The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, June 09, 1921, Image 2

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    rtI17 nAII V r'T.IT?n'TTPT.',. lee-uin- ol tin- tremendous slump
i i.vpfirt IiuhIiichh, it la r j u 1 1 o certain
tBitutillBhed 1890 The Million. Oru. tll.'ll IllOlO will 1j() il lttr) (.nrrjovor
1'ubilalied Uvcry UwinliiK Except Sunday .. .,.. ,
t,y the Chronicle P..bhM,liiKoo..,mi.yI..o '' . " ,, , , ,.
,.. - ! It Is said lliiit HO percent of tin;
Bull It. Ulflll :iMrttl AIiilitiKT ... ,,,., ui.A.,! ,,.,ln micuilil
In 'In the preparation of revenue anil tu-
i al Ion bills.
Kuttirud In Tim Dullus postofflcu n
ivcond cIkbh mutter.
United Presit him) United News .Hurvlcu
Ucinher of Audit Hiiiciui of Ulluuliitloni
One yuar. In mlvuncti .. -. JS.OO
HI months, in advance 13. UU
One month ... ."U
le your, In Mdviinvo. JS.'JU
Six months, In urivniieu
One inoiitli - . . . ... - M
One year, In ihIvbiiimi . .2.W0
In ordering sIiihirh
crlber should itlivuyn
ks now Hddiupfl.
of MddrfHn,
Klvo old ua
Ailv , f'lr 0'ltrt.
..Illi. i:k
HiihifTlln-ii' In It'" i'IiiuiiIi'Ih iii Kiiur-
ntue.d aerviro. I'loimit mid n-kfnlnr de
livery of uvi-rv Htilinrlli..'s paper Im the
Ini of thi! iilrruliitlnn di'luirtiiHilit. The
Chronicle, furriers ihh ieiulieil to lint
the (iiuiurs on tlm purrh or wherever 111
IlillHtirllK!'' WIhIH',1 'III! p'lMT llellVl'ltlll.
The iipp.iinttiK'iii nl' Ci'.nr.'' I'
Chaiubeilain ; f I'crt ! a p
altlon on the United Stati-n hIiIi plan
board will win ii'-ncral uppiovul
throufiliout I ho west.
Chninbeilaln, for a number of
yearn United Stat a i-.enntor, ionium
out In tho icpulillcan l.Mididlile lam
tall, Ih one ot Oitkoii'm lew i:k n wlio
have reproKotilrd the Klule in Wash
ington to heroine nationally prom
inent. During the v.'.-..-, Im wiih per
hupn tlm moist inipoitaat f U'.uri' In
Congn-afi :ih head or tins roiiiinltle
on military nl lairs.
Mu Iia always been far more
merely Oiocon's iieuator. lie worked
in national intere.slH. .'.nil was al
most as well known in iho oast as
out hero. The hlKKeiit orltleimii thar
his political opponents have had to
offer wan that Gcoiko Chamberlain
did not do HUtllcIoiit work In the
Interests of his own stale, devollnv,
mueh of his time to tin. hiKKur na
tional problems.
llarrlnR .Itnieph N. Teal of l'oil
land, whtwe posit inn on I he hoard
Chamberlain is lalclnji. no man in
Oregon Is more ecu vei-aunt with the
needs of the coast, an part Ic.ilai ly
the Columbia river, in losuid to
bulldint; up the sliipplui; industry.
TIij )ai year ban seen a Htaj;-,'
naiion in tlio American meiclianl!
marine, which attained mich Im 1
tnouoo proporliona dm inn the war,
thul has amounted almost to calas
tiophe. It l:i Bald that "III) of the vessels
owned by tlm I'tilled Slates and
opeiated by the shipping board are
Idle. In tlio meantime lOnland and
other count! Ion, oven liiclutllnu tier
many, have been hitihllne, up their
war depleted llctit, and aro laid
tihovlu;; this country back to tlm
obscuie poult ion in maritime circles
I' Gocupled prior to tli.i war. I
The now slilpi Iiik board iniint
t'olve the pioblem of saving the na
tloii'ij ocean prosiierily. With all tlm
competition in tlio Held, the task
will bo a tremendous one. The coun
try la hamper, d by tin; LalAillelto
Reunion':! act, which makes tlm pmh
lt-lii of employ hit; marine clews
which Ann lean operators, under
pieseut colldlliolitl, hesitate to cope
Cha in lit i la In on the uhippini;
heard, will be ivrlaki to keep the
Interests i.f the I'aciflc coast iilroii!'.
ly l.ofoio th:.t body, llo may even
be able to le'cmiprisli lhat iiilraelo
which lias perpU xud ivorybody, even
iluiiii)'. Hie war dn.':; what to do
with tlio wood n slcainers.
Not lleeln, but whole navies of
them aro tied up to nil in haihors
al! over the world, Scores of hulls
worn not eeu completed, and the
Kin oi anient h;;. not been able to
Hive tlieui away. Tlu wooden ships,
many of which by tlio way were
built In ll.itland hailmr, require
almost u.t heavy power as the hlc
I'.or steel li'.-l.;lileii'., and oil loii;
voyiiKOH lli.'j have to carry so much
Hud that nci.icoly any cai'Ko space
i'i leit. The itMiilt ban been that
i.piiut .i:', hae lost lioavily la usiiii; vt sHt'lr. They have been pa-j
riali, i'huiiiied by nearly every fac
tor in tin murine business world.
Ju.'.l what (icoi'Ko can do with
these white elephants Is not clear.
Hut whoihor or not, If Chamber
lain Is able to inject Home life Into
It is said that lib porccnt
Watco county wlicnt lenuilns
in country stoia;;e, uml If thin aver
iiko Is anyvhei-' near constiint oven
tlio balance -f the northwest, It
neems likely that prices next fall
i'lid winter will continue to drop.
However there aie a number of
optimistic leiid'jnoles Indicating Im
piovement In conditions this fall.
Canadian wheat will be bill red
ft out competition with dcnmstle
wheat by a hlsli larilf. KxchaiiKi!
coutlltlcns In the lCuiojean inariietH
arc belter, anil semi-official i;overn
aient oiCJinl.atlons are working to
iriani;' a system of en tills for for
eli;n buyers in this country which
ii4,ht to create sieatt.1 export tie
Two Da bleu Arrive 'I'wo new
liable; arilved in The Hallo.: yost -day.
liolli are t'.'.lls. The, v.o.o lnnn
to .Mr. antl V.r.t. l-a Davis ol Uiifur,
mil M . iiml .Mr:. I'' of
Watt i man.
Uiuiik Fined $25
",ood tlm '," i, wa :
the i py e.,lerd.iv I v
II was clnirired
ill unit .liu-k I las. lurj),
vn f'.ned $10.
'he p;lcp of a
cn:i. i Ihutrd )
lc !i:: Hettmau
wi'li help;
i companion,
GvIihiiiIih) For Men
lclmol iMvliniiiJui1 i.-i..;.
from 7::tu mil II '.) tonl
only." A nominal chaise id
each will he made to cover
ol hoatlnr; lhi watiM'.
hi op"a
"for nii'ii
I fi CCU t'J
the ivi-.t
Two M.iirl.iue LIcciilc- Tli. ni-.ti
.i:i;;o naciiius miini'iiiairii loir' more
poinoiui in Tue Dalle yos', re
iiultlnc hi tlio HicurliiK .f two llcea
aes to wed fiom County Clerk W U
Cilchlon. They vero recuicd bv Wll
her l.owry 'I'eamie, i', of Klickitat,
anil .Marjorle Helen HiiKhoi, li". ol
l.xln; liny C. Ilrlllaln, 20, of Tyt;h
Valley ami Alma lirlvor, 17. of Waml
New Dancing Pavilion Opens A
banner crowd tunic. I out lad nlslil
for tlm ft.rinal optMilii,1; of tlio new
opi a air dauc.iiK pavilion on Chem
with Kind. The pavlUun. iho conuni
'ion ol which tv.labllidu' I a new hull
hi!; rccortl Icr rpm .1, has a di ncln
floor III bv llil reel, wilh a ral.a'
in- Im' tn i fi in Hp. c,i
tor. Music waR furnlshfil by ltichnrtl
Fined lor Unlawful l.lcainc I!c
aire .Mrs .1. Itowu .itra-po I the o'
Dt rluiilt of usliip; an automobile 1
'collie pmto whl.'-h nlie found, sh
e-leiday paid a ?lu fine in the p
lice court. She was arronlod whe
'iuikI ilriMiiu an automobile wl
lly on - llco'i'it rV'.to. A c'lec1: upe
'ho number showed Ihai she h.itl no
t' the llcnii'o out in her name. Sh
'old the JuiIko that uho had found th
'.l.ttc and iIitIiIi.m! to use It.
American shipping In the Pacific;
II ho aeeiJ that thy Interests hero
lecelvo tlm sainc aiteiiliim as those
In the Atlantic, nccordlni; to the
volutin or biiBlnoHs, he wlU bo a
worlliy repiosentatlvt of the west
on tlm boa id.
That I'liahlont Iianllns appre
ciates the liuporlnuri of western
iihlpphiK may bo dhiceinetl In the
lact that two Pacific coast iiien are
on Iho li .ml, Cliumho lain Is on
Moyer l.lssuor. of l(OH Ai.tploii. I
the olhvr. The area. os aio ropiv
tciittil by :i liuffal.i utuii, . a J ih
tlnll inort hits a M 'Lii i man
hie hi', in.
iv-.ain rrt- Dii o-:
What v III he Iho i ll, ci of II
f.itator Whifllt pitvlucll :: In P.l.'l,
(IM lildl '.t'.i .1 in 111 ' in ' r u ii '
li i or net nuif publlv t! . d. :
Willi thu nop uo iie.i l mad lu
c.l !ut ol the couiilry. It Ih now
Inii'ly certain licit tlio W nIoIiI
uill bo 2).000.00t Ir.iHhels r.realor
than IiipL year, Tlio maiket la ap
Vioacliu a jire-war iuKe level, and
Speak Hcre
lirohli in In
T. Italney, reprt
CoiinreGSinnii to
.loirs of political
city will have an
rar to hear Henry
.cutaiivo in coimroui Irom IlllnoK
who will apeak here under Hie a us
pices of the ICIIlKtni-Whlle ChauUtU
tpia cnnimny. Italney was t'-o rankl.u
inoinboi' of Hie demoerui warn it r
im ana commiiieo tliiriu;; the wa.- an
is universally roconnlKO.1 ub one ol
ho tort mosi men in contrca c--
Friday and Saturday
(l-'ri.m Tin- Cln t.nii'le, Juno !i, IHHii )
The lury in Iho (ar of thn Woll
.welcker lion works ii);. I. I!.
Tall'o bitiiii.'hl In it vi.'itllet tills iiiimi;
Iiik anahiM (he di t'eiiilan! lor $li; r.O
and ?lifi atloinr'.v's reea, Tlm Jury was
made up of the follinvln;; pertains': N.
Whealdon, Paul Kicll, J. il. Cross,
I). P. Tnomas, John I'arifih, A. Sand
rock, Jinn Plal'.ency, J. W. Johns. on,
Hm:h Chri'.inim, H. II. Wrl.or, Jl. '.
IJielzel anil .N. .M. .I.nno.
Colllily Cleik Kel.'.'n lias fdilppo 1
four tons of peas to .Montana, recelv
Im; an avciaKo i.f Tddil per Ion. IP
will have nun' her Ion for shipment
The Woodman, Camp No. M, and
the Cedar (irovo No. IL' Of Ihl'j oily
will Klvti a joint lot; rolllu;; Ibis even
III);. June !l, at Iho Vot opoi-a housi .
Kmgo of Iho' river: Unia'.llla, L'l !i;
feel; Weillilcllee, III feel; I. division,
lS.i;; Tlm Dalles !!li.l.
Judsn lleaii is reelecled Hiipretne
IikIro by a plurality of about lli.OOO.
This Indicates that Ori'Kon Is ntlll a
i t'i mi h I It'll ii stale.
John Finn Dies John Klnn, CI
yoarn old, tiled at tho hospital at S
o'clock la.'-l niKhl, followlnj; an ot
ttntlotl llliH'.'i.i. lie h. survived by
two (laughter:;, Airs. Joe (lelKiir of
thic tdty ami Mrs. Jack Swift of As
toria. Kuneral net vices will bo held
tomorrow afternoon from SI. Peter's
Catholic church, Father P. J.
O'ltoiirko officiating. Iliirial will be In
the Catholic cemetery. The body I1;
at I lie Crandall Undertaking com
pany's chapel,
0.-W. R. & N. Official Here A.
Pucklcy, ijuporinteiulcnt of the flr
tlivlslon ol the O. W. It. N. comprint,
with hoatitpiarl'ir;! lu Portland, arriv
ed Inst nlsht In hla car,
tpontlin.'; the iih;hi hnre, a;ul this
moinlnu loll on a motor rpoetler to 'n
iipuct hlL'h water conJIHoiis to the
cad. Ho o'tppslcri to reach Uinatlll'i
by lonlKht. Ilia ear war. rent up Hit
line on tho local thi.-t inornin;; AV. It.
Di', iniialar ineclia ilc, and .M. C,
William.':, dlvlsloii uiiKlneer, both with
heailtinni iotr, In Port land, are also In
I In tdty on company biiRine.':n.
Motor From Colorado M . ii'id Mrs.
I'M .Miiri hall ;d r.on; Allan, liiu par
enl.T anil brolhar respectively of C. It
y.'ii'-.hal!, general aseni for iho O.-W.
'.. N. romiii'ii bote, arrived In The
Dalit .n to-lay for a ;:h:nt visit. They
diove ovtiland from La.I::nla, C:do.,
I it ir Iioiik, cumin;; by way of Albu
iiieKuo, N. M., l.oa AaL'olea, ati-1 Port
lend. Th-v traveled liUKi' ml'or. v'lh
out ihts aii.oniolnie liavit:;; a puiKjlure,
atid in all tin jnuri.iy the diil not
tinon i, eo Iho inshlt' cf a rayo. They
b f l,aJ"iil:: May their aeiual
iminlnK tune lor the trip bcln;; II
Flood Crcct Apparently Reached
Desplfo the piodlcio:i of tin United
Stales weather bureau that the Co
lumbia river al this point would leauh
a hii;h mark of 43 foot thin week, tin;
river today Rave every Indication of
bavin;; arrived at the flood crust. At
S o'clock Ibis inornAic;, tho official
Rovcininuni reading showed iho river
at II 4 foot, a rhie of only U of a
loot during the lasl 24 hours. The gen
eral belief Is that the waters wPI
start receding tomorrow. During the
larl rise, the river broke Iho dikes pro
tect lug J. II. Koberg's liuck gardens,
near Hood River, resulting lu a loss
estimated at $10,1100.
Mute Boy Cln lined Ar bur Ho lie,
the lit Hi! deaf and dumb bov who ar
ilved In Tho Dalle.t Ttio.iday night
oxi tctlnc to I hid bin parents valtlug
for hiiii. Is today the member of a
happy leunlled family at Diifur. II. li.
lieale, it carpenter at lhat place, yen-
tnriluy evening camo lo The Dalles
anil claimed his son, who was in th"
custody or Juvenile Officer J. II.
Suelloy. Olflclals of the school for
deaf and dumb chlltliea at Vancouver,
W.irh., made the mistake of noiidiiK
I ho boy to this city Tuesday evening
Instead of Wednesday-evening, as the
parents had rctiinsleil, lieale explain
er Tin little lellov.-. got off the train
al this i 1 a I Ititi anil found nobody to
ineol him. Patrolman Janien .MrClnuk
ey look pity oil the Utile boy, led him
and tool; him home lor Iho night.
holes, which wnrn packed villi pow
der. All preparations completed and
the highway cleared of traffic :n bnili
directions, the awltch was pulled
which set off Ihe glgnnllc eharijo-of
powder, a muffled ronr, accompanied
hy a, vibration which shook the
ground around for r.overal hundred
foot, and tho entire top of the rock
hill gfntly lifted several met In the
air ahd anltlud back In franamnnts.
In the entire 3U.0OO yatdn of rock
broken lj the explosion, hardly a
piece renialhcd larger than a foot in
"3ee My Lawyer"
Carlno, Kriday, Saturday.
W.lndow Sale
The Cbngrcgational hatlles'- Aid
will have a window sale of pastr,
cakea and aprons, Corson'f .Music
store, Saturday, June 11, beginning ui
1U o'clock. 10
Mrs. Carlton P. Wllllama antl child
ren motored to Portland today.
.Mrs. Lloyd .Mason of Crass Valley
was shopping In the city en;enlay.
Ceorge Petrolf of
ner.s visitor in the
lloyd v;ar a busl
ctly yeateiday.
(llenn Wilson of Hood Hlvrr ir,
businer.s visitor In ibis city today.
W. J. Jlarrlr of
at tho IJar.l: hotel,
Maupin .in a gurs!
I. Williams of Pendleton Is a visit
or In this nit today.
It. I. Kinney of
at Hotel Dalles.
Shanllto la stayinc
II. C. Hoopur of Antelope is a busl-ne-.s
visiior in The Dalles today.
H. N. (Sul'ifoiil of Wasco U a bus!
ncn visitor In Uiis city today.
Ira Baker or Pendleton is visilin:-'
with friends in Tho Dalltn.
of Paker is a gucat at
u. V. Swifl
Hotel llallon.
W. IC. Dutton
Dallen otday.-
of Wasco b In The
dtalph rtntlor of Dufur'ls reglsterad
at Hotel Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs C. C. Calklnr. of Morn
are visiting with fiiemh in this ctlv
I.. McCoy of Wapinitki is a business
visitor in The Dalles today.
V.' 11. Smith
HoVcl Dalles.
of Wasco la Etaying .11
IJlO Blast
:!li,tluo cubic
blasted Into
at Itowt'-iia,
Ifi.uilil pouuihi
d.Mianiite win
Set Off Ai.p;oxim:iloy
yaid.t i.f noli. I lock wa.i
I1II1; jesterda) aflt union
when a combination of
of black powder and
icl otf. The blast was
1). V. Bolton, of Antelopo Is In this
city today, attending to businer.s mat
te if.. ' ,
made by Ihe I lancer coil';' ruction
company for the purpii::o of securing
line rock for use In Iho paving of the
Columbia Itlver hishwav bid ween
Itowcnu anil this city. The rook hill
Uh was blasted was tunneled rov
moie than llll) feet with "coyon-"
Villi er MacFhl'ivon of Autulopo 1
owing bu.diiess ar:i;.lntancc.i I.
'i'lfi'U.illcs td.lffvv
Mf. and M:sijjl, R. Fole. of U
Ci-itrio aie vbijlrta in ThuLalle:. wrh
jl4c, son? Pat Jfoley.
tir .'P
i A. H. Shumvay of Milton is a
Camphor anil Hydrastis
Pine for Sore Eyes
It Is surprising how QUICK ey;
iiiflaiiiinatioii Is helped by caiiipko'.-,
Indrastis. wltchliazel, etc., as mixed
hi Lavoptlk eye wash. One lady
whose oyia were weak and watery
for three years was helped AT
ONCK. Another cahe of red, In
flamed eyes was also benefitted. One
small b'ottlo of Lavopttk -usually
holps ANY CASK sore, weak or In
llained eyes. Aluminum eye cup
I'Mtl-lH. A. 10. Crosby, druggist. ::iS
Kast Second slroel. Adv.
Houia 9:00 to
17-11 Vogt 131k-
Eyesight Specialist
5:00 Sundays and Eveninfli by Appointment
-Over Crosby'i Drug Store Phone Black 1111
William Itussell
A story that will amaze
you the action fire
you with its thrills.
Story by
Frank l Packard
Author ol
"The Miracle Man"
"Tho Stairu Hand"
Werschkul on the
II i.-i latest and best
Coming; Salurduy
The Forbiddtiii Thing"
Allan Dwan
Supti special
or In Tho Dalles today. Sliumway Is
president of the slate gratigu.
N. V. l-'llnn and family of Waplnlti-i
wo. e in the city yesterday etirouto
to the Hood Hirer strawberry fields.
! AV. 11. Andrews of Trout Lake,
Wash., was In the city je3teiday on
.1. V. Condon and little daiiKhtor,
.Mr.iy, accoinpaiiied by Miss Margaret
yimpson, motored to Pot. land and
back yi.r.teiday.
aIuis Florenoe Wlllinnia Imi return
ed fiorii Mt. Vernon r.einlni'n, Wasn
InElon, D. C, where ehe attende I
nrhool dniing the paat ycai
Mrs. R. li .Kirk returned early this
rown's Outur Stiagb Tim Tablt
Two round trips dally.' Leave Baak
hotel. 'J, a. in. and 4 n. ni. Leave
week from a two weeks' trip throilcn
western Oregon. She attended the I'.
15. O. convention at iWjooilliiirn. after-1 ifur 7.30 a, m, and 1 p. ra
want visiting wit 11 menus at .esi;oiv
In, on tho Tillamook beaches, and be
fore returning to The Dallin, she; was
the guest of friends in Salem. She
and Mr. Kirk motored back to The
Dalles. "
"See My Lawyer"
Casino, Friday, Saiurday.
Taxi Brown's Taxi.
Telephone mall 5021.
'V"o have just added to our stock a
white kid lurn sole pump tor women.
Ktl w. C. Pease company.
"See My Lawyer"
Carlm, Friday, Sa! unlay.
Main 6001 Bennett Taxt Main 01. ff
Al Christie's
Friday Saturday
Attractive Offerings
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White Wonder Soap, per bar.'. 5c
Cheese Tillamook, 2 lbs. for 55c
Calif. Small White Beans, 4 for 25c
Underwood Deviled Ham
Small 20c
Large ,. 33 c
Deviled Meat, small 5c; large 9c
Libby Corn Beef, 2 for ..,....35c
American Sardines in cottonseed
oil, per can 5c
Booth Sardines, per 'can 20c
Market Brand Salmon, can ,. 10c
Newhall Tomatoes, per can 10c