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    -he Itktkln (Enterprise. I ry
' ! so
Oregon City, Oregon ,
May 3, 1869.
j properly, but if they neglect their duties
It is probable that no one will deny the! jn this matter, they have" no ground of
assertion, that, next to religious institn-j complaint against others who haveauthor
tions, those ot education .should occupy j i;y t0 i0 what they themselves leave nn
the highest place in the interests of the i tionc. Another duty which parents owe,
community. Those founders of States. not only to their children, but to those
who may with any degree of propriety be j w,om they employ as teachers, is that of
regarded as wise, have made provision, in j visiting the school-room. If this was
the beginning, for both the religious and : f.,5 mily performed, many of the coin-f-ccular
instruction of their children. Fol- j plaints now made would be seen to be
lowing the example of the Puritans, wher- groundless. Then we say to the parents
ever, in this country, new sections of ter- cf this city, if you wish to make the Sem
ritory have been occupied, under the aus-j imiry v-fxt ;t Should be, and sustain it in
pices, of freedom, and .uo3ejuenf!y organ
ized into States, it has been the first care
of the people to guard those interests upon
which the stability of the State must re.-t,
a ml erect the church and th? schoo!-houe.
side by side. Ar.d the people of this State
have not been negligent in this thing.
Notwithstanding a variety of adverse in
fluences, there have been those who have
lelt a deep interest in, and have labored
faithfully to promote, the educational in
stitutions of the State. How far they have
been successful every man is witness.
Much remains to be done, to secure the
perfection of our School Laws. This may
be said of older Slates, hence no censure
of past legislation is implied
Fortunately ior the citiz-ns of this eitv. i
they have secured the right to legislate
for themselves in school alfairs. and hence
are not comnellea to await the tardy ac
tion of legislative bodies. Willi this pow
er in their hands, ard stimulated u effort
by men who feel the worth of education,
they have been gradually advancing the
grade of their public school-;, until in con
sideration of the recent act of the City
Council, it may be safely said, that there
are no public schools in the State, which
oiler greater advantages for securing a fon,nva statement of facts concerning the
thorough common school education, and j V:ljlroatl controversy in Washington, be
preparing students for College, than those j lww.n l!ie Oregon Central Railroad Com
of this city. In proof of this, we learn j puny ritvl lhe West Side Railroad Com
from the highest authority that pupils pauy of Oregon.
coming into the City Seminary, bringing j ---
ceriilieales of honor from the public schools Thc Oregon Herald sneers at the feel
f iwn-.n,- ,ui msj ,v.,r,-,bv,tt.M! ! i"S sentiments which lion. J. II. Mitchell
J l A. Ul UUOU, .VUivl J 1 - 7 -1 ..VillilUI.U lO.(..
for equal rank here. V"e are not among
those who believe that our schools have
reached a state of perfection, and that no
more can be done. We believe that very
much remains to be done. 1'ut when we
con&ider what has been accomplished dur
ing the last two or three Years. m;d:r the
of tin
nporintendent una j
Principal, we find much encouragement.
The lines have been distinellv drawn be-
tween the different departments
pupils are not allowed as formerly to pass
from one department to another, as they
chance to be pleased with the teacher.
One great object has been secured, when
the children have been taught their places
and made to keep them. A toirit of em
ulation has been awakened, by a course
of rigorous examinations, with certiiieates
of honor for those who are successful, and
in due time graduating cards, by the au
thority; and under the seal of, the city.
Those who have attended the examina
tions at the close of each of the last two
qiiar'es, testify to the interest awa-
kened by them- an interest which could
not have been felt without them. We are
well aware that some complaints have
been made in regard to the general man -
agement of the school. It has
that there are loo many pupils lor the !
number of teachers. Hut every teacher j
of experience knows that in a properly
graded school, til'ty scholars can be taught !
as well as thirty. It is said that large
numbers are deprived of the privilege of j
attending school, through lack of aceom i
raodation in the school-rooms. Pat the ;
recent acted the Council, the provisions!
ot which are to be carried out. as soon as j
they consistently can be, removes ihis
difficulty. Besides, if these children, who
cau find no place in the school rooms had
been scat to school, as ihey ought to have
been, there cm a bo no doubt but that pro
vision would have been in ado for them
tis soou as its necessity lu'e:uno apporent.
Farlher than this, wo d mbt it tho sch"l
sirs have become so regular in their atten
dance empty benches cannot be. found
almost anv day in tho s. hooi-room.
in !:! rd to tht disfitdhi. r.V il. c.-.l..
wo do not say that it is perfect, or tho.t it
Is it not as good
view of tho tkv
could be expected, in
an ces ii
h;ch the
children are placed outside cf the ?cho;d
vooin :
are two or th:v
which a toiicher will soon loan, lot
bo placed in any cot:niiu:uty. Aid tl;i
first is, that clnhhva that receive Utile ox
no use;pline at homo.
re tho t::o?t in-
behaved at
.cond is ibat
those parents who have liitlo or no control
... .... . .
over their own children, arc very quick
to resent tho interk-rence- of others. And
the third is. that those who know tho
iiul; oi iir.r w
and cot for physical discipline. It Is true
crcir.K,ta..c.i recJr the litter a r?c:'?s-
. . , ... , i ?-iaiv.'art hi'irv bnO vv-iil.-.n- ntt i . 1 1 T ? .
uuoiu inc scuooi arc generally tao ... r. ..." , " . . " ,i coi tbot d, -!,-.o, ',-. ;,, ! t ir. . a - .. A iboesdl lie
loudest in ib-lr comnlrn Now v.eiro- i 11 . Y, , "n:sn 1S l'. .V- I i Lul, UUiiU 1 " V 5C1'"irel u -,re ct,t tiemt,mc.
, . ; , ' mp,t: V puncipal gro-.vt!. Uak uoes.n..t gro- ,a ; ivOlt 1V Air. Miller 111 tlie Firmer purpose. We learn that the wo- ' pmperlv verihed, at lhe oili e of .L.hnson &
test acatnst the ib:i wmeh manv seer.i t: th ne;-i hm- n.n ! t ...... !.... . . . 1 . .. . a . . 1 1 . . .... 1 t. A ..... -.:... ,
, .. , , , ". v ; ' , " ls ;1 xwrY .-you -k j in1 tn? win- man leaves two or throe children :tt 'i. inoT., -an, u acKamas vm,n
chensu, that a gchooi-non.-.c s a liouse ci 'i,K,t aa o-'t'ni e tiact ct tuner laia. cov- ; t... l A., i at t i , tv, within six niontas lioui tae date cf t n
Correction nnd tin a te-der m,-t -vn VV"X wl!h !;,: that would ! 11 'V dm a-j home. 3h-.LlU.ler, warns people -,,.. Ihoeindbted to said date, are
. (; ,. ' , ' " '. . m:;;c c. supei ior article of lumber lor lur- 1 tlonv at least : lor lie totind everv- i not to trust or harlior his wife on to uiakj icciuediate pavtnent.
xac pari m a i i,aco Ouieer. ttur i-sf.m- m;Urc. I thinrr in that iv ion frozen r.lid ! o,.,, 1T A,,, .,,1 7.; ! F. O. McCO'.VV
: t - , : -v " ii..- uv . vum. av k ? u l j. v. v. l i i I ri
, - -
comi-an----cnt r foiraer-and
lav as it is necessary, the real objects t
try. the real objects to
be gained ia attendance upon our schocls
are defeated. Parents should remember,
that although they may live in their own
homes, without exercising but little re-
St mint over their children, vet v. hen forty
or fifty children are brought together in a j
school rocm, they must be subjected to
the most rigid discipline or nothing .of
i worth can be accomplished. Besides, they
I should remember, that the common law.
i if not the statute law, recognizes the fact,
that when they commit their children to
j the care of a teacher, they virtually dele
gate to that teacher for the time being pa
rental authority. If. therefore, they would
keep the discipline of their children in
their own hands, they must exercise it
that position, you must do this in the most
effective way, by properly training your
children, interesting yourselves in the
progress which they make in their studies
both at home and in the school-room, and
then if you feel that you have just cau-e
for complaint, go to your teacher, as you
would to your servant and seek a remedy
in the most reasonable way, and not go
about uttering indiscriminate censure con
cerning matters of which you know noth
ing at all.
The litrald publishes two columns or
more of telegraphic news concerning the
Dana and Young'" affair, and then apolo
gizes to its readers for occupying so much
ace in tlie fosnre of Radical raseali
ty. One ot two things is apparent, eith
er our friend of the JLahl is afraid that
ins puiiv win uiscover mat u is losing uie ;
monopoly of rascality, or that there will
be a great deflection from its ranks.
-rC -
Mr. IVngra and .Mr. Henderson both
called upon the Yreka Journal while in
that place on their route home. It seems,
from an account of the conversation with
Mr. Pengra that he was consider.! blv con
fused. Mr. Henderson crave a straight
ex pressed, see another column, whilst he
stood a solitary mourner at the grave of
a loved brother upon the heigh 's of Arling
ton hitely. It is not expected that a man
like Sylvester Pennoyer, whose very
heart is bl.ifk witn the dern d lem-itirm of
foul treason, can appreciate the feelings
of a man in such a position, or have the
least sympathy in common with the
and relatives of our Nation's llon-
ored Dead.
An excessively happy couple passed
through this city on Siyidoy last, in search
of some congenial clime in which to spend
their remaining days. This is all proper
enough in a general way. but the story
we hear told of this couple leads us to
fear that the happiness they seek will not
be found ti'l they reach some spot, where
they can bury the recollection of those
they left behind" them. The story is as
bllows : A young woman of prepossessing came aboard of one of the
P. T. Co."s boa's at an up river town, and
procure ! a ticket, to Portland. When th..'
boat arrived at Salem she was visited by
a well dressed gentleman who lived in
j the same neighborhood with her. Soon
; afterward4 she left the boat and preeeed-
e l to
note! in Salem, and secured a seat
in the stage. A former neighbor of hers,
happening to be present when the stage
started, was surprised to see the husband
of another woman take his seat beside her.
ami asked bun if lie wished to send any
message to his family. Xo. keep your
d mouth shut '. " was the reply. As she
leave.?, a husband, and he a wife, in the
same neighborhood, the affair might be
settled amicably before it gets into the
'!M,(1 -vyv,!,,, vllo'- '.ffov.!
it.o Acii.tiem iiic .mom
some fine locations fur permanent
settlers. We have before called
attention to this region, but per
haps it may not be in vain to quote
tne LonowinLT, irom tne
i it
from fln I i
A friend lias called our attention to the
! Xehrilem Vallwv. drained bv n small rivor
. . ... . - .
dv tiuit name, which rises in tip cont
tmit name, which rises in
I range and runs westwardly into the Pa-
. cute ocean. 1 lie nut h o
ic river
noout tortv nuu
it ueiow .vsioria. iiii'iiu
the head .f the s-reaio is but t venty-five
miles south of tli i! ci! v. There are two
vai.eys t
eorge or eat
i' river, separated by a deep
o!i. tiirouau wir.e'i t'.e river
a . run-.
lOd !,,.-,,, v-'iUi.v i :i!r...nv Ml, .. !
"-v iau
1 1. '
nigh there is room
mmv more
The upper vallov ha
1. It is -stimated that
two Imitdrod
auiilii's could be acconimo-
, satoi wio: hemes ;n tho v alio v. In some
; pl:;Cl " .';ie UT:, h)nd U not n:oTV t!l in a
mdo wide, win'e m others ii i-ten miles
: ,
otsi mountain to mountain.
' vepresouted as being very fertile. In th.-
; l ''er valley the land is covered with the
neitrhnor to
Prof. Grob lias decided to re
0 " I
A Xoltner Esq., formerly of 1
thfe Ilevietc, is now Loakilitems on i a
the Herald.
Californians arc driving thou
sands of Oreg'on sheep into that
State and Nevada.
The Unionist office is acrain
advertised to be sold at public
sale by the Sheriff.
The Albany Feflster is in fa
vor of a State Publisher's Associa
tion. And so are we.
The Portland Philharmonic
Society will tnve another concert
on the evening of the 14th.
The Commercial is now pub
lished by an association, with M.
KrLauden as business manager.
The fare from Sacramento to
New "York is now less than 8200
in coin overland in ten days.
Capt. Kellogg paid $3000 in
greenbacks for the Wenaf. Many
of the creditors are out and in
j ured.
The new brick sash, blind
and door factory of J. P.Walker, is
one of the most creditable buildings
in the State.
The Unionist and the 'Farmer
are engaged in discussing the ques-
tion, whether a dog without a tail
can swim.
Lane county divorced 12
couples at one sitting of the Cir
cuit Court. Heavy business, this
divorcing is getting to be in Ore-
The Eugene Democratic, pa
per tells of a 3fr. Prior up there
who is selling Seymour and Blair
Charts, cheap.
The wheat on board of the
steamer Ann was but little injur
ed by her Mnking. It has been
dried and sold" for feed.
Hon J. S. Smith has been ly
ing very dangerously ill in Wash
ington. At last accounts he was
slowly recovering.
ft. vJ
Messrs Carson & Porter are
about to commence operations in
their new sash, blind, and door
factory in Portland.
Hon. J. II. Mitchell left San
Francisco for Portland, overland,
on the third hist. We may ex
pect to see him in this city to-day.
T)r. Wilson Bowlby has re
turned to Oregon, prepared to en
ter upon the duties of the office of
Internal Kevenue Collector for
The new custom flouring mill
of Jdr. 31. S. McLeran, one of the
best millers in the State, is now
about ready to be dedicated in
The Albany fire engine old
No. 10, ol the Volunteer Depart
ment, of San Francisco, has reach
ed its destination. It arrived in
Portland by the Whistler.
The municipal corporation of
the Capital have coin enough on
hand to pay all of its outstanding
warrants in cash; at par but that
corporation have no water Avorks.
Ezra St. John lias received a
commission as superintendent of
construction of the IJ. S. buildings
to be erected in Portland. L. 11.
Wakefield is appointed disbursing
Alex. Campbell, late of Port
land, is now in White Pine, lie
says lie is satisfied with the region,
and gives it as his opinion that
any man who Avill work, can do
well there. That is the only condi
tion to success anywhere in Oregon
An Albany cot ennporary thinks
that our citizens ought not to
grumble about, hard times while
money is poured into their coffers
for their cattle, horses, sheep, tte.,
at fair living prices.
Two men have been arrested on
ph'i of entering the store of
, T1 A ,
Jlihvain. at Portland, on Saturday j they found a piece of wild pars
nitrlit. The sale was robbed of ! inn' in LaYId's nocket. wliicli at
j 1,750 in coin, and papers valued
at 0,000. The keys were taken
from a table at the reisdence of
the clerk;
Pro. Carter of trie Gazette,
says he don't scare worth a cent,
when a rum-crazed, besotted wreck.
I.. . I . 11 I..
w nose oeat-uai con unci Ji.'iu i.'een
j n(t iced in the last issue of the (7n
1 z-it( made some hostile demonstra-
i tions toward him on the street.
The iurv failed to a'rree in the
case ot the Lugene C lty tiemf,
So O'llOIl I jHIK iei'S. .OCCllSei 1 OT lllrll-
I ncr the house of a neiirhbor
ivit even ' with nan in tlio i mm
. - . . . ..
of which a mother, and two chil- 1,1 ,,loul uie
.Iron perished. Another evidence ! V to -git! 1 hey came
of the- uncertainties of law. J1 own L d reni?1Ilt;(l u day or
i two at the Lmpire iicstaurant'dn-
Mr. J. W. Huntington, pro-1 ring which time Reid purchased a
prictor of the Anericni Unionist A wow suit of clothes, doubtless ap
wlio vcas at C4oose Lake last Xo-! propiatincr some of the liberal hus-
. ! hi"s horses bavin- strayed over to
.iih.!,,., :a.,.,.i :., !. ii... .
; an iaau in uie: lasvi.-, upu me icc.
Tvn'l--- h
We take the following telegraphic news
from dispatches to the Oregon utn.
Sumners speech creates intense
excitement in political circles. At
Cabinet meet
meeting yesterday the
subject of the speech was infor
mally discussed.
The total amount of the pub
lic debt, less the amount of cash
in the Treasury, is 1,518,797,391.
It lias decreased during the last
month 6,299,070.
The steamer America was
burned April 11th, at Port of San
Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. She
was bound to Panama from San
Francisco and had stopped for coal.
It is understood that the Pres
ident has notified Consel Prink, in
reply to the dispatch from General
Posecrans, that this Government
is not anxious for the acquisition of
territory Avhere it involves the ex
penditure of money.
Inistructions have been sent
to Commodore Phillibert, com
manding the Pritish West India
squadron, to demand from the
Spanish authorities in Cuba the res
toration of the brig Jfori Lotcdl,
with an apology for the seizure.
The llichmond Soufi'-m Opin
ion announced on Saturday its last
publication. The editor says that
11. A 1. '.1.4- 4-1.,.
f-li(; n;ls 1u . """
1 J 1 U17 111 -Ti ll , ,UV-
nuiined. lie .uiu: uie- uimiiivl
Southern principles upon which
the paper was founded, are dead
in the hearts of the people. An
other fact Avliich we cannot but re
cognize, is : that no cause, however
just or good,can long outlive defeat.
An English cable special gives
an abstract of the comments of the
Lomlon press on Senator Sumner's
speech. The itar, John Plight's
organ, says the claims of .Mr.
Sumner are so new and startling,
and so vaguely put that they must
be regarded smiply as enormous,
and withal unexpected, if they
cover merely a shadow of the in
struction to .Minister IMotley, who
w ill come to the English metropo
lis in a very different official guise
from that under which Minister
Johnson arrived.
Ex-Councilman Burch of Port
land, returned by the Aja.x from
old Indiana. He traversed the dis
tance between Chicago and Sacra
mento in one and a half hours Its
than S days, only :J5 miles of
which was by stage.
The intelligence of the dis
covery of rich gold-hearing quartz
in the new Territory of Alaska,
comes in a sufficient authenticated
lite Valuable dlSCOVerV Was
ip.ale at Cook's Inlet,
out 00
miles north of Kodiah.
The Polk count y Times succeeds
the Si'j.naL It. is intensely Demo
cratic, but presents a neat Appear
ance. F. IJ. Stuart, late of the
Umatilla Pre-, is proprietor. Iro.
Upton Avill retire to the shades of
White Pine.
P. I). Hull, of Jacksonville, a
practical printer, has purchased a
controlling interest in the press and
material of the late Jlereille, and
will resume tlie publication of a
Democratic journal at that place.
Jas. I). Fay editor.
The Yreka .Tonrnal mentions
that two men one an old gentle
man named Ladd, from Ashland,
Oregon, and another from Willam
ette Valley, had gone out to Goose
Lake for the purpose of locating
land, and shortly after arriving
there, or about three weeks ago,
had gone out on a hunting expedi
tion. Their not returning at night
caused Ladd's son to feel some
what alarmed, when a party was
raised next day to go in search.
After scouring the country for four
days they found tlie two men ly
ing close together, and both dead.
Xo marks of violence were to be
seen, and one had laid his gun down
and covered it with his coat. Up-
j on searching: their pockets however
., ,. . i
j once satisfied them that Voth had
become huncrrv and eat of this root.
which looked like wild celery, and
is deadly poison. The bodies were
then taken to the vicinity of the
settlement in the valley and buried.
Good Riddance. Mr. Linder,
of rou"nsville,diseovord his wife
in the act of attempting to elope,
last Saturday, with a voting man
named J. S. lieid; and iindimr, uj
v i ;..,,:,.,. ti,t i, ;.i
i , ? , .t, t( .
. .ll . . -.'4 " '
i coolv hitnded his faithless -Trow"
i u r r I
to defray her
i " '
,..-. ,-,a ... i ill .
' loss as deenlv as didMenelaus when
1 . - ,T . 1 - ,- , , ,
i jair lie leu "skedaddled," wnn !
Paris -
:i ir -r;
The last number of the larmer
thus illustrates the good effects of
railroads upon agriculture: . Very
lar-e amounts of farm products
are hauled from the upper portion
of the Willamette Valley to Port
land. Say that it takes a farmer,
livincr within ten miles of Eugene
Citv eiaht daysto make the round
trip to Portland and back, with a
load of three thousand pounds.
Ten men in charge of a railroad
freight train would deliver one
hundred times that amount, or one
hundred and iifty tons at each end
of that route within one day, and
that from day to day, that is, the
ten men's labor, combined with
railroad faclties, would move as
much freight between Portland
and Eugene City, as could eight
hundred men and sixteen hundred
good work horses. Here is the
saving of the time and strength
ot all those men and horses at
least seven days out of each eight
that it world take them to move
the farm products of the country
over the distance mentioned.
Say that the farmer markets his
crop by railroad at a saving often
cents on each bushel of wheat, this
would be equivalent to an enhance
ment of the profits upon his crop to
the amount of two dollars per acre
of 20 bushels per acre, and that is
equal to a rise of -sK'per acre upon
land that will yield an average of
20 bushels per acre, besides leav
ing hint seven davs out of the
eight to prepare for another crop
that is as certain to yield him a
greater profit as that it costs him
less to get it to market.
Prof. Veatch has just returned
from Albany, near which place he
has examined a coal oil spring,
and has found the oil to exist, but
whether in quantities sufficient to
pay for working in this country
is undetermined. Every outward
indication is favorable.
Madame Lambert, one of tlie
famous Marsailies prisoners, com
mitted suicide on the eve of her
departure for the penal colonies in
New Caledonia.
The Sacramento Union, some
time ago took out a license to talk
nonsense, and it is bound to carry
on the business, vigorously.
Cri:FTo tiik Ladies. Levy lias
a tine lot of Work-basKet-j, IMling pins,
Washing Powders, and Toilet m tides for
Ya!.l AKi.K Land fk Salic Chi-ap
We know of -IS act es of good lands fur
sale in this county, being the hind claim of
I J. L. Stout, in is known as IheRingold
I rv-ttlement. It will be sol i i i lots to uit
I purchasers, on very fair terms. Tins land
' is only iJ, n-iie I rout oregm city, r r
i turther infurma inn a; ply t N. W. Kandall,
ot this city, or o! J. f. simil, L nitv, bakei s
l!av, W. T.. or of A; drew Stout, in the above,
mentioned settlement. 111:1V
" l.v Tim k of Pi:acf. Pi: ware for
Wau." So get a bottle of Dr. Cooper's
Magnetic Palm, ai uueiiualed prej)arat mi
for Dysentery, Diarrlnra and Cramit. The
instantaneous relief of JLiurns, Uruiaes and
Spi ains.
Eletuo Silicon. '1'itis cjv ions and
valuable substance i conf:de:i"ly claimed to
be the bf-t, article ever chscoveied for
clei'tiing and polishing Cold, Silver an 1
!'.;.icd Ware, and all smooth metallic sur
!':,; -, tf wii;itevi i- desei 'ption. including
kitchen utensils cf tin, copper, brass, steel,
Nor a M'bjkct of Do cut. That
Newell's Plumonary Syrup is tlie most ef
f ctive and never f d ing rcui'-dy fur alfec
tions of the tin oat and lungs.
Sew AdverlisemerJs.
Cdd Feli&v's Hall Association.
Asse.-str.ent of Twenty per cent, pavable on
or be'ore the First, day oi dune, IsdO, ;.t the
ofli e of the S cretarv was levied upon tle
HALL AFSOI lATlON. by the Hoard of
Directors at their meeting on the 1st day of
X. W. KANDALL, PrciJmt
F. 0. M'Cown, Si cretiti-y. 2 ! 4t.
Wool ! Wool ! ! Wool ! ! !
J. Myers & Brother, under the Court House,
Oreg oi City, will p:iy trie highest pri -es nil
ing ,r Wool. A iarge tpiant'uv is wanted,
2 fa in street, one door Forth of the
Lincoln Bakery Oregon City.
B. F. I?ewnian, Proprietor.
Tlie projuiet"!- is now prepared to lurnidi
the public with Ice-Cream win in ver the
weather w II permit, al-o Soda, Sat saparilia,
etc . constantly "ii ham'.
Pic-Xic parties, a d excursions supplied,
and attended n sh ut n tice. ('2.).ti
Q Til A YE I).
(O From this city, a medium sized
iiEl) COW, marked by an nudi-r a- d an over
Cf p out cd' each ear. Any person leavi ig
inioi niatidu at he Woob-n M ills in city
w'uic'i will lead to her recover;, will be suit
ably tcwaidcd bv ti.e owner,
April J7th, iSi'.. -r,At
Nu. ice is ht rebv iven. that the
Ui.d'-rs'gm d lias beei appointed Ad minis-
r.itnr w i th the W d; annexed, d the estate
of John l,i!ig, deceased, and having filed
nv tioml. and it havi- g i eea approved)" there
i-son having claim
! M:,v,h A v0' 1 a:''''.. ,1
" -.
Bet. Stark and Washington.
Dealers i7i
Fancy find Toilet Articles,
Fine Wines, Bra ndies, and Whiskies,
Fur Medicinal Purposes.
Brushes and Fcrfumciics,
Of the La thL Styles and
Finest Qualities.
Cooking Extracts,- Essential Oils,
Herbs, etc., etc.,
And an Assortment of all Popular
JPsateiai Meliciiaes.
Everything Fept in a
First Class Drugstore
At Greatly Reduced Prices !
So nth i riff Syrup 25 Cen ts .
Citrate Mcyneaia 25 Cents.
Jjroivn's Bronchial Troches 25 Cents.
And Other Articles in Proportion.
Fi3etlical and Surgical Aid
Physician 's Prescriptions Carp fully
Compounded ', undrr the Special
Supervision of
SUUfiEOX. Okk( n.
OFFJCtJVo Front strett Residence cor-
ner nf Main and Seventh streets.
Dealer in
Dry Gocids and Clothing,
110 Front Street (In Whites New Block,)
sive s.ocli
.ock Goods in the above line, and
:4 a
Plain and Changeable Dress Silks;
Silk and Wool Poplins;
AllWool Pojilins and Tartan Plaids;
and a lare variety of other Dress Goods.
Gents' and Boys' Custom-mads
and Ladics'and Gents' Under Wear and
Furnishing Goods, which buyers
ere invited to call and inspect,
New Stock of Boots and Shoes
Best Kelt ct im iu the City!
Comprising all tbe leading and bestbrand.
kiiim n, such as lienkert' Tirrell's, Fung's
Ilouiihton it Coolil'e's. Reed's, (iodfiev'.-
and numerous others, of ire tits' anddjov."J
wear. ;!so .lilies, oieoeiii ti s, JJurt s.
San Francisco and custom-made ladies auu
childreu's wear.
Our customers and the public in general
are invited to call and examine our stock,
which wc will sell cheaper than ever.
J. S. - Hoots made to order, and an assort
ment of our make constantlv on baud.
Philadelphia Boot, and Shoe. Store
W-j. Fiont Street, opposite Bumum Bros..
I'oi thtnd, Oregon.
In Large Quantities can It Found
S. W.' corner of Morrison and Front
streets. Portland, Oregon.
Also Caps of every style, and Boys' ar.d
dil ls' Huts iii liirfG vjiritil??. G!VC tfs a c:dl
and examine. ?
A. M. Hici&sii'rfsoiP '
Corner of Front and O-ik streets, Portia
Of Real Estate. Groceries, General Merely
disc and Horses, a' '
Every Wednesday and Saturday I
A. B. Riciiakdsox, Auction
English refined JJar and Bundle Iron
English Square and Octagon Cast steel f
Horse shoes. Files, liasps saws; ' f
Screws, Fry-pans, sheet iron, 11. G. Iron 1
also : ' I
A large assortment of Groceries andLiquor.
A. B. .Richardson, Auctioneer, ,
M v UAat
Forwarding Merchants,
JL Hawaiian and Oi egon Packet Lines. ' :
Importers of San Qnentin and Carmen 5
Island Salt, Sandwich Island Sugars, Co the
Rice, and Pulu. ' ;?
Agents for Provost's & Co. a Preserved I
Fruits, Vegetables, Tickles and Vinegar.
Dealers in Hour, G rair , Bacon, Larf K1
Friut. Lime, Cement and Plaster. f :j
Will attend to the Purchase, Sale or SI if;,.,
me nt of Merchandise or Produce in New '
York, San Francisco, Honolulu, or Portland
Nos Hu4 and "Ui California Street,
San Franciice
It; North Front Street, Portland.
Dr. Js H. HATCH,
I. ate IS lack 1 latch', c
Tlie patronage of tfioge desiring First da'
Operations, is respectfully solicited.
Satisfaction in all cases guaranteed.
N. IJ. Xitrous O.ryJe administered for the
Painless Extraction of Teeth.
Office Corner of Washington andFrca
streets, Portland. Entrance on Washint's
U-eoii ( i;y
J AXT.FD f .. , '
tV armors . a.nd others )'.,-.
take notice, that . I am prepared to pun L,n.
all th Wool that oilers, pavinir therefor iL
highest juices . . S. ACKERMAX. -
Oregon City, April 2St!i, 1600. (2 ..:!
a. C. Ciiu:s. c. w. TAKIUSll.
Notary Ptj!,li; and Oan. if
Attorneys and Counselors at Zcwr.
Portland. Ohfgx.
OFFICE On Alder street, in Cartel V
brick block.
lioMi: AGAIN.
....-vrv Dminsr niy 'our of twovenrs
(iiZ"-& 'u the Eastern States 1 hair
ggSJiffiff spared neither lime no:
AJtLOLJLcJ moiiey to make myse'f per
fectly familiar ;.nd master ol mv j.m
fession. Those desiring the best woiktl,:
tlie nature of the case will admit of canl'iii;
me at invoihce, J 07 Front street, twrioor
above Mccormick s Dock Store, I'erthitii!
dr. j. fr ci i: y
A Good Book for Agents.
he Pacific Slope!
A Stat'stical and Descriptive Ramniarr rf
the Mines and Minerals, Cinnatc, T'iai.'- I
rap by, Agricu'ture, Manufactures, and
Commerce of the Tacitic States,
and Territories ; including
Lower ( '"iliforn Mexico, AlaL.a,
utitt Iti tlisli ( olimibia !
Compljte in One Large
Octavo Volume of 874 ip-, Price $
This is the Cheapest Work ever off r
ed in this ina'ket to Subscript. on At-ntc.
and it is connia -t with useful informal'".
Invaluable t Merchants, Farmers, Meclimif'
etc., and is of de p interest to all classes.
1'u Wished bv
H.'lI.IUCROFT & Co.,
4..",w i
Sas FitANCisco, Ci.
W I L , A U E T T E
hirtli TTrMit ?ind 1", stS.,
MSm Portland. Oregon.
7 rf" 5 n "73
1) 13 t,Hm
r- r i i ? rS niiii n r n C.
o v 7 j i rz. r d u i i ucr&
bank of the river, one block north c ?
v.'ouch's Wliar'f. and have facilities for turs.
itig out machinery promptly and tlicient! ;
We have secured the services of Mr. Job
Nation, as Director ol'the Works, whoii'tJ ;
'crience on this coast tor fifteen .years si'
dm a thorough knowledge of the viir:0i:'r
inds of machinery icquired for mining an-;.
Milling purposes. We are prepared to
ute orders for all classes of machinery at--boiler
works, such as
Manufacture and Repair ilarld.ntry of " f
Him, inox snFTTicn work trt y'v
Fra arisen coH and fn i'ht. H7e l-er A' A"
lalC'x Patent (irhnlfr niJ Aaialvi unit
Ihinaar and Steven .- My Aanstina -t
I'i-stvn Fari hi'j, either 'applied to old ot " f
"team cylinders. Quartz Stampers, tfuW'1
lit, if the bust hard iron.
Pioneer Book Bindery
ouegoman nmiAn'SG)
5 AVasliinglon Street,
anv f-Iesired pattern. ..;
PAPERS, Etc., bound in every variety
st vie known to tlie trade. ,
'Orders i'roni the country promptly '
ended to. t
i of .superior oualitv may always 1 t"."'"
At id-:v s.
X F bv Fii-ftii At l-
. . .'C- nn.i