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o3ici-ls to earn some fees which was not
to be lost. lie was prosecuted, ami. al
though the case is not yet disposed of, he
has gone far enough with it toascertun
that it will cost him not- less than 2.00'.).
It is not pretended that, he had any wrong
intention in what ho did, or that the Gov
ernment was. defrauded out of one cent ;
but he was guilty of a technical violation
of law. and the harpies who eoitrolits
machinery scenting their plunder afar oil'
pe; it in moti O with the results, stated. It
U true great and manifest injustice has.
been. Oone ; but . hac of that, the law has
been enforced and the wages of iuuinitv
Are Federal officers to be deprived of
possiblfees ; is the Juggernaut car of
Federal penal law to be stayed in its
course for the sentimental reason that in
nocent ciiizemf may !e crashed and ruiaed
by 1:3 advance? No. y no means. Let
its wheels be widened' and its weight in
creased t long!
nf.i its ropes and multiply
the number of those who draw it. but. do
Lot forget that you may yourselves, fall iu
i's track and share the lute you intended
for others.
The incitements to wrong doing which
this bill affords ca:mottiil to lead to many
such wicked prosecutions as the one men
tioned. Y,kit a blessing the fifteenth amend
lmuuis I
ike'y to prove, to the American
peorie. 11 ui:s - appropi late legislation
to enforce it(i; relished by them we .-hall
soon have more of the same sort. If it
could only be so arranged as to have the
district judges share the fees the system
would be sibotit perfect, and every possi
ble indncemeut to-promote litigation and
O harass the people would be supplied, it
wounl g!'-l
acditate and sunnnfv the
and multiply own vieiiuiis to
have the in tit l ines dispensed with also ;
but then as a man is severely puui-hed by
being taken from his business and home
lor weeks and put to the expense of- a
t. 01! in a remote part of the country, and
u a the fees do not depend 0:1 conviction,
t-ial is not very important. Especially as
under exiting la ws the marshal select the
juries, aT? I by this bill all negroes. China
men. and Indians are made cummeent
witnesses; it would not seem to be a d
clr matter to ;ec;i;e a conviction in any
case where for any reason the ofiieers ol
the court might specially desire one.
.Mr. Speaker, 1 do not mean to insinuate
that. Federal courts are generally corrupt
I know they are not but they m ;y be
made, and often are made, the instruments
f oppression and wrong, and the practice
11 them greatly needs reforming. Lndet
that which now prevails, which allows the
marshal, at the instance or in collusion
with the di.stiict aKornov. to select I in'
juries, and which allows of no appeal it;
criminal cass.s from the judgments o. the
district courts, injustice is oite.u done; and
under the fir elisions, of .his bill, wi'.h the
(ahultitude of adjttnsls and strikers, pro
vided those oppressions; may be made in
tolerable. There is danger, too. that in trying to
onfoice this ms,t odious measure frequent
coliis-rnns between the people and the m !i
tary will occur, resulting in loss of life
iind general disturb mce. T!ie people are
r.ot yet suilicieritly iii love with your sys
tem of repression to tolerate the presence
and interference of the miiitarv at 'heir
elections. It will take a longer schooling
-than they have yet had to reconcile. thetn
O 'to that, as you in ly find to you; Cos;.
There is a popt at which forbearance
ceases to be a virtue, where resistance'
to ty ii ts bec.unes bedience to (Iml."
It is easy to see that this bill may be s
ciiforced r.s to present iheQuestieii whether
thy,t point has not been reached. My wish
and hope are that, il may be forever'avert
ed in this once peaceful and happy land :
and I therefore oppose this measure as
one fraught with danger and freighted
-with no good. o
Why, sir, this bill, which claim:; for its
object the security of the citizen ia hi
right to vote and "to preserve the puiify
of elections, tends to prevent the holding
of elections aPall, or to give the entire
-control of them to the party in power for
vthe time beingo I am not sure that is not
its chief excellence in the estimation ol
those who advocate its passage. Stirelv
it gives a most dangerou.5 advantage to
the party having control of all
this iii'i
1 t o a:i
chinery. which nnv be multiplie
required extent-, and by which enou
voieis may oe arrested before voting to
O 'turn the scale at ujty time. I trust itmuy
never be so used to plague its inventors.
Sections two ami three provide that
registrars and judges of elections, no mat
ter how important or unimportaut those
cde.fons may be, shall be liable to prose
cution iu the Federal courts for damages
to the amount of $5Q0 and costs.ineluding
counsel fees, to every person seeking to
register or vote who may be wrongfully
rejected ; an d also to a 'line of ;?oJJ and
imprisonment for a year for each wrong
ful rejection.
What has been previously said as to the
interest of prosecutors and officials in pro
moting prosecutions and convictions in
the case or private citizens applies with
equal force to the officers of election.
Is there not danger that in view of the
risks attending th i performance of the ser
vices required of these ofiieers competent
persons cannot be found willing to exnose
themselves to Win in the discharge of the
thankless and dangerous duties of ihose
petty offices, oral least that only members
of the party in power will d ue to accent
those risks 1
Is there 9ot danger too that where such,
boards of regira'ion and election uie
properly organized, the danger of harass
ing and expensive litigation 'in case of the
improper rejection ot votes or persons
cdlcnng to register will lead to the admis
sion ol many improper names and votes':
It is true there is danger either way the
ofiieers are to be punished if th'ev err
either iu admitting or rejecting illegal
votes or voferc-; but the risk is rVeafeAn
rejecting than in admitting them", as there
can be no private groseeution the com
fortable $50-) when' the vote or nam - is
improperly admitted. So the t.mdeuev
will be to let them in iu all doubtful 0"r
uncertain cases, and thus (he law. like a';i
oiner laws tu;n impose uiu'eas-,,-, o.
e tir
cruel punisaments, will su
The principle of th." bill is e-.-erdiallv
vicious and its assumptions are false i'j
assumes that, the r eople are fully detor-in!!R-(T)to
discard the fifteenth 'amend
0ment, an 1 that ass miption involves an
other, either thj.t the people are desper
ately vicious or that the amendment is
11 nwise and wicked. It assumes that the
people are not to be trusted to observe
the law themselves or to choose officers
w ho will enforce it ; that dicers chosen
by them who take a solemn oath fo suit
Port the Cons'itu'ioa of the United Sta es
are less likely to observe that oath than
ofpeers appointed by the President ; that
is tate judges elected by (be people are
more corrupt or less conscientious than
the politicians appointed to j ollei ul p s -
lions by the Kxeemive: that juries se'e --ed
irom t!ie bouv of th people under St .10
that the testimony c
f nnsocnilnT .i
a& are jess, l.K-'iy to lo tneir tiut v tair v j suonoi I a fo'-eV-i..r 1 , , ! . . ,u ,
and honestly than .xho seiect.-d :1-i,i. J. ' V ""J An,J CI"5-' "'k Mr. Slater, for Congress. 343 : L. l Grover,!-
trarily bv a ITnited Sf-ate marshal r ti .. S ,lirsc'1 l ? that the foreigners nrmnr o-u s v Srofnrvi
luau is more likely t"iiare a fair trij r m'ght elect him and thus strengthen the of State, 513 ; L. Fleischner. State Treas-1 200
trotn his home anion-srransrers thaii ite j balance of toe Radical ticKef WnhJ ,0. T t, - . r. - 1 ran
nm,.no. ht- .o ,0..,. , 1.. i-. . "ohope urer. t24 : T. Patterson. JMate Prmter.oOl. can
hired witness, is less dangerous to liberty
arul jusiice where he is not. known ihan
where be is known, and lastly, that a Fed
eral court, sitting in one corner of a large
district or State, is more likely to an ive
at just conclusions as to who is entitled to
vote iu the remote precincts of the district
or Slate than a State court wcu'd be sit
ting i:i the immediate neighborhood where
the questions arose and where the parties
and facts are all well known.
Sir. t !-
assump 1 jus
insulting o
t e in e'.' gou-.-e
-1 lTi.'ricaa peopb
ml self-respect of the
They are infamously
'!-i;M1'l ri, 1 ir-il ti III M V illl-lilli.
'i hey can only be supported by reasoi
the abrogation of every
State r'ght and the dismissal of every
Sta'e officer. If the people and the courts
of th.; States are not to be trusted with the
enlorcement of their own election laws,
and with the punishment of offenders them, where can they be trus ed V
Is it true that all the virtue of the Ameri
can people and all their respect for the
Con.s'iiii'ioii and law are concentrated in
the J 'resident of the l.'ntted States, and
cm only be brought to bear upon violence
a::d wrong by irradiating from that great
ca rper of light and purity '
It will bo observed that the system in-
lv this loll, an-l wmoi uim-
the lace of one Ion.:
tered bv the people
and wed auminis
ihrongh iheir Stare
j arts. -is to
1)0 executed uy emceis. n.-t
one 0! whom is elected by too peopie u
responsible to them. Some are up pointed
bv 'he Pre-ideiit ,:hers !y his appointees,
and others still by the appointees oi Ins
n :ii i! r. ' --. Is uiei l
it danger imu u.e
' ' .!.., ..,. vii-:ni .O
will b
essence i ui-uum ....... ...
he is the fountain and dispenser
mac a au
Iu Iterated and 01:11. eu tie-
fore it rea
feu. ling i-eopo-
i-tees ir is to correct.
it th
ice-cry o
f the friends o! ti.'.s ton mat n.
etucacv a:io p.o ..n .
tins proces.s of double and tr.p.o distiha
lion .
Sir. I thought
the time theory ol
v.'no iiiea 1 U-iti-t amen.. - -
.... ........ f1-.t .1
n ,wer and virtue resuh-d won the people.
and that the more directly tha power was
ii.ndii-:! :o the enact meiii, .w.u a.tuniiistru-
the enact meiu m,
s the more ret)ub;
t;on o
1 w
can and inr
thiise enacimtaitd and that administration
were likely to be. This bill is subversive
of that, theory. If the President is a s.tler
d.'po. itary of power than the people, why
not say so? If Federal ofiieers appointed
bv him are safer for the (Jov rnment and
better tor the people than those ciiosen bv
thetn. wliv not abolish all btatecour!
oliices. and all the elective ofiieers in the Government, too. for that matter'.'
If the people a:e not So be trusted in the
matters treated of in this bill they are no
lo be trusted at all. Do away with all
this useless machinery, abolish all these
sL .mis called State governments, and cease
to talk about the viitiu ami in!eiligencr
of the American people. You say to them
by this legislation that they have neither
and if they tolerate and approve it they
will prove your assumption to be true.
I'.ut they will not tolerate h : the assump
tion is not true. They have only to un
derstand the objects of this bill, the itisid
ie us and dangerous character of the at
tacks vou are making on their liberties.
shametui i nniutat ions
iheir virtue and intelligence, to arouse
from their seeming lethargy and hurl from
place and power the men who have dared
to trample on their rights under the pie
tense of deiending them.
A Terriblj 1'ragt.ciy.
We lake the i'oHov;g account of a ter
rible tragedy, from the IJit-o World.
wiiich occurred iu Cuiiervdk
Abbotts are w ell known in t
. I. T. The
on; hern Cr-
egon. Laving once resided iu Josephin
county for a number of years :
Oa last Saturday evening Placeivilu
was tin
icoue of one of the most terrible
tragedies that we have ever been oil led
upon to chronicle, and which result
ed in the instant eleath of one young man
and the death of another a few hours
afterwards. It appears that a feud exist
ed between J. A. Abbott, more familiarly
known as Asa Abbott, who lives oa a
ranch on Upper Payette Valley, and a
young man named David 11. Ilannor, who
orsoioe time past has been engaged in
mini, g on Granite Creek or in vicin
ity. ihe parties had not met for aboi.t
two months before, and, as we are inlot til
ed, the bitter feeling between ttieni be
came more intensified in consequence of
s. ine rough language made use of by J.
A. Abbott in the Democratic County Con
vention, which met at Centerville on the
2:Jd of last April, when II unnor's name
was placed before the Convention for the
nomination for School Superintendent.
Asa Abbott and his brother. W'tu. M. Ab
bott, and one Cuilen, who has been
in the employ of the Abbots at, their
ranch, came to Piacerville. which is about
twelve miles distant trom the ranch, and
they met young ilannor in the plaza, near
IE ir Jl .111. 11 111. il uuu.
, , 11., . , ,1
words were exchanged between Asa Ab-
bolt and Ilannor. the former standing by
his mule, while Win. Abbott w. is standing
near Ilannor talking to him also. Curieu
being off somewhat to one side during the
conversation. Ilannor stepped torward
and pistols were drawn. Ilannor was
shot in the back of the head, the bail pen
etrating his brain, and .'mother shot lited
by Asa Abbott struck him in the center of
the lorehead. Ilannor managed to fire
twice at Asa Abbott and the third time
his pistol went off into the ground its he
fell. Asa Abbott fired some three or four
shots altogether, and one bail which was
intended for Ilannor. took effect in the
body of Wm. Abbot, who was standing in
the rear of Ilannor. striking him about
the center ot the abdomen. Ilannor died
almost instantly and William ..-Jibuti lin
gered until about. 11 o'clock, p. m . when
he also expired- Cuilen. tnough he had
his pistol out, we are informed did not
tit'e.-bonie one interfering to prevent him.
These are about the main facts in re
gard to this terrible affair, as we have, re
ceived them from persoi s who were pres
ent. The QrC'j-r.'iT.ii wants to know Win
should letters from New York to this phoe
be. habitually, Irom six'een to twenty
days on (he way
r. ... ...
Can the Podal At nt
. ... wis gon. or any postmaster or con- j
tractor anywhere, explain?" We would j
m.e to know w
' way it is that we frequer tly
receive or.r da
exchanges from Call-
three and four, imtead
forma in lumps
oi d.u.y I her
c is little use f o "t-. ;irr
- V.1.1.J
P-M-- u.eget them tire, and four at a
Foreigners;. O n- foroi-
a blends will
j ." '
j t:cl"iot- liis ls
observe that Mr. Ilirsch
oehimi his
on account of the nrein-!
sitee. to tuc 1 tin aa 11a rtv w m
, ....... ,,--. ,
"V - ' ' . " '",r nils ctr-
ntlll'lAfl T,-ttl ! .1 - .
ra,nd fti nvxt Action.
vEljeilkdilij (Enterprise.
Cregcn Hity, Oregon ,
July 16, 1870.
Ken. J. S. Smith's Speech.
Vv'e publish this week the able speech
of lion. J. S. Smith, delivered in the House
of hepresotiiatives Maj '27h. on the adop
tion of the bill to enforce the fifteenth
It is a masterly argument
read bv
e Infamous bill, and should be
very eiti.en in Oregon.
An attempt has
been made in Judge
-hou.-e at Portland to
i Joan v
imliet citizens for tl
violation of this in-
famous bill, but the effort proved a failure.
tli- Prosecuting Atlorney not wishing to
throw open the doors to endless litigation,
and in this, case it was proved beyond a
doub, that the bill emtio! be enforced, as
.Mr. Smith savs iu his speech. Some of
lite judges of election in Wasco county,
who were Democrat?, were brought before
the late U. S. Grand Jury for the violation
of this bill ; but no sooner was the rumor
circulated that there was a probability of
an indictment being found against them
than information was furnished to that
body that two worthy Radicals had also
violated the law. and that if the Democrats
were in-dicied, the Radicals must go along
In the " same boat."7 This probably had
a tendency to prevent the finding of an
indictment against the Democrats. Ve
are also informed that Judge Wilson, late
Radical candidate for Congress, has com
meneed civil action against three Demo
cratic election judges in Wasc o to recover
the tine imposed by the fiiteenth amend-
ment act.
to sav is., t
If (hi.; is the case, all we have
at w
have two Radical elec
'ion judges who will have to be served in
a like manner. The complete outrageous
ness of this infamous bill has been plainly
illustrated in our State already, ami the
impossibility for the Radical U. S. courts
to enforce it, is also very plaiif. The law
has become a dead letter already, as far
as Oregon is concerned, ami has had oniy
the effect to exhibit, the weak .less of the
tyrants who passed it to intimidate the
people. It is ail act width should never
be allowed enforced by the community of
a fre-e State, and wherever it is attempted
we believe that resistance will be ' obedi
ence to God."? We believe
that no clli-J
z -n should bo allowed to .-infer for refus
i ig to obey such an outrageous act. as it
was conceived in irfut iv, passed by
t. runts, and the amendment which it seeks
to en'V,"ce was never legally made a part
o' our (,' itu'.iuti. and whetievcrlhe free
wipte pe qip
of our oil'
e independent
itiiiy to ("yret.s
t :e:
os on this subject. it win oc wipe...
out. from our statute book
have some rights which it
The State
t rea.-on for
engross to iiite
ail 1 he riudit
which Congress ka.s sought to deprive
States of in this bill is one of them. One
by on i' has this treasonable and corrupt
Congress sought to (alee away the liberties
of the oeop'.e of th
States, and It is a mat
ulilatlon that no open
lor ot
regret and hi:i
and determined resistance has been made.
We believe that the people have rights
which they should hold dearer than life
or property, and this right; of a free ex
pression of the white man's vote is one of
them. The interference ? i;h this right by
Cougress is treason against the States. and
no good citizen should obey it. Our Rad
ical opponents will probably say that we
are a traitor to the ' Government' To
this we would say that the people consti
tute the ;' Government ami that no ser
vant or servants of theirs, who 111 iv have
, . . . . . .
obtained temporarv power, has the right
1 0
to usurp that power, that the party in
power is a treasonable organization is
plain to every free, thinking man in the
land. That they have illegally destroyed
most of the sacred rights guaranteed to
the people by its organic law, 30 one .can
question ; that it seeks to maintain itself
in power by means unknown to our laws ;
that it has imposed burdens on its citizens
unwarranted by the Constitution of the
land ; that it has kept under despotic con
trol cne-thiru of our people, without a
shadow of uuthuriu, are all indictments
against the Radical mis-rulers and traitors.
To resist these and all other unlawful acts
of the men who obtained their power bv I String the greater portion of the voyage.
. .,, . . , t, 1 Resides a large quantity of freight, she
rand, corruption and vnlamyas out God s j ,u euJiinndng 12 women,
command, and instead ot treason, becomes j TJr, U)ey C(jmej the g0Qner we
as an imperative duty (o those who wish j . rid of them of Gq(1 knoiV3 that
to s-e hoertv and a free white Govern-j , ,. L. , ,
meet as our'fathers made it exist n this j lht) wLllU men cannot long continue labor
continent. Love of peace, quietness, ! ing against them, and if the Government
family and friends, are ail good and great
virtues. but none of these should be bought
at the expense of our ountry's freed in.
The course of the traitors at Washington
towards the free States must and wilt be-
. .. (. ,... ...... ....,! 1 ,!....
! fi, 6--u au uuwu-
Tin: Rrkuit Srpr: This vigorous young
paper for oil children" now visits its
readers every week, instead of once a
month, as formerly. It would not be un-
! . , . -r !!... c.,,.-i,;.. ;t o,ni.T
; TvoiCOtlie II, llie tut.- euiisuiij.-. it suuttiu
j come every day.
$1.00 a vear.
men copies nee
Sde. Chicago. III.
Address, 'Hie Bri-int
Official Majorities. The following!
nr th. nfHr'nl Democratic, mammies on
1 . ... . P. .
1 o r:i' icKt'i. as ot uus
lines ir I
: The avera-re maior tv on the. State t eker.
I is a traction over 522.
The DillereDce-
Two years ago the office of Sheriff of
this county was in contest. At that time
the contestant vs a Radical, and the
party holding the office a Democrat.
Judge Upton was then Judge of this Dis
trict, as he is now. The Court was in
.-ession at that time in Multnomah county,
(lie fame as it is now. but the Court could
find it within its power to aeljourn and
come up here and sit at Chambers long
before this ; but now (he contestant is a
Democrat, and so far it has been found
utterly impossible to even obtain an idea
when this most noble Judge will conde
scend to hear this case. Our readers can
infer from the above facts whether politics
have any effect on (his dispenser of the
law. If it was in Judge Upton's power to
adjourn Court in Multnomah county two
years ago and come up here to try a con
tested case when the contestant was a
Radical and the acting officer a Democrat,
and further, when the majority against
the Radical candidate was one-third larger
ihan it is this time against the Democratic
candidate, why has he found it so utterly
impossible to even designate a day to
commence hearing the case? From what
we can see and learn, it is (he intention of
the Radical managers in this case, with
Upton at their head, to put off a hearing
until the time for an appeal to the Su
preme Court this year expires. This
course has been made the subject of boast
by the Radicals, and the action of the
Judge indicates most positively that such
is the purpose. Mr. Myers holds (he keys
of the jail, and now they propose to force
him to give (hem up by a writ of man
d'ltans. which application is to be heard
d 7 '('( oe.Z to-day. It appears to be the
object of these Radical managers to put
the contestant, who is undoubtedly en
titled to the office by the legal vote's of
the county, to as much expense and trouble
as possible, and we presume that the
County Court will pay the expenses of
Mr. Warner out of the people's money.
The voters of this county, irrespective
of party, want this case to be decided. and
the feeling of indignatfon at the Judge is
becoming very general. If Mr. Warner is
entitled to the office, they are willing to
abide an honest investigation, but can see
no reason why that investigation should
be delayed. The actions in the matter by
Judge Upton and the Radical managers
have given the people just cause of dis
trust, and they are beginning to fear that
a just and legitimate decision in the case
cannot be obtained. If there is no evil
intent in the matter, why desire t5 post
pone the investigation until after the lime
expires for an appeal to the Supreme
Court? We can inform these gentlemen
that this dodge will not win. It is true
'';At Supreme Court of the State does
not meet but once a year, but provision
will be made by which it will meet soon
alter our regular term of Court if this case
is not heard in time to bring it before that
Court this session. All we ask in (his
matter is justice, and that we will have,
in spite of the intrigues and manoeuvres
of the counsels and Judge of the illegally
installed Sheriff, or any other officer whose
elec If' 'H is contested. There is no ques
tion j;l minds of (he people of this
couutv but ti. t every Radical for county
office was defeated. H
d those who have
been bold enough Jo content for t..'ir
rights shall have tlienu We ask noiL'ii-g
of Judge Upton but what is right and just
in this matter, and to this the people are
entitled. It should have been decided
before this time, and had the contestants
been Radicals we have the precedent of
two years ago the Court would have ad
journed and the case decided long ago.
This dodge to stave off the investigation
will avail nothing only to give the Radi
cal occupants of the office's a little longer
time to hold on to their illegal places, as
the Legislature will be called upon to pro
vide for a special session to decide on
these cases. The people of (his county
have lost all hopes of obtaining justice
through the Circuit Judge, and therefore
must look to a higher tribunal for their
Sri 1.1. They Comk. The rat-eaters and
pests of our State still continue to arrive
in Portland. Some time since we pub
lished an article from one of our California
exchanges entitled "1200 more' We can
now say in Oregon " UOi) more' and con
sidering our limited population our pro
portion at that figure is greater than the
1200 for California. Here is what the
Herald of the 12th contains :
The bark Garibaldi, Capt. Xoyes.Mastcr.
which sailed from Hongkong for this port
on the 3d of May, reached here yesterday
morning. She was seventy-one days on
the way, having encountered light winds
will not protect its white citizens, when
the burden has become intolerable they
will take the matter in their own hands,
and a war of extermination will assuredly
follow. These are no idle threats, but
white men w ill not s'and quietly by and
see their very subsistence taken from them
and their children without an attempt to
resist the curse that is so fast destroying
them. Let our State authorities put a stop
to this, and the people will be with them.
There is not one honest Republican in ten
that endorses the further emigration of
these rat -eaters to onr Slate, and the op
position to them is almost unanimous.
"Wiix. ot Work Ciiinamen ! The time
Has arrived, ine uninamen went upon
cars Friday morning to w ork on the
railroad There were between 150 and
of them. If the white laborirg men
stand it, we can. Who's lied? the
TS 1!- it. Tn!?,r.1 nnl-
JJcmocrauc papeis. wi tut- i.amvtw suwv
itnd Ben. Uolladay?
Official Vote of
The Radical candidal s are maiked with a .
C o 5 i f
o -i. - -j m d - c 0
"3 - 2 E a . - 't .5
53 & 0 5 S .2 s -2 W
s c -s So t tt
Sfil 414 579 402 582 408 577 8 !'.' 579 405
58'3 f.01 57S C7 5 SO 5,sftt -,; 5$ 590 - 503
7'2 G'JS 750 000 702 92 75 s G'.'.", 701
110 ISO 123 17'J 121 i:t) 12'2 17s, 122 17S
21 20ft 201 200 271 257 200 201 200 201
75 luti 70 loo s2 iy 74 105 75 104
152 85 1.V2 85 1M 151 85 152 84
770 745 7s'0 738 7!'t 71 Si 77.1 747 1 775 752
372 322 373 S2I ?74 3 i 1 ! 372 52o 374 319
771 V-'U 7v3 49!! 785 5ool 7s2 5eo' 7sG foo
29 ISo 209 1C0 2ei) 130 2t'S l29i 209 129
821 717 831 705 820 714 813 (i95 8o9 m
1190 952 1204 039 11 OS .C7 1 172 85o I'2c2 042
1039 1374 !(0s 1342 1 K4S 130t 1021 1 3-45 1 1040 1301
loll 1410 1023 412 1018 1415 104 13so 1022 1S9G
-07) Oi'O 001 fiOO j 050 (Jo8i 053 f.OS! 659 003
40 04 3S - 641 40 04 40 04 40 4
5t'4 252 509 252 1 5o. 255 504 252 5o4 258
: 4!0 243 41S 243 410 234 412 235 410 235
I 355 490 357 487 S55 49o 354 4s9 301 40 1
: 342 344 49 341 319 8y 350 39 319 338
I 029 050 j 0:tl C47 024 050 025 055 025 001
Boti ton
Clackamas. .
Columbia. . .
Douglas . . .
Josephine . .
Multnomah .
Tillamook. . .
Umati la
Total .
.1 1,588 11,245 11,726 11,095 11.055 11.141 11.503 10.909 1 1,509 11.153
The following are the official returns for
Justices of the Supreme Court, and Dis
trict Attorneys: First District Attorney.
11. K. Ilanna (Dcm.) 884 ; E. Ib Watson
(Rep.) dSS. Ilanna's majority. 19(5. Sec
ond District Justice. A. J . Thayer (Dem.)
2.422; John Kelsay(Hep.) 2:.VM. Thayer's
majority, 8G. Attorney .C.W. Filch (Dem.)
2.451 ; J. A. Odell (liep.) 2.391. Fitch's
majority, CO. Third District Justice. 1).
F. r.onham (Dein.) 3,474 ; R. 1'. Boise
(Kep.) 3.192. Boise's majority. 18. At
torney. X. L. Ibitler (Dem.) 3..V20 ; J. C.
1'owrU ( Kep.) 3.411. Ibiller's majority.
109. Fourth District Attorney. K. E.
Dvbee (Dem.) 2.338 ; A. C. Oibbs (Kep.)
2.780. Gib-bs' majority. 442. Filth Dis
trictJustice. L. L. McArthur (Dem.)
2.157 ; 15. Whitten (Rep.) 1.479. McAr
thur's majority. C78. Attorney. W. 1J. Las
well (Dem.) 2.159 ; I). W. Litchenthaler
(Rep.) 1.490. Laswell's majority, GC9.
Proclamation of the Governor.
ExF.crrivK Dkpap.tmknt, )
Salem, Oregon. J
To all vchom these jjnsents shall cumc,
grc Ih'ifj :
Know ye. (hat T. George L. Woods,
tiovernor of (he State of Oregon, by vir
tue of the authority in me vested, do by
this, my Proclamation, declare ami make
known (hat at a general election held in
this State, on Monday, the Cth day of June,
A D.. 1870. the billowing persons were
electe.d to the ofiices hereinafter named
to wit :
Member of Congress James IL Slater.
Secretary of Slate Stephen F. Chad wick.
"Treasurer - L. Fleischner.
Printer T. Patterson.
Justice o( the Supreme Court
2d Judicial District A. J. Thayer.
3d Judicial District it. P. Poise.
5th Judicial District L. L. McArthur.
At torney
1st Judicial District 11. K. llanna.
2d Judicial District C. W. Filch.
3.1 Judicial District X. L. Ibitler.
4ih Judicial District A. C. Gibbs.
5th Judicial District W. P. Laswell.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of State
to be "affixed, this the 7 th day of July, A.
U- 1870.
Py the Governor.
Sami ei. E. Mav,
Secretary of State.
What Should be lone.
The following action" was l ad by the
laboring people of Xew York City on the
21th ult. This is what our laborers should
do. and persist in -it until their object is
aCl;omplished. A firm and determined or-
o-anizeil resistance will re'sult in a com-
- ... - , i 1 1
! plete vtctory. A pouc win
only result in fasiening'.tht burden strong
er upon them. Remember that SC') more
of these rat-eating displacers of the whit,C
man arrived this week in our State. They
are coming faster than the white people
of all classes, ami it is time to act. Let
the workingmea throughout the State or
ganize and protect themselves before it is
too late :
At a meeting of the workingmen's union
to night, the introductie n of Chinese labor
into this country was -forcibly denounced
as a continuance of slavery and the Mas
sachusetts men were declared slavers de
serving the punishment, of death. Nelson
Young, the president, explained the evils
resulting from cheap labor, and another
speaker advocated an appeal to force, as
serting that it the Government could no
keep the Chinese out. the Government
should be removed, and all were unani
mous in demanding from Congress such
measures as would put a stop to the im
portation of Chinese. Resolutions to this
elfect were adopted, and several rpeakers
urged that if (Ins failed, resource should
be to arms. A mass meeting of working
men, to protest against the importation
and employment of Chinese, will be held
on Thursday evening next.
That's S . Most of our Atlantic ex
cha ges are jubilant over the success of
the Democracy of this State. They regard
the platform on which the victory was
won a3 the best. that has been adopted by
any State since the commencement of the
war. The Copperhead says that Ihe plat
form was as near ' repudiation as it could
be without being so out and out," and
that it would have been stronger if it
had." Pomeroy's Democrat thinks tba(
the verdict in Oregon t-bows what the per
ple will do -when the proper time comes."
Every Democratic paper of the West has
heartily endorsed the platform of the Ore
gon Democracy. This is cheering, and
shows that the free air of the Pacific coast
has a tendency to cause men to speak as
they thiuk.
Stolen. We have received the follow
ing notiee from IT. S. Treasurer Spinner :
United States notes, series of 1SG9. Two
thousand notes, of ten dollars each, from
No. 113.530.001 to No. 113.532.0'JO, both
inclusive, were stolen from the Treasury.
No S10 notes, of a number higher than
jII3.23G.0tiO have been issued. Please
4ook out for the stolen notes. A liberal
! reward will be paid to any person through
whose instrumentality the thief may be
(defected. Hold parties presenting the
stolen Dotes, (if suspicions attach to (hem)
and in any case ot presentation notify S.
E. Spinner. Treasurer U. S.
the State 1 870.
A dispatch f n m Oakland, dated the 9th
inst., states that on the 0th the bouse of
Capt. Ilathiiway, about 10 miles from Scot's,
burg, was destroyed by lire. The charred
remains of Capt. Hathaway 'were found in
the cellar. The cause of the (ire is unknown.
Th Herald says-c
The 11 ertnan Doctor is loading with grain
at Portland, for Cork, Ireland, by Messrs.
Allen it Lewis, .
It is reported that John Ilaily has sold out
his Pioneer Stagy line to a California Com
pany. The irice paid is said to be 200,000,
Tha remains of George CanipbII were
found iu the river near East Pi rdaud,
last Saturday.
The woods in the neighborhood of Mil
wankie are reported on li.-e.
Tor; subscription puce of (he Evening
Cutnmrrcial has been reduced to 12l; cents
per week.
O. Jacobs has received his commission as
CI ief Justice of -Vashingtoa Tciritory.
The Red rock JJeinocral says :
Baker Citj- bus been improving ever since
spring opened.
J. W. Virtue has fitted up a ofhee, and is
now engaged in the banking business. He
is an honorable gertleniaii and we wish him
abundance of success.
lion. J. S. Smith has appointed Robert T.
Stutsman, of Clarksv.lle. P-aker countya
cadet in the West Point Military acadamy.
The Salem Statesman says :
It is reported that the overland mail con
tract has been awarded to a Mr. Oilman, of
Yieka, for .;).", ooo per annum.
The contract for supplying the State with
stationery, .yc, has bee'u awarded to J. K.
Giil, ot .-alem.
The State Treasurer advertises for bids to
retkem lS,eoo State bounty wan ants.
Tiie Pluiiuleah r says :
The rocnty indebtedness of Douglas is
$2,24 12.
It is proposed to hold a county fair in that
county this tail.
S. F. Otis was adjudged insane and sent
to the asylum.
The Stite Journal says that the Odd Fel
lows of Eegi tie propose to celebrate the
tenth anniversary of their Lodge by a pic
nic on the lop of Spencer Butte." after which
the Lodge is named. We wish then a happy
and pleastnt time, and would like to be with
A stage dri rer name 1 Wormsly wns sun
struck near Oakland, la-t week. Not seiious.
The R'-jmblLcan (Dallas), says that the hay
and gtaui crops are very good this 3 ear.
Mr. Rulfi marketed Go'.) gallons of straw
lenacj lrc m ore acre of ground this year.
TnK Bishop Scott Grammar School
The corner-stone of this new institution of
learning was laid, with appropriate cere
monies, on Tuesday evening. July 5th.
The location is a very desirable one, iust
west of Eighteenth and between D and C
streets. The ground includes the equiva
lent of four blocks, and was donated for
that purpose by the children of the late
Captain Jthn II. Couch. Ti e services
were commenced by Pishop Mtrris. who
with the congregation assembled, read al
ternately the following verses of scrip
u;;e : -
Our Lt'lp is in lie name of the Lord ;
Who hath m:vle hearen and earih :
Ple.-sed be the nanut of the Lord ;
From (his time loith for evermore.
The stone which the builders rejected ;
Is become the head of the corner.
After further religions services, eon
ducted by Rev. Mr. Stoy. the Bishop pro
ceeded to lay the CDrner-stone in the name
ot the Holy Trinity. Then followed the
Bishop s interesting address in which he
paid a just tribute to (he memory of his
predecessor. Bishop Scott. Remarks were
also made by Rev. Mr. Stoy, Judge Deady.
and Rev. Mr. Bonnell. Rev. James and
John W fjellwood also assisted in the ser
vices of the occasion. Advocate.
Ratiiku Cool. The Radical City Coun
cil appointed a lot of electior eerers in
this city, and then had the presumption
to present (he bill for payment to the
County Commissioners. Judge Wait, as
he should have done, promptly refused to
pay the city's debts. Any appoin(ment
made by the Ci(y Marshal extends to the
city only, and might as well get the side-
wa'ks repaired and present the bill to (he
Commissioners as a bill for police service.
Rather snmrt (rick, but it makes the City
Council look rather ridiculous before the
people, in presenting such a claim against
the county.
Extka Copies. Extra copies of the En
terprise containing the masterly speech
of Hon. J. S. Smith, can be obtained at
this office. Single copies 10 cts., or S1.00
per dozen. It should be placed in' the
hands of every citizen of this State.
New Paper. Mr. Bacon, postmaster in
(his city, handed ns a paper last week en
titled the Orenon Good Templar. It is a
small sheet, edited by C Real. Esq., and
filled wi'h interesting reading matter. It
is furnished to subscribers at $1.00 lor six
A Victim. Jndgo Deady 'g slaughter
louse has found another victim. W. K.
Smith. Esq., a Democrat, of course, has
been found guilty of perjury. This case
is somewhat notorious through the Slate.
We shall Lave occasion to refer to it here
after. Locatkp. Judge D. 31. McKenney. for
merly of this city, and late editor of the
Entkrpiuse, has located himself in Baker
City, Dakcr county, to practice law. "We
can recommend him to persons having
legal business, and wish him abundance
of success in his new field.
Leaves it. George W. Lowry.a promP
n -at and influential Radical politician in
Ohio, has come out from that -foul party;'
and joined the Democracy. In doing so
he prefers the following charges against
the Radicals : They mean to destroy the
sovereignty of the States, and to central
ize the power of the Government. They
mean to force upon the white men polit
ic aland social equality with the negro
race. They are sustaining a swarm of
useless Government loafers, called officers,
w ho live, of course, on the' sweat and toil
of the laboring producer. Tb'-y proiect
monopolies at the expense and without
the consent of (he public, and they levyO
and uphold unequal taxation, which tends
to establish a moneyed and landed aris
tocracy, such as exists in all monarchical
governments. All the charges in this in
dictment of Mr. Lowry are good, and can
be sustained bT ample proof, and it is no
wonder hat sensible men like Mr. Lowry
are abandoning 'the party which is thus
ruining the nation and impoverishing (he
masses. TVt iladelphia A ge.
IIaitinkss. Josh Billings I?as
found out that happiness konsists
in working Lizzy twelve hours,
sleeping eight hours, and playing
elieckurs 1'our hours out ol" the
Oregon City Prices Current
The following are the pricesaid for
produce, and the prices at which other ar
ticles are selling, in this market :
WHEAT While. bushel 890 cts.
OATS "ft bushel. 50 cts?
POTATOES bushel. cts.
ONIONS bushel. SI 0C($1 50.
FLOUR '"J bbl. So 500 00. q n
BEANS White. lo., G cts.
DRIED FRUIT Apples, lb.. 4,4J ;
Peaches, lb.. Wic: Plums. ft,., 15
1G cts.: Currants. , lb.. l()(i?,f) cts.
BUTTER "p It,.. l("(7r.2tie'ts.
EGGS "p dozen. l."(?r,20 c!s.
CHICKENS p dozen. S:i 000.-1 00.
SUGAR Crushed. &.. 20 cts.; Island
"P lb.. 10012 h cts. ; N. (.. -p lb.. 15 cts.;
San Francisco refined, '"j? lb . lef cts.
TEA Vounsr Hyson, "r lb.. SI 50; Ja
pan, pi fb., DOC0S1 25 ; Black. "t" It... 75c.
0S1 00. '
COFFEE f lb.. 2-2(a 25 cts.
SALT p lb- li0:U'ts. 0
SYRUP Heavy Golden, pall.. 90c:
Ex. Heavy Golden, r1. gall.. SI 00
BACON Hams. lb.. 1G cts; Sides,
15 cts. 1): ft,.: Shoulders, 10 cts.
LARD p, lb.. 12015 cts.
OIL Deyoe's Kerosene.'-) en 11..
$1 G5 :
75 ; Linseed oil.
Linseed oil. boiled. gall., $.1 70.
WOOL -p ft,.. 20 cts.
BEEF On foot, 7 fr.S cts. "ft ft.
POKK On foot. cts. "p lb'
SHEEP Per head. .82 ()i0$2 50. 0
HI bjES Green, ft lb.. 5c. : Dry. rB..
10 cu '
lew TIhiy.
But kle, niitrked M. AV. to V. J. The
findt-r will be suitably rewarded hv retum
i! g the same to OWEN "WAD1 .
: e
This Valuable Family Medicine has been
wit'elvar.d f.tvor:b;y ki own in our osva
am tureen cot n'rii. s, u wards oi
It has los1 none rf its geol nams 1 j rfe
plated tr.als, but continue- to ocnij v n
p ominent position in every family medicine
It js an External and Internal Remrdy. r
For Summer Complaint, or any other fornO o
of bowel disease 111 children or aihiHs. it i
an almost certain cure, nntS has vft-i6ut
douht been more successful in curing the
various kinds of CIIOLEHA than any other
known remedy, or the most skillful physi
cian. In India, Africa and China, where
this dreadful disea-e is most prevalent, the
Pain Killer is considered bv the natives. a
well as L'uiopcan residents & those climates,
a ?e rfmecly ; and while it is a most ellicient
remedy for pain, it is a perfectly safe medi
cine, even in unskillful hands. DheCtious
accompany each bottle.
Kold by "a II Druggh ts.
Price" 25 cts., iO cts., and $1 per bottle
July 10: iw
uce. q o
ajainst Clackamas County of the follow
ing numbers can have coin lor the same by
calling at the Treasurer's office, at the store
of John Myers. Oregon City, Oregon, la-
ttricai in siuji iroiii i n is date :
Ao. Ao. A. X(r-
2G73 3511 24v 2Slc
2115 27H5 Sfi35 IS'.iZ
3i;34 1793 2551 3'ti
'2QM 3101 2-14'J a$3.
2-V22 2(517 33of) TilO
3 "OS 700 3tsP 3tiJ
1117 Sft27 2570 32 IS
1707 3150 41 2722
23SG 32 12 fi04 27(2
LW7 3525 2970 352U
031 3524
'24 iS
Treasurer Clackamas County.
Oregon CU3, July 16th, 1S70. w3
Formerly Fev Columbian,
Corner Front and Morrison Streets,
Free Coacl to n nT from 'tiie Hoiise.
July KJth, tf
To Stock Drovers.
Mountains, know ss the " f)ld Emi:r. nt
Road." is now in splendid crder for tbejiic
tommodation of the public Thebndg s o;
the road have all been thoroughly rej si r-d,
and stock drovers will finel it no tronbh- to
c-oss the Mountain by this route. Iher. s q
plenty of good water aDd gmss on both
siJes of the Mountain, and the distance
across is only 50 miles, being the shortest as
well as the best road oyer the Cas a a
Mountains. Stoek drove" s and iniir;iut
will find it to their advantage to travel over q
this route. Toles reasonable.
Cl'okamas county, July, lS70:ju!6if
WUIamottf r.otlge Xo. 151. O. CqT
Meets every Saturday evening, at the ro-"ir3
S.E. corner of Main and Fifth streets, at 7 1-2
o'clock. Visiting members are invite'' to
attend. By order of W. C. T.