The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 30, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Real Estate--Markets--Financial
Continued building activity, with a
light pick-up in real estate sales,
were the dominant features of the
real estate and building situation in
"The Dalles this week. A number of
building permits were issued, some
calling for new residences and others
calling for extensive alterations. A
large number of county deals were
consumated,, the majority of which in-
Volve a comparatively small consid-
Oarnielle Brothers, local real estate
dealers, report the sale of a 16-acre
tract of orchard land in the 'Mill creek
district from Evarlstob Qtenech to
Carl O. Galloway. Consideration Is
not given.
' The Dalles Realty company reports
two sales; a residence on Pine street
from Q. Hardison to Edward Foust,
consideration $3,500, and a residence
on Pine street from Arthur L. Dun
away toG. Hardison, consideration,
' The following building permits
jwere Issued: N. A. Bonn, permit to
make alterations on a building at 200
West Fourth street, to cost approx
imately $4,500.
c Thomas H. Hill, alterations on a
building at 216 East Fourteenth street
to cost approximately $250.
t Charles Frank, permit to remodel
'house at 422 East Fourth street, to
cost approximately $1,000.
iJohn Van Dellen, permit to build
an addition 'to his present home, cor
ner Third and Laughlln streets, to
cost approximately $1,000.
fH. 'B. Anderson, pe'rm't to con
struct a modern bungalow at 1518
Bluff street, to cost about $2,500. The
(month of April has shown a decided
pick-up in the construction of new
homes, building, permits totaling $28,
650 having been issued during the
month. "
INoah W. Flinn, et ux, to John
'.E, Sinclair, et ux: 17 acres of landj
in section 26, township 5, south of
range 12 east of the Willamette me
ridian. Consideration approximately
Marie E. Doddi, et virTTercT W.
Helsler: property1 in block 11 of the
original town of Dufur. Considers
ittlon .approximately $1,500, '
T. A. Hudson, et al, to G. E. Man
chester: lots A and B in block 58 of
the Fort Daes Military reservation
addition to Dalles City. Consideration
not given. ,
Albert Eben to W. H. Day, et ux:
property in lot 1, Crossen's addition
to Dalles City, Consideration not glv.
Frank E. McCoy to Harvey McAllis
ter: all of lot 3 of section 3, town
ship 2, south of range 12 east of the
Willamette meridian. Consideration
not given.
C. Zeveley to J. D. Mclntyre: prop
erty in section 16, township1 7, south
of range 14 east of the Willamette
meridian. Consideration, $500.
Katherlne Howie, et vlr, to Frank
Llebleln: block 2 In the first addi
tion to Dufur. Consideration $1,500.
(The Chesebro Investment company
to J. J. Carlin, et al: tract number
18 in the Apple Mesa acreage tracts
containing 10 acres, more or less. Con
sideration $1,250.
John W. Curtiss, et ux, to Earl L.
Curtlss, et al: property in section 8,
township 1, north of range 13, east
of the Willamette meridian. Consider,
atlon, $500.
William H. Applegate, et ux, to
Martin R. Petersen, et ux: property
in township 1, north of range 13 east
of the Willamette meridian, in the
northwest corner of donation land
claim No. 39. Consideration approx
imately $1,000.
Elizabeth Thompson, et vlr, to
Pearle E. Shlvely: property in section
9, township 4, south of range 13 east
of the Willamette meridian. Consid
eration approximately $500.
Rosa B. Bolton, et vlr, to James P.
Abbott: property in section 4, town
ship 6, south of range 12 east of the
Willamette meridian. Consideration,
approximately $500.
French Estates to F. E. Eames: lot
9 in block 24, Gates addition to
Dalles City. Consideration not given.
Henry Menefee to Charles Grant:
.the east half of lot 3, of block 9, in
the original town of Dufur. Considera
tlon, $1,500.
J. 'M. York, et ux, to L. Lapham,
et ux: 21 acres of land in lot 4 of
section 32, township 2 north of range
13. Consideration, approximately
$1,000. 1
(L. Lapham, et ux, to E. D. Fitzger
ald, et ux: 21 acres "of land in lot 4,
of section 32, township 2 north of
range 13. Consideration, approximate
ly $1,000.
V. B. Chown, et ux, to August Ern
qulat; et ux: lets 22, 23, wU 24 i
Rott's addition to the town of Mosier.
Consideration approximately $500.
Frank Clock, et ux, to H. C. Dodds:
property in lot 12 of the original town
of Dufur. Consideration approximate
ly $7,000.
James Garfield Easton, et al, to
Elizabeth Easton: property in sec
tion 34, township 1. Consideration not
Martin New, et ux, to O. B. Der
thick: all of lot 11, block 23 in the
town of tMaupin, Consideration, $150.
E. W. Schmeer to Edward C. Phlr
man: 20 acres of land in section 11,
township 2 north of range 12 east
of the Willamette meridian. Consider
ation approximately $500.
H. C. Dodds, et'ux, to Frank Clock:
property in block 8 of the first addi-
tion to Dufur. Consideration approx
imately $2,000.
Frank Clock, et ux, to W. L. Vandor
pool: property in block 8 of the first,
addition to the town of D$ur, Consid
eration approximately $l5flik
J. H. Harris, et ux, to Aaron E. Ball,
et ux: all of lots 4 and 17 in block!
8, Thompson's addition to Dalles City,
together with appurtenances thereto
appertaining. Consideration, approxi
mately $3,000.
A. C. Osborn, et ux, to Mary C. Le
Due: all of lots 8 and 9 in block 12,
Bigelow's Bluff addition to Dalles
City. Consideration, $300.
Alfred W,eberg to A. H. Berry: 70
acres of land in section 32, township
4, south of range 12. Consideration
not given.
John L. Elwood, et ux, to A. C.
Martin: part of lot 6, block 37 in the
town of Maupin. Consideration, $50.
Hans C. Olsen to Peter J. Wilson:
all of lot 2 In block 2 of East Mosier.
Consideration, approximately $500.
C. P. Bailey, et ux, to Mattle Tay
lor, et al: 241 acres of land in the
southeast corner of the John A. Sims..
donation land claim. Consideration
not given. .
James W. Darland, et ux, to J. E.
Proctor, et ux: 120 acres of land in
section 11, township 2 north of range
11, east of the Willamette meridian.
Consideration, $250.
A. H. Berry, et ux, to A. J. Webergi.
160 acres of land In section 3, town
ship 6 south of range 11 east of the
Willamette meridian. Consideration
not given.
Increased industrial activity is evi
dent in Oregon at the present time
with many concerns renewing pro
auction after a period of idleness and
others speeding up their efforts. The
Beaver 'Portland Cement company at
Gold H1H resumed operations April 1,
and the Corvnllis Lumber company
has also resumed operations at Cot
vallis and Dawson. The Falls City
Lumber company has resumed work at
Falls City and the Eagle Lumber com
pany at Westminster on the Tilla
mook branch,, vtdth logging trains
again operating. The Wheeler estate
has opened up its logging operations
at Cochran on the Tillamook branch,
and are handling approximately 30
cars a day to Menadee.
determine the exact amount of dam
According to C. M. Secrist.- vice
president and general manager of the
Pacific Fruit Express company, the
recent frosts in the Rogue river ter
ritory to some extent damaged pears,
peachea and apricots, the greatest in
jury being done to the last two,
of which there are very few shipped
in that section. It will take 10 days to
Almost 90 percent of the outstanding
bonds and certificates issued by the
government to finance the war are
now in the hands of the public, ac
cording to a statement given out to
day by the Government Loan organize
ion of the Second Federal Reserve
district. Tho statement shows that on
December 29, 1920, the latest date for
which figures are available, approx
imately $20,431,777,000 or war issues
were being held by individuals and
corporations. The public holds 89 4
percent of the total Issues of $22,861,
341,000 outstanding.
Banking institutions, at the close of
1920, were holding about 10.6 percent
of the outstanding securities as com
pared with bank holdings of about
13.7 percent on June 30, 1919, of tho
then outstanding amount. These fig
ures will be regarded as significant
oy the business and the banking com
munities Inasmuch as they indicate
that during the 18 months' period
from June 30, 1919, to December 29,
1920, a net amount of over $1,000,
000,000 war securities passed from the
banks to .the investing public. To the
extent that banking resources were
thus released fqr other credit purpos
es, commercial activities should hare
benefited. On December 29, 1920, the
war Issues held by banking Institu
tions for their own account was ap
proximately $2,"429,564,000 or about 30
percent less than tho $3,451,184,000
reported June 30, 1919.
This indicates an Increasing ten
dency on the part of the public to In
vest In government securities and
show3 a growing inclination by thoie
investors to take advantage of the fa
vorable yields which can be obtained
from the several treasury issues'. The
Government Loan orgnnlzatlotn calls
attention to the fact that not in 50
years have government securities sold
on a basis so favorable to holders.
Taxi Mayfletd' Taxi
Telephone main 5021.
White Truck Line
Freight and express botwoen Tho
Dallea and Wasco, Mora and all way
points Leave The Dalles, 9 a. m.
dally except Sunday. Leave Moio,
1:30 p. m. Leave Wnsco, 2:;10 p. in.
D. M. Pierce, proprietor. Telephone
black 1042 or main 471. tf
The Program of 1921
Is the Pledge of 1900
Most miles per dollar is
the pledge of service on
which the structure of the
Firestone Organization was
It is beyond any fluctu
ating policy and is bigger
than any program.
This explains the rally of
new dealers everywhere to
the Firestone standard.
They vhb have weathered
the recent difficult period
are determined to play safe
in Vthe future. They are
wide awake to the value in
Firestone stability.
They want the Firestone
strength behind them.
They know that the
pledge of most miles per
dollar is much more than
a slogan it is a guiding
principle which has en
abled the Firestone Organ
ization to grow steadily
and surely; to accumulate
the fund of resources which
is a tower of strength in
time of trouble.
Most miles i per dollar
outlasts temporary business
changes and means more
than a sale of miles it
means friends for the
Firestone representative
it makes him a dealer in