The Dalles daily chronicle. (The Dalles, Or.) 1890-1948, April 18, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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page FIVE
'month temporary nlimony pending
j final settlement of the suit and f 100
suit money, Mrs. Grace Keller today
. filed counter suit for divorce against
1 - it. 1 1 ..I i-
Rev. McAfee to Speak-A men's i Aipen J, neuer in ine iocu cuuuk
mass meeting Is to be held at the J court. Keller first filed suit for dl
Baptist church tonight, when Rev. . voice against Mrs. Keller on. grounds
Tj,.inh MoAfPP nf Portland will ad-.01 uruel "uu ""'"
family plot In the Odd Fellows' cem
etery for burial.
"Union Station Scenes," April 20.
ct seats at drug stores: -0
dress them.
desertion. In the complaint filed to
anlnn fnr New Members All -
of the friends and new members of divorce on cruel and inhuman treat-
. . a i. 4ln - a a
the Baptist cnurcn are inviieu iu mo raent cnarges ana not ner nusDana.
Extra Special
Genuine Autostrop fnzors, while
they iast, complete sets, $2.95. Stad-elman-Bonn
Hardware company. 19
reception which is to be held in the
church parlors Tuesday nigtht. m
New Cars Delivered The Gannett
Motor company last week delivered
a new Ford coupe to J. T. Menry, and
a Ford touring-car to P. Vogel, both
of The Dalles. A runabout was also
delivered to James O'Donnell.
" Two Licenses Issued Two mar
riage licenses were issued Saturday
They were secured ny
nox of Moro and Velma
fers of The Dalles; and
0. Lehman of Mllwaukie,
,.rs. B. K. Woods of Port-
3Koz.- ' -'
TSf ) ' is.
,i4hw for Near East Drive
Th Icalph. McAfee of Portland
tie Baptist church yester
Wamic Wins Track Meet More
than 500 persons Saturday attended
the annual Tygh Valley school fair
and picnic. A county wide track and
field meet, participated In by hign
and grade schools from all parts of
the county, was won by the Wamic
school boyc and girls. Maupln woii,j
second place In the meet In a hard
ball game between the Dufur school
and a combined Maupln and Tygh
"Valley, school team! the 'Dufur nine
were victorious, 8 to "0. Picnic lunchoB
were enjoyed.
A white fabric laqe ojeford with
drown leather trimmings Is one o
the new styles that is being shown by
'Edw. C. Pease company. 18
Card of Thanks.
Dear Friends: We wish to express
our thanks for the sympathy extended
to us in our bereavement! and for the
won. ui
20 Hoboes Rounded Up Follow
ing information that, the local freight
depot kad been broken Into some!
time Saturday night and a quantity
of. box candy, consigned 'to local,
IV -f "4 " - r , - ' 1
M'lg ana at tne M.eiuuuui. mercimms, siuieu, oimui uuuoiunu.
he evening. He .met with and the local police this morning
cvlal association this morn- rounded up 20 hoboes in an effort,
. I , . . i 1 l ,1 nrxUlr i
library, when co-operative
-churches, and the Near
to get some clue to the identity oj
the robbers. None or tne men ar-
East relief drive were considered. rested could be connected with the
1 roooery or ine irqigm nouae uuu i
Georae Jackson Dies ueorgo j- were reieased this afternoon, with
son, proprietor of the Madras flour ( inatructions to "keep moving." One
mill, died in a Portland sanltorium o the en arrested told Chrisman
this morning, according to woru e-jthat a party 0f negroes nad "paueq
celved in this city. Mr. Jackson is tne j0D Saturday night.
well known in The Dalles. Funeral ar-1 p Ru8hed
rangements have not been completed
r: Jl Pl-t heing constructed near Mosier
D6 Drouglll io ic , ... a n K-o.-n mmtinnv. in an-
UJt I UU J ,
ticlpation of early laying of "hot
stuff" on the Columbia river highway
between the gravel pits, near Mosier,
and Hood River. Upon the starting
of paving operations the contract let
to the A. D. Kern company calls for
the highway being closed during work
ing hours. This will probably mean
that the road will be closed between
ment. ,
Sunday School -Picnic Dinner
Eight automobile loads of people
from The Dalles were the guests of
the Fairbanks Sunday school yester
day. A picnic dinner was enjoyed at
t o'clock after' which Mrs. Effa
Caibreath led a community sing,
tnnnlixil niimhprH were ren-
tC CI 111 muoivu. - j LUill mtj i UUU will Ut3 viwouu ucnivwi
dered by a saxophond quintet, and j 8 0.cl5ck ln tne m0rning and' 5 o'clock
Rev. John L. Bogue, pastor or tne Jn the evenlng- The contract specifies.
Baptist church, gave a short talk: howevePf that travel must be allowed
Mayor Gets Plerce-Arrow Mayor during the noon hour and after work-
!P. J. Stadelman is today riding ing hours.
a'round in a brand new Plerce-Arrow
automobile, delivered to. him this
morning from Portland. The 4 car to
the latest model put out by the
Pierce Arrow factory', embodying
'many radical changes in design over
previous models. In the new car, tne 3sary to pay operating expenses of a
drive has been, transferred to the . f(jr another
Y. W. C. A. Raises $4,303r-WUth, a
total of 54.303 actually in-hand, the
finance campaign of the local Y. W.
C. A. closed Saturday night. The goal
set in the campaign was $5000, nee
Y. W. C. A,, in this city for another
year. It i3 expected that several sub
scribers not yet heard frcm will con
tribute enough to raise the present
total to $4,500. A subscription of $200.
the amount made by the Amity club
at its public market last week, is con
sidered doubly valued because of the
tact that the clum members worked
during all of last week and donated
much of the material which was sold
in the market. A shoe shining stand
maintained by the" club alone brought
in $15. Xo more soliciting teams will
be sent out, according to Miss Helen
Fair, Y. W. C. A. secretary.
Navy Wants Men The United
States navy is again campaigning for
young men between the ages of 18
'and 35 years to join the service, ac
cording to J. A. Smolick, chief tor
pedoman of the U. S. submarine ser
vice, who visited in this city Saturday
plan to organize a bm md Bundfty. The otticer who has been
wbeat and cattle, center. At the fin-,
meeting this afternoon, a -neatest
.A . .... ,.,. .., nanWai in 10 "
vfTv. J L1UU vino t
x-Su oi s by persons who have be-
left hand side, all previous models
put out have been equipped with the
European style, right hand drive.
.White Salmon W4Jlops Locals
Featuring "a comedy of errors," The
Dalles baseball team went down to de
feat before the diamond artists of
WJiite Salmon .yesterday afternoon,
in a game played on the Washington
town field, tfhe score, stood 11 to 8.
The fielding of the local players was
insufferably ragged.' The stick work
Tas passable. Woolsey and Carlson
did the hurling for the, lqcals. Kohler
was on the receiving end of the bat
tery. Psychology Club, Organized Pro
fessor C. A. Greene and his cousin, B.
R. Greene, who have been lecturing
on psychology and conducting a study
rcourse in this city the last week, will
leave for Pendleton tonight. They
plan to organize a sttidy club ln the ,
' . . . . .
mav- !". -ly interested ln the suojeci
.it of the visit of the New
and finest school on ae raihtrmke
and finest school on earth, maker of
men and builders of character. The
' medical department of the navy !
'Just now calling for men. Many other
r thn eea service are open.
, T. 1 1 1 C I I IIVO VWHII-HI -"'"l," -
?250 attorney fees, 7& a owing to tne ibci umi iucio
1 ... ... i : ml. T.,i 1 1 . .. nn.
, recruiting siunuu iu mo uaum, nv-
t plication for enlistment must be made
to the Navy recruiting office, Dekum
building, Portland.
Mrs. Laun Patterson Dies Mrs.
j Laura A. Patterson, 85 jears old, an
early pioneer of The Dallea and Wus.
co county and later a resident or
j Portland, died Sunday at the family
home, 1977 East Morrison street 'n
that city. She is survived by Newton
Patterson of Dufur; Hubert, Anna
Laura and Dave Patterson of Port
land; Mrs. Levla Patterson of Port
iland und Olive Cummlngs of Mon-
mouth, Ore. Beroro -hr marriage Mrs.
.Patterson -was Laura A. Havn, her
- father being an early settler In the
JSifibt Mile dlstrlcL She is also sur
vived by a number of more distant
relatives living In The Dalles and
other sections of Wasco county. The
body will arrive in Tho Dalles tomor?
row noon. The Crandall Undertaking
company has charge of arrangemeatB,
No' funeral services will bo held hern,
'tco body to be taken irectly lo tho
Miss Mabel Bennett of Mosier was
here on business Saturday.
Florence Colby of Boyd was shop
ping in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Condon were
week-end visitors to Portland.
Mrs. H. M. LaBertew of Lyle,
Wash., was in the city Saturday.
C. E. Anderson of Heppner is here
looking for a farm location.
Mrs. Albert Vogel of Moody was
shopping, in The Dalles Saturday.
William Wilhelm was In Portland
on business Friday and Saturday.
S. A. Owens of Gateway was shop
ping in the city Saturday.
Charles B. Marnel of Olex was ln
the city on business Saturday.
' Forrest Peetz of Moro is register,
ed at Hotel Dalles.
C. A Barnes of Nlsh is In The
Dalles attending to business matters.
10. J. Connolly of Maupln was a bus
lness visitor-in this city yesterday.
JR. H. Johnson of Wala Wlalfa was
a visitor in The Dalles yesterday.,
Fred Wise of Condon is a visitor ln
this cltj.
M. I. Ramsey of Rufus was a busi
ness visitor in The Dalles yesterday.
iB. JB. Lewis of Hood River is a
f mi out nf Untnl rinllPR '
BuuwV I
Mrs. C. V. Reed of Burns is ai
Hotel Dalles. She expects to ' motor
to Bend.
' Martin HThode of Guler, Wash.,
is in The. Dalle's visiting with his
brother, Henry.
The Rev. H. L. Ford of Dufur was
in The Dalles yesterday visiting with
Mr. and Mrs. Geqrge Splckerman
and Mr. ami Mrs. Klnley Adams iflo:
tored to Hood River- yeBterdajr.
Mr. and ' Mrs. Grover Moore of
Dufur were shopping in the city
The Joseph Ditter family, mem
bers of ' which were the guests of
Mrs. Emll Schnnno oor the week
end, returned home to Yakima today.
.Mrs; Kittle Allen, who has been
visiting in Portland, returned to The
Dalles last night.
(Mrs. A. Richards of Portland is a
guest at Hotel Dalles. She expects
to leave for Dhfur today; where she
will visit with her mother.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Manchester,
Miss Virginia Stogg and Norman Ros
sell motored to Monmouth Saturday,
where they visited over Sunday with
the Rev. H. E. Rossell.
On account of the critical illness or
her niece, Mrs. A. G. Wood, of Port
land, who has been visiting relatives
in this city the last week, was sud
denly 'called to Corvallls. She left
Miss Zada French, orgdnlzattlon sec
retary oL the Y. W. C. A. left today
for Baker. Miss French had been as
sisting the local Y. W. C. A. in put
ting over its drive for $5000, with
which to pay operating expenses of
maintaining club rooms in the city
"for another year.
v Get Yours Today
Gcifuine Autostrop razor,' complete
set, regularly $5.0P. now $2.95. Stadcl-
I man-Bonn Hardware company. 19
"The Little Tycoon"
(a comic opera.) High school gleo
clubs at the high school auditorium,
April 22 and 23. 19
Free Clinic No Charge For Examina
tionTuesdays and Thursdays.
Dr. Saum, chiropractic physician,
Third and Washington, main 501. tf
Brown's Dufur Stage Time Table
Two rqund trips daily. iLeave Bank
hotel, 9, a. m. and 4. p. ml Leave Dufur
730 a. in. and 1 p. m. tf
Castle Uaje Coal,
We are unloading, a car. qt, Castlo
Gate Utah coal,, Send us your orders.
Prompt service. Maldr & Schanno. 18
"Union Station Scenes," April 20.
Get sffats at drug stores. 20
Knights of Pythias .
Regular meeting Monday,
April 18. Work in Esquire
rank. Vl3ltlng knights Invit
ed. is
Historical Society,
The Historical society will meet at
its building, Fifteenth and Garrison
streets next Tuesday afternoon. A
good attendance 1b desired. 18
Meeting of American Legion Aux
iliary will be held in the County
Court room, at 7:30 p. m. tomorrow
evening. 1921 dues should bo paid at
once. Margaret Massey, Secretary. 18'
Meeting Notice
Tno Sorosls club will hold its reg
ular meeting in the Y. W. C. A. rooms
tomorrow afternoon at 2:15. This in
the time for the election of officers
nnd a good attendnncq. Is deslre,d. 18
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I'he Dalles, Oregon