The Weekly enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1868-1871, February 26, 1870, Image 1

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The Weekly Enterprise.
BUSinCSS man, tne r armsroipins anu cuams, ana lancy ring?
? .-We FAMIIAT CIRCLE. Not any such like trumper$ things;
OFFICII Corner of Fifth and Main streets
, Oregon City, Oregon.
o -
&;n; C?y one year, in advance,.
$3 00
2 50
l m
Transient advertisements, including all
. notii-es, p stj. of 12 line.-!, U.$
For en eh suWequent insertion
'One Column, one year $120 00
iuir " "
Quarter " " 40
Uminens Card. 1 square one year 12
iy. -ja RemiUun to he mode at the risk o
Jftabxc libers, and at the expense of Agents.
US' The Enterprise office is supplied with
beautiful, approved styles of type, and mod
ern M ACHI N K PIMCA-iKS. which will enable
the t'l oprii-tor tu do Job 1'iinting at all times
Xrat, Quick and Cheap !
Ch Work Kidieited. Q
AH Runitexs trum tet'toni vpon a Specie ba.Hf.
JU1 IX MYERS, Financial Agent.
r us ixj-jss ca Ri) s.
What Makes a Man ?
Not numerous years, hot ?enthenel life,
Not pretty children and a wife,
w. uoss.
M. IX,
Fhysician and Surgeon,
""Office on Jiin Sticet, opposite Mason
ic"lla:i, Orepou Citv. 13tf
Fhysician and Surgeon,
:?7 Office at his Ihuz .Store, near rost
Or.'LMin City, t)i-. g"ii.
Not. pipe, cigar, nor bottled wine,
No'Cliberty with kings to dine
Not eoa, nor boots, nor yet a hat ;
A dandy vest, or trim cravat 5
Nor houses, land, nor golden ore',
Nor all the world's realth laid in store ;
Not Mister, liev'rend. Sir, nor "Squire,
With titles that the memory tire ;
Nor ancestry? traced back to Will,
Who went from Normandy to kill ;
Not Latin, Greek, or Hebrew lore 5
Nor thousand volumes rambled o'er ;
Nor a Judge's robe, nor Mayor's mace.
Nor crowns that deck the royal race ;
These, all united, never can
Avail to make a single man.
A truthful soul, a loving mind,
Full ot affection for its kind,
A bA-livr of the human race,
A soul of beauty and of grace!
A spirit firm, erect and free.
That never basely bends the knee ;
That, will not bear a feather's weight
Of slavery's chain, for small or great ;
That truly speaks of God within,
And never makes a league with sin ;
That snaps the fetters despots make ;
And loves the truth for truth sown sake ;
That worships God. and Him alone,
And bows nowhere, but at His throne ;
That trembles not at tyrant's rod
A soul that fe-ars no on but God ;
And thus can smile at curse and ban
That is the soul that makes a man.
I'eriwineittly Loe-i'ed at Orr-jon Cily, Oregon
POOMSVJi PrSafTarrnns, on Main st.
ryji. W ATKINS, M. D.,
SUiiG CON. Poim.Axn, OnF.n( n.
OFFICE Front sn-( t Itesidvnce cor
ner uf Main und Seventh streets.
NO. 15.
This couKtv, situated on the cast
bank of -tlie Willamette rirer,- in
the heart oi the irfeat u lllamette
Valley, when compared with other
localities of the sanie extent of ter
ritory, is not surpassed for fertility
of soil, and capacity of Agricultural
and manufacturing resources, by
any other county in the State of
Oregon , or even on the Pacific
the Santianv is better divided rith for moraJ?, reCsement, tn-1 intel
timber and water to the amount of lectunl worth.
f prairie lana, tnan any uiucr jpor-1 . usoanon,- on ilg soiuu fea-KtiftiEi
uuiueu in one ci tne best
coast. Her immense shipments of
tion of OresfOTV
Scio, the commercial totrn of Lie cultural districts, has a fine acad-
Forks, is an incorporated city find cmy, costing $5,000 ; one church,
a lively business place, but labors three dry goods stores, blacksmith,
under the disadvantage of want of harness, cabinet and w.tgon shop;
river transportation. The citizens, one steam sat7 mill. A company
however, are canvassing the pro- is organized to bring "vrater from
priety of building a branch, road the river, by tlitch, fo this place
from the proposed Oregon Centrftl which will furnish the town with
Railroad, at Jefferson, to connect one of the best and- safest, of mill
with this place. I his town has sites fur manntacturmg purposes.
three or four dry goods stores,sal- Y aterioo eome seven mues
die, tin,- wTago"n, paint, cooper, above Lebanon, &t tiie falls of the
Hour and wheat are a sure proof of blacksmith, and boot and shoe bantiam, has a splendid water-
shops ; one Hour mill, one ciiurcli, power, a saw ana iiouringmui,witii
one laro-c school bouse, one tovrn stjiojs and mechanic shops
halL and tTo Jiotel. lhe forks
rof cattle, 8,000 horseSj 25,000 hogs,
and over oOjCOO sheep, from whicn
is snnulrlly exported a Ifsrgc
r.mount of beef, bacon, lard, mut
ton, and horses, for market.
:''Eamist and Dnsigisi,
Pet. Mark and. Jt'a:lii nrfntt .
CiS Phvsiciatrs Prescriptions Careful!y)
pi t pari'il . iit re.luct'd Trice. A complete
; u-.-orttnout of l'Hteta Medicines, i'ertumer
Tiiet Articles, Fancy S aps, etc., on
liuiiri and fi.r sale ;st llr(t pr.ecs. nf'.tf
The Actress and the Sailor.
' When I was a poor girl," said
the Duchess of St. Albans, " work
ing very hard for my 80s a week, I
went down to Liverpool during
the. holidays,, where 1 was ahvays
kindly received. 1 was to perform
in a drama, and in mv character I
represented a poor, friendless or
phan girl, reduced to the most
wretched poverty. A heartless
tradesman persecutes the sad hero
ine for a heavy debt, and insists
upon putting her into prison. unless
some one will go bail for her. The
girl replies: ' Then have I no hope
1 have not a friend in the world !'
What, will no one be bail for you,
to save "Von from prison?1 asks the
stern creditor. ' 1 have told you I
a. ii.
E. A. ?ATtltEU.
Chemicals, Patent Medicine, Paints,
J'crrfjtmcrii Oi!, Variinhcs,
ind every article kept in a Drug Store. Main
h'reet, Oregon City.
Established since 1849at the old stand,
Main Street, Ore go & City, Oregon.
An Assortment of Watcher, Jew
elrv. and Seth Thomas' weight.
Clocks, all f which are warranted
to he as represented.
Pei'ainn'' done on f!jort notice,
Mnd thatikfiil foffit faVrrs.
t4Livo and Let Liy."
1 57 At the old t-tand of Woitman & Fields
h.ave not a friend on earth,' was my
reply. But jnst as I was uttering
these words, 1 saw a sailor in the
upper gallery springing over the
railing, letting himself from one
tier to another until he bounded
clear over the orchestra and foot
lights, and placing himself beside
me m a moment, resolutely said:
' Yes, you si vail have one friend r.t
least, my poor young woman,' with
the greatest expression in his hon
est, sun-burnt countenance; 'I will
o bail for ytm any moment. As
for you,' turning to the actor, 'if
you don't, bear a hand and shift
your moorings, you lubber, it will
be worse for you when I come
athwart your bows.' Every crea
ture in the house rose ; the uproar
Qvas perfectly indescribable; and
anlidt the universal dm stood the
unconscious cause of it, sheltering
'the poor voting woman,' and brea
thing defiance against my mimic
persecutor: he was only persuaded
to relinquish his care of me, by the
manager's pretending to arrive to
rescue me., with a profusion of bank
Oiegon Cit .Oregon.
"Barn n mSalo on."
0 o.
DI r&tEHS-
Choice Wines, Liquors &'Cigars.
Main St., Oregon City.
Call, and llot-crt Potterwill show von
through the establishment.
her capacity to produce that great
staple ot Oregon s wealth and
pride, while oats,barley,bcef,bacon,
rool, butter j hen-se?,- nnd in fnct,
almost all the agricultural produc
tions of industry and wealth, give
unmistakable evidence of the en
ergy of her people and the fertility'
of her soil. Bounded nortli by
Marion count', east by the Cas
cade mountains, south by Lane
county, and west by the "Wil
lamette river, this locality possesses
advantages for exporting by water
its vast agricultural productions
equal to any of the interior coun
ties of the htate. .hrom informa
tion furnished by IIon.J.II.Dotithit,
an old and reliable citizen of Linn
county, we glean the following
facts :
The navigable waters of the Wil
lamette form the river line of the
western boundary of this county, a
distance of about thirty-seven
miles. The western portion is a
level of gently undulating prairie,
about forty-one miles from north
to south, and an average breadth
of fifteen miles from east to west.
The prairie lands are frequently in
tersected by small rivers and
creeks of pure running water, with
occasional belts of timber, and
comprises the most thickly popu
lated portion of the county. lhe
face of the country then gradually
rises into hills, as yon approach the
eastern boundary, till you reach
the summit of the Cascade moun
tains, covered with dense forests of
f i r, ced a r, and pin e. The h i 1 1 1 an d s
are settled a distance of about ten
miles eastward, and almost the en
tire length of the county from north
to south, giving an area to the set
tied portion of this county of over
six hundred thousand acres.
This county has three natural
divisions, the first of which is that
portion lying between the North
and South Snntiam rivers, and
known as the "Forks of the San
tiam." This portion of the county
is again almost equally divided by
the Thomas and Crabtree forks.
The following information, fur-
North Brownsville, situated
contain about one-third of the en- the" north side of the Calancoic,
tire population of the county, is the foot-hills, lifts r woolen factory";
mostly fenced and improved, with known as the Eagle Milb,. one
good houses, barns and orchards,
and is abundantly supplied with
apples, pears, cherries, plums, and
the diliereut varieties of small fruit
Tho setters! seolccical ieafures
History of Artemus W Him
I wf s born in the of llaind
of parents; a infant I attracted a
great dealQof attention; the iiaburs
rouid sit over ray Cradle for hours,
ay : 1 to tt might that Iitilo
of tl
TT:n, it .1
i up liii.uiCLie. vjuiev . give in-1
diea turns ci i sedimentary forma-
like other portions
i svrc'ic looksj How much it nose !'
with but iittb of a "mincrS Th.e?yopng ladies would carry mo
racter till
Cascade far::
you approach th;
m their arms,reayia l wuz
f mt
peculiar to the climate of this
The second division of this coiifi-
ty is embraced between the Santi-
am river and Calanooia creek, a
nouring mill, a tannery, two dry
oods stores, a planing mill and
machine shop, one wagon shop, a
drug store, two blacksmiths, two
saddle and harness shops, paint
shop, town hall, and one large
school house costing $3,500
In this division Ot Che county,
there are (besides those already
soil along the banks of the rivers is
composed of sand, vegetable mat
ter, and various decomposed earth,
and may be considered strictly al
luvial, being washed by the cur
rent from above.- This soil is very
fertile, and produces Csiobacco,
and the various kinds ox roots and
vegetables, of the most luxuriant
growth.- The prairie lands, v.diich
compose ft large portion cf this
arc a dar!
lUUUvl lit K AiCli. ikl LLNrt
muster's dozzt Tlin mid scctr
' r r r T-r ' :tf Tn 1 ln'f ' J Iff- V o c
loam, and vegetable
meld, of ex-
strearii that ri-es in the Cascade mentioned) eleven saw millstone
mountains and runs west and north- flouring mill, oho tanyard, and
-. . . , . 1 . . 1 1 T. ,
west, and empties into the Y ii- scnooi nouses m every custner, as
lamettc river at Albanv This di
vision is, crh:i)S, one of the finest
farming regions on the Pacific
coast; is a rich, productive and al
most level plain, from the river on
the west to the hills on the east, an
well as many churches, and the va
rious meensmc shops needed in
each location; The hill portion of
this division is well ndanted to
lumbering and manufacturing pur-
poses, as well as dairying, stock-
average distance of about fifteen raising, fruit-growing, A'C. Lithe
miles; is almost entirely fenced and
improved, and is held at from ten
to thirty dollars per acre. A. iS.
Arnold, of Albany, has furnished
the Committee the following items
loot-hills and higher mountains
there is Considerable vacant land,
valuable for fruit and stock-raising,
and moderate farming, as well as
-ood lurnberin'T' facilities. The
relative to this portion of Linn average price ot land m the hills
A 1 i ii 1 1 . . r . . . t . . . i i. t
uuu Milan ,iue,3 i uuottb inree
" Barama Restaurant."
2Iain ft., Oregon City,
"Knows how to serve his customers
fith Ov-teis, rigs t eet, a good cup of Coffee
r .t-SgCARIQlEAL. IStf
TIe original model of a tele
graphic battery, filed by Professor
Morse, when he got his patent, has
b?en unearthed from a lot of rub
bish in the cellar of the Patent Of
fice, where it has been lying for
years. The clumsiness ofthesig
nal key, as compared with the one
of the present day is ridiculous
It is nearly two feet long, and has
a large lump of lead at the end fur
thest from the ham!, to throw the
key up and break the circuit.
"Grammar class stand and re
cite, l homas, parse gjrlsv
"Girls is a particular noun,oftne
lovely gender, lively persons, and
double numler, kissing mood, in
the immediate tense, and in the ex-
nished the Committee by J. C.
Dickey, Esq., relative to the natu-
al resources and industrial wealth
of this portion of Linn county, may
be considered as entirely correct,
as coming from a gentleman well
qualilied to give facts regarding
that portion of country for which
he speaks:
county :
The general nature of the soil is
abktekloam with a clay subsoil,
producing large crops of grain, such
as wheat, oats, llax, etc.. and is
well adapted to stock-raising, pro
ducing both wild and tame grass
in abundance. The water, for
family use, is equal to that of any
other portion oi t lie State, and the
climate is mild, temperate and
healthy. The immigrant can ob
tain provisions, seeds, tools and
snnnlies of all kinds, with which
to commence !
as readily and
as in almost
btates. 1 he advantages lor com
mon school education are not sur
passed by any other location on
A mi
dollars per acre.
1 he third division is located be
tween the Calapooia ami the south
line of the- county. It has an aver
age length of about twenty-five
miles, with a breadth of about
twelve miles of level land, with a
valley extending up the Calapoom
a distance of about fifteen miles.
Settlements extend for several miles
back into the hills, and some of
the finest timber common to the
Willamette valley is found in this
.i i i btn htT i"!TfM I nn evi l I n ri
ne. m tins locaucv, "-"-'"'v
at as cheap a rate posue Aorui jrownsvi ue, is suu-
any of the older ated m as good a district til farm
ing land as is to be lound m the
county has three dry goods stores,
churches, one
ceeding fine quality, and especially
adapted to tho production of all
kinds of cereals, although roots,
vegetables, fruit, and the various
tame grasses flourish correspond
ingly well with grain. The soil h
easily worked, very mellow, ar.d
but little affected with drouth.
The general character of the soil
of the hill lands is a reddish clay
loam, of good quality, producing
vegetables, fruit and grain, when
cultivated, but is better adapted
to grazing and stock-raising than
other farming purposes.
Gold, silver and lead CAist in
this county in the Cascade range,
but its agricultural wealth practic
ally exceeds the mineral resources
of any locality, and the people have
wisely turned their attention to the
cultivation of the soil.
The Oregon Central Railroad is
being surveyed and located the en
tire length of the county, and will
doubtless be in successful operation
within a couple of years.
The enterprising farmers and
mechanics have purchased and fit
ted up fair gioUnds in the vicinity
of Albany, where annual exhibi
tions of industry, skill and agricul
tural wealth lire made, that are not
only an honor to the peojle of this
county, but would do credit to any
locality in the older States.
This county holds cut flattering
one grocery, three
t his coast, good schools and s
houses being established within
two or three miles of each other
throughout this portion of the
county. Most of the different re
ligious denominations are l
sented here, and meetings lor re-
ligious worship arc
chool hotel, a tin and blacksmith shop.
i pectation
(Of Oregon City Manufacturing Company,)
case tOj matrimony, ac-
- - ..... v i i i. ii
" Do try to talk a little common sen??."
said aDyonng lady to- hr visitor. "Oh!
b-u wouldn't that he taking an unfair ad
vantage of von V'
Cit- Drnrrjan.
:-?u .. - - j '
V'2?. AH orders for the deljverv of merchan
dise or packages and freisrht nuwhatever des
uiptioa. to any pm or tl-.e e;.K-, w iii he exn
f r.ted promptly nM wtH .- ' '
A little oirl wanted to sy that slip had
a fan. hut had forgotten the nam?, so she
described it as '-a thing to brush the warm
off you with.'-'
proved and unimproved, in this
portion of Linn county, is $4.75 per
acre; improved land, $10 per acre;
unimproved, $3; unimproved pas
ture lands, $1.25. The general na
ture of the soil is rich and fruitful.
Eor grain-growing, it is better
adapted to the production of wheat
and oats than any other kinds. As
to stock-raising, Oregon cannot
produce a better locality; while
vegetables and iruit aroic vw res
htrfe as yoi irant thou to, The
different varieties of timber are fir,
cedar, pine, oak, ash, maple and
alder, conveniently located, well
adapted to farming, lumbering and
general building purposes. The
quality of the water is good veky
(ioon, perhaps not surpassed in tho
world, and abundantly supplied by
creeks from three to four miles
apart only, with any amount of
springs. We have but one flour
ing mill in this locality, where
there should be eight or ten. There
are plenty of mill sites here unim
proved. 'The general health of
this part of the count- isgood,and
favorable inducements are held out
to teachers, farmers, and mechan
ics to settle in this place. The mechanic shops, of
immigrant can easily obtain seeds,
o-raiiCfarming implements and gen
eral supplies) f all kinds here, with
good conveniences for schools and
meetings far religious- worship.
There are plenty of saw mills here,
but other manufactories are scarce
llarrisburg, in the southwest
corner of the county, on the Wil
lamettc river, is a considerable
shinning point, with over one hun
dred houses and four hundred in
habitants an acadefnVi town hall,
liehT on the fltr" 'T ff'wds stores, a drug store,
it .. i ii ,i iii -i tvr Sfi nniK t il'pn 1 1 fie k'Sm 11
looain m an me iniCKiy seuieu - " , - - -
portions of this locality. The M''l, taumei, j...u wupei,
moans of transportation and mar- two boot and slioc shops, one Uv
i -- - - , , , i'
ketino- nm Prttinl to nnv Other hid StaDlO, OUC UOICI, 11,C Ware
-n - - -j it :: i a f.t- -n .:
fix tmrtinn n t in Stntf. n dn v nouses, ami a iiiu ci.v iiwuuiig
line of steamers being almost con- min A- S.mitl1'. Ksr( ?f th VQi
stantly employed between the city cstnnates thc price ot tanning land
I nii tiMo ninon " iu the vicinity at from ten to fifteen
VI J. .'i I. iini lino llV-. -mil
jioany, tne commercial citv cir a ;
t.:,. 1.:,. J'eoria. a tnrivmg
ffl. Ill tl.iIWII-. 1111 llllt'llITIIlfllliV
thriving little town
about twelve miles north of liar
Willamette, has
conni v is sffnntnd t innnst. I m ii Ic
r . i x i , , -i I i-'i cl hi rn nil 1 1 r
nt t hi" l nniottfi n mnt. snvrmtv- '""'"ri) ........ .. -v ,
firomilw snnth nf l'nrtlnn.l tllTCC StOreS, witll blacksmith and
is one of the most extensive 'ship- .thcr mQchamc, P,!P flicierttfor
C(,ni, r-c,,,. tlie accommodation ot the sur-
place. The town is particularly """g UJ'
noted fin- its high-minded and pub- Boston Mills has
lie spirited citizens, who have
spared no pains to make it A place
where moral, religious and educa
tional advantages may be enjoyed,
and its founders have now the sat
isfaction of seeing it one of the
several houses,
a store, good water power, and a
first class flouring milk In this di
vision are two steam and three
water saw-mills, one cat ding ma
chine, several churches, and school
houses in every district, that have
thcLswr-rn't old enough to proper-1
ly appreciate it Ifm a healthy old
darlin' now.- """"'-w 0
I jbave allaz susSeot a fjoodto
moral character. I never &
railroad conductor in nvyife.
Altho In cnly life I dia hot In
variably confine myself tcr truth in
my small bills, I have been gradj
ooally grow-in' rcspectabler and rej
sf ectabler ev'ry year. I luv my
children, and rver mistake anoth
er man's wife for my own. I'm
not s member of any meetin
house, but firmly brleeve inmeetin
houses, and shouldn't feel safo to
take a do?. 3 cf laudnum and lay
down in the street ofcjsv village that
hadirt an-, with a thousand dol
lars m my vest pockets.
My temperament is btlions at
tho' I don'fc owe a dollar in tho
I am (i early rizer; but my wifS
is a Presbyterian. I miy add that
I am also bald-headed. 1 keep two
I ilv m Paid ifls vile, Xndianyw
My neit door nabur is old Steve
DiilinsT I'll Gtell you a little stor
about old Steve that will make
you larf. lie jined the church last
spring, and the minister said, "You
must go home now, Urother Pillins
and erect a family alter in youi
own house." Whereupon the egre
jis old ass went home? and buii a
reg'lar pulpit in his settin' room.
He had the jiners in his house over
four days.
I am 50 (56) years of age time",
with its relentless sytliCj is ever
busy. The old Sexton gathers
them in he gathers them, in ! I
keep a pig tlus year.
I doivt tliink of any thing more,
Mr. Ed:tur. Q
If you should give my portrait
in connection with my Bogfry-
.-) 1 ' 1 ! 1
inducements to any class of immi- U'V aciue nigrum cu m a
gl-ants wishing to locate on the f " . ' -"
Pacific const, To the independent Plllar lcav1 m? ack h&ir a9
j. i. lit" i c r ji-
anhei' of the v estcrn, 3Iiddle, or
o o
States, who has
denty of means, and wishes to
avoid the biting frosts and blind
ing snows of winter, so prevalent
it is now.
Truly yours;
.. -t 1.. t i
liveliest and most prosperous little prev louy ineuuoneu
;,di fmvn. ;.. tho st-itn. X fine county Covers an area o
Lriek court house, costing' 35.000: over 1,704,450 acres, and has prob-
n nllerre ffivithio- OHO" 51 vrtlblio
school house- eosth $4,500. and ? size, than any
foinhl.-i r.f j Pnin in or! ;t ill o nvcr 1,1 tllC State.
1 -i . w '73 r. nAiinlotirtii rr ewtw ft flArt
tivv .-v.iiyi.u.1 j ,... - lit . 1 4." X
acaoie oioocitv vinuaiit'ii i;i
The Dutchman- and His
there, this count, as well as the glak-pkap. Ihears much dings
most of the lllamette V alley, of- about de purglars, alia vile; hears
fers a mild and healthful climate, toy p rakes stores into em very
pure water, the advantages of a much. ell, I dime I vixes era;
navigable river, and a soil that for so de oderJdnne oey goomes to mr
fertility and productiveness is not store, deV iio goom at all. Sol
rivaled by the Connecticut, Jttid- puys a pig 'orsc-bistet, and. lartens
son, Genesee, Mohawk, or Missis- it to de iloor, vrid der moozl
sippi valleys; and while land in pointing to te toor; den I fastenQ
tliese oldbtates command trom one a string mit cier arigger, ana runs
to two hundred dollars, the land of it up mit der vail and down mit
the lllamette, combining the lux tier floor, so ven Air. 1'nrglar opens
liriant productiveness ofilie South himself mit der door, vy, if he plow
with the health and vigor of the de grains out mit de bistel, I can't
Xorth, may be readily obtained at help it, don't it? Veil, von day I
from $1.25 to $30 per acre. The left te door pointing at der moozle
fertility of tho soil, and the ready of to bistel, mit two pullets ino it,
means to turn its productiveness anu goeh out to unniiK borne iager -
into cash, together with the case mit der ioys. 1 sometimes ihnnlc
with which land may now booob- too much lager. ell, i can t help
tained, are a sure guarantee to the it, don't L? I bore mineseif into
Vourtg farmer with small means more as twenty sixteen k lass lager,
that, by a few years' pcr'sevcraTice and den 1 goes nornc; en 1 pats
and industry, he may place him- mine store I dink I better ash look
self m independent circumstances f in and see it nothing pee all right
for life, m the quiet possession of a Uat is right, don't it? If it don't,
happy home. To the mechanic, 1. can't help it.- i forgets all about
tradesman, manufacturer, or capi- der pig 'orse-bistel, and ven I
talist, this county seems to hold opens mineseif mit derj doof,-Ql
out inducements for investments shoost gets von pullet through my
that promise rich dividends and elbow, and von pullets to my hafe
more arable land, according
other county
This county has a
and an
churches, capable of scatin
four to six hundred people each,
are among the public buildings
erected within the past few years
at this place: while sntstantial
brick blocks, numerous stores: of
nvdrr- vnrint v nf mprrhrmrlisf' ov-
V ' v ' . .... . ....... .-- . , - -
tnntiro wftr"i'fmiw-'S fftnnd rips. ITlfl- I IOU1 Cars
chine show, manufactories, and in its. Productions
17 '
almost every
variety necessary for the prosperity
of a country town; two steam saw
mills, and two first class flouring
mills, "capable of grinding from
three to live thousand bushels of
wheat every twenty-unir hours,
each, add to the life and business
!ThU portion of the county is also capacity of thisthrring little town.
i -.. 1 , . i i " ,:ol i VA f Ii tlio lint r.iffhf c.-dirn-kl
w invm t rt trt r Pi III 1)11 V til i' 'u' int. v.... ,v .-..-vi
IV . - v .
Only strong men should be rich. ' wealth. Government land is plenty
laxes are too neav
people to carry.
for nr. in-i ! vot tlioro nv Tmft.lrp,! of acres i m tins Citv. and
i better nd-mted to f-rmiio- purposes' eight sermons are
teachers are constantly employed
that from two to
preached here
speedy returns.
through it
Smelt caught at San Pedro, Los
Angeles county," are full
of worms
than much of that now settled,and every Sabbath, we think we are
for lumbering resources tlie worhL.pistihed m tne assertion that .l
carmot leafclr. Tn conclusion, I banv, with its surrouTvling?, is no-
nearly $3,000,000, with about 100,
000 acres of land under cultivation.
As near ris can be ascertained, the
amount of land brought under cul
tivation in this locality has been
more than doubled within the last
Allowing the increase
to have been
equal to the amount of land
brought under cultivation during
the same length of time, we have,
for the year 18GS, over 398,300
bushels of wheat, 590,790 bushels!
of oats, 18,084 bushels of corn, 11,
150 bushels of barley, 19,1 OS lbs.
of tobacco, 2G4,29G "lbs. of wool,
595,79f bushels of potatoes, 107,
922 bushels of apples, 523,260 lbs,
of butter, 8,S52 lbs. of cheese, and
3,770 tens of hay. The grain crop
of this county would probably go
far above this estimate, while wool,
apples, potatoes, A-c, might fall
short. This county is also esti-
A riew shell-fish, niore delicious
than the oyster, has been discover
cd by the French. It is smaller rfor de purglar.Qlon't I?
T II II II T 1 f. I V T . ' T . . T, ,l II... Irtv I 1 . I
form, and is christened the "pal-
all. te tiles, Vost I
scart? Veil, if I vas I can't help
it, ain't it? I vas not scart, but I
never any more sets a bistel-drap3
William Tj:ll OuTr)0E. A
strange story comes from Texas
which ocliiTSPS the. famous per-
Spriggins says he once prevent- formance accredited to Willarri
cd a severe case of hydrophobia Tell, the Swiss patriot. We are"
by simply getting on a high fence told that a few months sincc9ipar-
and waiting there until the dog tv of Texans were practicing wit a
4 1 . l -f -f
ji (imrrmnn w as awaueneoi py a
. :.. "j!. . i . -,i .
yi ag in me nigin wun me an
nouncement that his best cow was
choking. He forthwith lumped
up to save the life of crumpie,
when, lo!-he found a turnip stuck
in tne mouth ol the pump.
1 ''' o$-
The Air we Breath. Air con
sists of four parts of nitrogen and
one part of oxygen, mixed, wijh
about one-tenth of one per cent, of
carbonic acid. A "handy'' w?T
of remembering this proportion is
si.t-hooters at a target, v?hcn a
wager was proposed that a piece
of silver should be placed on a cork
orfMhe head of one of the number,
and the cork shot out, leaving the
coin resting on the man's head.
The wa-cr'was made, and at a
distanced five paces 0thc parties
were placed in position, tho target
adjusted, and the feat performed
without injury to the brave sup
porter of the target.
jdtt: A little girl sent out to
hunt for eggs, came back tinsuc-
fnl, complaining that lots of
.r-pp ctoifjipor r roll r r