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Close-up of our Congresswoman
fly Ned Baldwin
"She's some girl."
The Hpeakcrs wore not streot cor
ner loiterers commenting on a pass
ing 1921 display of hosiery but mem
bers of the National Press club of
Washington, D. C, about as hard-head-
ed and hardboiled a bunch as there
la In America.
The comment was made after Miss
Alice Robertson, tho new congress
woman from Oklahoma had finished
a 15-minute heart to heart talk with
the boys of the press on "baby con
gressman night." Once each "year (ho
newly elected senators and represen
tatives are invited to visit tho super
reporters of America and tell "why
they are on earth." "The lady from
Oklahoma" completely won the hearts
of the newspaper boys by her sound
common sense and the pathos and hu
man interest in her wonderful life
Just amoment please ladles! We'll
pool our knowledge of what she wore
and what she looks like right off.
In dress as well as in every motion
and word this sterling daughter of
America gives the impression of 24
carat honesty. Thero isn't an ounce of
pretense about her. Right in the mid
die of her speech she admitted that
she was six and sixty years old.
Dress and Appearance.
Medium or loss In height, rather
stocky in build, sho gives the im
presslon of strength rather than
grace. Her dress was black, almost
devoid of trimming. Some might have
criticized It but to mo it seemed the
acme of taste and n perfect harmony
with her personality.
Her hair Is gray, silvery gray, al
most white. She scorns the false even
in hair and wears no switch. Ago
has taken its usual toll and the res
idue left by tho thinning process of
time is gathered up in an honeBt lit
tle old lady's knot on tho top of hor
head, That she despises some of tho
shams of the day was shown by a
little burlcsquo which she staged nt
the beginning of her talk.
After she had mounted the platform
arranged In tho Press club for the
"baby congressmen" she snt down In
a chair and to the amusement and
delight of tho press boys pulled
puff and mirror out of a bag and be
gan to powder her face. When the
laughter died down sho remarked, "I J
mivu never uio inis Dororo out I
can't let these clerks and secretaries
1ioro In Washington get nhead of
ma." Then sho told a happy story
about tho man who took beer by tho
teaspoonful on a doctor's prescrip
tion, and tho audience wr.s hers. Sho
has a rare sonso of humor, tho durable
kind that has survived a lll'o full of
A Paradox.
Sho Is a militant antl-suffraglst If
such can bo. "I am a paradox." sho
aid, "vice-president of tho antl-sur-frngo
leaguo of my state by acci
dent. W wore so busy during tho
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One of the year's
Thomas Meighan
war looking after liberty bonds, Red,
Cross vork and helping the soldier
boys that the misguided men -who did
not go to war voted suffrase In."
"Miss Alice" as she is spoken of
generally about the capltol and the
'house office building, has a skill in
'springing surprises that Is worthy of
a seasoned sutmp speaker. Here was
her next one..
"They ask me if 1 was born in
Georgia. 1 toll 'em no, because my
grandfather went over the plains Into
Arkansas Just as soon as he got out
of the penitentiary in Georgia."
(Her grandfather was a mlsslonarv
to the Indians In the early half of the
past century. Some sort of charge was
trumped up against him that he was
fostering sedition among the Indians
and he was convicted by the Georgia
state courts and put in prison. The
case went to tho supremo court of
tho United States and was there decid
ed In his favor but Georgia would
not release him for two years.
Representative Robertson 'is very,
very proud of the missionary work of
hor grandfather, her father and her
mother, and her own efforts among
the Indians. "I am prouder," said sho,
"of being a member of the family
which has more years of service to
the Indians to its credit than any
family in the United States than I am
of the accident of being a member of
She spoke Interestingly about the
hasty marriage of her father and
mother in Indian Territory.
Her father had been sent as a mis
sionary to the Indians by some so
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ciety. iHer mother taught school near
the scene of his labors. The mission
ary society felt that It was not good
for a missionary man to live, alone
'and so decided to send out a spin
ster of somewhat advanced years to
be his wife. They even went so far
as to outfit her with a trousseau.
Word that she was on the way came
to the missionary and the school
teacher and .they moved forward the
date of their marriage. "The old maid
wasquite wrathy when she arrived,"
said the speaker, "but she ' couldn't
do anything to my father fortreach
of promise because hehadn't promis
ed her anything."
A War Refugee at Five.
Her voice lapsed into a pathetic
strain that held her hearers spell
bound as she -recounted some of the
experiences of her remarkable life.
Among her first recollections are
those of being a refugee when a chl'.d
of five, during the Civil war. She told
of the long flight from the Confed
erates to the federal camp and said
she would never forget how good to
her childish eyes Old Glory looked
when they saw it in the distance. Her
youth was rich in hardships. The
struggle for existence by tho mission
ary family was a hard one often
they just kept above the line of suf
ficient sustenance. Often her childish
hands bled from the necessary work
of hulling corn.
IShe skipped hastily over manv
years In her narrative these years
which we hear of from the lips of
others wherein her kind and neighbor
ly acts made her the best known and
In popular and
Operatic songs.
City Market
314 Eaat Second
best loved woman in her part of tho
'state. Plunging into the story of how
'she came to run for congress, she
Running for Congress.1
"I was 66 years of ago when tho;
came to mc and told me I was the
only person, man or woman, who
could win against the man running
on tho other ticket. I told them it
would look funny for me, an antl
suffraglst, to run for congress but I
didn't want to be a slacker. I told
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them to wait and I would think. It
over. I talked with three persons
about it that day, and none of them
were women, mind you, and decided
it was my duty to run."
She told how they abused-heras
a candidate. They asked her, why she
didn't go and raise a family and she
replied that she had helped to raise
and support more girls .than one per
son In a hundred and told with a
sad note in her voice how she had
bought trousseaus for 13 girls. Her
Home of Superfeatures
To Please
1 t
campaign solgan was "I'm a Christian,
I'm an American, I'm a Republican."
"And tfjastf after I had won they
txjtaoUnl me out," she said, "but
therdldn't. If alUhe fighting blood of
all my fighting ancestors hadn't
come to my rescue, however, they
would have. I'm going to keep fight
ing too until every white person I
won't say anything about the others
in my state of Oklahoma who want a
(Continued on Pace 3.)
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The one thing in ali .
. the world that man
tries most to do ! And
when he succeeds or
A shimmering, thrill
ing beauty romance
drawn from the hearts
and homes that are
American today.
romance. A story that
today the power of a
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