoes have become a "fixed fiicf,"
and a company inCh:eepee (Mass.)
are engaged in their manufacture.
This shoe can be taken off at night,
or when the horses is not at work,
and put on again when wanted as
easy as a pair of boots.
A Dutch Spirit. xV Dutch
widower oat West, whose befter
half eleparteel on the long journey
to the spirit-land some twelve
months ago, determined the other o
day to consult the " rappers," and
'endeavor to obtain a spiritual
communication, feeling anxious reP 0
speeting the future state of his
wife. After the usual ceremonies,
the spirit of Mrs. Ilauntz mani
festeel by raps its willingness to
: converse with her disconsolate
"Ish dat you, Mrs. Ilauntz?"
inquired the Dutchman.
" Yes, el ea rest, it is jour own
dear wife,, who " , O
"You lie, you tevil of a ghost,"
interruptetl Ilauntz, startling from
his seat ; "my vrow speak notting
but Dutch, and she never say "tar
est" in all her life. It was 'Ilauntz
you tief,' or 'Ilauntz, you dirty
Ami the Dutchman hobbled
from the room, well satisfied that
the rapping spirits were all a hum
bug, and that lie was safe from
any further communication with
his shrewish vrow on this earth.
Boxns Fori-kitki). The follow
ing singular case, accoreling to the
Standard, appeared in the County
Court at Marysville on the 5th:
Charles Burch, at a former
sion of the Grantl Jury, was in
die-ted for grand larceny. The
man was arrest eel and gave bail to
appear for trial. When the case
was called, the District Attorney
moved that the bemels of Burch be
declared forfeited. This 'motion
was met by official papers from the
County Clerk's 'office at Portland,
going te) show that Burch was
serving out a two-years and a half
term in the Oregem Penitentiary.
Among these papers was also an
affidavit from his father stating
that his son was confined in the
State Prison. 1'nder these state
of facts, the bondsmen were given
further time.
o i
sometimes tire, says the
Galvestem Daily SXtics, of writing
elenials of the outrages anel crimes
that are laid te) the charge of the
South. Every paper that is in tire
I Veside nt's interest is busy in cir
culating these reports againstous.
They are repeated anel repeated,
with every variation that the im
agination can conce ive, and we are
punished for it. This is hard. We
are not confront eel with the wit
nesses against us; but we are ac
cused, and the accusation istheini
meeliate preen sor of cem vi(tion.
Quixixk. There are but two
manufacturers of quinine in the
United States, and tlicy are located
in Philadelphia. In order to gire
these two manufacturers absolute
penver to fix their own prices, a
tariff of 45 percent, isimposcel on
imported quinine. The revenue
frtmi this seniree last year was just
810,545-, but the duty serves its
puipose, by enabling the aforesaid
manufacturers te add 45 per cent,
to their prices and take several
hundred thousand dollars from the
2ockets of quinine consumers.
- -o-
The Cotton Crop. The cot
ton crop of 1870, it is now estimat
ed, will exceed four millions bales,
not falling more than twenty per
cent, short of the largest crop ever
grown before the war. Planting
this year is going em upon a still
larger scale1, anel, with favorable
weather, the largest crop ever
gathered may be expect eel. This
eloes not k)ok as though the South
was the scene of so much violence
and warfare, as the carpet-bag agi
tators would have the people of
the North believe.
Sumner's repudiaton of Grant
and his schemes of selt-aggrandize-ment,
says the Courier-Journal of
Lemisville, certainly elevates him
far above the common herd of
Radical politicians, but his frienels
are mistaken if they suppose that a
thousanel feet of well-rope would
be long enough to lift him to the
level of a Democratic candidate for
the Presidency.
Salt Lake has risen thirty feet
since the settlement ofUtahby the
Mormons. This inland sea will
soon assume oceanic proportions at
that, rate of rising, and theparcheel
desert become a vast expense of
Muen Makriei. An Illinois
ladv is living with her eighth hus
band. Within two years she has
married three', all of whom are
known to b" alive, with several
counties to hear from.
Under the Equator, tree vegeta-1
tion reaches an elevation of 11,000
feet, when it gives place to grass
lands, which extend up to the line
of perpetual snow, found upon the
Amies at 15,740.
Nothing can tend more to the
he alth of the body than the tran
quility of the mind, and the due
regulation of the passions.