The Weekly enterprise. (Oregon City, Or.) 1868-1871, May 15, 1869, Image 1

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fjc til .
11 1 Hi, r rii.lkrh.
1 J
., If MITCHELL. J- DOLril.
Mitchell, Dolph & Smith,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Solicitors in Chancery, and Proc
tors in Admiralty
Office oor the old Post Office, Front
Btree't, Portland. Oregon.
Xi-fnry Public, and Cum. f Dtvli.
Attorneys uiid Counselors at Laic,
"Portland. Orfgx.
OFFICE On. Alder street, in Carter's
brick block.
"Loga Shattuck U Killin,
JVo l' Frnt Strft-t, tl SI airs,
j. r. CAri.i:-'.
.'-tiry Public.
Oregon City, Oregon,
v.v Will attend to all business entreated to
ft.ii- care m any of the Courts of the State.
Oiler t money .Negotiate loans, p 11 real e.-t.ue ! Fancy Dry Gn d-. (iraitt bags, Hnilap-, ftu ti
de. Particular attention given to contested , i ! (b'"ds. trjl, We pav tl.e highest cash
Land cases. j tor WudI, Furs, Hides.
y II. W ATKINS, M. D.,
SURGEON. PoUTi.Axn. Oi:ko n.
OFV.'i'M Fiont street Residence cor-
jjlt. F. UAP.CLAY,
'J3JZ2'.a E3!Le CXZSsa
(Fonuei ly -urgeoii to the Hon. II. 15. Co.)
OFFICE At Residence, Main street Ore
gon ( 'ity, Oieir-ai.
Ferih-.ii'. iit 'u oitfed at Oreaun City, Ortjon
ROOMS With Dr. S,,fiarrans, on Main st.
Main street, ovc door North of the
Lincoln Bakery. Oregon City.
JJ. J. a J." IT. ilUll, iiujiiivtui. I
I lie jiropru't'ir is now prepared to lui ni.-ii
the public with Ice-Cream wlo-m vie the
weather permit. a!-o Soda, Sarsaparilia,
etc . constantly on lian'l.
Pie-Nic naities. ar d exciirsions suni,iel.
and attended on lnn-t n dice. ' fij.t; t
Savier, Lalioquc & Co.,
t'Keep constantly on liatnl fos sale, iloiir '
ILdhtms, Uran and Chicken Feed. Parties, i
purchiiig feed mu-t lurniMi tlie Sin ks. !
IS UW f'r to G red i. in i'c Co.,
, , -o . r ,i ' n
"Jl and 1!'J3 I- rent st., Portlana, Oregon.
OCT Warons of every description
ide to order. General Jobbing done
with titatness and disputdi.
D. w. wili.iams cm.t.
,-, Front street and tiii Fir.-t street, Pm Hand.
I ) ers in iirocenes and Produce. Agents
for the Champoeg, Cotomereial ,.nd Lafayette
Flurin" toids. I Live ample Fiie-proof
Storage. Consignments solicited. 1 .;. Ay
L .
J. V,
j. w. siiatitiK.
J. F. B1ILLER Co.,
MANl'FACTl'ItKI'.S OF AXI I1 K A L 1" i!S 1'
At the Oregon Ci'y Bor.t and Shoe
Store, Jin in strat.
Of Ladies",", Boys', and Children's
P.o(ds and Slices, on' hand or made to order.
aw Cit? Oray
&i o reg ox err i
S-v, AH orders for the delivery of merchan
dise or packages and freiirht of whatever des
cription, to any part of the city, will be exe
C' promptly and with care.
Having purchased tl.e interest
of S. Cram, in the well known
LI I rE B 1 r S TA B L E
One door west of Excelsior Market. Oregon
City, announce that thev will at all time
Leepgood horses a. d "carriages to let, at
reasonable rates. Horses bought and sold
or kpt bv the day or week.
Successor to S2I1T1I d- 2IARSHALL,
0 Black-Smith and IVaqon Maker,
Corner of Main and Third streets.,
Oregon City Ore'-on.
-B'acksmithin2: in all Us branches- Wtt I
v" "tawini; iiuu tr-i-ao iuS. .nt wuiK warrant
tu to give sati.-l.ictain.
J. BIcHenry,
r:frp PORTLAND, Ore-on
IlaToTLnd. and is constant -
ly re -eiving direct troni the Ka.a large and
carefu'lv selected stock of
Crockery, Glass Ware, Plated Ware,
T ' '
amps, etc., all of wdiich he offers at prices
t0.ilt,,e tiu e'.:lt Wholesale and Retail,
AJeaiers will do well to call and exam-
ine his stuck, and learn his prxes, bvfvrc
purcuasmg elsewhere.
WgP. .ft. .'a. fa -..-Vl. "Km- KB'JlaJh'J.a
Wood and Willow Ware.
Brushes, Twines. Cordage, etc.,
Brooms, Pails, Tubs, IVashhoards. -c
215 a 217 Sacramento St., San Francisco.
113 Maiden Lane. N. Y. City.
YM' BROU g in ox.
Contractor and Builder, :
Will attoiiJ to all work in his line, con-
fcisti.ij; in pin t of Carpenter and Joiner woik
framing, building, etc. Jobbing nroiaptty
attended t .
j, e. pXttoij,
'Successor to II1GG1XS d- COJli'AXY,
No. 8 Fr'int Street, Portland, Oregon,
Is no.v manufacturing a superior article of
Cliem:c; 1 . Olive. Pale and Ilrmvn Family teuap
which lie w.ll ta 11 at San I'ntt:eico prices.
t-lL. Th s soa p is wai ranted.
yr t
AO U T n O 11 i 'P I I l
97 St., Portland,
Next Door lo Post Office.
tfS Import? rs ami Jobbers of Staple arid
Sunday School and Gift Eoeks!
JL ty and
arioits other PiddisJnixj Houses '
For sale by the subscriber, on Jellerson st.
betwoen Jd and Z. I'ortlaiiil, )r-g-;n.
V. 11. ATKINSON, Secreiary.
o-2.1 1 and Tr-.-as. Oregon Tract Society.
A. .1. muT-lRuE. H
Dealer in California, Vernu nt
ami Italian Marbles. Obelisk r-, ' t
Mnnvnteiits. Head and lujot
Salem Oregon. t".--..?-Mantles
and Furniture Marble furnished
Main Sireet, Oregon City
J. F. Miller & Co., Proprietors.
The propiietois of the above I!-!c! take i
rreat plca-nre in aim..'..!;.: rg to tt.e
t'-at they have n.ade arranLetueti's to c;i a
i first class heu-e for the t rave: rig punie!, a..d
hope to receive a shaie ot tlu-ir patronage
TUe Hon.-e i- at a verv ronveident. di-tanre
fiotn either landing ot the fteamboab-, at;d
ne:.r the center ot bii-ines.
j i lie 1 ioprieiors oi ihi wed !. no'.vn
! Ilou-e renew their tha ks to the public- for
the pationage lo ie nfore so :iber: ly besT.-w-S
eib ILiviag in, .: -i nd newly fr: ni.-bed
j our iiiuiM', wo Ciatai to posse-s ;;cco::ii:n;da-
i lion- in every lesj.. ct iider-or to no House t
i the Stale. WJiiTEi UliOALES,
j j,t r; 1 ,,, l',-.-.s-i,.f.r
j Forma l.. An i,a",
j The u?ideri-'-ned res.'-t r.u U- an-
j ,u.uoce that hav.n-"' put chased this widciv
know,, a:,l wvd koor boU-1, iboy ae now
! pi pated to oTi'er uierior accoi.itnouations
j to the ttMvoling public at greatly reduced
pt ices. This hotel is located nea'-cst the
; steamboat hindings.
Hie hotel carach will be in attendance
j eon vev passengers to and from the lmuse
I free of chrn-f.
I . li. t ALL, J. Li. SPbKNfii;!:,
i're pi ieioi's.
Corner of Firsthand Morrison streets.
i ot; n. i. -M;;-:f;o.
Th2 best and most cornfbrtub'e Hotel in the
State, where every want is :mtici:iate,,
and cheerfully supplied. Waise. and
coui Baths uttactied to the houso.
This Hotel is located near the. steamship
Landiiig. The Hotel Coach will be iu at
tendance at all the I, anilines, to convey
passengers and baggage to and from the
house free of chaise.
Xt.tfl Propiietors.
Sos. lg'5, IgS and ISo 1- rout street,
l'dUTLAN I). ( ItU.nOX.
The undersigned having nenlv f'UHihed
THOR'jUiillLY RENOVA 1 ED 'this well
known house, solicit increased patronage
from the traveling public. The House Iras
lately been rehtted, ami the proprietors are
now'abie to oiler additional inducement- to
their patrons. The table will be furnished
with the het tm-irktt affords, and be under
i 10 anediatesuperv km, t l toe j nopi ;t-Tors
Lo""'s wt!.! lunt .shed and wud ventilated,
y h h-proot safe for the deposi. o
valuables. Baggage taken to the hotel h ee
of charge.
Nothing will be left undone, winch is in
the power of the proprietors to render guests
com. brtuble. J. LVO.NS, F. O'CONNOR,
bbbti! Proprietors
M E 11 1 C A N EXC i 1 A NGE.
( rufr- L IX i OLS 110 1 SEf
Xo. S 1 Front slrccf, Portland Ortgsn.
L. P. V. QUIMIiV, ruoriiiKTou,
t Lad ff Wtc-iit u Hotel. )
! ltos nouse istt:e most commoo'ious in tr;e
State, newly furnished, and it will be the en-
j deavor ot the p'-oprietor to make his guests
i comfoi table. The Raggage Wagon will al
ways be found at the iainfng on the arrival
! ... i i i
i 112 'he house free of charge
; ' i i-i-uiiiMups asm river uoais, carrying oag-
i ir, o,,.,,, n r-,
i J1 ua h tt(i Orcyon C i?J.
! (, ; f , J a V'Tn.i'.r oul f"' p!,st
lJu"f) s"itcu a c- n n.uince ot t!e sanie.
j And the very best qualities oMViues. Liquors
M. BROWN, Proprietor, thankful f .r past
f ...... . . i " .
i and t a ars.
I Pigs' Feet, Tripe, llerrimr Qvster
sand Sardines coustautlv on hand '
I love to kourt in Winter,
The many g-Irls I no.
When awl outside is tlrery
And kiverel up with sno;
I love to kourt in W enter,
Bekaws the old folks dred
The kohl and stormy wether
And hunl oph to bo 1.
I love to kourt in Spring time,
When all is bright and gay,
When nature srailcs so sweetly,
To chase the kob?. away ;
I love to koart in Spring time,
liukaws the gills, you no,
They look so crful pretty
' In dres.-es kut so lo.
I love to ko-.irt in Summer,
"When all things are inblume,
An.l yet 1 think that kor.rting
Will ever be lay dume ;
For I liave asked ju&t tvrenty-one
Of all the girls I no,
To have me for their loving one,
And they have answered Xo!
Lillian Little
was packing
She was 2,'oiiiL?" out as a
Ilor iiist iriend 3iiss
S;:rali I IoneycroJ't
liad called to
bid lier p;ood bye.
4i Su you're really iroiiipf, Lilly ?"
si'ghed that elderlv ladv, viewini
the preparations lor departure that
strewed the lloor around lier.
u Yes, Miss Sarah, 1 am really
goincr '
u To be a jroverness V"
' Yos, to be a
ove I'll ess
" It's a hard lite
Sarah au'ain.
" sighed Mis
Xo harder than many others,"
answered Little Lillv, folding a
nest oi white aprons.
"And to think vou'v
lived so easily until now !"
" That is the very reason I should
be villir.'g; to work when the neees-
has at h
t eenie unon me,
eourageously ans wereei our heroine.
"1 re-ally think your aunt should
have invested her money a little
more carefully in mere justice to
you. Any fool could have told
that, those South American mining
shares -were a mere bubble."
Little Lillv dived into a trunk
after a sfrinvi', pursed up the
lips, but said nothing. Miss
elvei !
artih !
took snu!f and went on:
1,1 And how much do you have a
vear :'
-Three hundred dollars!"
4i It's a mls'-rable pittance, Lilly."
u It will be a small fortune to
me. Miss Sarah," the 'girl answered
Miss Sarah shook
er head and
"1 think Charles Austin
on edit
to liave married you. Everyone
thought his intentions meant some
thing serums !"
Little Lilly suddenly grew rosy
all over, she dropped a pair ot
Cinderella-like slippers on the floor,
and came near putting the poker
in her trunk.
'Air. Austin v. as verv kind to me
always," she said, hurriedly, but
but he never xave me any rea
son te suppose '
u Yes, yes," said Miss Sarah,
k I maiersiand. You're a good
girl, Lilly and if you'll give me
these slippers, Ell sew on the black
satin rosettes, while you finish
It. -was late -when she kissed
Little Lilly good-nhght, and trudg
ed home thromrh the snow but
I as site battled her way through
! dusk and wind she still muttered
j resolutely to herself:
i ' She may say what she will I
I shall maintain to my dying dav
that Charles Austin, after all his
attentieuis, oieght to have come
i el like a man and married
her now !"'
It was something like a month
subsequently to the scene above
sketched when Mr. Charles Austin
sat in Herbert Ellyot's library con
tentedly sharing with the last
named gentleman the luxuries of a
cigar, a grate lire and a tefc-ct-tetc.
Well. Ellvot " he said, after
one or two topics of conversation
had. been exhausted, "and how
vour wile's new gov-
. . .
" As good as gold and as true as
steel !" answered the gentleman
paces and no compromise !"
You needn't give yourself that
trouble," answered
Austin, I am going to marry her."
And Avhv the eleuee haven't
you done it sooner?" demanded
Ellye)t, peremptorily.
"I wanted to try her to prove
the solid worth and resources of
her character."
"An el are you satisfied now ?"
" I am satisfie eh She lias been
addressed. " She's worth a score i lowed him to sit up amid big eush
of city belles, with all the stars of ions in a capacious easy chair by a
Xewport and Saratoga thrown in, Avindow.
Austin; and if vou" don't marrv "This is splendid, Ellyot," he
lier, I'll call vou out pistols at ten said, without turning his head, as
weighed in the balance and not
found wanting. I mean to ask her
to marry me to-morrow !"
" I am glad of it, from the bot
tom of my heart. I know you,
Charley Austin, but the world does
not. Do you know what Mrs.
Grundy has been saving about
"Xo what?"
"That vou deserted Little Lilly
because her aunt s lortune was dis
sipated in , those South American
mining schemes."
Austin colored a little.
" Let the world talk," he said
impetuously, " what care I for its
idle buzz ? Up to this I have been
unable to support a wife as one
like Little Lilly ought to be sup
ported. To-day I received the ap
pointment to travel in India for the
iirm of Meliington & Mellington.
If she will go with me "
Ellyot leaned forward to shake
hands with his friend.
u You have my best wishes,
Charley," he said earnestly, " and
if you in ter, you will v. in a jewel
of the Aery finest water!"
As Charles Austin wrflked home
ward through the darkness of the
stormy February night, musing on
the newer and brighter life in store
for him, the Fate which lies in
wait for us all when we least ex
pect it was biding its time, stern
and inexorable. Just as his fancy
was picturing a lire-lit hearth, with
Little Lilly's dove-like eyes shin
ing beside it, his foot slipped on
an ice-glaeed curb-stone and he
fell with his whole might on an
unlucky ankle bone. There was
one. instant of sharp intolerable
pain one thrill as if nerve was
through his whole hotly and. then
he fainted on the pavement.
"When he returned once more to
something like consciousness, he
was lying em the sofa in his own
bachelor parlor at the St. Hreadal
bane Hotel, his ankle bandaged,
his brows wrapped in iced cloths,
and a sickly smell of drugs per-
meating tin
" Wliat's
v. hole room.
the1 matter V" he cried
t. Have I been sick?"
And the recollection returned to
" Is there much damage dene?"
he faltered.
'Xo," they told him; "lie had
great reason to be thankful that
liie was spared to him."
"Am I a cripple?" with a down
ware I glance to ..where his throb
bing ankle was supported among
pillows, and the surgeon answered :
" It will be months, perhaps
years, before you will entirely re
cover the use ot your hurt limb.
Xor can I promise it ever, as an
absolute certainty !"
A low groan broke from between
Charles Austin's parched lips.
The glittering castles in the air
that Ids fancy had so lately built
up ; like a dream they melted away.
And first in all the bright vanish
ing phantasmagorias, shone the
pure, peaceful face of Little Lilly !
It was all over now ; lie must
teach himself to forget ! The bit
ter, bitter lesson to forget !
And then came on fever, and
long days when life, hung as it
were on a mere cobweb of chance,
and Death watched gaunt and
grisly, close at his side ; ami when
Charles Austin waked out of the
listless fever-dream, he was weak
as any babe !
" Is it you, Ellyot ?" lie gasped
feebly when he had rallied strength
sufficient to sj eak. "I thought it
was a woman's face !"
" You mustn't talk, old fellow!"
said Herbert, approaching with
some medicinal draught.
W o-
man's face ? of course it was a wo
man's face. Hetty Hriggs has just
been washing up the hearth and
Austin frowned feebly. Hetty
Briggs, indeed ? As if those deep,
dreamy eyes, that velvet touch be
longed to Hetty Briggs. But he
was too weak to argue the matter,
! ami so he swallowed his draught,
I and went feebly to sleep, still won
dering vaguely what woman had
sat at his beside.
As the davs Avcnt on he grcw
' stronger, until at length they al-
. -a
a footstep sounded on the threshold
But 1 am verv weak still, old fel-
I low. What made you stay away
j ng
There Avas no answer. He look-
eel round straight into the blue
limpid deeps of Little Lilly's eves.
"Little Lilly!" m
"Yes, Mr. Austin Charley it
is I," she said laughing, and color
ing as pink as a sweet pea. " Xow
you mustn't take hold of my hands
MAY" lo, iS6i.
how can I talk ?"
" You don't talk through your
finger-ends, Little Lily!" For
the poor im-alid could jest still.
" Xo, but listen to me. I am
not a governess now, Charier. I
am a rich heiress. The South
American mining shares have
proved a success. My aunt's in
vestment has quadrupled I Char
lev, Avhv do vou look so sorry ?"
His countenance had fallen. He
had had many long hours for
thought during bis illness. He
had made up his mind that Avith
the money he had saved, not much,
butiill, enough, lie might ask little
Lilly to grace the poor cripple's
home. Surely it might be better
than the ill-paid drudgery of a
governess's life. But now
" Do I look sorry, Little Lilly ?
only because it Avielens the gulf
betAveen us still more hopelessly."
His head drooped dejectedly on
his hand. Little Lilly came to his
"Charles," she faltered. "I
know not how to sav it, but but
Avhile you Ave re ill, and I Avas
here helping to nurse yon "
" You here ? Then it Avas your
lace ?"
" Yes, it Avas mxr face." she
"At that time, Avhen Ave thought
that the valley of death Avas al
reaely encompassing you, Mr.
Ellyot tohl me of what happened
on the night of your accident."
" Aye," he said moodily ; " but
it is all past uoav."
" But Avhy past ? Have you
ceased to love me ?"
" I love you better than eA'er
but vou are a rich heiress uoav, I
ml m '
a miserable cripple. Oh, Little
Lilly, if I had been but a Aveek, a
day, a single hour sooner in plead
ing my cause but I cannot ask
you now."
"Then I shall come unasked,"
said Little Lilly, Avith sIoav delib
erateness. " Charles Austin, I am
going to be your Avife, because Ave
both love each other. You will
not send me awav from vou !"
His eves filled Avith tears: the
strong, noble magnanimity of a
woman's love struck him Avith a
sort of awe, and in the same in
stant his hand closed tightly over
"Stay, Little Lilly, stay always,
and be my little angel, my gejod
genius !" he entreated.
So ended Little Lilly's governess
das, and Charles Austin has the
swe etest Avife that ever made home
a Paradise !
Tim Planch etti: Mystery.
This little gyrating tripod is prov
ing itself to be something more
than a nine davs' Avonder. It is
finding its Avav into thousands of
families in all parts of the land.
Lawyers, physicians, politicians,
philosophers, ami eA'cn clergymen,
have Avatched eagerly its strange
antics, and listened Avith rapt at
tention to the Planehette Board, its
mystic oracles. Mrs. Jones de
mands of it Avhere Jones spends his
evenings ; the inquisitive of both
sexes .-ire soliciting it to "tell their
fortunes ;" speculators areinvtking
its aid in making sharp bargains,
and it is said that even sagacious
brokers in Wall street are often
found listening to its vaticinations
as to the price of stocks on a given
future day. To all kinels of in
quiries answers are given, intelli
gible at least, if not always true.
A Avonderful jumble of possibilities
in mental and moral character is
this little bit of Avooel, now giving
utterance to childish drivel, now
bandying jokes and badinage, now
stirring the conscience by unex
eeptionaly Christian admonitions,
ami now uttering the baldest in
fidelity or the most shocking pro
fanity; ami often discoursing pro
foundly on science, philosophy, or
theology. It is true that Plan
ehette seldom assumes this variety
of theme and diction under the
hands of the same individual, but.
in general, manifests a peculiar
facility ot adapting its discourse to
the character of its associates.
M'Cormick has Planchctt for sale
Si'Ecu: Payments. A gentle
man stepped into a lager beer sa
loon in Syracuse recently, and
bought tAvo glasses of the bevea
age, for himself and a friend, and
thrcAV down a ten cent silver coin.
The Teuton neA er having seen one
before as he had been in this coun
try only tAvo years thought he
was imiosed upon, and it was
once the currency of the land, and
its A alue was real. "Mein Gott in
I limine 11, dis is der sbechie bay
mcnt rat I read so mnnv dings
about und nefer sees no tirn
From the New York Tribune April 10, 1SG9.
E'erv human being ought to
baAC a Home not merely a shelter
for the night, but a habitation of I Let it be clearly understood that,
his own in which he is content tojso far at least as the south is eon-
live and resigned to die. Crime is !
the fruit of homelessness of the
thousands who crowd our State
prisons, not even hundreds owned
house or farm Avhen they sank into
felony. If every family in this
country oAvned its home, the num
ber annually graduated through
idleness and vice into out-right,
flagrant villainy would be rapidly i
ana permanently umiimsiKu,
e urge no one who has steady,
assured employment, and is doing j
well, to seek a hcav field of exer-j
tion. To such, Ave Avouldonly say:
Jle.solce to serve apcirt uio'jfrts-:
tut income jo 7 the ceil days that
must surely come. If you have no
home and cannot yet atforel to buy
one, put a part of your current
earnings into a savings bank, or
into Government bonds, or into
some form of security that may be
converted into the home that you
are sure to need, and at no distant
day. Cling to the eitv, if vou will,
Avhile trade prospers and Avork
abounds, but keep ever in mind
the instability of fortune ami re
solve to be soon settled for life in
your own chosen home!
But every city has its hundreds,
erery great city its thousands, avIio
are not truly thriving avIio have
some hundreds if not thousands
ahead, yet can no longer increase
their hoard, because their families
have groAvn faster than their in
comes, or because expenses have
increased faster than their earnings.
These have nothing to gain by
clinging desperately to paA ements ;
in fact, man a' of them grow" old
anel infirm, and cannot earn as ther
once did. Many an artisan or
small trader could take -5,000 out
of the city Avith his family next
spring avIio, should he remain here,
will not be able to do it thereafter.
To all such, Ave most earnestly saA",
strike at once for the open coun
try ! Land is cheaper uoav than
almost aiiA'thing else; it Avill bo
dearer ten A ears hence.
Go south j
go Avest go into the heart of
our own noble State go whither
soever vou will, so that the roof
over your head, Avith some acres
of adjacent land, shall thenceforth
be yours so that your Avife and
children may rejoice in the secure
possession of a home.
Bight Avell do Ave knoAV that he
Avho migrates to the country
braA'es many rebuffs and disap
pointments that he will betempt
eel to cripple himself at the outset
by buying more land than he
should, so as to cripple him for
years that he will lie discouraged
by the necessity of buying animals,
implements, food, seed, Ac, by
blighted crops and sickness in his
family. No man ever vet entered
upon a ucav career Avithont making
frequent miscalculations and seeing
many dark hours. But the pioneer
deans Avisdorn from each diseoA"-
ereel mistake, each
ru ggee
experience, and is cheered by the
consciousness .that lie is on the
high roael to independence for his
children and their children. Of
those Avho embark in trade, a large
majority fail ; Avhile of those sons
avIio really try to thrive by pro
ductive labor, by far the larger
number succeed. The".: gains mar
seem meager, but th' y are sure ;
anel each day's resolute effort fits
them to achieve a better result on
the morrow.
Much is said of the desirability
of inducing a large emigration
from Europe, to Avhieh Ave make
no objection ; but there is better
Avork nearer home. If one million
persons could this year be drawn
out of our cities and settled on the
new lands of the Avest or the dilap
idated plantations of the south, the
consequent enhancement of our
national prosperity Avould be in
calculable. 1 here Avould be pco
pie enough left in the cities to do
all the needed work, while those
who left us Avould add immensely
to our annual product of material
Avealth. This country Avould be
A astly richer and more prosperous
if the surplus population of her
cities could be gradually diffused
over her waste places and her not
ret half-tilled farms. Gorern
ments can do little to promote and
accelerate such diffusion, ret seA--eral
States luiA e entered systemati
cally upon the Avork of making
known the fertility and cheapness
of their ret unoccupied lands, the
excellence of their climate, timber,
water-power, &c., respectively,
with intent to attract immigration.
If onlr as an earnest of the avcT
! come which-immigrant " -re like ly
1 Vg" V: gs--
10, 27.
to meet, this action has decided
ralue; and the information that
these State agencies collect and dis
seminate must prove useful to
j tnousanels.
eerned, there is no present demand
for unskilled labor. In each of
the Southern States, there is more
labor already than demand for or
rather more than there are means
to pay. The south did Avell in
1S0S ; but she is still poor, and hef
landholders are generally in debt.
canning or planting to profit in-
volves the power to command la-
lor when ivis needed jand he who
would command labor must ha-ts
cash to pay for it. A planter in
debt to his hands for a half a rear's
Avork is too much at their mercy;
his help is likely to desert him just
Avhen his need of it is the greatest.
The south needs more capital be
fore she can give satisfactory em
ployment to more labor. Bet nom
there fore, o thither empty-handed ;
in quest of employment, for he is
morallr sure to be disappointed.
It is different in the Par llcsr,
Avhere farm labor is likely to be in
eager demand from the first hour
in which a ploAV can be run to ad
vantage, and Avhere it Avill com
mand high Avagcs during the Sum
mer harvest ; but the south wants
immigrants with means, and does
not invite others, lie who is pre
pared to pay cash for lands can
buy them in the south for less
money than the improvements -cost
often, for less than the cash
value of their timber at this hour.
' .Again we urge eery one who
lias means to buy the spot Avhieh
he may choose as his future home
to select and buy it now, though
he should not take possession for
years. Choose deliberately, but
make sure of a refuge from misfor
tune and a harbor for old age and
The Brooklyn X. Y. Eagle con
tains a report of a coroner's inquest
on the body of Mrs. Sarah E. Far
rand, of Brooklyn, who died of in
i uiies received by the explosion of
a kerosene lamp. Itwas generally
supposed from the circumstances
of the case that the explosion was
caused br the kerosene being of a
higher proof than that alloAved to
be sold by hnr, and the coroner
kept a quantity of the fluid to
make an examination. On testing
a sample of the oil, hoAvever, he
found that such Avas not the case.
Thisledtoan examination of the
lamp, and there the cause of the
explosion " Avas discovereel. The '
lam) itself Avas properly construct
ed, but through carelessness the
ventages for the escape of the va--por
generated by combustion were
stopped up Avith dirt, Avhile the
Aviek used Avas too small for the tube;1:,
and the gas found vent through1
the tube coming in direct conflict"
Avith the flame, and the explosions
Avas the result. Persons using ker
osene lamps should look to this
see that the lamps are kept clean j
and the ventages for the escape of
vapor are open; also that the wick
fits the tube closely, so as to permit
no direct communication betAveen
the flame, and the oil in the lamp...
A tall Eastern girl, named'
Short, loved a certain big Mr.. Lit
tie; while Little, little thinking
of Short, loved a littc lass named!
Long. To make a ong story short;.
Little proposed to Long, and Short:
longed to be even with LittleV
shortcomings. So Short, meeting-.
Long, threatened to marry Little
belore Long, which caused Littlb
in a short time to marry Long;
Query Did short love big Little
less, because Little loved
Xails in the Foot. To get re
lief ii 'om the terrible effects of run
ning a nail in the foot of a man or
horse, take peach leaves, bruise
j them, apply to the Avouud, confine
with bandage, and the cure is as if
yY magic. KeneAV the -application
twice a daif necessary, but one
application generally does the work.
Both man and horse have, in a few
hours, ay hen apparently on the
point of having the lockjaAV, beeu
Speaking about the bed quilts
of colors and innumerable pieces
which take prizes at agricutural
fairs, "Aunt Lucy" says in the Mu
ral Ncic Yorker, "I have lived for-tA'-six
rears and brought up six
children, and have never yet found
time to bur calico and cut it into
little pieces, half an inch square,
for the purpose of sewing them to
gether again, just to see how many
I eold make of it.
. if'